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Aggregate Mock Draft Rankings, 1-10
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

We’ve now seen 4 published mock drafts (including one that was just the Top 10). In those rankings we’ve seen a wide variety of players show up in different positions. But there’s also been some relative consensus amongst the prognosticators as to which players are destined to be taken in the top 10.

Below is an aggregate mock draft, culling the previous mocks and averaging the respective draft position of the slotted players. So, for example, CB Travis Murphy is the number 1 player in all four mocks. So it’s pretty easy to guess he’ll go first overall. But other players have seen their relative value show up both high and low in the rankings. CB David Amerson has been pegged as high as number 3 overall, and as low as 16th. So which of these is to be believed?

Perhaps by averaging the respective drafts the picture becomes a little clearer. In the aggregate mock you’ll see the overall rank, player name, average draft position, and then the ranks in each draft. The only caveat is that some players didn't make all four draft Top 10s. If a player wasn’t included in one of the three drafts, for the sake of this analysis, I assumed a position of 11th overall and it’s noted with an asterisk. If they didn't appear in two of the four drafts, I assumed a draft position of 16, and is indicated by two asterisks.

1. CB Travis Murphy -- 1.00 (1,1,1,1)
2. CB Jamar Taylor -- 2.75 (2,4,2,3)
3. QB Kendall Irving -- 3.75 (3,3,4,5)
4. OT Lane Johnson -- 5.00 (6,2,10,2)
5. DT Sheldon Richardson -- 8.00 (7,6,12,7)
6T. CB Darius Slay -- 9.00 (8,8,9,11*)
6T. WR Jesse Hendricks -- 9.00 (9,10,6,11*)
8T. MLB Hugh Harmon -- 10.50 (18,11*,5,8)
8T. MLB Kenrick Nielson -- 10.50 (10,11*,8,13)
10. OT Perry Lawrence -- 12.25 (11,16**,16**,6)
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Green Zone League Articles

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