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49ers 2020 Off-season

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Off-Season Review

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SANTA CLARA, CA. (AP) -- The San Francisco 49ers are coming off the 2019 season on a rather positive note this time around. Last off-season saw some changes in coaching personnel which paid off in their 12-4 season which is their best season since the inception of the GZL and the first winning season under the current general manager.

The first move of the 2020 off-season was to extend the contracts of all the current coaching staff. Next was to secure some of the players that were close to hitting the market such as MLB Rodney Kates, HB Charles Sims and LT Chuck "The Wall" Kaufman.

There were many positive notes last season such as Left tackle Chuck Kaufman posting his 4th consecutive season without letting a defender get to his QB. He also issued the Kaufman Challenge to his fellow linemen, but apparently they are were not ready for the challenge. WR Josh Gordon was once again a factor in the offense, posting 1444 yards on 80 receptions and scoring only 7 touchdowns on the season. Newcomer to the offense Terrance Williams and former team mate of Gordon at Baylor posted 1126 yards on 71 receptions and finished with 11 touchdowns.

"It's a breath of fresh air" said GM Heard during a phone conference. "While this year was the first of many milestones, we still have a long way to go. We need to stay focused and more importantly we need to stay consistent"

Off -Season Team News

The 49ers released veteran defensive linemen Pernell McPhee and Jerrel Powe in a cap related move.

The team restructured the contract of Chuck Kaufman and signed him to a 7 year deal worth $48mil with a bonus of $13m guaranteed. HB Charles Sims who was the multi-purpose player of the offense, was injured for just about the entire season, but the team hoping that he can return to his rookie and sophmore form gave him a 5 year $25m deal with a $5m bonus. MLB Rodney Kates also received a contract extension in which he received $33m over 5 years with a $8M bonus.

Notable Losses

DE Pernell McPhee (released); DT Jerrell Powe (released); WR Nico Kellogg (traded, Chiefs)

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Draft Selections

This year the 49ers draft didn't start until later in the 4th round, but somehow management forgot to set their clocks so they really didn't have time to scout any players, so most of the picks were roster fillers and not worth noting.

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Off-season Training & Conditioning

The focus of this years Off-season Training & Conditioning was on the secondary. CB Hunter Hill and SS Gerod Hollimon will be this year recipients for the training program. They will be working with olympic class sprinters to increase their overall speed.

Hill and Hollimon will participate in the conditioning program as requested, with Hill working on his resistance to injury, while Hollimon work the bikes to improve his stamina.

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Training Camp

The 49ers will send the following players for mandatory workouts in order to prepare for the upcoming season. FS Gabriel Giordano and MLB Eric Kendricks. Giordano will participate in speed & acceleration drills, while Kendricks is working on boosting his acceleration times.

San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart - 2020
Regular Offense
WRJosh Gordon #12Terrance Williams #83Willie Williams #80Nico Kellogg #84
TEMaxx Williams #84Dorian McDonald #85
LTChuck Kaufman #67Desmond Lang #68
LGBrian Winters #70Muhammad Jenkins #64
CFernando Wilson #60Earl Wilson #62
RGRyan Kowalski #74Thunder Brooks #79
RTDarrell Freeman #75Jordan Stone #66
QBGeno Smith #10Brett Hundley #17
FBMichael Castle #27TBA
HBCharles Sims #34Ernie Gillespsie #27Bernard Pierce #25
Base 4-3 Defense
LDEWhitney Mercilus #94Tyson Mitchell #93
DTJerrell Powe #95Mike Daniels #91Joe Spence #99Taylor Knudsen #98
RDEMichael Estevez #92Pernell McPhee #90
WLBJeremiah Joseph #57Sio Moore #55Tyler Yates #59
MLBRodney Kates #52O.J. Berry #50Michael Mauti #53
SLBLarry Pittman #58Sean Porter #51
CBJamar Taylor #28Hunter Hill #21Alfonzo Dennard #37Casey Hayward #36
SSGerod Hollimon #32Michael Graham #46
FSGabriel Giordano #31Rodney McCleod #49Allen Sanchez #20
Special Teams
KTriton Janikowski #14
PDeShaun Smith #18
PRWillie Williams #80Charlie Sims #34
KRCharlie Sims #34Willie Williams #80
LSEarl Wilson #77

San Francisco 49ers 2020 Season Outlook

The 49ers has had a taste of the post season, their first taste in over 8 seasons . Whether or not that will be their first and last trip remains to be seen, but with much of the same team coming in from last year the 49ers are hoping for another trip to the post season and possibly beyond.
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49ers 2019 Off-season

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Off-Season Review

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SANTA CLARA, CA. (AP) -- The San Francisco 49ers are coming off of their 7th consecutive losing season (6th under GM Heard) finishing the 2018 season with a dreadful 2-14 record which is the worst loss in franchise history. While there was some bright moments such as offensive tackle Chuck Kaufman completing a 3rd year without giving up a sack, and Charlie Sims posting another 1000 yard rushing season (though his touchdown numbers were only half of what he scored in his rookie season),a majority of the season were filled with mishaps and downfalls (as if they could fall any further).

Team owner Jed York sat down with General Manager Maurice Heard to discuss the current affairs and to try and come up with a game plan to break the losing streak and get back on the path to success. One of the questions were how Josh Gordon who received numerous awards just a year ago after posting 91 receptions, 1652 yards and 16 touchdowns during his rookie season, was basically invisible during his sophomore year. Or how defensive end Whitney Mercilus has been a non factor since he posted double digit sacks in 2014 and 2015. Consistency is what the 49ers need to focus on going forward, on both the offensive and defensive fronts.

First order of business was to scrap the entire coaching staff once again and start from square one. The 49ers hired Donnie Henderson to take over as Head Coach. Donnie Henderson isn't afraid to turn up the volume on the field. He also likes to be aggressive on defense, stating that he'd rather give up a quick touchdown pass than a grinding 15 play scoring drive.

Former Colts Center of 13 seasons, Jeff Saturday was hired as the 49ers new offensive coordinator. Saturday is a leader with good motivation (ability to get players riled up) and solid work ethics (how hard players are worked by the coach). Saturday will also work closely with the offensive line and assist in their development.

Out of the list of candidates for the defensive coordinator position, Head Coach Donnie Henderson picked out former Pro Bowl Safety Chuck Cecil to be part of his staff. Cecil was known for being one of the toughest hitting safeties in the history of the NFL. In recent times he's been with a number of teams as a defensive assistant, defensive back coach, and defensive coordinator.

And finally Brad Seely was hired to serve as the Special Teams coordinator.

Off -Season Team News

With QB Geno Smith's rookie contract coming to it's conclusion at the end of the upcoming season, the 49ers had to decide whether they were going to keep the QB they've invested a lot of time and money into, or allow him to seek a trade elsewhere. The decision was quick and simple, and it took no time to negotiate a new contract for Smith. He was restructured to a 7 year, $106 million dollar contract with a whooping $42.49M signing bonus.

After releasing Veteran offensive guard Mike Iupati, the 49ers were left with a gaping hole in their offensive line. They would go on to complete a deal with the Oakland Raiders, sending G Clinton Newton and their 3rd round pick (3.1) for G Darrell Freeman. Freeman who has only given up 9 sacks in his 3 year tenure will line up opposite Chuck Kaufman.

The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos agree to terms on a deal that would send LG Oliver Zebedee to Mile High in return for the 1.29(in which they would draft WR Willie Williams.

The 49ers initiate a controversial deal with the Dallas Cowboys, trading their future 1st and 3rd round pick in exchange for pick 1.22. The 49ers were well aware of the risk they were taking and knew well beforehand (even mentioning it to the Dallas GM) that the deal could very well be rejected due to the Niners current track record, but the deal passed and the Niners would go on to select offensive guard Ryan Kowalski.

Off-season Additions

LG Darrell Freeman (via trade w/Raiders); OG Ryan Kowalski (22nd overall draft pick); WR Terrance Williams (via trade w/Buccaneers); WR Willie Williams (29th overall draft pick); CB Hunter Hill (11th overall draft pick); FS Gabriel Giordano (27th Overall Draft Pick; LE Whitney Mercilus (2nd Round Pick); MLB Eric Kendricks (33rd overall draft pick), HB Ernie Gillespie (3rd Round Pick); QB Brett Hundley (3rd Round Pick); WR Nico Kellogg (3rd Round Pick); DE Taylor Knudsen(4th Round Pick)

Notable Losses

RG Mike Iupati (released); WR Ronyell Conway (traded, Seahawks); FB Daryl Harvey (traded, Lions); LG Oliver Zebedee (traded, Broncos); LG Clinton Newton (traded, Raiders); TE Greg Little (traded, Redskins)

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Draft Selections

1.11 CB Hunter Hill - The 49ers traded down from the 1.1 pick to acquire the 1.11, 1.27 and WR Terrance Williams. And with the 11th pick in the draft the 49ers selected defensive back Hunter Hill. Hill brings another speedy CB to the secondary, not much of a tackler but he more than makes up for it with his ball hawk ability. The Niners will be starting him day 1 with Revis agreeing to sit on the sideline this year as a mentor for the young corner back.

1.22 OG Ryan Kowalski - Having traded offensive guard Oliver Zebedee to the Broncos for 1.29, the 49ers were minus a member on the offensive line. They gambled their 2020 first round pick and 3rd rounder to acquire the 1.22 and selected offensive guard Ryan Kowalski. Kowalski is very athletic and can definitely reach the second level in the run game which has been an eyesore for the Niners for some seasons now.

1.27 FS Gabriel Giordano - The safety out of UCLA was definitely on the 49ers radar as they were looking to upgrade that position for quite some time. Giordano is the complete safety with good size, athleticism and is not afraid to put his head down or dive for that tackle.

1.29 WR Willie Williams - The 49ers brought in help for Geno with the acquistition of Terrance Williams, but they didn't stop there. The team selected WR Willie Williams out of Arkansas to bring yet another weapon for Geno to utilize. Williams is that speedy deep threat that the 49ers need to compliment the bookends in Gordon and the taller Williams.

2.1 MLB Eric Kendricks - The 49ers went back to the defense with their first pick in the second round and selected linebacker Eric Kendricks out of UCLA. The 49ers needed a reliable #2 middle guy and out the box Kendricks is that guy, though he could be more with the proper guidance.

3.10 HB Ernie Gillespie - The HB out of Clemson will come in as the #2 HB behind the multi-purpose Charlie Sims. Gillespie not known for his strength does have the ability to shed tackles once he gets moving, so the Niners hope that he can be that 3rd down back.

3.13 QB Brett Hundley - The 49ers decided to go offense again and select QB Brett Hundley out of UCLA. Hundley is almost identical to current starter Geno Smith minus the strength and throw power, but he should still be a suitable stand-in just in case of injury. But for now, he will be hitting the books hard and be mentored by none other than Geno himself.

3.29 WR Nico Kellogg - The 49ers selected WR Nico Kellogg out of USC. Kellogg has good size and can be an adequate depth receiver

4.25 DE Taylor Knudsen - The 49ers were looking at Knudsen as that guy to eventually man the right side as a starter, unfortunately things didn't turn out as well as expected. But at least he fills in the void as a backup to McPhee.

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Off-season Training & Conditioning

The focus of this years Off-season Training & Conditioning was on the offensive line. Center Fernando Wilson, and Guards Darrell Freeman & Ryan Kowalski. Both Wilson and Kowalski will participate in the strength training program as well bulk up as requested by the offensive coordinator Jeff Saturday.

Freeman and Wilson will participate in the conditioning program as requested, with Freeman working on his overall toughness and resistance to injury, while Wilson work the bikes to improve his stamina.

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Training Camp

The 49ers will send the following players for mandatory workouts in order to prepare for the upcoming season. CB Hunter Hill, FS Gabriel Giordano and MLB Eric Kendricks. Hill and Giordano will participate in speed & acceleration drills, while Kendricks is working on boosting his acceleration times.

San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart - 2019
Regular Offense
WRJosh Gordon #12Terrance Williams #83Willie Williams #80Nico Kellogg #84
TEMaxx Williams #84Dorian McDonald #85
LTChuck Kaufman #67Desmond Lang #68
LGBrian Winters #70Muhammad Jenkins #64
CFernando Wilson #60Earl Wilson #62
RGRyan Kowalski #74Thunder Brooks #79
RTDarrell Freeman #75Jordan Stone #66
QBGeno Smith #10Brett Hundley #17
FBMichael Castle #27TBA
HBCharles Sims #34Ernie Gillespsie #27Bernard Pierce #25
Base 4-3 Defense
LDEWhitney Mercilus #94Tyson Mitchell #93
DTJerrell Powe #95Mike Daniels #91Joe Spence #99Taylor Knudsen #98
RDEMichael Estevez #92Pernell McPhee #90
WLBJeremiah Joseph #57Sio Moore #55Tyler Yates #59
MLBRodney Kates #52O.J. Berry #50Michael Mauti #53
SLBLarry Pittman #58Sean Porter #51
CBJamar Taylor #28Hunter Hill #21Alfonzo Dennard #37Casey Hayward #36
SSGerod Hollimon #32Michael Graham #46
FSGabriel Giordano #31Rodney McCleod #49Allen Sanchez #20
Special Teams
KTriton Janikowski #14
PDeShaun Smith #18
PRWillie Williams #80Charlie Sims #34
KRCharlie Sims #34Willie Williams #80
LSEarl Wilson #77

San Francisco 49ers 2019 Season Outlook

The 49ers has had a few successful drafts in the last few years, and with putting next years future 1st on the line. The time is now to show what the team has been developing in the shadows of the NFC West.

With Geno Smith as the clear future of this team, GM Heard buckled down and did what he had to do to make sure that Geno has plenty of options to work with. The offense is the best it has looked in years with Gordon and the Williams', a restructured offensive line and a multi purpose player in Charlie Sims.

The defense got a major upgrade to it's secondary by adding Giordano, and Hill to the mix. Hollimon who was drafted last year will start over Michael Graham. The team also acquired DE Michael Estevez who add another pass rusher to the line.

Special teams got a boost with the addition of WR Willie Williams. Williams will take over as the primary punt returner though he will return some kickoffs over the course of the season.

On paper the teams looks as if they are ready to play in the big leagues, but the reality is that the team hasn't had a winning season since 2011. Finding a game plan and the team playing to the best of it's ability will be the difficult part. Again consistency is the key to this team being successful and with the future gambled away, the 49ers need to pray that they find consistency sooner than later.
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49ers 2017 Offseason

San Francisco 49ers 2017 Draft & Offseason Review

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

The 2017 GZL draft is officially in the books and we will take a look at the new class of players joining the 49ers.

1.02 - The 49ers had received plenty of good offers for the second pick in the draft, but they decided to hold on and pick the player that would have an immediate impact on the team. There were only 2 players that GM Heard would of selected with this pick and that was CB Richard Sherman (if in some odd chance Clowney would of been selected 1st overall) and Josh Gordon. Gordon is just that type of player to hopefully get Geno Smith playing at another level. He has a perfect blend of height, speed and athleticism.

3.02 - The 49ers wouldn't pick again until the top of the 3rd round where they selected HB Charles Sims. GM Heard considered trying to acquire a 2nd round pick to get Sims, but he is quite happy where he got him (less money). Sims turned out slightly better than the initial scouting reports indicated(+1SPD,+3STR,+1CTH,+1CAR). Sims has a quick burst and has the downhill speed to go all the way, but probably his best attribute is his soft hands.

3.24 - OG Clinton Newton - a decent find late in the 3rd, has good core stats though his RBK took a slight hit.

3.29 - TE Dorian McDonald - Good height, good hands and is a solid blocker. Has a good quick burst off the line, but lacks the speed to outrun pursuers.

4.02 - OLB OJ Berry - Good strength, semi athletic has good hands, he provides the 49ers an option at inside linebacker should the team decide to play a 3-4.

5.11 - FS Rodney McCleod - Solid find in the 5th round. He will need to hit the books, but he can definitely contribute should a starter goes down.

5.17 - FB Daryl Harvey - Not sure why they selected a FB when they have Castle, but the team will find a use for him.

6.2 - DT Mike Daniels - a very solid gem for the Niners late in the draft

6.11 - LE Tyson Mitchell - Depth player to fufill a position need. Nothing more to add.

6.31 - CB Loyal Lee-Heyward - Depth player to fulfill a position need. Nothing more to add.

Off-season Training & Conditioning

Last years second round pick WR Ronyell Conway will take part in this years offseason conditioning program. He had a mediocre season in his debut with 40 receptions for 765 yards, but only managed 3 TDs. If he is to be the clear cut #2 receiver he needs to work on his initial burst and downhill speed. (+1 ACC/ +1 SPD)

HB Charles Sims will also take part in the conditioning drills this year, offensive coordinator Rick Dennison wants Sims to bulk up (+10lbs) if he is to take on multiple roles on the offense. Sims will also be sent to Alternative Medical where he will participate in various programs to help increase his durability (+5TGH) and resistance to injury (+5INJ)

DT Mike Daniels will also be sent to Alternative Medical to participate in the "bulk up" program (+10lbs)

Training Camp

The 49ers will send the following players for voluntary workouts in order to prepare for the upcoming season. WR Josh Gordon, CB Jamar Taylor, HB Charles Sims. Gordon will participate in speed & acceleration drills, HB Charles Sims will train with Gordon on the days that he is not working out at Alternative Medical also working on his speed & acceleration, while CB Jamar Taylor will work on his speed only.

San Francisco 49ers Depth Chart - 2017
Regular Offense
WRJosh Gordon #12Stedman Bailey #13Tommy Streeter#83
TEDorian McDonald #81Greg Little #89
LTChuck Kaufman #67Eric Pears #78
LGClinton Newton #61TBA
CFernando Wilson #60Earl Wilson #62
RGMike Iupati #77TBA
RTJoe Staley #74Sam Young #66
WRRonyell Conway #17Tevin Reese #83TBA
QBGeno Smith #10Brandon Weeden #3
FBMichael Castle #27Daryl Harvey #32
HBCharles Sims #34Bernard Pierce #25Chris Rainey #33
Base 4-3 Defense
LDEWhitney Mercilus #94Scott Wilkinson #92
LDTJerrell Powe #95Mike Daniels #91
RDTCam Thomas #76Joe Spence #99
RDEPernell McPhee #90Tyson Mitchell #93
WLBJeremiah Joseph #57Sio Moore #55Tyler Yates #59
MLBRodney Kates #52O.J. Berry #50Michael Mauti #53
SLBLarry Pittman #58Sean Porter #51
CBJamar Taylor #28Alfonzo Dennard #37Jayron Hosley #24Loyal Lee-Heyward #21
SSMichael Graham #46Don Byrd #48
FSJosh Evans #38Rodney McCleod #49Allen Sanchez #20
Special Teams
KTriton Janikowski #14
PDeShaun Smith #18
HBranden Weeden #3
PRCharles Sims #34Chris Rainey #33
KRCharles Sims #34Chris Rainey #33
LSEarl Wilson #77

49ers 2017 Outlook

The 49ers in the recent years have shown glimpses of promise but when the ship starts sinking, there is no pause it just goes straight to the bottom. Slowly but surely the 49ers are coming up whether they are coming up fast enough is the big question, but all eyes will be on Geno Smith and his new weapon in Josh Gordon. WR Stedman Bailey must return to his rookie season form and last years second round pick WR Ronyell Conway also needs to step up. Hopefully the 49ers can utilize TE Greg Little more than they have. Charles Sims is definitely the jack of all trades and the 49ers will attempt to use him where ever they can place him.[/b]
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2013 San Francisco 49ers Off-Season Review

San Francisco 49ers 2013 Off-Season Review

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SANTA CLARA, CA. (AP) -- The San Francisco 49ers were looking at contending for the division and making a playoff run with veteran QB Donovan McNabb behind center. A freak accident which sidelined McNabb in the week 1 and put him on injured reserve for the remainder of the season drastically changed the outcome of the season for San Francisco. Through the combined efforts of QB's Levi Brown and Hunter Cantwell, the 49ers would eventually finish the season with a 6-10 record.

Despite the public outrage for change in the coaching staff, 49ers GM Maurice Heard decided to keep Mike Singletary as Head Coach of the team. He would then hire Mike McCarthy to replace the fired Mike McCoy as offensive coordinator and hire J. Taylor to fill the empty defensive coordinator position.

Off-season Additions

LT Matt Light (via Pre-Draft Free Agency); TE Rob Gronkowski (via Pre-Draft Free Agency); CB Adam “Pacman” Jones (via Pre-Draft Free Agency); HB Trent Richardson (4th Overall Draft Pick); QB Brandon Weeden (7th Overall Draft Pick; LE Whitney Mercilus (2nd Round Pick);
CB Chase Minnifield (3rd Round Pick), CB Alfonzo Dennard (3rd Round Pick); SS Allen Sanchez (3rd Round Pick)

Notable losses

TE Vernon Davis (traded, Chargers); DE Everson Griffen (traded, Colts); WR Roy Williams (released); HB Frank Gore (released), HB Brandon Jacobs (released); WR Jerrel Jernigan (released); WR Malcolm Kelly (released); OG Adam Snyder (released); MLB Patrick Willis (traded, Jaguars); CB Chevis Jackson (released); CB Carlos Rogers (released)

San Francisco 49ers 2013 Draft Selections

The San Francisco 49ers went into the draft with basically 3 contingency plans in case their expected targets at 4th and 7th overall were taken from the board. The Carolina Panthers time on the clock ran out and it was then time for the Atlanta Falcons to make their move, they too hesitated to make their pick.

Meanwhile the 49er draft coordinators, were anxiously eyeing the draft clock. As the clock was winding down, the 49ers were ready to take the California born QB Matt Barkley with their 4th overall selection, but as it drew closer to the Falcons time clock expiring a chain of events happened which shook the 49ers draft plans.

The Panthers would select QB Barkley, followed by the Falcons taking DB Dre Kirkpatrick which the 49ers were going to select with the 4th pick. That was when contingency plan number 2 went into affect and they selected HB Trent Richardson.

With Richardson in hand, the 49ers were patiently waiting to take QB Robert Griffin III, with their 7th pick, but they had not noticed that the Buffalo Bills had snuck their way back into the top 6. The 49ers draft team knew at that moment that RG3 would be taken despite claims from the Bills GM about not wanting to go through the labors of a rookie QB. At that moment the 49ers draft team had 2 choices, trade down from 7th or keep the pick and take Weeden who was their 3rd ranked QB on their board.

Was Weeden worth being selected at 7th, probably not, but the 49ers didn't want to take anymore chances on losing out on one of their draft choices.

1.04 - HB Trent Richardson – It was official when the 49ers made this selection that the Frank Gore era was over. With Gore getting up in age and being in the last year of his contract, he would have been an expensive re-sign. With similar attributes to Gore in his early days, but with even greater potential, Richardson will be the new face carrying the ball on the offense.

1.07 - QB Brandon Weeden - The QB out of Oklahoma St will most likely be the talk of the draft reviewers, but statistically, Weeden isn't a bad QB. Obviously, being the 7th overall pick, he'll have to start day 1 in order to grow in ability and he has plenty of help around him to assist in that goal. One thing for certain, it will be interesting to see how the madden engine handles a rookie as old as Weeden.

2.32 - LE Whitney Mercilus - The 49ers acquired this pick in the Vernon Davis trade with the Chargers. They selected the 6'4 defensive end out of Illinois Whitney Mercilus. Aside from a cool last name, the Niners are hoping that Mercilus will be merciless against opposing quarterbacks.

3.03 - K Triton Janikowski – The 49ers picked Guadalupe Todd last year to take the role of kicker and has not been impressed. Janikowski is big, fast and strong for being a kicker, and has a great kick power.

3.06 - LG Gabe Jackson - With the release of offensive guard Adam Snyder, the 49ers needed another able body on their offensive line. Jackson is big, powerful, has a good initial burst and has good core blocking ability.

3.07 - CB Chase Minnifield - The 49ers secondary was old and slow. Minnifield is young, strong and agile. He isn't a big tackler or have great hands, but he still should be useful if a starter goes down.

3.26 - SS Allen Sanchez - Sanchez has starter potential and the ability to play at either free safety or strong safety, but may never see the light of day unless SS Taylor Mays or one of the free safeties somehow finds their way onto the injured list.

3.31 - CB Alfonzo Dennard - Alfonzo Dennard is another one with possible starter ability despite not having the height most people covet. He's strong, has decent catching ability and is not afraid to attempt the big hits.

3.32 - HB Chris Rainey - Initially drafted to be the teams special teams return man, but after reviewing his performance at the college all-star game the coaches may find a way to get Rainey some carries come regular season.

5.26 - CB Alfonzo Dennard - Alfonzo Dennard is another one with possible starter ability despite not having the height most people covet. He's strong, has decent catching ability and is not afraid to attempt the big hits.

San Francisco 49ers 2013 Off-season Training & Conditioning

Defensive linemen Pernell McPhee and Jerrell Powe have been workout partners since they played at Mississippi State. Both men were drafted last year and both men participated in last years off-season program where they focused on building up their strength. This year is no different as both return to the program to continue taking advantage of the weightlifting regiment to improve their overall strength.

McPhee was requested to add on an additional 10lbs and after seeing some fatigue in Jerrell Powe's game, he was requested to participate in aerobic classes to increase his overall stamina. Offensive lineman Mike Iupati was also requested to add on some more pounds to his frame.

San Francisco 49ers 2013 Training Camp

The following players will be the primary focus of this years training camp:

LE Whitney Mercilus +1 SPD/+1 ACC
CB Chase Minnefield +1 ACC
CB Alfonzo Dennard +1 ACC
K Triton Janikowski +1 KAC

Making sure that Mercilus is able to get to the opposing quarterback is the defense's priority, he will take part in the speed and acceleration program at Livelihood Training. Defensive backs Chase Minnifield and Alfonzo will also head to Livelihood, but will just focus on their acceleration since they were actually faster than the initial combine numbers had indicated. Kicker Triton Janikowski will be working hard at improving his accuracy over the next couple of seasons.

San Francisco 49ers 2013 Projected Lineup


QB Brandon Weeden
HB Trent Richardson
FB Chris Gronkowski
TE Rob Gronkowski
LT Matt Light
LG Gabe Jackson
C Earl Wilson
RG Mike Iupati
RT Joe Staley


LE Whitney Mercilus
RE Pernell McPhee
DT Cam Thomas
DT Jerrell Powe
MLB Michael Williams
LOLB Ashlee Palmer
ROLB Raymond Turner
CB Adam Jones
CB Brandon Ghee
FS Dashon Goldson
SS Taylor Mays

Special Teams

K Triton Janikowski
P Andy Lee
KR/PR HB Chris Rainey

San Francisco 49ers 2012 Season Outlook

The 49ers will be praying that defensive back Nate Clements will finally decide to retire after the upcoming season freeing up much needed cap space. Other than that, the team is hoping to improve on the 6-10 record they held last season via the combined efforts of QB's Levi Brown & Hunter Cantwell. Weeden is better than the both of them, so that should count for something. The 49ers are especially looking for Richardson to carry a bulk of the load this year, so much that they traded TE Vernon Davis to make the room for TE Rob Gronkowski who is a much better blocker.

The team did well last year within the NFC West winning 4 games out of 6, if they can keep that going and find a way to win games outside the division, the sky would be the limit for this young team.

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49ers 2012 Week 8 Report

49ers Win Against former 3rd Round Pick

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (AP) -- It's been 8 weeks since Hunter Cantwell took over as QB for the injured Donovan McNabb, and the 49ers sit and quite an interesting position. The team sits at 3-5 and while not completely out of playoff contention just yet, whether they make it or not depends solely on Cantwell's play. Within the division the team is sitting at 2-1.

When former Niners QB Howard Christensen came to town with the Indianapolis Colts looking to pick up a win against his former team, the combined effort of the offense and defense sent Christensen back to Indianapolis with his head hanging low as the 49ers would win 20-3


The offense which hasn't been real consistent to date played somewhat average this week, just enough to get the job done. Cantwell completed 14 of 28 for only 167 yards and a single touchdown.

Veteran Frank Gore who has yet to find his stride this season rushed for 85 yards on 22 carries and a touchdown. WR Michael Crabtree led the receivers with 6 receptions for 86 yards, but it would be Roy Williams who scored the teams' only receiving TD.


The 49ers defense played well against the Colts. The team registered 7 sacks against Christensen and managed to hold the team which average roughly 20 points a game to a mere 3 points.

The defensive ends had a field day on Christensen, with rookie DE Parnell McPhee sacking his former team mate 3 times, while RE Everson Griffen sacked him twice.

Next Week

The upcoming weeks for the San Francisco 49ers are important as they can make or break the teams' 2012 season. The 49ers will host the visiting Arizona Cardinals before going into their bye week in week 10. After the bye week, the 49ers will face the St. Louis Rams, followed by the final game with the Seattle Seahawks.

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49ers 2012 Week 3 Report

49ers Offense Strikes Back Against Rams

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

ST. LOUIS, MO. (AP) -- After last weeks brutal defeat at the hands of the Houston Texans in Reliant Stadium. Hunter Cantwell who also broke more records last week as he tied Minnesota Vikings QB Kellen Clemens in throwing the most interceptions (5) in a game (also in week 2 vs the Texans in the 2011 season), looked to put that game behind him and focus on picking up the W against the division rival St. Louis Rams.


The offense which was pretty much shut down last week @ Houston, seemingly found a renewed vigor against the St. Louis defense. Cantwell, went back to week 1 form, and completed 17 of 29 for 297 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Gore who was held to only 45 total yards on 5 carries last week, rushed for 246 yards on 18 carries and 3 touchdowns. WR Roy Williams seemed to be Cantwell's go to guy once again with 5 receptions for 127 yards and no touchdowns. Receiver Austin Collie found his way into the endzone twice for scores as well as TE Vernon Davis who missed action last week.


The ragged 49ers defense managed to do well against the Rams passing scheme, but couldn't seem to stop the run as both Payne and Murray rushed over 100 yards.

Injury Report

49ers - WR Michael Crabtree - Bruised Shoulder (1 Weeks)
49ers - CB Chevis Jackson - Strained Quadricep (1 Weeks)

Next Week

The 49ers return to Candlestick Swamp, where they face off against the Detroit Lions. The Lions (2-1) who are coming off their first loss of the season against the Atlanta Falcons, will be looking to get back on the winning side of things in San Francisco.

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49ers 2012 Week 1 Report

McNabb to Spend Final Season on the Couch

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. (AP) -- The San Francisco 49ers had high expectations going into the 2012 season, but even Niners GM Maurice Heard realized the season heavily relied on McNabb's ability to stay healthy. It was some time early in the 1st quarter where McNabb took a hit that sidelined him for the rest of the season. -- Enter Hunter Cantwell who impressed the coaches in pre-season action. Cantwell who was signed as a free agent in the off-season launched his way into the team record books where he ties Donovan McNabb in yards thrown (343) and ties McNabb and Kerry Collins with touchdowns in a game (4).


Despite the season opening loss, the coaching staff were happy with the never give up attitude. And were really impressed with the way Cantwell took control of the offense when McNabb went down. At the end of the day Hunter Cantwell finished with 17 completions out of 29 attempts for 343 yards, 4 touchdowns and was sacked 3 times.

Veteran HB Frank Gore was held to only 54 total yards on 11 carries by the Saints defense. WR Roy Williams who was a late signing by the 49ers, looked like his old form at the University of Texas with 6 receptions for 135 yards and 2 touchdowns. 2010 First Round pick WR Michael Crabtree had 5 receptions for 117 yards and a single touchdown. And 2012 3rd round pick out of LSU WR Terrance Toliver had 3 receptions for 55 yards and a touchdown.


In the early parts of the game, the 49ers defense seemed to do well against the Saints high powered offense, but it wouldn't be long before Brees caught on and exposed the ragged defense.

Rookie Report

WR Terrance Toliver - 3 rec 55 yards 1 TD
LE Pernell McPhee - 1 tac 1 FF

Injury Report

49ers - TE Vernon Davis - Sprained elbow (2 weeks)
49ers - QB Donovan McNabb - Broken collarbone (Out for season)

Next Week

The 49ers head off to Reliant Stadium where they will face off against the Houston Texans where they had a 29-17 victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. In order for the 49ers to win this, the defense has to play all 4 quarters unlike week 1 where they only played 1. Also Hunter Cantwell will have to manage the offense and clock a little better. While it is only going into week 2, panic mode has been activated and each game from this point on for San Francisco is do or die.

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49ers 2012 Off-Season & Training Camp Report

San Francisco 49ers 2012 Off-Season & Training Camp Review

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SANTA CLARA, CA. (AP) -- The San Francisco 49ers has been a relatively successful franchise since they came into the GZL. The team has made two consecutive trips to the NFC Conference Champion, only to fall short both times.

The off-season for the 49ers started with them replacing former GM Jermaine McClinton who resigned from the position in order to become GM of the Indianapolis Colts. Heard was contacted within days of submitting his application to the league about fulfilling the role of general manager for the San Francisco 49ers.

Heard terminated the contracts of the previous coaching staff except for Mike Singletary who he decided to retain as the teams Head Coach. He would then hire Mike McCoy to act as the teams' offensive coordinator, Bob Babich as the defensive coordinator and finally Joe Marciano to serve as the team' special teams coach.

Off-season Additions

DT Cam Thomas (from Buccaneers); DE Everson Griffen (from Vikings); LG T.J. Lang (Restricted Free Agent from Green Bay); QB Levi Brown (Pre-Draft Free Agency); WR Malcolm Kelly (Pre-Draft Free Agency); WR Victor Cruz (Pre-Draft Free Agency); FB Chris Gronkowski (Pre-Draft Free Agency); OLB Ashlee Palmer (Pre-Draft Free Agency); DT Jerrell Powe (second round pick); WR Terrence Toliver (third round pick); K Guadalupe Todd (third round pick); WR Austin Collie (Post-Draft Free Agency); WR Jerrel Jernigan (Post-Draft Free Agency); TE Daniel Gronkowski (Post-Draft Free Agency)

Notable losses

QB Howard Christensen (traded, Colts); MLB Navorro Bowman (traded, Colts); LE Brandon Graham (traded, Vikings); QB Troy Smith (released); WR James Jones (released); WR Legedu Naanee (released); DT Shaun Cody (released); MLB Ahmad Brooks (released);

San Francisco 49ers 2012 Draft Selections

The San Francisco 49ers went into the draft with needs at the CB, OT, DE, & QB, but with any draft the situation may change when targets start dropping off the board. With their first pick not being until late in the second the 49ers felt satisfied with the choices that they did manage to attain.

2.31 - DT Jerrell Powe - Even though the 49ers matched and retained veteran defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin, he was still getting older. Powe has great strength and size for the position, good acceleration though not overly agile or speedy. The drafting of Powe also makes veteran DT Isaac Sopoaga expendable.

3.8 - WR Terrence Toliver - The 6'4 receiver out of LSU was a hard choice for the 49ers to go pass. Toliver turned out to be a bit faster than what his original combine numbers stated. Not exactly the best hands, but the Niners feel that he'll be a heavy contributor to the offense in the future, especially once his overall speed is increased.

3.29 - K Guadalupe Todd - After choosing not to retain the services of veteran kicker Joe Nedney, Todd was selected to be the team's new kicker. (Thankfully the skew didn't touch his KPW/KAC)

5.8 - MLB Michael Williams - The 49ers spotted this target early in the 4th round, and prayed that he would last until their next pick at 5.8. Williams has good size at 6'4 242. Though he lost some speed and agility in the skew, he did have a small gain in acc and tackling. With a bit of work he can still become a major contributor to the 49ers defense.

6.7 - LE Pernell McPhee - McPhee was originally one of the Niners early targets and were initially going to take him with one of their 3rd round picks. The GM took a gamble on letting him fall further which paid off to some degree. Though he lost some acceleration, his speed, strength, awareness and agility had a positive result.

6.29 - FS Virgil West - The 49ers were really hoping to find a gem with West. He lost a bit of strength, jump and tackling ability, but did gain speed, agility and awareness. With some training he can however still end up with Taylor Mays like speed and acceleration.

The following players were also drafted by the 49ers, but since they are primarily just roster fillers, they aren't worth writing about!

7.4 - CB Luther Neal
7.29 - LT James Brewer

San Francisco 49ers 2012 Training Camp

This years training camp will mainly focus on the teams young new additions. 2nd year pro QB Levi Brown and rookie receiver have both been sent off the normal training campus to attend the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, California. While there, they will participate in various martial arts and training regiments to further condition their bodies and increase their overall resistance to injury.

Defensive tackles Cam Thomas and rookie Jerrell Powe are further increasing their overall strength by performing various weightlifting techniques. Powe has also been requested to tack on some additional pounds. Rookie defensive end Pernell McPhee will also be joining the duo and working on improving his strength.

The main focus of training camp will focus on some of the teams new rookies in order to prepare them for future roles on the team. MLB Michael Williams & DT Jerrell Powe will be running exercises to increase their overall acceleration. In addition to this Williams will also be included in drills to increase his speed. FS Virgil West and WR Toliver will be completing drills to increase overall speed.

San Francisco 49ers 2012 Position Battles

With a number of additions to the team, it's hard to say who is going to play where at certain positions. On the offense one can be sure that WR Michael Crabtree and the recently signed pro bowl receiver Austin Collie are the clear cut number 1 and 2 receivers.

That leaves options on who will be played in the slot. "Everyone will get playing time, though some more than others. It all depends on who we're playing at the time" said GM Heard. Eventually the 6'4 Terrence Toliver will be worked into a full time position.

On the defense the 49ers paid a hefty price in order to match the offer that was placed on DT Aubrayo Franklin. So one could expect a combination of Franklin & Thomas or Franklin & Powe on the field at any given moment but who will line up as right and left defensive tackle is yet to be revealed.

San Francisco 49ers 2012 Season Outlook

The 49ers are hoping to continue the success that they've had in the 2 seasons that they have been a part of the GZL. The 49ers new general manager will be being paying close attention to the performance of the team during the pre-season since it'll be the first time he gets to see the team actually play against another team. Heard expects some bumps in the road in regular season as it takes time for players to adjust to a new system and philosophies, but one thing that he never backs down from is a challenge.

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49ers 2012 Off-Season Report

49ers Off-Season Updates

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SANTA CLARA, CA. (AP) -- Earlier in the off-season we left off, after the 49ers management terminated the contracts of offensive coordinator Mike Johnson, defensive coordinator Grey Manusky, and special teams coach Shottenheimer. Since that time, the 49ers hired Mike McCoy to serve as the teams offensive coordinator and Bob Babich to serve as defensive coordinator, both were hired on 1 year terms. The 49ers also hired Joe Marciano on a 3 yr deal to act as the special teams coach.

Trades & Roster Movement

The team traded rookie QB Howard Christensen & Navaro Bowman to the Indianapolis Colts in return for the Colts 2nd (2.8) & 3rd (3.8) round picks. Defensive end Brandon Graham was traded to the Minnesota Vikings in return for DE Everson Griffen who is coming off a Pro Bowl season (47 TKLS, 2 Forced Fumbles, 13 sacks) and the Texans 2nd (2.20) Round Pick.
The 49ers also brought in big defensive tackle Cam Thomas from the Buccaneers for the Colts 2nd & Texans 2nd. GM Heard was reluctant to overpay for a player that hasn't seen much game time since the 2010 season, but ultimately decided that Thomas is the candidate that will eventually replace the aging DT Aubrayo Franklin. Thomas is nearly identical to Franklin except he is 20lbs bigger and lacks Franklin's game awareness.

Free Agency

The 49ers general manager decided to resign veteran QB Donovan McNabb to a 3 year $13.83m deal which means McNabb will most likely retire as a Niner. This also gives a small amount of time for the Niner's to secure a rookie QB of their choosing to be his successor in case the Brown experiment ends up a failure.

Unlike a few teams, the 49ers didn't have many free agents from their team, but the few players that were allowed to test the waters were deemed important to the team such as DT Aubrayo Franklin and FS Dashon Golston both of which will return to the team with contracts.

The 49ers made a few bids on some low key player, all of which worked out and participated in practice tryouts for the team. Those players are the following

QB Levi Brown - Despite the low awareness and throwing accuracy. Brown didn't seem to make many mistakes. He will be tested further during the preseason.

WR Malcolm Kelly - The Niners wanted another sure-handed receiver and has it with the 4 year pro Kelly.

OLB Ashlee Palmer - Palmer is decently athletic and given more game time, the 49ers feel that he would be a good contributor to the defense.

CB Brando Ghee - Extremely raw, but has shown some flashes of ability during his duration with the Cincinnati Bengals. With a majority of the Niners secondary being old or moderately fast, his speed is welcomed greatly.

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49ers 2012 Off-Season Report

Manning will NOT don a Niner Uniform in 2012

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SANTA CLARA, CA. (AP) -- If you were looking for #18 jerseys to start selling across the Bay area, you may as well not get your hopes up as Peyton Manning will NOT be playing in San Francisco. The two GM's discussed the going rate of Manning and once it mentioned that a first round pick was involved, it automatically removed the Niners from the Manning Sweepstakes since Heard inherited the team minus it's first round draft pick, so that leaves the 49ers with McNabb. However Donovan McNabb's contract expired as the 2012 off-season kicked off and he may be looking at playing elsewhere unless the Niners new general manager can repair the bridge that was lightly set on fire when he made it known that he was interested in acquiring Manning.

With the off-season starting earlier today, the 49ers management terminated the contracts of offensive coordinator Mike Johnson, defensive coordinator Grey Manusky, and special teams coach Shottenheimer, as well as the Wellness Training staff.

The Grapevine

Rumors are arising that QB Howard Christensen, who was drafted in the 3rd round of last years draft as well as Navaro Bowman is set to be moved and the paperwork already submitted for league approval once off-season trading opens in the upcoming weeks. If the Niners don't come to terms with McNabb at least for another season, that would only leave the 28 year old Troy Smith. Smith has yet to take a snap since the 49ers organization came into the GZL.

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49ers 2012 Off-Season Report

2012 Off-Season News & Rumors

Leila Rahimi, Sports Writer, 49ers.com

SANTA CLARA, CA. (AP) -- The San Francisco 49ers have already started by hiring a new general manager to oversee team management, the hiring comes just in time as the 2012 off-season in the GZL is about to commence in just a few days.

"The 49ers organization will start the off-season by participating in the coaching draft next week" said Heard. "With new management of course comes new ideas and overall mission. I've already taken the liberty of informing Head Coach Singletary that we want to continue forward with him leading the charge."

"We will be looking however to replace the remainder of the coaching and training staff. As far as the team roster goes, we'll be looking to preserve much of the structure and integrity of the team that visited the Conference Championship in back to back seasons, while slowly implementing my own system into the mix.

The Grapevine

Rumors have been circulating around the Bay area that a deal in principle has been completed for veteran Quarterback Peyton Manning and is awaiting the proper time to be submitted to the league officials for approval.

Manning who turns 36 in the off-season, could be what the Niners need to get their ticket to the big dance, but the lease on Manning is very short. If this rumor is true, how much have the 49ers invested in what could possibly be a one time shot at making it to the Super Bowl? Only time will tell, but as details come in we'll be sure to let you know.

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49ers 2012 Off-Season Report

- 3rd Season, 3rd General Manager -

SANTA CLARA, CA - Earlier this afternoon the San Francisco 49ers president and CEO Jed York announced that the vacancy for the position of general manager has been filled by native New York resident Maurice Heard.

Heard who at his Long Island home when he received the call from GZL Commissioner Anthony Fernandez, was excited to hear that his application was accepted.

"It's an honor that I was selected to fulfill the position of general manager by the 49ers President and GZL Commissioners, especially for a historic franchise such as this. In addition to being a New York Jets and Giants fan, the 49ers were always a team that I secretly followed since the mid 80's. The team has been successful here in the GZL and I hope that I can continue the success that the team has had over the last 2 years."

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49ers flippin' the bird!!!

- Middle Finger Day In San Francisco -
September 21th, 2011

So how long will this finger to the Media (forum) last, were not sure says the rep.. I do know that a sizable monetary
contribution will be sent to cover foreseeable PC's.

Greeted by a 49ers representative complete with gag order in hand, he proceeded to read: "Thanks for coming but you are no longer welcomed. San Francisco's GM has closed the doors to the media sayin' it's a 'Me against the league attitude' that's at the center of this movement. The 49ers management has advised all personnel staff, coaches, and players alike to shut the Bleep up and mind their own."

"There's nothing moving forward that has to be said here."
In recent weeks a certain rule/feature of the GZL has pitted GM McClinton in a open forum discussion that prompted a few mouthy GM's to express their opinions on the matter.

"Some of the GMs here can get a tight spiral thrown by my man Donovan McNabb to the face, I'm just sayin'."
It's gonna get interesting to see just how long GM McClinton will last in San Fransico. After all, most of the GM's here are buddy - buddy and on one committee or another deciding on any and everything GZL. So usually if one says something then the bandwagon gets rollin'. I don't mind it though. I thrive on being a lone wolf and yes i do bite. Better yet, i rip off arms and legs.

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49ers: New GM

- 49ers name Jermaine McClinton their GM -
August 28th, 2011

The 49ers had been without a general manager since Russell Warner’s abrupt departure in what the team called a “mutual parting.”
In steps Jermaine McClinton and a new era has dawned in San Fransico. “I would like to thank the GZL for this tremendous opportunity,” McClinton said in a statement. “It is an honor to be named the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers. I look at this role as one of great responsibility—to not only the history of the franchise, but also to the 49ers faithful. My entire focus is now dedicated to bringing consistent success to the 49ers.”

"As i look out into the crowd i see Ricky Lung, Edward Diroll, Greg Wendel, and a divisional rival GM Jeremy McCumbers as familiar faces from my days in the GMFL. I also see Tim Miller the sole reason i have the chance to be here leading this franchise. Thanks Tim!

"I have been active since day one on the job. I'm currently checking our team's personnel and scouting the league. With no time to delay, I had to come in game planning and getting ready for the Cardinals. In coming days and weeks i will have a better understanding of the entire goings-on in this league."

The 49ers are the best team in the NFC West and everyone in division should know that. If they don't know, they will by the end of the season. The 49ers are not in a rebuilding mode. Belief around here is that the team is just a few pieces away from really contending. The Head Coach & GM will work together to find the right mixture of players to fit what they're trying to do.
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San Francisco add talented potential

Date: Jul 1st, 2011

The San Francisco 49ers entered the off-season with some questions that couldn’t be left for long before they needed answering, who was going to be their next quarterback? Would Frank Gore stay on or be traded?

These questions were answered quickly, when head coach Mike Singletary and GM Russell Warner heard that Donovan McNabb's days in Washington were limited they both put their heads together and contacted the Redskins about a potential trade, and within hours a trade was agreed and the 49ers would send Offensive Lineman Chilo Rachal and a 3rd round pick in return for McNabb and team mate Derrick Dockery which also helped the 49ers in shoring up the center position after Heitmann was let go to free agency.

Not only did the 49ers bring in veteran McNabb for what has to be his last team before retirement the 49ers managed to pull off a trade at the end of the third round to bring in Idaho quarterback QB Howard Christensen who has all the tools to be the next best thing for the 49ers.

Whilst tailback DeShawn Wynn rushed for over 1000 yards and 8 touchdowns last season, GM Russell Warner didn't feel 100% safe with letting Frank Gore go via a trade this off-season and again will pull the pair back for next season in the hope the two can combine once again for one of the best two back tandems in the league.

The 49ers were active this off-season, something that GM Russell Warner is not known for. The 49ers brought in Cornerback Lardarius Webb and TE Kellen Davis from the Baltimore Ravens, Webb will instantly fill the hole left by an aging Clements and Davis will either remain at Tight End or allow Vernon to move to play in the slot this season or he himself will play Slot. Along with the 49ers traded the troublesome OLB Manny Lawson in return for 1st round pick DE Brandon Graham and the Eagles 5th round pick allowing the 49ers to sure up the position.

Things are looking up for the 49ers as they head into next season hoping they can go one step further than last and actually make it to the big dance.
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San Francisco Look for Successor

Date: May 8th, 2011

At this point in the GZL season, most discussions will be on how far the 49ers will go into the playoffs after this week’s win in the Wildcard round over the Eagles. However poking around the 49ers campus this weekend the biggest discussion between head coach Mike Singletary and the 49ers board is what they are going to do next season in terms of their quarterback play now that Kerry Collins has confirmed he will retire at the end of this season.

“We will look towards trading in a quarterback with GZL experience rather than drafting a rookie, this mistake has been made before,” said 49ers GM Russell Warner. “Although we would love to trade up and snap up Andrew Luck out of Stanford but that just isn’t going to be possible with the lack of firepower we have here in terms of picks so we must look at the other quarterbacks in the GZL.”

Luckily for the 49ers is the amount of quarterbacks there are in the GZL with the potential talent to become good quarterbacks, such as Buffalo’s Brian Brohm, Carolina’s Matt Moore, New York’s JaMarcus Russell and then there are the quarterbacks who would be big snap-ups for the 49ers such as Philadelphia’s Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb .

“We have been in contact with Carolina already but we will continue to look around the GZL and hopefully the right deal will come our way,” again said Warner. “If we can snap up a first rounder then maybe Ponder could be a possibility but as I have stated we would much prefer to snap up a GZL prepared quarterback.”
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San Francisco Update Report #3

Date: May 3rd, 2011

Since the last report the 49ers managed a record of 3-2 with wins over the Packers, Seahawks and Cardinals but their two losses came at the hands of the Chargers and again the Rams who snapped up a 2-0 record on the 49ers and a 6-0 record in the NFC West so a massive credit to Tyler for his tough play within the division.

Despite finishing 4-2 in the NFC West the 49ers remained strong outside of their division posting an 9-1 record in their NFC games and a 1-3 record in their games outside of their conference thus allowing the 49ers to finish the season with a 10-6 record and snap up their first NFC West title since 2002 and along with that the 49ers record allows them to enter the playoffs for the first time in eight years.

The 49ers season has been a mix of ups and downs but their toughest wins came without Frank Gore carrying the ball so to say they don’t deserve to be the NFC West champions would be a little harsh. The 49ers have had to play the whole season with a journeyman under center who has been surprisingly good throwing for 3713 yards, 31 touchdowns and 19 interceptions and along with that the tough stand-in play from DeShawn Wynn has allowed the 49ers to build a two-headed tandem going into the playoffs with the return of Frank Gore.

“It is a nice feeling to win things in your first season,” said GM Russell Warner. “But winning a Division title means nothing if you go out in the first round of the playoffs, so we must remember our goals and we must remain strong.”

The 49ers have many questions going into this off-season but for now the Bay area can celebrate its achievement and understand one thing, the 49ers are in the Playoffs once again.
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San Francisco Update Report #2

Date: Apr 1st, 2011

If you were to go back to week six of the GZL then you would say that the 49ers season had been going swimmingly, but without both star tailback Frank Gore and veteran corner Nate Clements the 49ers season all of a sudden has spiralled out of control but not in a good way.

The 49ers picked up after their week six loss to Oakland with a hard fought win over Carolina in which Mike Singletary was considered to be lucky to come out with a win after the 49ers showed massive signs of struggle without their two stars, and if you thought their struggles would end their then you would be wrong.

The next three weeks ended with the 49ers on the end of a three game losing streak in which they lost to Denver 24-27, to their most bitter division rivals the St Louis Rams 41-26 and then a loss to Tampa Bay (26-9) in week eleven in controversial circumstances in which the 49ers had been leading by 16 points heading into the fourth quarter prior to a game crash.

However things got better last week for the 49ers as they picked up their seventh win of the season with a 41-26 win over the Arizona Cardinals who at the moment are joint with the Rams at 5-6 as the closest to the 49ers for the NFC West title. Mike Singletary’s men play San Diego, Green Bay and St Louis in their run in to the end of the season and will have to play well in all of these games if they want to hold onto the NFC West and make the GZL’s first playoff’s.

That may come easier with the return of Frank Gore to action either this week against Green Bay or next week when the 49ers host the Seahawks who they destroyed 62-3 in week one.
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San Francisco 49ers Update Report!

Date: Feb 28th, 2011

It has been four weeks since the last report and the San Francisco 49ers have continued on their strong opening to the season, so far after seven games the 49ers lead the NFC West with a 6-1 record, their closest rivals are the Arizona Cardinals whose record is deadlocked at 3-3.

You could say the 49ers are lucky because they are in the weakest division in the GZL but so far all their games apart from one have been with teams outside of the NFC West.

Up until week six the 49ers had everything going their way, the team sat 5-0 and were without injury but during their week six loss to their bitter rivals the Oakland Raiders the 49ers lost both star running back Frank Gore and star return man Ted Ginn. The loss of Frank Gore was the sole reason the 49ers ended up losing 33-27 to the Raiders.

Frank Gore is out for another five weeks and so far his replacement journeyman DeShawn Wynn has racked up 171 yards and a touchdown in the games against the Raiders and Panthers.

Veteran Quarterback Kerry Collins has continued to lead the team well and so far in seven games has fourteen touchdowns to nine interceptions. In the remaining nine games the 49ers have left there toughest test will be games against San Diego, Tampa Bay and Green bay.

“If we can continue to play tough and not let the injuries affect us as a team then I feel we can continue to play as well as we have been,” said GM Russell Warner. “Last week’s win against Carolina wasn’t pretty but if we can play bad and still win games it is a sign of champions.”
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San Francisco 49ers Three Game Report

Date: Jan 26th, 2011

When the San Francisco 49ers hired Russell Warner just under a month ago, who would have thought he would have them start out the season 3-0, maybe their real life counterparts could take something from his handbook.

In week one the 49ers traveled to Washington to face off against their NFC West rivals the Seattle Seahawks and I am pretty sure no one in Seattle let along San Francisco would have expected a team led by a 37 year old quarterback to go in to QWest Field and put up 62 points and allowing just 3. The 49ers were lead by the ever present Frank Gore who rushed for a franchise and GZL record 398 yards and four touchdowns.

A return to Candlestick Park is what was in store for the 49ers after their scalping of the Seahawks in week two and a much harder test was on the cards as the superbowl champions were in town in the form of the New Orleans Saints. It was another top performance from the 49ers running team, Gore and Wynn combined for 228 yards and four touchdowns. The 49ers defense sacked Drew Brees four times whilst the 49ers young offensive line held the Saints off their own quarterback.

Over the previous two weeks the 49ers offense had put up 107 points, at when they went back on the road to face off against the Kansas City Chiefs many fans felt this was yet another game that the 49ers could take advantage off but this wasn't to be. The final score from the game was just a three point differential (20-17). Whilst the 49ers didn't struggle in terms off offensive production they just failed to capitalize on their good field position. Frank Gore added another 106 yards to take his total up to 586 and whilst Kerry Collins didn't have an outstanding game his two touchdowns thrown were enough for the 49ers to outlast the Chiefs.

"To start 3-0 is something to be proud off," said GM Russell Warner. "But there are plenty of challenges ahead and we are going to need everyone to remain hot if we want to make the playoffs this season."
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San Francisco 49ers Hire GM Russell Warner.

Date: Dec 30th, 2010

San Francisco 49ers president and CEO Jed York told reporters Monday that the search for a new general manager has come to an end after they hired the experienced Russell Warner, who has spent time in Cleveland, Denver and Carolina prior to this hiring.

“It was important for me to get a general manager who has experience, it has cost us in the past to hire the “up” and coming young guys, it was important to get someone who was the right fit for the 49ers,” said York.

Warner, who is a long-time 49ers fan brings in Superbowl wins and appearances from elsewhere around the league, he also knows how and what it takes to build a franchise something which seemed to be lacking with the 49ers previous GMs.

“The promise I will make to 49ers fans who are questioning this hire, is that I will bring this team successes and it has all the focal points to make that happen right away, there are some questions in this team that need to be answered and those who have those questions above them will have a year to prove themselves before I make any major changes,” said Warner in his press conference.

What the 49ers need is a foundation that is going to be around for a length of time, the 49ers have had 3 different general managers in as many years and have had too many head coaches and different coaching staffs to count on two hands. The major question for the 49ers at the moment! Who is their QB heading into the season?
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GM M_Heard
Head Coach D.Henderson
Offensive Coordinator J.Saturday
Defensive Coordinator Chuck Cecil
Special Teams Brad Seely
Salary $154.45M
Cap Penalty $8.17M
Cap Room $11.38M

49ers Geno Smith QB 99 Out for season

NFC West
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#26 Seahawks Seahawks 7-9-0 0.44 3-3
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1 Sep 10 at Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 28-38
2 Sep 17 at Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 3-20
3 Sep 24 at Seahawks Seahawks #26
Lost 24-28
4 Oct 1 vs Cardinals Cardinals #28
Lost 14-21
5 Oct 8 vs Giants Giants #19
Lost 21-35
6 Oct 15 vs Dolphins Dolphins #29
Won 31-10
7 Oct 22 vs Seahawks Seahawks #26
Lost 13-19
8 Oct 29 at Lions Lions #1
Lost 13-37
9 Nov 5 at Rams Rams #3
Lost 3-30
11 Nov 19 vs Eagles Eagles #10
Lost 17-48
12 Nov 26 vs Rams Rams #3
Lost 3-41
13 Dec 3 at Cardinals Cardinals #28
Lost 14-34
14 Dec 10 at Patriots Patriots #17
Lost 14-31
15 Dec 17 vs Panthers Panthers #24
Lost 3-16
16 Dec 23 vs Bills Bills #15
Lost 14-46
17 Dec 30 at Jets Jets #16
Lost 7-13

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