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Injury Report Week 6
By Garth Pearce
Special to gzl-football.com

An easier week on the injury front this time round, however the QB's just keep stacking up on the list. We have half te number from last week, so let's see who has it the worst:

The biggest injury loser for the week has to be New England. They have 2 players out from their win over the Dolphins, rookie CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson along with veteran linebacker Demarcus Ware. This hurts in two ways as Wreh-Wilson was part of the trade for Mark Sanchez and was looking primed to actually get to play, and Ware was only added this season at the cost of a Jacoby Jones amnesty to bolster the defense. Now Blidi is out for the season so won't be getting his much needed playing time to help with his awareness issues, whilst Ware has a broken collarbone that will see him sidelined for at least another 4 weeks. Blidi would have been nice running the slot behind fellow rookie Braylon Bender, however now veteran Aaron Ross will be called on one more to perform those duties. As the Patriots have been struggling with a solid secondary over the past few years this will be in the same category of problems to face that GM Spencer has been dealing with for a while. I don't see his absence being a big factor against the team's performance, but against his personal development it is. Ware on the other hand leaves big shoes to fill, most likely faced by fellow veteran Leon Williams who was the starter last year. It's a big drop from Ware's abilities to Williams' and not one to be handled with a smile. 26 awareness and 10 tackle is a big drop off, but isn't always the telling factor. Ware was easily on track to break his season tackle record (and probably TFL record too) which is a hard act to follow, so while Williams will suffice in the role, the decline in numbers from the position will be noticeable.

It seems return specialists are racking up the injury numbers to give QB's a run for their money. Roscoe Parrish is the newest addition to this club, taking a 3 week layoff after straining his Achilles against the Jets. Not thinking this is such a big deal as fellow returner Wilson Hanks returned a kick 93 yards to the house and another for 24 yards. If he fills the punt return role too we could see some more magic there.

Stacey Williams is a big figure at 6'5" and it will be this height that the Bengals miss the most for 3 weeks while he recovers from a broken thumb. In his absence they are left with the option of slow Bernard Pollard or using someone like FS Joel Murray out of position in the gap. Either way they won't be seeing much help from this position in coming weeks and with the struggles they've had keeping opponents from scoring things could go from bad to worse.

Larry Warford was making some promising progress in his young career but will have to wait out another 3 weeks before getting back into the thick of things as a bout of mild concussion keeps his big ass sidelined. How a 346lbs offensive lineman gets knocked about so badly they can call it concussion (along with the decidedly smaller intellect under that helmet) is beyond me, but the Bears will have to do without him and look to a truly unspectacular Travis Bond to fill the spot. Don't expect much from this right guard over the coming weeks and should Jay Cutler ever get over his nagging injury concerns in that time he's best be careful of what's coming through that hole.

Matt Barkley is at it again, or should I say his offensive line is not at it again? How often do you have your star young gun quarterback injured before you shake up the blockers? This time around it's scheduled to be a short term rest with a strained shoulder, however seeing as fellow passers Boston Mallett and Jay Cutler are struggling to overcome similar shoulder issues this could be a drawn out and painful affair. Luckily the Panthers have Kevin Kolb on hand for just this issue and should see some manageable offense from him. Now if only their defense could keep the opponent from scoring so much they could get back on the winners list.
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Green Zone League Articles

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