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Best and Worst Draft Picks of First Three Rounds
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com


Best Pick -- It's pretty easy finding a very talented young stud in the first round which means there are usually many selections that are good candidates for the best pick of the round. Itís usually too easy to pick the number one pick, but I do have to say I like the Kendall Irving pick. A few have panned the selection due to the cap hit, but the truth is sometimes you can overthink a pick. Heís a stud and a lot of teams were trying to trade up to get him. Travis Murphyís selection by Indianapolis was more dumb luck than great drafting, but itís a helluva pick for a player who everyone thought would be taken first. The Dolphins got great value with Darius Slay, who has Top 10 talent. Same with the selection of Jesse Hendricks. Perry Lawrence at 1.31 was a nice value as well. Overall, Iím going to go with Irving.

Worst Pick Ė This was a difficult class to judge talent for, and so a lot of teams grabbed guys before I would have, but thatís not to say they were bad picks. I like Hugh Harmon, but I donít know about spending a Top 10 pick on a player with a 72 INJ rating. HB Giovanni Bernard was something of a surprise given his size. Braylon Bender was a reach in my opinion as he was much farther down my draft board. But if you are a GM who likes height over raw physical attributes, it makes more sense.


Best Pick -- There are a lot of first round talent players that slip into the second. Guys like Knile Davis, Tyrone OíNeal, and Calvin Hamilton could have just as easily been taken in the first frame. The selection of C Will Figgins in Chicago was a nice pick-up for a player who should have gone about 25 picks earlier. Moe Jackson of Tampa Bay will be a solid starter for years and will be ready from Day One. Germaine Baker will be a beast for Tennessee for years to come and is a solid pick.

Worst Pick Ė HB Ross Drayton at 2.10 was perhaps too early for a very strong but very slow HB. Similarly HB Joseph Randle was taken before a few other capable backs and doesnít seem to do anything exceptionally well. Markus Wheaton will likely be a solid pro, but there were several other WRs available that might have been better options.


Best Pick -- It's in the third round where teams have to really sift through to find the hidden talent and choose wisely. The Bears got a great value with Terry Bailey, who should probably be moved to DT. He was ranked number two overall of the DTs on my board. Getting Anthony Perez as a third rounder was like stealing. He has first round talent. LB Kiko Alonso was a smart pick-up, as was Jerry Ellis by Seattle. Ellis could be a very good DE as well. WR Levon Taylor could be a nice find for the third.

Worst pick Ė Most everyone did a good job in the third, and even if they didnít, itís hard to fault anyone for a pick 100 slots in. Iíll say DT TJ Barnes just because I have to pick a player and he seems ripe for the picking, but for the third round heís not too bad.
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Green Zone League Articles

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