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Chiefs introduce new GM Gary Cohen
The Kansas City Chiefs held a press conference today to introduce their new general manager and president of football operations Gary Cohen. Mr. Cohen had this to say:

"I would like to start this press conference by thanking ownership for putting their faith in me. I look forward to putting together a team that all Chiefs fans can be proud of.I know the Chiefs organization is all about performance and I look forward to winning many games and many division titles but the ultimate goal is to bring the Lombardi trophy to arrowhead. I will sit down with the coaching staff over the next few days to establish our plan of action when it comes to putting the best roster together that we possibly can. We have a lot of moves to make (players to resign, free agents to bring in and players that ultimately will get cut) in a short period of time to get ready for the new season so I'd like to thank you all for coming out today but unfortunately I will not be taking questions at this time. Once we move forward in the process I promise to sit down with all of you and answer any questions you may have. Until then all I can say is trust the process"

Once GM Cohen left the podium and Coach Donovan McNabb came up to speak with the media and had this to say:

"I've known Gary for a long time and he has a tremendous reputation. I look forward to working with him to bring the Lombardi trophy to where it rightfully belongs. Myself along with my defensive and offense of Cordinator's will sit down with Gary today to give him a report on the team and we look forward to a successful partnership. Thank you everyone and GO CHIEFS!!!

Reporting live from arrowhead chief correspondent for ESPN Kansas City - Jonathan "The Coach" Coachman
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs win 2 in PDME free agency
Chiefs add 2 via free agency

During the intial round of match-eligible free agency, the Chiefs stayed out for a while, but then dove in with both feet.

"This round is tricky," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "Partially because you could do all that work and still lose the player if the original team matches, but also because it involves math!"

Each bid in this round requires the calculation of a "magic number". Each magic number must be 10% above the previous magic number.

"I was doing division and addition and crap," sighed Miller. "Not sure how much I really paid for these players."

In the end the Chiefs bid on 3 and actually won 2. The Chiefs also retained their own match eligible listing in fullback Zach Boren.

"Neither of these pick ups are considered sexy, but I consider them vital parts of the team," explained Miller.

DT JaQuinton Long - 6'8", 339 pounds, and 29 years old - Long has played for the Cowboys since being drafted by them in the second round in 2013. Long had an incredible season in 2020 and it really paid off for him as he accumulated 13 sacks to go along with 43 tackles and 4 tackles for loss. Long was tied for 3rd in the league in sacks playing out of 4-3 defense at defensive tackle. The Chiefs offered him a 5 year contract worth $46.75 million with $18.7 million in guaranteed money up front. The Cowboys decided not to match that offer.

P Timothy "Don't call me Tim" Griffin - 31 years old - Mr. Next to Irrelevant in the 2012 draft, Griffin had played for the Raiders all 8 seasons. With a strong leg and incredible accuraccy, the Chiefs expect Griffin to pin opponents down and make them go the length of the field in order to score. It did not hurt that the Chiefs took Griffin from a division rival as well. Griffin has kicked 720 punts in his career with just about 25 percent of them ending up inside the 20 yard line. He really seemed to like playing against the Chiefs where he normally averaged more than 1 per game. The Chiefs offered Griffin a 3 year contract worth $7.5 million and a $3 million bonus. Griffin accepted and the Raiders chose not to match.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs introduce new players
Chiefs add 7 via free agency

Apparently Chiefs management is tired of losing.

After making a deal with the Vikings to bring in Pro Bowl running back Joseph Randle, they set their sites on free agency. They went big and they won big.

ESPN is reporting that the Chiefs went after 10 players and ended up landing 7 of them. Those 7 (and the $37.76 million that they will cost the Chiefs this year) were announced today at a press conference.

Without further ado:

QB Jimmy Clausen - 3 year deal for $36.99 million and a $10.41 million bonus - Initially drafted by the Panthers in the second round in 2010, Claussen jumped from the Panthers to the Seahawks in 2011. Then in 2012, he jumped to the perennial powerhouse, the Green Bay Packers and led that team from 2012 until last year when the Packers decided to go in a different direction. Clausen comes in with great accuracy, great arm strength, and incredible awareness. He has been to the playoffs multiple times and will bring a real leadership to this team.

TE Aaron Hernandez - 3 year deal for $13.53 million and a $3.87 million bonus - Originally drafted by the Patriots, Hernandez has bounced around over the last 10 years from the Patriots to the Rams to the hated Raiders. Hernandez was always one of those players that seemed to come alive against the Chiefs and the Chiefs hope they can use him nearly as effectively as the Raiders were able to use him. Hernandez is coming off a Pro Bowl season for the Raiders and is looking forward to some payback the two times a year he gets to play his former team.

LG Chris Snee - 2 year deal for $13 million and $2.7 million bonus - This 38 year old veteran is expected to shore up a definite weakness of the Chiefs last year... the offensive line. He will contribute immediately while also mentoring the young players on the Chiefs line.

RG Michael Roos - 2 year deal for $13.16 million and $2.88 million bonus - The Chiefs were expecting to get one or the other but not both of these guards. With Frank Capone holding down the right guard position, it is expected that Roos may even line up some at center.

DT Terrance cody - 2 year deal for $12.94 million and $2.36 million bonus - The Chiefs were excited to welcome back Cody to their defensive line. Cody and Brockers were anchors of one of the better Chiefs defenses during the two years that the Chiefs actually made the playoffs. The 375 pound beast is still strong as an ox and can hold his own in the middle to stuff the running game.

DT Cam Thomas - 2 year deal $9.42 million and $1.76 million bonus - Like the offensive line, the Chiefs sent minimal contracts to these two defensive tackles and were not expected to land them both. However, Thomas is another big, strong body for the middle of the defense that should help the unit excel immediately.

LOLB Denarius Washington - 5 years, $15.55 million and $2.55 million bonus - For once, the Chiefs brought in someone under 30 years old! This 24 year old outside linebacker is only in year 4 of his GZL career. His size (6'4"), speed, strength, and acceleration are tangibles that the Chiefs really like and hope to continue to mature.

The Chiefs apparently got close but not close enough to sign halfback Giovanni Bernard, outside linebacker Junior Rivers, and wide receiver Edmond Gates.

To make room for these new Chiefs, some disgruntled, expensive players had to go.

Gone are WR Demaryius Thomas, MLB Scott Lutrus, DT Dan Williams, and QB Matthew Tebow. Cutting those players freed up over $27 million in cap space while only bumping the cap penalty for next year up to $8.31 million.

With picks in the 2020 draft remaining in the second, third, two in the fourth, and one in the 7th, the Chiefs hope to be able to fill any remaining roster spots and then attempt to stay healthy through the offseason.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs disappoint in 2019
Chiefs disappoint again

Another year, another bottom 5 finish for the Chiefs, another offseason with no first round benefit of that bottom 5 finish.

"I need to keep that first one of these years," sighed Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "If for no other reason than to leave something when I step down."

What? What is this?

"I don't know if it is the losing or just life getting to me, but I am starting to get worn down," explained Miller.

Seasons like 2019 do not help.

Let's start with the offense:
Even after spending that previously mentioned top 5 draft pick on WR help in the form of Demaryius Thomas, the Chiefs really could never find their identity or their rhythm. Twenty-second in the league in rushing, twenty-seventh in the league in passing leads to twenty-ninth in the league in total offense and scoring offense. Whether it is the fault of the linemen, the qbs, or the WR, the Chiefs had 65 total sacks against this season. Manuel was the model of inconsistency with QB ratings ranging from 112.8 down to 58.3 which eventually led to being benched for Matthew Tebow. And this was a contract year for Manuel, Stocker, and Chase Sullivan! And they were not even injured. Just a horrible season.

But if the offense was bad, the defense was just about as bad. Sixteenth against the pass and twentieth against the run leads to a nineteenth overall defense and twenty-second in scoring. Even with JPP and Ansah, the Chiefs were next to last in sacks and fifth from the bottom in turnovers.

The Chiefs were winless in the AFC West and last again. So the Chiefs win the AFC West in 2017 and finish last in 2018 and 2019 with only 1 divisional win over two seasons.

These numbers were depressing enough that no Chiefs made the Pro Bowl this season... none!

So there will some changes this offseason.

And Chiefs fans are rejoicing.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Draft - what might have been...
2019 Chiefs Draft: What might have been?

With the disastrous 2018 season in the rear view mirror, the Chiefs fans had to be hoping that there may be some benefit to the poor season in that they get some excellent draft picks.

They did get some excellent draft picks, but, by the time the draft had rolled around, the Chiefs didn't have any of those picks available. So today we can look back at the players picked with the Chiefs original picks and wonder about what might have been if they had kept them...

1.2 - MLB Brick Baylor - 6'6", 260 lbs - Weber State - how ironic is it that the year that the Chiefs have to cut legend James Laurinitis, their pick could have wielded them the "next great Laurinitis" in Baylor? Also available - everyone except WR Devin Funchess, including some 6'5" corners, OT La'el Collins, and numerous other future stars.

2.2 - LE DeAngelo Hardy - 6'6", 290 lbs - Oregon - The Chiefs actually still had this pick up until a few days prior to the draft, but ended up trading this to the Panthers. While defensive end is not really a position of need, Hardy is going to be special with that size, speed, strength, and acceleration.

3.2 - FS Darrick Brennan - 5'10", 204 lbs - Iowa State - The Chargers? How did the Chiefs deal this to a division rival? Again, safety, especially free safety, is not a position of need for the Chiefs right now with them having two early draft picks from 2018 on the roster, but the Chiefs hope they can throw over and run over Brennan for many years to come.

4.2 - LE Alejandro Franks - 6'7", 264 lbs - Louisville - The Packers made a nice pick here, but it is doubtful the Chiefs would have taken a defensive end here with JPP, Irvin, and Ansah already on the roster. But Franks does have a great combination of speed, strength, and size.

5.2 - WR Mohammed Tuggle - 6'1", 220 lbs - Ball State - Tuggle is an excellent value pick for the 5th round and, with a little training camp love, will develop into someone special. He comes out of Ball State with decent hands, excellent agility, and good acceleration.

6.2 - LT Clark Jones - 6'5", 289 lbs - Iowa - This was actually a Chiefs pick! The Chiefs liked his height and potential for speed, strength, agility, and acceleration. He did not disappoint upon arriving at OTC, could even reach the 60-65-70 combo that GM Tim Miller likes in his linemen.

7.2 - K Salvatore Costello - Boston College - Chiefs GM Tim Miller took a look at his roster this past offseason and said "We are paying how much for these ancient kickers?" When Costello was still on the board in the 7th, Miller decided to give him a flier. Costello showed up at OTC with a better leg than advertised and should be in the starting lineup next year, possibly taking over kickoff duties this year.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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GM G_Cohen
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Offensive Coordinator C.Joiner
Defensive Coordinator Pepper Johnson
Special Teams Steve Crosby
Salary $168.71M
Cap Penalty $4.31M
Cap Room $980K

Chiefs Dean Escamilla ROLB 88 2 weeks

AFC West
#4 Chargers z-Chargers 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#21 Chiefs Chiefs 8-8-0 0.50 4-2
#23 Raiders Raiders 6-10-0 0.38 3-3
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1 Sep 10 at Steelers Steelers #27
Won 72-21
2 Sep 17 vs Chargers Chargers #4
Won 31-22
3 Sep 24 at Saints Saints #18
Lost 14-19
4 Oct 1 at Bills Bills #15
Lost 38-44
5 Oct 8 vs Jets Jets #16
Won 14-6
6 Oct 15 vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Won 22-17
7 Oct 22 at Dolphins Dolphins #29
Lost 20-21
8 Oct 29 at Broncos Broncos #30
Won 23-20
9 Nov 5 at Panthers Panthers #24
Lost 0-36
11 Nov 19 vs Raiders Raiders #23
Won 38-35
12 Nov 26 vs Falcons Falcons #12
Won 20-14
13 Dec 3 vs Colts Colts #22
Lost 13-45
14 Dec 10 at Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 16-41
15 Dec 18 at Raiders Raiders #23
Lost 28-34
16 Dec 23 vs Broncos Broncos #30
Won 58-10
17 Dec 31 vs Patriots Patriots #17
Lost 32-40

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