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2015 Mock Draft (1-10)
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

1.1 –Texans, CB Travis Murphy.
Murphy is the best player on the board and the Texans will be excited to grab such a talented CB. Murphy is the complete package, big standing 6’1” and incredibly fast (95 SPD ). He doesn’t have the AWR of Jamar Taylor, but he’s still easily the best prospect.

1.2 – 49ers, OT Lane Johnson.
How awesome would it be if they took Kendall Irving here? But they won’t Asleep hope.) It might be tempting to take CB Taylor here, but the Niners need to protect Geno Smith and they already have a stable of good CBs. Johnson isn’t a sexy pick, but he’s arguably one of the best Offensive Lineman to come out in the draft.

1.3 – Colts, QB Kendall Irving.
Irving is a stunning QB prospect and potentially worthy of the first pick overall. The Colts have Matt Schaub on the roster and have committed to young Jake Locker, so they may be tempted to pass on Irving and take one of the several studs still available. Still, it’s hard to pass on the young gunslinger from Iowa.

1.4 – Bucs, CB Jamar Taylor.
It’s tempting to have the Bucs taking a HB here, but there aren’t any worth a Top 5 pick. Besides, Eddie Lacy feels like an AF type of back. MLB Nielson is a possibility as well, but Taylor is perhaps too great of a specimen to pass up, especially as the Bucs have only 3 CBs on their roster.

1.5 – Cowboys, DE Cornelius Washington.
Coming off a subpar year, the Cowboys need a stud DE to pressure the QB. Washington is faster than most LBs and one of the strongest DEs in the draft. Jessie Hendricks is also a possibility here, as the Cowboys need to give new starting QB Stanzi a big target.

1.6 – Texans, DT Sheldon Richardson.
The Texans have Williams and Short in the middle of the D-Line, so this isn’t a need pick. But Richardson is one of the more athletic Defensive Tackles in recent memory. The Texans could try to add a Tackle here, but with Johnson off the board, they should wait.

1.7 – Dolphins, QB Tyler Bray.
The Russell Wilson experiment is over and the Dolphins’ cupboard is bare offensively. The Dolphins need a young QB to build around. Brady is a Top 10 talent and has a monster arm. He’ll take a few years to develop, but he’ll be a good long term find.

1.8 – Vikings, CB Darius Slay.
The Vikings have a lot of talent on their squad and could be poised for a run in the NFC North. The Vikings have some solid CBs, but Slay is extra special and worth the draft pick here. Slay is the fastest CB in the draft and has good size at 6’0”. Paired with Cook, the Vikings will have a formidable secondary.

1.9 – Dolphins, HB Bronze Pittman.
The Dolphins have two HBs on their roster and they combined for under 300 yards rushing last season. The team needs a running threat and there are several good candidates. The Dolphins could also target Davis or Bell at HB, but Pittman may be the most complete.

1.10 – Packers, WR Jessie Hendricks.
The Packers have three picks in a row so they could go in any direction at 1.10. Previous mock drafts have the Packers taking the enormous Hendricks, so we will too. Other possibilities include MLB Nielson or one of the solid Offensive Tackles still on the board.
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Green Zone League Articles

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