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2016 GZL Draft Player Spotlight | The OL Edition
By Corey Smith
Special to gzl-football.com

The OL Edition
Corey Smith, GreenZone Media Committee
September 5th, 2013

**NOTE: Player ratings are subject to change over the course of the NCAA season! Nothing is final until the entire draft class is released.

OT Michael Millen | Toledo | 64 309lbs
Breakdown: 72SPD, 95STR, 68AWR, 68AGI, 83ACC, 90PBK, 84RBK

Typically when a GM selects an OL, he has to choose between some combination of size, strength, athletic ability, and skill. But with Michael Millen, whichever GM is lucky enough to land him wont have to compromise on much. Millen is a freakishly strong athlete that excels in pass protection. His only minor weakness is a sometimes lacking run blocking skill.

Potential Comparison: Joe Staley | 49ers
Initial Grade: Top 3 Pick

OC Fernando Wilson | Northwestern | 63 308lbs
Breakdown: 67SPD, 94STR, 65AWR, 65AGI, 80ACC, 87PBK, 86RBK

Given the scarcity of great centers in the GZL, Fernando Wilson may just be more valuable than Millen. While hes slightly less physically gifted, and slightly less polished in pass pro Wilson is nonetheless as close to cant-miss at the OC position as you are going to find.

Potential Comparison: OC Alex Mack | Browns
Initial Grade: Top 12 Pick

OG Shannon Crockett | N.C. State | 64 315lbs
Breakdown: 68SPD, 87STR, 63AWR, 64AGI, 79ACC, 85PBK, 90RBK

Yet another gifted athlete, Shannon Crockett is tailor-made for on offense that likes to get their guards out in front of their outside runs. While he has some work to do in the strength department, Crockett has just enough strength to couple with his superior run blocking ability to create a top prospect at the OG position.

Potential Comparison: Jon Asamoah |Chiefs
Initial Grade: Mid 1st Round

OG Byron Coles | Fresno State | 64 328lbs
Breakdown: 63Spd, 94STR, 57AWR, 62AGI, 81ACC, 75PBK, 84RBK

Byron Coles also brings some athletic ability to the 2016 draft table. But, unlike the previous prospects, Coles is MUCH more raw. Coles has been physically dominant in the Mountain West in the run game over his career at Fresno, but has been exposed frequently in pass pro. Hes definitely got the size and tools to be great, but it will take some work from his future team.

Potential Comparison: Logan Mankins | Seahawks
Initial Grade: Mid-Late First

OT Darrell Freeman | Washington | 65 305lbs
Breakdown: 55SPD, 89STR, 63AWR, 61AGI, 70ACC, 89PBK, 91RBK

For the GM that prefers his OL to be more of the polished variety, than the physically gifted, theres Darrell Freeman. While hes not necessarily a slouch in the athletic ability department, hes a sloth compared to some of his classmates. But where Freeman shines is in his actually blocking ability. He may go higher than projected here to a team looking for a plug-n-play OT.

Potential Comparison: Vernon Carey | Redskins
Initial Grade: Late First

Check back next week for the final article: Safties!

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Green Zone League Articles

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