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Transactions of Week 4 : 2015
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

Transactions of Week 4 : 2015


Panthers Send:Jets Send:
(5) PanthersQB Kevin Kolb
(4) Panthers(7) Jets
(2) Panthers

The Panthers give up a handful of picks to get themselves what I assume is a stable backup QB. With all the other QBs going down in the league, it isn't a terrible decision, but I do wonder if the Veteran Kolb is worth such a high draft pick. At only 80 awareness and at Age 30, he makes a capable backup, but to trade away what might possibly be a high 2nd round as well as a 4th and 5th seems a little excessive to me. But what do I know? I'm the new guy who has a habit of never actually accepting trades.

On the other side, the Jets give up their only reliable backup for a selection of picks. At 1-2, is this the Jets giving up on the season and preparing for 2016? If so, it's not a bad trade. I do think they got high value for the QB, but it leaves them very vulnerable to an injury to E.J Manual. That was until they signed Troy Smith, but we'll get to that later.

Titans Send:Giants Send:
(3) TitansQB Russell Wilson
(1) Titans(7) Buccaneers

The Giants have been trying to get rid of Russell Wilson for at least a week. I know, because the first 5 minutes of being a GM in GZL I was hit with a trade offer. I like the QB except for one pet peeve of mine, and that is QB height. I dislike the angle that short QB's throw with. Maybe it's my imagination, but I've always found having a QB below 6'2" frustrating. I hope Russell Wilson proves me wrong, because the Titans gave up their first for the guy.

On the Titans side, they gave up their future first round pick and their third for the third year QB. He's progressed nicely as well. With 87 Awareness, he has years to develop into a all star QB, but at 5'11". he might have some awareness problems. I think it's a risk the Titans are willing to take however because their starting QB, Christopher Henderson went down with a 7 week injury and they have no other Quarterback on their roster that can win them games. They were able to beat the Texans last week, but with much harder teams coming up in their schedule, it was time to upgrade from Trent Edwards.

The Giants still have an all star QB with Eli Manning and a decent backup in Colin Kaepernick. The Giants recently required first round pick will probably be more useful to the team in the long run, and as long as Eli Manning stays healthy and Kaepernick doesn't have to fill in for more than a game or two, then this will have been a great trade for the Giants.


The Titans release CB Marcus Gilchrist

A pretty standard release of a low on the depth chart CB because of the salary of Russell Wilson. I expect CB Marcus Gilchrist might find some work as a 5th CB on some team. He has the speed and size to not become too much of reliability, but it might not be that soon.


The Jets Sign QB Troy Smith
3 years : $6.45M : $1.35M Bonus

Ahah. The 2nd piece of the puzzle that is the Jets trading Kevin Kolb away. Apparently GM Corey Smith is pleased with the scrambling of their rookie QB E.J Manuel because he's now committed to a full Quarterback scrambling roster. I wish him luck, because It's been tried before, but few have the patience to pull it off.

The Giants Sign QB Chris Simms
1 year : $0.84M

Standard signing of a third string shitty QB that requires little cap space in the single desire to not have your kicker throwing the ball when two QB's go out in the same game. Moving on.

The Browns Sign K Jay Feely
1 year : $0.92M

I think Browns GM Brad Mallet has finally given up on K Patrick Gostkowski. Well, at least for the time being. The 2nd round draft pick was a large gamble. At 80 str and 97 kicking power, he looked like a top kicking prospect, however his 81 kicking accuracy was anything but. Brad Mallet took time last season to raise his accuracy to 85 in hopes it would be enough but with only 4/6 FG's made and a missed extra point, it wasn't. I believe the cut off point for madden 08 kicking suckage is 86, so he's close. Feely will most likely be only used until Patrick hits that number. It's a good decision by the Browns GM, for they probably would have won the game against the Ravens this week if Feely was kicking.

Injury Reserve

The Broncos IR QB Howard Christensen
$2.3M : $1.3M

Bronco's free up a little bit of cap space with the season ending injury of Howard Christensen, their starting QB. This move leaves the Bronco's with only 1 QB on their roster, Ryan Fitzpatrick. The 32 year old QB has limited awareness, a weak throwing arm and average accuracy. His Injury rating is pretty high, but that means little in GZL, where the most durable QB imaginable can go down in week 1. Even if Wade Pierce decides to call it a season by not looking for a replacement starter, one hopes he at least finds some fill in QBs just so K Matt Prater or P Britton Colquitt don't find themselves in the pocket.

Author Notes:

Well here's my first test of an idea of what to do for the league later in the week.

Anyone can find these transactions, but I thought I'd write my opinion and views on each one so far this week. Maybe it'll bring some discussion? I always thought some moves were interesting week in and week out, but I rarely see anything being discussed about it. Mid season transactions rarely make or break a team, but they can be at least somewhat interesting. Sometimes team news will feature a bigger transaction, but not always.

I'll update the list if/when more go through at deadline.

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