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2013 Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Report
Suzy Kolber of the ESPN has spent sometime covering the Arizona Cardinals and looks into their upcoming season as well as their future One on One with the newly hired GM Adarsh Patel.

With the hiring of yet ANOTHER New GM, Adarsh Patel, The Arizona Cardinals Organization strongly hope to keep their ropes on this GM for a long time to come in order to build a great sense of Stability, Construction, and Progression of an young uprising Team. They have certainly hired an experience GM who has done quite a fine piece of work in improving Teams he has controlled in the past. This GM is certainly not afraid to make any kind of move that he thinks will prove valuable for the Team. Regardless of what the other GM's in the league may say, he will carry on with his Job and handle and manage the Franchise the way he has always done so. This 2013 Offseason for Cardinals has brought quite a few changes with Trades and a great deal of "Cuts" of players the GM Adarsh Patel thought were in a wrong place.

Here's an my Interview Conducted with GM Adarsh Patel

Suzy: You step in the first day as the GM, what were your thoughts on the roster and the moves you needed to make immediately in the offseason?

Adarsh: "Well I looked at the Team very closely on my first day and went through the whole roster and figured there were a lot of players that certainly didn't belong here. I had made a plan that buy grouping them together, I would release them when the appropriate time came in order to make Cap Room and Trade with other Teams. We've gone back and forth with our Cap room (at some point increasing then decreasing and then Increasing again) all in the efforts to release the players and replace them with the better one's. I had told myself that before the season starts "I want to make sure that when i go through the roster, I feel very comfortable with EACH and EVERY player at any Position whether its a backup or the 3rd backup. That way the Team in my regards will stand at a better position to perform in the Season of 2013 and with a bunch of Immense Young Talent in this Team, the upcoming Years will benefit the Franchise of Arizona Superbly.

Suzy: What do you expect with the likes of QB Christian Ponder and WR Julio Jones?

Adarsh: Wow, There is no limit for success with those players, they are certainly the FACE of the Franchise and I can assure that they will go nowhere but stay here and Play with this Team as they're the future. We saw how Dynamic they were in the season of 2012 and despite my style or running the Team is very different, I absolutely expect them to make another big leap in becoming the Premiere players of this League.

Suzy: Your Young Safeties in Rahim Moore and Mark Legree, how much do you really expect from them going ahead and will you be looking elsewhere to fill those positions if need be?

Adarsh: No, I will be sticking with those players because I feel they are on the rise and it really depends on how quickly they are able to develop in becoming really good players. I really like them a lot and the past GM needs to get a lot of credit in drafting not only them but others prospects with the likes of QB Christian Ponder, WR Julio Jones, DT Stephen Pea, LOLB Warren Barker, LG Adam Howell, and C Mike Pouncey. These guys have ridiculous amount of Potential to be at the top of list of "Greats" at their respective Positions in the forthcoming years and we sure hope so each and every one of them makes a big name for themselves. Rahim and Mark will surely do so as well but may need more time than other Prospects in our team to develop which is not a problem at all.

Suzy: What was the idea and reasons behind acquiring of DT Terrance Knighton from San Diego Chargers (expiring contract) and LT Eugene Monroe (2 Years left on contract) from Tampa Bay Buccaneers and bringing back CB Greg Toler (hefty 5 Year Contract)?

Adrash: Well the plan was to upgrade the defense with Knighton and Toler. Terrance is an amazing player still at the Prime of his career and we feel very confident that we will able to either restructure his contract during season or resign him but we will put forth all our best efforts to not let him leave and we are sure he won't. Greg Toler is someone I felt we had to definitely bring back since he had a great season this past year and we feel him being the #2 CB behind Cason will boost and blossom our defensive passing game. Toler is very athletic and has great speed with his size, so he will take the much needed pressure off of Cason's shoulders from the other side of the field.

[b]Suzy: How well you think you did in your first Draft in this league and who do you think will have the most impact?

Adarsh: Well My priority was to amp up our Special Teams by drafting a Kicker and a Punter and with the find we made in Kicker Blair Walsh and Punter Maximilian Bauer these two will end up staying here for a long long time to come. I found them to be Legitimate and their rookie season may not pan out to be impressive but they will certainly carry this team's Special Teams squad. I understand and highly value the Art and meaning of Field Goals as well as Punting.....they are immensely significant in any situation of the game whether its Game Winning/Tying Field Goal OR Leading towards the end and Punting deep in the territory to give the opposition a tough field position to start with. Walsh and Bauer will do a tremendous job for us, I felt that right away when I drafted them both. On the defensive side I ended up drafting two top-notched defensive ends we could've gotten towards the end of 4th round. Jake Baquette and Tyrone Crawford will compete to start on the Right End for us with Calais Campbell. I feel both of them are really good to start of with and will provide a huge spark on the defensive side for us starting this season. The tough question is who will start because both of them are so close in comparison and they will have to fight it out in Training Camp and Preseason to ensure a starting role. I feel extremely good about our Rookie Class as we signed 7 out of 8 of them who I personally feel will find a way to make vital contributions during the season.

Suzy: So finally, What do you think will transpire in the 2013 Season for the Arizona Cardinals (your 1st as a GM)?

Adarsh: I certainly hope to see a lot of Success, no doubt. I feel our Youth will lead the way and only get better and better as the season progresses and It will help us Win. I want to make the Playoffs of course to be able to carry the momentum we had last year by making it there for the first time and this time hopefully advancing ahead. Of course, I'm not counting Injuries and inexperience but I surely hope so that doesn't bother us. The first step will be to make the Playoffs and of course we don't want to be in the Top 10 pick of next year being one of the Team's that regressed. We traded out 1st Round Pick of next year already in order to protect our face of Franchise QB Christian Ponder with Tackle Eugene Monroe who I feel is probably the BEST Pass Blocker there is in the League. All will go very well though as I feel so and our Team will find a way to come up Big.

Suzy: A Great Pleasure talking to you, Best Wishes for the upcoming Season, Thank You!

Adarsh: Much Appreciated....Thank You

Furthermore, GM Adarsh Patel thinks the Key X factor on Offense and Defense will be those who aren't going to get much attention when anyone talks about this Team. He pointed out how these players will be given less attention in favor of others by the opposition but eventually will make a big difference in the level of impact they have on the Team’s showing this upcoming season.

Offense: Adarsh Patel clearly feels WR Steve Breaston will have a crucial role to play in the way offense performs this year. “His Speed, Size, and Experience will help him make a big impact for us while WR’S Julio Jones and Larry Fitzgerald get the most attention. We were glad to bring him back because he’s still in good shape and as the #3 WR he can put up really good numbers for the Team.” With the likes of RB Beanie Wells and QB Christian Ponder also gaining recognition around the league with their thrilling play especially last season, the stage will be all open for Steven Breaston to make be the difference maker on the offensive side of the ball.

Defense: There are quite a few standout players on this Cardinals Defense but LOLB Daryl Washington awaits to implode this upcoming season being guaranteed the Starter this offseason from the GM himself. Washington is quite young (25) and has raw speed for an outside Linebacker which will help him cover Tight Ends in the Passing game as well. The opposing Offense will have to contend with the Speedy and Skillful Washington in order to make their drives down the field. One other Linebacker needs no recognition, MLB Lofa Tatupu who is widely known throughout the League, will surely have his troops rally behind him in stopping the running game and Washington will play a huge part in it. “He’s just versatile, he has good strength, great speed for an OLB, and his tackling skills are just Raw which will be highly important because you want to avoid missing tackles as much as you can by having your players make tackles when they have a chance and Washington will do that. He carries with him a “good” awareness at this age and it will certainly rise up as he gains more experience and he will certainly be brought back for the future to lead this Defense (has an expiring contract).

There is no doubt that with the development of the Ace Signal Caller, QB Christian Ponder, the running game will have to absolutely do a monumental job in guiding the Offense. Both Ponder and RB Beanie Wells are at the age of 25 but with the year that Wells had last year, it will be hard to repeat it again for him yet he not backing away from the challenge and aims to just do his “Best”

“Everybody has been talking about the season last year, It was just Staggering man….the way Ponder handled the Passing Game and how he excelled at it, it made it so much easier and smoother for me to perform at my Best….no doubt. Teams will toughen up on us now that they’ve seen us play and we will surely have a hard time in repeating the numbers we put up last year. Are we surely capable of repeating them? Yes, absolutely but it will be difficult. I told Ponder to stop thinking back to last year which was clearly an overachieving season for us and just go in and about the business of getting better and focus on just Winning Games. We had such great numbers last year, that I still feel we were a much better Team than being 10-6. That’s the next step to take in being able to win more Games and getting a better spot in the Playoffs. We are growing, feeling comfortable with everyone and it will only make our bonding get stronger so we can Win with this Team. I’m not looking at numbers or a certain amount of 100-Yard Games, bottom line is for me to contribute and excel from all the angles (blocking, running, catching in the passing game, etc.). Hopefully this upcoming season we make some serious noise and achieve something Wonderful.”

These Arizona Cardinals are “Talent” and “Success” filled waiting the much needed Spark they’ve been looking for a long time. This past year was a huge step forward in making the playoffs and having a bunch of players attain career-best Years to lead the Team. More is yet to come, rather a better showing is yet to come and this Season might as well be it because these Young Players want to win NOW. They are mostly developed and read to lead this Team into a Stage never seen before by this Franchise. With the new GM Adarsh Patel, New Changes, New Style of running the Team, something Great is awaiting to Spark and that will only be experienced once the Season gets started. Arizona Cardinals are going to be the League’s Thrilling Teams to watch out for without a doubt.

With Suzy Kolber reporting from Phoenix, Arizona, ESPN.

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Cardinals through February
Through 8 weeks in the season, the Arizona Cardinals stand at 5-2 after having an early bye week. The team struggled at the beginning of the year, losing big to the surprisingly strong Tennessee Titans. After beating division rival Seattle, the Cardinals then went on and lost to last year's GZL Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. This left the team sitting at 1-2 and wondering what needed to be changed.

Then the spark came against another division rival in San Francisco. The Cardinals came away with a 17-3 victory with a strong defensive performance, and went on to 4 straight wins posting victories over such quarterbacks such as Tony Romo, Phillip Rivers, and Jay Cutler, holding both Cutler and Romo to QB ratings under 50.

Arizona's own quarterback, Christian Ponder, had a rough start to the season himself. With the third game against Green Bay, his QB rating dipped down to 27.6. However, in the following victories, his rating never fell below 82.4, playing mistake free football to help the team to victory.

Finally, the play of Beanie Well can't be overvalued. While he is posting a career low for a season of 4.65 yards per carry, that is still a very strong number to go with his 6 touchdowns against only 2 fumbles. This has also been his best season receiving the ball out of the backfield, while matching his career high in receiving touchdowns (1) and only one yard under his career high in receiving yards (111) through week 8.

The Cardinals are looking forward to the next stretch of games, where they will welcome a couple division rivals, and one of the league's top teams with Tampa Bay coming into town to provide a real benchmark to Arizona's progress on the year
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Cardinals Training Camp
Offseason Recap


The Cardinals offseason was very light on trades in regards to quantity. However, one of the two trades that was made may have been the biggest of the offseason. In this trade with the San Diego Chargers the Cards sent:

CB Dominique Cromartie


CB Antoine Cason
Draft Pick 1.2
Draft Pick 3.28

This pick sent a few shockwaves through the league, as the Chargers picked up the best "on paper" CB in the league in Cromartie. At 6'2 and about as fast as they make 'em, Cromartie could shut down any receiver in the league. However, in return the Cardinals received Antoine Cason who is not only the same age as Cromartie, but arguably played better last season. On top of this, the team was able to grab a pick to lead them to a sure superstar athlete.

Free Agents

The Free Agency situation for the Cards this offseason was an interesting one. In the first round of free agency, the Cardinals made two strong bids, one for 49ers DT Aubrayo Franklin and another for the Bengals speedy OLB, Geno Hayes. However, both of these large bids were matched and left the Cardinals without a free agent at that stage.

In the next round of bidding, the Cardinals still had a goal of getting a new DT. The team was surprised to see Mike Patterson available and quickly put in a bid for the quick, though slightly weak tackle. The team signed him, and everything looked great.

Unfortunately, due to a league mistake, Patterson never should have been a free agent as the Eagles had previously made him a match eligible player in the previous free agency stage. The Cardinals shiny new defensive tackle was quickly snatched away leaving the team with only underwhelming Alan Branch and Kentwan Balmer at the position.

In the end, the only free agent that the team signed was retaining a few players and resigning punter Ben Graham.

The Draft
The Cardinals draft produced 4 players that will be starters from day 1, with another to take over either as the season progresses or by this time next season. The breakdown is as follows:

Pick 1.2 - WR Julio Jones, Alabama

In the Cardinals opinion, Julio was the only must have player outside of QB in this years draft. At 6'3 with great speed for his size, Jones comes into the league not only ready to start from day 1, but ready to be an instant impact player as with his combination of size and speed, he is uncoverable by all but the best cornerbacks in the league. Of course, if a team does decide to put its best defensive back on Jones, that still leaves team stalwart Fitzgerald on the other side and puts opposing defensive backfields in a lose-lose position. Also of note is that, although the league website argues it, Julio DID in fact go to Alabama and NOT Georgia.

Pick 1.18 - DT Stephen Paea, Oregon State

Paea was an attractive target for the Cardinals after setting a combine record in the bench press. While slightly undersized, he has already been helped by having some body weight added, and with his strength isn't likely to be pushed around in the trenches anyway. Paea was also the teams top target outside of Jones, and the team was thrilled when he fell to the 18th pick. He will be the number one tackle from the start, although his partner is yet to be named.

Pick 2.15 - LG Adam Howell, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

In a move to get the Cardinals a second round pick, the team moved up to grab LG Adam Howell, who will be another day one starter, though it is yet to be named which side he will be playing on. Howell is a solid player with no glaring weakness, though he has no particular strengths either. The team is hoping that he can be a solid role player and help strengthen a weak position for the team.

Pick 3.18 - OLB Warren Barker, Temple

While sad in the above picture to have fallen so far, Arizona was very happy that he did as he is a 3rd rounder that can come in and start immediately for the team. He also came in slightly undersized, but was given some weight conditioning and will be heavier by the time week 1 rolls around. Barker is slightly slow, and may not be ideally suited as a coverage linebacker, but he is a solid all around player and is an extremely sure tackler.

Pick 4.18 - S Rahim Moore, UCLA

Moore was a rushed pick that GM Wendel had to send in over his phone while at a stoplight to his war room committee, but nonetheless one the team is extremely excited for. Moore is being moved over to SS from his college FS position and will be the heir to Adrian Wilson's throne. While thought to be a little slow as a cover safety, Moore will be a perfect playmaker on the strong side of the field with a bit of work on his tackling coupled with his already excellent ball skills.

Pick 6.18, 7.18 - G Doyle Ross, Ohio : G Ben Ijalana, Villanova

The last two draft selections were left to the interns Otto and Pik. In the 6th round Otto took Doyle Ross out of Ohio University and in the 7th Pik, not to be outdone, took a guard he thought could be better. Fortunately enough, Ross turned out to be a better player than initially thought, and in a year or two of grooming could potentially take over a guard spot from Faneca. Ijalana, on the other hand, is most likely a career backup and as such deserves a way smaller picture in any official team production.


As mentioned previously, rookies Stephen Paea and Warren Barker are both working on adding weight to their frames before the season starts. But it isn't just the rookies working hard. Center Mike Pouncey has been hitting the weight room to work on his strength so that he doesn't get embarrassed by the new rookie DT pushing him around in practice. Quarterback Christian Ponder showed nice accuracy in his first year, but has worked to improve his arm strength in the offseason so far.

Along with adding weight, OLB Barker is looking to add to his first step which is no easy task while trying to add weight. Fortunately he and Paea have gotten along extremely well so far, and with Paea being known as a gym rat, this relationship is paying off well for the team.

Safeties Mark Legree and Rahim Moore have been working on their speed as well as they both have high aspirations of taking over starting jobs as the old guard in the defensive backfield enjoy their NFL twilight years. That speed will be needed if they want to even sniff the field, as covering Julio Jones and Larry Fitzgerald will be a true test of whether they can succeed against other teams during the season.

Position Battles

Offensive Guard - Adam Howell vs. Doyle Ross

In this battle of rookies, Howell is tabbed as the starter by nature of his higher draft pick. However, that is not to say if he struggles during preseason, or Doyle stands out, that this could not be changed. Howell is quicker than Ross, but Doyle is just a much better name so things could change quickly.

ROLB - Warren Barker vs. O'Brien Schofield

In another battle of better talent against a cooler name, we have a rookie against last years starter. Barker is undeniably the better talent and as a rookie is already the more polished player. However, Schofield was not completely invisible last season and put up 12 tackles for a loss. While this position is probably Barker's for the taking, he isn't ahead by very much.

Slot Receiver - Steve Breaston vs. Stephen Williams

Breaston is a quicker receiver with better hands. Williams is just straight up huge and while he isn't a burner, has good speed for his size. This is a position that may change from game to game based on matchups. If the nickel corner is small and quick, look for Williams in there to just be able to snatch the ball over his opponents head. If he's a taller, more physical player, look for Breaston in there to be able to make a quick step past him for a long score.


With a new GM, usually comes a few major changes, and a fan of the GZL would have to look no further than Indianapolis to see this. While a major change or two has been seen in Arizona this offseason, the team looked careful to keep quite a bit in place of a 9-7 team that just missed the playoffs a year ago. Cards fans are looking to take this season to the next level with new weapons and a new mind behind the team. Let's see if it all pays off.
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Cardinals Bring in Wendel

ESPNews reports that the Arizona Cardinals have their new General Manager. Greg Wendel will replace recently retired Jeremy McCumbers as the head of the franchise. Wendel comes over from a Buffalo Bills team that improved from 1-7 to 5-11 when he first took over, and then 8-8 in the second year. The Cardinals are hoping that he can not only help turn around a struggling franchise, but take a solid team to the next level.

At the introductory press conference GM Wendel made an executive decision right away stating, "Despite offers I have already received, Dominique Cromartie will NOT be traded. This is a team that needs big time players in order to take the next step and he is a key building block for this team." While there are some questions on both sides of the line, there are quite a few very good skill position players both offensively and defensively.

"We have some great help for our young quarterback at WR and running back, but the offensive line and defensive lines need to be built up. If we can do that, we will score a lot of points and be a threat to beat anyone on any Sunday." These were tall words from the confident young GM, and only time will tell if the team can back them up on the field.
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Red Report: Cardinals Derailing?

Following the loss of Christian Ponder a few weeks ago, the Cardinals have entered a slide. They put up a good effort against the Patriots, but simply failed to produce the offensive numbers. Max Hall threw for 2 TDs, but he also gave the ball away twice -- something he has had a problem with since taking over for Ponder. The defense, however, did a good job managing Tom Brady. He came away with 2 TDs, but only a 48% completion rate.

Hall seemed to bounce back only one week later in a solid performance against the Jets defense. Throwing no interceptions, Hall threw for 2 touchdowns and 239 receiving yards. Getting the bulk of those yards was WR Larry Fitzgerald, who grabbed 8 passes for 174 yards. Beanie Wells also tore up the ground game with 104 yards rushing. The defense played well enough to keep the Jets at bay, only allowing the offense to see the end zone one time.

The past week against the Lions was a huge step back. Hall simply could not thread the needle on some throws, which led to costly interceptions. He didn't get the ball into the end zone once, leaving the only offensive score to HB Beanie Wells. The defense simply had no answer for Calvin Johnson, who managed 165 receiving yards.

For now, it seems the ship is sinking. Although the Cardinals still hold the lead (and only winning record) in the NFC West, it's hard to think that much progress is being made. Next week the team travels to San Francisco for a divisional battle. The way that the Cards play will be solely based on the Max Hall that shows up. Will we see the sharp, precise, careful Hall? Or will we see the reckless, inaccurate, confused Hall? Only time will tell, but fans should be relieved to see Christian Ponder back on the field in a few weeks.
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The Red Report: Cardinals Suffer First Loss

Phoenix, AP -- The Arizona Cardinals were unable to stop the Philadelphia Eagles this week, despite some solid performances by Cardinals players. Larry Fitzgerald had an absolute monster of a week, shredding the Philly defense for 11 rec, 248 yd, and a TD. Beanie Wells also played well running the ball, amassing 109 yards on 15 carries. Wells continues to have a problem holding on to the ball though, as evidenced by his 2 fumbles. He'll be carrying the football around everywhere he goes this week.

Arizona also fell on some hard times early in the game, losing Christian Ponder to injury. What was initially thought of as a muscle cramp turned out to be a torn pectoral, and will sideline Ponder for 5 weeks. This leaves the Cardinals scrambling, with the projected starter next week being Max Hall. Although Hall didn't have a miserable game in PHI (262 yd/1TD/3INT), he will be on a short leash as there is little margin for error. The team will travel to Foxboro next week to take on one of the toughest teams in the league, the New England Patriots. Can the Cards bounce back?
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Cardinals Introduce New GM
Phoenix, AP – The Arizona Cardinals held an introductory press conference today for their newly appointed GM, Jeremy McCumbers.

“I’m very happy to be here.” McCumbers said. “This team has been on a roll this year, and I know that we can continue our winning ways. We’ve got a great group of guys who have been playing at an exceptional level. The coaches have been doing a great job, especially with rookie QB Christian Ponder. I can’t wait to get settled in Arizona and keep this team going in the right direction.”

McCumbers went on: “Right now, we have no plans for roster moves. As soon as I can see some our players on the field, it’ll be easier to evaluate – tape doesn’t do a player justice. There are undoubtedly some weak spots on our team, and we plan to patch them up after some evaluation.”

“There is certainly some football history here in Arizona. I hope that during my stay, we can create a legacy.”
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Cardinals Training Camp
The Cardinals surprised a few people around the league by posting a 7-9 record last season. Many people viewed them as possibly one of the worst teams in the league. They showed they have talented players that can get the job done, but they also showed they had holes to fill.

They started the offseason looking for a new defensive coach. They let Billy Davis walk away after a horrible defensive season with almost no bright spots. They brought in Dave Henderson who they have high hopes for. They are hoping he can teach a young defense to play better as a team.

They Cardinals entered free agency without much money to be thrown around. They tendered both Calais Campbell and Kenny Iwebema as RFAs. They then reached a 6 year deal with Campbell worth around 29 million. They have not resigned any UFAs to this point, most notably letting Derek Anderson walk away.

The Cards entered the draft with holes to fill at QB, OL and secondary depth. They answered most of those with 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. They made Christian Ponder the 10th overall pick and he is expected to be thrown right into the fire. Mike Pouncey was the 2nd round pick and will be the starting center to help bolster the OL. In the 3rd they took a pair of Marks with Gilert and Legree, both expected to fight to start. LB Jesse Foster (6th round) could fight to start as well. Rashard Carmichael and Johny Patrick add better depth to the CB spot.

Arizona has most of its roster full but still needs a few men for the trenches. They are in the market for a center and defensive tackle right now. There is no word yet who they are talking to but are probaly in the market for veteran plays at but spots to back up their young guys.

Camp is now is session and hopes are high. Ponder is getting the majority of snaps at this point at QB. Reviews are mixed at this point but he doesn't have much competition for starting. Behind him Hall and Skelton are fighting it out as polar opposits. Skelton played more last year but its a coin flip right now.

The OL is all shuffled from last season. Levi Brown is playing RT with Keith over at LT. Pouncey looks like an upgrade at center. Rookie Mark Gilbert is working with Alan Fanica at gaurd. They appear to be a more talented group which is good for Bennie Wells. Bennie looks great behind this group. They also look solid at pass protecting which is key for these young QBs.

Brad Cottom is hoping Ponder will find him as much as the QBs did last year and is working a little extra with him. Fitz and Stephen Williams are working the most with the first team at wideout. The #3 spot appears to be a battle between Steve Breatson and Quintin Lawrence. The Cards are still hoping to be able to capture Lawrence's return ability and translate it to WR.

Defense is more about familiar faces right now. The front 4 is untouched to this point. Calais Campbell and Darnell Docket look to fight each other for the top sack honor. Campbell looks to be a bit faster this year and will look to speed by more tackles. DT Balmer looks to have bulked up a bit and hopes it will help him over take more gaurds.

At LB Lofa is the leader of the group. The OLBs are shifting around a lot. Washington, O'Brien and Foster are moving back and forth and working in every possible combination. So far Washington is the stand out of the group. He looks to be a lock as a starter. He also might be the ROLB to get more playing time on nickle situations.

The secondary looks vastly improved. DRC is getting better with experience and is all over everyone he is covering. Toler looks sharper too as he enters his third season. They are a tall and fast pair of starting CBs. Rookie Rashad Carmichael is battling Marshay Green as the nickle back at this point. Green had the spot last season but was a bit of a let down. Young and Legree are fighting for the starting FS spot and both are looking good. Rhodes has switched over to SS as its his natural position. He will also be in a fight to take down Adian Wilson as the starter.

So far a few guys have been stand outs as the hardest workers. Stephen Williams and Greg Toler are working with speed coaches to get that extra advantage. Calais Campbell has been battling with Levi Brown and both seem to be benefiting on their agility. Ketwan Balmer is looking like that extra weight is muscle from the weight room.

Here is how the Cards depth chart is breaking down right now with a quick review.

Christian Ponder-looks like he is going to be a very good QB before to long
Max Hall-more consistent but not ideal
John Skelton-has the arm but not the brain

Bennie Wells-he can be elite if he can stay healthy
Tim Hightower-his injury crippled the team last year
LaRod Stephens-a solid change of pace guy

Frank Summers-bowling ball who can move people very well

Brad Cottom-coming off an all-pro season and could prove he is an elite TE if he repeats
Jim Dray-solid all around young TE

Larry Fitz-great WR who is a threat across the middle and deep with his strength
Stephen Williams-big #2 who can catch great for a young WR
Steve Breaston-quick and talented, a young #2 means a vet at the slot
Quintin Lawrence-very, very dangerous but not a true WR
Dominique Edison-has speed and height, someone forgot to tell him he needs to catch too
Andre Roberts-who? He might be a roster casualty

Levi Brown-has great skill, proved he belongs on the right side after a great season at LT last year
Herman Johnson-if he could only pass block like he could run block

Trevor Canfield-a real can do guy, not the most talented but he produces
Marcus Gilbert-he might get a shot now if he can produce

Mike Pouncey-very good rookie who needs to produce

Alan Faneca-talented vet who has lost a step
Marcus Gilbery-on the heels of both starters with his talent

Brandon Keith-is this his last chance???
Jeremy Bridges-OK depth at best

Darnell Dockett-talented run stopper who can get to the QB too
Kenny Iwebema-strong DE who can stop the run

Ketwan Balmer-he looks much improved and takes the #1 DT role
Alan Branch-big strong DT who eats blockers for lunch

Calais Campbell-he might be the second most valuable player on the D behind DRC
Will Davis-all around ok but nothing stands out

Daryl Washington-looks like he is much improved from his rookie year
O'Brien Schofield-The battle is on, he will be the starter at LOLB or the main backup

Lofa Tatupu-a great general who has all the skills to lead an elite D
Paris Lennon-solid LB to back up Lofa

O'Brien Schofield-still the starter until we see otherwise
Jesse Foster-he is on the heels of being the starter

DRC-may be the most talented player in the league, now prove you can use it
Greg Toler-6' and fast, now use it
Reshad Carmicheal-looks very good as the nickle but still fighting Green
Marshay Green-quick but his height limits who he can cover
Johnny Patrick-a real improvement from 5'8 and slower than most LBs

Adian Wilson-his injuries and regression might be enough to pull him back from starter
Kerry Rhodes-faster than Wilson but not by much

Usama Young-ideal FS, much better than Rhodes was last year
Mark Legree-could push for starter if he shows improvement in camp
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Bennie's Back!
The Cardinals spent most of their season down its biggest threat on offense, but he made his return and looked like he didn't miss a beat. Bennie Wells came back in style against the Cowboys in week 16 and helped carry Arizona to its 7th win of the season. The win means that the Cards wont pick in the top 5 of the draft but gives the team hope that they might not need to. Wells tied his season high of 164 yards and also posted a TD. Bennie has now posted a TD in all 6 games he has touched the ball in.

Another sign for a bight future is the great play of DRC over the last few weeks. He posted 3 INT's, 6 deflections and only given up 5 catches over the back to back wins. If he can become the shut down corner the Cards need then the defense will be much better off. He could also help mentor along Greg Toler who has struggled in the pass defense over this season. Arizona is looking for some one to step up and DRC might be the one to do it and prove he isn't just hype.

Speaking of some one to step up, Lofa Tatupu is looking to finish out a great season strong. As of now he has been one of the top defenders in the league and is throwing his hat into the ring for defensive player of the year but needs a strong week 17 to prove he is deserving of the award. The word out of Arizona is the front office has taken notice and offered him a contract extension to lock him up long term.

Right now another injury to Adrian Wilson looks to set the team back a little, but the team will look to carry on without him. This will be Wilson's second visit to the injury list and is a bad sign for his future with the team. At this point it is unclear what role he will carry next season, if any. Wilson has played great in his limited time on the squad and is one of the few true veteran leaders on the team.

With a tough week 17 game against the 49ers, Arizona is looking to finish the season .500. It would give the team momentum to carry into next season knowing they knocked off the division champs and finished strong. Right now things appear to not be as bad as they looked a few weeks ago when Arizona sat many of its starters to see what some of the young guys could bring to the table.
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Cards 3Q: Looking foward?
With the Cardinals falling to 5-6 it looks like they are not going to be playoff bound. Injuries seem to have slowed Arizona down, but poor play seems to have killed their season. At this point they appear to be looking forward to evaluate players that might be the future of the team. Several starters have been held out of practice this week and none have injuries, which points to them being benched.

Derek Anderson is the most notable so far. He has been working with the 3rd team offense all week with rookie John Skelton getting all of the snaps with the starters. Anderson started the season off looking like a success but has been horrible the last few weeks throwing way to many INTs. Skelton was an undrafted FA and has not played much this season. He is known for his cannon of an arm and making poor decisions. Max Hall appears to also be a candidate to push for a few starting snaps to see if he could be the answer at QB.

Wide out has also seen a bit of a shake up. Dominque Edison has not been practicing at all this week. In his place in the starting spot has been a rookie who is a tower. Stephen Williams looks to get the nod and is a big WR who can run across the middle and has good hands. Quintin Lawernce has been splitting time at slot with Breaston. Lawerence has been a real threat at KR in the open field and Arizona wants to see if he can do the same at WR. LaRod Stephens will likely also get the nod this week as the starting HB.

With 3 or 4 starters already sitting down for what will likely be the rest of the season it appears the evaluation for next season is going to begin in week 13 against the Rams who beat the Cards in the season opener. All of the players that they are watching seem to be either boom or bust candidates but they will get a chance. With Bennie Wells set to return soon the offense should see a boost but it might also turn the ball over more now. Only time will tell for the Cardinals.
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Cards sitting even after 4
Week 1 saw disappointment with a loss to the Rams. The offense struggled to get anything moving as Anderson threw two picks and fumbled the ball away which put the Cards in the hole early and they couldn't dig out. Bennie came out looking ok but didn't wow anyone like Arizona needed him to do. The Cards also suffered a big blow losing its defense's leader in Adrian Wilson for half the season. It looked like Arizona might be in a disaster season.

The next week brought in the Falcons which looked like it would be a huge challenge. Arizona lived up to the challenge walking away with its first victory and looked solid doing it. Anderson bounced back with a respectable game posting a 90 QB rating. Bennie baited out for a mosnter 160 yards at over 6 ypc. Toler recorded his second straight game with an int and had a solid return with it. The run defense shut down Atlanta allowing only 55 yards but they were torched by Matt Ryan.

Week 4 brought Brett Frave and the Oakland Raiders for a big match up. It was a total shoot out in which the defense came up with huge plays forcing 6 turnovers. Wells posted his second game with over 6 ypc and added 2 TDs. The game was a tight one but it gave the Cardinals a high to beat a team to be considered to be one of the best in the league. It was a statement game as Arizona knew they needed a win before playing the Chargers in week 4.

The Chargers came in unbeaten and left the same after a offensive game against Arizona. John Skelton came in for Anderson in the second quarter and looked great. Bennie dominated for 160 at over 11 ypc against a very good defense proving his worth. The defense held a great back in Mathews to just 3 ypc but could slow down Rivers when they needed to. The biggest disappointment was a KR for a TD that made the difference in the game. They held tight against what might be the best team in the league which might be a positive sign.

At 2-2 Arizona's season can go either way from here. They still face a brutal schedule coming up which may be to much for a young team to overcome. So far Bennie is the high spot of the season with over 630 and 5 TDs through the first 4. Fitz has been quite which is a bad sign so far, but if he can breakout it could get the offense to the next level. The OL play has been really spotty against the pass rush so far. The defense has been inconsistent and will need to step it up but is hoping Wilson can get back on the field soon to solidify it. Arizona finds itself as a question mark as the season advances.
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Cardinals preseason highlights
Arizona started off their GZL career with a solid 3-1 preseason preformance. They are heading into the season with a few goods and bads. Three of their four preseason games will be regular season opponents as well. The question is did they answer more questions or leave to many unanswered for what they can do.

The Good
QB Derek Anderson
Anderson was 35 for 66 with 488 yards with the starting offence. He also had 4 TDs to 1 INT. While he didn't make the statement that he is an elite QB he proved he can be a starter. His major hole right now is his completion rate. If he can get that up a little he can become a top notch QB with the recievers he has with him.

WR Larry Fitzgerald
11 receptions for 211 yards and a TD. Fitz is a definate threat that Arizona is going to lean on. His catch total wasn't off the charts but you can't argue with his 20 YPC total. His sure hands only let 1 pass hit the ground after his hands.

CB Dominique Cromartie
He was by far the preseason MVP for the team and maybe the league. He recorded 8 tackles, 5 deflections, 1 fumble recovery, 4 INTs and 2 TDs. He allowed 7 catches to his WRs. That means the WR he covered was targeted 16 times, which he allowed 7 catches while posting for of his own. That is pure domination and should put fear in every QB in the league.

The Bad
RT Brandon Keith
He was shakey at best. He allowed 4 sacks and recorded 8 pancakes. On top of those horrible stats the running game was a let down. The OL didn't play well at all but Keith was the let down of the group.

QB John Skelton
He was the flip side of Anderson's promising preseason. He was 27 for 65 with 391 yards. On top of a bad completion percent he managed 1 TD with 8 INTs. He is a rookie but any thoughts of him as a starter anytime soon were smashed without any doubt.

CB Marshay Green
He isn't a starter but allowed 8 catches in his playing time. He only recorded 4 deflections and not a single INT. So he allowed the WR to catch the ball 75% of the time the ball was thrown his way.

The Cardinals also have made a few roster moves for the regular season as well. They were a little let down by the KR game so they signed a new guy to see if he can improve what they have. Quinten Lawrence was offered a multi year deal and is expected to be the primary KR for the seaosn. He has solid size and speed for a WR with very good elusiveness to shake people. He isn't expected to get much time in the offence though.

Arizona may have also found a trade partner to unload one of their LBs. They were heavy at LB after they switched from a 3-4 to a 4-3. Word is the LB may be Joey Porter. If Porter is the man on the move O'Brien Shofield or Gerald Hayes will likely take over the ROLB spot. Porter wasn't impressing the coaching staff during the offseason so he was placed on the trade block but didn't garner much attention.
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Arizona Cardinals Hire GM Ben Haskett.
The Cardinals have announced their hire for the GM position. They brought in Ben Haskett, who is a veteran GM who has been through many leagues. Haskett lives out of Kansas City, Missouri, where he GMs part time. He stated his full time job as a police officer is his true passion. He is 25 years old and been in GMing for about 5 years. He lives with his girlfriend of 6 years.

Haskett is big in building his teams up then injecting young talent around a solid core of players. He has been under fire for his personnel decisions in the past, as he doesn't build what most view as a conventional team. He looks for the guy that has the potential but might not be the fastest or strongest out there. Haskett bases his players around a scheme that he finds to put his opponents out of the game.

He is most known for his defensive approach to the game where his focus lies on forcing teams to throw the ball early and often by smothering running backs. He then uses a pass rush specialist to force passes that shouldn't be thrown. Offensively, Haskett is known for his run first mentality where he loves the backs that are a good mix of speed and strength. He has been known to neglect the QB position in the past but can spot a diamond in the rough.

Haskett has been seen watching his team on the field already and evaluating who he can get to fit his systems. Right now this Cardinal's team could be the perfect fit for his style of team as it focuses in on great DEs, possible elite CBs, a pair of big WRs and a balanced back that can do damage. He has yet to make any roster announcements, but they might not be to far off.
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At A Glance

Head Coach Bruce Arians
Offensive Coordinator D.Marrone
Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier
Special Teams Al Everest
Salary $150.46M
Cap Penalty $0K
Cap Room $23.54M

Cardinals Ace Sanders WR 85 Out for season
Cardinals Reggie Ragland MLB 91 3 weeks

NFC West
#3 Rams y-Rams 12-4-0 0.75 5-1
#26 Seahawks Seahawks 7-9-0 0.44 3-3
#28 Cardinals Cardinals 6-10-0 0.38 4-2
#31 49ers 49ers 1-15-0 0.06 0-6

1 Sep 10 vs Rams Rams #3
Lost 20-30
2 Sep 17 vs Seahawks Seahawks #26
Won 31-30
3 Sep 24 at Rams Rams #3
Won 30-24
4 Oct 1 at 49ers 49ers #31
Won 21-14
5 Oct 8 vs Patriots Patriots #17
Won 23-19
6 Oct 15 at Giants Giants #19
Won 20-15
7 Oct 22 at Bills Bills #15
Lost 24-34
8 Oct 29 at Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 17-21
10 Nov 12 at Seahawks Seahawks #26
Lost 33-38
11 Nov 19 vs Jets Jets #16
Lost 10-24
12 Nov 26 at Eagles Eagles #10
Lost 18-27
13 Dec 3 vs 49ers 49ers #31
Won 34-14
14 Dec 10 at Dolphins Dolphins #29
Lost 21-27
15 Dec 17 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 12-20
16 Dec 24 vs Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 14-51
17 Dec 31 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 10-26

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