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MVP's of Week 12 : 2015
By Travis Robbins
Special to gzl-football.com

MVP's of Week 12: 2015


Quarterback: QB Tyler Bray
15 Completions : 21 Attempts : 71.43% completion : 220 Yards : 2 Touchdowns : 137 QB Rating

Tyler Bray was the 20th overall draft pick this year and the Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be grooming him to start for the aging Philip Rivers. I'm not sure when the Jaguars decided that their season was over, and Tyler Bray was going to get the rest of the snaps. It surely wasn't because of Rivers performance, who was having the best season of his GZl career with a 99 QB rating. Either way, Bray got the start in week 9 and put up great numbers before showing his inexperience in week 10 and 11 with absolutely disastrous results.

This week, Tyler Bray was able to overcome the 3-8 Browns with a 137 QB rating in their 20-7 victory. He played it safe, and because of that, put up a great completion rate, to help the Jaguars go to 5-6.

The Jaguars are 3 games behind the Texans now, and with only five games remaining, the chances of winning this division are slim. Even slimmer with their rookie at the helm.

Halfback: HB Jonathan Stewart
31 Rushes : 247 Yards : 7.97 Yards Per Carry : 75 Long : 1 Touchdown

Jonathan Stewart is now an aging halfback, in his 8th season. He came into the GZl as a Panther, spent 3 seasons with the Lions, and is now in his second with the Giants. His yards per carry has been between 4.37 and 4.84 in all 6 seasons, with him keeping up the consistency this year as well.

Not only was Jonathan's performance this week enough to boost his yards per carries up to his career best of 4.84, but he was just about the only player to accomplish much of anything in the Giants win this week. With Eli Manning completing only 38% of his passes for 78 yards, Stewart was their only hope at a victory this week, and he sure met their expectations.

The Giants beat the Eagles in a 16-13 at Philadelphia, putting the Giants at 5-6, which is a record shared by 3 of the 4 teams in the NFC East. The Redskins sit at 6-5, but yet again it's anybody's game in this weak division.

Wide Receiver: WR Keenan Allen
9 Receptions : 188 Yards : 59 Long

Keenan Allen has been in the league for 3 seasons now. With a rookie performance of 624 yards in Green Bay, the Packers must have been disappointed with the man, for he found his way to San Diego. He now has 708 yards on the season with 5 games to go left in the season. 1,000 yards is not out of the question for the 23 year old.

The Chargers lost to the once win less Falcons this week in probably the largest upset of the season. Atlanta went into the game at 0-10, while the Chargers were a much favored 7-3. The Chargers 10-21 loss is a reminder to all of us that any GZL team can win on any given week.

Tight End: TE Greg Olsen
6 Receptions : 108 Yards : 46 Long : 1 Touchdown : 1 Drop

Greg Olsen is in his 8th season, and has been a Bear since GZL's beginning, and is by far the best receiving tight end out there at the moment. With nearly 200 more receiving yards than the next best TE; the Panthers Luke Stocker. His yardage piles up even farther this week with 108 more yards, putting him at the 840 mark. Most wide receivers try to aim for the season average mark of 1,000. A target that Olsen is bound to make and improve upon this year.

Only one TE in all of GZL history has ever gone over the one thousand receiving mark on a season, and that was Ravens Ed Dickson in 2012. Olsen is on track to pass that mark, but he'll have to finish the season strong.

Although the Bears lost this week, they remain in the lead of the NFC North by a game over the Packers. Even with the lead, this week's loss to the Texans won't be treated lightly in Chicago. Every win matters this far into the season, especially with a rival as strong as the Packers seeking a 2nd straight division win.

Offensive Line: LT Damon Porter
17 Pancakes : 0 Sacks Allowed

Can one say holy shit? The only man to put up more than 17 Pancakes in a game in the GZL is the Rams LT Jason Smith, who put up 18. Many other offensive linemen has matched this 17 Pancake performance, but it still isn't a statistic that you see everyday.

More impressive than the stat alone is the fact that Demon Porter is a rookie, who, until this week has only had a game best of 6 pancakes, but more commonly than not only puts up 1-4 a game. Going from a game best of 6 to 17 in one game is a huge ego boost for the 24 year old. On the other hand, the RE that took this beating is the 26 year old Bills player Derrick Morgan, who must still being hurting this late into the week.

This pancake performance might have been just enough to allow the Jets to edge over the Bills in their 40-36 victory. The Bills and Jets are now tied in their division at 4-7, with the Patriots a game ahead of them.


Defensive Line: LE Robert Ayers
5 Tackles : 3 Sacks : 1 Forced Fumble

The Jets LT had a great game at the same time as their LE had his. With 3 sacks on the day and a forced fumble, Robert Ayers did all he could to disrupt this Bills offense. The Bills QB got sacked 7 times this week, so something must have been working in this Jets defensive scheme.

This is Ayers first season in the GZL not playing in a Bronco's jersey, but it seems that the change in teammates and playbooks has little to no effect on the man. At 12 sacks on the season, Ayers is actually in reach of breaking his all time record of 15 sacks that he set in his first year in the GZL.

Linebacker: ROLB Warren Barker
6 Tackles : 2 For Loss : 1 Sack : 2 Interceptions For 40 Yards : 1 Deflection

The Cardinals went to 9-2 this week in an upset by the Patriots. The Cardinals only lost by a point in the defensive 12-13 game at Foxboro, but it sure wasn't a lack of defensive play making by their ROLB to cause this loss. Warren Barker found himself in almost all aspects of the Cardinals defense this week. With 2 interceptions, one for half of the Cardinals total points of the game, Barker seemed to be the only Cardinal even trying to win this game.

Forcing the only 2 turnovers of the game, and sacking the QB for 1 of the only 2 sacks, the fourth year player is looking far better than the 3.18 draft pick that the Cardinals used on him in 2012.

Because of the Cardinals loss this week, they now find themselves tied in their division with the Seattle Seahawks at a 9-2 record. They both hold a 3-1 division record and have played each other twice already. I have a feeling that this race might come down to a tiebreaker at the end of the season.

Defensive Back: CB DeAngelo Smith
4 Tackles : 2 For Loss : 1 Interception For 34 Yards : 4 Deflections : 1 Touchdown

The Texans have been playing underneath the radar all season, but with 6 wins in a row now, they've found themselves at 8-3 and in the lead of the AFC South, with the Titans a game behind.

Smith started the GZL as a Falcon, but with a disappointing season where he saw zero interceptions, the Falcons had no problems trading him to the Texans, where he's stayed ever since.

DeAngelo, now in his 7th year is starting to see the end of his career, but that doesn't mean he can't continue to be a play maker while he is here and experienced. DeAngelo now had 5 interceptions on the season; one more, and he has his career best. The two tackles for a loss, along with 4 reflections and a touchdown puts DeAngelo as an easy #1 pick for DB's this week.

Special Teams:

Kicker: Garret Hartley
4/4 Field Goals

This is the second week in a row that I feel like Hartley has earned this spot. With a second straight win in a row this week for the Saints, Hartley put up the only 12 points for their whole team. This was still enough to win against the 3-8 Panthers, who could only muster up 2 field goals all game. With Hartley putting up 24 of the Saints 39 points in their last two wins, it occurs to me that the Saints kicker seems to be the only player in New Orleans that still cares.

With the Buccaneers win against the Raiders this week, the NFC South is just about out of reach for the Saints. With the Saints still needing to play their two division rival games against the Buccaneers this week, the Saints are in for a rough road. I don't even think Hartley's leg will be enough to save them in the upcoming weeks.

Author Notes:

Sorry it's late. I've found myself more busy than usual. Also sorry for any mistakes, I rushed this one out faster than usual.
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