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MVP's of Week 6 : 2015
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 6: 2015


Quarterback: QB Ricky Stanzi
23 Completions : 36 Attempts : 264 Yards : 63.89% Completion Rate : 3 Touchdowns : 0 Interceptions : 113.6 QB Rating

This is Ricky's 5th year in the league, his 2nd with the Cowboys, and his first as the Cowboys starter from week 1. Ricky Stanzi is not yet an elite quarterback. With awareness and accuracy in the mid 80's, he's prone to throwing errors, but there weren't many in this game. In a tough match up against the now 3-3 New York Giants, Stanzi was able to put up a respectable 63.89% Completion rate with 0 interceptions.

The Cowboys were trailing 24-20 going into the fourth quarter, where they were able to put up 13 unanswered points, winning the game against the stunned Giants 33-24.

The Cowboys are only one win away from matching their 5 wins that they had all last season, and it's in large part due to Stanzi's ability to get rid of the ball and to limit his errors. Though with only 2 sacks on the season, I'm sure the Cowboy's Offensive Line has a lot to do with it as well.

At 4-2, they sit at the top of their division, though not comfortably. The Redskins and the Giants are both waiting for the underdog to make his mistakes to take the helm once again.

Halfback: HB Mark Ingram
32 Carries : 284 Yards : 8.88 Yards Per Carry : 81 Long : 2 Touchdowns

As soon as I saw this game in progress, I had a feeling who'd be positioned here at Halfback, and that's the Raiders Mark Ingram who ran 284 yards against the Chargers this week. Ingram ran for more than twice the amount of yards that the Raiders threw the ball, with Colin Klein only completing 10 passes for 128 yards. This game puts him at #5 on the record for game rushing yards, along side the three big names of Frank Gore, Ryan Matthews, and Arian Foster

The game wasn't close with a 33-10 victory at home. This was in large part due to the Raiders ability to hog the ball, controlling the ball for nearly 30 minutes. This is only their first game against their division rival and with the Chargers QB Blaine Gabbert recovering from his injury, it may be a completely different game in week 9. However, if Ingram repeats this performance, I doubt the Chargers will have much luck then either.

The Raiders sit at the top of the whole league at 5-0, and remain the only undefeated team in the league. Can they keep it up? I'm not so sure. GZL is a tough league, and they've already come close to losing a couple of their games. I think it's only a matter of time before a team gets some luck on their side. It won't be long before the Chiefs and possibly the Chargers are nipping at their heels in the AFC West.

Wide Receiver: WR Robert Woods
7 Catches : 194 Yards : 76 Long : 3 Touchdowns : 0 Drops

Robert Woods is a third year player who worked his way up to the #1 WR spot, past players like Dwayne Bowe and Miles Austin. And this performance proves that the recognition is well deserved. Woods is on the path of improving his best season of 1,044 yards by nearly 50% in a large part because of this game. his 194 yards in this game nearly doubled his yardage for the season.

No matter the performance, the Bills were not able to rely on Robert Woods' performance this week to pick up their much needed win. the 37-31 loss in San Fransisco was close throughout. Neither team giving up the fight. However, the Bills allowed the 49ers to put up 17 points in the 2nd quarter, and that in turn ended up biting them in the ass.

The Bills are still #1 in the AFC East at 3-3, thanks in large part due to their 3-1 division record. With the Patriots half a step behind them, and the Dolphins following right behind, the Bills could barely afford to lose this game, and it keeps this race closer than I'm sure GM Darryl Breckheimer would like.

Tight End: TE Jared Cook
3 Catches : 94 Yards : 66 Long : 5 Pancakes

Either this the Jared's Cook first start of the season, or he's had a really bad year. With only 4 Catches and and 99 Yards on the season, I think I'm going to assume it's the first option. Brent Celek, the former starter has put up 10 Receptions and 86 yards. It looks like the Titans GM, Tim Nissen made the right move; but only more time will tell for sure.

Cook's game wasn't much of a game changer, but that's only because the Titans had the game well in hand. The 33-14 win at home against the Colts was only their second win of the season.

The Titans have not been having a great season. When their starting QB Christopher Henderson broke his collarbone, the Titans were sure their season were over, but they refused to lay down without a fight and traded their first and third round picks to grab the 25 year old QB Russell Wilson out of New York. In two games, he's been excellent, putting up an average of a more than 100 QB rating. With a close loss against the Jaguars, and a win here, the Titans season might not be over yet.

Offensive Line: LT Jammal Brown
13 Pancakes : 0 Sacks Allowed

The second Raider mentioned this week is the man who helped get the first Raider, Mark Ingram his stats for the week. It's still hard to judge the play of an Offensive Line player with just the Pancake stats recorded, but it's easy for me to assume that the Raiders whole line played great, with Jammal Brown holding the stats to back this up.


Defensive Line: DT J.J. Watt
4 Tackles : 1 For Loss : 2 Sacks

With how many Defensive Tackles put up 2 sacks this week, it might be time for me to rejudge just how rare this stat is and start giving some Defensive Ends a little more love. However, the love isn't going to start this week, with the award going to the Panthers DT J.J Watt who was able to put up 4 tackles, 1 for a loss and 2 sacks on the day at the Defensive Tackle position.

The Panthers lost this game to their division rivals, the New Orlean Saints 30-23. What makes the matter worse is that this is now the 5th loss in a row after an impressive first week win against the now 3-2 Vikings.

The NFC South is tough, with the Buccaneers and the Saints both having 4 wins. The Panthers have a bye week this week. Hopefully they can use this week to pull themselves together and find out what worked in week one and go with it.

Linebacker: MLB Paul Posluszny
12 Tackles : 1 For Loss

I know having 12 tackles at the middle line backer position isn't such a rarity, but I just saw no one who had better stats. Even the few linebackers that had a turnover of some sort, didn't seem to matter anywhere else in the game. I'm sure I'll have found out later that I missed a guy, but for now Paul is the man at the top of the list this week.

The 49ers beat the aforementioned Bills 37-31. With only one loss on the season against the Chicago Bears, the 49ers are possibly looking towards the playoffs this year. This is a huge achievement for the 49ers, who haven't had a winning record since 2011. They still haven't played any of their divisional games, so this could all go down hill quickly.

Defensive Back: CB Terrell Thomas
2 Interceptions for 15 yards : 3 Deflections : 1 Touchdown

I almost didn't put this guy here, just because the Bears dominated the Atlanta Falcons so badly this week, that it seemed to me like it didn't really matter what one CB did. However, these type of games are very rare for a CB, and I just couldn't resist. Terrell Thomas a 30 year old, in his 6th year and hasn't really made a name for himself. In his 6 seasons, he has only 8 interceptions... and 3 of them were this year. Two of them, this game. 25% of his interceptions in his six year career came this week in Chicago. Not only that, but his zero tackles and 3 deflections are usually an indication that he completely shut his opposing receiver down. Which is true, Roddy White only caught one pass for 28 yards

The Bears are #5 in power rankings, yet are third in their division. But with all three teams sitting at 3-2; this isn't saying much. The Bears got their mojo back this week after two losses in a row. I'm sure they are hoping to hold onto that for the rest of the season.

Special Teams:

Kicker: K Rob Bironas
4/4 Field Goals : 2/2 Extra Points

I may be a little biased with this pick. Not because I'm running the Steelers, but because I watched the game. The Steelers scored only 6 points in the first half, two field goals. This kept them in the game at 10-6 at halftime and allowed them to eventually overcome the tough special teams and defense of the Cleveland Browns.

The Steelers started the season at 2-0, seemingly the clear favorite for the AFC North. But since then, they've gone 1-2. If they lost here, I might have been out of a job, with the Pittsburgh fans already calling for my head. The Steelers are playing the #1 team in the league this week(The Raiders). At least they'll be at home to get booed by their own fans.

Kick Returner: WR Johnnie Lee Higgins
4 Attempts : 190 Yards : 47.50 Average : 1 Touchdown : 100 Long

Speaking of the Browns, this man nearly won them the game this week. With a touchdown and 30 yards per carry without the touchdown return, Johnnie Lee Wiggins were able to give the Browns decent field position or score in all of his 4 attempts.

The Browns are 1-5, and their only win is against the Denver Broncos, who the Steelers lost to the week before. This performance, though a loss, might be the first week of a Browns win streak. A thought that I'm sure GM Brad Mallett is hoping for.

Author Notes:

Bit late on this one, and for that I apologize. It's not a lack of motivation, I just got invited into a short term beta, and have been using most of my free time on that. I made up for it by going into a little more detail. I think this is my biggest article yet, at nearly 2,000 words.
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