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2016 GZL Free Agency Forecast, Part 2/3
By Corey Smith
Special to gzl-football.com

2016 GZL Free Agency Forecast, Part 2/3

With the GZLs salary cap set to grow at a slightly lesser clip next season, decisions on potential UFAs will get a little bit tougher for GMs. Below is a list of the top five potential UFAs, by my rankings, at each position. Now, obviously all (maybe most) of these guys won't hit the market, and Im not in the business of trying to predict who GMs will restructure, resign, or slap a tag on but I'm simply digging out who is in a contract year, and has the POTENTIAL to his free agency this coming offseason. Ill possibly update this if guys start getting restructured, re-signed (offseason), etc.

So lets put the spotlight on some potential big payday guys

Key: Player | Current Team | Current YP | Current Key Atts

*NOTE* - Im going by the assumption that a player whos 3YP with an expiring contract is going to be RFA.


1. Nate Solder | NO | 4YP |63SPD, 88STR, 86AWR, 70AGI, 80ACC, 89PBK, 94RBK
2. Jammal Brown | OAK | 10YP | 60SPD, 92STR, 87AWR, 64AGI, 80ACC, 95PBK, 93RBK
3. Vernon Carey | WAS | 11YP | 55SPD, 90STR, 90AWR, 60AGI, 71ACC, 94PBK, 90RBK
4. Ray Gray | SEA | 3YP | 62SPD, 93STR, 75AWR, 63AGI, 68ACC, 89PBK, 87RBK
5. Anthony Collins | DAL | 7YP | 56SPD, 91STR, 77AWR, 60AGI, 72ACC, 93PBK, 91RBK

While Solder is a player that, if he hits the open market, will likely be rollin in straight cash, homey The rest of the potential UFA OTs are either in their twilight years, or just meh.


1. Lance Nguyen | DAL | 4YP | 63SPD, 89STR, 74AWR, 66AGI, 77ACC, 89PBK, 88RBK
2. Joseph Hernandez | BAL | 4YP | 59SPD, 93STR, 69AWR, 68AGI, 79ACC, 87PBK, 86RBK
3. Khalif Barnes | BUF | 10YP | 62SPD, 90STR, 77AWR, 61AGI, 82ACC, 82PBK, 90RBK
4. Tony Ugoh | MIA | 8YP | 63SPD, 86STR, 69AWR, 64AGI, 76ACC, 89PBK, 90RBK
5. Chris Snee | MIA | 11YP | 64SPD, 92STR, 92AWR, 55AGI, 67ACC, 94PBK, 98RBK

Unlike the OT class, the OG class has some talent that may become available, even some that are not on the list above. There are two fairly-young pups (Nguyen, Hernandez) that can anchor the middle of an OL for many seasons to come.


1. Nick Mangold | NYJ | 9YP | 63SPD, 94STR, 98AWR, 57AGI, 81ACC, 95PBK, 97RBK
2. Jason Brown | STL | 10YP | 57SPD, 93STR, 88AWR, 62AGI, 72ACC, 87PBK, 96RBK
3. Jason Fusco | TB | 3YP | 54SPD, 91STR, 73AWR, 75AGI, 75ACC, 88PBK, 87RBK
4. Samson Satele | SD | 8YP | 62SPD, 84STR, 67AWR, 65AGI, 82ACC, 87PBK, 86RBK
5. Kristofer ODowd | NO | 3YP | 57SPD, 94STR, 83AWR, 66AGI, 73ACC, 80PBK, 81RBK

Given the scarcity of quality OCs in the league, one would expect for the solid ones to be retained by their teams. And if not there could be some cash sat in front of a couple of these guys.


1. Justin Houston | STL | 4YP | 85SPD, 79STR, 83AWR, 77AGI, 86ACC, 89TAK
2. Justin Tuck | BAL | 10YP | 84SPD, 81STR, 73AWR, 75AGI, 85ACC, 80TAK
3. Jason Pierre-Paul | KC | 5YP | 84SPD, 65STR, 66AWR, 86AGI, 87ACC, 79TAK
4. Jared Allen | NE | 11YP | 82SPD, 79STR, 96AWR, 77AGI, 79ACC, 89TAK
5. Andre Branch (RFA) | NE | 2YP | 82SPD, 78STR, 73AWR, 80AGI, 81ACC, 76TAK

This would be a good year to be in the market for a DE, a pass rusher specifically. Its doubtful that Houston hits the market, but with STLs cap situation I suppose its a remote possibility. There are a ton of older vet pass rushers that likely can be had, if youre looking for a short-term stop-gap type of guy.


1. Marvin Austin | DEN | 4YP | 69SPD, 97STR, 86AWR, 66AGI, 75ACC, 85TAK
2. Domata Peko | CIN | 9YP | 62SPD, 90STR, 81AWR, 63AGI, 79ACC, 91TAK
3. Phil Taylor | PHI | 4YP | 57SPD, 96STR, 75AWR, 55AGI, 71ACC, 93TAK
4. Trevor Laws | CHI | 7YP | 71SPD, 86STR, 44AWR, 65AGI, 82ACC, 74TAK
5. Brandon Thompson (RFA) | CHI | 2YP | 55SPD, 93STR, 72AWR, 63AGI, 75ACC, 75TAK

Marvin Austin would obviously be a catch, commanding bit dollars, should he hit the open market in any capacity. The rest of the class, while no stars may be there, has quite a few solid DTs available.


Stay tuned for the LB/DB FA forecast

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