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2016 GZL Draft Player Spotlight | The WR Edition
By Corey Smith
Special to gzl-football.com

 photo CJ_Washington_zps54eb2c21.png
The WR Edition
Corey Smith, GreenZone Media Committee
July 30th, 2013

**NOTE: Player ratings are subject to change over the course of the NCAA season! Nothing is final until the entire draft class is released.

C.J. Washington | Arkansas | 6’2” 217lbs
Breakdown: 93SPD, 79STR, 62AWR, 92AGI, 92ACC, 81CTH, 91JMP, 40RBK, 99KRT

C.J. Washington is one of those guys you’ll hear people refer to as “a football player.” Built like a RB (and stronger than most of them), Washington plays a physical version of the WR spot. The Razorbacks leaned on Washington in their pass-heavy offense, as C.J. is a guy that can get behind the secondary, and is also not afraid to sacrifice his body over the middle. But what separates Washington in a tight group at the top of the WR class is his explosive ability as a KR, where he was an All-American as a Sophomore.

Washington is void of any true weakness, and would be extremely difficult to pass up on for teams needing a WR, and picking early in the draft.

Potential Comparison: Kenny Britt | Titans
Initial Grade: Top 10 Pick

Billy Crockett | Rutgers | 6’1” 194lbs
Breakdown: 94SPD, 65STR, 64AWR, 95AGI, 97ACC, 76CTH, 92JMP, 32RBK, 32KRT

Probably more the “cup of tea” of some GMs in the GZL, over Washington, Billy Crockett has a major knack for the big play. Crockett is a route technician that will feast on undisciplined DBs. In 2014, as a Sophomore, Crocket burned through secondaries of the Big East en route to a 1300+ yard season, touching pay dirt 17 times total (14 rec., 3 rush).

Billy has enough size to battle for position on plays, and has tremendous agility and acceleration to compliment his straight-line speed. However, he doesn’t seem to be interested in blocking on the perimeter, and doesn’t appear to be fearless enough to be effective as a KR/PR

Potential Comparison: Roddy White (young version) | Falcons
Initial Grade: Top 10 Pick

Donald Lake | USC | 6’4” 208lbs
Breakdown: 92SPD, 57STR, 58AWR, 88AGI, 94ACC, 82CTH, 90JMP, 51RBK, 77KRT

Another WR in a very talented WR class, Donald lake is a big target with very good hands already. Being the showman that he is, Donald has enjoyed every minute two-plus years in L.A. The flashy WR out of SoCal busted onto the scene as a true freshman, grabbing 74 passes and 12 TDs. And after 66 catches and 10 TDs as a Sophomore, Lake has already declared that he will entering the draft following the 2015 season.

Obviously Lake’s 6’4” frame will be attractive to GZL GMs, but he also has some physical abilities to go along with it. He could probably stand to stay in college for another season to hone his knowledge of the game, but he’s banking on a little O.J.T.

Potential Comparison: Justin Hunter | Chiefs
Initial Grade: Top 15 pick

Mark Perez | Florida | 6’2” 204lbs
Breakdown: 96SPD, 53STR, 64AWR, 90AGI, 96ACC, 71CTH, 89JMP, 46RBK, 65KRT

The first cousin of Jets burner Anthony Perez, Mark Perez brings some similar qualities to the table. While he’s not quite as big, Mark is faster, and more polished, than his older cousin. At Florida, Perez and QB prospect Mark Cameron provide the Gators with a rather deadly combination, one of the top QB-to-WR in the SEC.

Mark has the potential to be the fastest WR in the GZL. And with his willingness to block on the perimeter, and a little work on his hands, he has the potential to be a top WR in the GZL. His tape/combine number will seduce some team to take him very highly.

Potential Comparison: Josh Pietarila | Washington Redskins
Initial Grade: Top 15 Pick

Rock Pritchett | Kentucky | 6’3” 217lbs
Breakdown: 88SPD, 75STR, 58AWR, 91AGI, 90ACC, 80CTH, 99JMP, 46RBK, 20KRT

Less the burner, and more the mold of the WR’s taken in the first-round last spring, Rock Pritchett is just that; a Rock. A 6’3” frame with great strength, hands and leaping ability, Pritchett has held his own very well in the rugged SEC.

Rock is a possession WR that doesn’t mind getting dirty blocking on the outside, or going over the middle. He’s also determined to win ANY jump ball that comes near him. He should be one of the five (yes, five) WRs that go in the first round.

Potential Comparison: Larry Fitzgerald (young version) | Cardinals
Initial Grade: Top 15 Pick

Check back next week for the next position group!

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