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Rumor, Rumor:: Draft Edition
By John Stanley
Special to gzl-football.com

RUMOR CENTRAL:: Draft Edition
Draft Edition
Saturday, June 29th, 2013

HEADLINE | Sources close to the Houston Texans with direct knowledge of their decision making have indicated that once the untimed portion of the draft begins, they will waste no time in making Kendall Irving the selection at 1.1.
This one smells a bit fishy to me. Close to the draft, you have to take each rumor that comes across with a grain of salt, and this rumor is no different. Would I be shocked if the best player in the draft and a franchise QB went 1st overall? Of course not, but for a team that just resigned Terrence Bennett long-term and also has Kyle Orton rostered, there seems to be more pressing needs. My guess is still that a CB is the pick here for Houston, but this rumor at least keeps the possibility of a QB in play at 1.1.
Chances of Happening: 30%

HEADLINE | Rumblings around the Colts facilities suggest that if Kendall Irving is to make it out of the Top 2, they will make him the pick at 1.3. If Irving isnít available, sources have indicated that the next highest player on their board is OT Lane Johnson.
This rumor has some legs to it. It has long been thought that if Irving was available for IND at 1.3 that they would take a long and hard look at him. The thinking changed on that a bit when they acquired Matt Schaub from GB, but now the chatter about Irving to IND has begun again. Itís tough to pass up on a surefire, long term franchise QB when you donít have one, and I think that is part of the Colts thinking. Jake Locker is a nice player, but far from a franchise guy, and Matt Schaub could be a nice mentor for the youngster Irving. As far as the potential of Lane Johnson being the pick if Irving isnít there, that also has some legs. The 2 current OT for IND are Leonard Davis and Andrew Whitworth, both of whom are getting a bit long in the tooth and are slow-footed. The Colts could really go anywhere with the selection though. If I was the GM there, I probably would look to somewhere else besides QB, although taking a franchise QB is never a bad thing.
Chances of Happening: 75%

HEADLINE | Should Kendall Irving fall past a certain pick, rumors are that the Chicago Bears would be willing to make a huge offer to move up and get him. This would leave current QB Jay Cutler in the cold and unsure of his future with the team.
I have a tough time buying this rumor. As much as I would love to see a huge trade at the top shaking things up, itís tough to see this one going down. Previous rumors have suggested that Irving is all the rage in the top 2 or 3 picks and according to sources with the Colts and Texans he isnít getting past their picks, which would mean he either goes 1 or 3. If for some reason Irving was to get past #1, then the Bears would likely have to move up to #2 to secure his services. This rumor doesnít sound like the Bears are willing to go that high to make things happen, saying if he ďfalls past a certain pickĒ. I have my doubts that the ďcertain pickĒ is the first one. This sounds more like a potential trade up if Irving somehow slips past the top 4-5 picks which I donít see happening.
Chances of Happening: 5%

HEADLINE | Sources say there has been a lot of calls about the #4 pick, but most would be surprised to hear for WHICH player. Common sense says QB Irving, but there is another player teams are hot for.
This here wouldnít surprise me one bit. Everyone knows AF loves to wheel and deal and is always open for business. Sitting pretty with the 4th overall pick and not too many pressing needs, if any, AF has the ability to listen to any calls that come his way. My guess is that the deal would involve some sort of move down in the 1st round of this draft with future considerations next year as well. Depending on how far of a move down, the future pick would likely be a 1st or 2nd rounder, which I am sure would be something AF would love to make happen, if he could. My guess on the player teams could be looking to move up for? MLB Hugh Harmon, WR Jesse Hendricks or OT Lane Johnson.
Chances of Happening: 50%

HEADLINE | Sources indicate there is a Broncos CB whose name has been buzzing at One Buc Place.
Trying to sift through and see what Broncos CB may be the target of this rumor, but none of them jump out at me. Bernard Stevens was recently put on the block by the Broncos but I find it hard to believe that he would be target by AF and the Bucs. One possibility could be Antonio Cromartie but I am not sure the Bucs have the cap space or the desire to add him at this time. That would leave Janoris Jenkins and Devin McCourty both of whom seem cemented as the Broncos starters next year, and donít seem likely to move. With all this uncertainty surrounding the potential move, I am not sure how likely it is to happen but if I had to bet on which CB it would involve, my guess would be Cromartie.
Chances of Happening: 25%

HEADLINE | Rumor has Brandon Marshall headed to Green Bay to team up with recently acquired Chris Matthews.
This rumor right here seems like the most legitimate of them all. Dolphins GM Ben Harbinger made it known recently that Brandon Marshall could be had in the right deal and then promptly removed him from the block shortly thereafter. The fit in Green Bay would be a pretty nice one. Marshall could lineup across from Matthews with Figurs in the slot and form a pretty explosive group of receivers. The only question then becomes what the compensation would be in such a trade. With the plethora of picks that Green Bay has assembled the guess is that it would be a pick going back to Miami, likely in the range of the late 1st or early 2nd round.
Chances of Happening: 95%

HEADLINE | Sources have indicated that Bucs LB Gary Guyton WILL be traded on Sunday. The two most likely destinations? Think NFL SB27 and SB28.
The source gave a nice little hint on the potential destination for Guyton who has been on the block for the past couple of weeks in Tampa. Both the Cowboys and Bills donít seem to have pressing needs at the LB position, but Guyton would still provide an upgrade at the position for them. If I had to guess, it would appear the Bills would be a more likely destination for Guyton given the fact Shawne Merriman is getting up there in age, so they have a more natural place for Guyton to slide in. While in Dallas, they appear pretty set across the board at LB and donít appear to have any depth issues either. This one has a good chance of happening on Day 1 of the draft, likely for future picks.
Chances of Happening: 75%

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