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Bengals 2021 Training Camp
2020 Season Recap
The Bengals 2020 season was doomed from the start. In week one Quarterback Josh Freeman went down with a serious injury. He was out for most of the season, placing Steve Gainey at the helm, debatable before he was ready. He performed above the expectations. Finishing at nearly 4000 yards and 21 touchdowns. At first glance it looks impressive for a 2nd year QB. But taking a look at his other stats, including 23 interceptions and 40 sacks. That is atrocious. But at the same time, it's expected from a learning quarterback.

For the first time in 5 seasons, the Bengals receiving core yielded not only one, but two thousand yard receivers, in DeMarco Mann and DeAndre Hopkins. Could have been a fluke due to playing from behind, but it happened. This is a great to see out of our receiving core. Hopkins is still signed with the team for a couple more years, and Mann is expected to sign a long term contract in the coming off season. These two will continue to line up and succeed on the outside for hopefully many years to come.
In a true surprise out of the receivers, 2nd year receiver out of Boston College, WR Connor O'Sullivan. Coming off of a less than stellar rookie year only seeing 300 yards and 1 TD. Connor broke out from the slot position, catching 40 pass, over 800 yards and 8 touchdowns! O'Sullivan was definitely another shining star in the receiving core and we expect him to produce the same this year with a more complete offense in place.

The Offensive line allowed way too many sacks, but as stated earlier, its part of having a young QB under center. We didn't have many problems with the oline, Sambrailo continued to show his value. Cooper once again had a solid season at LT. Offseason signee Mike Pouncey finally filled a hole at Center that we have had for many years. Finally gone are the days of trading a future 3rd round pick for a promising center that we were never able to work. Pouncey provided a veteran leadership and definitely helped navigate Gainey through the season. The only sore spot on the offensive line, was highly paid RG Ricky Wagner. He had a measly 5:1 pancake to sack ratio. He also put up career low pancakes and a career high sacks allowed. It was an unacceptable performance from such a high salary contract player. This saw Wagner seeing the boot once off season hit and also alleviated us of his massive contract. And lastly RT Thaddeus Hope. On paper his numbers were debate ably bad. He was drafted higher than a player of his skill might suggest, so we have to keep in mind that he wasnt as developed as some OTs coming out have been. He had a minor setback in his sacks allowed, but is still improving and we expect him to be more consistent in his game this year.

Offseason Recap -
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Bengals 2019 Offseason
The Bengals had a pretty quiet offseason this year. Making no free agent signings until preseason. Some people questioned my dedication to the team. Did he quit? Is all hope lost?
Well no. Let's start at free agent signings. I am obviously terrible with free agent signings. With terrible contracts like Wagner and Short, it's obvious we need to back it down a bit. It's not fun being stuck in a ridiculous contract that going to only get worse. That is why we did not partake in UFA this year.

With the free agency signings that we did get ::

DT Pat Ventura - 23 years old :: 78 overall :: 3rd year
Former 3rd round pick of the Texans, Ventura will serve as a depth player at the DT position. Will be fighting DT Tom Kovac for DT3

C Nick Hardwick - 37 years old :: 87 overall :: 16th year
Hardwick is a walking corpse that we brought in for one reason. To be a mentor Nick Ramirez in hopes of getting him as GZL ready as we can.

WR Mike Wallace - 34 years old :: 94 overall :: 12th year
We couldn't believe Wallace was still sitting in FA at this point. We didn't need to, but we picked him up anyways, on a 2 year deal on the hopes he stays respectable after regression this year. He will compete with DeMarco Mann for Wide Receiver 2. Regardless, he is expected to be a great asset to Josh Freeman for his time in Cincinnati.

LT Jordan Mills - 26 Years Old :: 80 overall :: 5th year
RT Brady Thomas - 26 Years old :: 74 overall :: 5th year
Both of the Offensive Tackle pickups are to comply with league mandated position requirements. Thomas is solely to backup, but we could see Mills step in to soften the blow if 20th overall pick, Thaddeus Hope begins to slump.

HB Jerome Dwight :: 27 years old :: 81 overall :: 5th year
We picked up Dwight to be a respectable backup behind Geo and Saldi. Probably won't see much from him, but he'll be here. Look for us to possibly pick up a 4th HB later on.

Offseason Cuts, I had some of those too!
WR Demetrius Jones :: 23 years old :: 73 overall :: 2nd year
WR Joshua Michaels :: 23 years old :: 75 overall :: 2nd year
WR Kerry Camerena :: 23 years old :: 72 overall :: 2nd year
HB Malcom Polk :: 23 years old :: 67 overall :: 2nd year

All mediocre players drafted last year. None of the players have been signed and will not sit in FA until they are purged from the league some day. It's sad but it happens. This now leaves only 1 player from the 2018 draft left on the Bengals, WR DeMarco Mann.


1.14 :: LG Ty Sambrailo :: 22 years old :: 85 overall :: 92 strength :: 79 acceleration :: 84 pass block:: 87 run block
Ty Sambrailo was considered by some the best of second best Offensive linemen of the draft. We were ecstatic that he fell to the 14th pick of the draft, as we were skeptical that he would even though most mocks had us taking him at this pick, if not later. Offensive Tackle was a bigger need for us in my eyes, then Center, than Guard. But Sambrailo is too good of a player to pass him up, and we had somebody we could move OG Givens too, so we picked him up. He is definately a day one starter, and will be in a Bengals uniform for a long time.

1.20 :: RT Thaddeus Hope :: 22 years old :: 74 overall :: 90 strength :: 78 acceleration :: 81 run block :: 83 pass block
Another boring, unanimously predicted pick, Thaddeus Hope, the undersized tackle out of Florida State. Thaddeus wasn't our guy, as we were going for Ereck Flowers, who the Patriots took at pick number 19. We were in desperate need of a new OT and we had hope in Hope, and we think he can still be the guy.

2.20 :: QB Steve Gainey :: 23 years old :: 74 overall :: 63 awareness :: 91 throw power :: 80 throw accuracy
But really, we are happy about this pick. Extremely happy actually. We targeted Gainey as our future QB as soon as the draft came out. He chose us too. Grew up a Bengals fan, and still was. Gainey will learn from Freeman for the next 3 years, will forming into his ultimate form, thanks to Freeman's incredible teaching ability. We cannot wait to unleash the Gainey. Be on warned.

2.26 :: MLB Boone Watauga :: 23 years old :: 73 overall :: 80 speed :: 77 strength :: 81 acceleration :: 83 tackle
Watauga is future proofing our team. Munoz is fantastic at MLB and we love him and expect great things from him for many years to come. But his years to come isn't as many as we'd like, and due to that, we need to begin grooming the next Munoz. That's where Watauga steps in. Sitting behind one of the defensive leaders in Munoz and learning from him day in , day out, we could see great things from him. He could slide in and start here and there as early as this year, he will also be backing up other LB positions.

3.20 HB Curtis Saldi :: 51 years old :: 77 overall :: 85 speed :: 82 break tackle :: 79 carry
A HB that was projected to us in the first round in one of the earlier mock drafts, we were able to pick up towards the end of the 3rd round. Steal of the century, yeah? Saldi could be the next golden boulder of GZL. He is 252 pounds of sex appeal. Defensive players will cower in fear of him. Depending on how we can progress him in his early years, he could be the new starting HB in due time. Until then he will backup Gio and be our Third Down running back.

3.22 WR Connor O'Sullivan :: 20 years old :: 79 overall :: 93 speed :: 94 agility :: 95 acceleration :: 77 catch

O'Sullivan was trying to fill out our team to build onto our then only 3 wide receivers. He adds in speed what he is missing in height. At 5'10" he won't be out jumping anybody any time soon, but we could see him getting 4-6 BIG gains throughout the season out of his backup role.

3.23 CB Amare Gold :: 21 years old :: 68 overall :: 91 speed :: 55 awarness :: 54 tak
Gold isn't going to see much field time, but his 6'1" and 96 jump will be great when he is on the field.

3.26 TE Darnell Boudreaux :: 20 years old 65 overall :: 83 speed :: 75 catch :: 42 Run block
Backup TE. What am i supposed to say? Bet you cant guess where he went to school!

4.20 C Nick Ramirez :: 22 years old :: 69 overall :: 90 strength :: 79 acceleration :: 79 run block :: 69 run block
Some love and care is all Nick needs to be in order to be a successful center for us. We have never had high standards when it came to our starting centers, we're just glad we didn't trade a future 3rd round pick for this one!

Boy oh boy do I love trading. We were a little more quiet this year when it came to our trades. I tried to limit my stupid trades and believe i did a decent job this year. We only did 3 trades this year with 2 teams.

Chargers Trades.

RE Kenny Logan
CB Brent Parrish

RE William Gholston
RT Kenny Wagner
CB Logan Ryan
RG Lawrence Givens

We are happy with our gains through the trades. We got a pretty new former first round pick in Brent Parrish who is going to compete with Ras-I Dowling for the number 2 corner back position.

Kenny Logan is going to start at RE for us as we decided that we couldn't keep running 2 pass rushing guys at Left end and right end. So we brought in Kenny and he should make a difference from week 1.

We traded Wagner and Givens to open up the starting spots for our first round draft picks. Ghoston is somebody we've been trying to trade for ages, and are just happy to have him gone. Logan Ryan is going to be really missed though. He was been a great help for us since we drafted him.


Did you stop scrolling? Cool. AF was finally able to dump off Josh Freeman. Years of amnesty threats, and finally, he was traded. We already gave up on Manziel. We can't handle the growing pains that came with him. It was killing our linemen progression wise, and wasn't help the rest of the team with progression points either. We traded him and the Buccaneers own first round pick for Freeman, OLB Otis Baker, who will start day 1 opposite of Akeem Ayers, and the Lions 3rd round pick, which we used on O'Sullivan. Cool i guess.

BUT JOSH FREEMAN IS A BENGAL. This is all we needed to be a serious contender this year. I see ourselves winning the super bowl this year. Really. Greatest called shot in Sports history? Yeah it is.

Early Depth Chart (*) Designates new to team

QB :: Josh Freeman (*)
HB :: Giovani Bernard, Curtis Saldi (*), Jerome Dwight (*)
FB :: Lester Tripp
WR :: DeAndre Hopkins, DeMarco Mann, Mike Wallace (*), A.J. Jenkins, Connor O'Sullivan (*)
TE :: Mickey Willson, Darnell Bourdeaux (*)
LT :: Jonathan Cooper, Jordan Mills (*)
LG :: Ty Sambrailo (*), Spencer Long
C :: Nick Ramirez (*), Leon Scott
RG :: Ricky Wagner, Bryan Parker
RT :: Thaddeus Hope (*), Brady Thomas (*)

RE :: Kenny Logan (*), Ronald Gregory
DT :: Kawaan Short, Dwayne Coyle, Tom Kovac, Pat Ventura (*)
LE :: Damontre Moore, Dee Ford
ROLB :: Akeem Ayers, Arthur Brown
MLB :: Ernest Munoz, Boone Watauga (*)
LOLB :: Otis Baker (*), Arthur Brown
CB :: Blaine Hasty, Brent Parrish(*), Ras-I Dowling, Lincoln Fitzgerald, Tyson Shaw
FS :: Bryan Harry, Joel Murray
SS :: Germane Baker, Lake Anthony

K :: Brett Maher
P :: Michael Palma

Training point allocation ::
With the 4 point we are receiving, i plan to make the following adjustments
OG Ty Sambrailo is going to recieve 1 strength to assist in making him even more elite than he already will be.

QB Steve Gaiey is going to get 1 throw power, to get him started in his quest to be the best.

WR DeMarco Mann is gaining another speed, his second speed gained now, this puts him at 95 speed. We really hope he puts up numbers like last year, it'd be hard not to with freeman throwing his way.

and lastly

HB Curtis Saldi will be gaining 1 acceleration in his quest to get 90 acceleration. he's going to need as much help as he can to get going in his career.

Thank you guys if you read to here. sorry its ugly, and probably poorly written. Thanks for having me another year, commishes. Thank you everyone in the league for making this the best league i've ever been a part of. You guys are some of my closest friends and like a family to me. I love you all. Best of luck this season, and hopefully I will be beating you on the field! Here's to GZL Season X!!!!!!
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Bengals Land Two BIG Free Agents

Cincinnati, OH - It is Saturday morning, and the dust is finally starting to settle after the annual GZL Match-Eligable Free Agency. A phase of free agency that has GMs with cap room, bidding ridiculous contracts on players, who shouldn't cost that much. But overspending aside..

GM Tinnin has confirmed that DT Kawaan Short from Houston, and OG Ricky Wagner from New York will be joining the Bengals starting in the 2018 campaign.

These are players that GM Tinnin had his eye on early, along with several others that we either were outbid on, or were matched. It is obvious that Dline and Oline are a focus this FA period, with all 4 total bids going to players on both lines.

"Our pass rush is abysmal, and Johnny needs a great oline to protect him, with such an unpredictable QB, it's not fair to expect the oline to progress with him making mistakes trying to run. "

Will the addition of a proven OG and DT help this team? Only time will tell, what do you think?

Forum Discussion (by B_Tinnin on 12/20/2014) Replies - 3 :: Views - 63
Bengals GM Tinnin Q&A
We have a break in the blizzard like conditions this evening in Cincy, and are doing the answers portion tonight, as tomorrow seems to be filled with more of the terrible weather.

Anthony Fernandez, Tampa Bay
Q -“What will you remember most from the Ryan Tannenhill-era in Cincy?”
A – Probably the thing that will be most remembered from the Tannenhill era is the mutual disconnect between myself when returning, and the already benched, Tannenhill. The previous GM who took him top 10, had him benched for another rookie QB within his first year. He was out of place to begin with, and was getting more and more unhappy, even though he wasn't performing on the field to deserve a first round pick. We wish him the best in Indianapolis, we think he will like it there, he has all the tools to succeed, look out for the Colts in the future.

Garth Pearce, Oakland
Q - “How are you going to progress your team into the Manziel era whilst actually being competitive all year?”
A – We have already seen progression in Manziel's game in the last few games of 2017. With a few free agent pickups and a good draft, I thing this is a playoff team this year, even with Manziel. We are all in on this kid, and with the right pieces, Manziel can lead this team for many years”

Tom Riddell, Detroit
Q - “When it comes to defensive players, what do you look for when it comes to D-Line, and what will your team motto be for this year?”
A – With our record breaking bad pass rush this last season, it's obvious what I have been looking for is wrong. It has been a concern of mine the season previous, but 2017 confirmed my fears. We are looking for already built players at DT, such as DT Short, of Houston. Bringing in a proven veteran player at the position will help me field a better Dline core in the future. We are also looking for great pass rush DE on the right side. Dee Ford , who we drafted last year did well in my eyes, and solidfied himself a starting spot on the left side. Look for us to target a DE draft day.
Our team motto for this year, is Play Smart and Play safe. We had some injury troubles this previous season and it really set us back I feel. We can't have the same injury bug we had last year. And playing smart. This is critical, both for the Wins and for player's progression. We need to avoid stupid turnovers, and silly sacks. It hurts moral of the team when they don't get the shot they deserve because of an avoidable mistake.

Bryan Laurenson, Chicago -
Q - “Heading into his second season, what expectations do you have for Manziel and his ability to win games? Is there a pressure to win or do you feel you are in a rebuilding phase while Manziel develops? “
A – I have high expectations for Manziel this season, but I do understand If there are growing pains still this year. The potential is here, and I have seen it in games, just need to keep putting in the pieces around him, we are set. We are in a rebuilding phase, but there still is pressure on the team to win. If we can win young, it will help us even more win in the long run.

Jeff Downey, New Orleans
Q - “Why did you decide to go ahead with Manziel when you had Tannehill? It seems like a strange approach to take.”

A- Tannenhill was not my QB. I returned to the team after a hiatus due to personal issues, and returned to the Bengals with Tannenhill (drafted 1.8) and Colin Klein (Drafted 2.8). I traded off Klein because the commitment to Tannenhill was higher, given his top 10 status/contract. He never did anything for me though. I had no connection to him. Brought in Rivers off of Waivers, and started him, won me GM of the year as well as Addition of the year. I took Manziel because I saw It as a way to get my QB. I like having guys with personalities, it makes for fun stories that I plan out in my head but am too lazy to write. All-in-all it's all for fun. I have a connection with Mazniel I didn't have with Tannenhill. I am proud with where I am and I can't wait to show everyone Manziel can be elite.

Nic St. Marrie, Seattle -
Q - “Do you feel as though your WRs are about average assets for Johnny, below-average, or above-average? "

In other words, do they absolve him a bit or throw him under the bus?”
A- Our WR core, well what's left of it, is average as of now. Our whole offense is quite young, they are all learning together as a core every practice and game. They are building chemistry and everything is beginning to click. We do need a stud of a WR for Manziel to have. Maybe that can happen this year, maybe it won't get to happen this year, whatever happens though, we are in a good situation at wideout.

Garth Pearce, Oakland
Q- “Do you think an improvement in your running backs would help Johnny and the ofense as a whole? “
A- I can't really find out why Gio Bernard isn't doing too hot. It makes me pretty sad, but I'm not going to give up, if I get my hands on another good back though, I will go to a 2 back system featuring Gio and that other back. I do think it will relieve a little bit of Manziel, our running was terrible last year, leaving Johnny in terrible passing situations.

Tom Ridell, Detroit -
Q - “If there one player you have from any GZL Team in his prime for 1 season who would it be and why “
A – I want to say 2013 Miles Austin, but he was on the Bengals already, and wasn't able to duplicate his stellar years he's had. So I'll probably go with 2014 Freeman. It's hard not to make a deep playoff run having the TD production Freeman had that year.

Tim Miller, Kansas City -
Q - “How long will you make us wait for you to pick during the untimed portion of the draft this year? “
A- 730 AM when I'm off work.
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Bengals Team News Conference
Please post questions for the clueless GM of the Cincinatti Bengals, Brady Tinnin here for them to be answered tomorrow at noon. (yeah im gonna steal this too, too great of an idea)
Forum Discussion (by B_Tinnin on 12/18/2014) Replies - 11 :: Views - 109
Cincinnatti: 2016 Recap 2017 Preview and a History of TEs

Since the GZL's foundation, the Bengals have had one consistent throughout the years, a solid TE game. It all started in 2010 with Jermaine Gresham. It could be Debated he is the best TE in the league. Only 2 other TEs in the league today have the same height/speed combo, but neither of those players (both on the Packers) just aren't quite up to Jermaine's skill. He was traded in 2016 to the Tampa Bay Auctioneers, for several draft picks, which went to great use here.

While Gresham lead the TE core, there was a silent giant developing. 3rd Round Pick Joseph Fauria, from UCLA. 6'7" with some decent athletic ability for his size. Tinnin was ecstatic to have this monster on the bench and we finally unleashed him when Gresham left the team. Amassing nearly 700 yards in a confusing QB situation last year, we were very satisfied with his performance. We saw the market for a TE this offseason, and unloaded him to The Aints for the 27th pick in the draft, with the intention of taking TE Ebron out of UNC with the pick. But with the Lions mortgaging their future for a TE, we had to make new plans. We shocked the world and took the future MVP of the GZL, Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M. With a new rookie QB at the helm, a scrambler at that, we needed to take a different route with our TE game. We needed to sacrifice raw athletic ability for better blocking, and with the 34th pick in the draft, we selected Mickey Wilson, out of UCF. His athletics along with his good blocking ability will be a blessing for Manziel, working as a 6th lineman.

"The Skew of a Lifetime"
With the 7.8 pick, we selected another TE, solely for depth, Jonathan Schaub. His pro day stats weren't lighting up anybody's draft board. Intended to be a career backup, Schuab would have fit in fine, at 76 spd, 79 acc, 78 agi. But little did we know, we found a diamond in the 7th round. Schaub received a skew of +5SPD +1STR +3AWR +5AGI +4ACC +2CTH +3BTK +2RBK. This brought him to 81 spd, 83 agi, 83 acc, 78 cth, and an average of 60 on blocking skills. This skew is a once in a lifetime thing. Physical boosts like this are unseen before, and he is for sure going to be a lifetime Bengals, and with work, he could be worth something in the future. Thus continuing the Bengal tradition of building Future tight ends TODAY.

Draft Recap

1.27 - Johnny Manziel - The future of the Bengals. The highly controversial party animal. "Too short, too fast to succeed in the GZL". All I see is more people to prove wrong. Manziel is going to be THE man in the GZL. With scramblers proven to win Super Bowls now, we are confident that at the end of the day, Manziel will be in the Cam Newton/RGIII category. Manziel won't miss out on progression like Tannehill did under previous management, and he's better starting out than Ryan was.

2.2 - Michey Wilson - We've already said above how big we are on this big man from UCF, the TE Manziel will need to succeed.

2.11 - Dee Ford - This is a pick called a reach, we don't think so. He has the ability to be a killer pass rusher, even with the lack of strength. He is projected to be at 86 speed and 88 acceleration in 3 years. Only 3 other DEs will have that speed combo in the GZL.

2.30 - Michael Palma Yeah, we took a punter in the 2nd round. 96 KPW and 86 KAC. He is ready to start today. With just a few points he can be 99 KPW but we are content at 96. He offered a higher KAC/AWR compared to other punters in the draft. Another thing that interested us, 78 speed, 80 agility, 83 acceleration. This man will be very nice on kickoff duty as well as punting, and we are excited to see him on the field. He's also 1 of 3 19 year old players, how cool is that?

Free Agency

A.J. Jenkins Jenkins is a pretty fast receiver from the Colts that we snagged up to play alongside Hopkins. We lacked a real 2nd receiver last year and we found him.

OLB Emmanuel Acho Decent OLB who we were able to pick up for cheap off of the Buccaneers. Simply a depth pick up.

Jason Witten We picked up Witten to be a mentor for our 2 rookie TEs, will not see the field, hopefully.

2017 Depth Chart
Cincinnatti Bengals Depth Chart - 2017
Regular Offense
WRDeAndre HopkinsP.J. Mitchell
TEMichey Wilson (R) *Jonathan Schaub (R)
LTJonathan CooperTom Clark
LGAndres CrawfordSpencer Long
CLeon Scott Sedrick Strong
RGLawrence GivensBryan Parker
RTKenny WagnerChuck Glenn
WRA.J. Jenkins *Jamie LindeDexter McCluster
QBJohnny Manziel (R) *Phillip RiversRyan TannehillCharles Romberg
FBLester Tripp
HBGiovani BernardAndre VargasThomas Dishman
Base 4-3 Defense
LDEDee Ford (R) *Devin Taylor
LDTTom KovacTrenton Culberson
RDTDwayne CoyleHansen Wood
RDEWilliam GholstonRonald Gregory
WLBArthur BrownEmmanuel AchoJohnny Martinez
MLBErnest MunozRey MaualugaStuart Simpson
SLBAkeem AyersAdam Coleman
CBBlaine HastyLogan RyanTyson Shaw
SSStacey WilliamsLake Anthony
FSBryan harryJoel Murray
CBRas-I DowlingRobert AlfordLincoln Fitzgerald
Special Teams
KBrett Maher
PMichael Palma (R)
PRDexter McCluster *
KRDexter McCluster *
LSJonathan Cooper

2017 Hopes

We are very excited for our 2017 campaign. With Manziel taking the reigns, we do expect some growing pains, once again. But it's okay. He's our QB. He's MY QB. I got to put us in this situation and not somebody else, and that simple fact makes it easier to swallow. Manziel will start until he receives max progression for play time, and depending on our situation, expect Rivers to take over. It will be a definite experiment in the coming weeks, finding out what Manziel's tendencies are. How often will he run? How many sacks will the Oline give up this year? Only time is going to tell, but if this year isn't a success in everyone else's eyes, it's still is in mine. Hopefully our defense steps it up this year as well, our pass d was atrocious last year, especially the pass rush. Hopefully Dee Ford can change that. Here is to a fantastic experimental 2017 season, good luck to my AFC North brethren, and good luck to all the fantastic GMs of the GZL
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Cincinnati Excited for Johnny Football

As stated before, 2012 Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel is headed to Cincinnati. GM Tinnin has announced that QB competition will be open in the preseason, although he has ideas on who he will go with, between Manziel and Tannehill. It is also declared that Rivers will play purely a mentor role this season, as whoever the stater is, will take all the snaps throughout the year. Bengals fans are ecstatic over the drafting of Manziel. People cheered loudly when Goodell uttered the words. The high profile Quarterback out of Texas A&M does have some off the field concerns, but as long as he takes the GZL seriously, he will have a long term role here in Cincinnati.
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Johnny Football Headed to Cincinnati

"With the 27th pick in the 2017 GZL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Johnny Manziel, Quarterback, Texas A&M."

That's right. Johnny Football is moving to Cincinnati. In a surprising pick, Johnny Manziel was drafted by GM Tinnin with the 27th pick in the draft. Nobody expected the pick, as Tannehill was seen as the future leader of the Bengals since Tinnin took over 3 season ago. But does this necessarily spell the end of Tannehill in Cinci?

"It will be an open competition between the two Texas A&M Alumni. Johnny has some work to do before we are ready to put him onto the field."

Some rumblings from inside the orginization indicate that Tinnin hasn't been happy with the QB situation in Cincinnati since day 1, having 2 high draft pick QBs (Tannehill & Klein), and wants to truly turn this team into his team and take them into the future as Brady Tinnin's Cincinnati Bengals. His 2 season absence due to illness caused this team to fall way back in his plans, and he is finally getting it back on track.

Is Manziel the right pick? Only time will tell.
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Bengals Put in Several UFA Bids

As UFA has progressed over these last days, GM Tinnin has begun sending in offers to several agents. At this point we have bids on WR Aaron Hernandez from Oakland, and WR AJ Jenkins out of Indianapolis.

"These are 2 players that would start day 1 for us, and will play a large part in the team if won"

DT Tom Kovac still has not received any offers, and appears as he will resign with us by default.

Today Cincinnati announced the release of Jason McCourty, the aging CB who's downs played has become numbered since GM Tinnin took over. This is purely a cap move, as we try to catch up cap wise with some of these constant playoff teams. We started the offseason leading the league in cap, and now we're mid-pack.

"I like to run a bare minimum cap, more cap room the better"

Rumblings also report that MLB Maulauga has been contacted and he might hit amnesty soon.
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Bengals UFA Update

]Money, Money, Money
The Bengals announced their exclusive resign and exclusive restructure Wednesday afternoon. Receiving a 4 year resign, is OLB Akeem Ayers . Ayers was brought into Cincinnati this previous season for a combination of 2nd round picks. Ayers, who is coming off of a career best season, picking up 90 tackles, 13 for loss, and THREE forced fumbles, is set to earn 25 million, with a 6 million signing bonus. This locks him in until he is 31, and will be mentoring our future OLBs.

Recieving a 7 year restructure, is Oline anchor LT Jonathan Cooper The exact numbers are not yet public. GM Tinnin was quoted "We really wanted to lock up the athletic, hard working Cooper, who has been a set piece of our Oline since we drafted him, in 2013."
Cooper is the 2nd longest tenured lineman on the relatively experienced line.

DT Tom Kovac and the Bengals were unable to come to terms on a contract, and is testing the market, but his agent states that Kovac wants to return to Cincinnati. Kovac has amassed 100 tackles, 12 for loss, and 11 sacks in his 4 years.

Where do we go now?
The Bengals are looking to make bids on a few players in UFA, but not anything huge. Look out for some signings in the coming days. We now stand at (3) 2nd round draft picks, GM Tinnin is now calling himself the "2nd Round King" after drafting many successful players in the 2nd round last year, RT Wagner, DT Coyle, and recently traded CB Spielman, who all were successes.

Pre Draft needs appear to be the following : WR, TE, Nickel CB, DE. Look for these needs to be filled with the 4 picks in the first 2 rounds.

And in other news

Blaine Hasty, the first round stud draft pick from last year, is on twitter now too! Follow him @BHasty43

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Bengals Wheeling And Dealing

The Bengals have made a flurry of moves this week. Mostly bringing in draft picks, the Bengals have also added starters at positions of need.

WR Jeff Fuller to Tampa for a 2nd draft pick. Good depth WR that we thought we could move for some kind of pick, and the Buccs jumped immediately.

We the sent our breakout TE Joseph Fauria to New Orleans for the 31st pick in the first round of the draft. This was a solely a market trade, at a position that didn't see many breakout plays this year, we were able to part ways with him, great value in a first round pick here.

In a trade that GM Tinnin didn't even see coming, 2nd year CB Cory Spielman and DE Alex Okafor along with our 2018 3rd round pick to the Titans for their future 2nd, and the 27th pick in the GZL Draft. God good turn around value on two late 2nd round players. Spielman played fantastic in his rookie season here, and we didn't want to part with him, but the offer was too good in the Bengals office's opinion, will it pan out? Only time will tell.

And lastly a trade that is in the trade comittee still, and will probably be scrutinized up and down on the Bengals part, we sent 1.31 to Tampa for WR Jamie Linde and K Brett Maher. Linde is set to play #2 WR unless we see a WR we can't pass up fall into the late 1st round of the draft. His agility and acceleration is fantastic, has lots of upside. Maher is coming in to be the Bengals new long term kicker. Nugent is now 35 and his contact is over, and we like to keep a large cap room, so we are going to let him go.
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Offense Show up When It Matter ; Playoffs Still In Doubt

In week 16, Bernard had a career game rushing for 200 yards in a winning effort against division rival Browns. Tannehill also threw for 4 TDs and 0 INTs, his best game in recent memory. Philip Rivers is returning off of injury next week as we face the Broncos, but GM Tinnin has no confidence in pulling out a win against one of the top teams in the AFC. The entire year was a defensive struggle, which it shouldn't have been. 4th overall pick Blaine Hasty, MLB Munoz whom was picked up in the 1.1 trade, all had good seasons. 2nd Round pick Cory Spielman also performed well.

"It was a nice run I guess, disappointing to end up being one of the first teams out of the playoffs, practically a wasted season, no decent draft picks, and no division title to show off. But it all falls back onto me, being a mediocre GM, as all other GMs know I am, this was my year to prove everyone wrong, but it was a complete failure in my book."

No word whether or not GM Tinnin is going to sign a contract extension to stay with the team. The fans are extremely unhappy with the mediocrity that has followed GM Tinning ever since he has been running the team, and even in his initial run at the formation of the GZL. It has been one losing effort after another.
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Phillip Rivers Is The Man
Tannehill needs more time to develop. This is not the time to lose, so here's Phillip Rivers in Cinicinatti talking about becoming the starter against Buffalo

"Why do I need to be here talking about this, it's about time, we're gonna win no problem!"

Phillip, Phillip, he's our man!
If Luck can't beat him, no one can!
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What did Cincinatti Gain by Dropping to 1.4?
The Bengals were finally able to move from 1.1 in the draft. The lucky team to move up was the AFC North Jets. In a trade that ultimately sent QB Jonathan Higgins and the last pick of the 2nd round, for 1.4 which is perfect for where the Bengals wanted to end up, breakout MLB Ernest Munoz , and 17th pick of the first round. Munoz is a great pickup for the Bengals. Even with Rey Maualuga coming off his 3rd straight 100 tackle season, this was an opportunity to continue GM Tinnin's quest in turning this team into a younger team that will be a playoff contender for many years to come.

The 17th pick in the draft was then traded to Tampa Bay, for (3) 2nd round draft picks, this will help greatly in filling holes with quality starters.

So in summary, we gained 5 quality starters for dropping down 3 picks in the draft, and I still will get one of the two targets we have.

This was a great series of moves. No doubt from the front office, which is usually filled with doubt, led by GM Tinnin, second guessing his moves.

"We really aren't far from the playoffs. I think we have a winning season coming our way this year, and people will be very surprised."
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Ryan Tannenhill Gets Nod For Remainder of Season
Coach Marvin Lewis announced today that not only Ryan Tannehill is receiving a starting job, but also rookie WR, Frank Foster.

"Tannehill and Foster clicked so well in practices, it only makes sense to pair them together, in the end, both will benefit" Lewis said

Some take this as a surprise as Klein has already started 13 games, and it's too late to get any starter progression with Tannehill.

"Might as well get Tannehill some playtime to see if we can maybe get him starting full time sooner, and worst case, Klein comes right back in"
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Bengals Name Starting Quarterback
BREAKING NEWS: AP - Cincinnati, OH


The Bengals announced today that second round draft pick Collin Klein will be the teams starting Quarterback going into the regular season. During preseason the Quarterback comparisons were as follows:

Collin Klein: 43 Compl / 66 Att / 557 Yards / 5 TDs / 0 Ints
Ryan Tannenhill: 31 Compl / 63 Att / 346 Yards / 1 TD / 4 Ints

Klein made his case for the starting job by only starting 2 games and playing the 2nd half in 1. He did not play in the 4th preseason game.

Going into the season the teams starting lineup is as follows:

QB Collin Klein (Rookie)
HB Eddie Lacy (Rookie)
FB Brian Loenard
WR Mike Sims-Walker
WR Jordan Shipley
TE Jermaine Gresham
LT Jonathan Cooper
LG Andres Crawford
C Chris Spencer
RG Travelle Wharton
RT Branden Albert

RE William Gholston (Rookie)
DT Tom Kovac
DT Domata Peko
LE Jarvis Moss
ROLB Keith Rivers
MLB Rey Maualuga
LOLB Geno Hayes
CB Leon Hall
CB Jason McCourty (Trade)
FS Reggie Nelson
SS Brandon Meriweather

General Manager Tex Kansas had this to say, "We feel good about where we are. We managed to clear some cap space and get younger at the same time."

Stay tuned
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Bengals NEWS
BREAKING NEWS: AP - Cincinnati, OH

The Cincinnati Bengals have just announced the release of future Hall of Famer Dwight Freeney in a surprise move to free up Cap Space.

(Pictured: Dwight Freeney, what will his price tag be?)

During the teams Press Conference, new General Manager, Tex Kansas was asked, "Was the driving force for the release about salary cap, or was it about Freeney asking to be released." Tex Kansas replied, "This was purely about Cap issues...we are not in rebuilding mode, but we do have to make some changes...we do have some cap issues that must be addressed immediately. We hate to Dwight go, but we also have to look toward the future as well." Tex went on to talk about the direction of offseason.

As GM, Tex Kansas' first move was to resign TE Jermaine Gresham to a new 5 year contract. The team has also declared "Match Elgibility" on the following players:

FB Shawn Chapas
FS Reggie Nelson
CB Leon Hall
RE Geno Atkins
CB Shaun Prater
RG Travelle Wharton
WR Jordan Shipley

Veterans Phil Simms, Kyle Boller and Runningback Ronnie Brown have each been notified of their pending release.

The Off-Season:

The Bengals are looking to deal a few players for draft picks. Players like CB Johnathan Joesph, Defensive Tackles Pat Sims or Domata Peko. The team will also be looking for Carson Palmer's and Freeney's replacements, as well as improve the runningback position.

Carson Palmer will be the starting Quarterback in the upcoming season, but at 34 years old his clock is running out. Therefore, the Bengals will very likely draft a Quarterback in this years draft.

The Bengals have the following Draft Picks:

1.8, 2.8, 3.8, 4.8, 5.8, 7.4, 7.8, 7.25 and 7.30

They will also be looking to make a couple of moves in Free Agency. Whom will be targeted will not be disclosed.
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Bengals Hire New GM
AP: Cincinnati, OH

Mike Brown, the owner of the Cincinnati Bengals announced the Hiring of Ohio native, Tex Kansas as the teams new General Manager. Tex had this to say.

"I have been a Bengals fan since I was nine years old. Therefore, I have a vested interest in this organization." He added, "There is alot of Talent already here, but there will some changes..I am looking forward to hopefully building a highly competitive team here in Cincinnati."
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2013 Bengals Training Camp
2012 Season in Review
The first season under new GM Neal Wintermute went...well just like the previous two seasons. In fact the Bengals have been 10-6 each year of their GZL existence. The offense was serviceable but not great. No one really had great numbers. Probably the most noteable player was HB-Cedric Benson who ran 1512 yards on 323 for an average of 4.68 yards per carry.

The defensive side of the ball was a little better, but still no major standouts. Jonathan Joseph did have 3 INT's as the team's best CB.

In amazing with the lack of individual stats that the Bengals acheived a 10-6. The Bengals did go 5-2 in games decided by 4 points or less, so they tended to win those close games.

Having looked a bit a last season here is a look at what the starting lineup for 2013:

Starting Lineups
QB-Carson Palmer
*HB-Bernard Pierce (R)
FB-Brian Leonard
WR-Mike Sims-Walker
TE-Jermaine Gresham
*LT-Jonathan Cooper (R)
LG-Andres Crawford
*C-Chris Spencer
*RG-Travelle Wharton
RT-Branden Albert

*LE-Dwight Freeney
DT-Pat Sims
*DT-Tom Kovac (R)
*RE-Geno Atkins
LOLB-Geno Hayes
MLB-Rey Maualuga
ROLB-Keith Rivers
CB-Jonathan Joseph
*CB-Ras-I Dowling
FS-Reggie Nelson
*SS-Brandon Meriweather

Position Battles
There is no shortage of position battles in Cincinnati this offseason. However, there is a shortage of players to compete for these starting positions. The skilled positions on the offensive are very much up for grabs. The #2, #3, and #4 WR positions are available WR-Titus Young and WR-Jordan Shipley are going to fill two of these spots along with another player likely from free agency. Ideally, the #2 WR will come from free agency.

The #2 DT position has some competition too. DT-Peko held the spot last year but the team drafted DT-Kovac in round 2 and they intend to play him. Right now Kovac has the clear advantage.

1.25- LG-Jonathan Cooper- 62 SPD, 92 STR, 75 AWR, 60 AGI, and 78 ACC- Cooper will be the new LT. He has the athleticism needed to be a very good starter in this league.

2.25- DT-Tom Kovac- 60 SPD, 90 STR, 70 AWR, and 76 ACC- He looks like the favorite to start at the #2 DT position. He was a good value for the late 2nd round.

3-25- TE-Joseph Fauria- 6'7", 78 SPD, 79 STR, 79 AGI, 79 ACC, and 82 CTH- Fauria was a late bloomer and camp has proved him to be even better than advertised. He is going to be a excellent blocking and receiving tight end.

4.9- HB-Bernard Pierce- 84 SPD, 78 STR, 81 CAR, 80 BTK- Piere is the tentative starter right now. He's slow and that will hurt him but he does have the makings of a decent power back.

4.25- SS-Stacey Williams- 6'5", 85 SPD, 76 STR, 84 AGI, 85 ACC, 68 CTH, and 74 TAK- This guy has great skills. He just lacks some speed and awareness. He could be a force in a couple of seasons.

5.25- CB-Tyson Shaw- 5'11", 91 SPD, 61 AWR, and 90 ACC- He's got good awareness for a rookie CB but he does not have good hands.

6.25- LE-Olivier Vernon- 80 SPD, 82 ACC- He has above average speed and quickness, but not much else.

7.25- HB-Cyrus Gray- Just a roster filler for the Bengals.

Offseason Training
The Bengals have sent HB-Bernard Pierce, SS-Stacey Williams and TE-Joseph Fauria to former NHLer Gary Roberts offseason training and condition camp. Roberts is well known for his work with current NHL players though the Bengals are the first NFL team to attend his camp, they have been doing it for two seasons now.

Roberts has adapted his program a bit for the Bengals focusing on producing more speed. Roberts camp is a grueling camp, but the Bengals are confident it will pay dividends.
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Bengals Training Camp
Accidentally deleted. :hang:
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Bengals Week 5 Update
The 2-1 Bengals are preparing for their week 5 match against the struggling, 0-4 Washington Redskins. We are hoping to capitalize on the fact that tghe Redskins have a weak QB in Tim Tebow, and plan to make his day hell. The Bengals are having a better season than their record shows. With the 2nd rated Defense in the league, they have been a force for offenses to deal with every game.
New LB Geno Hayes has proven his worth, as he is tied for most tackles on the team, and leads in tackles for loss.
Rey Maualuga is also tied for most tackles at his new position of MLB.
Carson Palmer is having a disappointing season compared to last, throwing 4 interceptions in the first 2 games.
Ray Rice has been a 100% bust thus far, not even surpassing 200 yards on the season, bringing up the question, was he worth it? Only time will tell, although management is starting to think he wasn't.
KR Benard Scott is whoopin errbody's asses. Nuff' said.

The Bengals have 6 top 10 opponents to play in the rest of the season, leading to the conclusion, that we don't really have a chance at the playoffs, and we are ok with that. This year will be helpful in revealing what weaknesses we have on our roster, and how we can fix it in the coming offseason. It will all be fine in time.
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2011 Bengals Preview :: Youth Movement is in Effect
The Bengals are entering the 2011 season this year, with the sour taste of defeat from their catastrophic collapse in the second half of last season.

Preseason Position Battles (Thru week 3)
Starting Running Back
Ray Rice - 260 yards , 1 TD, 0 fumbles
Cedric Benson - 274 yards, 2 td , 2 Fumbles
Projected Starter :: Ray Rice

Slot Reciever
Titus Young - 4 Catches, 82 yards
TJ Moe - 5 Catches, 50 yards
Projected Starter :: TJ Moe

Left Guard
Andres Crawford - 8 Pancakes
Evan Mathis - 3 Pancakes, 1 Sack Allowed
Projected Starter :: Andres Crawford

Eric Ghiaciuc - 6 Pancakes, 1 Sack Allowed
John Wood - 4 Pancakes
Projected Starter :: John Wood

Right Tackle
Anthony Collins - 12 Pancakes
Andre Smith - 9 Pancakes, 1 Sack Allowed
Projected Starter :: Anthony Collins

New Starters
MLB Rey Maualuga
OLB Geno Hayes
DE Jarvis Moss
OG Andres Crawford
C John Wood
OT Anthony Collins
HB Ray Rice

PreSeason Injuries
Brandon Ghee CB 1 week
Rico Murray CB Questionable

The Bengals are looking to show this season that the are in fact still a threat to the league, and an immediate contender to the superbowl. With the overhaul of new starters on the offensive line, as well as Stud Running back, Ray Rice, who we grabbed from division rival, Ravens, for our first, and 3rd string CB, Adam Jones.. The running game should be a force to deal with. It will also relieve pressure from an ageing Carson Palmer, whom is in the final year of his contract, and wants to show that he deserves to be here next year.
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Bengals Offseason Delema
The Bengals are faced with a problem. Try to trade up to a top 5 pick and take one of two players that would help out our team a lot. Or go after a big name UFA and keep our pick and help out somewhere else?

GM Tinnin has also bounced around several ideas such as

Trading highly sought after CB Jonathan Joseph
Trading vet QB Carson Palmer
Trading Rey Rey or Rivers

All of these moves would impact the team, but could bring in lots of new talent and/or draft picks.

GM Tinnin thinks one of these moves will happen, but is just waiting for the right offer to come in. Those reading this, that means send offers.

We also made a trade this week for OLB Geno Hayes of the Buccaneers for a 2nd and 4th round pick. He is a play maker and will fit in well with our D.

Teh Bengals are looking to come back next year after one of the biggest end of season chokes ever. After starting 8-0 and finishing 10-6, GM Tinnin wants to come back next season and show that not only the 8-0 start was NOT a fluke, but also that the Bengals can come back after a disappointing end of season
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Major Announcment by Bengals GM Tinnin
Today, GM Brady Tinnin announced that he will be retiring at the conclusion of this season. GM Tinnin had this to say,

"I am thankful for the tight nit community of GZL for giving me a chance to be a part of their great league. I had a blast leading my favorite team to the playoffs this year. Some people will say I am leaving because of how the season ended, this is no where close to the truth. GM wasn't exactly my cup of team, coach mode is where I live. I had an extremely lucky season to be able to make it this far. To be undefeated half way through the season. This was a complete fluke too. I picked 2 playbooks, and they worked fantastic. Hopefully I can make a good run in the playoffs to counteract the horrid 2nd half of the season. I hope that I am leaving on a positive note and that I could have the opportunity to return in the future when I could also donate enough time to the league, and play an important role in the league, more than I did this year."

Again, thank you guys for the chance, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who gave me fantastic advice for my team, and game planning, I am sorry to disappoint you in this fashion.

Ps. Can I stay until the off season is over? I love the draft <3
I understand if it's a no, let a new owner take the reigns
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Bengals heading into Week 13
Bengals are leading the AFC North with a surprising 8-3 heading into a week 13 slug-fest with NFC South leading New Orleans Saints. This 8-3 is a surprising result under the leading of Rookie GM, Brady Tinnin.

" I am surprised at how well our team is playing right now. We are a top 5 team overall, with much room to improve. We have the best Run Defense in the league, but our pass D is lacking extreemly. I am honestly stumped as to why we have 3 great Corners, who re all struggling. Hopfully we can get it figured out before we have to play the pass happy Saints this Sunday."

GM Tinnin also brought up the injury to Rookie WR, Jordan Shipley.
"He has been a great player for our team, and it is unfortunate that he went down before the final leg before the playoffs. We hope that he is back and strong for the playoffs, we will need him."

When asked about the 3 losses in a row, GM Tinnin had this to say
"Our team just played terribly. We lost to teams that didn't have that great of a record, and we lost a crucial game to a division rival. But the most embarrassing loss of all 3, is to the Bills. They had a new GM and QB Josh Johnson. We should not have lost that game, and it is ridiculous that we lost so by so much. Our coaches must have not been hard enough on the players after the other 2 losses. What else can I say, it was just pathetic."
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Bengals Q1 Report
GM Brady Tinnin broke his silence after the Bengals dominated division rival Browns on their fan appreciation day. This brings the Bengals to a surprising 4-0, much to everyone's dismay, including many fans.

"I am very proud of our guys performance on field. They have performed amazing against 2 division rivals, the powerhouse Patriots, and my personal best friend, Mr. Haag in Carolina."

Team Leaders

Carson Palmer - 904 yards ; 7 TDs/2 INTs ; 96.6 rating

Cedric Benson - 418 yards ; 4.10 Average ; 1 TD
Benard Scott - 125 yards ; 4.63 Average ; 5 TDs
The running game has been very different. Benson has a great average at the #1 Running spot, but Benard Scott is pulling in most of the touchdowns, as almost 20% of his carries have gone for 6.

Terrell Owens - 22 catches ; 360 yards ; 2 TDs

Injury Report
Bengals - WR Terrell Owens - Broken Collarbone (5 Weeks)
Bengals - ROLB Keith Rivers - Sprained Elbow (4 Weeks)

"Next week is going to be a very difficult game next week versus the powerhouse Buccaneers. I think we can pull it out. Make sure you show up for fan appreciation day, and watch on TV if you can't show up!"

The Bengals are #3 in power polls as of now, with #2 yet to play this week. As a rookie GM, Brady Tinnin continues to shock people with his game planning week after week, nobody expected the Bengals to go 4-0 with GM Tinnin.

"Best thing is, we have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds in the draft this offseason, it's only going to get better from here!"
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Cincinnati Bengals Hire GM Brady Tinnin.
Cincinnati - Bengals finally announced the person that will take them into the future, Brady Tinnin.

"I am honored to have been picked to GM this great team. I have been a fan my entire life , and it will be a trip to make the decisions for the team. Every fan watches and criticizes every move made by the team, and I was like that, but now I can do what I want!"

The Bengals are coming off of a great season, in which they won the touch AFC North, only to be knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by the Jets.

This year the Bengals added several pieces to the team. Terrell Owens was brought in to finish his career as a Bengal and hopefully help out the lacking receiving core short term after the loss of Chris Henry, whom was thought to be the future of this team. TE Jermaine Gresham was drafted in the first round of the 2010 Draft, to add an able Tight End, which has been missing in Cincy for a long time.

" We have so much talent on both sides of the ball, our entire DB core is fantastic, with Jonathan Joseph and Leon Hall at CB and Rivers and Malualuga at OLB, we are set on D. But on offense, we are aging. Gresham is a fresh breath, but most other positions are beginning to age. Shipley will be in the number 2 spot in a year, and hopefully he will be the new leader of the receiving core along with Gresham, who will teach all new rookies in the following years."

Some people are worried about the hiring of a long time fan as GM, worried that He won't make moves for the good of the team, but because he likes the players. It has become obvious in early trade talks that Tinnin is too attached to his players, this could cause problems, only time will tell.

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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM B_Tinnin
Head Coach J.Hufnagel
Offensive Coordinator E.Manning
Defensive Coordinator Ron Meeks
Special Teams Kevin Spencer
Salary $164.81M
Cap Penalty $8.74M
Cap Room $450K


AFC North
#8 Ravens y-Ravens 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#14 Browns Browns 8-8-0 0.50 2-4
#27 Steelers Steelers 7-9-0 0.44 4-2
#20 Bengals Bengals 7-9-0 0.44 2-4

1 Sep 11 at Ravens Ravens #8
Won 37-29
2 Sep 17 at Browns Browns #14
Lost 7-19
3 Sep 24 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Lost 17-20
4 Oct 1 at Eagles Eagles #10
Won 17-10
5 Oct 8 at Steelers Steelers #27
Lost 3-31
6 Oct 15 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 42-7
7 Oct 22 at Colts Colts #22
Won 31-13
8 Oct 29 at Texans Texans #13
Won 19-16
10 Nov 12 vs Raiders Raiders #23
Won 21-17
11 Nov 19 vs Ravens Ravens #8
Lost 13-20
12 Nov 26 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 24-31
13 Dec 3 at Giants Giants #19
Lost 10-15
14 Dec 10 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 13-20
15 Dec 16 at Jets Jets #16
Lost 23-30
16 Dec 23 vs Browns Browns #14
Won 24-17
17 Dec 31 vs Titans Titans #9
Lost 24-25

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