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Green Zone League Articles

Week 17 Scenarios
By Paul Willis
Special to gzl-football.com

Okay guys, I've figured it as well as I can. Pretty easy up until the very end since 11 of the 12 spots have been claimed and all but one division race has been decided. Of course, that last spot was a doozy. I did the best I could on that 6th seed, but do not take my word here as law since I very well could have missed something and a couple of the tiebreakers came down to strength of victory, which SHOULD hold up but is too hard for me to predict with 100% certainty. As always, if you notice something is off please let me know.


With win OR losses by OAK and PIT.
With win and HOU loss and OAK loss.
With win and HOU loss.

With loss and PIT or OAK loss.
With win and one of HOU/OAK wins.
With win and HOU win OR with loss and PIT loss.

With loss and OAK and PIT wins.
With win and HOU and OAK wins OR with loss.
With loss and PIT win.

Clinched 4th Seed.

With win OR TEN loss.
With win and SD loss.

With loss and TEN win.
With loss OR SD win.


With win OR SEA and ARZ losses.
With win and TB loss.
With win and TB and SEA losses.

With loss and SEA or ARZ win.
With win and TB win OR loss and ARZ loss.
With win and TB win and SEA loss.

With win OR WSH loss.
With win and GB loss.

With loss and WSH win.
With loss OR GB win.

With loss OR SEA win.
With loss and ARZ win.

#6 (Assumes at least one of 5 teams below wins)
With win and MIN win or CHI loss.
With win and DAL and MIN and CHI losses.
With win and MIN loss.
With win and DAL loss.
With win and DAL and NYG and CHI and MIN losses.

#6 (Assumes all 5 teams above lose)
With win.
With NO win and DET loss.
With DET loss and NO loss.
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Green Zone League Articles

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