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Top 10 QB Stats you don't want your QB On .
By Tom Riddell
Special to gzl-football.com

top 10 Most Sacked QB this Season

(1) ATL Brock Osweler 69 Times
(2) BUF Robert Griffin III 66 Times
(3) NYJ EJ Manuel 53 Times
(4) CAR Cam Newton 40 Times
(5) MIA Mike Glenon 39 Times
(6) GB Matt Scott 36 times
(7) CIN Ryan Tannehill 34 Times
(8) DET Matt Stafford 31 Times
(9) ARZ Christain Ponder 30 Times
(10)WAS Chad Henne 28 Times

The Starting oline in The ATL
I think main reasons Brock was sacked and his low AWR 57
Is alot very young 27.2 with very little awr at LT LG and RG
By Tightening up the inside it should help the vet Center
Finding a Better QB They could get off this list .

top 10 Most Intercepted Quarterbacks this Season

(1) MIA Mike Glenon 34
(2) CIN Ryan Tannehill 30
(3) ATL Brock Osweler 22
(4) MIN Colt Mcoy 20
(5) SF Geno Smith 19
(6) CHI Jay Culter 19
(7) NYJ EJ Manuel 18
(8) CAR Matt Barkley 17
(9)DEN Ryan Fitzpatrick 15
(10)Oak Collin Klein 15

Miami Mike Glenon Threw the ball 562 Times being picked off 34 Times
that means he threw a pick every 16 passes
He has some skill but is very Raw 71 AWR
Mike also lacks are Strong Arm 85 THP

so don't expect him to Throw a ball Down Field like matt Stafford
He'll be great in West Coast system
passes under 20 yards dink and dunk with a Running game
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Green Zone League Articles

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