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Bills - Quarter Pole

The final stretch run is here… and the AFC East has the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills both sitting at 8-4 with a 2 game lead over the New York Jets [6-6] and a 4 game lead over cellar dweller Miami Dolphins [4-8].

Rookie Watch
LE Noah Spence: Currently has 44 tackles (9 for a loss), 9 sacks and 2 INT’s… is it too crazy to think we’re looking at the DROY?
LT Shon Coleman: Currently has 58 pancakes and has allowed 3 sacks.
QB Chris Archer: Currently 40 of 78 [51%] for 479 yards with 2 TD’s 3 INT’s.
QB Pierce Lyons: has not played, coach’s decision.
FS Vince Akeem: 15 tackle (1 for a loss) & a fumble recovery.

New Comers Contribution
WR Carlton Mitchell: Has 15 reception for 176 yards and a TD… has now found himself as the 4th option with the arrival of WR/KR Percy Harvin.
TE Marques Johnson: Has 38 receptions for 442 yards and 2 TD’s with 30 pancake and 1 sack… a pleasant addition to the offense, and likely to be in place in Buffalo for some time.
LG David Yankey: Has 52 pancakes and 1 allowed sack.
C Trey Owen: Has 30 pancakes and 2 sacks.
MLB Mark Ingram: Has had 92 tackles (9 for a loss), 1 forced fumble 1 fumble recovery, 2 INT’s and a TD… the HEART of the defense (but is his contract going to be an issue next season?)!
RE Williams Gholston: Has 29 tackles (7 tackle for a loss) and 4 sacks.
WR Percy Harvin: Has 15 receptions, 251 yards and 2 TD’s in 5 weeks… all that coming from the slot. Worth noting… Harvin is just 208 yards short of the 10,000 yard milestone (with 4 games remaining in his career). ~ I promise this… Harvin will get 10,000 yards! ~
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Buffalo Bills: Despite injuries, Bills in the mix [5-4]

The AFC East appears to be a 3 horse race… the Bills, Jets and Patriots all sit at 5-4.

The Bills have 3 divisional game remaining… 2 vs the Jets and 1 against the Jets, so much of what unfolds in the 2nd half of the seasons rides on those 3 games obviously.

The Bills have had to rise above the injuries suffered thus far…

• Starting QB wasn’t available until week 5.
• Back-up QB wasn’t able to get through week 1… lost for the season.
• HB Riddick Owen lost for the season… half the season missed again.
• SS Mark Barron will miss more than half the season.
• LOLB Jeremiah Joseph misses 6 games.

No doubt the Bills will find the need to lean on the arm of Matthew Stafford in the 2nd half with Owen, at best, returning the final week of the season vs the Jets. It’d be nice if the sophomore slump QR Laquon Treadwell was experience came to an abrupt end… only 1 game over 100 yards and has yet to find the endzone.

Rookie Watch
LE Noah Spence: Currently has 27 tackles (5 for a loss), 5 sacks and an INT… he will get his 1st start @ DE this coming week against the Kansas City Chiefs.
LT Shon Coleman: Currently has 42 pancakes and has allowed 2 sacks.
QB Chris Archer: Currently 40 of 78 [51%] for 479 yards with 2 TD’s 3 INT’s.
QB Pierce Lyons: has not played, coach’s decision.
FS Vince Akeem: 11 tackle (1 for a loss) & a fumble recovery.

New Comers Contribution
WR Carlton Mitchell: Has 11 reception for 112 yards and a TD… has now found himself as the 4th option with the arrival of WR/KR Percy Harvin.
TE Marques Johnson: Has 33 receptions for 399 yards and a TD with 21 pancake and 1 sack… a pleasant addition to the offense.
LG David Yankey: Has 40 pancakes and has NOT given up a sack.
C Trey Owen: Has 23 pancakes and 2 sacks.
MLB Mark Ingram: Has had 71 tackles (6 for a loss), 1 forced fumble 1 fumble recovery, 2 INT’s and a TD… the HEART of the defense!
RE Williams Gholston: Has 22 tackles (5 tackle for a loss) and 4 sacks.
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Buffalo Bills use Veteran Exception Contract on...

Buffalo Bills welcome Percy Harvin to the team...

The Buffalo Bills made a move early this morning to add depth to their WR set and inject some JUICE into the kick return game that has been missing all season.

There’s no avoiding the elephant in the room… WR / KR Percy Harvin has been a malcontent most of his career, regardless of where he called home. But the Bills are hoping the former 1st round selection has matured and can realize this might be his last chance of playing before officially retiring.

The Bills will likely utilize Percy Harvin as a slot WR, at best, and more likely a 4th option on the depth chart. His true value and opportunity to shine will be in the kick return game. Though Harvin has 9,541 yards receiving in his career (4 seasons of 1,000 plus yards and 75 total TD’s in 11 seasons)… his 11 TD’s as a kick returner is what has the Buffalo Bill calling for his services.
The Buffalo Bills have offered WR / KR Percy Harvin the “Veteran Exception Contract” which pays 1 million for 1 year and includes a bonus of 500K. Chump change no doubt, but the Bills offer the opportunity for Harvin to possibly reach the 10,000 yard marker in receiving and cement himself as the as one of, if not the best GZL Kick Returner ever (it might take one of his best seasons to overtake Ted Ginn Jr).

GM Darryl Breckheimer had this to say… “We looked at a couple of guys to bring in, but in the end we liked the upside Percy Harvin offered. We realize Percy might have lost a step, but you really can’t look past the experience he brings to the team. I have no doubt he’ll contribute immediately on the field and count on him being a positive factor in the locker room”.
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Buffalo Bills: WK 5, 6 & 7 recap [4-2]

Week 5
Buffalo Bills 40
Green Bay Packers 34

Week 6
Tennessee Titans 24
Buffalo Bills 6

Week 7
Buffalo Bills 30
Detroit Lions 6

Game Recaps
The Buffalo Bills have moved to 4-2 on the season after a 3 game stretch where the AFC East has become a 2 horse race (New York Jets by a nose right now). This 3 game stretch also saw the return of QB Matthew Stafford who is completing just shy of 50% of his passes, is averaging 235 yards and has 5 TD’s passes with just 1 INT (QB rtg of 87).

Rookie Watch
LE Noah Spence: Currently has 23 tackles (5 for a loss), 4 sacks and an INT (in just 4 games).
LT Shon Coleman: Currently has 34 pancakes and has allowed 2 sacks.
QB Chris Archer: Currently 40 of 78 [51%] for 479 yards with 2 TD’s 3 INT’s.
QB Pierce Lyons: has not played, coach’s decision.
FS Vince Akeem: 8 tackle (1 for a loss) & a fumble recovery.

New Comers Contribution
WR Carlton Mitchell: Has 7 reception for 82 yards and a TD.
TE Marques Johnson: Has 24 receptions for 308 yards and a TD with 16 pancake and 1 sack.
LG David Yankey: Has 24 pancakes and has NOT given up a sack.
C Trey Owen: Has 13 pancakes and 2 sacks.
MLB Mark Ingram: Has had 49 tackles (2 for a loss), 1 forced fumble 1 fumble recovery and INT and a TD.
RE Williams Gholston: Has 13 tackles (2 tackle for a loss) and 2 sacks.
FS Dean Rowe: Has 25 tackles (1 tackle for a loss), 1 forced fumble and 2 INT’s.
SS Lake Anthony: Has 11 tackles and a forced fumble.

Offensive Player of the Team (thus far)
HB Riddick Owen: With 148 carries for 656 yards [4.43 avg] he ensure the team owns time of possession battle... even though QB Matthew Stafford is back in the fold, this team looks to Owen to be the work-horse and lead the offense.

Defensive Player of the Team (thus far)
MLB Melvin Ingram: With 49 tackles (2 for a loss), a forced fumble, fumble recovery and an interception returned 33 yards for a TD… he has been a GREAT pick-up from this recent offseason. ~ Honorable Mention… LE/LOLB Noah Spence has shown the potential to be a game changer, can you say “DROY”??? ~
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Buffalo Bills: WK 4 recap [2-1]

Week 4
Miami Dolphins 17
Buffalo Bills 27

Game Recap
The Buffalo Bills won the turnover battle and the time of possession battle… and honestly, controlled the game from start to finish. Though the team is hopeful QB Matthew Stafford will return next week when the team faces the Green Bay Packers they have confidence in QB Chris Archer to manage a game and do just enough to keep them competitive. The team looked to HB Riddick Owen, once again, and with 28 carries for 108 yards and a TD supported by a defense that held the Dolphins offense in check… the Buffalo Bills walk away with the victory.

Rookie Watch
LE Noah Spence: 3 tackles [1 for a loss] and a deflection… played at OLB
LT Shon Coleman: Respectable with 6 pancakes and allowed his 1st sack.
QB Chris Archer: 10 of 21 [48%] for 163 yards with 1 TD’s 1 INT.
QB Pierce Lyons: DNP, coach’s decision.
FS Vince Akeem: DNP, coach’s decision.

New Comers Contribution
WR Carlton Mitchell: 3 reception for 40 yards and a TD.
TE Marques Johnson: 2 receptions for 15 yards with 2 pancake and no sacks.
LG David Yankey: 2 pancakes and did NOT give up a sack.
C Trey Owen: 3 pancakes and no sacks.
MLB Mark Ingram: Had 6 tackles [1 for a loss] a deflection and a fumble recovery returned for a TD.
RE Williams Gholston: 2 tackles.
FS Dean Rowe: 4 tackles with 2 deflections.
SS Lake Anthony: DNP, coach’s decision.
DT Colt Hemingway: 2 tackles [1 for a loss].

Offensive Player of the Game
HB Riddick Owen: With 28 carries for 106 yards [3.79 avg] and a TD he ensured the team owned time of possession battle... critical in keeping a game close where the Bills are leaning on a rookie QB behind center. The victory was a HUGE upset and hopefully propels the team to bigger things as they see the return of QB Matthew Stafford.

Defensive Player of the Game
MLB Mark Ingram: With 6 tackles (1 for a loss) and a fumble recovery returned 25 yards for a TD… he stands out as a difference maker.
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Buffalo Bills: WK 2 recap

Week 3
Buffalo Bills 20
Miami Dolphins 23

Game Recap
The Buffalo Bills wanted nothing more this season than to beat up on the Miami Dolphins… and nearly accomplished just that in their 1st match up of the season. Okay, it might be an over statement to call a loss with 1 second remaining in OT a beat down… but knowing the Bills headed into this game without QB Matthew Stafford or QB Derek Carr it might help explain the slight exaggeration. What ended up moving from a tie game to a loss was an interception in overtime in the Bills end of the field… this interception happened with 1 second remaining on the clock and offered the Dolphins the opportunity to kick a game winning 42 yard FG.

Rookie Watch
LE Noah Spence: DNP due to injury.
LT Shon Coleman: Respectable with 5 pancakes and did NOT give up a sack.
QB Chris Archer: 21 of 40 [52%] for 204 yards with 1 TD’s 2 INT’s.
QB Pierce Lyons: DNP, coach’s decision.
FS Vince Akeem: 1 tackle & fumble recovery.

New Comers Contribution
WR Carlton Mitchell: 2 reception for 22 yards.
TE Marques Johnson: 4 receptions for 27 yards and a TD with 7 pancake and no sacks.
LG David Yankey: 6 pancakes and did NOT give up a sack.
C Trey Owen: 3 pancakes and no sacks.
MLB Mark Ingram: Had 6 tackles (1 for a loss).
RE Williams Gholston: 1 tackles (1 tackle for a loss).
FS Dean Rowe: Led the team with 10 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 1 deflections.
SS Lake Anthony: 3 tackles and a deflections.

Offensive Player of the Game
HB Riddick Owen: With 30 carries for 98 yards [3.27 avg] he ensured the team owned time of possession battle... critical in keeping a game close where the Bills are leaning on a rookie QB behind center

Defensive Player of the Game
ROLB Kiko Alonso: With 6 tackles (1 for a loss) and an interception returned 33 yards for a TD… he stands out as a difference maker.
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Buffalo Bills: WK 1 recap

Week 1
New England Patriots 24
Buffalo Bills 32

Game Recap
The Buffalo Bills headed into the regular season knowing they would have to weather 4 to 5 weeks with their back-up QB Derek Carr… well, that picture got bit grim mid game when Carr went down with a season ending concussion. The team now looks to either QB Chris Archer or QB Pierce Lyons (both rookies) for the next 4 weeks… less than ideal.
With a STRONG ground control game in effect and the leg of K Spencer Roth [6 of 6 on FG attempts and 2 of 2 on extra points] the Bills escaped with the victory.
The defense held the New England Patriots to -4 yards… granted, it was on a mere 6 carries (still an impressive stat).

Rookie Watch
LE Noah Spence: DNP due to injury.
LT Shon Coleman: Led all lineman with 8 pancakes and did NOT give up a sack.
QB Chris Archer: 9 of 17 [53%] for 112 yards with 0 TD’s 0 INT’s.
QB Pierce Lyons: DNP, coach’s decision.
FS Vince Akeem: 1 tackle [I’m guessing… on special teams].

New Comers Contribution
WR Carlton Mitchell: 1 reception for 9 yards.
TE Marques Johnson: 6 receptions for 59 yards and 1 pancake with no sacks.
LG David Yankey: 5 pancakes and did NOT give up a sack.
C Trey Owen: 4 pancakes and gave up 1 sack (QB Derek Carr sustained a severe concussion and is out for the year).
MLB Mark Ingram: Led all defensive layers with 8 tackles and 1 deflection.
RE Williams Gholston: 3 tackles (1 tackle for a loss) and a deflection.
FS Dean Rowe: 3 tackles (1 tackle for a loss), an INT and 2 deflections.
SS Lake Anthony: 2 tackles and a forced fumble (was in subbing for an injured Mark Barron).

Offensive Player of the Game
HB Riddick Owen: With 27 carries for 170 yards [6.3 avg] and a score [97 yards on the TD] the team leaned heavily and often on Owen knowing they had to turn to their rookie 3rd string QB. The bills have Owen to thank for the time of passion advantage [28 mins compared to 19 mins].

Defensive Player of the Game
SS Mark Barron: The tone was set early with the 74 yard INT for a score… also contributed 4 tackles and 2 deflections (only played 3 QTR’s due to an injury).
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Buffalo Bills 2021 Training Camp

• Previous Season Recap- 1 Point for recapping your entire previous season (500 Words). 500
The Buffalo Bills once again wallowed in mediocrity finishing at 8-8. It’d be easy to point to the injuries sustained to HB Riddick Owen & CB Darqueze Denanard (both were lost early for the season). In short, the season came down to 2 loses… both of the loses came at the hands of the Miami Dolphins the eventual AFC East Divisional Champs (10-6 record).
Let’s attempt to shift to a more positive focus… there were a number of point in the season worth celebrating and individual performances worth recognizing:
QB Matthew Stafford… There’s no arguing the fact that the Buffalo Bills are getting Stafford on the tail end of his career. But, the Bills were thrilled to get a signal caller able to throw for over 4600 yards, 30 TD’s and complete the highest % of passes this season in his Hall of Fame career. ~ Just a small plug for Stafford’s back-up, Chad Henne was called upon in 6 games… in those games he completed 60% of his passes and threw 4 TD’s to just 1 INT. We bid farewell to Chad as he enters retirement. ~
WR Robert Woods… Easily his best season of his career, and that’s saying something knowing the Stafford had 4 viable targets to choose from (Woods, Treadwell, Patterson & Brackett). With 98 receptions, 1541 yards and 12 TD’s he was just on the outside of consideration for MVP in the GZL.
WR LaQuon Treadwell… He finished the season with the most yards & TD by a rookie WR. With 89 receptions, 1236 yards and 9 TD’s he will be considered for Offensive Rookie of the Year in the GZL. The Buffalo Bills have some fruitful years ahead of them in Treadwell (as long as they have Stafford and/or LEGIT QB at the helm).
K Spencer Roth… He was drafted in the 3rd round 3 seasons ago and has progressively improved to a point where he’s now considered one of the best at his position. The man accounted for 30% of the teams scoring, converted 28 of 33 FG attempts (nearly 85%), perfect on extra points (36 of 36) and had 21 touchbacks (26%).
MLB Quan Sturdivant… Hard to find a feel good story on a defense that gave up as many points as they did (only 4 other defenses gave up more points). With 113 tackles (led the team), 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 3 fumble recoveries and 2 INT’s it’s by far the best season MLB Quan Sturdivant has ever had as a Pro.

The Buffalo Bills saw some nice signs offensively last season and hope to build upon where they left off (a willingness to AIR it out finally). It’s hard to pinpoint where exactly the defensive unit faltered… was it personnel or philosophy? Maybe it was a bit of both… regardless, in 8 games the team allowed 30+ points to be scored and that will need to be addressed if there’s any hope of avoiding a similar fate moving forward.

• Offseason Recap- 2 Points for explaining what moves your team made in Free Agency, the Draft, and Trades during the offseason (1000 Words). 1117
The Buffalo Bills we VERY active this offseason… most of this activity came in the way of deals where the front office was positioning itself in the current and future draft.

Players on their way out…
WR Cordarrelle Patterson was traded away to the New England Patriots… God I hope this doesn’t haunt the team this coming season. Fact is, his salary (over 6 million) was too large to justify knowing he was the teams 3rd option when airing it out.
DT Nick Fairley was traded away to the Denver Broncos… this was a salary cap move, saving over 7 million.
TE Brett Brackett was traded away to the Chicago Bears… had to be moved, saving the team more than 4 million.
CB Junior Malloy was traded away to the New Orleans Saints… though the team had been grooming him, he was leveraged to move up in the 1st round of the draft.
FS Thurman Blount was traded away to the Jacksonville Jaguars… this move was made to acquire a 1st round pick in this year’s draft.
HB Anthony Benson was released to clear cap space… the Buffalo Bills found it tricky to meet the roster requirements and it eventually came down to Benson’s exit.
MLB Lewis Molden was released, realistically he had no chance of seeing the field as the 3rd option at his position.

Players on their way in…
QB Derek Carr was acquired to provide a quality back-up to future HOF QB Matthew Stafford… and hopefully, lead this offense when Stafford decides to retire (3 years roughly). The young gunslinger needs more experience/mentoring [AWR = 75] but the Buffalo Bills see a lively arm [THP = 93] that’s fairly accurate [THA = 90] just 3 seasons into his career.
C Trey Owen was acquired to upgrade the offensive line… didn’t give up much, so if it offers depth/competition at the position the team will be happy.
MLB Melvin Ingram was acquired to upgrade the heart of the defense… this move will likely be a 1-2 year fix, but it has to be viewed as a significant step even if it’s a bit short sighted. After spending 8 seasons with the San Diego Chargers and amassing 872 tackles, 17 sacks, 17 forced fumbles and 10 INT’s the Buffalo Bills are certain the will get a 100+ tackle season with 10+ tackles for a loss, 1+ forced fumbles and an INT. It’s promising that MLB Melvin Ingram still has the speed [84], acceleration [85] and brings a ton of experience [AWR = 95].
TE Marques Johnson was acquired for a 3rd round draft pick (steep I know)… but loved his SPD [83] and ACC [87], hoping he’ll be a threat/mismatch through the air (love his contract).
HB Solomon Forbes was picked up via Free Agency as a means to manage our cap number… he’ll be the 3rd option at HB and likely won’t see much/any playing time.
WR Carlton Mitchell was picked up via Free Agency and steps in at the slot (for departed WR Cordarrelle Patterson). The veteran spent 10 years with the Cleveland Browns and amassed 636 reception, 9239 yards and 60 TD’s… after being out of football last season the Buffalo Bills are hoping he can fill a void for 1 last season.
LG David Yanke was picked up via Free Agency (match eligible) and will step in as a starter from day one. After spending two seasons in Tampa bay with little playing time the former 3rd round selection will have an opportunity to show what he has or play himself out of the league.
FS Dean Rowe was picked up via Free Agency and will step in as the starter (for departed FS Thurmon Blount). The team doesn’t anticipate much of a drop off at the position… though, Rowe is probably a 1 year filler that the team will need to address next season. The former 1st round selection spent 9 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and amassed 663 tackles, 11 forced Fumbles and 22 INT’s… the Buffalo Bills love his size [6’2”] and experience [AWR = 96].
DT Colt Hemingway was picked up via Free Agency (match eligible) and will step in as a starter from day one (if the team is in a 4-3 set anyway). In his 1st opportunity for significant playing time (3 season) DT Colt Hemingway amassed 36 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 6 sacks (very respectable). The Buffalo Bills are found of his well round attributes [SPD = 63 / STR = 89 / AGI = 59 / ACC = 76] and hope he can shine alongside DT Marcell Dareus.
RE William Gholston was picked up via Free Agency (match eligible) and will step in as a starter from day one… though, he may be challenged as the season progresses (rookie DE/OLB Noah Spence will be playing at some point). After 5 seasons in Cincinnati the San Diego Chargers trade for Gholston but let him go after a 1 tackle season. The former 2nd round selection offers respectable speed [75], strength [83], agility [75] and acceleration [78] and should offer a significant upgrade for the Buffalo Bills.
Players on their way in…
Everyone LOVES the draft… unless, the GM traded away all of their picks the season before. Let’s review the rookies joining the Buffalo Bills team.
1.25 DE/OLB Noah Spence – E. Kentucky
Not sure there were many other player that offered the versatility of Noah Spence… he could see time at both DE and OLB. Height = 6’3” / Weight = 255 / SPD = 84 / STR = 72 / AGI = 83 / ACC = 85
1.32 LT Shon Coleman - Auburn
Though he wasn’t projected as the best lineman in the draft… he offers a set of attributes that will warrant a starting opportunity his rookie season. Height = 6’6” / Weight = 318 / SPD = 61 / STR = 93 / AGI = 65 / ACC = 75 / PBK = 80 / RBK = 83
4.03 QB Chris Archer – E. Carolina
He’ll be buried deep on the depth chart and simply hold a clipboard… Height = 6’5” / Weight = 222 / AWR = 64 / THP = 90 / THA = 82
5.14 QB Pierce Lyons - Penn
He’ll be buried deep on the depth chart and simply hold a clipboard… Height = 6’4” / Weight = 230 / AWR = 60 / THP = 91 / THA = 82
7.30 FS Vince Akeem - Stanford
He’ll be buried deep on the depth chart… Height = 5’11” / Weight = 210 / SPD = 86 / STR = 55 / AGI = 96 / ACC = 92

• Training Camp - 1 Point for documenting how your points will be spent, how the players improved to get those boosts, and positions battles you anticipate in camp (500 Words). 480
The Buffalo Bills targeted the following players with Training Camp & Offseason Training & Conditioning: WR Laquon Treadwell, DE/OLB Noah Spence, LT Shon Coleman, QB Derek Carr & QB Matthew Stafford. I typically find myself heavily investing in a few players vs spreading amongst many players. For the most part, that hasn’t changed this offseason… but, I did go hard on my dedication to a player I might typically hesitate dedicating much attention toward. LT Shon Coleman is a GOOD offensive line prospect… not great. With that said, I head into this decision planning on dedicating more grooming in the next 2 seasons (hoping I don’t regret that decision). It’s possible next offseason I will find myself in a bind… I will want to put some finishing polish on WR Laquon Treadwell, continued grooming on LT Shon Coleman and two 1st round selection possibly deserving of Training Camp and/or Training & Conditioning attention.

WR Laquon Treadwell – Though the jump in SPD [94 to 95] and ACC [96 to 97] places him amongst 17 other players with such a combination he will be only the 3rd player who is 6’2” (or taller) that can make such a claim. ~ It’s worth mentioning that Buffalo has WR Robert Woods who also has such a combination ~

LT Shon Coleman – MUCH was invested in this rookie… even after the jump in SPD [61 to 62], AGI [65 to 66] & ACC [75 to 76] there are 34 other players with such a combination… but if you factor in his STR [93] there are only 11 other players who match said attribute combination.

DE/OLB Noah Spence – Only addressing his SPD [84 to 85] and with his AGI [83] and ACC [85] it places him amongst 9 other DE players and 16 other OLB players with such a combination. His Height [6’3”] and weight [255 lbs to 265 lbs] will separate him from his similar peers.
QB Matthew Stafford & QB Derek Carr – MUCH can be lost if a team sees their starting signal caller missing time due to injury… with that being said, both the starter (Matthew Stafford) and the back-up (Derek Carr) get some LOVE and will have their INJ rating bumped up.

Training Camp

WR Laquon Treadwell
Will improve his SPD [94 > 95]

DE/OLB Noah Spence
Will improve his SPD [84 > 85]

LT Shon Coleman
Will improve his SPD [61 > 62] / AGI [65 > 66] / ACC [75 > 76]

Offseason Training & Conditioning

DE/OLB Noah Spence
Will improve his STR [72 > 73]
WR Laquon Treadwell
Will improve his ACC [96 > 97]

QB Derek Carr
Will improve his INJ [67 > 72]
QB Matthew Stafford
Will improve his INJ [88 > 93]

Body Diet:
LT Shon Coleman
Will increase his Weight [318 > 328]
DE/OLB Noah Spence
Will increase his Weight [255 > 265]

• Upcoming Season Predictions- 1 Point for documenting how you anticipate your team will do in the upcoming season based on the changes you made this offseason (500 Words). 564

Knowing that GM Darryl Breckheimer is entering his 9th season in the GZL… leading the Buffalo Bills is revealing the fact that there’s been far fewer up’s than down’s. The team has won only 48% of its games and has 1 AFC East Divisional Title in that time. There appears to be an opportunity for the Buffalo Bills to climb atop the AFC East right now… but that window of opportunity might be closing soon knowing QB Matthew Stafford is entering the twilight of his career.

Anything less than the AFC East Divisional Title would be a failed season… but, if the team enters the playoffs via the wildcard it would still have an opportunity to redeem itself. Upcoming “Season Predictions”??? I’d be shocked if the Buffalo Bills weren’t 10-6 or better… the offense alone should be able to assure 10 victories on its own merit. There will be nothing more important than the games the Bills play within the division… if the team can go 4-2 against their divisional foes it should take some of the pressure off the head coach & General Manager.

There appears to be an opportunity for the Buffalo Bills to climb atop the AFC East right now… but that window of opportunity might be closing soon knowing QB Matthew Stafford is entering the twilight of his career. There is strength in the running and passing game like there never has been before with this team… HB Riddick Owen is ELITE while QB Matthew Stafford, WR Robert Woods & Laquon Treadwell are as formidable as any other QB/WR combo the league has to offer. If there’s a weakness this unit needs to worry about it might be the left side of the offensive line… there’s rookie at LT, Shon Coleman and RG David Yanke is entering his 3rd season with virtually no playing time under his belt.
QB Matthew Stafford
HB Riddick Owen
FB Noah Mohr
WR Robert Woods
WR Laquon Treadwell
TE Marques Johnson
LT Shon Coleman
LG David Yanke
C Trey Owen
RG Barrett Jones
RT Eric Fisher

The defense was bordering on pathetic last season… at best it was inconsistent. A couple of additions should help this unit turn the corner (hopefully)… namely, MLB Melvin Ingram. The veteran has 2 ProBowl seasons under his belt and has been a consistent contributing factor while playing for the San Diego Chargers. Another upgrade was RE William Gholston (5 of 6 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals)… and the team drafted DE/OLB Noah Spence (which should offer some quality depth). The team moves on without DT Nick Fairley… they’ll need to account for the void he leaves (there’s some questions as to whether DT Colt Hemingway can pick up where Fairley left off).
LE Shawn Oakman
DT Marcell Dareus
DT Colt Hemingway
RE William Gholston
LOLB Jeremiah Joseph
MLB Melvin Ingram
ROLB Kiko Alonso
CB Pete Williams
CB Darqueze Dennard
FS Dean Rowe
SS Mark Barron

Special Teams
There aren’t any worries here… K Spencer Roth is one of the best kickers in the league while P Maximilian Bauer is respectable. The team could have looked at acquiring a player that specializes in Kick & punt returning… but it appears they will give HB John Almon an opportunity to get a 2nd season at the job under his belt.
K Spencer Roth
P Maximilian Bauer
KR/PR John Almon
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Bills 2020 Training Camp
Previous Season Recap (517 words)
The Buffalo Bills took strides in the right direction… seeing the team improve from a 7-9 record in 2018 to a 9-7 record in 2019. But in the end, a 4 game winning streak late in the season was only enough to share the best record in the AFC East with the New England patriots (who were crowned Divisional Champs on a tie breaker).
It's difficult to say whether QB Andrew Luck will ever capture the hearts of his fans, coaches or GM Darryl Breckheimer… but, his most recent season in Buffalo should have him heading the right direction. In his 9th season as a pro (after being drafted 1st overall in 2011) Andrew Luck finally surpassed 4000 passing yards in a single season with 4198 yards. You're typically please if your QB throws twice as many TD's to INT's... Luck did that with 23 TD's and only 10 INT's. Even with moderate completion % (57%) and yards per attempt (7.69) you'd have to label this season one of his best and likely a TOP 10 passer in GZL.
The identity tied to the Buffalo Bills offense has and will for the foreseeable future belong to HB Riddick Owen. It would have been a lot to ask for, a repeat of last year's production, but the team can certainly be happy with 1529 yards (ranks Owen 3rd in GZL) and team average of 120.6 yards per game (ranks the team 12th in GZL). Seems there were some signs of being a threat out of the backfield as a receiver... Owen had a career high 20 catches for 269 yards and 2 TD's.
The Buffalo Bills had 2 WR's over 1000 yards, in a season, for only the 3rd time in team history. Outside of QB Andrew Luck… the addition of WR Dez Bryant (1131 yards and 5 TD's) helped no one more than WR Robert Woods (1476 yards and 7 TD's). Having a threat opposite Woods seemed to lift the pressure and allow the talented Woods to show off his potential. The team improved their yards passing per game from 23rd in 2018 to 3rd (269.3) in 2019.
The Bills led the way in penalties (73) & penalty yards (701)… which no doubt worked against their success in 1st downs (ranked 2nd in GZL with 17.2 per game). The Bills continue to struggle in the RedZone… they ranked 25th with only 82%.
Defensively the Buffalo Bills ranked 3rd in GZL with only 330 yards per game… in large part, that can be tied back to ranking 1st in GZL with only giving up 89 yards on the ground per game. The Buffalo Bills ranked 9th in GZL with 35 sacks and ranked 10th in GZL with 26 takeaways. In only his 2nd season as a pro, LE Shawn Oakman accrued 13 sacks, 43 tackles and 10 tackles for a loss... it's evident he's the real deal and will haunt opposing QB's for the next decade. There were 3 defensive backfield players worth commending... CB Pete Williams, CB Darqueze Denanard and SS Mark Barron all had 3 INT's.

Offseason Recap (1012 words)
Players Who Moved On…
QB Andrew Luck
Expectations were set high for QB Andrew Luck when the Buffalo Bills acquired the former 1st overall selection from the Kansas City Chiefs. After 4 seasons with QB Andrew Luck behind center, without a trip to the playoffs, General Manager Darryl Breckheimer decided it was time to shake things up. Knowing QB Andrew Luck had 3 years remaining on his deal, and $10.920 MIL via bonus, Amnesty was the avenue chosen for Luck’s departure. The move clears $15.960 MIL in 2020 and only incurs $0.960 MIL cap hit in 2021. A gentleman’s handshake / agreement had the Chicago bears willing to offer selection 1.25 for QB Andrew Luck.
FB Henry Hynoski
After 2 seasons the Buffalo Bills decided to part ways with the highly paid FB… the move cleared cap while bringing in a seasoned center (Brandon Fusco).
WR Dez Bryant
The aging (regressing) playmaker was dealt for a draft pick… the move cleared cap and a roster spot for other targeted WR’s (via free agency & the draft).
WR Stedman Bailey
Never anything more than a slot WR and kick returner (often injured his 1st season with the team)… the move cleared cap and a roster spot for other targeted WR’s (via free agency & the draft).
TE Vernon Davis
The Buffalo Bills enjoyed 4 solid seasons from the VERY talented TE… 2400 yards and 15 TD (242 pancakes) while in Buffalo.
MLB Jack Pounds
It was decided that moving MLB Jack Pounds was an option if there was a team out there willing to send compensation back of a 2nd round pick. In short time the Detroit Lions came calling offering selection 2.05 for Jack Pounds. This move sticks the Buffalo Bills with a cap hit of -$1.650 MIL in 2021 but clears $3.360 MIL cap space in 2020.
TE Carlton London
The Buffalo Bills placed a minimum RFA tender on TE Carlton London… but opted to not match the offer made by the New Orleans Saints (paying $2.270 MIL year 1).

Others Not Returning…
QB Pat Devlin
WR T.J. Moe
LT Ben Grubbs
C Demetrius Conway
RE Mario Williams
RE Calais Campbell
MLB Navorro Bowman
ROLB Tyler Fox
CB Leodis McKelvin
CB Joe Haden
CB Bruce Rogers
SS Justin Thorton

Players Added To The Mix…
TE Brett Brackett
With the retirement of TE Vernon Davis the Buffalo Bills found themselves needing to fill his large cleats in short time. Though TE Carlton London was the heir apparent… it seemed wise to at least offer some competition at the position. The Buffalo Bills send selection 4.20 in exchange for TE Brett Brackett, selections 6.14 & 7.32.
DT Nick Fairley
The Buffalo Bills took an aggressive stab at acquiring DT Sheldon Richardson via “Pre-Draft UFA / Match Eligble”… when the St Louis Rams decided to match the offer made it the Bills started talks in what it’d take to get DT Nick Fairley.
QB Matthew Stafford
Landing the future GZL Hall of Fame QB couldn’t have been predicted and more than fills the void QB Andrew Lucks departure created. There’s an upgraded offensive line, upgraded set of targets to find downfield and one of the league’s elite running backs in place for QB Matthew Stafford… prepare for FIREWORKS!!!
QB Chad Henne
Initially thought to be QB Andrew Lucks replacement… there was an acknowledged downgrade at the position the team was willing to accept. Now with QB Matthew Stafford signed for the next 3 years, the Buffalo Bills have the luxury of having a GREAT insurance plan in the event of an unforeseen injury to Stafford.
WR Cordarrelle Patterson
The team was excited to acquire the 6’3” WR to replace Dez Bryant… even if it was at a price more than he might have been worth [$6.280 year 1]. Now with rookie WR Laquan Treadwell being drafted by the Buffalo Bills it appears Patterson becomes the HIGHEST paid slot WR in league history Asleep’m guessing).
LT Carl Nicks
A slight upgrade from last season… LT Carl Nicks should easily fill Ben Grubbs shoes.
LG Jon Asamoah
Another upgrade to the offensive line… LG Jon Asamoah pushes J.C. Tretter into a back-up role.
C Brandon Fusco
The Buffalo Bills were a bit unsettled at the center position last season… C Brandon Fusco should be a nice upgrade from Mario Benavides who will now find his way to the bench.

Draft Day
1.04 WR Laquon Treadwell – One of the most physically gifted receivers coming out of college in some time… instantly will be in the conversation regarding possible Offensive Rookie of the Year candidates.
2.09 CB Junior Malloy – You can’t coach height… so at 6’2”, he’s considered special. He will be buried on the depth chart for some time while he’s groomed by an experienced defensive backfield in Buffalo. He’ll be hitting his stride by year 3 and should be in the mix as a starter or nickle spot.
4.18 LE Gerald Rogers – Will likely be moved to OLB, even if he gets SKEWED well, he’s a project at best. Biggest concerns are a lack of strength and awareness.
5.18 FB Noah Mohr – Assuming he isn’t destroyed by a bad SKEW… he will start and be in place for numerous years blocking for one of the elite running backs in GZL.
5.20 WR Grayson Smith – He should offer depth behind a talented trio of receivers in Buffalo… could possibly be used as a kick returner. ~ The homer in me couldn’t pass up on drafting a player out of Minnesota ~
6.12 HB John Almon – Is being consider as the 2nd option behind HB Riddick Owen… which would mean 50-75 carries on the year. ~ The homer in me couldn’t pass up on drafting a player out of Minnesota ~
6.14 TE Max Patterson – Will be used in 2 TE sets… so he can look forward to a dozen receptions and double digit pancakes.
6.20 CB Gannon Katz – Hopefully, he never leaves the bench.
7.32 DT Jupiter Shaw – Hopefully, he never leaves the bench… Mr. Irrelevant [7.32]!

Offseason Training and Conditioning (507 words)
WR Laquon Treadwell +1 AGI [94 to 95]
I tend to like unique players and knowing it’s rare to see a WR who is 6’2” (or taller) with elite agility (95+) I had to make the investment in Laquon Treadwell. There will be only 5 players in GZL who are 6’2” (or taller) with elite agility (95+) and 3 of those players came out of this year’s draft.

CB Junior Malloy +1 SPD [91 to 92]
Truth be told, Junior Malloy does not fill an immediate need for the Buffalo Bills. Can’t afford to pass on the opportunity to invest in a 6’2” CB knowing the league has a fascination with tall defensive backs. The progression in speed will put Junior Malloy in the company of 13 other 6’2” (or taller) CB’s.

QB Matthew Stafford +5 INJ [84 to 89]
The season looks bright for the Buffalo Bills offensive unit Asleep’m projecting a top 5 performing offense). Not sure any other position in the game depends on health more than QB… so focusing on Matthew Stafford was an easy decision.

CB Pete Williams +5 INJ [88 to 93]
I feel most teams lack quality depth at CB, though that’s not the case with the Buffalo Bills it’s still important to do what you can to ensure defensive backfield doesn’t lose a starter in such an important position.

Body Diet
WR Laquon Treadwell +10 [229 to 239]
I said it previously, I LOVE unique players and am willing to groom players to be the Unicorn of the GZL. Once Laquon Treadwell puts on 10 lbs he’ll join 4 other WR’s who boast such MASS.

FB Noah Mohr +10 [232 to 242]
He’s a project, at best, at this point and will likely get no further grooming moving forward. The added weight simply gets him amongst the other players in the league playing his same position.

LE Shawn Oakman | +1 SPD (82) | +1 ACC (85) 3rd Boost
One of GM Darryl Breckheimer’s favorite players. He’s HUGE at 6’8” and 290 lbs and moves as quickly as a linebacker. This FREAK of a man is a near lock to rack up double digit sack totals every season for the next 10 seasons.

K Spencer Roth | +1 KPW (97) 2nd Boost
The Buffalo Bills have committed LONG term to Spencer Roth and have a kicker with one of the strongest legs in the league. There’s currently 6 players with the kicking power Spencer Roth will enter the 2020 season with, and with his gained AWR & kicking accuracy he should be in store for his best season as a PRO.

WR Laquon Treadwell | +1 SPD (94) | +1ACC (96) 1st Boost
He’ll get as much grooming as possible knowing he’s the highest drafted player in the Buffalo Bills history (4th overall). There’s only 1 other player in GZL who’ll be able to boast the SPD (94), AGI (95) & ACC (96) combination that Laquon Treadwell sports entering the 2020 season (fellow rookie WR Tyler Boyd).

Upcoming Season Predictions
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Bills looking to Pre-Draft Free Agency to fill needs!
The disappointment of targeting 5 players in the “Pre-Draft UFA | Match-Eligible” stage of the offseason and walking away with none of them was daunting. I laid my head down last night wondering how the Buffalo Bills would compete for the AFC East title heading into the 2020 season. The amount of talent jettisoned this offseason was significant and at this point seemed it would be improbable a task to replace (to say GM Darryl Breckheimer was banking on stealing talent by throwing cash around is an understatement).

After a good night sleep and Pre-Draft Free Agency opening things are not looking as bleak… and there’s plenty of cap space to fill most (if not all) needs. Though it’s painful to lose out on the likes of QB Ricky Stanzi, DT Sheldon Richardson and LT Ernie Bowman… the Bills have already started to work toward filling those needs via other avenues (DT Nick Fairley was acquired via trade).

The Bills will make HEALTHY offers on half dozen players… it seems QB, WR, FB, OL, DE LB and CB are the more obvious areas of need (yes, there are many needs that must be addressed this offseason). Though the Buffalo Bills have nearly $55 MIL they can make available, they’ll likely reserve 10 MIL for the players the draft (that leaves a COOL $45 MIL to throw around).

Knowing the Bills took a swing at landing QB Ricky Stanzi (who was retained by the defending SuperBowl Champion Washington Redskins)… some would assume the Bills are targeting one of the veteran QB’s available. There’s no doubt QB Mathew Stafford will find a place to play this season and should/could get as many suitors as anyone in Free Agency… but due to his contract demands it’ll likely narrow those that can bid for his services.

Message to all GM’s looking to land talent via Free Agency (Pre-Draft)… COME BIG, or don’t bother at all!
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Bills - Week 5: 49ers 23 - Bills 16

Once again the Bills find themselves needing to work out of a hole and get their record back to .500 and beyond. The Buffalo Bills fell to the San Francisco 23-16, even though the Bills won the Time of Possession battle, had more 1st downs, had more success in the RedZone, had more total offense and won the Turnover battle. I’m not pleased with QB Andrew Lucks performance (completed less than 50% of his passes) and would expct more than a 3.52 avg from HB Riddcik Owen. In the end, WR Terrance Williams (a player the Bills were actively attempting to trade for this offseason) was the difference maker… with 9 receptions, 158 yards and 2 TD’s.

WR Robert Woods… 4 receptions for 115 yards
RT Eric Fisher… 7 pancakes 0 sacks allowed
LT Ben Grubbs… 7 pancakes 0 sacks allowed
MLB Navorro Bowman… 6 tackles, 1 forced fumble & 1 fumble recovery
LE Shawn Oakman… 4 tackles & 2 sacks

QB Andrew Luck… not God awful, but certainly failed to impress with 29 passing attempts (just 210 yards through the air and failed to complete 50% of his passes)

Week 6 – The New York Jets host the Buffalo Bills after ending a 4 game skid with a victory over the Seattle Seahawks last week. Both teams have failed to win within the division this season, so this matchup is vital for both teams. The Jets QB Jonathan Higgins has failed to impress having thrown 9 INT’s to only 4 TD’s. It’ll be interesting to see how the Bills go about defending WR Aaron Drogan… he has all the TD’s thrown by Higgins this season. Vegas has the odds favoring the Buffalo Bills slightly… but this one is truly to close to call.

The rotation between WR T.J. Moe & WR Stedman Bailey has been split virtually in half… seems the offensive coordinator is growing impatient with the drops T.J. Moe has had thus far and there’s talk of him dropping in the depthchart… or possibly being made available via Amnesty / Free Agency
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Bills - Quarter Turn Report Card

Offense = C+
QB Andrew Luck:
He’s been awful in 1 game, good in another game and average in 2 games… we expect more from him and aren’t getting it. Can’t say he’s been the reason for 2 loses, so we’ll grade him out at this point with a slightly below average grade. C-

HB Riddick Owen:
The season opener was rough [held to 58 yards with a 2.76 avg]… since then, Riddick Owen has been a BEAST [66 carries for 348 yards a 5.27 average and 3 TD’s]. Getting what we’d hope from our Bell Cow back! B+

Both Robert Woods & Dez Bryant have delivered [though Bryant did get off to a slow start]. At this point, the pair will both surpass 1000+ yards and provide their QB with legitimate targets. Solid grades are deserved here… but need these guys to find the endzone more frequently! B-

The offensive line has given up 6 sacks while FB Henry Hynoski allowed 1… I’d say that’s not up to par with what I was hoping from this unit. On the bright side, the run blocking [especially on runs straight ahead] has been great. C+

Defense = B
Front 4:
Appears LE Shawn Oakman is on pace to have a similar season as last [roughly 50 tackles with 9 to 12 sacks], DT Marcell Dareus has been out for multiple games, RE Calais Campbell was lost for the year… thus picking up DT Tai Perry [pleasant surprise with 7 tackles and 2 sacks] RE Mario Williams [2 tackles a forced fumble and recovered fumble]. Patch work has been needed from game to game and the team has used both a 4-3 & 3-4 base defense… all that being said, this unit has contributed to be ranked 7th in points allowed [19 points per game] and 4th in rush defense [allowing only 95 yards a game]. B+

This group has been counted on more than expected with the injuries up front and the need to switch between a 4-3 & 3-4 base defense. There has been no lack of production… the 4 LB’s [Joseph, Bowman, Pounds & Alonso] have a combined 70 tackles, 10 tackles for a loss, 2 forced fumbles, 2 INT’s and a TD to their credit. B+

Defensive Backs:
The pass defense has been a bit of a disappointment thus far… to say the least. The Bills pass defense is ranked 23rd [allowing 259 yards a game] and a depth chart shake up is probably coming sooner than later. D+

Special Teams = B
There was a bit of a scare after 2 games… K Spencer Roth was 2 of 4 in FG attempts (though 1 of those attempts was 55 yards out). Since that time, Roth has hit 9 of 9 attempts and is 8 of 8 XP attempts and has 20% touchbacks on his kickoffs. B

The Bills picked up Maximilian Bauer as a free agent and are thrilled with his performance thus far… ranked 6th in the league with a 47.2 yard average. B+
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Bills - Week 4: Bills 23 - Steelers 17

The Buffalo Bills held on in a close fought game to advance to 2-2 and now only find themselves 1 game behind the upstart 3-1 New England Patriots. The Pittsburg Steelers gave the victorious Bills a scare late when they converted on 4 of 4 4th down attempts in the team’s final drive… the defense definitely bent but refused to break. In the end there were no Ryan Mallett heroics (who threw for 350 yards) and the Bills defense not only stymied the final drive, but held the Steelers rushing attack to just 29 yards.

HB Riddick Owen… 133 yards on 25 carries [5.32 avg]
WR Dez Bryant… 9 receptions for 111 yards and a TD
K Spencer Roth… 3 of 3 FG’s & 2 of 2 XP’s [11 points]
Defense… held the Steelers to just 23 yards rushing
LE Shawn Oakman… 4 tackles & 2 sacks

QB Andrew Luck… not God awful, but certainly failed to impress with 32 passing attempts (just 205 yards through the air)

Week 3 – The San Francisco 49ers come off a bye week and travel to Buffalo… both the Bills & 49ers have a 2 game win streak in hand. The 49ers have been able to score at will thus far [averaging 30.3 points per game] and have QB Geno Smith, in large part, to thank for it. This should be a GREAT test for the Buffalo Bills pass defense… though Geno Smith has racked up the passing yards, he is suspect to making the occasional mistake [6 INT’s in 3 games]. The 49ers still have HB Charles Sims on the shelf with a broken tailbone while the Bills see the return of DT Marecell Dareuss.

The Buffalo Bills have been discussing the possible trade of MLB Jack Pounds… final negotiations have a NFC North team close to landing the player [unclear of what comes back in return, but it seem draft picks would be the compensation].
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Bills - Week 3: Seahawks 6 - Bills 39

This one was never close… and the fans in attendance at Ralph Wilson Stadium LOVED the new found FIRE POWER on offense! The offense converted 50% of their 3rd down attempts, found the redzone 8 times and scored on 7 of those visits. There was balance between the passing and running game… QB Andrew Luck passed for 424 yards while HB Riddick Owen gained 122 yards of the teams 138 rushing yards. Not to be outdone, the defense gave Seahawks QB Cam Newton fits all day… QB Cam Newton was sacked 4 times (fumbled) and threw 3 INT’s. The Seattle Seahawks rushing game was only able to muster up 34 total yards.

HB Riddick Owen… 122 yards on 22 carries [5.55 avg] and 3 TD’s
WR Robert Woods… 9 receptions for 178 yards
WR Dez Bryant… 7 receptions for 132 yards
K Spencer Roth… 6 of 6 FG’s & 3 of 3 XP’s [21 points]
Defense… 5 tackles for a loss, 4 sacks & 3 INT’s

LE Shawn Oakman… 0 sacks and only 2 tackles (slow start to the season)

Week 3 – Frustration build heading into Pittsburg (is Luck on the verge of being traded?)
On paper… this appears to be a pretty evenly matched battle between 2 team desperately trying to stay in the hunt. Points scored an points allowed couldn’t get much closer… offensively the Bills seem to have a bit more fire power while defensively the Steeler contain their opponents better. All the attention this week seems to be centered on rumors more so than the Pittsburg Steelers. We’ve been down this road before, but there seems to be steam building around a possible trade of QB Andrew Luck… no legitimate source has been reveal as of yet though. There appears no chance QB Andrew Luck gets moved prior to the visit to Pittsburg (Amnesty cost 15 points… the Bills will have 14 after this article) knowing Luck has gotten all 1st team reps in practice.
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Bills - Week 2: Dolphins 16 - Bills 6
Major disappointment… primarily with the offense, only converted 2 of 17 3rd down attempts [16.6%]. The struggles offensively seem to reside with the signal caller at this point… QB Andrew Luck only completed 50% of his passes [for 272 yards] threw an INT (occurred inside the 5 yard line) and had a QB rtg of 66.1 (sacked 3 times). Both HB Riddick Owen & QR Robert Woods provided healthy contributions while RG Barrett Jones lead the way up front with 9 pancakes.

P Mxiimilian Bauer… had a punt that went 82 yards [4 yards short of the league record]
WR Robert Woods… 5 receptions for 112 yards
RG Barrett Jones… 9 pancakes & 0 sacks allowed
LOLB Jeremiah Joseph… 10 tackles [1 for a loss]

RE Calais Campbell… 2 tackles [season ending injury with a broken jaw]
The offense… only 6 points, REALLY???

Week 2 – Here’s what needs to happen!
Time for the offense to LIGHT it up… no more of this conservative control the clock BULLSHIT, it simply doesn’t work. QB Andrew Luck needs to step up and live up to the HYPE when he was entering the league. Not too worried about HB Riddick Owen… give him his 20 carries and he’ll get you a 4 to 5 yard average. Up front… C Demetrius Conway is on the verge of losing his starting role, he needs to deliver this week after allowing 2 sacks last week. Defensively… we plan on making this a LONG day for QB Cam Newton [who has had a rough start to the season with a 62 QB rtg]. The Buffalo Bills have placed CB Leodis McKelvin and RE Calais Campbell on IR… stepping in, CB Joe Hadden & RE Mario Williams [shouldn’t be much of a drop off at all].
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Bills - Week 1: Bengals 34 - Bills 21
Closely contested game most of the way… in the end the offense wasn’t able to sustain drives and score points in the 2nd half. Disappointing season opener for QB Andrew Luck & HB Riddick Owen… Andrew Luck didn’t even complete 40% of his passes and on 21 carries Riddick Owen amassed only 58 yards [2.76 avg]. On the defensive side… the defense allowed 161 yards and 2 TD’s to HB Giovani Bernard. It’s worth noting, LG Ty Sambrailo set a Bengals single game record for pancakes with 14.

WR Robert Woods… 6 receptions for 102 yards & TD
LG J.C. Tretter… 7 pancakes & o sacks allowed
MLB Navorro Bowman… 7 tackles, fumble recovery & TD

QB Andrew Luck… passed for only 162 yards and completed 39% of his passes
HB Riddick Owen… only gained 58 yards [2.76 avg] and fumbled 2 times
WR Dez Bryant… 1 reception for 14 yards
Defensive front 4… only 8 tackles and no sacks [primarily responsible for allowing 215 yards on the ground]

Week 2 – What does history tell us?
It’s no secret that divisional match-ups play a pivotal impact to the success or failures a team encounters in fighting for post season play. The Bills are 17-13, against active GM’s in the AFC East, since GM Darryl Breckheimer took control of the franchise [compared to 45-52 overall]… so you can count on this week’s game against the Dolphins & GM Ben Harbinger being competitive. In the 12 games where Breckheimer & Harbinger faced each other each has walked away the victor 6 times. In those 12 games 7 0f 12 games were decided by 3 or less points 7 of 12 times while 9 0f 12 games were decided by 7 or less points. In recent history, Breckheimer and his Bills have won 6 of the last 9 match-ups.
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Bills - Preseason Line-Up
QB Andrew Luck
HB Riddick Owen
FB Henry Hynoski
WR Dez Bryant
WR Robert Woods
TE Vernon Davis
LT Ben Grubbs
LG J.C. Tretter
C Demetrius Conway
RG Barrett Jones
RT Erik Fisher
K Spencer Roth

Other players on the watch list:
WR T.J. Moe
WR Stedman Bailey
TE Carlton London
C Mario Benavides

There really aren’t too many battles for starting spots on Offense… at best, there’s some question as to whether Demetrius Conway or Mario Benavides will start at center. Outside of that, the slot will be filled by T.J. Moe & Stedman Bailey (advantage Bailey). It’ll be hard to justify playing TE Carlton London in front of Vernon Davis… but knowing this is likely the last season for Davis in Buffalo there’s some desire to see London in action (might get 2 or 3 starts in preseason).

Many GM’s HATE taking the risk of starting their regular season starters… that’s not the case in Buffalo! The biggest questions to be answered in preseason games is what kind of impact will adding WR Dez Bryant provide.

LE Shawn Oakman
DT Marcell Dareus
DT Terrence Cody
RE Calias Campbell
LOLB Jeremiah Joseph
MLB Jack Pounds
ROLB Kiko Alonso
CB Pete Williams
CB Darqueze Dennard
FS Thurmon Blount
SS Mark Barron
P Maximilian Bauer

Other players on the watch list:
LOLB Tyler Williamson
CB Kieth Schultz

Minimal depth on the defensive side of the ball and that has nearly no battles for starting spots taking place this offseason. Looking to the future, it is unlikely that DT Terrence Cody or RE Calias Campbell return next year… unfortunately, there’s no one that could step in for them this season or next (no doubt a focus next offseason (either via the draft, free agency or trade).

For the most part, regular season starters will get the nod. The exception might be… LOLB will get at least 2 preseason starts in place of LOLB Jeremiah Joseph and Nickle CB Kieth Schultz will get 2 starts replacing both Williams & Dennard for a game a piece.
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Bills Training Camp - 2019
Go Read it!


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Buffalo Bills - Rookies & New Comers
Rookies & New Comers

The Buffalo Bills enter the season counting on a few new faces… periodically, we’ll check in to see how the additions to the team have played:

FB Henry Hynoski
There’s no secret as to why the Buffalo Bills acquired FB Henry Hynoski… they envisioned the 257 lbs FB clearing the path for HB Riddick Owen. Though there has only been 3 games, it seems evident that Henry Hynoski is fitting into his role perfectly. With 17 pancakes (0 sacks allowed) already amassed it seems safe to say Riddick Owen will find his yardage on the rise this season.

LT Ben Grubbs
Well into the twilight of his career at this point, the Buffalo Bills looked to Ben Grubbs as a fill-in and mentor for a season or two. Could it be that ben Grubbs has other plans? After 3 weeks, Ben Grubbs leads his fellow offensive linemen in pancakes and has yet to give up a sack.

LE Shawn Oakman
With the 25th overall selection in the most recent draft… it appears the Buffalo Bills found themselves a GEM. In 3 games, LE Shawn Oakman has 13 tackles, a tackle for a loss, 5 sacks and2 forced fumbles. It’s a bit early in Oakman’s career to start projecting who’ll be introducing him into the HOF… but, by week 8 we should be ready to hand him the Defensive Rookie of the Year honors.

K Spencer Roth
The Buffalo Bills knew they were getting a kid with a leg and hoped he could make the transition from punter to kicker… at this point, the jury is still out. The good news, Spencer Roth has made all 5 attempted extra points… but having only made 3 of 7 FG’s has some nervous of whether the team can afford to ride through his growing pains.
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Bills Rookie Watch

LE Shawn Oakman – Appears the learning curve is short for this young man… he made an immediate impact week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The defensive line was solid in the trenches holding HB Jeremy Hill under 100 yards and scoreless. Not only did LE Shawn Oakman tally 6 tackles but he sacked QB Malik McNabb… and forced a fumble. The rookie HB [Jeremy Hill] was brought down in the back field by LE Shawn Oakman as well… overall, a well round effort by the highly touted defensive lineman.

K Spencer Roth – Without a doubt, the biggest question mark entering the regular season. After week 1 it seems the Buffalo Bills are no closer to feeling comfortable with who they’ve headed into the regular season as their starting FG kicker. After missing both FG attempts week 1 ones needs to wonder if the confidence of Spencer Roth is shaken to appoint where it’ll impact him moving forward. On the bright side, Spencer Roth was able to sail 1 of 2 kickoffs deep enough for a touchback… seems his leg strength has translated to the GZL.

Non-factors – OLB Tyler Fox, WR Tyler Nussbaum and MLB Darnell Hopkins never made their way to the filed. Knowing injuries and/or special teams are the only avenue to playing time for these young men no one is surprised they filed to contribute.

Outlook for rookies…
VERY high hopes have been expressed and placed upon LE Shawn Oakman, and at this point no one is disappointed. I’d imagine we’ll need to log 4 weeks before anyone in GZL starts any chatter about ROY nominations… but, it’s hard to not get excited after watching this monster of a MAN show what he’s capable of against a former 1st round selection in RT Perry Lawrence.
Concern confirmed after 2 missed FG’s! The Buffalo Bills will explore possible options but will not rush to judgment on K Spencer Roth… at this point, he retains the duties and has an opportunity to prove himself week 2.
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Bills WK 1 - OUCH!
Eagles OWN Bills in season opener...

It stings when your team gets nearly doubled in total offense (381 to 191), loses the time of possession battle and creates 3 turnovers and offers 0 in return yet still can’t seem to be a factor in the game… damn near the perfect storm, if you ask me. Want to know how the story gets even worse… your starting CB goes down and you are told he will be out for 8 weeks. Fuck me gently… can this get any better… PLEASE? The answer is NO… this all took place week to the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that maneuvered through a full season without a single win. FUCKING PERFECT!

Okay… time to take a deep a breath. It’s only 1 game and as they say, “on any given Sunday”… RIGHT? So, the Buffalo Bills will need to regroup and use this early experience as an opportunity to prove the rest of the GZL that they are not the same lowly bunch of inconsistent hacks that have failed to impress the past couple of seasons.

Let’s look on the bright side… we learned a bit about the defense and what they are capable of delivering. The defensive line offered pressure that was nearly non-existent last season… collectively, 5 sacks and 2 tackles for a loss (everyone on the front line had a sack). For good measure, OLB Jerry Gonzalez added 2 sacks. As if that wasn’t enough, the youthful starters @ CB captured 2 INT’s while savvy vet Leodis McKelvin also had an INT. Though Jeremy Hill was held under 100 yards… WR Emanual Sanders hauled in 5 receptions for 140 yards, one of which was for a score.

Here’s the bad news… the offense was a no-show! Unable to score or even muster up much of threat to even throw together much of a drive at any point in the game. Completely pathetic… and unacceptable.

Next week the Buffalo Bills face the New York Giants… they found themselves falling to the New York Jets week 1 13-3. This is the perfect time for the Bills to step up and take advantage of a team still trying to find themselves after losing their long time GM James Paronne… a loss felt well beyond the front office of the franchise, the whole league is in Mourning.
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Bills Player Profile - HB Riddick Owen
HB Riddick Owen – Entering his 3rd season with the Buffalo Bills, Riddick Owen is already marching toward the GZL Buffalo Bills record book. Projections have Riddick Owen capturing the GZL Buffalo Bills all-time rushing title after the quarter turn of the season. It’s still fresh in Buffalo Bill Fans memory of the 2014 season when HB Darren McFadden [the current all-time rushing leader in GZL Buffalo Bills history] rushed for 1860 yards and 10 TD’s… this is what fans in Buffalo are looking for from Riddick Owen.
There is promise in HB Riddick Owen, who was selected 6th overall in the 2016 draft. There are no players that can boast the combination of his attributes at his position [SPD = 95 / STR = 79 / AGI = 90 / ACC = 90]… and when you take into account his size of 6’0” at 244 lbs it’s hard to imagine Riddick Owen not eventually approaching some of the all-time GZL greats [Ryan Mathews = 13,023 yards].
Riddick Owen paid homage to former Ohio State great Archie Griffin when he announced he was selecting jersey number 45. In similar fashion this offseason Riddick Owen declared he would like to honor former Buffalo Bills great HB Thurman Thomas by wearing his jersey number 34… Thurman Thomas granted the approval to wear number 34.
Seems to be a given that you can count on 300 plus carries this season and with an improved front 5 we’ll see a minimum of 1,250 yards. Obviously, Riddick is hoping for a better showing than that… but the team is suggesting they have a more well balanced offense and that could possible eat into his production. Anyway you cut it, the face of the Franchise is Riddick Owen and he’s got another five to six seasons of prominence and should have 10,000 yards under his belt by that time.

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Bills Player Profile - QB Andrew Luck
QB Andrew Luck – There is little doubt Andrew Luck will become the all-time career passing leader for the GZL Buffalo Bills. Andrew Luck currently trails Robert Griffin III by less than 2000 yards. Also, it’s likely Andrew Luck will also stake claim as the GZL Career TD leader for the Bills Franchise. These are just some of the GZL team records that are soon to fall… in short time, Luck should hold all of the prestigious stat records in the Buffalo Bills record book.
It was a rough start in Buffalo for Andrew Luck… it seemed he wasn’t going to live up to expectations and that his troublesome past and inconsistency in play had followed him when he left Kansas City. The former first overall pick in the 2011 draft spent five lack luster seasons in Kansas City and was labeled as a QB who couldn’t stay healthy and certainly wasn’t able to lead a team into the post season.
The Buffalo Bills refused to commit to Andrew Luck last season and placed the Franchise Tag on the QB opposed to offering a long term deal [in large part due to the less than impressive 2016 season – 63.9 QB rtg]. There were rumors that Luck was being shopped behind the scenes and that it was just a matter of time before he was shipped off to another team so that Buffalo could attempt to recoup some of the hefty price they had spent in acquiring his services.
The Bills once again placed the Franchise Tag on Andrew Luck this offseason… and once again there were rumors he was back on the Trade Block. Whether it came down to the market simply wouldn’t bare an acceptable return or that the Bills saw enough last season to put their full trust in the QB might never be known… regardless, the Bills eventually offered a $84.1M dollar salary [$18.2M bonus] over 5 years. The Bills appear to be all in with Andrew Luck as the Franchise QB and are without a doubt riding the next 4 to 5 season with him through the highs and lows.

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2018 TC | Bills | ~Work in Progress~
Previous Season Recap (811 of 500):

The Buffalo Bills recovered from a 4-7 start to pull into the division lead at 8-7 after defeating the Miami Dolphins week 16 by a convincing margin of 37-3. But the Bills were unable to take advantage of having destiny in their own hands and fell to the Minnesota Vikings in the final week of the season while the Dolphins secured the AFC East Divisional title by beating the Green Bay Packers.

You can probably find as much disappointment in an 8-8 season as you can silver linings… but let’s begin on focusing on the positive shall we.
Positive side of an 8-8 season:

• QB Andrew Luck began to show signs of deserving a LONG term contract. The player who had been Franchise Tag’d to start the season completed nearly 60% of his passes [57%] and accumulated 3503 yards through the air [his 2nd highest total in his career]. Another sign of being ready for the next step in his progression as a LEGIT leader behind center… 22 TD’s & only 12 INT’s [he had a QB rtg of 84.4].

• HB Riddick Owen was the focal point of the offense with 339 carries for 1348 yards & 9 TD’s on the ground. There’s no doubt that there’s numerous seasons in front of Riddick Owen as the Bills featured back… you can probably count on 1200 yards at a minimum for 4-6 more seasons.

• WR T.J. Moe was the primary target through the air… end result, 82 receptions for 1034 yards and 6 TD’s.

• The offensive line only gave up 11 sacks on the season… in 7 of 16 games, QB Andrew Luck wasn’t sacked.

• After raising some concern after 2 weeks [only 4 total tackles]… MLB Jack Pounds finished as the top tackler on the season with 100 tackles [18 tackles for a loss], a sack and 9 deflections. The team has no regrets acquiring MLB Pounds from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

• Following week 1 the Buffalo Bills acquired OLB Jeremiah Joseph from the San Francisco 49ers… 58 tackles [16 tackles for a loss], 5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 3 INT’s and 14 deflections.

• Defense allowed 209 yards a game through the air [ranked 7th].

• Defense allowed 21.5 points a game [ranked 8th].

• TOP [ranked 9th].

Disappointing side of an 8-8 season:
• LE Jonathan Massaquoi only able to record 5 sacks on the season… hardly enough knowing he just signed a $37 million contract [$9.7M].

• A 3 game losing streak in the 1st half of the season has you chasing the leader and a chance for post season play… not a recipe for success.

• A 1-3 record vs the NFC North ended up being the team’s downfall and eventual exit from any need to prepare for post season play.

• Defense allowed 118 yards a game on the ground [ranked 19th].

• Defense allowed a 38% 3rd down conversion rate [ranked 25th].

• Defense created 20 turnovers [ranked 25th].

In recent years the AFC East has been an embarrassment… the past 3 seasons have produced a 9-7 [MIA], 8-8 [MIA] & 9-7 [NE] Divisional Champ. It was the 2014 Buffalo Bills that last produced a respectable 12-4 record and represented the AFC East as a legit contender… but failed to deliver.

Transactions in the offseason included WR Dwayne Bowe (Amnesty for a 3rd round pick)… numerous cuts included TE Julio Rodriguez, C Douglas Martin, SS Charles Godfrey & DT Paul Russell. The Bills also restructured WR Robert Woods along with numerous Free Agency signings… SS Justin Thorton, OLB Patrick Bailey & DT Alan Branch.
Week 2 Transactions… Bills release CB Jim Welch, FS Jevan Wrobel & K Landry Clarke.

Following these cuts the team made 2 trades:
Bills Send:
• (4) Rams
Buccaneers Send:
• QB Logan Thomas

The price was right and the talent (though raw) was obvious… getting QB Logan Thomas for a 4th round pick seemed like a steal.


Bills Send:
• ROLB Glenn Roberts
• (3) 49ers
• (2) Patriots
49ers Send:
• WR Stedman Bailey
• LOLB Jeremiah Joseph
• (6) 49ers

Both WR Stedman Bailey & OLB Jeremiah Joseph appear to have a place with the team long term. There is the option of restructuring Bailey (he was a RFA)… his value as a slot WR & KR seems significant. The Bills were looking for an upgrade at OLB and got just that with Jeremiah Joseph… Joseph is under contract for a number of seasons also.

Week 8 Transactions… the Bills moved a player acquired via trade earlier in the season:

Chiefs Send:
• (6) Chiefs
• (3) Chiefs
Bills Send:
• QB Logan Thomas
• (7) Dolphins

The Bills were open to moving the talented/athletic QB only because they had a similar QB in Dana Osborne and got more in return than they gave for Logan Thomas.
Week 13 Transactions… the Bills placed a bid of a 3rd round pick on OLB Aaron Curry (who had been Amnestied).

Offseason Recap (1105 of 1000):

QB Andrew Luck [Franchise Tag - Restructured]
The Buffalo Bills started the offseason by placing the Franchise Tag on QB Andrew Luck… a move the team made last year as well. The difference this year, they eventually extended an off to the veteran QB ensuring he’d be in Buffalo for the unforeseeable future (contract specific… 5 years / salary of $84.100 million / $18.200 million guaranteed).

RG Barrett Jones [Exclusive Resign]
The team was torn on who to use their “Exclusive Resign” on… but in the end, they figured RG Barrett Jones might attract too much interest and feared a MAX deal would be required to keep his services in Buffalo so he was the chosen one (contract specific… 5 years / salary of $31.790 million / $9.950 million guaranteed).

CB Keith Schultz [RFA]
The Bills were surprised not a single team made a bid on CB Keith Schultz and promptly restructured his deal (contract specific… 5 years / salary of $18.920 million / $3.100 million guaranteed).

LE Jaime Robinson [RFA]
No bids made on LE Jaime Robinson and the team will rely on his services as a back-up but decided to not restructure his deal at this time (contract specific… 1 year / salary of $.890 million / $0.000 million guaranteed).

CB B.W. Webb [RFA]
No bids made on LE Jaime Robinson and the team will rely on his services as a back-up but decided to not restructure his deal at this time (contract specific… 1 year / salary of $.890 million / $0.000 million guaranteed).

SS Mark Barron [FA – Match Eligible]
For some time now the Buffalo Bills have considered SS Mark Barron as an elite Safety, arguably the best in the league. Well, the team now will pay him accordingly and have locked him up for 5 years after matching the New England Patriots 30 million dollar salary offer in Pre-Draft Free Agency – Match Eligble (12 million guaranteed).

WR Stedman Bailey [FA – Match Eligible]
After an uneventful season (due to injury) it was unclear whether WR Stedman Bailey would be back in Buffalo. After failing to draw any interest / bids from any other teams in GZL, the Buffalo Bills will bring Bailey back as a kick returner and possibly share time as a slot wide receiver (contract specific… 5 years / salary of $20.350 million / $3.400 million guaranteed).

MLB Jack Pounds [FA – Match Eligible]
After a BREAK OUT season the Buffalo Bills feared they might face some league interest in MLB Jack Pounds services… luckily, that interest never materialized. The Buffalo Bills (contract specific… 5 years / salary of $17.440 million / $2.750 million guaranteed).

FB Henry Hynoski [Trade]
The Buffalo Bills filled a need while acquiring the 1st round selection they were after… FB Henry Hynoski instantly steps in as a starter. Though it’s unclear why Hynoski failed to see any significant playing time the past 2 seasons with the Green Bay Packer’s… prior to that stint, he was well established with the New Orleans Saints as a run blocker with a nice set of hands who could be relied on to catch a pass out of the backfield (contract specific… final year of deal, $3.810 million against the cap ).

QB Pat Devlin [UFA]
After deciding to not declare Pat Devlin “Match Eligble” The Buffalo Bills decided to offer $6.3M (salary), 1.2m (bonus) & 3 years during free agency.

Rams Send:
• LT Ben Grubbs
• (5) Rams
• (6) Colts
Bills Send:
• (6) Chiefs
• (3) Chiefs
• (6) Seahawks

Significant upgrade for the left side of the line… granted, LT Ben Grubbs has begun to regress but the price paid seemed fair.

Panthers Send:
• (4) Ravens
Bills Send:
• MLB Quan Sturdivant

Probably never saw the contribution from MLB Quan Sturdivant that the team believed they could count on when they sent a 2nd round pick for his services… the Bills were happy to get a 4th round pick in return as they bid him farewell.

Packers Send:
• FB Henry Hynoski
• (1) Rams
Bills Send:
• (5) Seahawks
• (4) Bills

Another upgrade for the offense… though the team isn’t thrilled about his cap # [$3.81M], there’s no doubting he’s one of the top FB’s in the league.

1.25 LE Shawn Oakman:
Shawn Oak possesses FREAKISH size, length and athleticism [AGI - 80]. He has an explosive first step [ACC = 82] and quick hands, and he uses his length well off the edge [at 6’8” he is the tallest DE in the league]. Shawn Oakman has to learn to play with a more consistent effort [STA = 77] and must develop some technique. However, he is a rare talent and has one of the highest ceilings in this draft for a DE.

3.12 K Spencer Roth:
Fourth-year starting punter, returning All-American and All-Big 12 honoree... 2013 honorable mention All-America and consensus first-team All-Big 12... Big, strong-legged senior... Projected 2014 preseason All-America by Sporting News (third team) and consensus first-team All-Big 12... Veteran with 36 career games played (fourth-most on squad) entering 2014 season... Career average of 43.85 (entering 2014) ranked second all-time at BU... Ranked seventh on career list for 60-yard punts (seven) and ninth on career 50-yard punts (28) entering 2014... 2011 Big 12 All-Freshman... Succeeded four-year Baylor punters Daniel Sepulveda and Derek Epperson. All that aside… Spencer Roth with hopefully enjoy his career as a successful place kicker (possibly an error while creating the draft class?).

4.08 LOLB Tyler Fox:
Fox is an instinctive run defender with decent range and the finishing burst to deliver big hits. He's not as effective in coverage as he lacks the fluid hips to hold up in man coverage.

5.25 WR Bryant Nussbaum:
Bryan Nussbaum is a polished route runner who has below-average quickness out of breaks. He is consistent catching the ball in traffic and must continue to get stronger. He has minimal flashes to create after the catch (possession receiver at best).

6.02 MLB Darnell Hopkins:
Hopkins is a thumper on the interior who has above-average power and strength at the point of attack. He flashes adequate instincts and range, but must learn to play with more discipline. He also comes with some character and maturity issues.

Training Camp (532 of 500):
CB Darqueze Dennard: +1 SPD 95
Probably gets the nod to start this year as mentor Leodis McKelvin settles in at Nickle. This is Darqueze Dennard’s 2nd boost and is likely to get a 3rd next offseason (plans are for Dennard to have SPD 96 & ACC 96). Obviously Dennard doesn’t possess the ideal height at 5’11” and he’s still working his AWR [79] to an elite level… so, there is some concern whether he’s ready for the starting role.

LE Shawn Oakman: +1 SPD 80 / +1 ACC 83
Excited… that’s the one word I have for rookie LE Shawn Oakman. There has never been a player as freakishly designed to play the position [6’8” and 290 lbs]… and entering his third season he’ll be suited to play either LE or OLB [SPD = 82 / STR = 85 / AGI = 80 / ACC 85]. Without a doubt, Oakman will start day one with the hope he delivers double digit sack totals [yearly] for many seasons to come.

CB Pete Williams: +1 SPD 94 / +1 ACC 94
At this point, Pete Williams is a finished product after receiving his third boost [SPD = 94 / AGI = 91 / ACC = 94 / JMP = 92]. It might be a stretch to call Williams elite, but for a late 2nd round selection the former Badger will roam the secondary of the Bills for many seasons to come.

Position Battles:
Wide Receiver… T.J. Moe has posted respectable numbers for a team that looks to run first and control the ball. But there’s no avoiding the elephant in the room, his contract is becoming a concern [$7.28M] and the coaching staff has a desire to see Stedman Bailey streaking down field vs playing the slot. It’s not likely Bailey unseats Moe as the starter but it might be interesting to see if a change is made if Moe is slow to produce or the team falters out of the gate.
Center… In his rookie season, Demetrius Conway was in the discussion as rookie of the year. It’s unclear whether the team is sold on Conway as the long term answer or whether we’ll see some friendly preseason competition evolve into Mario Benavides winning his starting role back.

Defensive End… When the Buffalo Bills drafted Shawn Oakman and then acquired Calais Campbell via free agency, it left Jonathan Massaquoi as the man out. His contract makes it difficult to move him, so he’ll be a nice back-up in the event of injury to a starter.
Outside Linebacker… There have been inquiries from teams trying to acquire Tyler Williamson, but the Bills seem enamored with Williamson as he heads into his sophomore season.
Cornerback… Difficult to say who of the three will fall to Nickle vs starting in the defensive backfield. It appears the Bills will start the year with Williams & Dennard as starts while McKelvin slide into the Nickle.

Special Teams
Kicking… At this point, rookie (and former punter) Spencer Roth is the only kicker on the roster. It’s unclear whether the team is willing to weather growing pains as Roth enters his rookie season in an unfamiliar position.

Offseason Training and Conditioning
LE Shawn Oakman | +1STR [85]
CB Darqueze Dennard | +1ACC [96]

LE Shawn Oakman | +5INJ [87]
CB Darqueze Dennard | +5INJ [89]

LE Shawn Oakman | +10 lbs [290]
C Demetrius Conway | +10 LBs [311]

Upcoming Season Predictions (618 of 500):
The slow return to prominence in the AFC East continues into 2018… after going 12-4 in 2014 the Bills have failed to field a winning team, which should change this season.

On Offense – This offensive unit was gaining confidence and hitting its stride the 2nd half of last season. The Bills closed out the final 9 games 6-3 and scored 35 or more points in 3 of those games. In large part, the Bills final starting seeing QB Andrew Luck delivering on the promise they saw in him as a Franchise QB when they traded for him 2 seasons ago. The Bills signed Luck long term and are hoping for the signal caller to complete at least 55% of his passes, throw for at least 3500 yards and would like to count on twice as many TD’s compared to INT’s. The Bills live and die upon the LARGE shoulder [and legs] of HB Riddick Owen. In 2 seasons Riddick Owen hasn’t disappointed, he has amassed over 2600 yards and found the end zone 14 times. Last season, when the team looked to move down the field through the air Andrew Luck primarily targeted T.J. Moe, Robert Woods & Vernon Davis… the Bills are hoping for more of the same as they also bring Stedman Bailey into the mix. The blocking for Riddick Owen & protection for Andrew Luck has been solid… with the right side of the line locked up for many years to come in RT Fisher & RG Jones the team can plug & go on the left side (like they did this offseason in acquiring LT Grubbs).

On Defense – The defense, though solid, could use some BIG PLAY splash in the way of sacks and turnovers. The teams sack leader was DT Devon Stills (no longer with the team) with 6 while the teams INT leader was CB Leodis McKelvin (demoted to Nickle) with 4. After a worrisome start to the season (only 4 total tackles in the first two games) MLB Jack Pounds finished the season with an impressive 100 tackles (18 tackles for a loss) and was consider for “Breakout Player of the Year”… he’s being counted on to deliver more of the same this year. The Bills head into the season with 2 new Defensive Ends in rookie Shawn Oakman & Calais Campbell… it’s hoped the physically gifted FREAKS can produce immediately (Bills GM Darryl Breckheimer is already pimping him as Defensive Rookie of the Year). Though the team has 4 solid Cornerbacks it can’t claim legitimate lockdown guy… they will be starting 2 young guys (Williams & Dennard) and counting on veteran/mentor (McKelvin) at the Nickle (Schultz will step in at Dime and offer decent depth). The team has staked claim to fielding the best Strong Safety in the game… and this offseason the team was forced to step up and pay him as such (thanks to the bastard Patriots).

On Special Teams – The team seems to be satisfied with Punter Brett Kern (averaged nearly 40 yards a punt)… he placed 15% of his punts inside the 20 last season. It seems obvious WR/KR Stedman Bailey will hold onto the return duties (assuming he can avoid injury this season). The biggest concern on Special Teams… the unexpected retirement of Kicker Sebastian Janikowski. The team will likely look to replace the eventual HOF kicker with rookie Spencer Roth… this move might be the downfall of a team hoping to reclaim the AFC East divisional title. If Roth becomes a liability, the team will have to act quickly… and their option will likely be slim to none once the season starts. If a move is made it will likely take place during preseason.
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Buffalo Bills & Andrew Luck... how will this play out?

He’s playing for his career… a career that has been, to this point, a disappointment.

Andrew Luck was the 1st overall selection in the 2011 draft… and heralded as a “can’t miss” prospect. The Kansas City Chiefs anointed Luck as the face of the franchise… but after 5 seasons of futility and not even a sniff of the post season festivities they decided to cut ties and move on.

The Buffalo Bills decided to pay a handsome ransom for the right to bring Luck on board. Some believe the move was twofold: First, they had grown tired of the RGIII era and desired a more traditional pocket passer. The second driving factor, fear that if Luck was not wearing a Bills uniform that he’d be in the AFC East playing for a rival. At the conclusion of the first season in Buffalo it was declared a huge mistake and many projected that the deal would see GM Darryl Breckheimer resigning from his duties. The media went as far as to announce the firing/resignation… but it never materialized and Buffalo pressed into the current season with all the their front office personnel and coaches.

The Buffalo Bills and Andrew Luck never came to terms on a long term deal and the Franchise tag was eventually placed on the signal caller. It seemed clear after week 8, with the team at 2-5, that Luck would be playing his final season in Buffalo. Things were so bad that GM Manager Darryl Breckheimer couldn’t get anything for Luck in a deal and simply had to let things play out.

But the past 6 weeks have the Buffalo Bills fortunes looking up… and the biggest reason for this is QB Andrew Luck. Though Andrew Luck is only averaging a little over 200 yards a game passing, he’s playing mistake free (10 TD’s & 0 INT’s) and completing a high percentage of his passes (59.6%).

With 3 games remaining in the season… the Buffalo Bills control their destiny. Win out and they win the AFC East Division and earn a trip to the post season. No doubt a tall order… but, it would seem Andrew Luck’s future in Buffalo is directly tied to these last 3 games.
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Bills - Week 3

The Buffalo Bills fell to the San Diego Chargers week 3 and in doing so brought back question of whether this team is ready to compete with any consistency this season. In the 38-6 beating the Bills lost in nearly every statistical category worth tracking. Below you’ll see some of the more concerning comparisons between the Chargers and Bills:
• 3rd down conversion… SD = 73% / BUF = 20%
• Time of possession… SD = 28:49 / BUF = 19:11
• Turnovers… SD = 1 / BUF = 2
• Total Offense… SD = 441 yards / BUF = 261 yards
• Offensive Redzone visits… SD = 4 / BUF = 1
CB Leodis McKelvin – Don’t try telling Leodis he’s in the twilight of his career… another standup performance with 8 tackles, a deflection and interception.

MLB Jack Pounds – Guess who finally showed up for game day… newly acquired Mr. Pounds contributed with 5 tackles (one of which was behind the line of scrimmage).

QB Play – The guys behind center had a dreadful day… Luck & Devlin combined for completing only 46% of their passes (17 of 37) for 161 yards and 2 interception & no touchdowns.

DE Jonathan Massaquoi – Disappointing would be an understatement… to have only 3 tackle on the season (1 tackle week 3) has everyone wondering why the team locked up Massaquoi for 5 years.

In other news... QB Andrew Luck was unable to finish the game week 3, but appeared fine in post-game news conferences. Later that evening it was announced that QB Andrew Luck was out for the season, but there was no disclosure of what the nature of the injury was that would require the Bills to place him on the Injured Reserve List. The following morning the team announced Luck would be listed as the week 4 starter and was not aware of any condition making their starting QB unavailable… it’s suspected that frustrations with contract negotiations had Luck’s agent releasing falsehoods to the media.

Week 4 – New England Patriots
The winless Patriots host the stumbling Bills week 4… hopefully one of these teams finds some desire to walk away with a victory. The Bills will likely focus on ball control and limiting mistakes on offense while the defense circles the wagons and looks to contain HB Adrian Peterson while hoping QB Chad Henne doesn’t have a career day against what appears to be (once again) a porous secondary.
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Bills - Week 2

The Buffalo Bills find themselves at or above the .500 mark for the 1st time since week 10 of last season (before going on a 6 game slide). A 4th QTR dominated by the Bills locked up an impressive victory over a divisional foe in the New England Patriots.

QB Andrew Luck – With running lanes filled with Patriot defensers, Luck stepped up and delivered... 26 of 41 attempts were completed (63%) for 358 yards and 2 TD’s. The strong 4th QTR more than makes up for an INT Luck through well in the oppositions side of the field.

WR Robert Woods – No doubt, the Bills are smiling they LOCKED up Woods after this strong showing… 6 receptions for 148 yards (24.6 avg).

SS Mark Barron – A performance that will be highlighted to the Bills when it comes time to negotiate a new contract. Leading the way with 7 tackles, Barron hauled in an INT for good measure.

HB Riddick Owen – The feature back was fed the rock again and again without taking control of the game… Owen’s had 29 carries for 72 yards (2.48 avg).

MLB Jack Pounds – The 2nd week in a row where Pounds fails to show up respectably in the gamelog… a paltry 2 tackles (he’s allowed 8 receptions this season).

In other news... QB Andrew Luck finds himself amongst the top passing leaders (from a yards standpoint) 2 weeks into the season. Far too early to retire his # (alongside Jim Kelly) as the GREATEST signal caller in Buffalo Bills history, but there’s no denying the fact Luck is player for his livelihood this season and every game is worth gauging his progression and/or regression.

Week 3 – San Diego Chargers
The San Diego Chargers are undefeated… and beat the Bills rival, Jets, last week 24-23 (even though the Chargers lost their starting QB for over half the game). The Chargers will need to shut down the passing game next week and keep things close in hope of squeezing out a tough fought game. Bulletin Board stuff… HB Zac Stacy is a BITCH and has no GAME, his 8.86 avg is nothing more than a mirage and will be lucky to approach 100 yards.
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Bills - Week 1 Transactions
• The Bills let CB Jim Welch go today. While physically talented, the CB's mental game was consistently lacking. The Buffalo Bills drafted Jim Welch 8th overall in the 4th round last year (2016) and had visions of him eventually playing nickel. But after failing to even make it onto the field in any capacity last season he was cut so that the Bills could clear cap and a roster spot for incoming players WR Stedman Bailey & LOLB Jerimiah Joseph from the San Francisco 49ers.

• The Bills released FS Jevan Wrobel today. The Buffalo Bills parted ways with FS Jevan Wrobel… once again, this was a move to clear cap and a roster spot for incoming players. A late selection in last years draft, Wrobel was selected 20th overall in the 7th round. Seeing action in 3 games last year Wrobel made 4 tackles (all 3 games were victories for the Bills).

• In a salary cap move, K Landry Clarke was cut by the Bills today after 1 years in the league. A statement from the GM Darryl Breckheimer read, "He's just too old to compete at a high level. This move was necessary." Coach Kevin Gilbride was not available for comment. The Buffalo Bills thought a replacement for K Sebastian Janikowski was imminent, but after an impressive preseason and week 1 showing by the cagy veteran the team found it time to part ways with Rookie K Landry Clarke.

The Bills and Buccaneers spent the last several days working out a trade that coaches Kevin Gilbride and feel will benefit both sides. The terms of the deal are listed below.

Bills Send:
• (4) Rams


Buccaneers Send:
• QB Logan Thomas

Hard to say whether Logan Thomas will ever see the field... but he has the arm strength [THP = 94], stature [Height: 6'6"] and athleticism [SPD = 90 / AGI = 84 / ACC = 91] that made giving up the asking price of a 4th round pick something GM Darryl Breckheimer couldn't pass up.

The Bills and 49ers spent the last several days working out a trade that coaches Kevin Gilbride and Mike Pettine feel will benefit both sides. The terms of the deal are listed below.

Bills Send:
• ROLB Glenn Roberts
• (3) 49ers
• (2) Patriots


49ers Send:
• WR Stedman Bailey
• LOLB Jeremiah Joseph
• (6) 49ers

The Buffalo Bills were thin at WR and wanted to upgrade their Linebackers. So while scanning the Trade Block and asking prices for available talent GM Darryl Breckheimer found himself intrigued by what he could get from the San Francisco 49ers. Both players will contribute immediately... WR Stedman Bailey will play the slot and return kicks [SPD = 96 / AGI = 94 / ACC = 96 / CTH = 84 / KR = 95] while LOLB Jeremiah Joseph steps in front of a rookie who needs grooming [SPD = 86 / AGI = 81 / ACC = 85 / JMP = 77 / TAK = 79].
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Bills - Week 1

The Buffalo Bills found themselves on the wrong side of a contest that wasn't decided until the final seconds of regulation. The Chicago Bears 3rd string QB Max Hall hit WR Jessie Hendricks from 5 yards out with 17 seconds remaining for the winning score.

The Bills had a balanced attack through the air and on the ground, the offensive line kept QB Andrew Luck clean (no sacks given up) and created running lanes for HB Riddick Owen (24 carries for 133 yards). But in the end, having to settle for 4 FG's while only converting 1 of 5 redzone trips into a TD simply wasn't enough to top a team that in the Chicago Bears that were reduced to their 3rd string signal caller.

HB Riddick Owen – Carrying the LOAD... 24 carries for 133 yards [5.54 avg], impressive knowing the longest run was 26 yards.

Offensive Line – The front 5 ensured QB Andrew Luck had plenty of time and yielded 0 sacks while picking up 39 pancakes (TE Vernon Davis had 9 of those tasty cakes).

CB Leodis McKelvin – Like a fine aged wine he simply gets better with age... 7 tackles, 5 deflections and 2 INT's.

QB Andrew Luck - The man that continues to make waves about his lack of a LONG term deal throws 2 INT's while only being able to find one of his targets in the endzone 1 time… HUGE disappointment.

In other news... TE Vernon Davis eclipsed the 5000 yard mark [5013] in a game where he hauled in 5 receptions for 42 yards and a TD. After scoring the go ahead TD late in the 4th QTR he handed the ball to his fiancé Josephine Sky-Walcker (who was sitting in the endzone seat section) and proposed from the field). ~it was unclear whether the proposal fetch a yes or no from his female companion~

Week 2 – New England Patriots
The New England Patriots were defeated by the Miami Dolphins 17-10 last week. Keeping HB Adrian Peterson contained will be key if the Bills hope to walk away from the match-up victorious.
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Bills Training Camp
Previous Season Recap
2016: 6-10
AFC East place: 2nd
To finish out the season losing 6 of final 7 games leaves a horrible taste in everyone’s mouth and leaves us with a long offseason ahead to contemplate what could have been. ~ Parting comments from GM Darryl Breckheimer following the final game of the season, a victory over divisional rival Miami Dolphins. ~

The Buffalo Bills weathered an offseason where they nearly lost their General Manager and rumors of a complete overhaul of the coaching staff. As if that wasn’t enough, following the announcement that GM Darryl Breckheimer would return after signing an extension carrying him through 2019, Will Wilson, QB Andrew Luck’s agent hinted that his client would consider holding out if a long term deal wasn’t reached. The Buffalo Bills immediately Franchise Tagged Andrew Luck. GM Darryl Breckheimer made this statement following the announcement of Andrew Luck being Franchise Tagged; ~ for a player to expect a long term block buster deal following a season where their performance failed to meet expectations of the team, his teammates and fan base is outrageous. No one sets the bar higher than Andrew himself, so I have no doubt he’ll understand the teams decision to Franchise Tag him and will be out to earn the deal he seeks this coming season. ~

Positives: The Buffalo Bills were in contention to make the playoffs nearly the whole season (thanks to an 8-8 record eventually winning the division title by the Miami Dolphins). The Bills realistically have a shot at the division heading into 2017, though it’s not saying much… they are a threat to overtake an 8-8 Miami Dolphin’s squad from 2016.

Negatives: I think everyone expected a learning curve for quarterback Andrew Luck in 2016, but you have to think the Bills didn’t expect to finish as low as they did in passing offense. Because of the Luck’s struggles, the Bills’ play calling was very predictable. Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress waffled between wanting a run first approach to a fast-paced, no-huddle style offense. The team failed to find an identity and weren’t able to find consistency from game to game.

Top Priorities Heading into the 2017 Season: Avoid the slide the team experienced to close out season last year. The roster has its short comings on defense but shouldn’t find itself out of games as often as they have heading into the 2nd half of games. Andrew Luck needs to be protected from making mistakes and has to live up to his potential heading into his 7th pro season.

Key Pending Free Agents:
RT Ed Wang – Resigned to a 3 year deal and will continue to offer depth @ RT behind RT Eric Fisher.
LE Jonathan Massaquoi – The Buffalo Bills exercised its right to an “Exclusive Resign” on LE Jonathan Massaquoi, a 5 year deal that included a signing bonus of 9.7 Million dollars.
C Mario Benavides – Resigned to a 5 year deal and will likely continue to start (unlikely the Bills will acquire an upgrade @ the position). Eventually, Benavides will offer quality depth if the Bills land a top notch center.
WR Jarius Wright – Resigned to a 3 year deal and will be promoted to the slot (WR Dwayne Bowe was Amnestied and WR T.J. Moe will play opposite WR Robert Woods).
RE Izzy Smaht – Resigned to a 3 year deal and will continue to offer depth @ DE behind LE Jonathan Massaquoi & RE Derrick Morgan.
HB Vick Ballard – Resigned to a 5 year deal and will ride the pine watching FRANCHISE BACK Riddick Owen.
QB Andrew Luck – The Buffalo Bills placed the Franchise Tag on Andrew Luck. It’s believed that Luck is the long term answer for the Bills, but this buys them time to continue to evaluate the situation.
WR Jordan Olsen – Restricted Free Agent
MLB Adrian Collie – Restricted Free Agent

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

TE Julio Rodriguez – Restricted Free Agent… eventually cut to make room for roster requirements.
WR Dwayne Bowe – Amnesty Clause exercised, a 3rd round selection (24th) was awarded to the Bills from the Broncos. Bottom Line, the Bills were looking to dump his salary and were thrilled to get any pick in return.
DT Johnny Jolly – Not retained, due to declining performance and excessive demands form a pay standpoint.
LOLB Anthony Spencer – Not retained, due to declining performance and excessive demands form a pay standpoint.
MLB LaMarr Woodley – Not retained, due to declining performance and excessive demands form a pay standpoint.
LE Joe Waters – Not retained, due to declining performance and excessive demands form a pay standpoint.

Drafted Players:
1.30 CB Darqueze Dennard – Looks the part -- well-proportioned with a muscular physique. Field-fast with competitive play speed [SPD = 93]. Transitions cleanly in man-off coverage and has very good eyes and anticipation and reacts quickly to what he sees [AWR = 69]. Stays in the hip pocket downfield with swift speed turn [AGI = 90]. Has been slowed by injuries [INJ = 84] and offers average height at 5’11”. Can lock horns with bigger receivers but probably has a ceiling as a No. 2 cover man.
4.12 MLB Tyler Williamson – Is built low to the ground [hieght = 5’10”]. Motor runs hot – excellent pursuit and seldom quits on plays [SPD = 85 & ACC = 85]. Flows well laterally [AGI = 88]. Aware in zone and a natural playmaker [CTH = 70]. Capable of bringing pressure as a blitzer. Great leaping ability [JMP = 82]. Special intangibles. But, is short with Tyrannosaurus rex arms -- too easily neutralized (struggles to disengage). Eclipsed by larger offensive linemen. Can do a better job protecting his legs. Average explosion, tackle strength and pop on contact [STR = 61]. Let’s runners escape his grasp [TAK = 71]. Exposed in space. Has man-coverage limitations, especially against tight ends (lacks length to match up).
4.17 C Demetrius Conway – Good snap-and-step quickness [ACC = 79]. Maneuvers to gain positioning. Good mobility -- gets out of the chute quickly as a puller and demonstrates nice body control [AGI = 70]. Good awareness [AWR = 62]. Energetic and aggressive temperament [SPD = 72]. Durable, 49-game starter [INJ = 90]. Vocal team leader with outstanding intangibles. Lacks ideal girth [6’2” / 301 lbs] and could be stressed by widebody nose tackles. Average hip snap -- lacks body power to blow defensive tackles off the ball [STR = 84].
4.18 LE Desmond Taylor – Good short-area burst [ACC = 81]. Uses his length to force his way into gaps [hieght = 6’4”]. Nice closing speed [SPD = 80]. Wrap tackler [TAK = 74]. Durable three-year starter [INJ = 93]. Needs to bulk up and get functionally stronger [STR = 70].
6.4 K Landry Clarke – Has a smooth stroke, good follow-through and good overall leg velocity [KAC = 90]. Does not possess a powerful leg [KPW = 88] and struggles to handle pressure [AWR = 73].
6.10 FS Keyan Berrios – Good size to contend with tight ends [Height = 6’0”]. Reads the quarterback and displays good instincts and anticipation showed ballhawking skills [CTH = 67]. Very average play speed [SPD = 87]. Can be manipulated by quarterbacks and limited experience in man coverage [AWR = 61]. Poor leaping ability [JMP = 76].
7.07 LE Carson Parker – Nothing more than a special teams fill in who will rarely (if ever) find his way onto the field as a defensive end (cheap roster filler).
7.26 QB Charles Garcia – Not signed! A walk-on at Hasting College who started out of the gate as a freshman and played 4 years without missing a game Garcia was a feel good pick. Unfortunately, it appears this is where the athletic career for this devout Presbyterian ends.

Free Agency:
SS Justin Thorton – Signed as a backup, a 7 year veteran who lost his starting role with the Jaguars last season.
OLB Patrick Bailey – Signed as a backup, a 5 year veteran who has spent his career more often on the sidline.
DT Alan Branch – Signed and will likely start (following the Bills failed attempt to sign DT Muhammed Wilkerson)… it is possible the Bills will look to acquire a more suitable player before the season starts.
DT Devon Stills – Signed to fill roster requirements, will see time on the field and has a chance to start.
MLB Jack Pounds – Brought in via a trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers… Pounds will start, even knowing his short comings (stands at 5’9”).

Starting Lineup:

QB Andrew Luck
HB Riddick Owens
FB Devon Ramsay
WR Robert Woods
WR T.J. Moe
TE Vernon Davis
LT Ronnie Bryan
LG Desmond McDaniels
C Demetrius Conway
RG Barrett Jones
RT Eric Fisher

LE Jonathan Massaquoi
DT Marcell Dareus
DT Devon Stills
RE Derrick Morgan
LOLB Tyler Williamson
MLB Jack Pounds
ROLB Jerry Gonzalez
CB Leodis McKelvin
CB Darqueze Dennard
FS Thurman Blount
SS Mark Barron

K Sebastian Janikowski
P Brett Kern

Offseason Recap:
Yet to write… this will be updated as the preseason plays out.

Training Camp:
CB Pete Williams – Williams who was drafted in the 2nd round in the 2016 draft class gets his 2nd boost to SPD and ACC [both raised to 93] and appears to be the long term answer in the Bills defensive backfield.
HB Riddick Owen – Quickly becoming the face of the Franchise, selected 6th overall in the 1st round of the 2016 draft class Owen’s gets his 1st boost to SPD [raised to 95].
CB Darqueze Dennard – The Bills paid a hefty price to get into the bottom of the 1st round of this year’s draft. With the 30th overall pick in the 2017 draft class the Bills selected CB Dennard and he gets his 1st boost to SPD and ACC [SPD = 94 and ACC = 95] and appears to be the long term answer in the Bills defensive backfield.

Upcoming Season Predictions:
This will be written following the preseason
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Bills - LOCKED UP... for the long haul!
The fifth-year receiver originally drafted by Buffalo with the 19 overall selection in the '13 draft has been resigned via the "Exclusive Restructure". The Bills brought Woods in for the official signing of his contract yesterday morning.

During his stint with the Bills, Woods has played in four season and caught 271 passes for 3991 yards and 34 TD's.

The deal ensures Woods will be in Buffalo for the LONG haul and that who ever finds themselves behind center is assured to have a LEGIT #1 WR as a target. The deal is cap friendly
for Buffalo while providing Woods a MAX bonus (which was important to the player). The club had considered using the "Exclusive Restructure" on SS Mark Barron... but when talk stalled the club quickly moved on to their next targeted player.

Rumors had the Bills shopping WR Robert Woods services less than a week ago... but teams were scared off by the high price tag to acquire the talented player and was quickly removed from the teams Trade Block.

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Bills - Luck to receive Franchise Tag
Andrew Luck isn't going anywhere. NFL Media's Albert Breer reported that the Bills intend to place the tag on him Sunday, June 15th.
The Buffalo Bills had to do it… the team decided to not continue on with the development of RGIII; they couldn't afford to let Luck walk. The franchise number for QB will be significant. This situation might be worth watching if the Bills fail to restructure Luck’s deal into a long term contract soon… rumors (believed to come from Luck’s camp) indicate Luck & his agent are less than pleased with the direction to TAG vs the use of the teams Exclusive Resign.
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Bills Coaching staff Remains for another season!
Orchard Park, NY
All the Buffalo Bills coaching staff will Return 2017 Season.
Head Coach Kevin Gilbride Felt pretty confident his staff would stay in tact knowing it was their 1st season together... another season like last and it's doubtful he could have the same level of confidence.

Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress feels "the peices are in place" and that this season will be something to remember. Brad's Offense has a lot of improvements to make... namely, 3rd down conversions and a better mix of TD to INT ratio by the QB.

The Bills decided to keep the coaching staff in place and felt a year under everyones belt could only offer progression forwad. Defensive Coordinator D.Pees will need to ensure preasure is applied to opposing QB's and that the defensivebacks cover like a blacket. If the defense fails to improve it'll be another LONG season.
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Bills will likely use GZL Amnesty Clause on WR Bowe
Last season, Dwayne Bowe lost his starting job... and the past 2 seasons have been subpar in the way of contribution ~statistically anyway~.

Bowe has the size (6-2, 221) and ability to excel, but has failed to take his game to the next level despite a promising opportunity when arriving in Buffal. Bowe caught a 60 passes for 752 yards and 5 touchdowns his 1st season in Buffalo. Most recently, Bowe was regulated as a back-up option and caught only 33 passes while he dropped 10 passes, most on the team.

It's hoped that Buffalo could acquire some compensation via GZL Amnesty Clause... but at this point the Bills will settle for saving against their cap by freeing themselves of his 11+ million dollar salary.
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Exclusive Resign = LE Jonathan Massaquoi
I love the Bills resigning of LE Jonathan Massaquoi. A player entering the sweet spot of his career at a position that the Bills desperately needed to upgrade. Massaquoi, 25, will grab big money, and well deserved. He's fresh-legged and will continue to assume starting duties in Buffalo for years to come. Buffalo, meanwhile, gives defensive coordinator D. Pees a scheme-versatile edge rusher. He should operate at a Pro Bowl level -- the perfect medicine for Buffalo's train wreck of a defense.
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Bills ready to put franchise tag on Adrew Luck!
The Buffalo Bills plan on placing their exclusive-rights franchise tag on quarterback Andrew Luck, the team confirmed Saturday.

The Bills were unable to agree to a long-term deal with Luck and didn't want to risk losing him in free agency.

Sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter on Friday that Luck and the Bills remain millions of dollars apart in contract talks.

The two sides, both of which believe they are making a fair offer, are facing a gap of $5 million per season for the first three seasons of the proposal, sources told Schefter.

In January, Luck said he would be "beyond stunned" if he and the Bills are unable to agree on a contract extension during this offseason.

Under the rules of the exclusive franchise tag, Luck can't be contacted by other teams and remains exclusive property of the Bills.
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Buffalo appears ready for the Offseason!
The Bills extended general manager Darryl Breckheimer's contract for at least two years when team President and Chief Executive Officer Russ Brandonin was unable to find a suitable replacement.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer first reported, through a team source, that Breckheimer was offered a multiyear extension of four to five years but settled on a 2 year agreement.

There are problems in Buffalo, but it appears Bills owner Mary Wilson doesn't blame Breckheimer for the team's troubles in recent years. Wilson praised Breckheimer after last season as "one of the brightest guys in identifying and acquiring talent in the league." The Bills are 30-34 since Breckheimer became the GZL's sexiest GM in 2013.
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Breaking News Out of Buffalo!

Darryl Breckheimer intends to resign at the conclusion of the 2016 season as General Manager of the Buffalo Bills, the team announced Wednesday night.

Breckheimer's resignation ends his tenure of the Bills' as the GM who led the woeful club to its 1st, and only, winning season (12-4 - AFC East Champs in 2014). He took over a franchise that had a winning percentage of 31% & saw 4 different GM’s in the span of 3 seasons (2010-2012).

It’s speculated that the resignation comes prior the club forcing Darryl Breckheimer out as General Manager. But, other sources close to both sides indicate burnout and a lack of love for the game was the deciding factor. Regardless, 6 straight losses prior to meeting the Miami Dolphins with no chance of making the playoffs have the Buffalo Bills fan base demanding a change.

The Buffalo Bills head into 2017 lacking a 1st round pick, but have a respectable foundation of talent for the incoming GM. The cap situation is also in excellent shape and the club has a lot of options in the way of players they could move… it should be EASY for anyone to put their hand print on this squad in SHORT time. The 3 players the next GM will have to focus on are QB Andrew Luck, DT Marcell Dareus & DE Jonathan Massaquoi… this can be done easily via “Exclusive Resign”, “Franchise Tag” and/or “Exclusive Restructure”. It’s believed that one of those 3 players are close to being signed via the “Exclusive restructure”.
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2016 | Bills TC
2015 Buffalo Bills Season Recap

Record: 5-11 (2nd place in the ACF East)

The Buffalo Bills appeared to be ready to continue their winning ways in the 1st quarter of the season (3-1 and leading the division) but saw 8 of their next 9 games result in a loss and eliminated the team from post season play with 3 games remaining in the season.

Team Offensive MVP: QB Robert Griffin III continued his progression as a true duel threat… RGII saw his completion % (54%), passing yards (3250), TD’s (23) & QB rtg (81.5) hit career highs while still being able to contribute with his legs (386 rushing yards & 5 rushing TD’s).

Team Defensive MVP: CB Leodis McKelvin missed most of 2 games this season but was still able to contribute with 62 tackles (4 TFL), forced a fumble, 5 INT’s and deflected 30 passes.

The offense was ranked 12th, in the league, in rushing… though one might assume this might help in winning the time of possession battle that was far from the case (Bills ranked 28th in TOP). The Bills struggled to convert on 3rd down (ranked 28th) and were rarely a threat to rank up the yards on an opposing defense (ranked 28th in total yards).

The defense only allowed 4 rushers to eclipse 100 yards and ranked 5th in rushing yards allowed. Unfortunately, the Bills couldn’t stop anyone through the air and gave up the MOST passing yards in the league (4580).

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

2016 Buffalo Bills Projected Roster

QB Robert Griffin III - GONE
QB Pat Devlin
HB Darren McFadden - GONE
FB Devon Ramsay
WR Dwayne Bowe
WR Robert Woods
WR Jordon Olsen
TE Antonio Gates - GONE
TE Julio Rodriguez
LG Clint Boling
C Douglas Martin
RG Barrett Jones
RT Eric Fisher
RT Ed Wang

LE Jonathan Massaquoi
LE Jaime Robinson
RE Derrick Morgan
DT Marcel Dareus
LOLB Anthony Spencer
MLB Adrian Collie
ROLB Jerry Gonzalez
CB Leodis McKelvin
CB BW Webb
CB Keith Schultz
FS Jairus Byrd - GONE
SS Mark Barron


Walking into tomorrow’s draft the Buffalo bills have seen a whirl wind of activity… namely, the acquisition of QB Andrew Luck & the 6th overall selection in this years draft, but we’ll get to those moves later.

Preseason Releases/Trades:
DT Brian PriceRelease
The Buffalo Bills announced that Brian Price will no longer be with the team. The 27 year old DT was in season 7 of his career. In 2 seasons with the Bills Price had 53 tackles (8 for a loss), 8 sacks & 2 forced fumbles.
MLB A.J. HawkRelease
In a salary cap move, MLB A.J. Hawk was cut by the Bills today after 11 years in the league. A statement from the GM Darryl Breckheimer read, "He's just too old to compete at a high level. This move was necessary." Coach Kevin Gilbride was not available for comment. In 2 seasons with the Bills Hawk had 229 tackles (27 for a loss) & 3 sacks.
LG Andy LevitreRelease
In a salary cap move, LG Andy Levitre was cut by the Bills today after 8 years in the league. In 5 seasons with the Bills Levitre had 243 pancakes and only allowed 17 sacks (in the past 2 season Levitre only made his way onto the field 2 times).
HB Ahmad BradshawRelease
After throwing a sweaty towel at Head Coach Kevin Gilbride, it seemed Ahmad Bradshaw's days in Buffalo were numbered. That assumption became reality as the Bills cut the 30 year old HB. In 2 seasons with the Bills Bradshaw, in a back-up role, rushed 184 time, rushed for 657 yards & scored 6 TD’s on the ground.
FS Jairus ByrdTrade
The Colts and Bills spent the last several days working out a trade that coaches Lovie Smith and Kevin Gilbride feel will benefit both sides. In the past 6 seasons with the Bills Bryd had 428 tackles(9 for a loss), 3 forced fumbles, 14 INT’s and deflected 73 passes.
QB Robert Griffin IIITrade
Bills have been involved in trade talks with the Raiders involving a RGIII. Rumor has it that Darryl Breckheimer has been trying to move the face of the Franchise knowing they have acquired a traditional pocket passer in Andrew Luck. RGIII has grown each season as a leader and QB (possibly offers the best threat when it comes to air/ground combo)… in 3 seasons RGIII has a QB rtg of 76.7 (last season he posted a 81.5), thrown for 8554 yards (last season he threw for 3250 yards), completed 52% of his passes (last season he completed 54%), has 53 TD’s to only 36 INT’s. On the ground, RGIII rushed for 877 yards and scored 7 TD’s in 3 seasons.

Preseason Additions:
MLB LaMarr WoodleyTrade
After much pencil pushing and teeth grinding, the Buccaneers and Bills have agreed to send the veteran MLB to Buffalo. Though Woodley will likely only see 1 season with the Bills, the price was right to solidify the middle of the defense. Last season Woodley had 110 tackles (21 for a loss), 3 sacks, fumble recovery & an INT.
TE Vernon DavisTrade
The Chargers and Bills spent the last several days working out a trade that coaches and Kevin Gilbride feel will benefit both sides. Prior to the trade the Chargers Franchise Tag’d Vernon Davis and it is rumored the Bills intend to restructure VD to a 3 year deal ensuring he ends his career in Buffalo.
QB Andrew LuckTrade
After several months of negotiations the Bills and Chiefs cames to terms and set in motion one of the (arguably) biggest moves of the offseason. The former 1st overall selection was brought in to the fold and provides Buffalo with a pocket passer the GM had from the start attempted to land when he was signed on 3 seasons ago). The knock on QB Andrew Luck while with the Chiefs the past 5 seasons was his inability to stay healthy.
K Sebastian JanikowskiUFA
Bills Head Coach Kevin Gilbride held a press conference today to announce the signing of K Sebastian Janikowski to a 3 year $5.6m contract. The team also paid $0.9m in signing bonus.

2016 Outlook / Rookie Evaluation:

I see 2 players worth considering… Higgins is ready to be the face of the franchise while Perkins will require some grooming before being handed a starting role.

The Bills seemed happy with RGIII (though the rumors of GM Breckheimer showing slight interest in Andrew Luck when he was put on the Chiefs Trade Block resulted in the eventual block buster deal)… so even if the Bills were lucky enough to have a shot @ Higgins in the Draft they would likely pass (Perkins would only be considered if he fell into the 2nd round & the Bills still had a 2nd round selection).

There are 3 guys worth the role of “Feature Back”, which the Bills have a need to fill after losing McFadden to Amnesty (getting a 2nd round pick in return)… Owen, Campbell & Rogers could easily handle carrying the ROCK 20+ times a game for the next 5-8 years.

The Bills are in the 2nd year of their relationship with McFadden, and have been thrilled with the rebirth of his career (after being shelved by the Bears in the 2013 season). Even though the Bills appeared to be on the hook for another season with McFadden… his salary resulted in shocking the fan base and has many believing GM Darryl Breckheimer will take Riddick Owen if he’s available (Campbell & Rogers probably wouldn’t be considered).

Plenty of talent to be found in the WR class… but, it can be tough to determine which of these athletes will make the transition to the pros. The 3 players that catch the eyes of most scouts are; C.J. Washington, Rick Urban & Ronyell Conway.

The Bills are deep @ WR (they have 4 legit players at the position)… but, it’s unlikely all 4 will be on the roster next season (Austin or Bowe could be gone). Height is always a SEXY attribute, and knowing Ronyell Conway (son of former NFL WR Curtis Conway) measures in @ 6’4” he’ll definitely be on the Bills radar (and nearly every other team in the GZL).

One of the most coveted positions by GM’s in the league… and there’s no doubt a handful of CB’s will be selected in the 1st round. It’s almost a given Tyrone Booker will be taken in the top 3… he is a LEGIT shutdown cornerback!

Probably the greatest need the Bills have is CB… if Booker is available; he’ll be in Buffalo for the next decade. There are a handful of other prospects the Bills would consider if Booker isn’t there when we pick… but knowing none of the other are head -n- shoulders over the other they’d likely trade down to acquire picks and still get a corner.

The heart of one’s defense can start right in the middle & Ed Holliday (BIG, BAD & UGLY) will find himself selected early by some lucky team.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Offseason Training and Conditioning & Training Camp
5.04 - Physical Attribute
The GZL recognizes physical attributes as: SPD|STR|AGI|ACC|THP|KPW|JMP

The Bills begin investing their Training Camp allocation toward this year’s Draft class… HB Riddick Owen, CB Pete Williams & FS Thurman Blount will see 80% of those attribute boosts while RT Eric Fisher gets a final bump before becoming ineligible. Below you’ll see how the players benefiting from OffSeason Training and Conditioning & Training Camp.

2016 - [1.06] HB Riddick Owen
Training Camp = STR +1 [78]
OffSeason Training & Conditioning = AGI +1 [90] / +10 lbs [244] / + 5 INJ [86]
2016 - [2.27] CB Pete Williams
Training Camp = SPD +1 [92] / ACC +1 [92]
OffSeason Training & Conditioning = + 5 INJ [88]
2016 - [4.06] FS Thurman Blount
Training Camp = SPD +1 [90]
OffSeason Training & Conditioning = +10 lbs [209]
2014 - [1.11] RT Eric Fisher
Training Camp = SPD +1 [62]
OffSeason Training & Conditioning = STR +1 [95]

The Buffalo Bills see the following players drafted in 2016 being a part of the long term plan as the Franchise looks to bounce back from a down year. Each player has been detailed how they will be groomed over the next few seasons.

2016 - [1.06] HB Riddick Owen: This is the Franchise back GM Darryl Breckheimer has wanted from the start… to date; he has plugged in suitable fillers. The past three seasons the club has averaged 1500 yards from their lead ball carrier (Frank Gore & Darren McFadden)… but neither of these guys were the long term answer. The General Manager pictures Riddick Owen being in Buffalo for at least 8 seasons and in that time amassing close to 12,000 yards & 75+ TD’s. By the time Owen hits his 3rd season he will have some impressive attributes addressed via OffSeason Training and Conditioning / Training Camp: SPD [95], STR [80], AGI [92]. It’s doubtful Owen will see increases in his ACC [90] attribute, but shies the limit for some other attributes along the way (look where they are already); CTH [70], BTK [87] & PBK [41]. Last but not least, Owen is a mammoth specimen… he stands 6’0” & weighs in @ 244 lbs. All that’s left for the rookie HB now is honoring his fellow legendary Buckeye Archie Griffin by wearing #45!

2016 - [2.27] CB Pete Williams: When the 2 no-brainer CB’s fell early in the 1st round of the draft, the Bills elected to wait on filling one of their greatest needs vs reaching on players they weren’t fully certain could fill the role of shutdown corner. GM Darryl Breckheimer was pleasantly surprised to see CB Pete Williams fall to the Bills with the 27th pick of the 2nd round. Though Williams doesn’t poses any freakish attributes @ 6’0” & weighing in @ 208 he certainly has a desirable frame. At the start of Williams 3rd season he’ll boast the following impressive attributes; SPD [94], AGI [93] & ACC [94]. No doubt there will be attention given a few other attributes that are a little lower currently than we need them to be if he’s to be our eventual STUD on the corner; STR [52], AWR [70] & CTH [58]. Regardless, the rookie will start from day one and will likely have the best mentor the league could offer in CB Leodis McKelvin.

2016 - [4.06] FS Thurman Blount: Typically the 4th round is where depth is acquired for filling out ones roster… that is unless, the squad trades away it’s veteran safety and fails to fill the spot before draft day. The Bills are praying for a friendly “skew”, if FS Thurman Blount gets a little love he very well might be the answer moving forward. Currently Blount sports respectable attributes: SPD [90], AGI [90] & ACC [93]. The Penn State graduate is intelligent (AWR = 70) and plays a position the Bills hope they can compensate for in other areas of the defense. Time will tell if this is the defenses Achilles heel this year.
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Bills need LUCK if they hope for a BRIGHT future!

Look who's coming to Buffalo!

Early this morning Tim Miller (Chiefs GM) & Darryl Breckheimer (Bills GM) came to an agreement that sends QB Andrew Luck to the Buffalo Bills (along with a n exchange of current & future draft picks). On the surface, anyone can probably understand the desire to acquire a QB of Andrew Lucks caliber... but the elephant in the room (RGIII) will no doubt be the center of attention all offseason.

The deal breaks down like this:

Bills Offer:
Future #1
Future #4


Chiefs Offer:
QB A. Luck
Future #7

Comments from GM Darryl Breckheimer:
Trade talks started over a month ago... publicly I set the bar on what I thought QB Andrew Luck was worth, not because I needed or wanted Luck on the Buffalo Bills. I set that bar where I did in large part because the Buffalo Bills are in a division where there aren't any well established QB's... and if one of our divisional rivals were gonna start chasing the STUD QB I wanted to ensure it was at a cost that would make them think twice.

Some might think the price was TOO steep knowing the Bills have the 5th overall selection. Some might think the Bills have far too many needs on a team that just finished 5-11 to trade away as many picks as they did. Some might think having both Luck & RGIII on the same roster is unwise. In my opinion, it's far too early to assume any of those points. I'm confident that the offseason/preseason will offer ample time to put a competitive roster in place... I'm fully aware of what are glaring needs are and with substantial cap space & draft picks (current & future) we'll easily enter the regular season ready to recapture the AFC East Divisional Title!

At this time, there are no serious offers on the table for RGIII... there has only been one team that stepped forward and made an inquiry of what it would take to make a deal. Yes, I'm willing to listen to trade offers... but, the offer would need to be SOLID for me to pull the trigger knowing the Bills would take nearly an 8 MIL cap hit the following season. If the team decides keeping both QB's isn't in our best interest, we could always consider the "GZL Amnesty Clause"... which I have NO DOUBT would bring the franchise a 1st round selection in return.
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Bills - Bye Week
The Buffalo Bills signed TE Antonio Gates to a 2 year Veteran Exception Contract.

GM Darryl Breckheimer: Though we've been pleased with the play of TE Julio Rodriguez, we simply couldn't allow Gates to sit at home when he has more football in him. It's our hope Gates can play out this season and next so we can benefit from "MENTOR" progression in the future.
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Bills - Week 2
The Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins 22-17 in their 2nd divisionalmatch-up this season.

The Bills continued their dominance in stopping the run… holding HB Le’Von Bell to 19 yards rushing (1.46 yards per carry). The Dolphins allowed QB Mike Glennon to accumulate 248 yards passing, but forced him into 3 INT’s (completing only 44% of his passes).

The Bills relied on an efficient well managed offensive attack (RGIII had a QB rtg of 101.6) and CB Leodis McKelvin welcoming the Dolphins rookie signal caller by picking off 3 of his passes.

RGIII – Another week where RGIII completed over 50% of his passes (actually completed 60%) and threw more TD’s (1) than INT’s (0)!

Robert Woods – After a poor showing week 1 Woods finally found the ability to create some separation and hauled in 8 passes for 147 yards and a TD.

Leodis McKelvin – 3 INT's!

The rushing game - There wasn't a single rusher who was able to surpass 50 yards (McFadden was tops with 44 yards).

Week 3 – Oak Raiders
The Bills will be mixing up the defensive backfield... hopefully that isn't a mistake, not sure why we're compelled to do so at this point. Two scramblers face off this week... the vet faces the up -n- coming RGIII.
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Bills - Week 1
The Buffalo Bills defeated the New York Jets 17-10 in the season opener, a close contested game that could have gone either way up to the VERY end.

The Bills were determined to stop the run and kept newly acquired HB Jamaal Charles in check (holding him to 77 yards). The Jets were allowed to let rookie QB E.J. Manual have a respectable day… he completed 61% of his passes and had an impressive 10.8 yards per pass. The highlight for Manuel was the 66 yard TD pass to fellow rookie WR Anthony Perez.

Though the Bills did enough to win week 1, the lack of a passing game continues to plague the team (ranked 32nd last season). Granted, it’s only 1 game… but the expectation in what needs to be delivered week in & week out is significantly more now that RGIII is entering his 3rd season.

RGIII – Any week RGIII manages the game by completing more than 50% of his passes and throwing more TD’s than INT’s has to be chalked up as a HIGHLIGHT!

Julio Rodriguez – There was some concern whether Rodriguez could step in as the starter @ TE… 4 receptions for 41 yards & 3 pancakes suggests he’s up to the challenge.

Barrett Jones – The man continues to build a case that he’s the best RG in the game… 9 pancakes and 0 sacks allowed.

A.J. Hawk – The Bills were actively shopping Hawk for a 3rd round pick… after 9 tackles (2 for a loss) it’s evident he’ll be staying in Buffalo.

WR’s – The starting 3 WR’s (combined) failed to outgain TE Julio Rodriguez’s 41 yards… HUGE disappointment.

Week 2 – Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 31-24 last week. Rookie QB Mike Glennon (selected 24 overall in the 1st round) had an impressive 1st game as a pro: 300 yards passing and completed nearly 70% of his passes (2 TD’s & 2 INT’s). Also debuting in his 1st pro game was rookie HB Le’Veon Bell, who gained 99 yards on 24 attempts (TD).
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Bills - Offensive Preseason Recap

Preseason Recap:
You'd think... that a team that won the AFC East Divisional Title last season with a 12-4 record could sneak out of the preseason with at least 1 victory. It appears that the Buffalo Bills aren't placing much importance on the preseason and one can only hope that the poor showing (0-4) has no correlation of what is to be expected this upcoming season.

The talk coming from the coaches and management has been about a more balanced offensive attack this year... well, it seems we're being forced to wait and see what the passing game has to offer compared to last season because it certainly wasn't unvailed as of yet (The team averaged less than 200 yards in the 4 pre-season games and completed less than 50% of its attempted passes).

The running game still showed it can dominate averaging nearly 150 yards per game and over 5 yards per carry. Though Darren McFadden had an impressive preseason, he did have 3 fumbles on only 59 carries.

The Buffalo Bills boast 4 legit recieving threat (though they lost T.J. Moe possible until week 3)... the depthchart is yet to be determined and the preseason did little in the way of understanding who RGIII's starting targets will be. On a positive note, the loss of TE Charlie Gantt shouldn't hurt if Julio Rodriguez can perform like he did in the preseason (9 receptions for 100 yards & 2 TD's).

No major concerns on the front line... LG Barreett Jones & Eric Fisher both had 27 pancakes, RG Khalif Barnes delivered 20 while newcomer RT Ronnie Bryan had 16. Those 4 individuals allowed only 6 sacks

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Bills - Bring on the Preseason!

Some would categorized the Buffalo Bills most recent offseason as lacking any fireworks… some even went as far as stating; (Ben Harbinger) “Lame offseason” and (Garth Pearce) “There won’t be any back-to-back GM of the Years for Breck with this offseason”. But luckily, opinions are like ASSHOLESeveryone has one.

What people might not realize that the approach & results of this offseason nailed & exceeding anything General Manager Darryl Breckheimer had hoped for… Breck had this to say:

I like the fact the critics are downplaying, and even being critical of, what we’ve accomplished (or not accomplished) this offseason. I guess addressing the #1 area we were lacking in last season (32nd ranked passing attack) with 2 dynamic WR’s in Miles Austin & T.J Moe simply missed the mark, REALLY??? We’ve locked up Moe long term and have options to retain Austin beyond this year… adding these 2 STUDS to the likes of Dwayne Bowe & Robert Woods gives RGIII all the weapons he could possibly need to offer some balance in our offensive attack.

The Bills lost a few players this offseason that contributed to the 2014 12-4 AFC Divisional Title and 1st time trip to the Post Season. Most notable departures; DE Jared Allen (traded to the rival Patriots) & WR/KR Ted Ginn Jr… age & salary likely were contributing factors in the decision to move on without their services.

The Bills found some potential GEM’s in the later rounds of the draft… it is believed that both CB Keith Schultz (SPD = 94 / AGI = 91 / ACC = 94 / JMP = 94) & LE Jaime Robinson (SPD = 80 / AGI = 84 / ACC = 82) have a chance to start week 1, while CB E.B. Webb (SPD = 91 / AGI = 92 / ACC = 94 / KR = 90) will take over kick return duties for the departed Ted Ginn Jr.

Because Buffalo found themselves with few picks in this years draft they turned to Free Agency & acquired a few cagey veterans to fill out the roster: C Douglas Martin, K Phil Dawson, FS Will Blackmon, CB Stanford Blackmon (MENTOR) & OLB Jake Knott.

The Bills have been very responsible in setting the table for the 2016 season & can plan on being a significant force… they will have 4 selections in the 1st 3 rounds of the draft, will likely have the most available cap (in excess of $36M with numerous expiring contracts of over the hill players) and have not accrued a single dollar in cap hits.

Departing comments from GM Breck:

The goal remains the same for this season as last… win more games than we lose within the division & capture the AFC East Divisional Title en route to another invite to the Post Season. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake!
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Bills - Super Bowl experience brought in!
Repeat after me: "Pat Devlin is the lowest-paid player in NFL history to ave won a Super Bowl." It sounds weird, wrong, and utterly implausible. But it's entirely true. And the reality is that Devlin's getting less money than any player in NFL history (a QB who has won a Super Bowl) is directly related to the perfect timing of the Bills acquiring his services.

Is Devlin the best player in the GZL? Noooo. He's not even a QB worthy of starting in the GZL. It just so happens that his contract fits perfectly with what the Buffalo Bills need/require.

The Bills will be send their 4th round selection for Devlin's services... and it's hoped he'll never have to venture onto the field (RGIII needs to stay healthy!).
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Buffalo Bills - Acquire another weapon for RGIII!

The Dallas Cowboys have been shopping wide receiver Miles Austin for some time... they have finally found a suitor in the Buffalo Bills. The newest Buffalo Bill immediately becoming the team's most dangerous receiver. The Buffalo Bills will send the Cleveland Browns 2nd round selection for Austin's rights.

Austin was one of the top wideouts being rumored available via a trade once Dallas decided to give dangle him in front of teams. It didn't take him long to hook up with Buffalo and quarterback Robert Griffin III, RGIII & Austin have been friends for some time now off the field.

The trade, negotiated by Breckheimer and Van Wagner, will be processed prior to preseason and should give the Austin & RGIII plenty of time to get a rythm.

Miles Austin & Robert Woods will provide a deep threat for Griffin, whose other receivers, Dwayne Bowe and T.J. Moe, are more short-range targets.

Miles Austin is only 2 seasons removed from his historic 2013 performance of 156 receptions & 2284 yards (10 TD's)... it is evident, the Buffalo Bills are determined to give RGIII the tools for success and are desperately in search of a balanced attack.
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2015 Buffalo Bills TC

2014 Record: 12-4
Key Pending Free Agents: WR Dwayne Bowe, LB Shawne Merriman, P Brian Moorman, LB Jerry Gonzalez
List of Draft Picks: 5.19 [CB Keith Schultz], 5.24 [CB B.W. Webb], 6.02 [LE Jaime Robinson]
Available Cap Space: $21.73M
GM/Coaching moves made (if any): The Buffalo Bills retained all of last years coaches.

2014 Season Recap
The Bills spent much of the offseason licking their wounds from the disappointing loss against the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Divisional Playoff Round. It was a close fought battle that ended with a game ending FG… there would be no opportunity for OT heroics on that day.

Thanks mainly to “Comeback Player of the Year” HB Darren McFadden, the Buffalo Bills orchestrated one of the league's better recent turnarounds, flipping a 2-14 mark in 2012 into a 12-4 record and a AFC East Divisional Title - playoff berth in 2014.

The Bills' regular season essentially split into three parts: a surprising start (4-0), a mid-year slide (0-2) and a finishing hot streak (8-2). Buffalo opened 4-0, notching wins over the Giants, Cowboys, Jets and the Patriots. But the Bills then dropped their next two games falling to 4-2, putting their playoff hopes in question. But they ended the season on an impressive 8-2 ROMP -- Buffalo knocked off the Patriots twice, the Jets twice and split with the Dolphins going 5-1 within the Division. Other significant victories were against the Giants (eventual Champs), Redskins (Playoffs) & Raiders (Playoffs).
However, a thrilling 29-10 victory over the Eagles in Week 17 came at a cost. In the process, SS Mark Barron dinged up his shoulder, an injury that forced the Bills to turn to seldom-used backup Donte Whitner in the playoffs against the Cleveland Browns. Whitner played admirably, but the Browns squeezed out a 20-17 victory.

Awards To Feel Good About
GM of the Year = Darryl Breckheimer
Comeback Player of the Year = HB Darren McFadden

If It Ain't Broke...
McFadden's jaw-dropping 1860 yards, which carried a 5.87 yards-per-attempt average, certainly led the way. For as great as McFadden was, however, the Bills' offensive line deserves a boatload of credit, too.
Rookie right tackle Eric Fisher was everything the Bills hoped he would be, and more. He, left tackle Anthony Castonzo, left guard Khalif Bares, right guard Barrett Jones and center Mario Benavides all played almost every snap on offense in 2014, giving Buffalo enviable continuity up front.

Troubling Stat
2482 / 6.84 = The total passing yards & percentage of RGIII’s yards per attempts, darn near the lowest in the league.

Must Fix It...
How much of Buffalo's issues throwing the football fall on RGIII? There's little question that Griffin must continue to grow if the Bills' offense is to ascend any higher in 2015. Griffin certainly took steps forward in terms of being a DOUBLE threat (505 yards on the ground… a GZL record), but he was a non-factor in many games, throwing for less than 150 yards in 11 games. Plain and simple, Griffin must find a stronger comfort zone when looking downfield and MUST raise his completion % significantly.
Buffalo, though, needs to provide him with a few more options, as well -- and that's doubly true after the franchise opted to trade disgruntled WR Ted Ginn. Though WR Robert Woods showed some promise as a deep threat, he was the only receiver who appeared to be a LONG term piece in the puzzle (since then, WR Dwayne Bowe & WR T.J. Moe have been signed).
Considering the cap money the Bills have at their disposal, taking a run at HIGH profile Free Agents seems to be an option (though it appears that tactic will have to wait until next year).

More On The To-Do List
1. Find some depth at linebacker. Both starting linebackers A.J. Hawk and Shawne Merriman are on the verge of ending their careers (this might be their final season). The Bills should try to upgrade and get younger & should test the market sooner than later. Even if the Bills wait until next offseason to address this need they have to assume the price will be high to acquire serious talent.
2. Give McFadden and RGIII a little help, in the form of new wide receivers. Continuing the discussion from above ... the Vikings had maybe the least intimidating passing game last season in the league. Buffalo has WR Robert Woods, traded for WR T.J. Moe and resigned WR Dwayne Bowe to bulk up its receiver spots -- it must find at least one more home-run threat to pair with McFadden.
3. Upgrade at cornerback. Buster Skrine was serviceable at best as Buffalo's starter next to Leodis McKelvin, but he was lost in the offseason when the Bills decided against matching the RFA offer the Bucc’s made. While 29-year-old McKelvin clearly is a LOCK-DOWN corner he is coming up on the back-9 of his career. Knowing Keith Schultz and B.W. Webb have yet to play a down in the league, they don't necessarily pass the eye test as a starter. So, the Bills need to start restocking in the defensive backfield on D -- and a deep draft hopefully provided the necessary opportunity to do so.

What We'll Be Saying In July
"How could the Bills have traded Ted Ginn?"
OK, OK, we shouldn't lose our minds regarding Ginn and what he meant to the Bills. Still, if Buffalo was comfortable to deal away one of the game's most electrifying players (especially as a kick returner), it will put more pressure on any new faces at receiver, plus crank up the need for guys like Bowe and Moe to lend to the continued development of RGIII.
All eyes will be on the quarterback position, to see if Griffin appears ready to take the next step. The defense also will warrant plenty of attention -- the Bills could have new starters in place at all three levels (line, linebackers, secondary) on that side of the ball.
The reality of Buffalo's situation is this: Despite McFadden's presence, this team likely will slide under the radar in its own division again (regardless of last seasons success), as the focus mainly falls on Miami and New England. That lack of attention worked to the Bills' benefit last season, but will they be able to sneak up on people again?
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Buffalo Bills - make moves durring draft!
The Buffalo Bills made 2 deals during the draft in an attempt to acquire young talent to fill out some of their open roster spots:

JETS Send:
RT Ronnie Bryan




Bills Offer


Titans Offer

The Buffalo Bills stayed true to form this off season and stayed low key... they picked up a YOUNG tackle (from the Jets) that was considered as good as anyone still on the draft board when the Bills were scheduled to pick. In addition to that move, the Bills packaged multiple 6th rounder's to move up into the 5th round and landed CB B.W. Webb (he will battle to play nickel this season).

The Bills will look to the free agent pool to fill out its roster... if the offseason thus far tells us anything, they will look for players that are cap friendly.
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Buffalo Bills - RFA's allowed to exit!
The Buffalo Bills "DECLINED" to match on any of their RFA's tendered who received offers from other teams... TE Charlie Gantt, WR Dwayne Harris & CB Buster Skrine will suit up for other teams heading into the upcoming season.

GM Darryl Breckheimer had this to say... "All 3 players were acquired prior to my arrival, thus I have VERY little attachment to these guys. This in no way is a statement about what these players can do for a franchise, it just came down to not wanting to invest heavily in guys that weren't long term pieces to the puzzle.".

The Buffalo Bills find themselves with plenty of available cap, numerous selections in the upcoming draft & a lot of roster spot yet to fill. The offseason should be an intersting journey knowing the Bills have no 1st round selections.
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Buffalo Bill - Trade Veterans Allen & Ginn
The Buffalo Bills moved 2 veteran players early this offseason… the compensation was draft picks in this upcoming draft, Specific exchange broke out like this:

RE Jared Allen… a 5th from the Patriots

WR/KR Ted Ginn… a 3rd, 5th & 6th from the 49ers

The Bills General Manager (Darryl Breckheimer) had this to say… both of these players made significant contributions in capturing the AFC East Title last season, but we have found our path into the upcoming season lacking a spot for Jared & Ted thus trading them away. I have no doubt they will continue to find success and I wish them the very best moving forward.
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Buffalo Bills: AFC East Champs... playoff bound!

The Buffalo Bills captured the AFC EAST divisional title with their victory over the Miami Dolphins. The Bills will find themselves as a part of the post season events this year and can finally boast that they will finish with a winning record (an accomplishment never reached previously).

Some have suggested “luck” or “smoke -n- mirrors” was the key to the team’s success, but after 14 games behind the squad it’s safe to claim this team has some talent. The Bills have found themselves in NUMEROUS close games and have a knack of coming out on the right end the game comes to a close. In 14 games the Bill’s have had 11 games decided by 4 or less points… 9 of which were victories.

As the season winds down a few highlights are worth pointing out and celebrating:

HB Darren McFadden… Acquired in Free Agency, the Bills saw the potential of McFadden and knew a ball control scheme was what would be required for a team fielding a 2nd year QB (scrambler) behind center. Nearly all year McFadden has been in the top 5 in rushing yards and currently has the highest average per rush @ 5.5 yards.

WR/KR Ted Ginn Jr… No player has returned as many kicks for TD’s as Ted Ginn Jr, and only 1 player has more career return yards (Percy Harvin has 126 more career return yards). This season has arguably been Ted Ginn Jr’s most impressive season (50 returns for 1431 yards & 4 TD’s). As though that wasn’t jaw dropping enough, Ted Ginn Jr has also contributed as a WR (slot / #3 option) with 14 receptions for 318 yards and a TD. *** Ginn Jr has scored in 4 games… each of those games resulted in a victory! ***

K Ryan Longwell… The savvy veteran has been nothing short of spectacular in what is likely his final season. Knowing the nature of this seasons outcomes in 9 of 10 victories (winning by 4 or less points)… there’s no doubt the AFC East would still be up for grabs w/o Longwell’s 24 of 27 (88.89%) FG conversion and 33 of 33 (100%) extra point conversion. *** Week 6 Longwell took over kickoffs due to Zuerlein’s inability to keep the ball in play! ***

MLB A.J. Hawk… In what easily is Hawk’s best season of his career, he has been tackling machine! With 100 tackles (16 for a loss), 3 sacks & an INT… he seems to always be around the ball.

CB Leodis McKelvin… One of the leagues top CB’s this season, he has been a willing tackler (46 tackles 3 of which were for a loss) and able to create turnovers (6 INT’s).
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Buffalo Bills: Team Continues Winning Ways!

The Buffalo Bills GM, Darryl Breckheimer, declared what it would take to defeat the Dallas Cowboys... a SOLID performance
from the ground game and control the time of pocession.

The Bills followed the formula and delivered on a game plan that was deliberately put in place to curb the HIGH powered
offense of the Cowboys.

It was hard to ignore the production from HB Darren McFadden... 27 carries for 179 yards & a TD. But make no mistake
of what made McFadden's day so fabulous... the offensive line recorded 51 PANCAKES and allowed 0 SACKS (
rookie RT Fisher
had a team high 15 PABCAKES).
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Buffalo Bills: Week 1 Victory has RGIII in the Spotlight!

High's -n- Lows


* RGIII: Forget the stats (they were great)... the youngster drives the length of the field with a minute left on the clock, hits McFadden out of the backfield for the winning TD toss! ~ Veteran Drew Brees watches from the sideline ~

* WR Robert Woods: Hauls in 8 receptions for 161 & 2 SIDes... the Bills are gonna love the RGIII to Woods connection for the better part of a decade!

* B&M: Jones & Fisher (tag'd "Brick & Mortar" this past preseason) kept their signal caller CLEAN... 13 pancakes between them while allowing 0 sacks.

* OLB Shawne Merriman: The veteran, rumored to be playing his final season in Buffalo, totaled 7 tackles (3 for a loss)... also forced a fumble & recovered it!


* HB Darren McFadden: The team is counting on a significant contribution from this offseason biggest acquisition... 66 yards simply isn't delivering a return on the investment.

* Pass Defense: Maybe one shouldn't judge so quick knowing Drew Brees was the one carving the Bills pass defense up... things need to clean up QUICK, or it will be a LONG season.
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Buffalo Bills - 2014 Depthchart

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Buffalo Bills: Let the games begin... playoffs or bust!

Lets quickly preview some of the more significant additions in the past 2 offseasons:

2013 GZL Draft
1.06 QB Robert Griffin III
1.13 RG Barrett Jones
1.19 WR Robert Woods
1.20 SS Mark Barron

6.15 WR Jarius Wright
6.17 HB Vick Ballard
6.26 C Mario Benavides
7.07 RE Izzy Smaht
7.17 LE Joe Waters

2014 GZL Draft
1.11 LT Eric Fisher
6.04 WR Jordan Olsen
7.5 TE Julio Rodriguez
7.12 MLB Adrian Collie

2013/14 GZL Acquisitions
WR Ted Ginn
FB Devon Ramsay
MLB Quan Sturdivant
K Greg Zuerlein
HB Darren McFadden
WR Dwayne Bowe
LG Khalif Barnes
RE Derrick Morgan

The Buffalo Bills have focused on assembling a respectable roster the past 2 off-season’s… and moving from a 3-13 record to 7-9 showed signs that things were heading in the right direction.

The Buffalo Bills announced last season that the new General Manager would be Darryl Breckheimer… and he quickly began wheelin’ -n- dealin’ to position himself to build the foundation of the team via the draft. Let’s look back at those picks from his first draft class and how they contributed…

QB Robert Griffin III [1.06]: Before being lost for the season and missing the last 3 games (the Bills lost 2 of those games)… RGIII was in the running for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Putting “woulda, shoulda, coulda” aside… RGIII had a successful rookie campaign where he threw more TD’s than INT’s (15 vs 9), completed over 50% of his passes (50.5%) & had the team on the verge of avoiding a losing season before his injury. Though it would seem to make sense to expect bigger & better things from RGIII… we might want to see how a change in style impacts his game (moved from a pocket passes to a scrambler), regardless it should be fun to watch.

RG Barrett Jones [1.13]: It’s a shame Jones was lost for the final 7 games of the season, he was off to impressive start with 33 pancakes and only 1 allowed sack. The Bills can set Barrett Jones up on their offensive line for the next 8 seasons and assume they have a ProBowl caliber star in place… a nice problem to have.

WR Robert Woods [1.19]: The Bills mortgaged their future 1st round selection to move up and grab Woods… and he didn’t disappoint. The rookie wideout quickly became RGIII’s favorite target (week 1 he hauled in 5 receptions for 126 yards and a TD). There were highs –n- lows for Woods, but at the end of the season he caught the most passes (66), gained the most yards (1044) & scored the most TD’s (10) for the Buffalo Bills.

SS Mark Barron [1.20]: Yet another 1st round rookie that lost playing time to injury (2 games missed), even with that being said Barron was able to rank 3rd on the team in tackles and hauled in 2 INT’s. Theirs no doubt Mark Barron has the skill set to rank amongst the best safeties in the league for years to come.

This year the Bills didn’t have nearly as much firepower in the way of day 1 draft selections… but it didn’t stop the General manager from moving up and grabbing a player…

RT Eric Fisher [1.11]: Possibly the best offensive lineman available in this year’s draft (rival New England grabbed Leo Richards a few picks earlier)… Fisher will line up alongside the youngster drafted last year (Barrett Jones), should be the best right side in the league for many years.

Collecting veterans wasn’t a focus for General Manager Darryl Breckheimer in his 1st offseason, the only significant player acquired was WR/KR Tedd Ginn Jr (for a 2nd round pick). In this most recent offseason the story changed, 4 vets have been added and will start for the AFC East up and coming Bills.

HB Darren McFadden: After the Bills released the aging Frank Gore & Joseph Addai it was apparent finding a stud to offer a dominant running game was priority #1. Whether Darren McFadden can fill the role of workhorse is yet to be seen… he hasn’t done so since being jettisoned from the Raiders.

WR Dwayne Bowe: There’s never been a lack of potential or trash talks when it comes to Dwayne Bowe… results seem to be what has lacked in the past. Every opportunity will be given to Bowe to be the #1 target, staying healthy and focused will be key.

LG Khalif Barnes: With the right side of the offensive line set for the better part of a decade, the Bills were looking for an upgrade and veteran presences on the left side… Barnes should be able to deliver.

DE Derrick Morgan: The Bills coaches believe Derrick Morgan is better suited on the left side and has been played out of position for years. With that said, it’s hoped Morgan can get double digit sacks and be a constant threat.
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Bills Offseason Update: McFadden Signs With Bills!

Finding Pieces to the Puzzle... via McFadden Signing!

The Buffalo Bills were in desperate need of landing a back who could handle carrying the load. It’s evident the coaching staff is far from ready in leaning heavily toward the passing game knowing their signal caller is still a bit wet behind the ears (RGIII is entering his sophomore season).

The introduction of HB Darren McFadden in yesterday’s press conference was a sign that the Bills intentions were sincere, and price tag was a bit staggering (nearly 22 million dollars over the next 3 seasons).

Frustration got the better of McFadden last season when his typical carries were cut in half while sharing time on the field with Matt Forte (McFadden never reached 100 yards on the ground in a game all season). The Bears faltered down the final quarter stretch of the season and it became evident the relationship between team & player was going to fail.

There will be no sharing of carries for McFadden this time around, and the offensive scheme will focus and lean toward the run. The Bills are on their way to a balanced attack with the addition of WR Dwayne Bowe (via a trade with the Buccaneers this offseason) and a blossoming deep threat in WR Robert Woods… but at beast, the passing game will keep defenses honest w/o fear of the aerial attack.

The Bills were unsuccessful in landing MLB Manny Lawson and CB Leon Hall… they still await to see if RE Derrick Morgan will head east to Buffalo or remain in sunny San Diego.

There has been talk that the Buffalo Bills have reached out to
QB Drew Brees in hope of adding him to the roster as a reliable back-up
and mentor to Franchise hopeful RGIII... no doubt more to follow soon!
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Bills Offseason Update: Looking to add pieces to the puzzle!

Acquired via Trade:

WR Dwayne Bowe
The Buffalo Bills are hoping an upgrade @ WR helps in the continued grooming of QB RGIII (looking to avoid the sophomore slump). Dwayne Bowe is a solid veteran who has a BIG body [6’2”], respectable wheels [SPD = 92 / ACC = 92], along with hands [CTH = 94] & hops [JMP = 96] to make him a perfect target.

LG Khalif Barnes
The offensive line gets an upgrade with the addition of Khalif Barnes… a cagey veteran who brings athleticism the coaching staff desires [SPD = 62 / AGI = 61 / ACC = 82]. The offense boarders between a balanced attack and run to set up the pass scheme… which favors Barnes (he’s a much better run blocker than pass protector).

Unrestricted >match eligble< Free Agent Targets:

HB Darren McFadden
The draft class does not have a “can’t miss” HB prospect… and even if it did, the Buffalo Bills are no where near the top of round 1 to get such a THREAT. With that said, the Bills went all in with their bid on McFadden. Knowing, the Chicago Bears already have Matt Forte locked up they feel good about their chances to land Darren McFadden… he’s the homerun THREAT the team needs [SPD = 96 / ACC = 95] to make sure there isn’t to much pressure placed on RGIII.

MLB Manny Lawson
The Buffalo Bills have no intention of bringing back MLB Karlos Dansby, who no doubt has lost a step, and have made a bid on Manny Lawson. The offer is legit, but isn’t a BLOCK BUSTER deal that will eliminate all other possible suitors… we’ll have to hold our breathe and see how this one plays out! If the Bills swing and miss on this attempt to fill a need they’ll look to acquire a player via trade or the draft.

Draft War-Room:

The Buffalo Bills are in the mix... they have 3 picks in the top 60 selections. Knowing the Bills GM Darryl Breckheimer has 34 players targeted... one could predict some forth coming attempts to move UP, both 2nd rounders are likely to be traded away.

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Buffalo Bills - Week 1

Breck Breakdown:
A victory was unlikely... but the team needs to be more competitive, especially when we're facing a divisional foe. The expected "rookie growing pains" were evident with our starting QB... completion % under 40% and more INT's than TD's. The Patriots passing game was ALIVE... and QB Tom Brady to WR Torrey Smith ABUSED the Buffalo Bills (connected 9 times for 225 yards & 2 TD's).

Rookie Watch:

* * * Buffalo Bills Rookie of the Week Award * * *

QB Robert Griffin III: Completed 15 of 38 attempts for 265 yards 2 TD & 3 INT's
Welcome top the GZL RGIII... mistakes over shadow highlights!

RG Barrett Jones: 3 pancakes 0 sackes allowed
Respectable 1st day as a pro... kept his QB clean while opening some holes in the running game.

WR Robert Woods: 5 receptions for 126 yards & TD
Impressive showing... clearly GZL ready!

SS Mark Barron: 6 tackles & 1 deflection
Defensive backfield was exposed... but the rookie showed well individually.
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Buffalo Bills - New Faces

The Buffalo Bills have overhauled the starting lineup from a year ago... this was done via trades, the draft & free agency.


RT Jon Stinchcomb
Another veteran brought in via Free Agency... knowing the Bills were likely to head into the regular season with a rookie QB starting it was critical that a respectable option at RT be added to an offensive line that was porous at best last year.

RG Barrett Jones
Not the sexiest pick a GM can make, but upgrading the offensive line was a must... and Jones should be a fantastic player for the next decade.

C Mario Benavides
Though Mario Benavides wasn't drafted until the 6th round, it appears he'll get the nod as the starter. This could be a LONG season for the rookie, it's questionable whether he's starting caliber, but the team simply has no other option at this point.

QB Robert Griffin III
Probably the biggest surprise of the draft was... the Buffalo Bills selecting RGIII with the 6th overall selection in this years draft. After the Buffalo Bills were turned away at EVERY attempt to land a veteran signal caller... they took what some called "the most ready" QB to start from day. Though everyone is well aware of RGIII's athleticism, the Bills will try to keep him in the pocket safe -n- warm.

WR Robert Woods
The Buffalo Bills traded away a future #1 to get yet another 1st round pick in this years draft... and what a move it turned out to be! No one project Robert Woods falling into the 2nd half of the 1st round, the Bills gladly selected Woods with the 19th overall selection... and look forward to a RGIII to Woods conection for the next decade!

WR Ted Ginn
Acquiring WR Ted Ginn Jr was the 1st move GM Darryl Breckheimer made. It's expected that Ginn Jr will bounce between the slot & #1 WR spot and will be the teams kick returner & punt returner.

HB Frank Gore
Knowing the team would need to control the clock and protect it's rookie QB from having to win games on his own... the team desired a HB that could carry the load. After the draft the Bills acquired HB Frank "the TANK" Gore via Free Agency... Gore has averaged 1500 yards & double digit TD's the past 2 seasons!

FB Devon Ramsay
The Bills offensive scheme wont likely involve a FB in most formations... but when it does, they'll look to bring in Devon Ramsay (though the team has considered using Marshawn Lynch... acquired via trade).


CB Terence Newman
It became apparent, after 3 preseason games, that it would be a LONG season if an upgrade wasn't made... so GM Darryl Breckheimer went out and grabbed the aging defensive back who last season set the single season INT record. Though Newman has lost a step and may be nothing more than a 1 season & done addition, it was a piece that simply had to be acquired if there was any hope of the defense being competitive.

MLB Karlos Dansby
With the loss of disgruntled MLB Paul Posluszny, to Green Bay, the Bills were missing the heart of last years defense... they initially traded for Quan Sturdivant via Tampa Bay but when Karlos Dansby became available via Free Agency the Bills offered a RICH 1 year deal for the savvy veteran.

FS Mark Barron
It was by design that the Bills drafted FS Mark Baron, but with the 20th overall pick it was assumed the hard hitting & fast moving safety would be long gone... so the pick was basically used with the "best player available" approach. How impactful and significant a role the safety position truly is can be debated on and on... regardless, Barron will fill the role for the next decade and has the potential to be a regular invite to ProBowls.


K Josh Brown
The team needed a kicker they could rely on... every point will count this season, and the team couldn't afford to take a chance on an unproven talent. Though Josh Brown is aging and in the final stages of his career, the veteran still has plenty of leg to get the job done.
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2013 - Buffalo Bills Training Camp
2012 - Year In Review

The Buffalo Bills finished the year [2012] with the worst record in the league... their only 2 victories came against mediocre 9-7 teams, the Broncos & Jets. The blame for such a horrid outcome could be placed with many, but the main culprit resides with an offense that scored the second fewest points in the league last season at 294 (only the Chiefs scored fewer at 276). The defense ranked in the bottom 1/3 of the league and failed to strike fear in any opponents heart... but, they did there best to keep many games close (8 losses saw the Bills lose by less than 7 points).

The Buffalo Bills failed to post 20 TD passes, complete 50% of their passes, barely surpassed 3000 yards passing, didn't have a 1000 yard rusher, didn't see a receiver gain 1000 yards and didn't have anyone score in double digits... simply put, PATHETIC! The only gaudy stats produced on this team were on the defensive side of the ball... and that was the result of being on the field FAR to often.

The quicker this team can put 2012 out of its memory the better! Since the inception of GZL, the Buffalo Bills have yet to post a winning record and have lost over twice as many games the past 3 season... the playoffs are a destination the Bills have yet to reach.

2013 - Front Office / Coaches
GM - Darryl Breckheimer (NEW)
Head Coach - J. Hufnagel (NEW)
Offensive Coordinator - B. Ligashesky
Defensive Coordinator - B. O'Brien
Special Teams - R. Bisaccia (NEW)

Newly appointed GM Darryl Breckheimer quickly informed veteran QB David Garrard that the team would no longer require his services & sent HB C.J. Spiller to Seattle in exchange for HB Marshawn Lynch. The " Wheelin' -n- Dealin' " side of GM Darryl Breckheimer has been ever present this offseason... most notably, trading away the 1st overall pick which was eventually turned into 3 1st round picks (selections 6, 13 & 20). The GM also traded next years 1st round pick for a 1st round selection (19th overall) this year. Numerous cuts were made in an attempt to clear cap space while minimizing the cap hit the following year (currently, the Bills have accrued a $7.640M cap hit next season... manageable). The new GM decided to forego the 1st stage of Free Agency (avoiding max bonuses) wanting to see where the team stood after the draft... no doubt the team will be a major player in the next stage of Free Agency.

The face and identity of this franchise has begun to take shape... in large part, with the " wheelin' -n- dealin' " in conjunction with the maneuvering and positioning within the draft. With out going into great detail, the Buffalo Bills were able to acquire 4 1st round selection:

1.06 - QB Robert Griffin III:
Leading up to the draft GM Darryl Breckheimer had absolutely no intention of drafting a rookie QB... in fact, the Bills attempted to land 3 different veteran QB's (Chad Henne, Matt Ryan & Tom Brady) but failed to establish a deal before draft day. The teams hand was forced to take a QB not only for the future... but someone that could step in and start from day 1. The pick probably came as a surprise and likely received mixed reviews... knowing Griffin to be a scrambler and numerous GM's hesitation with that style of QB the pick could be labeled a reach this early in the 1st round.

1.13 - LG Barrett Jones:
Does anyone truly get excited about drafting a lineman in the top half of the 1st round... outside of selecting a kicker or punter, there's nothing less sexy when drafting this high. All that aside, Jones may have been the best pick the Bills made in the 1st round... his combination of speed/acceleration and strength are something you can't find in the league. With experience and some minor work on his agility... Jones is a fair bet to be a ProBowler for the next 10-12 years.

1.19 - WR Robert Woods:
The Bills chose to move a future 1st rounder's for the opportunity to land a player that could contribute this season... when they made this move no one could have guessed that Woods would be available. Though the team had greater needs, landing such a talent and threat seemed necessary knowing weapons would help the rookie QB Robert Griffin III. The league always finds tall WR's SEXY... but Woods also provides speed/acceleration, agility very good hands and can go up and get a highly thrown ball... expect a connection between RGIII to Woods for the next 10 seasons!

1.20 - SS Mark Barron
A stalwart at safety, he has the size and athletic ability to contribute right away in the GZL. He has the range and ball skills to make big plays and will be an active defender against the run.

Filling out the roster:
The skew was VERY friendly in nature to the Buffalo Bills... even with that being said, it's unlikely these players will be counted on to contribute (C Mario Benavides has a shot at starting).

WR Jarius Wright
HB Vick Ballard
C Mario Benavides
LE Izzy Smaht
LE Joe Waters

GM Darryl Breckheimer attempt to land a VETERAN signal caller... Chad Henne, Tom Brady & Matt Ryan were amongst those targeted. It became apparent late in the game that getting a veteran was going to be difficult... the Bills went as far as offering 1.09, a future #1 & future #2 for QB Matt Ryan & a future #4 without success. This forced GM Darryl Breckheimer's hand to settle on drafting a QB as late as the day of the draft [UGH].

The Buffalo Bills walked into Post Draft Free Agency with more available cap space than anyone team in the league... they attempted to be a BIG player in bidding and should know later tonight how they did (8 players were bid on), more details to follow.
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Bills: Who Will It Be?

Richardson or Claiborne?
Forum Discussion (by D_Breckheimer on 06/29/2012) Replies - 14 :: Views - 124
Bills: Team Changes Gears & Approach!
The Buffalo Bills find themselves quickly recovering from a deal gone wrong (both teams determined it was in the best interest to kill the original agreement)... and are now determining their new direction through the offseason.

The 1st order of business, CLEAR cap space so that the team can attempt to keep key pieces that were on the roster last season and position the teams self so that they can be a player in Free Agency and afford the rookies they draft. That said, the follow players have been release [clearing over $33 million in cap space];

DT Kyle Williams [$6.22M]
RT Jeff Backus [$7.09M]
SS Donte Whitner [$8.99M]
DT Dwan Edwards [$4.11M]
LOLB Chris Kelsay [$6.68M]

Another shift in direction... the team is no longer actively shopping the 1st overall pick in this years draft. The team announced that though they would welcome offers for the coveted pick... they will simply plan on making the selection.

The team will also take a more active role in seeing what value is to be had via the Trade Blocks posted... the team has numerous draft picks they may look to leverage and acquire talent.
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Bills: 1st Overall Selection Moved to South Beach!
The Buffalo Bills have reached an agreement with the Miami Dolphins that'll send this years 1st overall selection in the upcoming rookie draft.

The full details of the trade include:

Bills Offer
2012 (1) Bills
Future #4 [Bills]


Dolphins Offer
2012 (1) Dolphins
2012 (2) Dolphins
QB Chad Henne
Future #2 [Dolphins]

The Buffalo Bills GM Darryl Breckheimer had this to say about the decision to trade away the coveted 1st overall draft selection:

"There were a number of quality prospects we considered with the pick, but in the end we decided a that was 2-14 last season has more needs than 1 player can fill. Not only did we acquire a QB that helped win the AFC East & earn a trip to last seasons ProBowl... we still have a selection in the 1st round and gain an additional 2nd round pick."

* * * This deal has yet to be approved by League officials * * *
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Bills: Rookie Work-Outs / Interviews

Knowing trade talks have slowed significantly... the Buffalo Bills have invited 7 players in for visits.

Though the Buffalo Bills have expressed a STRONG interest in moving down in the draft... they have found it difficult to find a suitor willing to pay a kings ransom for the coveted 1st overall pick in this years draft. kotw

The Buffalo Bills will plan on making the 1st overall selection... but will be ready to "Wheel -n- Deal" in the event someone grows a set of balls and makes an offer that can't be refused.

Below you will see the rookies being brought in for work-outs & interviews... and all could be considered strong possible candidates for the 1st overall selection.

QB Matt Barkley... There's no such thing as a can't-miss prospect, but Matt Barkley has everything you're looking for in a quarterback. In terms of physical tools, he has a prototypical frame, strong arm and above-average pocket mobility. In terms of his football intelligence, he has a strong understanding of how to run an offense and he makes sound decisions on the field. Finally, there's no question about his ability to step into an NFL huddle and take charge of it.

HB Trent Richardson... There's a good reason Richardson will likely come off the boards in the first five picks he's a complete football player. He's a power back who can grind out yards between the tackles, and he's quick enough to get outside to where he can make defenders miss. His ability to contribute on third down makes him that much more attractive.

WR Keenan Allen... Allen has room for improvement in terms of his route-running, but has the natural ability to make those improvements. He's a playmaker who can come down with 50-50 balls downfield and can catch it underneath and turn it into a big play. He should quickly turn into a No. 1 receiver.

WR Robert Woods... Woods isn't an explosive receiver who's going to separate underneath, but he doesn't have to because he's big and strong enough to make plays against tight coverage. The reason he's a good value at this point in the draft is his ability to make plays down the field. He gets off the line better than most receivers his size, he's fast and he excels in jump-ball situations.

DE Quinton Coples... Coples is a versatile defensive lineman who can line up at defensive tackler in a four-man front or at defensive end in a three-man front. At times he's a stout run defender who can also make plays in the backfield, and he flashes the ability to turn into an effective pass-rusher at the next level. The reason he dropped as far as he has are concerns about his work ethic and his commitment to the game. Is he one of those guys who's not going to give you his all all the time?

MLB Manti Te'o... Te'o is one of the best overall football players in this draft. He locates and gets to the ball quickly as a run defender. Though he doesn't have elite fluidity, he shows great range, instincts and hands in coverage. He's just a very sound tackler who doesn't let ball carriers get away.

CB Dre Kirkpatrick... Kirkpatrick is the best corner on the board. He's quick, he's fluid and he's fast enough to match up in man-to-man coverage. He's also an effective tackler who can help out in run support and limit production after the catch. But what sets him apart is his ability to play the ball. He's a former wide receiver who just naturally understands how to track and attack the football.
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Bills: Deep Threat Acquired!
A deal was reached between the Buffalo Bills & Green Bay Packers...
the Bills now have a deep threat for their eventual signal caller.

WR Ted Ginn jr
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Buffalo Bills announce the hiring of a new GM...

The Buffalo Bills announced that Darryl Breckheimer has been named General Manager of the franchise and now has full control of football operations.

* * * Breck * * *

Comments from the new GM...
I'm excited for the opportunity to build a winner in Buffalo and will begin to put my hand-print on this team sooner than later... I expect our team to be competitive immediately!
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Bills Slump Continues
Buffalo NY- After a tough loss to the Colts the Bills have gone on to lose three more games to extend their losing streak to six. At this point it seems reasonable to ask if this team will win a game the rest of the season. A loss to the Saints was to be expected. They have a high powered offense and simply much more talent than the Bills. Losses to the Jets and Patriots were particularly dissapointing considering they were divisional games at home and they blew a lead in the 4th quarter of both of them. The Bills now hit the road for 2 more divisional games in Miami and New York. But at 1-6, the season is officially over.

The Bills have been trying to acquire more draft picks but have been unsuccesful so far in doing so. But with the season already lost, theres no particluar rush to make a deal. Kyle Williams, Steve Johnson, Olin Kreutz and CJ Spiller are just a few of the names who have been used as trade bait so far. With Lee Evans returning to action in the next couple of weeks he might be put on the market as well.

Every week the Bills are getting closer to the number one pick. Currently there is a 5-way tie for the worst record in the league. While it is certainly not the goal for the Bills to be the worst team in the league, it will certainly help the team in the long-run. Right now the team is anxiously awaiting for the season to be over as a major over-haul is over. A lot of salary cap space is going to be cleared and this team is going to get a lot younger.

Untill than see you all next week.
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Bills hire new GM; Begin new era with hearbreaking loss
Buffalo NY- The Buffalo Bills have made the hiring of John Pettinelli official as he was formally introduces as GM at a press conference last week. Pettinelli brings experience to the job and is looking forward to the challenge of getting the Bills up to speed with the rest of the powerhouses in the AFC. In the past, Pettinelli has been known to stretch out his teams salary to the max. However, with the salary already at the max and not enough talent to win now a drastically different approach will be taken this time around. In the upcoming days, the Bills will have a fire sale and attempt to trade some veteran players for picks. This will help the team rebuild through the draft and will also lower the cap number. Additionally, at the end of the season, some deadweight contracts will be coming off the books and veterans with pricey contracts such as Jeff Backus are expected to be released. The Bills have some nice young pieces in place such as Marcell Dareus and Anthony Costanzo and will try to build a winning foundation around them.

As for the Bills 1st game under Pettinelli, they suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Indianapolis Colts. The loss was heartbreaking because the Bills had a big lead in the 4th quarter and the game had to be replayed. Things don't get any easier for the Bills with a trip to New Orleans next week followed by 4 consecutive divisional games. The Bills would like to still be in contention at the end of that stretch but it is very unlikely. However, don't expect the Bills to tank in attempt to get better draft picks. This team is going to put it all on the line and get better every single week.
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Bills Season Review
Buffalo's Wild Things
Online Blog @ TheBuffaLowDown.com

Here it is folks, playoff time again yet the Bills are at home with their families. Let's wrap this season up and toss it away forever.

After going the entire year looking like they would have a top 5 pick, the Bills decided to give Brian Brohm his chance at a starter. The results were amazing. After a rocky first game, the gameplan was tweaked a bit and Brohm saw the light.

No QB in the league had a higher average QB rating through the last 4 games of the year in which Brohm went 56/88 with 8 touchdowns to just 1 interception. This run included beating 2 division rivals, one of which had secured a playoff bye, a solid 8-8 Chiefs team, and a Rams team that needed a win to make the playoffs.

This ending stretch also saw the resurgence of CJ Spiller with him retaking the starting role after being hurt or ineffective for most of the season. While our draft pick may not be as high as planned, the ending to this season could be a sign of great things to come in Buffalo!

On the defensive side, rookie Marcell Dareus was a consistent playmaker all year long. "This is a guy we knew could anchor our defensive front for a long time, and he has shown how effective he can be even as a rookie." was heard from head coach Chan Gailey.

Pauly P was his usual self this year, while being slightly down in tackles this season from the last, he made significantly more of those tackles in the opposing backfield.

In the end, injuries were a huge issue for this 2011 Bills team. Without so many of our guys getting hurt, there could have easily been 9 or 10 wins, and who knows, maybe even a playoff berth.
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Bills September Article
Buffalo's Wild Things
Online Blog @ TheBuffaLowDown.com

After 3 weeks without a win last weeks big loss to the Dolphins, the Buffalo football scene has been pretty disheartened, and everything in the city has turned to "next year mode."

In the spirit of this feeling and to get people excited for hope after the long, dark, cold, dark, long, cold, cold, cold Buffalo Winter, we have decided to do a preview of Bills needs and possible upcoming players in those spots.

OK actually we really only got to quarterback, because thats where all of the team's woes have been. Last years draft produced Kaepernick in the 3rd round, but the team is already cutting there losses on that one. While Kaepernick did put up a brilliant 3 TDs to 11Interceptions for a 32.2 QB rating, its just not quite up to Buffalos lofty recent QB stats and leading to the winning seasons the team is so used to having.

Fortunately there are some options coming out of college. At the top of this list is sCameron Newton out of Auburn. Cam is one of the runners that the Bills have had some luck with in the past with Josh Johnson and if he falls a couple spots due to his speed scaring a lot of teams off he could end up in Buffalo.

Other options could include Blaine Gabbert out of Missouri, or Andy Dalton out of TCU, or possibly Landry Jones out of Oklahoma if he leaves early. Only time will tell, but this could be a great draft class for a needed position!
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Buffalo's Wild Things
Buffalo's Wild Things
Online Blog @ TheBuffaLowDown.com

Mid Season Edition

It's time for a mid season edition of Buffalo's Wild Things, where we interview your favorite Bills players, coaches, and staff. This week, we have wide receiver David Nelson. How's it going, Dave?

DN: Could be better, still feeling the loss from the weekend.

BLD: Understandable, were the Phins a team that you felt you could beat?

DN: I definitely feel like we should always have a great chance against them. We're both struggling a bit this season, but of course in the mind of a player, you always think you can turn it around. You have to have that edge at this level.

BLD: You've been a bit more involved in the offense this year than you were last year. Do you feel like you've stepped up to that challenge?

DN: Yes and no. I've made a couple nice plays, but I'd like to be a bit more involved as a possession receiver with my frame. Of course, we're also a run first team, but even then I would love a few more passes my way.

BLD: Spoken like a true receiver. Any big changes planned for the second half of the season?

DN: None that we've talked about. Our last 3 losses have been extremely close games that could have gone our way with a break or two, and once we get CJ back I think he can be a difference maker. Fred has been playing great but its always nice to have another big play option. Our goal is still to make the playoffs. It will take a lot of work, but its not impossible.

BLD: Lofty expectations for sure, but good luck and the city of Buffalo is behind you. That's our episode for now, but make sure to check in with us next time.
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Buffalo Opens the Season at 1-3
Buffalo's Wild Things
Online Blog @ TheBuffaLowDown.com

Welcome to the first episode of this season's Buffalo's Wild Things here on TheBuffaLowDown.com. Our first interview of the season is with everyone's favorite injured and disheartened QB Colin Kaepernick.

BLD: Hey Colin, how's the ego, I mean shoulder. Sorry.

CK: Hey Bill, both are pretty sore right now.

BLD: You came in with a lot of fanfare around Buffalo, with everyone really excited to have a possible franchise guy who is a prototypical pocket passer. Then you just laid eggs everywhere. What would you attribute to this?

CK: I just wasn't as ready as I thought I would be. I had good accuracy in college, but these defenders are so much quicker, unless your pass is on the dot, you could get picked off.

BLD: We've definitely seen you get picked off. Just when we thought you could be serviceable for the year after the game against the Chargers, you come out and dump another 0 TD, 3 INT game.

CK: Um, at least I had more than 4 passes that game?

BLD: Fair enough. In your defense, CJ Spiller has not been the threat he was last season. Is he experiencing the sophomore slump?

CK: It sure seems that way. We've been rehabbing together a little bit even though his injury is a broken jaw. It's great therapy for me too, he can't talk much so all he does is listen. I've gotten a lot off my chest.

BLD: That's...interesting. Well guys, I think we'll wrap that up here since the interview only got weirder after that, but check us out next time for another issue of Buffalo's Wild Things
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Bills Offseason/ Training Camp
Buffalo's Wild Things
Online Blog @ TheBuffaLowDown.com

Offseason Moves

Hey guys, this week we're getting a little bit away from our normal interview Q and A, and just giving a straight up article for this entry of Buffalo's Wild Things.

The first thing I wanted to to this week was go over a few of your Bills' off-season moves. The biggest surprise the front office made was the release of last year's starting quarterback, Josh Johnson. The team opted not to renew his contract for the year, even though he provided more wins than previous starter, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

However, the team showed what they really wanted with the acquisition of former Jaguar, David Garrard. Garrard was signed for a 1 year deal, and should be a great stopgap before a new QB comes in, or Colin Kaepernick takes over, though more on him later.

We have also heard whispers of another trade or two happening before the offseason is over, but those have yet to be founded.

QB David Garrard


With such a young team, there is a need for improvement at every position. Rookies are one of the key groups that are fighting to improve and find a starting place from year one.

DT Marcell Dareus - Dareus has been hitting the weights hard since he left college, and even more so after being taken 7th overall in the draft. This is due to GM Wendel wanting even his quicker DTs to be as strong as possible in order to shift the offensive line and shut down the opposing team's run game.

LT Anthony Castonzo - Castonzo is another guy looking to improve his strength, seeing as that's something all the big guys at the line need to work on, especially with a team so focused on the run. However, he has also been working on his quickness and agility. Which of those attributes stands out as the most improved once the season starts is yet to be seen.

QB Colin Kaepernick - From what I've been hearing, Kaepernick has come in and immediately become the hardest worker on the team, which should be great news to the ears of Bills fans. Anxious to prove he should have been taken higher than the 3rd round, Kaepernick wants to make sure when his number is called, he's in the best shape possible and can make every throw he is asked to.

QB Colin Kaepernick

While these aren't the only guys looking to improve themselves this offseason, they seemed like a great way to highlight what to look for both this season and in coming seasons.

Training Camp and Position Battles

As young as everyone is on the team, we can assume that very few positions outside of maybe Middle Linebacker are safe. With that in mind, here are a few of the closer races.

LG: Andy Levitre vs Clint Boling (R)
Levitre comes in as the favorite, posting up a very solid pancake to sack allowed ratio as a starter last year going 59 pancakes to 1 sack allowed. His biggest worry is that Boling is a little more athletic being stronger and more agile on paper, which is well suited to the Bills offensive stylings.

DE: Daryl Tapp vs Jay Richardson vs Kenneth Lopez (R)
This is a very interesting match up as it is a 3 way race here for 2 defensive end spots. In the end, I would look for last years starters to keep their jobs, though Tapp was the only one out of the two to put up any sort of decent numbers. Look for Richardson to start as well, but if he doesn't perform any better than last year, that job could be in jeopardy as the season progresses.

As the offseason wraps up, I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two more grabs for another veteran starter to line up with some of the young guns on the team. Either way, I look forward to catching you next time with Buffalo's Wild Things.
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Buffalo's Wild Things - May
Buffalo's Wild Things
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Alright guys, here's our first offseason edition of Buffalo's Wild Things, your main source of info and interviews on America's Real Team, the Buffalo Bills. Our interview this week is with coach Chan Gailey.

BLD: Thanks for the interview, Coach.

CG: Glad to do it.

BLD: I hate to start with such a tough question, but many were surprised to see you retained as the Head Coach and were expecting a GM who came in halfway through the year to make his mark and hire someone new. What do you think helped you to stay on?

CG: Gun's blazin right from the start I see. I think as soon as our GM came in, we got a couple wins and we both really saw some similarities in what we wanted. I'm a Gator and we've both spent a lot of time in central Florida and I think there's a long term plan in place.

BLD: Any hints on what the plan might be?

CG: Without getting too far into it, the first priority is to maintain our defensive strengths. From there we want to raise the level of the rest of our team to match those strengths.

BLD: So basically you can't tell us much?

CG: Pretty much.

BLD: Not even who you're looking at with your number 7 overall pick?

CG: If I was sure I still couldn't tell you, but we've got a number of kids on our board on both sides of the ball and it should be tough to mess this pick up with the talent level coming out.

BLD: Glad to hear some confidence at least. Unfortunately that's all we have time for, but thanks again, Coach.

CG: Thank you
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The BuffaLow Down
Buffalo's Wild Things
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Hey guys, it's Bill here again with our final regular season Buffalo's Wild Things. I think we can agree that most of Buffalo is ready for the season to be over to get into some trades and other moves to see what kind of direction the team takes in its first full off season. This time we were lucky enough to grab starting QB Josh Johnson for our interview.

BLD: Hey Josh, thanks for coming on.

JJ: Happy to have the chance to talk to the fans.

BLD: Let's get right into it, are you as ready for the off season as the rest of the city?

JJ: Not at all. I want to keep going. Since I've been here, we've had a good record and I would love a few extra games to have a shot at them playoffs.

BLD: Very true, but couldn't this be a time to add a few extra pieces to help out your offense?

JJ: It could, but I've already got weapons all over. I got Seej, Dave, Lee, and the other guys.

BLD: And the offensive line?

JJ: The line has had problems but we got guys like Woody doin they thing, pullin they weight.

BLD: What do you think of the rumors we've heard around the league of you getting replaced by a first round selection this year?

JJ: Nothin to it. Nothin I can do if the team wants to replace me, but I think I'm the guy, and I think they think I'm the guy.

BLD: Glad to hear the confidence. That's always good to have in a starting quarterback. That's all we have time for right now, but it was great talking to you, Josh.

JJ: Thanks.

That's it for this edition of Buffalo's Wild Things. Check in for our offseason special in a few weeks.
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Buffalo's Wild Things
Buffalo's Wild Things
Online Blog @ TheBuffaLowDown.com

Hey guys, and welcome to a new column on the BuffaLowDown. This will be a column in which we try to catch up with new Bills GM, Greg Wendel. Known to be very busy with many of his pursuits, we finally had a chance to ask him a few questions.

BLD: First of all, congratulations on coming in and immediately taking the team on a 3 game win streak.

GW: Thanks a lot. This team has some great young players, and after meeting with coaches, we all came together and decided that a new philosophy was needed. That philosophy starts with our young defense. In all three wins we held teams to very low scores.

BLD: Obviously you made an immediate stir by pulling in a new QB while Ryan Fitzpatrick had been one of the few decent playing guys on the team. What caused you to want to bring in Josh Johnson.

GW: We saw Josh being a young guy who could really be good with some time to develop. He doesn't have the strongest arm in the league by any measure, but we've got a chance to work on his accuracy and work on his decision making. His pocket presence has already been felt, especially in the last game against the Steelers in which we saw him avoid a sack multiple times to step outside the pocket and throw the ball for a solid gain.

BLD: The next big change we saw is the immediate implementation of CJ Spiller as the focus of the run game instead of Fred Jackson.

GW: Jackson has been solid for us throughout the year, averaging almost four and a half per carry, and hardly ever fumbling. But have you SEEN how fast CJ is? He is way more than just a great return man, that guy picks up huge gains very consistently and is even a great target for JJ out of the backfield so that he doesn't have to try and go deep so often.

BLD: Thanks for the interview. Unfortunately that is all the time we have for today, but make sure to check our site for scores, updates, and of course, Buffalo's Wild Things.
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Buffalo Bills Hire GM Tom Collins.

BUFFALO (AP) - It seems as though Buffalo finally found the direction for their franchise to take as Ralph Wilson announced today that Thomas Collins was named General Manager and Director of Operations for the Buffalo Bills. A longtime Bills fan, Collins brings enthusiasm to a team that has struggled for the past decade.

"I'm very happy to be a part of the Bills organization," Collins said. "I've been a diehard Bills fan for a longtime, and to be in the position that I am, it's nothing short of a dream come true. I can't wait to get started and I look forward to getting Buffalo back on track and giving our loyal fans a team to be excited about and cheer for."

On how Collins planned to turn around the Bills roster which is considered below average to weak by most experts: "It's going to be a long road. We need to take baby steps. Trying to do too much, too fast will do more harm to this club than good. We can't afford anymore setbacks at this point. Everything we do needs to get us closer to where we want to be. Making lateral moves or taking steps backwards isn't something we have interest in. We have faith in this program and hope our fans stick by us as they always have. The night is darkest just before dawn, don't lose hope yet."
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