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Green Zone League Articles

GZL 2015 Draft Grades, 21-32
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

1.21 – DE Damontre Moore, Packers. Moore is an intriguing player who may end up being a nice bargain this early. Moore is something of a tweener, who is a little light at the Defensive End position, but could be a nice edge rusher with a few pounds put on. His agility and acceleration are those of a low end receiver. His biggest negative is his lack of strength (69 STR) so he could be a boom or bust player GRADE: A-. KVW Player Ranking: 30

1.22 – HB Giovanni Bernard, Bengals. Smaller players tend to fall in the draft, often unfairly. But Bernard, who stands only 5’8”, was not on my radar at all. There were at least four HBs I had ranked higher and only Davis potentially worthy of a first round pick. Not that Bernard can’t be successful – he’s got nice speed and decent STR. But he likely would have been available at the same spot in the second round. GRADE: D+. KVW Player Ranking: NR

1.23 – CB Braylon Bender, Patriots. Ironically, enough, the next player taken is Bender, the 6’4” CB who is inverse image of Bernard. Here, Bender is selected primarily because of his size. Some had Bender as a first round pick, but I thought there were many more qualified still on the board. While it’s tempting to get such a tall CB, everywhere else he was average or below average, except STR. Ultimately, if you prefer size in CBs over skills, you loved this pick. If not, you didn’t. GRADE: C. KVW Player Ranking: NR.

1.24 – QB Mike Glennon, Dolphins. The Dolphins needed a QB and got a good one here. Some had Nassib ranked higher, but Glennon has more upside than Nassib. Glennon is huge – 6’7” – and only two points below EJ Manuel on AWR and one point in THP, but without the scrambling tag. Still, the Phins missed out on the top 3 and will need to spend a lot of time developing him. GRADE: B+. KVW Player Ranking: 28.

1.25 – WR Cameron Shaw, Falcons. Shaw is part of an intriguing but flawed rookie WR crop that’s difficult to rank. The first thing you notice about Shaw is his size – 6’5” – and the comparison to Jesse Hendricks. Shaw is actually faster and more agile than Hendricks, so there’s little doubt he’ll be a good pro. On the negative side, he’s got subpar hands and something of an injury risk. GRADE: B+. KVW Player Ranking: 35.

1.26 – DE Tank Carradine, Broncos. It’s hard to tell what kind of pro Tank Carradine will be. He possesses only average SPD (80) and STR (78), but a decent combination of the two. However, his agility (85) and acceleration (89) are crazy off the charts, especially for a player weighing in at 276 lbs. Carradine also has a high injury risk which caused his ranking to drop. GRADE: B. KVW Player Ranking: 39

1.27 – CB Brent Parrish, Bucs. Parrish has a lot of upside potential and could become a decent starter, especially with some work. At this point he’s the only CB still on the board who is at least 6’0” and 94 SPD. Parrish also has one of the better sets of hands in the draft. However, Parrish has below average agility, which hurts him a great deal. Parrish is a good player, but not much better than Jordan Poyer the Bucs were also able to select early in the third. GRADE: B. KVW Player Ranking: 44

1.28 – DT Johnathan Hankins, Titans. Hankins was the best Defensive Tackle on the board, so the Titans got a good player, but this feels like a need pick and a bit of a reach. This is not to diminish Hankins attributes as he’s a solid player all around. One of the stronger tackles in the draft, he possesses the speed of man much smaller than his 320-lb frame. Hankins also is one of the better tacklers of the rookie crop. GRADE: B. KVW Player Ranking: 49

1.29 – FS Omar Mann, Eagles. Mann is a beast and a great pickup for the Eagles. Standing 6’4” and possessing an absurd 92 SPD and 77 STR combination, Mann is capable of playing either FS or SS. Perhaps the only reason he wasn’t taken sooner is his lack of awareness (52 AWR), but it’s hard to pass up that much talent. GRADE: A-. KVW Player Ranking: 32

1.30 – CB Johnathan Banks, Redskins. Banks is the eighth of nine CBs taken in the first, so you can see that the talent pool has been diminished somewhat. The greatest attribute of this young defensive back appears to be his height, as he stands 6’2”. Beyond that, he’s go excellent hands and is a fierce tackler. Ah, but can he cover? Hard to say with below average speed and poor agility. GRADE: B-. KVW Player Ranking: 34.

1.31 – OT Perry Lawrence, Eagles. I seemed to like Lawrence more than most, having him as the second Offensive Tackle on my board. He lacks Armstead’s natural athleticism and Watson’s awareness, but he’s smarter than the former and less brittle than the latter. Either way, Lawrence will make a solid pro and an excellent value this late in the first. GRADE: A+. KVW Player Ranking: 9

1.32 – CB DJ Hayden, Jets. Hayden is the ninth and last CB taken in the first. Fittingly, he’s the only CB in the top 10 CBs on my board who is completely average across the board. No attributes above average, and none below. He has no true faults, and no true strengths. GRADE: B. KVW Player Ranking: 46
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Green Zone League Articles

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