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Chargers #4 San Diego Chargers
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San Diego Chargers Draft Review *In Progress*

1.9 - Alfonso Alverez - WR - Texas
In GM Gary Hickman's first draft with the Chargers, he makes a big splash, drafting coveted Wide Receiver Alfonso Alverez, out of Texas, with the ninth overall pick. Well not as polished coming out of college, as 6th overall pick Michael Thomas, of Ohio State, many draft experts except Alverez to have a higher ceiling. With Keenan Allen & DeVante Parker already on the roster, Alfonso will have time to adapt to the pro game, as he plays in the slot, and learns from the 2 pro's.

Keyvan McGee
1.27 - Keyvan McGee - OLB - Pittsburgh
Day one didn't end there for the Chargers, as they grabbed a late 1st to select Outside Linebacker Keyvan McGee out of Pittsburgh. He should be able to step in Week 1 and contribute. He'll need some extra polish in training camp but will definitely be an upgrade on the Right side of the field for San Diego.

Andrew Butterfield
4.9 - Andrew Butterfield - Fullback - Army
Able to defer his service to play in the NFL, Butterfield will start at fullback for the Chargers. Not one the speediest guys but smart enough to adapt to the pro game. Great pass catcher, and runner Andrew will need some work on his blocking to succeed in the NFL.

4.21 - Galen Johnson - Cornerback - Penn State
Drafted as a pure kick returner. He will mostly see only special teams work in the NFL for the Chargers.

4.23 - Joe Sanchez - Wide Reciever - E. Carolina
Brought in for special teams work, especially to compete with fellow rookie Galen Johnson. Could see fringe work at wide receiver as well.
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Chargers Introduce New GM

Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means 'a whale's vagina'.

Brian Fantana Reporting

A new era was ushered into San Diego this Week with the unveiling of new GM Mike Baran. A veteran of the scene Baran brings in years of experience to an already formidable roster.

A little background on Baran, he got into the Madden community first on Football Freaks around 2002 under the alias TheDon114 then got his first taste of a Madden GM league a while after that in TWR and needles to say (but I'm going to say it anyways) he was hooked. After that Baran claims it's a bit of a blur, it's just easier to say he's been around. Baran disappeared from the scene for a couple of years with the usual struggles of a growing family, but resurfaced in the now MFL around 2 or so years ago with his passion for the game revitalised.

A short time ago I was able to catch up with Mr Baran and ask him a few questions:

How does it feel to be coming in and taking over this Chargers squad?

It feels great to be here! The previous regimes have really established a strong roster here and I'm really excited with the potential of the squad and firmly believe we can make a solid run home.

What do you believe are the strengths and weakness of this roster?

Strength is the defensive side of the ball, with the right game plan these guys can be dangerous. Where as I feel we may need to get a bit more explosive on the offensive side of the ball.

Do you plan on making any major changes?

Never say never, but not as this point of time I'm still evaluating a lot of the players and making slight changes to the starting line up as well as working on getting the right game plan going for the type of football I want this team to play.

The Chargers got off to a winning start under Baran defeating Tampa Bay 20-0 with the defense leading the way. Hopefully this is sign of things to come from the new management.

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Chargers 2018 Training Camp
Season recap
The San Diego Chargers under first year GM Mike Goodman finished the 2017 season with a record of 8-8. While we are not happy with this result, we are what our record says we are and that was a pretty mediocre team. This team was loaded with talent, but it takes more than talent to make the playoffs. The biggest disappointment of the season was the amount of games we had in our grasp but come the 4th quarter we couldn't seal the deal. On the surface it would seem our defense just went flat in the 4th quarter of most games, but you must be able to run the ball when we are up in the 4th quarter of football games and we just did not do a good job of that. It could have been we drafted and started two rookie offensive lineman in OT Zack Barrett and C Marcus Martin. We do not regret starting them because the OL was badly aging and we knew we needed to get some young linemen in there. This was a team on offense that could put up points but would often also disappear when the game mattered the most. There are alot of things that we can build on from last season and when you have a great QB you at least know you have a chance every Sunday. While the defense had 40 sacks last season, the opponent Qb's for the most part had good days on this defense averaging a QB rating 83.93 while tossing 24td's to just 11 int's. Now we did have to battel almost the whole season with injuries to CB Sherman or CB Parrish, so while we were thrilled going into the season with having 3 legit CB's, it was on rare occasion that all 3 played the same week as all battled injury.

WR- Keenan Allen- had a bigtime season snagging 74 catches for 1304 yards. The guy most of the times would carry the passing game in our games and is a big time player and i feel had a breakout season.
TE- Jackie Thomas- also logged a very good 2017 campaign. He finished the season with 48 catches 804 yards and 10 td's. He played big in alot of big games.
QB- Gabbert- Had an amazing year. He had career highs in alot of categories. He did get injured and missed a few games this season, but what a year he had. He finished with 23td's only 8 int's and threw the ball for 3,687 yards.

Defense- The defense seemed to always play very good until the 4th quarter of ball games. We lost so many close games this season and more times than not if was the defense that needed to get a stop and we just didnt get the job done. The play of MLB Melvin Ingram was oustanding. He finished the season with career highs in tackles (133), TFL (18). He was a stud at MLB and was the anchor of the defense. While we did notch 40 sacks on the season we feel we had to send blitzes more than we would like to have to slow teams running games down thus opening the way and lanes up for passing game.

While we finished 8-8 in our first season here in San Diego, we have learned so much in just a year. We expect our 2018 campaign to be better.


It was a wild offseason as we had alot of guys with expiring contracts set to hit free agency. Below were the UFA's.

QB Gabbert- A no brainer. We were going to match any offer. We felt without and elite QB we would not be able to win alot of games so the Bucs offered him a max deal and we matched it. We were happy to keep Mr. Gabbert in San Diego
RB Matthews- The Giants made and offer that we simply did not want to match. We wish Ryan the best of luck as he finishes his career in New York. Behind the scene's on the HB situation was we were working out a deal to bring Bucs HB Michaels to San Diego. It all worked out in the end. People may ask, why would you bring him in if you had HB Stacy....the answer is we felt as the season wore on that Stacy needs a bit more developing to be able to take over the starting role. So we let Matthews go and were also able to save some cap space that it would have cost us to keep him.
WR Harvin- There was no way we seen that would let us pay the money the Bears threw his way. For a guy turning 32 years old, it made no sense for us to match the offer from the Bears. We will sure miss Harvin and what he brought to this team, but with letting him depart will also open up some cap space.
TE Thomas- After coming off a great season and entering the prime of his career, we decided to match the Chiefs offer. He is deadly in the redzone and with us not matching the Harvin deal he gave us some much needed cap to sign some of our younger players.
LOLB Clayton- We also decided not to match this offer. We felt really good about all of our linebacker positions so he was expendable. We worked out a deal with the Eagles to bring in OLB Zavier Gooden who while is still young, we like what he can bring to the table. The kid is super fast and has great acc, and we look forward to seeing what he can bring to the team next season and in the future.
FB Milliard- We matched the Green Bay Packers offer. The guy led our team in pancakes and he also is entering what we think is the prime of his career.

1.16- We decided to draft DE Collin Kilapatrick. While some don't agree with this pick we were very high on him. We have to be honest, at first we went looking at the OL which got scavenged, then looked at WR but we didnt see any impact players there. We also decided after the season to beef of the defensive line. We mainly just had good pass rushers. We liked his strength, acc and speed. We felt he was the best DE available and we took him and glad he is part of our team.
3.16 CB Javon Brooks- Obviously he will need alot of work, but we feel he can contribute to our team. I will be honest that I did miss how low that tackle was until after i drafted him. I would consider this bad pick now looking back but now its my job to make him successful.

The rest of the draft really was just roster filling positions. We felt doing into the draft that overall it was a weak class. Most of the guys drafted in this draft will be mainly backups for their career but also will save on cap space.

We headed into the last phase of Free agency and we still knew we needed to get some wide recievers to go with Keenan and Aaron. We were looking for experience but also looking for guys that we felt could make a impact to our team. We bid on and won the following guys.

WR Titus Young- He is 28 years of age who can still stretch the field. He stands 5'11" but has some bounce in him so to speak. Has great speed and good acc and pretty good hands. We were thrilled when we got the call and he wanted to come to San Diego.
WR Kealoha Pilares- He are also thrilled to see him sign with us. Once again he gives us great speed at the WR position. He also has a little bounce in his step.

We feel with the added Wr's, the unit is complete. Last season we lacked depth at this position so we wanted to add good quality guys to this unit. We feel we have done just that and we expect big things from this group of wide recievers in the up and coming season. QB Gabbert has much better players to toss the ball around next season.

We felt this offseason we were smart about who we kept, while letting some longtime Charger players go it was better for us to let them depart. Nothing will take away from what they did for this city but there also comes a time when we must do what we have to do as an organization to secure our present season and our future. I like all the moves we had mad on the offensive side and on the defensive side of the ball. Once again we will keep the trio of CB's together for at least 1 more season and see if this season can be the season they shine. We expect better pressure from our DL and that will be the key to our success. We feel we have great linebackers, great CB's and good safeties. It will be up to the new Defensive Coordinator to make it work in Steve Spagnulo. We were very high on him when DC Rob Ryan left for Detroit and we are so glad we were able to snag him. We also brought back HC Bill Cowher. This could me a make or break year for him in San Diego but we felt he still is the right guy to lead us to where we want to go and that is to the Superbowl.

Training Camp

We will use some points to boost the LE we just drafted. Most likely will go to speed but could go strength. I feel this guy can be an impact player and i want to get him developed as soon as I can so he can make the impact that I feel he can. He also has some motivation because most people are down on him saying he was a bad pick.

We also will be looking in training camp to beef up our offensive line. We feel this played a big part in why last seasons 4th quarters seemed to always take a turn for the worst. We need to develop OT Barrett and C Martin to be able to still get the push in the 4th quarter of games when we will need the run game the most if we happen to be winning the games. Mr. Sherman is sure to see some training but at this point I am unsure as to what to do with him. We need him primed up and ready to go after a lackluster rookie campaign. We feel he has worked extremely hard this offseason and he is ready to go out there and prove why we picked him #1 in the previous draft.

Positions I am excited about watching in the preseason:

WR's- I am excited to see what this unit will bring to the table. Like i said, last season we didnt have any depth here and I feel we upgraded this unit. At this time there is only lock and that is WR Keenan Allen, so the other guys will be using the preseason to decide who get get the #2 and #3 spot. Im hoping its very competitive in the preseason as that is why i brought these guys in here. I want to see this unit compete in games and make tough catches and score TD's. I want them to stretch the field out and that should open some underneath routes. I believe this unit will be the key once the season starts.

DL- I think i pretty much have who i will start and where but i am excited to see how they perform in the preseason. There are going to be changes on the DL from the previous season as we are going to bulk up a bit. So with that being said just watching the games in preseason and seeing if they are working as a unit and seeing if we can be good against the run and get some pressure on the QB on passing downs without having to blitz so much.

LB's- I am also excited about this position. I think we have a great group of linebackers. We feel we can go 3-4 or 4-3 without having any issues at all. That we give us some flexibility in our gameplanning ability.

CB- I really just want to get through the preseason without any bigtime injuries. This unit was plagued by injuries last season and I am hoping for big things out of the unit this season. Mr. Cromartie will more than likely be moved to the nickel spot, but we will want to use preseason to see if it will be wise to do that. The big key will be getting out of training camp and preseason without any injuries.

Upcoming season predictions

I feel we have had a good offseason, not great but good offseason. We do play in a very tough AFC West dvision, and we played those guys tough. WE went 3-3 in the division with 2 wins against the Raiders and 1 win against the Bronco's. We lost both games to the Chiefs but played very close games. The season will be determined if we have the lead can we run the ball and can our defense get the stops needed. I feel our offense should be on par if not better than last seasons offense with the added WR weapons. The defense is something that i have focused on alot again this offseason. I feel with removing some just pass rushers out of the lineup and replacing them with some guys that are still fast but stronger will pay dividends. It remains to be seen but its going to play a big part in how are season goes. I feel i have upgraded the front 7 and i think they hold the keys for the CB's to make the plays and get the turnovers we will need. I hate to say what our record will be but i do feel that i have improved the roster on both sides of the ball. I am excited for the new season to get here so we can get the show on the road. We must win our division games. Teams that win those games set themselves up for a playoff spot. We must score points and we have to do better than giving up 21 points a game as we did last year. Our Cb's will need to perform way better than they did last season. Too many catches allowed too many big plays given up. We expect to see a much improved play from our CB's.

We are excited to get the next season underway. Last season left a bad taste in our mouth because we feel we were better than an 8-8 ballclub. It will be up to the coaches and players to take it a week at a time and focus only on the opponent we play each week. Do not look ahead. We must come to play each week and if we do that and perform I could see us at least challenging for a playoff spot in the up and coming season.

I expect to play all our divisional foes tough. We have the offense to put up points but as I keep saying we must be able to run the ball in the 4th quarter of games to close them out and we also need the defense to get in there and get some big hits and make stops. We need to win the turnover battle and it would be nice if our defense could get some scores to ease the pressure off the offense. I will say one last thing, I gameplan alot, and while it didnt pay off last season i will continue to do the gameplanning but I will be looking at doing a few things different. Last season i was a bit overwhelmed trying to learn everything, this year I at least got a year under my belt and I think i got a better feel for gameplanning correctly.

I am sorry for any typo's that might be written in this Training Camp presentation. Last but not least I must say.......GO CHARGERS 2018!!
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Interviewing the GM
Yes i am taking a page out of the Lions GM as it is a great idea and will be opening up questions for the GM to answer. Please post your questions and i will answer them when we get around 5 questions at a time.
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Chargers update
As the season ended and once again the Chargers sat at 8-8 record GM Goodman took some time to reflect on a season that seemingly they would find themselves losing because of 4th quarter collapses by both sometimes the offense and the defense. He took some time to think what the team needed on offense and defense. Was the issue he tried starting 2 young OL to replace the aging wonders they had? Was it time to replace some very expensive players? The decisions who gloom in my mind then when it was time to goto work my laptop just died. We did not get our resign, restructure, Franchise tag because of this so it was going to possible disaster, so we would have to choose wisely and I think we did a good job of that. Below are the results from the first day of Free Agency.

QB Gabbert- This was no decision as we would have match any offer.GM Goodman said we had to keep our guy here as he flourished under the new system we brought in. Blaine set career highs in yards, YPA, TD's, and his overall QB rating. There was no way we would let this guy go. SO no doubt when Tampa ran max contract, we didn't flinch because we knew all along we would match.

RB Matthews- We went into the offseason where we felt Matthews had played his last game as a Charger. While we appreciate his career here and all the great things he had done year, we knew it was time to let him go. The Giants sent an offer to him that ensured him packing his bags and moving from the west coast to the east coast. We already had a deal in place from Tampa to bring in HB Michaels for a much cheaper contract.

WR Percy Harvin- Another tough decision. I had to think about the match of that money the "monsters from the midway" threw at him. In the end with his age we were not willing to pay that money so we did not match and sent Harvin packing his bags and heading to Chicago. Of all the non match's we made this one was the toughest. We believe WR Dobson can start and we will look to improve our WR depth more in the offseason.

TE Jackie Thomas- We matched the offer from KC. He had a great season last year and we were no willing at this time to let him get out of San Diego. He is a big part of our offense that we installed here so when its a important piece you must keep so we matched.

FB Millard- That is some dough for a FB but this guy is a monster at the position. With letting HB Matthews go, we were not ready to let this guy go because we will need him to help open holes for the younger and improving running backs on our roster. So we matched

LOLB Clayton- We felt with the talent at our linebacker positions we felt we didnt need to match the offer. It was alot of money that we just were not ready to give to him. We feel that OLB Carter is poised to take over at this position and secure this position for future.

DE Sam Montgomery- We sat on the fence on this offer as well. We went back and watched some video clips on this guy and then we realized that we had to match this offer. He is quick off the line, was very stout against the run. So we look forward to him next 5 years being a force on the Chargers DL.

So as you can see we have let some big names go in the first round of free agency. We had some tough decisions to make and we made decisions based on the current state and the future state of this franchise. We will be looking at adding more pieces to our defense, adding youth at some key positions where it is needed and reviewing the draft pool t get prepared for the draft.

The offseason has started a little crazy in SD and we expect it to continue to do so as we are in discussions with multiple teams to make some moves. Its a new day in SD and we must act now and get results on the field. The season was very hard to watch because we could play with any team but when the 4th quarter came our team just turned into something different and we are working on making sure that doesnt repeat in 2018!!!
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At A Glance

GM G_Hickman
Head Coach B.Cowher
Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell
Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo
Special Teams Jeff Rodgers
Salary $154.21M
Cap Penalty $18.76M
Cap Room $1.03M


AFC West
#4 Chargers z-Chargers 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#21 Chiefs Chiefs 8-8-0 0.50 4-2
#23 Raiders Raiders 6-10-0 0.38 3-3
#30 Broncos Broncos 4-12-0 0.25 0-6

1 Sep 10 vs Raiders Raiders #23
Won 34-17
2 Sep 17 at Chiefs Chiefs #21
Lost 22-31
3 Sep 24 vs Dolphins Dolphins #29
Won 45-17
4 Oct 1 at Broncos Broncos #30
Won 26-20
6 Oct 15 vs Panthers Panthers #24
Won 38-16
7 Oct 22 at Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Won 34-29
8 Oct 29 at Raiders Raiders #23
Won 20-16
9 Nov 5 at Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 31-38
10 Nov 12 vs Saints Saints #18
Lost 23-40
11 Nov 19 vs Bills Bills #15
Lost 17-19
12 Nov 26 at Ravens Ravens #8
Lost 17-23
13 Dec 3 at Patriots Patriots #17
Won 35-25
14 Dec 10 vs Chiefs Chiefs #21
Won 41-16
15 Dec 17 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 30-0
16 Dec 23 at Jets Jets #16
Won 32-17
17 Dec 31 vs Broncos Broncos #30
Won 26-13

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