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MVP's of Week 4 : 2015
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 4: 2015


Quarterback: QB Parker Simms
12/23 : 335 Yards : 52.17% Completion : 2 TD's : 74 Long : 126.6 QB Rating

If you told me prior to the Chargers game that QB Parker Simms would be on this list, I'd have laughed. But now? Now I just cry. The 70 overall QB is nothing special to look at. with 60 awareness and 79 throw accuracy the Steelers felt incredibly safe when they played a 46 defense against the Chargers this week. Parker Simms proved them wrong. There was a QB or two with higher QB rating than Simms, but I just had to give him the nod this week with his ability to play error free football and lead his team to a victory. A player that most teams wouldn't even sign has found there way onto this list; and maybe that fact alone made me pick him. But hey, my list, my rules.

Simms completion rating wasn't great, but not bad either. He was able to put up 2 touchdowns without any interceptions and only taking 2 sacks. His reads were quick and error less. With the help of Clay Matthews, the Chargers won 37-30 over the Steelers

Halfback: HB Chris Johnson
22 Carries : 205 Yards : 9.32 YPC : 97 Long : 1 TD

Surprise surprise, Chris Johnson sees this list in only the article's second week. He's the only HB to put up 200 yards this or last week, and although nearly half those yards came on one play, it was a glorious play at that. 97 yard run isn't enough to reach the record books, but it's enough to impress his team mates and probably his GM as well. The 97 yard touchdown allowed Chris Johnson to put up an impressive 9.32 Yards Per Carry this week even with 21 other carries.

Chris Johnson's performance helps the Redskins maintain a huge lead on the Panthers this week with the game at 38-6 going into the fourth quarter. The Panthers were able to put up 21 points in the 4th quarter, but it just wasn't enough; Johnson and the Redskins won 41-27 at Home.

Wide Receiver: WR Marques Colston
4 Receptions : 232 Yards : 97 Long : 2 TD's

Another 97 Yard play, this time through the air to the Saints veteran receiver Marques Colston. These stats actually surprised me quite a bit. Colston isn't a fast guy anymore, he's actually more of a possession receiver at this point in his career with only 88 speed, yet he was able to put up 232 yards in only 4 receptions. If you take away his 97 long catch, he's still averaging 47 yards per reception. Impress? I'd say so.

The game itself wasn't very close with a 30-6 Victory over the Falcons. If the game was closer, I'm sure Marques Colston might have even gotten more looks down field.

Tight End: TE Courtney Smith
7 Receptions : 110 Yards : 46 Long : 2 TD's

Where last week it was rare to even find a game that didn't have a tight end over the 100 mark on receiving yards, this week it was pretty quiet for the position. 110 Yards isn't an extraordinary game, but with 7 reception, Courtney Smith sure helped these Seahawks move the chains, and that may have been the main reason the Seahawks walked away from this game with a win.

Seattle absolutely dominated time of possession with 29 and a half minutes to the Bears 18. With long drives from the Seahawks, the Bears had a limited amount of time to do anything themselves, leading to a final score of 27-17 Seahawks

Offensive Line: LT Jonathan Copper
13 Pancakes : 0 Sacks Allowed

The Bengals left tackle put up 13 pancakes this week without allowing a sack but what's even more impressive are the stats in this game and trying to decipher just what happened. Without looking at the score, I notice that the Bengals had 28 first downs in this game with a time of possession at 33.5 minutes. You'd think they must have put up a shit load of points, but no, the games final score was 9-7 Bengals. The Bengals were lucky enough to get the win.

Bengals QB Ryan Tannehill threw the ball 45 times with 28 completions and a total of 297 yards. That's only 10 yards per completion meaning a shit load of first downs. On top of that, he threw 0 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. I can only imagine the frustration on the Bengal's coach as the team drove the ball down field on a 8 minute drive only for Tannehill to throwh an interception 3 times.


Defensive Line: LE Lawrence Sidbury
8 Tackles : 1 for Loss : 3 Sacks

Bears Left End Lawrence Sidbury put up 3 sacks today, and even more impressive; 8 tackles. The Seahawks 39 rushing attempts was a big help for Sidbury, but as none of the Seahawks rushers put up a great average, Sidbury is getting the nod this week for his great attempt to keep the Seahawks within striking distance.

Linebacker: MLB Kevin Minter
11 Tackles : 4 for Loss : 1 Fumble Recovery for 22 Yards : 1 TD

Kevin Minter's Fumble recovery for a touchdown was the only reason the Bronco's even broke a double digit score this week in their loss against the Bears. Just as impressive are his 4 tackles for a loss, meaning more than a third of his tackles were behind the Bears line of scrimmage

Looking at the game stats, it's no wonder that both of these players are defensive. The Broncos were on defense for 35.5 minutes while their offense only took the field for a measly 12 minutes. Just from those stats alone, you'd think this was a game that the Broncos never really stood a chance in, but that wasn't true. A 23-14 Final shows that the Broncos were able to put their 35 minutes on defense to good use. With the Bronco's QB Rating at 31.7 and their HB only getting 9 attempts for 34 yards, the Bronco's stood no chance, but you can't blame this defense, and you definitely can't blame Kevin Minter.

Defensive Back: CB Eric Wright
4 Tackles : 2 Ints for 5 yards : 4 Deflections

Eric Wright was on the field for 12.5 minutes that the Bronco's had the ball. Barely any time at all. In those 12.5 minutes he was able to deflect 4 passes, intercept two balls and make 4 tackles. Impressive? I'd say. Not only did he lead his team in tackles during those 12.5 minutes, but he beat other DB's to this spot who played twice as long as he did.

The Browns probably could have beaten the Bronco's without this guys play, but the Bronco's QB Ryan Fitzpatrick probably would have been able to put up better than a 31.7 QB rating without this guy being in the way.

Special Teams:

Kicker: K Reid Forrest
7/7 Field Goals : 1/1 Extra Point

Seven Field goals is a record that Rob Bironas and David Buehlar now share with a third kicker. K Reid Forrest is a third year player and started to prove this week that his first round draft pick wasn't a complete mistake. Being taken at 1.19 is probably one of the earliest drafting of a kicker that I've ever seen but one can't argue with 7 field goals in one game.

The Texans only put up one touchdown all game, but with 7 field goals, they must have been able to move the ball quite efficiently; just not in the redzone. The seven field goals was enough to win the game in Indianapolis with a 28-23 victory

Kick Returner: CB Tyrann Mathieu
3 Attempts : 132 Yards : 44 Average : 1 TD : 99 Long

I'd probably take this category out if I didn't enjoy watching kick returns go for touchdowns so much. It seems who ever gets lucky to get the 1 TD of the week gets put here, with no real competition. That lucky player this week is the second Seahawk to make the list.

CB Tyrann Mathieu is a 2nd year player with great speed and kick return skills. He put up 4 TD's last season returning the ball, but this is his first for the season. I expect to see this guy on the list again before the season is out. The most touchdown returns in a single season is 6, and something tells me that Tyrann Mathieu is a player that has a chance of matching, or breaking that record.

Author Notes:

Whew, lots of writing.
Edit: Called the Seahawks the Titans far more times than I'd care to admit. Thanks for pointing that out Nic

Edit: Called Eric Wright a Bronco, and wrote up the report as if he was a Bronco. Thanks for that catch Garth.
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