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GZL All-Rookie Team, 2015
By Keith Van Wagner
Special to gzl-football.com

Earlier I posted the results from the Rookie of the Year Tracker. While I was at it, I made my (sorta) annual All-Rookie Team. A few things are remarkable. First, is how good our scouting has become over the years. Almost all of the rookies selected were taken in the first or second round. Then again, how many of us had Levine Toilolo high on our draft boards. But also, it's interesting to note how many of the rookies featured in my mid-season All-Rookie team managed to sustain their high level of play. Also, congrats to the Texans, Ravens, Bears, Patriots, Colts, Packers and Titans for each getting two rookies on the All-Rookie Team.

QB – Kendall Irving, Texans. (1.1, 1st QB overall)
HB – Johnathan Franklin, Browns (2.13, 5th HB overall)
FB – Ross Drayton, Ravens (2.10, 1st FB overall)
WR – Jessie Hendricks, Bears (1.13, 1st WR overall)
WR – Caz Dudley, Patriots (3.18, 9th WR overall)
TE – Levine Toilolo, Redskins (6.31, 8th TE overall)
OT – Menelik Watson, Texans (2.1, 4th OT overall)
OT – Tyrone O’Neil, Panthers (2.27, 5th OT overall)
OG – Walt Gamble, Colts (2.3, 1st OG overall)
OG – Khalid Croons, Packers (2.6, 2nd OG overall)
C – Scott Caudle, Jaguars (2.17, 2nd C overall)

DE – Damontre Moore, Packers (1.21, 2nd DE overall)
DE – Tank Carradine, Broncos (1.26, 3rd DE overall)
DT – Shevin Vickers, Falcons (3.28, 10th DT overall)
DT – Sheldon Richardson, Rams (1.12, 1st DT overall)
MLB – Kenrick Nielson, Cowboys (1.5, 1st MLB overall)
OLB – Jamie Collins, Titans (3.11, 5th OLB overall)
OLB – Calvin Hamilton, Bears (2.26, 2nd OLB overall)
CB – Braylon Bender, Patriots (1.23, 6th CB overall)
CB – Travis Murphy, Colts (1.3, 2nd CB overall)
FS – Kyle Nelson, Bucs (1.16, 1st FS overall)
SS – Germane Baker, Titans (2.12, 1st SS overall)
K – Terrell Blake, Eagles (4.15, 1st K overall)
P – Brenden Graham, Vikings (3.8, 1st P overall)
KR – Marquis Goodwin, Ravens (2.4, 3rd WR overall)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: QB Kendall Irving
Defensive Rookie of the Year: DE Tank Carradine
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Green Zone League Articles

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