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NFC West draft analysis: Round 7
By Nic St. Marie
Special to gzl-football.com

7.4 -
MLB Vince Williams 6'1" 247 lbs, 75 SPD, 74 STR, 65 AWR, 79 AGI, 80 ACC, 52 CTH, 72 JMP, 81 TAK, 91 INJ

Vince is another big LB with questionable speed for Seattle. A great skew could make him a backup, otherwise he could be a servicable #2 MLB in a 3-4 and that's about it.

Grade: C-
Roster Prognosis: FA by preseason, retired at 23.

7.8 -
CB Charles Palmer 5'10" 192 lbs, 87 SPD, 53 STR, 65 AWR, 87 AGI, 91 ACC, 70 CTH, 92 JMP, 56 TAK, 85 INJ

If Arizona gets lucky, Palmer will get the maximum skew and barely be a nickle CB, but with pretty good AWR and CTH. So far Arizona is getting nothing from this draft to use this year.

Grade: C
Roster Prognosis: .5 years with Arizona, FA at midsdeason. Retired at 25.

7.9 -
TE Chris Gragg 6'3" 244 lbs, 77 SPD, 68 STR, 50 AWR, 77 AGI, 86 ACC, 70 CTH, 84 JMP, 49 PBK, 50 RBK, 80 INJ

Gragg could top out at 83 SPD, and be an ok backup TE. As it stands he's no good at blocking or catching, and can't outrun starting linebackers. As with most 7th round picks, Gragg is a prayer to the skew gods, with the high likelyhood of being unusable.

Grade: C
Roster Prognosis: 1 year as a Ram, FA for life after that.

7.12 -
SS Earl Wolff 5'11" 209 lbs, 92 SPD, 59 STR, 55 AWR, 81 AGI, 92 ACC, 60 CTH, 91 JMP, 71 TAK, 64 INJ

Wolff, the best of the Cardinals three draft choices. He's a good safety, with CB athleticism and great tackling ability. But with 64 INJ, he's the backup that will probably be out because he made one special teams tackle and will be unavailable when the starting safety goes down.

Grade: C
Roster Prognosis: 4 years as a Cardinal, one and a half years of which he'll be injured.

7.18 -
HB Jawan Jamison 5'7" 203 lbs, 87 SPD, 75 STR, 66 AWR, 93 AGI, 88 ACC, 64 CTH, 78 CAR, 66 JMP, 70 BTK, 41 PBK, 82 INJ, 62 KR

Jamison is a surprisingly capable 5'7" back who is more of a power back than anything. Jamison already is a good back, but could skew into a guy who cannot be ignored. His BTK is pretty low, and help there would make a difference, but he could use a little more speed and more of anything else would be a bonus.

Grade: B+
Roster Prognosis: 2 years as a Seahawk, maybe 5-6 years in the league.

7.30 -
FS Thomas Grant 6'1" 211 lbs, 83 SPD, 71 STR, 57 AWR, 79 AGI, 88 ACC, 60 CTH, 93 JMP, 59 TAK, 83 INJ

Thomas Grant is a big strong guy, but he's so slow there's almost no chance he sticks. Of course, the 30th pick is not expected to stick, and in this case there's little chance he'll be fast enough to make the roster. But he's a good shot at this point in the draft.

Grade: C
Roster Prognosis: Gone by preseason.

7.32 -
CB Larry Greer 5'8" 182 lbs, 86 SPD, 48 STR, 59 AWR, 85 AGI, 86 ACC, 59 CTH, 85 JMP, 56 TAK, 85 INJ

Greer is short and slow, with no redeeming qualities as a corner. If he skewed perfectly, he could be a 90 SPD, 54 STR, 91 AGI, 90 ACC guy, and at 5'8" that still wouldn't make most rosters. But what do you nitpick on Mr. Irrelevant?

Grade: D+
Roster Prognosis: Gone by preseason.

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