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GZL Rookie of the Year Tracker (Week 15)
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

With two games to go, the pretenders and the contenders have really begun to be separated. While we’ll do a final ranking at the end of the season, it’s likely the top candidates for Rookie of the Year won’t change too much down the stretch. Still, there’s a tight bunching in the middle of the field and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a player get a monster game or two to catapult him to the top of the list.

When we last checked in Bronze Pitman was at the top of the heap. Now, he’s dropped, but not because he hasn’t been producing. He’s just been surrounded by a solid rookie class that has contributed on both offense and defense. As of now, first pick overall Kendall Irving leads the class after being invisible early in the season. While he doesn’t have the yardage of someone like Mike Glennon, he also doesn’t have 32 interceptions (ouch!). Irving has his team in playoff contention and has a nice 22-to-7 TD to interception ratio. What’s wild is how DE Tank Carradine has come out of nowhere to move from not ranked to third overall. I guess that what happens when you record at least 1 sack in the past 7 games.

Please note that even if a team loses, I don't hold that against a player who has made exceptional efforts on the field. Lastly, this is meant for entertainment purposes only, so let's keep it civil, and if you don't like it, you are always welcome to make your own list.

Rookie of the Year Tracker

1. QB Kendall Irving, HOU (55.0%, 2622 yds, 22/7) Previous Rank: 3
2. HB Johnathan Franklin, CLE (1386 yds, 4.3, 6 TDs) Previous Rank: 4
3. DE Tank Carradine, DEN (40 tak, 12 TFL, 10 sacks) Previous Rank: NR
4. MLB Kenrick Nielson DAL (89 tak, 12 TFL, 1 sack, 3 Int) Previous Rank: 4
5. CB Braylon Bender, NE (46 tak, 1 tfl, 4 Int) Previous Rank: 8
6. HB Bronze Pittman, CHI (1278 yds, 4.3 ypc, 6 TDs) Previous Rank: 1
7. DE Jacquez Michaels, PIT (38 tak, 6 tfl, 9 sacks) Previous Rank: NR
8. WR Anthony Perez, NYJ (854 yds, 18.6 ypc, 4 TD) Previous Rank: 10
9. WR Jesse Hendricks, CHI (859 yds, 13.0 ypc, 4 TDs) Previous Rank: NR
10. DE Damontre Moore, GB (37 tak, 5 TFL, 9 sacks) Previous Rank: 2

Falling out of the Top 10: FS Kyle Nelson, QB Matt Scott, HB Joseph Randle

Also receiving consideration: HB Joseph Randle, FS Kyle Nelson, OT Tyrone O’Neal, HB Le’Veon Bell, QB EJ Manuel, WR Caz Dudley, OT Menelik Watson, SS Germane Baker, QB Tyler Wilson
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Green Zone League Articles

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