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Let's Mock It @ Playoff Start
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

Why not, let's start the mocks off before the Wild Card week and make raging assumptions on who teams would select if they stuck with their current allotments of draft picks and player lists. So with complete disregard for GM picking trends (best available) from the past I'll begin:

1.1 – CB Travis Murphy
Murphy is clearly the best corner in this draft with good size at 6'1" and plenty of skills, matching DeMarcus Milliner from last year picked at 1.2. For a team that had no clear second corner he is the best choice for them here to pair with DeAngelo Smith and will be a real impact for them on a defense that gave up the most points per game and had the 6th worst yardage allowed. Although many will tout QB Kendall Irving as the pick to make, I think with Terence Bennett being at 87 AWR and 88 THA for 2015 they're in a good position at QB and have only just finished the teething years of one QB and they won't want to do it again.

1.2 – CB Jamar Taylor
With all their top picks over the past 2 years being offensive play makers they need to look at the defense. They would love to get Travis Murphy here but will benefit from the awareness and athleticism of Taylor. All their corners allowed a lot of catches last year so Taylor will help tighten the holes and improve coverage. I could also see them going for MLB Hugh Harmon as another plug-and-play defender who can lead this struggling defense now.

1.3 – QB Kendall Irving
It's time for the Colts to give up on the Locker project and take a high calibre quarterback and get this team going. Merlin enforced his support of Locker last draft but he just can't pass up on the talent of Irving after having the 4th worst pass attack in the league. If they stick with Locker than I feel that OT Lane Johnson is a great option to replace some aging linemen and help out Locker's development.

1.4 – HB Marcus Lattimore
Who do you pick when you've got a lot of everything? Well the best player available of course and at this point the Bucs have voiced wanting to move Blount so they'll need a starting back. Whilst Lattimore has an injury history to scare anyone away it can be improved upon to the same level of Blount before he takes the field and will only get better over the years. He has solid skills to see him achieve from day one and te Bucs will benefit from his presence.

1.5 – DE Cornelius Washington
The front 7 of Dallas was all over the show last year and they are in need of another quality defensive end. Washington has some great athletic abilities to pressure the passer and get into the back field and would free up the linebackers to play their natural roles.

1.6 – OT Menelik Watson
Number two for the Texans and they still have a lot to choose from but can't go past a star at OT. Watson is more polished than Lane Johnson but just isn't as athletic which is why he wouldn't be the first tackle taken but that doesn't detract from his ability to start day one and perform.

1.7 –DT Sheldon Richardson
Miami have a lot of holes to fill so it's hard to say where they'll start and what is worthy of the 7th pick. Richardson gives them a stud at DT to help solidify the front 4 on defense and assist with the rebuild. I could also see a DE picked here, OLB, CB or even HB if they like the skills available. There are too many options available here to get this one anywhere in the ball park but could come down to the player Ben feels is te least likely to fall to one of his later picks.

1.8 – CB Darius Slay
Chris Cook isn't really cementing his starting role and with all the youth on offense the Vikes could do with some revitalising on D. Slay has some nice speed for a 6 footer and it's this injection that would benefit the secondary the most.

1.9 – WR Jessie Hendricks
Height looks to be king in Green Bay and there are a lot of receivers in this draft that can give the Packers a new breath of life. Hendricks will benefit from the tutelage of Larry Fitzgerald and when put alongside DeAndre Brown it becomes Twin Towers. Surely Jimmy Clausen couldn't miss this tandem too much?

1.10 – MLB Kenrick Nielson
With Mingo already providing super linebacker speed I can see Kevin adding Nielson to learn from Posluszny and become his successor for a sprint championship at Green Bay.

1.11 – OT Perry Lawrence
For the third time in a row it's Green Bay and this time they upgrade an aging set of tackles with Lawrence. He has mentors available and will row alongside Clausen to give him protection on the all important right side.

1.12 – OG Walt Gamble
A guard is far from a pretty pick but it's something they need as playing Keith out of position just isn't it a long term solution. Gamble is ready to go and could play anywhere on the line but will be great alongside Michael Roos. They could also go with an OLB as their production from the ROLB position has dropped since Chris Carter was traded.

1.13 – WR DeAndre Hopkins
It's a long shot that Hopkins would fall this far but a quality receiver with some resemblance of speed is a need for Chicago. A good receiver for Cutler would be great but highly unlikely, otherwise a new corner may be taken as Kelvin Hayden is losing speed and the CB stocks aren't promising behind him.

1.14 – OLB Calvin Hamilton
With Arthur Parker injured for life they are down a linebacker and have plenty to pick from at this point. Hamilton has great speed and whilst still raw will fill parker's spot nicely.

1.15 – CB Jonathan Banks
The corners for New England are a rag tag bunch of oldies and under developed players. Matt has a choice here on what sort of corner he'd think fits the best but my choice would be Banks. He has nice height and can achieve 92 speed which will match most of the super tall receivers he'll have to cover. Other options could be Cobrani Rogers for more speed or David Amerson.

1.16 – CB David Amerson
Anyone else getting bored trying to make Miami picks? Anyway they need another corner so they'll take whoever the patriots don't and groom them alongside Sean Smith.

1.17 – WR Ryan Swope
Klein or Tannenhil need another target with something resembling speed and Swope has the best combination available without sacrificing too much awareness or catch. He's a height improvement too at 6'0" but if they want bigger they may have to chance the unsure hands of Anthony Perez, Tavarres King or Kenny Stills.

1.18 – MLB Hugh Harmon
Pounds doesn't look to be Antwan Barnes' replacement and whilst considering Harmon at 1.4 they'd be happy to add him here as the next leader of the Bucc's defense. This could be the more viable option at 1.4 and hope for Lattimore to slide this far, or look at Kniles Davis or Bronze Pittman instead.

1.19 – OT Tyrone O'Neal
They need help on the right side of the line and O'Neal can start the repair work. Judging by the hits to Aaron Rodgers this year it can't come soon enough. They may also look at OG Khalid Croons and work from the inside out.

1.20 – DE Alex Okafor
Tyler Bray is still available here but is he better than Russell Wilson? A defensive End like Okafor makes an impressive front 4 that can really put the pressure on to force turnovers and stop yardage. Miami still have two more picks to make in the last 12 to round out their rebuild and who knows how any of it will actually turn out.

The further I went with this the more ridiculous it became and the harder it was to get any sort of pick looking reasonable, so flame away :coffee:
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