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THE PEWTER REPORT: Front Office Changes
THE PEWTER REPORT:: Tampa Ready For Prime Time?
Head Coach Tony Dungy demotes DC Lovie Smith; takes over defense.
Monday, November 7th, 2021
Jim Flynn, Yahoo Sports!

Tampa (AP) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and GM Anthony Fernandez shopped hard at the Trade Deadline last week in hopes of improving a defense that was trending towards the bottom half of the league. Last week the team announced on their personal Twitter account that Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith had been stripped of play calling duties, and that Head Coach Tony Dungy would take over right away. In practice, we were not sure how much that would actually translate onto the field, but what we saw was a COMPLETE overhaul on defense.

The Buccaneers have been running the 34 for the majority of the last half decade, but this week's game saw the team switch back to the Tampa 2 roots that made Tony Dungy a Future Hall of Fame Coach. At (9-2), it was a gutsy move, but perhaps the team just decided the personnel were better fitted for a change. It remains to be seen how involved GM Fernandez was in this decision, but we know that there were some significant changes on the Depth Chart that accompanied the transition.

Perhaps the most notable change - and likely a clue as to the level of involvement that Fernandez had in the changes - is that DE/LB Ethan Bruner made his GZL debut last week. Drafted at the tail end of the 2020 1st Round, Bruner was expected to be a long-term developmental project, but nobody thought he'd be nearing the end of his 2nd season with nothing but a handful of snaps. Bruner slid down into the starting LE spot and responded with 7 tackles (1TFL), 2 sacks, and a forced fumble in the 26-7 victory over the Washington Redskins.

The change to the 43 also appeared to be a good one for SLB Yasmin Ferguson. Ferguson was acquired earlier in the season for CB Jordan Poyer and a 4th Round Pick. Ferguson, the former 1st round pick by the New England Patriots in 2017, has been largely ineffective as a GZL pro, but he saw an uptick in production this week with 3 tackles (1TFL) and a sack. It remains to be seen if this production will keep up, but it's likely that Fernandez and Dungy needed to see what the contract-year LB had before they face the tough decision to resign him or not this offseason.

A large reason the team was able to move CB Jordan Poyer in that deal was the enhanced development of CB Bo Davis, who has had some injury concerns this year, but had a real solid game this week with 3 tackles, an INT, and 4 deflections. CB Claudio Ambellina also responded with his best game of the season, grabbing 2 INT for the first time since Week 9 of LAST year. All in all it was an outstanding defensive effort, but ultimately it's just one week. It will be interesting to see if the team stays with the 43, or if they rotate back and forth between that and the 34 they've been running for so long.

This week the team welcomes the #1 ranked Cleveland Browns into town. The city of Cleveland has had a recent sports boom - first with the Cleveland Cavs winning the NBA Championship, and then the Cleveland Indians making the World Series. The Browns look poised to make a deep playoff run here in GZL, where they've NEVER won a Championship, but are likely the favorites. The game will be nationally televised on Monday Night Football, and the early word is that the Buccaneers have a special Fan Appreciation Day celebration planned for the event. It's a huge game, as even though the Bucs are (9-3), three of the remaining four games are against Top 10 teams in GZL.

Jim Flynn covers GZL for Yahoo! Sports.

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Tampa Bay 2019 Training Camp
TRAINING CAMP 2019:: "New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings."
The Bucs finally begin life Post-Freeman after years of flirting with the idea. What will the Winston-era be like?

Sunday, July 12th, 2019
Jim Flynn, Yahoo Sports!

(9-7) Regular Season; (1-1) Playoffs

Honorable Mention:: WK1 TAMPA BAY -- 30, New Orleans --13

Playoff wins are hard to come by these days in Tampa. Eliminating a known rival from the tournament? Aside from bouncing Tyler Richardson's Rams from the playoffs last year might be the only other time that's happened EVER. While the win was nice, and ending Downey's season always brings joy to my tingly parts, the fact remains they had no business taking us to OT in our own building in the first place. We were a better team all year (evident by us sweeping them), but they won their last 5 games of the year to earn a spot in the tournament. Truth be told, we were lucky to escape and earn a trip to St. Louis. The honorable mention was also the Saints - not because I am a prick, but because we had 3 of those to choose from. Ok, I'm a prick. I really looked over the rest of the season, and outside of a couple nice late season wins over the shaky Cardinals and Cowboys - there wasn't much else to hang my hat on. While going (7-0) in the NFC South is nice, that's been common place the last half decade. We were (2-8) against everyone else. So sure, I'll take giving Downey his first and final loss of 2018 as our "best" wins.

Honorable Mention:: DC18 ST. LOUIS -- 35, Tampa Bay -- 13

The playoff loss to the eventual champs hurt, making that our honorable mention - but the loss to the Colts was huge. Not just because it was to Arnold and his patchwork group of Quarterbacks (one of which we were bright enough to trade a 1st round pick for this offseason), but rather because it was the game that let me know unequivocally that we were NOT going to be winning Super Bowl IX. Sure, the Colts got 15 garbage points in the final frame, but I've just seen those losses enough, and I've seen enough Super Bowl Champion teams in RZL (4, to be exact, nearly 5) to know that Super Bowl teams don't lose games like that. It hurt, and the knowledge was enough to have us throw Jameis in for the final three games and forego continuing our streak of double-digit wins EVERY year of GZL's existence. To be fair though, we got the 10th win in the playoffs.

These are the 3rd Team Awards. Past Editions Include:: 2012 | 2011

Team MVP of the Year::
FS Kyle Nelson (left)
90TAK, 1TFL, 4INT, 14DEF

Team Breakout Player of the Year::
CB Jordan Poyer (center)
62TAK, 4TFL, 1FF, 3INT, 33DEF

Team Rookie of the Year::
HB Todd Gurley (left)
Offensive Rookie of the Year
355 ATT, 1660 YDs (1st-R), 4.68 YPC, 9 TDs (T-1st-R), 3 FUM
Five 100+ YD games (142, 109, 119, 137, 110), Two 200+ YD games (202, 233)

Kyle Nelson has quietly been one of our best players for the last four seasons. He's been rock solid since winning Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2015, tallying 306 tackles, 3FF, 54DFL, and 12 interceptions. It's crazy to think of him as our most valuable player, but I think without him last year our secondary doesn't get BETTER after losing Morris Claiborne. Speaking of losing Morris, Jordan Poyer was a big part of that as well. Jordan was a 3rd round draft pick for us that has done great things in the slot. Last year he got his first audition as a starter and he shined. He did share some time with Gunner Recall, who will likely be relegated to nickel and dime packages exclusively in 2019. As for ROTY, that's pretty easy for us, since Todd Gurley, the 5th overall pick last year, won OROTY for the entire league. Gurley started very slow as we struggled to find an identity, but once he got his bearings we really took control of the NFC South. He'll be a huge ingredient to any success we have moving forward without Josh Freeman. It will be interesting to see how the team looks to integrate promising rookie Woodrow Carr, after he's made a huge splash this preseason.

Only teams available currently. Exact dates and details available just prior to the Preseason.

Projected 2019 Outcome:: (10 - 6) NFC South Champions

Most years, like last, you can quickly pencil in (5-1) for the NFC South games for Tampa. That's actually being quite modest after we went (7-0) v. the NFC South last year, but let's just say that we manage to nab 5 of them this year. Honestly, I think all three teams (Carolina, New Orleans, and Atlanta) got better this offseason, so (4-2) might feel like a success. I'm going to lean towards history, however. Speaking of history, did you know we've NEVER beaten the Green Bay Packers? So let's just call that (5-2). Aside from the Houston Texans, the Packers are the only team we haven't beaten. We have a winning record against the Redskins, and we know Ricky Stanzi quite well, having developed him in Tampa - so let's say we win that game and move to (6-2). The AFC West is tough to read - I feel we CAN beat every team in that division, but I don't think we EVER play up to our potential v. the AFC. We went (2-2) against them in 2015 and (4-0) agianst them in 2011 (perhaps the last time we played well v. the RED teams). We also had Josh Freeman both of those years, so let's just say we split, no we're (8-4). That leaves the VERY tough NFC West, in which the only team I'd say we SHOULD beat on paper (the 49ers) just beat us in the preseason). Let's say our team overachieves and we split there, too, which would leave us at (10-6). Perfect. That's about the range for a nice #4 seed and a quick playoff exit - our annual tradition.

Special Thanks to everyone who attended this year!

WR Dorial Green-Beckham | +1SPD (93) | +1ACC (96) | +5INJ (86)
WR Mike Evans | +1SPD (95) | +1ACC (96)
CB Bo Davis | +1SPD (93)
CB Jacob Reed | +1SPD (91)
LT Token Price | +1STR (90)
QB Jameis Winston | +5INJ (93)
HB Woodrow Carr | +10lbs (232)
MLB Paul Dawson | +10lbs (240)

So much talent, so little time! Yes, it would truly be nice to have 9 or 10 points to use, because it's getting harder and harder to give talent the maximization they deserve, especially from the middle rounds. Two examples of players we feel we've given that love to, however, are CB's Bo Davis and Jacob Bell. This pair of mid round players are the reason the Bucs felt comfortable passing on Bud McCray and Angel Rosario. While most skim over the Bucs roster and see Ambellina as our one true lock down corner, then see Poyer and Recall and think - good, but not great - they skip right past the potential of these two. This was Bo's third boost, which means he'll be eligible for ITBT next offseason, where he'll get +1ACC and finish off at 6'2", 93SPD, 90AGI, 97ACC, 60STR, 58CTH, 57TAK. We'll also be able to start pumping AWR into him for cheap this offseason since he's YP2. That is amazing value for the 33rd pick in the draft. He should be able to reach some playing time progression this year as well from the nickel spot, and next year we could be taking about him as the starter next to 6'5" Ambellina. Reed was the 42nd pick the following year, and he's in line for one more +1SPD next year and then his ITBT +1ACC the year after. That will finish him out at 6'3", 91SPD, 87AGI, 95ACC, 44STR, 51CTH, 58TAK. While those aren't as good as Ambellina or Davis numbers, those are pretty scary nickel numbers. That allows us to get some life out of those contracts Poyer and Recall signed. Where would Angel or McCray even have fit in???

At WR, we've got Hendricks signed long term as a 6'5" WR that goes 90SPD/90ACC, but tell me how pairing a 6'5" WR with 95SPD/96ACC and a 6'5" WR with 95SPD/98ACC makes your DBs feel? There's really not much more to say about those two here - we'll let their talking happen on the field. Carr worked hard to get pack on some pounds, making him one freaking ideal HB. We've already been offered what appears to be at least a 1st round pick this offseason from an AFC team, but we politely declined. We've got to see him more than one Preseason game before we watch him set records in another city. We're excited to have him! Paul Dawson projects as nothing more than a long term backup, but ITBT +1ACC should put him right where we like our LBs, especially after the extra 10 pounds. We'll work on him in the background, and who knows, maybe he'll materialize as a steal at 4.22 in the draft. Token Price hit the weight room hard the last three years and has now worked his STR to the 90 benchmark we require from our OTs. He's looking to become a full time starter this year, after a pretty decent rookie campaign. Jameis Winston is looking more and more like he'll be holding the clipboard for one more season (perhaps behind Ryan Tannenhill), but he's going to be required to make some starts, so we needed his INJ rating higher. He should be 98INJ by the time he's our full-time starter. It should be a fun year in Tampa!

Jim Flynn covers GZL for Yahoo! Sports.

2019 All Rights Reserved. GZL Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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THE PEWTER REPORT:: Live Press Conference!!
We take you to Tampa where GM Anthony Fernandez addressed the media...

Tuesday, July 7th, 2019
Jim Flynn, Yahoo Sports!

(GM Anthony Fernandez approaches the podium)

Welcome everyone, thanks for coming. I feel like the beat writers in the audience do a good enough job posting any dirt they find on Twitter, so I'll just skip any form of introduction and get right into your questions.
T_Riddell :
(Tom Riddell from the Detroit Lions asks) You have very unique Style as GM, no doubt. That said, you have not had a lot of playoff success. Do you feel that your style is a detriment with the high turnover of players out the door ever year?
I believe there was a variation of this asked at our last live press conference, so we'll reiterate what that was. Ultimately, I'm sure it has a small factor that we don't see players through to their absolute peak. We like to capitalize on value, so maybe we miss ONE year of a players peak potential, allowing someone else to experience that for a price. Extrapolated over an entire roster, we are certainly losing some performance, most notably in the playoffs. As you can see from our regular season record, we're still fielding a highly talented team annually that can compete with anyone, but perhaps we're lacking the awareness to win close playoffs games. We've worked to rectify that, and we've definitely had less movement from starters this year. We've got MOST of our team coming back from last year that was a touchdown away from beating the Super Bowl Champs in their house. That said, we lost the biggest starter - our QB.
K_Mullendore :
(Kevin Mullendore of the Green Bay Packers asks) Tampa fans are extremely frustrated right now. The Bucs are the winningest team of the decade, but their 4-9 record in the playoffs is well documented. During this time the Bucs are also 0-5 against the Packers. Are the two related? As GM, what do you feel is the biggest reason for this? A flaw in scheme? Is it Freeman's fault, contributing to his exit this offseason? Are the Bucs a soft team, benefactors of a historically weak division? Is it just bad luck? And most importantly (for TB fans), why will this be the year that this all changes?
There is no doubt our playoff track record has been laughable. It does not match-up with our regular season dominance, and it is somewhat baffling. As for the (0-5) record against the Packers, I don't think that has anything to do with our playoff struggles because we've never played the Packers in the playoffs. We've only got 43 losses in 9 years - that's pretty impressive no matter how you cut it. Five of those were to Green Bay, who has been an equally impressive team in GZL in that span, including getting the big prize - a Super Bowl trophy.

I think the second portion of your question is the portion that carries more merit, as I do feel Tampa has been a relatively soft team in GZL. I don't think the NFC South has been nearly as competitive as some of the tougher divisions in GZL like the NFC North, the AFC West, or NFC West. I would say that we've been on a very similar trajectory to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South - where we are the benefactors of being the most talented and most well-run teams in divisions that have historically struggled in both areas. This may have left both teams ill-equipped to handle single-elimination tournaments vs. some of the most battle-tested teams in our league, like the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, Chicago Bears, and St. Louis Rams.

You talked about luck - and I would never blame our historically bad playoffs run on bad luck. But I WILL say that in a league as good as this, you don't win a Super Bowl without a little good luck. We've seen multiple times in this league that a team, player, back-up player - they can get hot at the right time and they can capitalize and hoist the trophy. Match-ups matter, too. While nobody can say they've been eliminated from the playoffs 9 times, nobody else can say that they've been eliminated by the Super Bowl representative 4 times, either (eventual Champion twice). It's been so long now, but I think many teams forget we were IN a Super Bowl, and went toe-to-toe with the greatest GM in our community (Brian Brown). I was happy to lose to him in what served (more-or-less) his final madden game. I didn't think in that joy and honor of playing my mentor that it would be so hard to get back to the big game.

That said, I don't look back at that year as our missed opportunity, or missed "good luck", I look back at 2016. We weren't that impressive that year, struggling with injuries, but we got healthy just before the playoffs. We had a home game as the #4 seed against the Detroit Lions and we got blown out. The game was 21-21 entering the 4th quarter, and we let them score 24 points in the final frame. Had we won, we'd have traveled to Chicago to play a YOUNG Bears team, and then we'd have hosted the QB-less Seahawks in TAMPA for the Conference Championship. After that it would have been AF v. Garth and his scrambling QB Mike Vick for Super Bowl VII. Not sure I'm going to get a better path than that. We're going to try though, but who knows if it will be this year. I hope so, for the fans, but we're also switching QB's, which you know as well as anyone takes time. I think we'll compete for the NFC South again, and after that we'll need to catch some of that elusive "good luck".
G_Wendel :
(Greg Wendel from the New York Jets asks) There are a number of new players to the Bucs that have had maturity issues in the past. Are you worried that Johnny Footballs powdered sugar habit could be a bad influence on the rest of the players in such a young offense?
I'm not worried about John Manziel. Before we signed on the dotted line to trade Freeman to Cincy for John and the 27th pick, we made sure all that was in his rear-view mirror. He's entering the situation knowing that he's our long term backup to Jameis Winston, and he'll be groomed behind him and Ryan Tannenhill as such. Injuries are common, and we need his mind right so that he can be ready to play at any time. We think the presence of his old college buddy Mike Evans will help him.
T_Miller :
(Tim Miller from the Kansas City Chiefs asks) Johnny Football has recently been seen at 3:00 AM partying in Ybor City. Is that what led to him being put on the trade block??
Ybor is none for strippers, not anything illegal! John is an adult, and if he chooses to use his free time with a beautiful woman dancing on his lap at Ybor, Dale Mabry, or wherever in Tampa - that's fine with me, so long as he's to practice on time and is learning the playbook. He's a young potential Franchise QB, so him landing on the trade block was to test his value and potentially give him the opportunity to start somewhere else, with Winston and Tannenhill entrenched at 1 and 2.
B_Laurenson :
(Bryan Laurenson from the Chicago Bears asks) With the recent acquisition of Mike Evans and the drafting of Dorial Green-Beckham at 1.3, the Bucs now have an army of 6'5" wideouts. Who do you project to be the two starters heading into 2019? Will Jessie Hendricks eventually find himself on the way out as DGB progresses?
Jessie Hendricks is a fantastic young player, and we plan on him retiring in Tampa. He just signed his new 7-year deal that will run into his mid-30's. We slapped a No-Trade-Clause on that, and recently named him a Team Captain. His spot is safe. Our plan is to play him at WR1 with Mike Evans at WR2. DGB is going to take 2-3 years to fully develop his hands and mind, and we have no intentions to rush that. WR careers in GZL span over a decade. DGB will get plenty of reps, and he may eventually allow Hendricks to move to the slot in another few years, but we expect big things from all three. We also have an outstanding opportunity to match-up with teams, and force match-up nightmares.

That concludes this Q&A folks, as I'm on the verge of finalizing the 2019 roster, so I'm going to take care of that. Thanks so much for showing up, you all drive home safely!

Jim Flynn covers GZL for Yahoo! Sports.

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THE PEWTER REPORT:: Live Press Conference Announced
Bucs GM Anthony Fernandez will answer your questions this week.

Monday, June 29th, 2019
Jim Flynn, Yahoo Sports!

Tampa (AP) - Opinionated and controversial GM Anthony Fernandez will host a live press conference this week following the draft, where he'll answer any and all questions. He's expected to cover yet another frustrating end to the season, including a 9th consecutive playoff exit for Tampa. The team has also piled up a number of trades already that Fernandez is open to discuss, as well as topics like the departure of Josh Freeman, what that means for the QB position in the bay, life in GZL after the fast approaching 1-year anniversary of the passing of a best friend, the annual failures at the Award Voting polls, and of course draft picks and trades. No topic is out of bounds!

Please post your questions HERE and they'll be answered promptly this week. Thanks in advance, we'll be here to cover the event for you!! (credit to Lions GM Tom Riddell for the concept)

Jim Flynn covers GZL for Yahoo! Sports.

2019 All Rights Reserved. GZL Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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THE PEWTER REPORT:: Tampa introduces 2018 Day 1 Rookies.
THE PEWTER REPORT:: Tampa introduces 2018 Day 1 Rookies.
Roller-coaster ride continues for QB Josh Freeman.
Tuesday, December 30th, 2018
Jim Flynn, Yahoo Sports!

How soon will the Rookie QB unseat the 2-time GZL MVP?

To view expert GZL analyst mocks and reviews, please click::
St. Marie 1-10 | St. Marie 11-21 | G. Pearce 1-20 | G. Pearce 21-32 | Wintermute 1-16 | KVW 1-10 Grades

1.5 -- HB Todd Gurley, Georgia
6'1" | 226lbs | 81OVR | 93SPD | 89AGI | 90ACC | 74STR | 84BTK | 85CAR
Player Comparison:: HB Doug Martin, Packers
Quick Take:: The Bucs needed a RB at some point on the first day of the draft, and the signing of mentor HB Maurice Jones-Drew seemed to give that much away. But make no mistake - the Bucs were NOT planning on drafting one this high. That said, the Eagles started the HB dominos early (#2 overall), so the Bucs had to pounce on their #1 HB prospect much sooner than they hoped. Gurley is not perfect, but he's got all the tools to be a workhorse in Tampa. Expect the team to tack on 10lbs and also work on his strength, speed, and acceleration to turn him into an elite prospect.

1.19 -- QB Jameis Winston, Florida State
6'4" | 230lbs | 83OVR | 67AWR | 95THP | 85THA | 83BTK | 88INJ
Player Comparison:: QB Josh Freeman, Buccaneers
Quick Take:: The Bucs certainly weren't planning on taking a QB in this draft, but when the Florida State Heisman Trophy and National Champion winner was there at 19, they had to pull the trigger. Freeman, the reigning GZL MVP will serve as a mentor, while the Bucs take their time to groom Winston. The league announced prior to the draft that Winston was actually NOT a scrambler, despite media reports stating the opposite. Afterall, he finished his college career with just 301 rushing yards.

1.29 -- NT Danny Shelton, Washington
6'1" | 325lbs | 87OVR | 95STR | 83TAK | 69AWR | 60SPD | 65AGI | 97INJ
Player Comparison:: NT Johnathan Hankins, Titans
Quick Take:: Shelton is a big nose tackle that won't get much fan fare, but serves as an upgrade on NT Ta'amu in almost every way. The two will split reps at 34NT this year, before the team ultimately cuts ties with Ta'amu and the remaining 4 years and $25M of his contract next offseason.

2.10 -- CB Jacob Reed, LSU
6'3" | 211lbs | 70OVR | 89SPD | 87AGI | 94ACC | 44STR | 58TAK | 63AWR | 49CTH
Player Comparison:: CB Micah Price, Texans
Quick Take:: This was simply the Bucs going BPA here, as while they planned to pick up a 5th CB at some point, it was not at the top of the 2nd. Reed just appeared to be too good of value with his rare size and speed to pass up. The Bucs have had a lot of success drafting big bodied CBs at the top of the 2nd, with Ambellina panning out as one of the most successful CBs in the leagues, and last year's Bo Davis getting rave reviews as a rookie with a world of potential.

2.12 -- LE Eli Mazzar, Arizona
6'4" | 309lbs | 82OVR | 79SPD | 71AGI | 77ACC | 84STR | 64AWR | 71TAK
Player Comparison:: DE Christian Ballard, Texans
Quick Take:: No buzz at all on this pick (good or bad) for Tampa, but we're told the front office is cautiously optimistic in Mazzar's potential. Eli will compete with Michael Sam and Margus Hunt for immediate reps at 34LE and may have the inside track on the job, flashing the closest prototype ability for the scheme. Reminds some at One Buc Place of DE Christian Ballard - whom this same regime drafted in the 1st Round in 2012.

3.5 -- K Michael Hunnicutt, Oklahoma
6'1" | 176lbs | 66AWR | 93KPW | 89KAC
Player Comparison:: K Dustin Hopkins, Titans
Quick Take:: Irv McCoy was an early 4th Rounder for the Bucs two year's ago, but has had a rocky relationship in Tampa, missing 11 FGs over the last two years. McCoy was actually benched at the end of last season and in for the playoffs. He'll surely enter the 2018 season as the starting Kicker while the Bucs groom Hunnicutt, but with McCoy on the final year of his rookie contract, don't be surprised to see the big legged rookie take over next year.

LOOKING FORWARD... while the Buccaneers obviously exit the 2018 Draft feeling very good about the PRESENT, they would be amiss not to mention the plethora of picks they ALREADY have for NEXT offseason. By moving numerous times up and down the draft board, the Bucs hold the following picks in the 2018 Draft::
TEN1 | TB2 | NE2 | DET3 | TB3 | JAX3 | DET4 | NE4

Jim Flynn covers GZL for Yahoo! Sports.

2018 All Rights Reserved. GZL Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM A_Fernandez
Head Coach T.Dungy
Offensive Coordinator J.Gruden
Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith
Special Teams John Harbaugh
Salary $147.87M
Cap Penalty $24.96M
Cap Room $1.17M

Buccaneers Bo Davis CB 93 1 week

NFC South
#6 Buccaneers y-Buccaneers 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#12 Falcons x-Falcons 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#18 Saints Saints 7-9-0 0.44 1-5
#24 Panthers Panthers 5-11-0 0.31 1-5

1 Sep 10 at Bears Bears #25
Lost 30-33
2 Sep 17 vs Lions Lions #1
Won 27-11
3 Sep 25 vs Giants Giants #19
Won 20-17
5 Oct 8 vs Raiders Raiders #23
Lost 13-27
6 Oct 15 at Chiefs Chiefs #21
Lost 17-22
7 Oct 22 vs Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 29-34
8 Oct 29 at Saints Saints #18
Won 37-10
9 Nov 5 at Vikings Vikings #2
Won 45-31
10 Nov 12 vs Falcons Falcons #12
Won 24-13
11 Nov 19 at Broncos Broncos #30
Won 41-27
12 Nov 27 vs Panthers Panthers #24
Won 27-19
13 Dec 3 vs Packers Packers #5
Lost 20-23
14 Dec 11 at Panthers Panthers #24
Won 23-20
15 Dec 17 at Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 24-29
16 Dec 24 vs Saints Saints #18
Won 14-13
17 Dec 31 at Seahawks Seahawks #26
Won 20-3

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