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MVPs of Week 3 : 2015
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 3 : 2015


Quarterback: QB Geno Smith
19 Completions : 26 Attempts : 302 Yds : 73% Completion Rate : 2 TD's : 0 Int's : QB Rating 137

Being at 1-1 for the season, the 49ers needed to win this game against the Panthers in Week 3 to stay within a game of the Cardinals. The Panthers have shown that they aren't pushovers with a win in Minnesota and a close game in Philadelphia. With the Panthers at home, it was anybody's game. But Geno Smith showed just why he's a starter. Although the 49ers ran the ball as much as they threw it, Geno was deadly in the pocket putting up 19 completions at a 73% completion rate and 302 yards. Geno obviously wasn't pleased with the 4-12 record the 49er's put up last season and is ready to prove just why this 49ers team are ready to see the Playoffs in 2015

Halfback: HB Jordan Todman
17 Carries : 132 Yards : 7.76 YPC : 61 Long : 2 TD's

What amazes me about Jordan's game is that he did it at #2 on the HB depth chart with the Chargers giving Ryan Mathews 90% of the carries. One can argue that Ryan Mathews had a better game, putting up 20 more yards, but I'd point out that he did it on 6 more carries and wasn't able to put up a TD. Jordan is the Chargers third down back, and the Chargers were able to convert 7 of their 13 third round conversions in the 31-20 win against the Bronco's thanks to this guy. Some other HB's had just as good of games, but this guy gets a nod from me from finding an unconventional way to help his team win.

Wide Receiver: WR Ryan Broyles
8 Receptions : 275 Yards : 92 Long : 2 TD's : 1 Drop

The Bucs 2nd round pick Ryan Broyles earned his keep last season with 80 receptions and 1388 yards, and he's looking to match that season again. After a bad game last week with only 36 yards, Broyles recovered quickly, putting up 275 yards, which was just about 100 yards more than any other receiver this week. Funnily enough if Broyles achieved just 7 more yards he would have broken his personal best of 281 yards that he set last season against the Falcons.

The Buccaneers dominated the Redskins with 42-14 victory, so the receivers performance might have been more about the Redskins inability to focus, but I'll give the young guy the benefit of the doubt.

Tight End: TE Dustin Keller
10 Receptions : 151 Yards : 36 Long : 1 TD : 1 Drop

It's almost as common to see a Tight End at the top of the receiving stats of a game as a wide receiver these days, and this week Dustin Keller did it best. The man is only 6'2", but that didn't stop him from catching 10 passes for 151 yards in an attempt to overcome the Dolphins this week. The Jets however fell just short in a 19-16 overtime loss in Miami. Kellers TD reception helped bring the game into overtime. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

Offensive Line: LT Luke Joeckel
16 Pancakes : 0 Sacks Allowed

No one came as close to the domination of the opposing teams Offensive Line as Luke did against the Colts this week. With 16 pancakes, we can be sure that the Colts Courtney Upshaw isn't looking for a rematch. The Defensive End was held to 2 tackles for the day and found himself on his back 16 times. The Vikings 21-31 victory sure started in the trenches this week.


Defensive Line: LE Justin Houston
5 Tackles : 1 For Loss : 3 Sacks : 1 Fumble Recovery : 1 Deflection

LE Justin Houston needs to be tested for steroids. The man has put up a best of 10 sacks in his 4 complete season in the GZL which was during his rookie year. This Season? He has 8 in three games; on his way to a 40 sack season. Do I think he'll hit 40 sacks? Hell no. He'll probably get injured or slow down a bit before then. But what's makes this season even more incredible so far is that he's put up these 8 sacks on three teams that have proven they can win. The Saints, Cardinals, and the Bears. What kind of game will he put up against a team ranked last in the league?

Even with Houston's domination, putting up 3 of the 5 sacks against the Cardinals, Arizona was able to pull ahead with a 35-30 victory at home.

Linebacker: MLB Kevin Minter
8 Tackles : 1 For Loss : 1 Interception for 85 Yards : 1 Deflections : 1 TD

The early 2nd round draft pick in Denver has just delivered his first real highlight of his career. Although the Middle Line Backer had a decent season last year with 80 tackles, it wasn't anything extraordinary with only 1 sack and 1 forced fumble with no interceptions. In three weeks he's already matched and exceeded last seasons play making abilities with 2 sacks, a forced fumble and now his first touchdown of his career with an 85 interception return.

The Broncos weren't able to tag along a victory with the young man's performance as the Chargers were out for blood from their humiliating loss in week one, but it was a great game none the less, as I rate defensive touchdowns very highly, especially ones that are taken in from near their own end zone. Not only do they stop a potential touchdown of the opposing team, they also put up 7 of their own points.

Defensive Back: CB Jalil Brown
4 Tackles : 2 Interceptions for 90 Yards : 2 Deflections : 1 TD

Quite a handful of CBs this week brought in an interception, but I believe Jalil Brown was the only one who was able to do it twice(I might be mistaken). He was also able to take in one of his grabs for a touchdown. Add that onto his 4 tackles and 2 deflections and you have an easy leader in the Defensive Back category.

The Titans won 47-29 at home against the Texans, and although Jalil Brown might not have won them this game, he sure helped to keep it comfortable for what was once the 0-2 Titans.

Special Teams:

Kicker: K Mason Crosby
6/6 Field Goals : 1/1 Extra Point

Mason Crosby's leg alone would have been enough to beat the Bears in the Packers 25-13 win at home. With 6 field goal attempts, all made, Crosby has got to be feeling good about himself. He has not yet been able to put up a season with a 90%+ kicking percentage, but he is on his way this year to hit that mark of excellence.

Kick Returner: WR Wilson Hanks
6 Attempts : 192 Yards : 32.5 Average : 1 TD : 101 Long

Wilson Hanks was the only returner this week to put up a touchdown. The 101 yard return was the 2nd returning touchdown of his career for the 2nd year player. It also put him at #5 on the average yards per return list so far this season.

Unfortunately, the Texans still lost by more than a dozen of points, but at least Wilson Hanks helped make it look closer than it was.

Author Notes:

The first of hopefully many. I may try to get out an injury article later this week. I find doing these articles especially helpful in a new league when I still have no idea where each team stands and what their strength's are.
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