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NFC West draft analysis: Rounds 4-5
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

4.23 -
LE Scott Wilkinson 6'3" 290 lb 72 SPD, 88 STR, 52 AWR, 65 AGI, 72 ACC, 74 TAK, 97 INJ

Wilkinson has low awareness, but physically is an above-average 3-4 DE and a bargain this late in the draft. San Francisco might get nervous about his SPD rating getting nerfed by the skew, but if it doesn't or if things go their way they could have a 3-4 DE with 3-tech size that can play 4-3 DE. He doesn't have the acceleration or agility to be a star, but he could get by and give the Niners that extra versatility between 3-4 and 4-3 his whole career.

Just check out his fellow Niner, Pernell McPhee who has had (TFL/SACK) years of 4/5, 10/11, 11/5 with physical attributes that looked like Scott Wilkinson's in his second season.

Grade: A
Best comparison(s):
Pernell McPhee

5.18 -
HB Shaun Robinson 5'10" 210 lbs, 90 SPD, 75 STR, 57 AWR, 83 AGI, 88 ACC, 70 CTH, 79 CAR, 85 JMP, 75 BTK, 36 PBK, 84 INJ

Seattle was down to Rex Burkhead, the 6th rounder from last year with a bad skew. With Robinson, they have a guy who could actually start without the fans crying. A decent and balanced HB, Robinson was part of a pretty deep set of backs who "could" start but wouldn't be stars. Perfect area to find some injury insurance. Before skew his "best comparison" is the 1.30 pick from last year, for perspective. And no, I didn't use his 70 catch to eliminate comparitive backs.

Grade: A
Best comparison(s):
Montee Ball

5.30 -
DT Pete Owen 6'3" 305 lbs, 61 SPD, 86 STR, 69 AWR, 50 AGI, 61 ACC, 75 TAK, 84 INJ

Owen was picked to be the 3rd DT after the draft board was messed up (why does this feel like a Seattle recap instead of an NFC West recap?) and Hill got away. At this point Seattle is probably just upgrading a backup position and saving money at the same time. Owen is probably the last DL to see the field.

Grade: C
Best comparison(s): If he'll never start, no one cares.

5.31 -
LT Earl Cote 6'4" 308 lbs, 61 SPD, 94 STR, 67 AWR, 59 AGI, 57 ACC, 80 PBK, 83 RBK, 99 INJ

Cote is a SPD/STR guy that has high awareness. His agility and blocking are good enough for a developmental rookie, but his acceleration is below-average. If the skew treats his athleticism well, he may become a prospect that gets some work, although he'll never have great acceleration. If he gets poorly treated by the skew, he'll probably be just another camp body that retires at 24 in this league. There is no comp for such an impressive athlete having no acceleration at OL, but besides accleration the closest comparison is the Steelers 1.24 pick last year, who did play and play well.

Grade: B+
Best comparison(s):
Austin Laurie
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Green Zone League Articles

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