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Green Zone League Articles

GZL 2015 Draft Grades, 11-20.
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

1.11 – Texans, DE Cornelius Washington. Washington was the top DE on the board, but didn’t seem to generate much excitement, and was thought by some to not be a first rounder. Washington has the best combo of size speed (85) and strength (79), but won’t help out much against the run game (61 TAK). He also has a slight injury concern. GRADE: B+. KVW Player Ranking: 19.

1.12 – Rams, DT Sheldon Richardson. Richardson is a near perfect 4-3 Tackle, and clearly the best interior defensive lineman on the board. While he doesn’t have elite strength and size, Richardson isn’t lacking in these areas. Still, it’s hard to take a DT this early, especially with so many strong players at the position in this draft. Terry Bailey taken in the 3rd round could be just as good. GRADE: A-. KVW Player Ranking: 7

1.13 – Bears, WR Jesse Hendricks. Hendricks was the consensus best WR on the board, but almost by default. Unlike previous drafts with many amazing big and fast WRs, this year’s crop was deep but flawed. Hendricks does nothing exceptionally well, except standing upright. Still, that 6’5” frame looks pretty good, especially when Hendricks’ speed potential is factored in. GRADE: A-. KVW Player Ranking: 8

1.14 – Dolphins, CB Darius Slay. Slay was supposed to be gone by the end of the Top 10, but managed to fall, much to the Dolphins’ benefit. The Miss State product is generally above average across the board, save his elite speed (96) and his average agility (89). Slay is the fastest CB in the draft and has no weaknesses, so getting him at 1.14 is a true find. GRADE: A+. KVW Player Ranking: 6

1.15 – Patriots, DT Sylvester Williams. Williams is lower on my draft board than perhaps most. This isn’t a knock against the player or the Patriots. Williams was the second best natural DT on my board, but there were several bunched together in value. Also, DT tends not to be an impact position. Williams has great speed and acceleration, so he should be a good starter. GRADE: B-. KVW Player Ranking: 36.

1.16 – Bucs, FS Kyle Nelson. The Bucs are one of the best drafting teams in the league, and they make no exception with this pick. Nelson’s attributes are sick enough that if he were a CB he would have been taken first overall. Nelson is 6’3” and has 92 SPD and has a better combo of agility and acceleration than half the first round corners. GRADE: A+. KVW Player Ranking: 15.

1.17 – Jets, QB EJ Manuel. EJ Manuel owes RGIII a nice little present for helping Manuel’s draft stock this year. Typically scrambling QBs have been avoided like the plague. RGIII showed the league that guys like Manuel who have 85 SPD can still produce. Manuel slowly crept up my draft board and now the AFC East is going to get a lot more difficult for opposing defenses. GRADE: A. KVW Player Ranking: 18

1.18 – Bears, HB Bronze Pittman. Someone has to say it – the Bears struck gold with Bronze. Pittman and Bell were the top two backs in the draft in a weak class. Some favored Bell, but it’s hard to deny Pittman’s speed and strength combination. Both backs will be a success, but I like Pittman’s upside more. The Bears had an amazing draft this year and in a couple of seasons they could be contenders. GRADE: A+. KVW Player Ranking: 10.

1.19 – Eagles, OLB Zavier Gooden. I love the pick of Gooden…but just not in the first. Gooden has the best combination of speed (86) and strength (77) in the draft, to the point where he would almost be a good candidate to anchor the MLB spot. But he lacks the football smarts (50 AWR) to do so. He’d make a great Defensive End…if he gained 25 lbs. Still, Gooden is a physical beast. He’s something like Armstead taken earlier in the first in terms of his freakish abilities and low AWR. Who knows? In a couple of seasons he could be one of the best. GRADE: B-. KVW Player Ranking: 42

1.20 – Jaguars, QB Tyler Bray. There was no consensus of the best QB on the board after Irving and Manuel. Bray, Glennon, Wilson and Nassib were all candidates. Of these I thought Bray had the most potential, especially with his strong arm (96). Bray is better than Ryan Tannenhill who went 1.8 last year and may be a steal this late. GRADE: A. KVW Player Ranking: 23
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Green Zone League Articles

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