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2016 GZL Draft Player Spotlight | The DT Edition
By Corey Smith
Special to gzl-football.com

 photo CJ_Washington_zps54eb2c21.png
The DT Edition
Corey Smith, GreenZone Media Committee
August 20th, 2013

**NOTE: Player ratings are subject to change over the course of the NCAA season! Nothing is final until the entire draft class is released.

Ron Green | Ohio State | 6’5” 333lbs
Breakdown: 68SPD, 97STR, 57AWR, 66AGI, 78ACC, 85TAK

A majorly disruptive force in the middle of a tough Buckeye defense, Ron Green is of the rare breed of impact DT’s. There are simply not many players at the college level that can match the physicality of Green, and he takes full advantage of that in games. Green has started for the Buckeyes since he arrived on campus as a freshman, and has earned a mantle’s worth of awards along the way.

Ron has the ability to easily move interior OL out of the way, and get into the backfield whenever he feels like it. He has tremendous size and strength, but couples that with an unexpected level of athleticism. Green is the type of DT that would be worthy of a high selection in the GZL draft.

Potential Comparison: Haloti Ngata | Ravens
Initial Grade: Top 7 Pick

Trevor Harper | Washington | 6’4” 309lbs
Breakdown: 70SPD, 91STR, 59AWR, 70AGI, 79ACC, 72TAK

There is a drop-off in pure talent after Ron Green, but Trevor Harper is a unique DT of his own. While not as big or strong as Green, Harper brings outstanding athletic ability and has more than adequate size and strength. Harper has been a huge asset for the Dawgs in a PAC12 that features many speedy, spread-type of offenses.

Harper is athletic enough to be a pass rushing force from either the interior or edge for a defense in the GZL. That versatility should be enough to get a GZL GM to bite early on.

Potential Comparison: Fletcher Cox | Chargers
Initial Grade: Mid-Late 1st Round

Scott Taylor | Georgia | 6’3” 311lbs
Breakdown: 68SPD, 85STR, 60AWR, 75AGI, 81ACC

Stuck in the gray area between DE and DT, Scott Taylor is another versatile DL that can fill multiple roles for a team. At Georgia, Scott was used in both roles. He excelled in a 3-4 DE role where he could best use his quickness/strength combo to be disruptive in the backfield.

Taylor has an adequate skill set, and it will be up to the coaching staff of his GZL team to determine where that skill set would best be used in their system.

Potential Comparison: Datone Jones | Jets
Initial Grade: Early 2nd

Angelo Miller | Wisconsin | 6’3” 304lbs
Breakdown: 69SPD, 90STR, 67AWR, 64AGI, 80ACC, 77TAK

A former offensive tackle, Angelo Miller made the move to the DL as a Sophomore at Wisconsin. The move was a smooth one for Miller, as he picked up the schemes quickly, and seemed to have a solid understanding of the position almost immediately.

Miller, like the previously listed DT’s, has a nice combo of speed, size, and strength. And while he doesn’t do any one thing particularly great … he does everything well.

Potential Comparison: Jared Odrick | Dolphins
Initial Grade: Early-Mid 2nd

Dwayne Coyle | Colorado | 6’1” 310lbs
Breakdown: 56SPD, 96STR, 55AWR, 56AGI, 76ACC, 81TAK

A player that plays with brute force and a mean streak, Dwayne Colyle is a hard-nosed football player that loves to play the game. While not very tall in stature, Coyle is large, and has room on his frame still to add to his body mass. Dwayne is a very animated player on the field, and it is not at all uncommon to see him in a tussle with an opponent following a play.

With amazing strength, and such a low center of gravity, Coyle has the ability to give OL fits. And he’s often able to get under taller OL and push them into the backfield causing a pocket to collapse or a running play to be blown up. Some GM will find great value in Coyle.

Potential Comparison: Vince Wilfork (young version) | Patriots
Initial Grade: Mid-Late 2nd

Check back next week for the next position group!

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