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2016 GZL Free Agency Forecast, Part 1/3
By Corey Smith
Special to gzl-football.com

2016 GZL Free Agency Forecast, Part 1/3

With the GZLs salary cap set to grow at a slightly lesser clip next season, decisions on potential UFAs will get a little bit tougher for GMs. Below is a list of the top five potential UFAs, by my rankings, at each position. Now, obviously all (maybe most) of these guys won't hit the market, and Im not in the business of trying to predict who GMs will restructure, resign, or slap a tag on but I'm simply digging out who is in a contract year, and has the POTENTIAL to his free agency this coming offseason. Ill possibly update this if guys start getting restructured, re-signed (offseason), etc.

So lets put the spotlight on some potential big payday guys

Key: Player | Current Team | Current YP | Current Key Atts

*NOTE* - Im going by the assumption that a player whos 3YP with an expiring contract is going to be RFA.


1. Aaron Rodgers | PHI | 10YP |96THP, 99THA, 97AWR
2. Matt Schaub | IND | 11YP | 90THP, 98THA, 99AWR
3. Tony Romo | SD | 12YP | 88THP, 97THA, 97AWR
4. Russell Wilson (RFA) | NYG | 2YP | 92THP, 89THA, 87AWR
5. Kellen Moore (RFA) | PHI | 2YP | 77THP, 91THA, 85AWR

It would be safe to say that its likely that none of these guys actually get to even test the waters, depending on the tenders placed on Wilson and Moore. But if they do, expect at least the vets to command some serious coin on the open market.


1. Ray Rice | PHI | 7YP | 91SPD, 76STR, 85AWR, 96AGI, 97ACC, 85CTH, 89CAR, 96BTK
2. Arian Foster | HOU | 7YP | 91SPD, 77STR, 85AWR, 90AGI, 93ACC, 67CTH, 90CAR, 99BTK
3. Jamaal Charles | NYJ | 7YP | 97SPD, 58STR, 87AWR, 96AGI, 98ACC, 78CTH, 85CAR, 83BTK
4. Jacquizz Rodgers | NO | 3YP | 98SPD, 70STR, 78AWR, 96AGI, 98AC, 60CTH, 81CAR, 77BTK
5. Keith Payne | DEN | 4YP | 89SPD, 81STR, 74AWR, 82AGI, 85ACC, 69CTH, 89CAR, 93BTK

Should these guys hit the market, thered be a little bit of everything available; Power backs, speed backs, balanced guys. The top three guys are all heading into their golden years at the position, but all three would still be serviceable for a couple more seasons. Payne and Rodgers have several years each before regression, and are polar opposites.


1. Mike Tolbert | GB | 7YP | 86SPD, 81STR, 81AWR, 80AGI, 88ACC, 66CTH, 82CAR, 85BTK, 62RBK
2. Henry Hynoski | NO | 3YP | 79SPD, 72STR, 73AWR, 72AGI, 75ACC, 83CTH, 76CAR, 85BTK, 74RBK
3. Owen Marecic | NYG | 4YP | 82SPD, 67STR, 78AWR, 79AGI, 81ACC, 65CTH, 70CAR, 77BTK, 73RBK
4. Zach Boren (RFA) | KC | 2YP | 81SPD, 78STR, 65AWR, 80AGI, 82ACC, 55CTH, 70CAR, 77BTK, 66RBK
5. Bradie Ewing (RFA) | HOU | 2YP | 74SPD, 80STR, 69AWR, 79AGI, 86ACC, 45CTH, 70CAR, 66BTK, 66RBK

There are some very good FBs , in their prime, that could hit the market this offseason. Although, several are RFAs, and likely wont be bid on due to DPs being involved. Nonetheless, a vital position in traditional offenses can potentially be improved.


1. Demaryius Thomas | SEA | 5YP | 97SPD, 76STR, 73AWR, 93AGI, 92ACC, 95CTH, 95JMP
2. Roddy White | ATL | 10YP | 92SPD, 67STR, 99AWR, 94AGI, 95ACC, 99CTH, 94JMP
3. Dez Bryant | DAL | 5YP | 94SPD, 70STR, 78AWR, 93AGI, 93ACC, 99CTH, 96JMP
4. Miles Austin | BUF | 9YP | 94SPD, 61STR, 85AWR, 95AGI, 96ACC, 96CTH, 89JMP
5. Greg Jennings | CHI | 9YP | 93SPD, 54STR, 94AWR, 95AGI, 97ACC, 97CTH, 91JMP

I would assume there is pretty much no scenario where Thomas or Bryant hit the market not even a sniff. But there will likely be several very good vets available come this offseason. White, Austin, and Jennings all will still have plenty of gas left to contribute in the 2016 season. Vets Jacoby Jones (CHI), Santonio Holmes (WAS), Marques Colston (NO), and Donnie Avery (STL) are among other vet WRs that could hit the market.


1. Vernon Davis | SD | 9YP | 90SPD, 84TR, 87AWR, 87AGI, 92ACC, 93CTH, 94JMP, 59RBK
2. Greg Olsen | CHI | 8YP | 87SPD, 64STR, 91AWR, 85AGI, 88ACC, 99CTH, 89JMP, 58RBK
3. Clyde Alton (RFA) | TB | 2YP | 86SPD, 74STR, 58AWR, 80AGI, 87ACC, 86CTH, 82JMP, 61RBK
4. Joseph Fauria (RFA) | CIN | 2YP | 79SPD, 79STR, 70AWR, 79AGI, 79ACC, 84CTH, 80JMP, 62RBK
5. D.J. Williams | PHI | 3YP | 83SPD, 74STR, 79AWR, 70AGI, 77ACC, 97CTH, 65JMP, 57RBK

A couple of really good veteran TEs, and several young pups may be switching zip codes this offseason. Obviously Davis and Olsen are both nearing the golden years, but both could still be dangerous in the right offense. And all of the young guys are pretty damn good pass catchers in their own rights.


Stay tuned for the Lineman FA forecast

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