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MVP's of Week 5 : 2015
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 5: 2015


Quarterback: QB Eli Manning
18 Completions : 32 Attempts : 330 Yards : 56.25% Completion : 5 TD's : 0 Int's : 131.5 QB rating

Well, I've been dreading the moment when a Giants player finally deserves a spot on this list, but Eli's performance this week was just too good to ignore. It's not that I dislike the Giants, but I do enjoy picking other teams over Parrone's. Manning threw for 5 touchdowns in only 18 completions. that's a Touchdown in less than every 4 completions. Insane.

The Giants beat the Falcons 42-31 in Atlanta with Eli scoring all but one of their teams touchdowns, the other coming from CB Brandon Hogan on an interception return.

The Giants are third in their division at 3-2, Eli Manning is going to have to have more performances like this to see the Giants come away with the division title.

Halfback: HB Mario Fannin
19 Attempts : 198 Yards : 10.42 Yards Per Carry : 82 Long : 2 TD's : 1 Fumble

I don't have to look far to find the top Halfback of the week. Where Eli Manning scored 5 touchdowns against the Falcons, Fannin had just as good of a game on the ground against the Giants. 198 yards on 19 attempts with 10.42 YPC. The Fumble cost him a glowing review on an otherwise great day, but you can't ignore a halfback that almost breaks the 200 yard mark.

The Falcons are 0-4 and dead last in their division. Mario didn't show anything special before this game, with only 42 yards in 3 games before this week. I'm sure the Falcons and Matthew Davis are hoping that this performance keeps up.

Wide Receiver: WR Devin Hester
4 Receptions : 143 Yards : 63 Long : 3 TD's

4 Receptions isn't anything to write home about, but when 75% of those receptions go for touchdowns, it's hard to ignore. 143 yards was beaten by a few wide receivers this week, but I just couldn't ignore that Hester brought in all but 9 points for the Ravens. Hester is on his way to his best ever GZL season, in fact he's already passed his yardage of 2014.

The Ravens beat the Texans 30-21 at home. The Texans had an unlucky game, with 3 of their quarterbacks finding themselves on the field at one time or another. But even then the Texans might have been able to win this game if Hester didn't get open for those 3 touchdowns. The Ravens had only 8 first downs compared to the Texans 16. The Texans just couldn't find the end zone, while Hester found it three times.

This win puts the Ravens right behind the Steelers in the AFC North, who have lost two games in a row.

Tight End: TE Vernon Davis
5 Receptions : 75 Yards : 25 Long

The Chargers have now had a player on this list on every single list for three weeks in a row. The Chargers are the only team to do that so far. Vernon Davis, however, got lucky. Absolutely no TE's this week had a great game, which allowed Vernon, who had a decent game of 5 receptions and 75 yards with no touchdowns to be pushed to the top of Tight End performances this week.

The game was very low scoring with the Chargers losing 16-13 in Tampa Bay. Chargers threw for less than 200 yards in the air and ran for less than 100 yards on the ground. That makes Davis' 75 yards a little more respectable in my eyes.

The Chargers are tied in second in the AFC West with the Bronco's and the Chiefs.

Offensive Line: LG Chilo Rachal
12 Pancakes : 0 Sacks Allowed

It's usually the low scoring games that find themselves with an offensive line man with an unusually high amount of pancakes. This week it was the Left Guard Chilo Rachal in the Redskins game against the Eagles where they scored 13 points in the first half, none in the second and still found themselves being able to come away with a victory.

The Game ended at 13-9, with Chilo Rachal blocking just well enough for the Redskins to stay tied in first place in the NFC East with the Dallas Cowboys.


Defensive Line: DT Marcell Dareus
8 Tackles : 3 For Loss : 2 Sacks

Not only did Marcell lead his team in tackles from a Defensive Tackle position, he also put up 3 tackles for losses and 2 sacks. A great performance for any player, but an outstanding performance from a Defensive Tackle. The Bills only put up 3 points in the whole game, but were able to hold the Patriots to 19 in their 19-3 loss at home. Only way to have made this division game even worse for the Bills is if they were shut out.

The Bills still lead the AFC East with a 3-2 record, but the Dolphins and the Patriots are only one game behind, biting at their heels.

Linebacker: MLB Navorro Bowman
14 Tackles : 2 For Loss : 1 Sack : 1 Fumble Recovery for 2 yards : 2 Deflections

14 Tackles, a sack and a fumble recovery helped keep the Colts at the front of their division with a win in Cincinnati this week. Navorro Bowman is a five year player who, ever has seen a steady climb in numbers since his rookie season. First year he had 10 tackles, second 58, and then 80, 112, and 126. This season he has 51, well on his way to over 150 tackles, which could set an all time GZL record which is currently being held by the Eagles MLB Mark Herzlich with 153 tackles, set in 2013.

The Colts beat the Bengals 30-22, putting themselves at 3-2 for the season, tied in first place with the Jaguars.

Defensive Back: SS Brandon Claiborne
9 Tackles : 1 Sack : 1 Forced Fumble

Brandon played a tough game at home against the Chargers, who even without an elite quarterback are putting up fights week in and week out. Brandon had one of the teams 4 Forced fumble, and although he didn't recover it, he did create the turn over. On top of that he led the Buccaneers with 9 tackles, with their middle line backer only putting up 5 at second place. He also put up one of the teams 4 sacks.

The Bucs played a defensive game this week, and although Brandon Claiborne didn't have an interception, it still makes for nice stats for the second year player who was drafted in the second round.

The Buccaneers eventually beat the Chargers 16-13, and without Brandon putting up these stats, the game was close enough for the Chargers to have maybe prevailed. This win keeps the Bucs at 4-1 and sitting a game ahead of the Saints in the NFC South.

Special Teams:

Kicker: K Josh Brown
5/5 Field Goals

The only points the Cardinals scored this week were from the foot of Josh Brown. The Cardinals are still undefeated after this 15-10 victory in St. Louis. If Josh didn't bring his A game this week, we might not be looking at the only team with 5 wins so far this season, sitting comfortably at the top of the NFC West

Returner: A.J. Jenkins
7 Punt Returns : 97 Yards : 13.86 Average : 1 TD : 59 Long

I almost missed this stat, and I totally would have kicked myself if someone found it later and pointed it out to me. A.J. Jenkins is now the proud owner of the only Punt Return for a TD in GZL history. This happens so rarely, that sometimes I find myself browsing over the punt return stats, and I definitely had to do a double take when spotting that 1 in the touchdown column.

Jenkins put up 2 Kick returns for touchdowns last year, nothing special. Even if he does nothing else for the rest of his career, he will forever be the first player to do this in GZL's six years history, and maybe the only player to do it for many more years to come.

Author Notes:

I've been thinking of ways to improve this article, and right now I find myself nearly getting stumped for what to write at the Offensive Line and Kicker position. Although important positions, sometimes it's tough to find anything to write about, and I was wondering if I should change that.

I was thinking of keeping the stats and reward for Kicker and Offensive Line just without a writeup. To compensate for this, I'd be broadening other positions a little more. Maybe MLB and OLB or CB's and Safeties. I'd love to hear all your thoughts on it.

If you spot errors of any kind. Spelling, Team, Gm, Stats, etc, etc, please let me know. I'd love to find and fix them sooner rather than later.
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