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MVP's of Week 8 : 2015
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 8: 2015


Quarterback: Robert Griffin III
15 Completions : 22 Attempts : 254 Yards : 68.18% Completion : 2 Touchdowns : 137.3 QB Rating

Bills GM Darryl Breckheimer has got to be pleased with this weeks performance from their 3rd year Quarterback. Griffin was drafted as the number sixth overall pick in 2013, which is abdormally high for a scrambler. In his first two seasons with the Buffalo Bills, his QB Rating was in the mid 70's, but this year he's currency at 84.6 for the season.

This puts him at the 13th spot for QB's so far with a minimum of 112 passes. But enough about his season stats, the reason he's #1 at QB this week are the stats he put up at home against the 3-4 Jaguars in their 28-21 Win.

The Bills took the lead in the first quarter and kept the lead all game thanks to the nearly errorless played football from the unproven leader. With a completion percentage of nearly 70% and 0 Ints Darryl is ready to say I told you so to all the naysayers out there.

The Bills are first in their division at 4-3 with a 3-1 Divisional Record. As long as they continue to play like they have been, they should have no problems winning the AFC East. But if Griffin continues to play like this, then it might not just be the Divisional Win that the Bills aim to achieve this year.

Halfback: HB Ryan Mathews
28 Rushes : 192 Yards : 6.86 Yards Per Carry : 81 Long : 3 Touchdowns

This is the second straight week that Ryan Mathews holds the top rushing spot and although last weeks performance was more consistant, Ryan Mathews 3 touchdowns and nearly 200 yards against the Oakland Raiders isn't anything to scoff at.

This performance was against the Cincinnatti Bengals who have been struggling all year, but have been quite reliable against the run. Yet after two weeks of being dominated on the ground, the Bengals have more than their offense to worry about. The final score was 72-24, a score that has been permanently burnt into the minds of all of Cincinnatti.

The Chargers are still fighting tooth and nail for a shot at the wildcard spot with the Kansas City Chiefs. They are now a game ahead of their division rival at 5-3. The Oakland Raiders remain undefeated at 7-0. The Chargers play the Raiders again this week. Will the seemingly now healthy Chargers perform better than their 33-10 loss in week 6?

Wide Receiver: WR Jeff Fuller
11 Receptions : 225 Yards : 92 Long : 2 Touchdowns

The 26 year old receiver is on his way to his best career season. At 749 yards half way through, he's on his way to reaching nearly 1500, which by far exceeds the 1241 yardage he got in his sophmore year in Carolina. Bengals have had offensive problems all year long, and the constant need to pass has helped Jeff Fuller in achieving these receiving yards. Currently sitting in third in the league in yards, only behind Bucs Ryan Broyleys and Vincent Jackson. He's first in Receptions with 49.

The Bengals didn't win this week, in fact they lost 72-24 and passed the ball for all but 13 plays. If any other receiver came close this week, I probably would have looked past Fuller because of the game he was in, but no one really did. The Bengals sit last in the AFC North at 2-6. They are only two games behind the division leaders, and their win against the Ravens show they have what it takes to beat a good team on a good day.

They just need to have a lot more good days.

Tight End: TE Charlie Gantt
6 Receptions : 143 Yards : 60 Long : 3 Touchdowns : 6 Pancakes : 1 Sack Allowed

Not only did Charlie Gantt catch every single one of the Texans passing touchdowns this week in their victory over the Lions, but he also led his team in Pancakes with six. This is Gantt's first year with the Texans after being signed away from the Bills in the RFA. The Bills never really had a use for the third round pick. With a best season of 558 yards and zero touchdowns, Charlie has only really shown his potential in Houston with currently 340 Yards and 4 touchdowns. A majority of those stats came this week.

With only one more week like this one and Charlie might be ranked among the current elite TE's in GZL. He sits at #7 in the league at TE reception yards behind Courtney Smith.

The 5-3 Texans beat the struggling 1-6 Lions in a 39-29 victory. The Texans currently sit at the top of the AFC South, but with the Titans winning three straight with their new quarterback, the Texans still need to win week in and week out to remain at the top.

Offensive Line: LT Jason Peters
13 Pancakes: 0 Sacks Allowed

Two Seahawk Offensive Linemen are sitting in the top 10 on Pancakes, and the only offensive line player in the whole league to go over 10 pancakes this week was Jason Peters. Peters is getting old with only one more year on his contract but he's still dominating opposing defensive ends, and this week it was the unfortunate Dolphins LE Adam Carriker. The six season vet hasn't had much luck over his career. Never putting up over 5 sacks in a season, and he was only just signed this year as a Free Agent, not even recording a stat in 2014. Jason Peters showed the Dolphins that Adam Carriker probably shouldn't be signed in the GZL.

The Seahawks sit in probably one of the toughest divisions in the GZL, with four teams totaling a combined record of 20-9. The Seahawks currently sit at 5-2 and 2nd in the division. but with all teams only two games away from each other, the division is bound to change before the playoffs are here. With 3 wins in a row and winning 5 of their last 6 games, the Seahawks might be the team that's moving up.


Defensive Line: LE Robert Quinn
3 Tackles : 1 for Loss : 2 Sacks : 1 Forced Fumble

The Falcons are currently the only winless team left in the GZL this season, and this week they almost changed that with their close 37-30 loss against the 6-1 Cardinals. Robert Quinn forced one of the turnovers for the Falcons and recorded the only 2 sacks on the whole Falcons team. The first round pick can play, and he proved that again this week, but the 24 year old is going to need more talent on this Falcons team to turn his highlight plays into victories.

At 0-7, the Falcons stand little to no shot at accomplishing anything this season. Thankfully they still hold their first round pick, because at this rate, it's going to grab them a stud player at any position of need.

Linebacker: MLB Manti Te'o
9 Tackles : 1 for Loss : 1 Sack : 1 Interception for 5 yards : 3 Deflections

The Ravens have won three in a row after having a lowsy 3-1 start. This week it's Manti Te'o that helped keep the game far far out of reach for the Ravens in their 51-13 victory over the Jets. Manti led the Ravens in tackles, deflected 4 passes, and sacked the quarterback. Quite a day for the third year player. He's currently on this way to his best season ever.

The Ravens remain near the top of their division at 4-3, and are only behind the Steelers by a divisional game. The Steelers have been struggling lately, but it's clear to see with this game that the Ravens have not.

Defensive Back: CB Dominique Cromartie
4 Tackles : 4 Interceptions for 135 yards : 6 Deflections : 3 Touchdowns

It doesn't matter what any of your defensive backs did this week General Managers, because no player was going to be able to top the performance of Dominique this week, or probably for the rest of the leagues history. Titans Lardarius Webb came close in 2013 with his 4 interceptions for two touchdowns. Although he had more yards with 157, I've got to give it to Dominique for scoring 3 defensive touchdowns in one game

Special Teams:

Kicker: K Stephen Gostkowski
4/4 Field Goals

I almost didn't even put a kicker down this week. Of the only two kickers that kicked more than 3 field goals this week, one of the teams won by more than enough to make his performance absolute, and the other kicker's team lost.

Still, I decided that Stephen would get the mention this week, even if the Patriots lost 25-18. Stephen put up all of 6 points this week for the Patriots in what I assume was a failed two point converstion. Without Stephen, the Patriots wouldn't even have been in the game in the 4th quarter.

The Pats have fallen to 3-4 behind the Bills in the AFC East. With the Bills being the only team with a winning record, they clearly have the advantage.

Kick Returner: WR Marquise Goodwin
4 Attempts : 158 Yards : 39.50 Average : 1 Touchdown : 96 Long

The Ravens 51-13 victory in New York comes with another player mention and that is the Rookie 2nd round pick WR Marquise Goodwin. Although Marquise is having only a decent receiving season at 500 yards, he was able to put up his first touchdown returning kicks today with a 96 return for a touchdown. Unfortunately his other 4 attempts only averaged about 20 yards. Nothing extraordinary in a game that hardly needed him, but as the only man with a return TD this week, he's clearly #1.

Author Notes:

I think the GZL should start an official investigation to the accusations that the Chargers players are abusing steroids.
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