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Chiefs Pulse

Chiefs introduce new GM Gary Cohen
The Kansas City Chiefs held a press conference today to introduce their new general manager and president of football operations Gary Cohen. Mr. Cohen had this to say:

"I would like to start this press conference by thanking ownership for putting their faith in me. I look forward to putting together a team that all Chiefs fans can be proud of.I know the Chiefs organization is all about performance and I look forward to winning many games and many division titles but the ultimate goal is to bring the Lombardi trophy to arrowhead. I will sit down with the coaching staff over the next few days to establish our plan of action when it comes to putting the best roster together that we possibly can. We have a lot of moves to make (players to resign, free agents to bring in and players that ultimately will get cut) in a short period of time to get ready for the new season so I'd like to thank you all for coming out today but unfortunately I will not be taking questions at this time. Once we move forward in the process I promise to sit down with all of you and answer any questions you may have. Until then all I can say is trust the process"

Once GM Cohen left the podium and Coach Donovan McNabb came up to speak with the media and had this to say:

"I've known Gary for a long time and he has a tremendous reputation. I look forward to working with him to bring the Lombardi trophy to where it rightfully belongs. Myself along with my defensive and offense of Cordinator's will sit down with Gary today to give him a report on the team and we look forward to a successful partnership. Thank you everyone and GO CHIEFS!!!

Reporting live from arrowhead chief correspondent for ESPN Kansas City - Jonathan "The Coach" Coachman
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs win 2 in PDME free agency
Chiefs add 2 via free agency

During the intial round of match-eligible free agency, the Chiefs stayed out for a while, but then dove in with both feet.

"This round is tricky," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "Partially because you could do all that work and still lose the player if the original team matches, but also because it involves math!"

Each bid in this round requires the calculation of a "magic number". Each magic number must be 10% above the previous magic number.

"I was doing division and addition and crap," sighed Miller. "Not sure how much I really paid for these players."

In the end the Chiefs bid on 3 and actually won 2. The Chiefs also retained their own match eligible listing in fullback Zach Boren.

"Neither of these pick ups are considered sexy, but I consider them vital parts of the team," explained Miller.

DT JaQuinton Long - 6'8", 339 pounds, and 29 years old - Long has played for the Cowboys since being drafted by them in the second round in 2013. Long had an incredible season in 2020 and it really paid off for him as he accumulated 13 sacks to go along with 43 tackles and 4 tackles for loss. Long was tied for 3rd in the league in sacks playing out of 4-3 defense at defensive tackle. The Chiefs offered him a 5 year contract worth $46.75 million with $18.7 million in guaranteed money up front. The Cowboys decided not to match that offer.

P Timothy "Don't call me Tim" Griffin - 31 years old - Mr. Next to Irrelevant in the 2012 draft, Griffin had played for the Raiders all 8 seasons. With a strong leg and incredible accuraccy, the Chiefs expect Griffin to pin opponents down and make them go the length of the field in order to score. It did not hurt that the Chiefs took Griffin from a division rival as well. Griffin has kicked 720 punts in his career with just about 25 percent of them ending up inside the 20 yard line. He really seemed to like playing against the Chiefs where he normally averaged more than 1 per game. The Chiefs offered Griffin a 3 year contract worth $7.5 million and a $3 million bonus. Griffin accepted and the Raiders chose not to match.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs introduce new players
Chiefs add 7 via free agency

Apparently Chiefs management is tired of losing.

After making a deal with the Vikings to bring in Pro Bowl running back Joseph Randle, they set their sites on free agency. They went big and they won big.

ESPN is reporting that the Chiefs went after 10 players and ended up landing 7 of them. Those 7 (and the $37.76 million that they will cost the Chiefs this year) were announced today at a press conference.

Without further ado:

QB Jimmy Clausen - 3 year deal for $36.99 million and a $10.41 million bonus - Initially drafted by the Panthers in the second round in 2010, Claussen jumped from the Panthers to the Seahawks in 2011. Then in 2012, he jumped to the perennial powerhouse, the Green Bay Packers and led that team from 2012 until last year when the Packers decided to go in a different direction. Clausen comes in with great accuracy, great arm strength, and incredible awareness. He has been to the playoffs multiple times and will bring a real leadership to this team.

TE Aaron Hernandez - 3 year deal for $13.53 million and a $3.87 million bonus - Originally drafted by the Patriots, Hernandez has bounced around over the last 10 years from the Patriots to the Rams to the hated Raiders. Hernandez was always one of those players that seemed to come alive against the Chiefs and the Chiefs hope they can use him nearly as effectively as the Raiders were able to use him. Hernandez is coming off a Pro Bowl season for the Raiders and is looking forward to some payback the two times a year he gets to play his former team.

LG Chris Snee - 2 year deal for $13 million and $2.7 million bonus - This 38 year old veteran is expected to shore up a definite weakness of the Chiefs last year... the offensive line. He will contribute immediately while also mentoring the young players on the Chiefs line.

RG Michael Roos - 2 year deal for $13.16 million and $2.88 million bonus - The Chiefs were expecting to get one or the other but not both of these guards. With Frank Capone holding down the right guard position, it is expected that Roos may even line up some at center.

DT Terrance cody - 2 year deal for $12.94 million and $2.36 million bonus - The Chiefs were excited to welcome back Cody to their defensive line. Cody and Brockers were anchors of one of the better Chiefs defenses during the two years that the Chiefs actually made the playoffs. The 375 pound beast is still strong as an ox and can hold his own in the middle to stuff the running game.

DT Cam Thomas - 2 year deal $9.42 million and $1.76 million bonus - Like the offensive line, the Chiefs sent minimal contracts to these two defensive tackles and were not expected to land them both. However, Thomas is another big, strong body for the middle of the defense that should help the unit excel immediately.

LOLB Denarius Washington - 5 years, $15.55 million and $2.55 million bonus - For once, the Chiefs brought in someone under 30 years old! This 24 year old outside linebacker is only in year 4 of his GZL career. His size (6'4"), speed, strength, and acceleration are tangibles that the Chiefs really like and hope to continue to mature.

The Chiefs apparently got close but not close enough to sign halfback Giovanni Bernard, outside linebacker Junior Rivers, and wide receiver Edmond Gates.

To make room for these new Chiefs, some disgruntled, expensive players had to go.

Gone are WR Demaryius Thomas, MLB Scott Lutrus, DT Dan Williams, and QB Matthew Tebow. Cutting those players freed up over $27 million in cap space while only bumping the cap penalty for next year up to $8.31 million.

With picks in the 2020 draft remaining in the second, third, two in the fourth, and one in the 7th, the Chiefs hope to be able to fill any remaining roster spots and then attempt to stay healthy through the offseason.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs disappoint in 2019
Chiefs disappoint again

Another year, another bottom 5 finish for the Chiefs, another offseason with no first round benefit of that bottom 5 finish.

"I need to keep that first one of these years," sighed Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "If for no other reason than to leave something when I step down."

What? What is this?

"I don't know if it is the losing or just life getting to me, but I am starting to get worn down," explained Miller.

Seasons like 2019 do not help.

Let's start with the offense:
Even after spending that previously mentioned top 5 draft pick on WR help in the form of Demaryius Thomas, the Chiefs really could never find their identity or their rhythm. Twenty-second in the league in rushing, twenty-seventh in the league in passing leads to twenty-ninth in the league in total offense and scoring offense. Whether it is the fault of the linemen, the qbs, or the WR, the Chiefs had 65 total sacks against this season. Manuel was the model of inconsistency with QB ratings ranging from 112.8 down to 58.3 which eventually led to being benched for Matthew Tebow. And this was a contract year for Manuel, Stocker, and Chase Sullivan! And they were not even injured. Just a horrible season.

But if the offense was bad, the defense was just about as bad. Sixteenth against the pass and twentieth against the run leads to a nineteenth overall defense and twenty-second in scoring. Even with JPP and Ansah, the Chiefs were next to last in sacks and fifth from the bottom in turnovers.

The Chiefs were winless in the AFC West and last again. So the Chiefs win the AFC West in 2017 and finish last in 2018 and 2019 with only 1 divisional win over two seasons.

These numbers were depressing enough that no Chiefs made the Pro Bowl this season... none!

So there will some changes this offseason.

And Chiefs fans are rejoicing.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Draft - what might have been...
2019 Chiefs Draft: What might have been?

With the disastrous 2018 season in the rear view mirror, the Chiefs fans had to be hoping that there may be some benefit to the poor season in that they get some excellent draft picks.

They did get some excellent draft picks, but, by the time the draft had rolled around, the Chiefs didn't have any of those picks available. So today we can look back at the players picked with the Chiefs original picks and wonder about what might have been if they had kept them...

1.2 - MLB Brick Baylor - 6'6", 260 lbs - Weber State - how ironic is it that the year that the Chiefs have to cut legend James Laurinitis, their pick could have wielded them the "next great Laurinitis" in Baylor? Also available - everyone except WR Devin Funchess, including some 6'5" corners, OT La'el Collins, and numerous other future stars.

2.2 - LE DeAngelo Hardy - 6'6", 290 lbs - Oregon - The Chiefs actually still had this pick up until a few days prior to the draft, but ended up trading this to the Panthers. While defensive end is not really a position of need, Hardy is going to be special with that size, speed, strength, and acceleration.

3.2 - FS Darrick Brennan - 5'10", 204 lbs - Iowa State - The Chargers? How did the Chiefs deal this to a division rival? Again, safety, especially free safety, is not a position of need for the Chiefs right now with them having two early draft picks from 2018 on the roster, but the Chiefs hope they can throw over and run over Brennan for many years to come.

4.2 - LE Alejandro Franks - 6'7", 264 lbs - Louisville - The Packers made a nice pick here, but it is doubtful the Chiefs would have taken a defensive end here with JPP, Irvin, and Ansah already on the roster. But Franks does have a great combination of speed, strength, and size.

5.2 - WR Mohammed Tuggle - 6'1", 220 lbs - Ball State - Tuggle is an excellent value pick for the 5th round and, with a little training camp love, will develop into someone special. He comes out of Ball State with decent hands, excellent agility, and good acceleration.

6.2 - LT Clark Jones - 6'5", 289 lbs - Iowa - This was actually a Chiefs pick! The Chiefs liked his height and potential for speed, strength, agility, and acceleration. He did not disappoint upon arriving at OTC, could even reach the 60-65-70 combo that GM Tim Miller likes in his linemen.

7.2 - K Salvatore Costello - Boston College - Chiefs GM Tim Miller took a look at his roster this past offseason and said "We are paying how much for these ancient kickers?" When Costello was still on the board in the 7th, Miller decided to give him a flier. Costello showed up at OTC with a better leg than advertised and should be in the starting lineup next year, possibly taking over kickoff duties this year.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Manuel done in KC?
Chiefs to start Thomas or Tebow?

Has EJ Manuel played his last game as a Chief? Does anyone even care?

Any momentum from reaching the playoffs the last 2 seasons and winning the AFC West last season is gone. Going 1-6-1 will do that to a club.

"This season has been rough," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "I will admit that I have not spent as much time on this team as I have in the past, but I was not expecting this."

This is a 5 game losing streak, often by double digits, after starting 1-1-1.

"Wish we could go back to that season opener against the Raiders and pull that one out and see what happens but..."

The Chiefs are at the bottom or near the bottom of the league in nearly every offensive and defensive category. The speed acquisition this offseason is not paying off. In fact, the Chiefs seem to be getting manhandled.

Even worse, there is no real reward because the Chiefs do not even have their first round pick for next season. It was dealt away in a draft day trade that is really being questioned by management and fans.

And, as happens every year, Manuel is now injured for multiple games, joining an ever growing injury list for the Chiefs.

When asked if the Chiefs will bring back Manuel, who is in a contract year, Miller was non-committal.

"We will see. We will see."

Eight games remain in this season. We will have to see what happens.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Ask a Chief | your questions answered
Jumping on the bandwagon, feel free to ask any question of Chiefs GM Tim Miller and he will answer them Monday night.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Special Training Camp edition
2018: Chiefs making changes

A recap of 2017
The 2017 season started out pretty well for the Chiefs. After going 4-0 in the preseason, the Chiefs started the regular season on the road against the defending Super Bowl Champion Seahawks. The Chiefs surprised the Seahawks and the league by pulling out a 39-21 victory over the Seahawks and knocked Cam Newton out for the season in the process.

The Chiefs were still riding high on that victory when they went to Pittsburgh the following week and just got whacked, losing to the Steelers 10-30. Things got even worse the following week as KC went to New York to play the Jets and again got their lunches handed to them by a score of 6-27. That loss to an AFC East opponent would set the stage for the rest of the season.

The Chiefs finally played a home game in week 4 and hosted the defending AFC Champion, and reigning AFC West champion, Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs had one of their better defense efforts of the season, eventually knocking out RGIII, and causing 4 turnovers to win 20-3. It was week 4 and the Chiefs had beaten both of the 2017 Super Bowl participants!

That started a 4 game winning streak that had the Chiefs riding high and sitting in first place in the AFC West. Only problem was that they had not played any other AFC West teams yet. The other problem, one that occurs every season.... E.J. Manuel got knocked out in week 7 for 10 weeks.

The Chiefs, in desperation mode, went scrambling for a new QB and took a flyer on veteran Chad Henne. However, less than 3 weeks later, after the Chiefs had lost the rematch to the Raiders, lost to the Broncos, and even been beaten by the Patriots, Henne was gone to Seattle and KC decided to go with rookie Logan Thomas against the San Diego Chargers, a team the Chiefs had not beaten in 3 seasons. Thomas and Tebow combined to win in dramatic fashion with a touchdown on the last play of the game to win 27-24 and keep themselves alive in the AFC West.

The Chiefs took the momentum of that big win and went 3-1 over the next 4 weeks to set up a week 17 showdown with the San Diego Chargers and a playoff position on the line. Chiefs win and they were the AFC West Champs. San Diego wins and Oakland loses, the Chargers are the AFC West champs. San Diego and Oakland both win, and the Raiders repeat as the AFC West champs.

E.J. Manuel made it back in time for this huge matchup that saw the Chiefs utterly dominated on offense and defense. The defense allowed 489 yards to just 189 by the Chiefs. Manuel was sacked 9 times while Gabbert's jersey was clean. Gabbert threw for over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. But the key stat of the day... the 4 turnovers by San Diego, 2 of which were taken back directly for touchdowns. The Chiefs put together just enough offense in the 4th quarter to squeak out the 27-24 win for the season sweep.

Holy s**t! The Chiefs were AFC West Champs! They had been the only AFC West team not to win the AFC West title and now that had come true. And they were hosting a playoff game for the first time ever!

And what a game it was. The Chiefs hosted the Browns. Arrowhead was rocking and why not? It was one of those magical games where everything went right for the hosts. Down at the end of the 1st quarter by a score of 7-3, the Chiefs went on to score 31 unanswered points, eventually winning 41-14. Things were looking up for the boys in Red as they prepared to head to Pittsburgh for the divisional round of the playoffs.

But it was not meant to be... KC jumped out early only to go scoreless in the 2nd quarter and see the Steelers go up 16-10 at the half. However, the Chiefs made a game of it in the 3rd quarter, outscoring the Steelers 14-8 to tie it up at the end of the third. Then in the 4th, both teams scored again to send the game into overtime. Could the Chiefs be going to their first divisional championship???? No. The Steelers kicked the field goal in overtime to go up 34-31 and end the Chiefs season a few game short.

And that was when it was time to sit back and really reflect on the 2017 season.

The offense in 2017

The real essence of the problem in 2017 was one that has long plagued the Chiefs... a lack of offense. Manuel going down did not help matters at all, but the Chiefs were just not consistent. Different lineups every week, not knowing who was starting in the offensive line or tight end or wide receiver complicates things. Experience is good for some things but not necessarily for running backs.

The numbers:
Scoring - 23.2 - 18th in the league
Passing offense - 183.2 yards per game - 30th in the league
Rushing offense - 116.6 yards per game - 17th in the league
3rd down percentage - 36% - tied for 17th in the league
Red zone percentage - 87% with a breakdown of 20 TDS and 14 field goals - tied for 15th in the league
Time of possession - 24:28 for 13th in the league
Turnovers - The Chiefs one true bright spot - 19 for the season which was 7th in the league

The passing offense was especially troublesome, considering the amount of payroll going to wide receivers and tight ends. This was supposed to be Gruden's bread and butter and the whole reason why Patriots former wonder child, Josh McDaniels was brought in as offensive coordinator.

The defense in 2017

The defense played hard but many times had to deal with being behind or being right back on the field again after a 3 and out. You could see it as the game wore on where the plays they may have made in the first or second quarters were not quite there in the 4th.

The numbers:
Scoring - 22.4 - 12th in the league
Passing - 238.8 - 21st in the league
Rushing - 112.1 - 13th in the league
3rd down - 37% - 15th in the league
Turnovers - again another area where the Chiefs flourished - 38 with 25 picks and 13 fumble recoveries - 1st in the league
Sacks - 34 - 8th in the league
The Chiefs were 10th in the league in Red Zone percentage scoring. Opponents only scored 62.77% of the time they reached the Red Zone.
And the Chiefs defense accounted for 49 points themselves, tops in the league.

The Pro Bowl

These numbers would explain why the Chiefs only representatives to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii were on the defensive side of the ball.

- Jonathan Casillas, a preseason acquisition from the Panthers, went as an outside linebacker.

- Marquis Robinson, the Chiefs 1st round pick from 2013, went to his 2nd Pro Bowl in a row.

- Eric Berry, the Chiefs 1st round pick from 2010, went to his 2nd Pro Bowl as well.

The Offseason Begins!

The offseason began with the announcement of two 2017 Chiefs deciding to hang up their cleats: offensive guard Jon Stinchcomb and outside linebacker Tavares Gooden.

Stinchcomb, a 14 year vet, was a veteran exception contract signing in the 8th week of the 2015 season. Stinchcomb was originally just signed to become a mentor to the younger linemen, but ended up starting a large number of games as the Chiefs were looking for the right mix and match. Stinchcomb only allowed 10 sacks over his 3 seasons with the Chiefs and played left guard, right guard, and even some center.

Gooden was a week 6 signing in 2017 after a rash of injuries to the Chiefs linebacking corp and some fillers were needed. Gooden played sparingly in 7 games for the Chiefs and recorded 10 tackles.

The 2018 outlook

The Chiefs had finally broken through some pretty serious ceilings over the past 2 seasons such as finally having a winning record, making the playoffs, winning the division, and even hosting a playoff game. They had even won a couple of playoff games. But the anxiety every season on whether they will even make the playoffs was wearing thin as was never knowing which team was going to take the field. While all these close games make for exciting football, a good ol blowout every now and then would not be a bad thing.

So the Chiefs had to look at their roster and make some tough decisions. Once again, the Chiefs did not have a first round pick. The Chiefs were getting long of tooth in some key positions. And they seemed to be fighting against the cap each and every season when someone would go down. And while the Chiefs had pretty good players, it was really lacking home-run hitters who could change a game with just one play.

The management made a philosophy change during the offseason and went hog wild on implementing it, including trading away, cutting, or just not re-signing some key players

Coaching and Training Staff

The changes started in the coaching staff. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was given his walking papers. Jon Gruden had an old buddy on the Giants staff that he wanted to bring in and the feelings were mutual. So Scott Fairchild was introduced as the new offensive coordinator for the Chiefs. The Giants went 10-6 last season but Fairchild was brought in mainly because of his knowledge of the game. There were just too many times last season where the Chiefs did not seem to have a plan in the 2 minute drill and many valuable seconds went off the clock.

The rest of the staff stayed the same with a warning. Chiefs management is no longer just going to accept non-losing seasons.

Stadium Improvements

Arrowhead Stadium got a sponsor and is no longer called Arrowhead (although it will always be Arrowhead in our hearts). Plus One Bank stepped forward with a hefty contract for stadium naming rights, and Chiefs ownership reluctantly agreed.

The new sponsorship allowed the Chiefs to make some improvements to the stadium that hopefully the fans will enjoy. Fans will be able to enjoy HDTV replay, personal audio systems, and a new 5 star restaurant. Also added to the stadium were some environmentally conscious upgrades that will benefit the Chiefs down the road: rainwater collection and solar panels.

All upgrades should be in place by preseason of 2018.

Resigns, RFAs, free agent signings and releases
Starting in early with their new philosophy, the Chiefs quickly released veteran running backs Darren McFadden and Matt Forte. Age had caught up with the backs, and their hefty contracts did not help their cause.

The Chiefs elected to use their one yearly resign on offensive guard Chris Raaber. Raaber was acquired in a trade with Tampa last season and the Chiefs like his physical attributes and still hope to develop them. Also, he cost less than a million against the salary cap.

Next came the round of RFAs. The Chiefs had 4 players eligible for restricted free agency and made offers on all 4: center John Barnes, defensive end Malliciah Goodman, and corners Jermaine Evans and Bridi Wreh-Wilson. None were made offers from other teams so the Chiefs resigned Evans and Wreh-Wilson to long term contracts.

And shortly thereafter the Chiefs "new philosophy" kicked in during match-eligible free agency. While the Chiefs protected HBKR C.J. Spiller, they went after some targets during match-eligible free agency and hit on one of them. The Chiefs added a young WR from the Texans in Wilson Hanks, a 6'1" speedster who has only been in the league for 4 seasons but is expected to stretch the field for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs declined to make offers on veterans Kenny Phillips, OT Max Starks, OLB Jonathan Casillas, CB Justin King, and OG Eric Taylor.

During the intial round of free agency, the Chiefs made a minimal offer on short but speedy CB Jessie "Hot" Peppers. Jessie has great speed and has great attributes as a kick returner.

Predraft trades
The trades started fast and furious for the Chiefs as the match eligible phase wrapped up.

Trade #1 - Chiefs 7th to Tennessee for RG Randy Russell - Russell was holding out in Nashville for a new contract and the Titans didn't want to give him one. They were on the verge of cutting him when Chiefs GM Tim Miller called up Titans GM Tim Nissen and they worked out a deal to get the athletic guard to KC. Now Russell is happy and the Titans got an extra draft pick.

Trade #2 - The Unthinkable - Pro Bowler Eric Berry to the Jets for HB Chase Sullivan and FS D.J. Swearinger - This one would not have been on anyone's radar at the beginning of the offseason. In fact, if you would have asked Miller for a list of "untouchables", Berry most likely would have been on it. But the Chiefs just loved halfback Chase Sullivan and made a move. When Jets GM Greg Wendel came back with Berry, Miller almost rejected the deal. But after a lot of deliberation, the Chiefs decided to part ways with Berry in order to get younger, faster, and cheaper at the halfback and free safety positions.

Trade #3 - To the Raiders??? - WR Mike Williams to Oakland for their 4th - Another oddity this offseason was the Chiefs trading within their own division, but Mike Williams $8.54 million salary made the move necessary. While Williams was a great addition last season for the Chiefs, they still had some regrets about trading away Terrence Williams. So they took the offer to free up the cap space.

Trade #4 - Chiefs send Raiders 4th to Carolina for HB DeMarco Murray - In the Chiefs need for speed, they went looking for more halfbacks that would fit the bill. Murray has everything you would want in a back, great speed, good ball handling, decent strength and size. There is just that injury bug that has hit him hard and kept him from progressing throughout his career. The Chiefs hope to address it at some point and make him an asset to the Chiefs in many roles.

Trade #5 - Chiefs send their 4th to San Fran for HB Chris Rainey - Again, the need for speed and Rainey has a pretty good record as a kick returner.

Trade #6 - The Raiders again??? - CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson to the Raiders for SS Trevin Hunter - The Chiefs do not think that Steve Spires quite has what it takes yet to be a starter. So, with the decision to not resign Kenny Phillips, the Chiefs were looking for a good sized prospect to start for them at strong safety. Trevin Hunter fit the bill with good height, decent speed, and a nice contract.

Trade #7 - WR Justin Hunter and the Chiefs 2019 3rd to the Titans for the Chiefs 1st, Center Trey Owen, and the Titans 1st in 2019 draft - Another "untouchable" prior to the beginning of the season. But, while Hunter had his best season by far with the Chiefs in 2017, the Chiefs felt like they had gotten all they could with him. Now this wasn't the first deal offered. Hunter had rejected trades with the Titans and Giants prior to this one being accepted by the league. The primary benefits for the Chiefs from this trade were a center they felt they could develop and two first round picks. A hidden benefit was freeing up a ton of cap space in getting rid of Hunter's contract.

Trade #8 - Chiefs send their first to Tampa for 2 seconds and a 4th - I think it is somewhere in the GZL by-laws that the Chiefs have to make a trade with the Bucs every year. Yes the Chiefs were out of the first but they now had more picks.

Trade #9 - Chiefs send Seahawks 3rd round pick to Seattle for WR Jock Sanders - The Chiefs had their eye on Sanders ever since he went on the trade block with his 99,99,99 attributes. But they didn't want to waste the cap space on a guy who would most likely be a slot receiver (due to his size and height). But once the Hunter deal went through, the Chiefs called up Seattle and made it work.

The Draft

The Chiefs headed into the 2018 draft with 2 seconds, a 4th, and a couple of 7ths. They were looking for a new middle linebacker to replace the aging James Laurinitis. Instead, as unexpected players fell down the draft board, they continued their trading ways and ended up with a 1st, 3 seconds, a 4th, a 5th, and a 7th.

Draft Day Trade #1 - Chiefs send 2.19 and their future 1st to Miami for 1.24 and Miami's future 1st

1.24 FS Landon Collins - Alabama - The Chiefs had Collins extremely high on their draft wish list but thought it would take a top 10 pick in order to get him. When Collins was still available at 1.24 and Miami sending out feelers, the Chiefs couldn't call the Dolphins fast enough. The 6'0", 215 pound safety has excellent speed, strength, acceleration and jumping ability to go along with a ton of smarts for a rookie. There was debate about whether Collins would switch to strong safety or not, but the Chiefs decided to keep him at free safety for now.

Draft Day Trade #2 - Chiefs send 2019 first, 4.14, and 7.3 to Tampa for 2.14, 2.32, and their future 5th

2.14 SS Shad Lundy - S.F. Austin - This may have been a case of the Chiefs mixing up a pick. Other safeties were on the board that may have been better, especially at strong safety. But the Chiefs were still looking to rebuild their secondary with the loss of Kenny Phillips. Lundy will be asked to put on some weight and will be developed. He will initially be moved to free safety to back up Collins with the intent that one of them will be moved to strong safety.

2.31 OLB Matt Burton - Virginia - The Chiefs were eyeing beefing up their linebacking corps, especially with a focus on someone who can play middle linebacker. The Chiefs think they found their guy near the end of the second in 6'2", 242 pound Matt Burton. Burton played outside linebacker in college, but the Chiefs plan to bulk him up and add to his strength and let him mentor under Laurinitis for a few seasons.

2.32 HB Webster Kay - Auburn - The Chiefs were awed by Kay's 40 time during the combine, especially when it happened again during their personal workouts. A 5'11", 197 pound speedster who also raced on Auburn's track team, Kay has an uncanny ability to hold on to the ball, especially during his forte of kick returns. He has been bitten by the injury bug in college, but the Chiefs trainers will get to work on that right away. He should be a nice addition that may line up at wide receiver in order to give the opposing team some fits.

Draft Day Trade #3 - Chiefs send DT Terrence Cody to Buffalo for 4.28 and CB B.W. Webb - While getting a 4th round pick with this deal, the Chiefs were also happy to get B.W. Webb, who can line up nicely at nickel. Webb may only be 5'10" but his vertical is incredible. He has great acceleration and great hands for a corner.
4.28 OG Mike Kelsey - Ole Miss - The Chiefs were not necessarily looking for linemen, but when Mike Kelsey was still available in the 4th so the Chiefs took a shot on the 6'4", 311 pounder from the tough SEC West. The Chiefs like his athletic ability and great technique coming out of college.

Draft Day Trade #4 - Chiefs send FS Bob Spoto to Detroit for 5.30
5.30 OLB Maddox Pullman - Eastern Kentucky - Always on the lookout for linebacking talent, the Chiefs picked Pullman, a 5'10", 230 pound OLB from Eastern Kentucky. Pullman, while on the smaller side, does bring good awareness and if he gets to you, you are tackled. He can mentor under Scott Lutrus for a few seasons while playing on special teams.

7.21 CB Raynard Lee - Oklahoma State - The Chiefs have seen Lee play multiple times since he was playing at nearby Oklahoma State. While only 5'10", he does weigh 201 pounds with excellent jumping and decent speed. He can mentor under Robinson for a few seasons while he develops.

Post draft free agency and releases

With the trades made before and during the draft, the Chiefs unloaded a lot of payroll and had some room with which to play.

So the Chiefs took some flyers on veterans to shore up some vacancies and help the team.

The Chiefs were the only bidder on former All-Pro (and former Raider) SS Tyvon Branch. The Chiefs like smart strong safeties that can tackle and Branch fits the bill in that category. He will continue to mentor Spires, while Lundy and Collins develop as well. He knows his days are numbered but expects to contribute.

The Chiefs were also the only bidder on a replacement for Terrance Cody but at a reduced cost. DT Sedrick Ellis may not quite have Cody's strength but his speed, agility and acceleration blow the former big man out of the water. Paired up beside Michael Brockers, the Chiefs have a former middle of the line for opposing offensive lines to deal with.

A late signing, Chiefs GM Tim Miller is always combing the waiver wire for the next best thing and were ecstatic to see WR Kevin Ogletree available again on the market. The Chiefs had made a run at him during the pre-draft free agency, only to get beat out by the Colts. Apparently the Colts ran into some financial difficulties and had to cut the 6'2" speedy receiver with hands like butter. Miller couldn't get on the waiver wire fast enough to try and snag him. After waiting an agonizing 24 hours, the league announced that Ogletree could sign with the Chiefs and he immediately signed with KC. Ironically it was less than the Chiefs original offer during free agency, so it really was a win-win for them.

To make room for the new rookie signees, the Chiefs released recently acquired HB Chris Rainey and veteran CB Brandon Ghee.

Offseason Training and Conditioning

The Chiefs were extremely pleased after mini camp to find the following improvements to their young players.

Center Trey Owen came in speedier and more agile to go along with his excellent acceleration.

QB E.J. Manuel went to a hypnotist during the offseason to help with his durability issues. The experience ultimately also included his toughness with his new mantra "I'm not a pu$$y!" tattooed on his forearm.

Body Diet
2018 Draft picks OLB Matt Burton and SS Shad Lundy started meeting with Chief's nutritionists shortly after signing their rookie contracts. The good news is that each gained 10 pounds without losing any of their abilites.

Training Camp

Even after the above improvements, once players showed up at training camp, 4 of them really excelled.

Newly acquired Trey Owen, in addition to his offseason conditioning improvements, came to a real weight room after leaving those puny Titans, and added 20 pounds to his bench press.

Rookie first round pick Landon Collins didn't rest on his laurels after his selection. He went back to Alabama and worked out with the track team. The only difference was that while the other sprinters were wearing normal shorts and shirts, Collins was wearing his football gear, sans the helmet.

Rookie second round pick linebacker Matt Burton put on 10 pounds of muscle during conditioning. The result was adding 20 pounds to his bench press and coming into the preseason bigger and stronger and ready to tackle the middle linebacking position.

Rookie second round pick safety Shad Lundy heard the critics who questioned him being picked so early in the draft, let alone the top of the second round. He used it as his personal motivation to become faster with a better acceleration so he will be able to keep up with NFL receivers.

Outlook for 2018

The Chiefs currently have 3 free safeties, 3 strong safeties, 3 centers, and 4 running backs on the roster. The biggest question that faces the Chiefs are: can they get any of these youngsters playing time without sacrificing the team?

Other questions are: who is going to start at left guard? What is the offensive line going to look like?

More pressing questions: Can Manuel stay healthy this season or will Tebow and Thomas be able to pick up the slack?

With the new speed in the backfield and at wide receiver, will the Chiefs focus on running the ball or will they try to open up their passing game?

With preseason right around the corner, Chiefs fans are very interested in seeing the new blood and if they can repeat as AFC West Champs.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs 27, Chargers 24
Chiefs break two losing streaks

(6-5, 2-2, 3rd Place AFC West, Lost 1)
@ : ChiefsChiefs
(6-5, 2-2, 2nd Place AFC West, Won 1)
Scoring Summary
Pass TDMike Williams 1 yard Pass TD from Logan Thomas (XP good)
Drive info: 9 plays, 55 yds, TOP 3:48, 6:34 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 48 yard FG
Drive info: 5 plays, 64 yds, TOP 2:19, 2:34 left in qtr
Pass TDJackie Thomas 21 yard Pass TD from Sammy Harry (XP good)
Drive info: 9 plays, 62 yds, TOP 3:21, 8:41 left in qtr
Pass TDKeenan Allen 32 yard Pass TD from Sammy Harry (XP good)
Drive info: 2 plays, 33 yds, TOP 0:35, 11:15 left in qtr
Pass TDJustin Hunter 61 yard Pass TD from Matthew Tebow (XP good)
Drive info: 4 plays, 71 yds, TOP 2:12, 9:03 left in qtr
Pass TDJackie Thomas 12 yard Pass TD from Sammy Harry (XP good)
Drive info: 11 plays, 85 yds, TOP 5:19, 1:37 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 36 yard FG
Drive info: 3 plays, 28 yds, TOP 1:07, 4:31 left in qtr
FGNate Kaeding 31 yard FG
Drive info: 7 plays, 64 yds, TOP 2:52, 0:35 left in qtr
Pass TDJustin Hunter 11 yard Pass TD from Logan Thomas (XP good)
Drive info: 3 plays, 74 yds, TOP 0:35, 0:00 left in qtr
"Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!" screamed Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "Not sure which is a bigger miracle... the Royals in the ALCS or the Chiefs beating the Chargers."

Indeed for a team that had not won since week 7 and had not beaten the Chargers since 2014, this was a significant win, although it did take some last second (literally) heroics in order to make it happen.

Justin Hunter caught an 11 yard TD pass from rookie QB Logan Thomas with no time on the clock to end an improbable 3 play, 74 yard drive to win the game. The Chiefs had already mismanaged the clock enough that they got the ball with only 35 second left instead of using their last time out while the Chargers kicked a field goal. But Hunter and Williams came through on the final drive, bailing out their rookie QB with great catch after great catch.

It looked like it was going to be another one of "those" nights for the Chiefs versus the Chargers, where the Chiefs had actually successfully shut down the running game and ending every drive in Chargers territory but not close enough to even kick a field goal. It looked like another Chargers back up was going to outplay the Chiefs and they were going to leave town with a victory.

Indeed this was a game of backups. The Chargers started Sammy Harry at QB due to an injury to Blaine Gabbert and started rookie HB Zac Stacy over veteran Ryan Matthews. The Chiefs countered with rookie Logan Thomas' first start.

Why? Well both the Chiefs and the Chargers thought they would get more rushing yards out of these backups, plus trying to get them some playing time experience.

Injuries aided the Chiefs as well as Chargers top overall pick Richard Sherman went down early in the contest and safety Matt Elam went down as well. In fact an injury actually probably helped the Chiefs as Matthew Tebow came in for an injured Logan Thomas and threw 1 pass, a 61 yard TD to Justin Hunter during the two minute drill to end the first half.

Miller was grinning from ear to ear. "It is about damn time!" explained Miller. "Those guys have our number every year and that is a huge monkey to get off our back!"

The Chiefs win makes things interesting in the AFC West, pending the outcome of the Raiders and Broncos games. All 4 teams have identical 2-2 divisional records and the Chiefs and Chargers both sit at 6-5 while the Raiders and Broncos sit at 6-4.

Not much time to celebrate though as the Cardinals come to town next sporting a 9 game winning streak.

"Well, we broke our streak this week, let's see if we can break theirs next!"

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs pretending since the bye
Chiefs seemingly still on a bye

Life was semi-good for the Chiefs after week 7. They were sitting in first place in the AFC West with a 5-2 record and 1-0 in the division after thrashing the hated Raiders. The only downside was that E.J. Manuel was injured again for a lengthy period of time.

But no worries... the Chiefs had been through this before and even won a playoff game with Tebow. But to bolster the position, the Chiefs went out and spent a lot of picks and money on proven veteran Chad Henne. They also sent a few picks and got rookie QB Logan Thomas, someone the Chiefs were interested in during the draft.

To make room for the hefty contract, the Chiefs had to release a large number of offseason acquisitions, including some veterans from their wide receiver core. The Chiefs then used their veteran exception signing for the year on huge WR Marques Colston in order to still have a decent target for Henne.

And then came the infamous "Pretenders or Contenders" article where the Raiders called out the Chiefs for their soft schedule and touted that the Chiefs were living on borrowed time.

This should have kicked the Chiefs in the rear but it seems to have gone the other way. Through a series of bad timings and bad chemistry, the Chiefs did not really get to practice with their new QB and new players. A game plan was set into place and the team was sent to Oakland.

And they were crushed. The offense never clicked and the once stout defense gave up gobs of ground to the Raiders running backs, even after RGIII was knocked out again.

No worries. The Broncos were next on the schedule and the Chiefs swept the Broncos last season. The Chiefs will focus on practicing this week and move forward.

BAM! The Chiefs ran into another divisional buzz saw in Denver and failed miserably.

The Chiefs saw themselves fall from 5-2 and 1-0 in first place to 5-4 and 1-2 last place in the division.

Next up come the Patsies to Arrowhead Stadium in what starts 4 straight home games that will decide the Chiefs season.

Following the Pats are the Chargers, the Cardinals, and then the division leading (ugh just threw up a little bit) Denver Broncos. The Chiefs have to be sure they are not looking ahead this week.

"We have made a few changes, so we will see what happens," was all that Chiefs GM Tim Miller would say.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs to honor JP
Chiefs to remember fallen comrade

This week in their game against the St. Louis Rams, the Chiefs will have a moment of silence to remember NY Giants GM James Paronne, aka Michael Stanco, aka Maximum Capacity. Paronne recently succumbed to colorectal cancer after a long battle.

Prior to the game, the Chiefs will show a highlight film of Maximum Capacity's best matches, including the bouts where he won his two Championship belts.

At halftime, the Chiefs will rebroadcast the Giants 2014 GZL Super Bowl Championship over the Jaguars.

The Chiefs will be holding a Fan Appreciation Day and giving out birdfeeders with the Giants emblem on one side and the Chiefs emblem on the other. There will also be additional awareness about getting checked for colorectal cancer.

"Colorectal cancer has an extra important meaning to me," stated Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "In 2009, I had what was supposed to be a routine colonoscopy. They weren't usually recommended for people my age ( I was 39 at the time ) but my doctor thought it would be a good idea. During the colonoscopy, the doctors found a growth that was classified as pre-cancerous. When I woke up and they told me about it, they went on to tell me it was about 6 months away from becoming cancer. I could only thank my lucky stars. I now try to preach prevention whenever possible."

Miller went on to say, "I considered JP a friend, and hope to meet up with him again someday to shake his hand. RIP JP."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Steelers smash the Chiefs
Undefeated season over in week 2

(1-1, 0-0, 3rd Place AFC West, Lost 1)
@ : SteelersSteelers
(1-1, 0-1, 3rd Place AFC North, Won 1)
Scoring Summary
FGRob Bironas 41 yard FG
Drive info: 8 plays, 69 yds, TOP 4:28, 0:33 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 40 yard FG
Drive info: 8 plays, 65 yds, TOP 4:17, 8:16 left in qtr
FGRob Bironas 51 yard FG
Drive info: 4 plays, 52 yds, TOP 2:16, 6:00 left in qtr
FGRob Bironas 32 yard FG
Drive info: 4 plays, 69 yds, TOP 2:11, 2:44 left in qtr
Pass TDDeAndre Brown 24 yard Pass TD from Ben Roethlisbergr (XP good)
Drive info: 3 plays, 28 yds, TOP 0:13, 0:47 left in qtr
Pass TDDeAndre Brown 2 yard Pass TD from Ben Roethlisbergr (XP good)
Drive info: 9 plays, 64 yds, TOP 3:26, 11:01 left in qtr
Run TDBilal Powell 3 yard Run TD (XP good)
Drive info: 14 plays, 93 yds, TOP 5:54, 0:15 left in qtr
Kick return TDC.J. Spiller 99 yard Kick return TD (XP good)
Drive info: 1 plays, 99 yds, TOP 0:11, 0:04 left in qtr
"Apparently we were reading the headlines instead of practicing." And with that statement Chiefs GM Tim Miller opened the press conference.

"Yes we had a nice victory in week 1. Yes we went undefeated in preseason," continued Miller. "And now that is ALL in the past because we let up for one week."

The Chiefs were humiliated by the Steelers in week 2. The Steelers laid the beat down 30-10 on the Chiefs, pulling away in the 4th quarter and holding the Chiefs without an offensive touchdown for the entire game.

"We just had a piss poor game plan. Why the f$$k were we not passing? 4th and goal at the 4 in the 4th quarter and we run the ball and lose 3 yards?"

The Steelers passing game gave the Chiefs fits as well. Roethlisberger to DeAndre Brown worked pretty well as they picked on Jermaine Evans all night.

There were positives from the game though. The Chiefs have made it through two games with no turnovers. Up until the 4th quarter, the Chiefs held Johnstone pretty much in check but then they just seemed to wear down in the 4th.

"Our problem so far this year is that our defense has not shown up yet," continued Miller. "We need to get nasty."

Not sure if this week is going to help or hurt that cause. The Chiefs head to the Big Apple to take on the Jets and their monster receivers, especially 6'7" rookie Aaron "I must break you" Drogan.

The Chiefs are hoping to be 2-1 before heading to Arrowhead for their home opener against the Raiders.

"We need to forget about week 1 and week 2 and made our entire focus the Jets," concluded Miller.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs top the Champs
Chiefs 39, Seahawks 21

(1-0, 0-0, 2nd Place AFC West, Won 1)
@ : SeahawksSeahawks
(0-1, 0-0, 3rd Place NFC West, Lost 1)
Scoring Summary
Run TDCameron Newton 3 yard Run TD (XP good)
Drive info: 5 plays, 43 yds, TOP 1:21, 6:52 left in qtr
Pass TDDemaryius Thomas 12 yard Pass TD from Cameron Newton (XP good)
Drive info: 6 plays, 59 yds, TOP 2:38, 11:21 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 37 yard FG
Drive info: 11 plays, 63 yds, TOP 5:20, 6:01 left in qtr
Pass TDJustin Hunter 33 yard Pass TD from E.J. Manuel (XP good)
Drive info: 6 plays, 76 yds, TOP 2:05, 1:19 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 48 yard FG
Drive info: 3 plays, 34 yds, TOP 0:14, 0:50 left in qtr
Pass TDDemaryius Thomas 58 yard Pass TD from Cameron Newton (XP good)
Drive info: 4 plays, 80 yds, TOP 1:51, 10:09 left in qtr
Pass TDMike Williams 9 yard Pass TD from E.J. Manuel (2point conv. Faild)
Drive info: 5 plays, 80 yds, TOP 1:55, 8:14 left in qtr
Pass TDBobby Van Slyke 93 yard Pass TD from E.J. Manuel (2point conv. Faild)
Drive info: 2 plays, 93 yds, TOP 0:22, 6:07 left in qtr
Int. return TDMarquis Robinson 29 yard Int. return TD (XP good)
Drive info: 1 plays, 30 yds, TOP 0:04, 5:22 left in qtr
Fumble return TDKenny Phillips 42 yard Fumble return TD (XP good)
Drive info: 1 plays, 43 yds, TOP 0:00, 8:19 left in qtr
On a night where Daft Punk opened the festivities for the two time defending NFC Champions and the defending GZL Bowl Champions, it was oddly enough the Chiefs who were the ones to "Get Lucky".

In a topsy turvy game in which both teams would go on scoring streaks, the Chiefs were lucky enough to be the last ones standing after the smoke cleared from the boisterous home crowd in Seattle.

"Well, we stuck to our game plan," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller, "and slowly but surely it worked. We ran a QB Contain on Newton to try and keep his damage to the air and not the ground."

It did not look like it was working in the first half though. Taking advantage of good field position, the Seahawks drove the ball down the field and capped it off with a 3 yard plunge from Newton that just seemed to be him falling forward.

"Yeah, the middle of the defense is supposed to be our strength and Cam just lunged forward and put the ball over the goal line," lamented Miller.

The Chiefs then spotted the Champs another touchdown early in the 2nd quarter when Demaryius Thomas lept over two Chiefs defenders to haul in a 33 yard TD reception. And the rout was on!

Following that drive, the Chiefs went on their first sustained drive, covering 11 plays and more importantly over 5 minutes to break the shutout with a 37 yard field goal.

"That was huge for us," commented Miller. "We finally knew that we could move the ball and we were able to give our defense a bit of a breather."

No more scoring occurred until the final two minutes when E.J. Manuel found a streaking Justin Hunter for a 33 yard TD pass to only be down 14-10.

Then, after a quick Seattle turnover, Kansas City was able to turn that into another field goal so they were only down 1 at the half, 14-13.

The second half though started just like the first half. The Seahawks took the opening kickoff and, again using Thomas, struck quickly with a 58 yard bomb from Newton to Thomas to go back up by 8.

The Chiefs offense though had been studying film at halftime and saw a possible mismatch. Newly acquired Mike Williams had been screaming for a go-route and, while his defender was taller than him, Williams had quite a bit more speed. So Manuel let it go down the sideline and Williams was there to make the catch. The following play Manuel found Williams again for the 9 yard score. The 2 point conversion failed however and the Chiefs remained down 21-19.

Then things really started going the Chiefs way.

After the Chiefs defense forced a punt which saw the Seahawks down the ball on the Chiefs 3 yard line, EJ Manuel dropped back to pass and flipped the ball to his slot receiver, rookie Bobby Van Slyke. Bobby had played his way into the slot position after an excellent preseason and did not disappoint in his first regular season game. Bobby took the pass and 93 yards later, he had his first regular season TD reception. This set a GZL rookie and Chiefs overall record for a reception.

"We are pretty proud of Bobby," gushed Miller. "After coming in as a 7th round choice and being a Harvard graduate, he really had a chip on his shoulder. And it shows."

Suddenly the Champs went from being up by 8 to being down by 4 within 2 minutes.

But it did not stop there. Less than 60 seconds later, Marquis Robinson stepped in front of a pass intended for TE Clay Harbor and ran it back 29 yards to put the Chiefs up by a score of 32-21. An incredible 3 minutes for the Chiefs had seen them take the wind right out of Seattle's sails.

The Chiefs defense took over from there, holding the Seahawks scoreless and adding another TD on a Kenny Phillips fumble recovery to get to the final score of 39-21.

Overall there were a lot of good things for the Chiefs. The Chiefs had no turnovers while still being able to be aggressive. The defense gave up more yards than they would like but they also got 3 turnovers, 2 touchdowns, and 4 sacks.

One huge unfortunate outcome of the game... it was reported that Cam Newton ruptured a disk in his back and will be out for the rest of the season.

"That is unfortunate and we wish Cam a speedy recovery," explained Miller.

The Chiefs cannot celebrate long because now they head to the home of the 2015 GZL Super Bowl Champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers were surprised in week 1 and beaten 41-17 by the Browns.

"Hopefully, after a great preseason and this big win, we have some momentum and can keep it going," cheered Miller. "Otherwise, this week's win will be for naught."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Reflecting on 2017 offseason
Changes abound in 2017 Chiefs

What would an offseason involving GM Tim Miller be without some shake ups, signings, and trades. Lots of trades.

Basking in the glory of their first playoff appearance and win, but languishing in their loss to the Raiders, the Chiefs hoped that a few tweaks would help and tried to prevent an overhaul.


The first decision of the 2017 season was: do you keep the coaches or do you look for new ones? Can Gruden and staff take the Chiefs to the next level or will they fall back to mediocrity? Mind you, 9-7 isn't an awesome record but in 2016 it was enough to get a wild card.

The decision was to keep Gruden and staff for at least another season. There are rumors that the Chiefs briefly considering pilfering a coach from one of their AFC West opponents, but in the end decided to keep Gruden.

Rewarded for loyalty
2014 was the season of the draft picks for the Chiefs where they had 10 picks with 7 of them coming in the 4th round or later. Surprisingly enough, 9 of those 10 draft picks were still with the team to begin the 2017 offseason.

The Chiefs were rewarded with their loyalty by seeing 5 of those players improve in key areas.
- QB Matthew Tebow improved his arm strength
- RE Ezeikel Ansah got quicker
- LT Brian Santee got stronger
- DT Manny Smith got quicker
- TE Stephen Belantonio got faster

Three of these players were starters by the end of last season and all played signifcant roles for the Chiefs in 2016 and played into their 2017 plans as well.

Resignings and RFAs

The Chiefs had 16 players with expiring contracts this offseason. Luckily 7 of them were RFAs.

RFA offers were extended to Tebow, Belantonio, Ansah, Smith, Santee, QB Tino Sunseri, and WR Troy Eisen.

TE Stephen Belantonio received an offer from the Bucs that the Chiefs chose not to match and received a draft pick in return.

Then came the hard parts, who to resign, who to franchise, who to make offers, and who to let go.

After restructuring and extending Pro Bowl DT Michael Brockers contract at the end of the 2016 season, the Chiefs decided to keep the middle of their defense stable by resigning aging but reliable MLB James Laurinitis to a 3 year deal.

The Chiefs decided not to franchise any players this season, but did make free agent match eligible offers to DE Bruce Irvin, P Dustin Colquitt, and K Ryan Succop. No other teams made offers to these players so they were resigned as Chiefs.

One of the toughest moves was letting CB Darrell Revis go without a contract offer. While the move allows some younger players to get experience, it is always tough to lose a player of Revis' caliber in the backfield.

Two things about this season's draft pretty much let Chiefs GM Tim Miller trade away all the Chiefs 2017 draft picks except for 2 seventh round picks.

1) a philosophy started in 2016 that known quantities through veterans seemed to work better than developing rookies
2) Miller was going to be in Turks and Caicos without internet or phone during the draft.

The first trade was the most surprising for 2017. The Chiefs traded 2014 first round pick WR Terreance Williams to Tampa for WR Mike Williams straight up. The move did cause a cap hit and did bring in an expensive contract, but the Chiefs felt like they needed to improve the receiving corp in order to help young QB E.J. Manuel out. Mike Williams is the type of receiver to go out and catch the ball, while still able to be a mentor to younger players.

After that, the Chiefs traded away starting HB LeSean McCoy to the Redskins for a 5th round pick. McCoy was invaluable last season to the Chiefs, but his regression and high contract made him a casualty while not counting against the cap penalty.

Next the Chiefs sent their 6th round pick to Carolina for speedy OLB Jonathan Casillas. While Casillas does only have 1 year remaining on his contract and is getting up in years, the Chiefs loved his speed and could not ignore the price of a 6th round pick.

The next trade will probably be one of the more scrutinized trades of the Chiefs season: the Chiefs sent their 2018 1st round pick and 2017 7th round pick to New England for 3rd year CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson and the Patriots 2018 7th round pick. KC fell in love with Wreh-Wilson's intangibles and were pleased that they could still develop him for another season.

The rest of the trades could be considered value picks or roster filler picks.
- Chiefs 6th round pick to the Bengals for WR Titus Young
- Titans 5th round pick to the Packers for WR Yamon Figurs and Cowboys 7th
- Falcons and Giants 4th to Philadelphia for CB Justin King and Jags 6th
- Jags and Falcons 6th to Tampa for LG Chris Raaber

Free Agency
The Chiefs did make 2 moves in free agency, although they only intended to make one.

After reviewing their payroll, the Chiefs realized they were paying over $7 million this season to a regressing backup halfback in Peyton Hillis. While the Chiefs loved Hillis and his contributions last season, they decided to see who they may be able to get through free agency with similar attributes.

The Chiefs came away with not one but two veteran halfbacks that still added up to less than Hillis' contract for 2017. Matt Forte and DMC were signed to the Chiefs roster. While the Chiefs were surprised to get both, it was probably needed since both players had a history of injury problems.

Other releases
In purely cap moves, the Chiefs also released OLB Geno Hayes, WR Lance Lewis, and CB Casey Hayward. After the Chiefs took a QB in the 7th round, they also released QB Tino Sunseri, a one time starter for the Chiefs.

The Draft
With Miller out of town, he simply entered the data in the computer and let it take over. While some will make fun of his moves, the Chiefs are pleased with both picks.

At 7.3, the Chiefs took Jeffrey "The Gun Show" Torres, a 5'11", 250 pound QB out of Texas. While Torres strengths are his strength (stronger than some defensive ends) and his rocket arm, he scored a negative 5 on the Wonderlic test and they used a sun dial to time his 40 and shuttle.

At 7.6, the Chiefs took a 6'0", 231 pound WR from Harvard named Bobby Van Slyke. Van Slyke has already impressed coaches by coming into camp faster, quicker, stronger, and having better hands than what was shown at the combine. The Chiefs like how he knows his routes and has the strength to wrestle the ball away from CBs.

Offseason Training and Conditioning
The Chiefs secondary were the first ones in the training room this offseason.

CB Jermaine Evans, newcomer Blidi Wreh-Wilson, and Pro Bowler Marquis Robinson were all frequent customers of the Chiefs offerings this offseason.

As a result, Evans and Wreh-Wilson go into the 2017 season bigger but yet faster with each gaining speed and 10 pounds.

Robinson took advantage of the Chiefs marathon training facility to increase his stamina and reportedly chases a picture of DHB the entire time.

QB E.J. Manuel reportedly took a drip to a remote part of Asia known for their herbal teas and accupuncture in an effort to decease his injury risk.

Training Camp
The Chiefs were very pleased to see the amount of young players in for voluntary offseason workouts. And the results paid off.

After returning from Asia, QB E.J. Manuel reportedly worked on his speed and throwing power to some success. His improved 40 time plus adding a few yards to his throwing power will increase his dual threat capabilities.

The only Chiefs pick from the 2016 draft, SS Steve Spires, was back in the workout room this offseason to again try to increase his speed. While he will be mentoring under Kenny Phillips again this season, Phillips injury history has made it clear that Spires could have to take over at any time.

Rookie WR Bobby Van Slyke was also spotted doing speed drills and increased his 40 time to make him more of a threat.

And newly acquired CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson not only added weight and speed, but also quickness as he improved his acceleration.

Position Battles

The Chiefs have lots of CBs, HBs, and WRs. While the top spots are pretty much set, the 2nd and 3rd spots on the depth chart are still being fought out.

Wide receiver
Mike Williams and Justin Hunter are the top two guys. But it still remains to be seen if the Chiefs will go with Figurs, Youngs, Van Slyke, or Eisen. And then will they add Graham andor Spiller back into the mix?

Running back
Will it be Forte or DMC as the established back? Or will the Chiefs try to change things up by adding the speed back in C.J. Spiller? Or will Ryan Williams finally work his way back into the lineup?

Marquis Robinson has become a mentor and the top guy in the secondary. But will the Chiefs go with young and upside in Evans and Wreh-Wilson or do they go with experience in King and Ghee? All players are 6 foot or more and all have decent speed.

Outlook for the 2017 season
The Chiefs are excited as always about the upcoming season until the GZL screws them on the schedule, but the entire AFC West got better this offseason.

The front running Raiders only really lost Vick to retirement but made improvements (if that was possible) to their offensive line and receiving corp. Their secondary may be interesting with the loss of Pieterrilla (or however you spell it) but their front 7 is solid and the AFC West is a run first division.

The Broncos did not do much but they really didn't NEED to do much. While the Chiefs are happy to see Edmond Gates go, they are not happy to see Zach Ertz arrive. Former Chief Dwayne Bowe is now a Charger, so it will be interesting to see what happens on those game days.

The Chargers are a bit of a wild card with a new GM. The Chiefs could not be John Stanley if they were spotted 20 points, 4 players, and 3 refs. Some of the veteran Chargers are gone but they added intriguing rookie CB Richard Sherman and that offensive backfield is still intact. Backup Tony Romo is gone, so it will be interesting to see what Sammy Harry can do when Blaine Gabbert goes down.

While the Patriots hope the Chiefs finally fall below 8-8, the Chiefs hope to improve on last year's finish. A lot will depend on the schedule and injuries.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: I would like to solve the puzzle
Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 06/11/2014) Replies - 1 :: Views - 40
Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Year in Review Preview
Season Ends 2 games too soon

The Chiefs 2016 season can officially be classified as a success. First winning season in Chiefs GZL history. First winning season in GM Tim Miller's GZL history. First playoff appearance. First playoff win. Top 10 defense. Top 10 rushing offense.

But ohhhh the way it ended.

Marquis Robinson still has flashes of fear where he sees someone in a Raiders uniform running away from him.

Raiders 31, Chiefs 24

Michael Vick with 470 yards and 3 touchdowns on only 16 completions. Darrius Heyward-Bey with 293 yards on only 6 catches. Louis Murphy with 133 yards on only 6 receptions.

Even with Mark Ingram and Aaron Hernandez kept in check, the Raiders turned to their wide-outs and brought home the victory.

This one especially hurt because the Chiefs actually had a lead in the 4th quarter. Heck in the last half of the 4th quarter.

The Chiefs won the turnover battle, the time of possession battle, the 3rd down battle, the rushing battle, the Red Zone TD battle... but they lost the war.

Raiders 31, Chiefs 24

So the Chiefs wrapped up the season at 10-8 and went home to lick their wounds while they watch the Raiders eventually represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Raiders 31, Chiefs 24

So now the 2017 season is right around the corner and the Chiefs are looking forward to what it may bring. But the path is rocky with some difficult decisions.

First and foremost come the expiring contracts. The Chiefs have 16 players with expiring contracts this season. Luckily 6 of them will be restricted free agents so the Chiefs have a good shot of retaining them. But that still leaves such integral players such as James Laurinitis, Darrell Revis, Ryan Succop, and Dustin Colquitt without a contract.

Rumors are that they Chiefs are waiting to see what Father Time has to say about some of these stars before offering new contracts. A team made up of veteran players always has to worry about the steps being lost during the offseason.

So the Chiefs have already been busy in preparing for 2017.

E.J. Manuel and Matthew Tebow continued to improve on their accuracy. These young players really benefitted from their playing time last season and gained valuable experience.

Pro Bowl corner Marquis Robinson and Pro Bowl tackle Michael Brockers showed marked progression from the beginning of the season to the end.

The 1st round WR Justin Hunter and Terrence Williams gained valuable awareness.

And young players Jermaine Evans, John Jackson, Frank Capone, Kenny Tate, and Brian Santee learned from the Chiefs mentors.

But that still wasn't enough. Because the Chiefs have tasted victory and they want more....

So the Chiefs have already agreed in principal to multiple trades while still trying to gain more.

In a somewhat surprising move, the Chiefs are sending young talent Terrence Williams to Tampa in exchange for veteran Mike Williams. While the Chiefs love Terrence, they were looking for someone to help their young QBs continue to grow.

The Chiefs next move was to send crafty veteran LeSean McCoy to the Redskins for a 5th round pick.

And the icing on top, the Chiefs went ga ga over the Patriots young CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson and have reportedly agreed upon a trade sending their 2018 first round pick to New England in order to acquire him.

Another area of interest for the Chiefs is the offensive center position where they have reportedly been offering as high as their 2018 second round pick in hopes of gaining a talented center to solidify the center of the line and protect young Manuel and Tebow.

These may sound like desperation moves, until one realizes that the Chiefs had only one pick in the 2016 draft.

Miller is known for liking a player and usually over-paying for him.

As long as it can prevent 31-24 scores, Chiefs fans will not care. However, anything less and Miller's head will be on a platter.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Week 2 wrap up
Eagles 24, Chiefs 13

(1-1, 0-0, 3rd Place NFC East, Won 1)
@ : ChiefsChiefs
(0-2, 0-1, 4th Place AFC West, Lost 2)
Scoring Summary
Pass TDJustin Hunter 3 yard Pass TD from E.J. Manuel (XP good)
Drive info: 5 plays, 33 yds, TOP 1:27, 2:10 left in qtr
FGTerrell Blake 20 yard FG
Drive info: 12 plays, 80 yds, TOP 5:25, 8:45 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 46 yard FG
Drive info: 10 plays, 80 yds, TOP 3:48, 1:10 left in qtr
Pass TDMichael Floyd 45 yard Pass TD from Aaron Rodgers (XP good)
Drive info: 4 plays, 68 yds, TOP 0:24, 0:46 left in qtr
Pass TDJoe Adams 68 yard Pass TD from Aaron Rodgers (XP good)
Drive info: 5 plays, 80 yds, TOP 2:57, 0:06 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 48 yard FG
Drive info: 3 plays, 40 yds, TOP 1:48, 7:56 left in qtr
Run TDJamaal Charles 68 yard Run TD (XP good)
Drive info: 4 plays, 80 yds, TOP 1:14, 1:26 left in qtr
Week 2 brought Chiefs fans something they hadn't seen for a while... a lead! But at the end of the day, it was the same outcome just a different foe as the Chiefs again got close but lost the game in the 4th quarter to go to 0-2 on the season.

"We are already being referred to as the 'lowly Chiefs' by some other teams," commented Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "We just have to try and get the streak ended."

Week 2 saw the Philadelphia Eagles come to Arrowhead with some very familiar faces on the offensive side of the ball. Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster lined up in the Eagles offense and each played key parts in the victory.

Charles ran like a man determined to punish the Chiefs for trading him last season.

"As good as Jamaal looked, I hope we do not play Andrew Luck any time soon," continued Miller.

As in week 1, turnovers and bad coaching decisions played a big part. But the big play was a huge factor as well. The Eagles were only inside the red zone once during the game and the result of that was a field goal. However, they scored touchdowns from 45, 68 and 68 yards out with big plays from Michael Floyd, Joe Adams, and Jamaal Charles.

No score was more frustrating than the 68 yard TD to Joe Adams though and it was really a dagger in the heart of the Chiefs.

The game started out well enough with Manuel driving the Chiefs down the field for a 3 yard TD pass to Justin Hunter. Then, at the end of the 2nd quarter, the Chiefs answered the Eagles field goal with one of their own to go up 10-3 with 1:10 remaining in the half.

And that is when the big plays started. 4 plays and 24 seconds later, the Eagles were tied with the Chiefs after Aaron Rodgers hooked up with Floyd for a 45 yard TD and sent the game to halftime tied at 10 a piece.

Then in the 3rd, the bad coaching started. The Chiefs played a more aggressive defensive style this week. It paid off late in the 3rd quarter when they hit Aaron Rodgers for a sack on 3rd down and knocked him out of the game. 4th down and Rodgers out of the game! Arrowhead was rocking.

But wait, there was a flag on the play! Offensive holding against the Eagles. No big deal. Still 4th down and still a punting situation. The Chiefs defense was shocked when they were told to get back onto the field because the coaching staff had elected to take the penalty and give the Eagles another shot. And in true fashion, back up rookie QB Kiante Green came out and promptly completed a 15 yard pass for a first down. 2 plays later, Rodgers was back in and completed the pass to a wide open Adams for the 68 yard score and the lead which the Eagles never relinquished.

Later, after the Chiefs had crawled back to within 4 points, Jamaal Charles sliced through a gassed Chiefs defense to put the Eagles up 24-13.

2nd year QB E.J. Manuel did not have any picks for the game, but he did have a fumble after an incredible run. That puts his turnovers at 5 for the season after 2 games.

Next week, the Chiefs leave Arrowhead and head out to meet the 0-2 Giants of New York. The Giants are coming off a couple of tough losses and post one of the top defenses in the league.

"Well, all I know is that what we have been trying so far is not working," explained Miller. "So we need to try something else."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Week 1 wrap up
Chargers 37, Chiefs 20

(1-0, 1-0, 1st Place AFC West, Won 1)
@ : ChiefsChiefs
(0-1, 0-1, 4th Place AFC West, Lost 1)
Scoring Summary
Pass TDJackie Thomas 7 yard Pass TD from Blaine Gabbert (XP good)
Drive info: 5 plays, 22 yds, TOP 1:49, 10:03 left in qtr
FGNate Kaeding 25 yard FG
Drive info: 6 plays, 31 yds, TOP 3:15, 9:41 left in qtr
FGNate Kaeding 19 yard FG
Drive info: 14 plays, 65 yds, TOP 5:54, 1:56 left in qtr
Pass TDTerrance Williams 30 yard Pass TD from E.J. Manuel (XP good)
Drive info: 3 plays, 70 yds, TOP 0:36, 1:20 left in qtr
Pass TDRyan Mathews 60 yard Pass TD from Blaine Gabbert (XP good)
Drive info: 2 plays, 60 yds, TOP 0:18, 1:02 left in qtr
Pass TDTony Moeaki 42 yard Pass TD from E.J. Manuel (XP good)
Drive info: 4 plays, 69 yds, TOP 0:29, 0:33 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 35 yard FG
Drive info: 3 plays, 23 yds, TOP 1:12, 9:14 left in qtr
FGNate Kaeding 43 yard FG
Drive info: 7 plays, 80 yds, TOP 3:20, 5:54 left in qtr
FGRyan Succop 40 yard FG
Drive info: 10 plays, 69 yds, TOP 5:04, 9:53 left in qtr
Pass TDKeenan Allen 67 yard Pass TD from Blaine Gabbert (XP good)
Drive info: 2 plays, 71 yds, TOP 0:44, 9:09 left in qtr
Pass TDKeenan Allen 9 yard Pass TD from Blaine Gabbert (XP good)
Drive info: 8 plays, 58 yds, TOP 3:25, 1:57 left in qtr
Week 1 of the 2016 season started a lot like week 1 of the 2015 season, a home loss to an AFC West foe. After a 1-3 offseason, Chiefs fans were already discouraged going into the home opener, but when the schedule was announced, loud groans could be heard across Jackson County.

"Well, we appreciate getting the home opener to start the season," lamented Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "But did it have to be the Chargers?"

Let's look back at the recent season openers for the Chiefs. 2015 - Loss at home to Oakland 20-16 after the Raiders outscore the Chiefs 20-16 in the 4th quarter. 2014 - Loss at San Diego 38-21 after the Chargers outscore the Chiefs 17-7 in the 4th quarter. Chiefs fans have to go back to 2013 when they opened the season with a victory over the Broncos to get the last Chiefs victory. But even that season was spoiled when the Chiefs lost to the Chargers in week 2.

"Let's face it," commented Miller. "(Chargers GM John) Stanley has my number. I have had draft picks in the top 5, but he still outdrafts me. I spend all week game planning, he puts in the same lineup and gameplan from the previous season. We just cannot break through."

The loss puts Miller's record versus John Stanley at 1-7 all time.

"I won one?? When was that?" questioned Miller.

This game went the way most of the Chiefs vs Chargers games go. The Chiefs let the Chargers get out to a good lead, fight back to get close, and then watched the Chargers explode in the 4th quarter for the win.

The problems in this game? A combination of turnovers and other mistakes.

"Why in the heck was (MLB) James Laurinitis not starting? Who made that call?" exclaimed Miller. "I mean, we did some changing around in the final preseason game to prevent injuries, and then (Chiefs coach Jon) Gruden forgets to put him back in??!!!"

And then there were the turnovers. Even after a week of using a less aggressive gameplan in order to protect 2nd year QB E.J. Manuel, the Chiefs mysteriously came out passing on the very first play. And it was picked off.

"Quite a way to start a season huh? With a pick?" sighed Miller.

Chiefs QBs had a rough day against the Chargers secondary with Manuel throwing 4 picks and Matthew Tebow throwing 2 when he came in after Manuel was knocked out early in the 4th quarter. The Chiefs also allowed 6 sacks.

Despite all of this heartache though, Chiefs fans had a glimmer of hope. Going into the 4th quarter, they were only down 23-17. And then to start the 4th quarter, the Chiefs drove the ball down and got a 40 yard field goal to get within 3 at 23-20. Could their luck be changing?

The Chargers immediately answered "NO!" as Keenan Allen took a pass from Blaine Gabbert 67 yards to put the Chargers back up by 10 points less than 50 seconds later.

Later in the quarter, after a Matthew Tebow interception, Keenan Allen caught another TD from Gabbert for his second touchdown of the game and Gabbert's 4th.

"Well, our conservative gameplan went out the window with the first play," explained Miller. "Then we were playing catch up the entire game. Hopefully next week against the Eagles, we can play a little better."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs vs Chargers

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs lose game, lose Lewis
Chiefs lose Lewis, Robinson, Cut Orton

The third week of preseason was supposed to be the showcase to evaluate which young QB was going to make the roster and which one was going to be cut.

Unfortunately, after injuries occurring during the game, neither will be cut and instead Orton is gone.

"This sucks, but we needed the cap room," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "And cutting Kyle gave us the biggest bang for our buck with no cap penalty."

The Chiefs had just acquired Orton this past offseason by sending a 3rd to Houston. Orton was originally thought to be the starter, but quickly became a mentor when E.J. Manuel was acquired from the Jets.

Orton had only played in the first game of the preseason with the second unit. He went 9 for 17 for 62 yards with one interception with a QB rating of 38.1 against the Falcons.

The cut saved the Chiefs $6.86 million this season.

But why did he need to be cut?

In the Chiefs loss to the Packers in this week's game, Pro Bowl outside linebacker Ronnell Lewis went down with a serious elbow injury.

"Doctors are saying he dislocated his elbow," explained Miller. "They are thinking he will be out for up to 10 weeks. With us being at the league minimum for linebackers, we had to sign someone."

So why not just sign someone with the $1.77 million in cap room? The Chiefs, or more accurately Chiefs GM, saw someone they craved in the free agent pool.

"Geno Hayes is a great player. When Cincy put him on the trading block this past offseason, we almost made an offer on him," continued Miller. "But we could not justify his contract. Well, having been a free agent for a little while now, he signed with us for a little less."

Hayes reportedly agreed to a 3 year $16.86 million contract with a signing bonus of $5.97 million.

With Hayes contract only being about $4.6 million this season, the move actually freed up an additional $2 million in cap room.

"It is better to have a little room in order to make a deal or sign someone," explained Miller.

CB Marquis Robinson also injured his elbow during the game. Team doctors were calling it a sprain and expect him back in 2 weeks, possibly sooner.

"Marquis is a warrior and is already icing and working out his elbow," explained Miller. "He will be back."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: News for the AFC West teams

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Arrowhead Analysis: Special Training Camp Edition
2016 Special Training Camp Edition

The 2016 Chiefs training camp report can come pre-draft this year, since the Chiefs have been wheeling and dealing and only have a 7th round pick in the draft coming up. After the conclusion of this week's first round of free agency, the roster sits at the league mandated 50 players with just a little room left in the salary cap. With an eye on experience and the 2017 cap penalty, the Chiefs were able to make a large number of moves that they hope will pay off with more wins in 2016.

A recap of 2015

The 2015 Chiefs were 8-8 once more, but only by winning the last 2 games of 2015. The 2015 Chiefs lost 4 of those games by a touchdown or less, but it was the 4th quarter this season that was especially unkind to the men of Arrowhead. The Chiefs were outscored 156-64 in the 4th quarter during the 2015 campaign. Fans question whether it is the endurance, the heart, or the play-calling that is the problem. Fans have noted that other teams seem to step it up in the 4th while the Chiefs seem to lay down.

Within the division the Chiefs were 2-4 again, getting swept by the top two teams in the AFC West, the Chargers and Raiders. The Chiefs only consolation from 2015 was that they were able to sweep the Broncos.

The 2015 Chiefs finished in the bottom 3rd of the league in pass defense and total defense. On the offensive side of the ball, the 2015 Chiefs were in the bottom 3rd of the league in scoring offense, total offense, and passing offense.

The lack of output can be attributed to multiple things...except injuries. The 2015 Chiefs were relatively healthy and did not have any starters go down for significant amounts of time. Even with that consistency, the front office and coaching staff rotated players, including starters all season long. All 3 QBs started games. Peyton Hillis went from fullback to starting halfback to third down back. C.J. Spiller went from slot receiver to starting running back. Ezeikeh Ansah flipped from left end to right end. Roy Reed, then John Barnes, would start at center. The Chiefs started the season in a 3-4 defense and ended in a 4-3.

"We were stuck between trying to get the young players experience and who would be best at a spot," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "Obviously we were trying to field the best team, but we were also trying to think about the future, especially when it became apparent that we were not going to reach the playoffs."

Speaking of Miller, four out of Tim Miller's seven seasons as a GM, the team has finished at 8-8. Miller has never had a winning season in the GZL and fans are starting to wonder about him as a GM. Can it improve for 2016?

Even with all of the problems on the field, there were a few bright spots. LOLB Ronnell Lewis and SS Kenny Phillips represented the Chiefs in the Pro Bowl in 2015. Young players such as Lewis, CB Marquis Robinson, WR Terrance Williams and Justin Hunter, and DT Michael Brockers gained significant experience in 2015 that should greatly benefit the team in 2016.

"We were very pleased with the progress made during the 2015 season and appreciate all of our mentors' contributions," continued Miller. "With a few key pieces, we are anticipating great things for 2016 because of what we learned in 2015."

With a large number of expiring contracts on backups and starters alike, but with plenty of cap room in 2016, Chiefs fans were excited to hear what the Chiefs were going to do with it and what new pieces were going to be put in place.

The 2016 offseason: out with the old, in with the older?

Chiefs keep Coaching and Training Staff

The first decision of the offseason, as with all offseasons, is what to do with the current staff. Jon Gruden, Josh McDaniels, Eric Mangini, and Alan Lowry all had time remaining on their contracts, but after 2015's dismal performances, would the Chiefs want them back?

The Chiefs decided to give the staff another season.

"Jon Gruden is one of the most respected names in all of football," commented Miller. "And Josh McDaniels is an up and coming young offensive mind. McDaniels and Mangini have had head coaching experience to go along with their coordinator experience. We hope the chemistry comes together this season and we will improve."

The Chiefs also kept their training staff.

"Injuries were not a problem last season. The only noticable one was to Manny Lawson, but we knew that about him coming into the season. We were very please at how few injuries and how quickly players came back from injuries." explained Miller.

Restructures, Resigns, RFAs and Releases

The Chiefs ended the 2015 season by giving a 4 year extension to defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. Even while splitting time between left end and right end, plus allowing the young ends Ansiah and Irvin some playing time, JPP came up with 37 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, and 4 sacks.

"JPP is just a freak and we knew we wanted him back," explained Miller. "It was just a matter of price and we were able to come up with one that both JPP and Chiefs were happy to sign."

The 2016 Chiefs offseason saw 14 players with expiring contracts: 6 restricted free agents and 8 eligible for the open market. The Chiefs made qualifying offers to all six restricted free agents: Ronnel Lewis, Zach Boren, Nigel McDaniel, Bruce Irvin, Lane Taylor, and Casey Hayward. No other team made an offer on these six so all were resigned to the Chiefs. Lewis, Boren, and Hayward were all offered long term contracts which they gladly accepted.

As for the players going onto the open market, only Roy Reed received a pre-free agency resigning offer and he accepted.

"We are very happy to have Roy back with the team," commented Miller. "He is still developing for us and glad he will be a Chief for many years to come."

Match-qualifying offers were extended to DeMarcus Van Dyke, Ryan Williams, Tony Moeaki, and Kentwan Balmer. David Stewart, Shaun Phillips, and Jamar Chaney were not extended a contract offer and were allowed to test the waters of free agency. DeMarcus Van Dyke received an incredible offer from the Chicago Bears that the Chiefs just could not match. The others were all signed to new 4 year deals and were happy to accept.

Only 2 releases have been announced in the offseason so far: MLB Manny Lawson and backup HB Emmanuel Moody.

"These were both unfortunate cap moves that we needed to make," announced Miller. "Manny was a way of freeing up a lot of cap with little penalty, and Emmanuel was getting paid almost as much as our starters. So we had to let them go and we wish them the best."


Trades galore have occurred during this offseason for the Chiefs! No fewer than 10 trades have occurred which have completely re-made the Chiefs backfield, offensive line, defensive line, and secondary.

Trade #1: Luck is gone!

The first trade was the big blockbuster: In a huge deal that sent previous top overall pick Andrew Luck, 3.17 in the 2016 draft, and the Chiefs future 7th round pick to Buffalo for 1.5 in 2016 plus Buffalo's future 1st round pick and 4th round pick.

"This trade really started last season when Buffalo sent us a great offer for Luck," explained Miller. "We had a number of incredible offers, but we went with Buffalo's because he set the bar so high and did it right off the bat."

Trade #2: Stockpiling picks?

Initially it looked like the Chiefs were trying to get as many picks as possible in the 2016 draft as the next trade saw CB A.J. Jefferson sent to Detroit for a 3rd round pick.

"A.J. was a very good player for us, but this was a cap move with little cap penalty," explained Miller. "A.J. was likely never going to be more than a nickelback for us and he just was not going to be able to develop."

Trade #3: Another whopper!

Just when it looked like the Chiefs were stockpiling picks, that idea came crashing down.

Taking advantage of a tight cap situation in Jacksonville, the Chiefs made a move that immediately improved their offensive line and secondary. The question is, did it sacrifice their future?

The Chiefs sent the fifth overall pick (acquired in the Luck trade), the Chiefs 2017 first round pick, and left guard Jon Asamoah to Jacksonville for RT Eben Britton, CB Darrelle "The Island" Revis, and the Jags 2017 third round pick.

"With our first round picks, we had a lot of needs plus we were trying to decide what to do with the expiring contract of (RT) Dave Stewart. We wanted Millen, but we needed a QB, a CB, and really a DT as well. And frankly, we were not sure if any of them were going to be available at 1.5 even. So we saw the Jags offering and jumped on it. Especially when we learned the Chargers were making a move for Britton as well."

In the move, the Chiefs get a couple of mentors in key areas, but they are also every day starters. Revis' contract expires this season and he may have lost a step from seasons' past, but he is still considered an excellent corner and pairs up nicely with Marquis Robinson.

Britton give the Chiefs a nice pair of book ends with Veldheer at left tackle and Britton at right. Both players have the footwork to be highly effective run or pass blockers and will block effectively for whoever the Chiefs sign at QB.

Trade #4: We have a QB!

An obvious area of concern for the Chiefs after the Luck trade was at QB. When highly serviceable (and mentor) Kyle Orton became available for a 3rd round pick, the Chiefs thought they had their stop gap QB for 2016 while they figured out what to do with their two young QBs on the roster or perhaps draft one in 2016.

"Kyle knows the AFC West and he is a willing teacher," commented Miller. "He is a great teammate and a very serviceable starter when we need him."

Orton's contract also only has 1 year remaining.

Trade #5: Good bye Jacoby

In a deal that was initially agreed upon at the end of last season, the Chiefs sent WR/KR Jacoby Ford to the Texans for their 2016 5th round pikc.

"Jacoby just did not make sense for us, especially at that salary," explained Miller. "We have a near duplicate already in C.J. Spiller at a cheaper price."

Trade #6: Good bye Nigel

Now it really could not be an offseason if the Chiefs didn't trade with the Bucs. In another salary move, the Chiefs sent FS Nigel McDaniel and their 2017 4th round pick to Tampa for the 20th pick in the 4th round of 2016 and the Bucs future 5th round pick.

"We acquired Nigel last offseason with the expectations of making him our starter at free safety," Miller commented. "But we really weren't 100% on board with him, so we acquired Kenny Phillips last season and Nigel became a back-up. He didn't accept the demotion well, so we were looking to see what we could get for him. Luckily the Bucs came calling."

Trade #7: We have a QB again!

The Chiefs were extremely happy to see Greg Wendell back in the GZL and even more happy when he became the GM of the Jets. Greg posted his trade block and the Chiefs couldn't send an offer fast enough.

Because on it was the 17th overall pick from 2015, QB E.J. Manuel. The Chiefs offered the 17th overall pick in the 2016 draft and the Jets agreed.

"E.J. has a bit of a stigma because he is a scrambler, but he a very aware scrambler. With Kyle's mentoring and progression, this is going to be a great season for him," explained Miller. "We had made multiple offers to other team's with young QBs, but we could not get a deal done with them. In comparing E.J. with the available QBs in the 2016 draft, we found him further advanced and better than all except Higgins. So we went for it."

The move gives the Chiefs a very crowded backfield with Manuel, Orton, Tebow and Sunseri at QB. But it also gives the Chiefs security in their QBs that if one goes down, another can step up.

Trade #8: Defense!

The Chiefs 8th trade of the offseason was for a position of some need. The middle of the Chiefs defense was porous last season with the safeties and cornerbacks being leading tacklers. In addition, it is middle linebacker James Laurinitis' last year in his current contract, so a contingency plan had to be made.

So the Chiefs went back to the Bucs, and, after some wheeling, dealing, and negotiating a deal was struck where the Chiefs would send Buffalo's 2017 first and fourth round picks and 5.27 from 2016 to Tampa in return for NT Terrence Cody, MLB John Jackson, and Tampa's 2017 6th round pick.

"We are excited about this move mainly because of the incredible running backs and offensive lines that we have to deal with in the AFC West," exclaimed Miller. "This move not only shores up the middle but will also allow our linebackers more freedom to fly to the ball! John Jackson is an up and coming linebacker with a good future in this league. Laurinitis can mentor him and we will benefit for year's to come."

Trade #9: More Defense!

The Chiefs went back to Greg Wendell and the Jets block to get another player he had offered, 2nd year CB Jermaine Evans. The Chiefs like Evans combination of size, speed, and jumping ability. So they sent their 2017 2nd round pick and CB Curtis Erickson to New York for Evans and the Jets 2017 pick.

"Evans still has a few more years of development and will easily get to at least 94 speed," explained Miller. "Plus with mentoring from Revis, we are excited to find out where he will be in the next year or so."

Trade #10: Filling 1 last hole!

In their final(?) trade of the 2016 offseason, the Chiefs were looking for a backup outside linebacker with a cheap contract. They had to trade within the division to get it, but they are happy to get the young speedster Kenny Tate from San Diego in exchange for the Raven's 4th round pick.

This was supposed to have cleared out all the Chiefs picks in the 2016 draft, but the Chargers were over the limit for picks and had to send back their 7th. So the Chiefs will just sit on the clock until the 7th this weekend and wait for their pick.

Free Agency

With the roster at 50, all required positions filled, and only about $6.5 million in cap space, the Chiefs were not going to go crazy in free agency. But they did want to give their new QB a target that would also serve as a mentor for the young WR on the roster.

Larry Fitzgerald was signed to a one year, $7 million contract with the Chiefs. Larry has lost a step or two but the man still has height, hops, hands of glue, and football smarts. He will compete for a starting position but is expected in more of a mentor role.

Running back Emmanuel Moody was cut in order to make cap room for Fitzgerald.

The Draft

With all the trades made and the deals cut, the Chiefs went from having 2 firsts in 2016 and 2 firsts in 2017 to only having the 24th pick in the 7th round in 2016 and nothing until the third in 2017.

But with that lone pick, they hit it out of the ballpark!

Introducing safety Steve Spires, a 6'1", 211 pound, 2 time All-CUSA first teamer from Rice University. Chiefs GM Tim Miller first noticed him during a recent stint in Memphis and saw him play at the Liberty Bowl.

"To be honest, I am surprised the cops have not showed up" exclaimed Miller. "Because we just stole this player! Great height, good size, good speed, and an opportunity to learn under Pro Bowl safety Kenny Phillips. Just an excellent situation for everyone involved."

Spires is expected to sign right away and be in camp.

Offseason Training and Conditioning

The Chiefs were extremely pleased after mini camp to find the following improvements to their young players.

QB E.J. Manuel went over to Japan during the offseason to work with Japanese baseball coaches on his arm strength and recovery. He worked with renowed pitching coach Ithro Fa and therapist Heelum Kwik with exceptional benefits. He comes back with a stronger arm (THP now at 95) and less prone to injury (INJ to 95 ).

TE Stephen Belantonio went back home to Alabama and spent the summer running from lawyers attempting to deliver paternity suits. His speed actually increased from all the running (now with SPD at 84 ).

RB Ryan Williams spent the offseason in Africa training in the mountains for a marathon. This greatly increased his stamina ( STA to 80) and will keep him on the field more this season.

OLB Kenny Tate invited DE Ezekiel Ansah to his home in Memphis during the offseason. The two ended up on a BBQ pub crawl and each player gained 10 pounds. Tate is up to 240 and Ansah is up to 280 for the upcoming season.

Training Camp

Training camp saw even more improvements for the following 5 players.

WR Justin Hunter and Terrance Williams went down to Williams' college town of Waco and spent the offseason out-running bullets at the Branch Davidian compound outside of town. The move seems to have worked out as both Hunter ( SPD to 94 ) and Williams ( SPD to 93 ) both have a quicker step and seem faster overall.

New Chief CB Jermaine Evans went over to Norway and spend the summer running up glaciers. Once he got back on solid ground, he noticed that the training really paid off as his speed had increased ( SPD to 93 ).

Rookie SS Spires went home to Texas and ran from prarie dog hole to prarie dog hole trying to play a real life "whack a mole". He ended up gaining speed ( SPD to 88 ).

Finally, Pro Bowler LOLB Ronnell Lewis enjoyed Hawaii so much he spent a little extra time over there and did some surfing. All the swimming seems to have strengthened his legs and resulted in increased speed ( SPD to 83 ).

Position Battles for 2016

Position Battle #1: Left guard

The rumor coming from mini camps is that LG Eric Taylor will be moved over to RG to compete with veteran Jon Stinchcomb. It is unclear who is at #1 on the depth chart right now. Stinchcomb has the experience and the better blocking technique. But Taylor has the youth, long contract, and other great physicial attributes. The winner: Wait and see

Position Battle #2: Free safety

This isn't really a battle so much as who will move from free safety over to be the backup at strong safety. And it is looking like veteran John Wendling will be making the move in order to keep the roster compliant. Eric Berry will be moving from strong safety to free safety with Phillips remaining the starter at strong safety.

Position Battle #3: Defensive end

Rumors coming out of Arrowhead are that the Chiefs are going to move Ansah over to right defensive end and stop the Merry Go Round at left end. JPP, with his fresh new contract, has the position locked up. Bruce Irvin was only given a 1 year contract. Ansah will be an RFA next season and can be signed to a long term deal. Goodman did some good things last season but it looks like it is Ansah's to lose.

Position Battle #4: Running back

Williams or Hillis or Spiller? It depends comes the word out of KC. Williams will be listed as #1 going into training camp. But if the playbook needs a better receiver or blocker, then Hillis gets the nod. If they need someone speedier, then Spiller gets the start. This one could be a play it by ear all season long.

Position Battle #5: Wide receiver

What? The Chiefs may go over someone else besides their 2 first round picks from 2014? A source is quoted as saying "Fitzgerald will be in the mix to toughen the youngsters up and show them how to NOT drop a damn ball!" Then who will play slot? Will height or speed win the day?

Position Battle #6: Back up QB

The Chiefs goal is to never have this person take a snap after preseason. But if he does, who will it be? And more importantly, will the Chiefs keep 4 QBs on the roster? Initial depth charts have Orton at #2 and Tebow at #3.

Outlook for 2016

Still lots of questions for 2016 for the Chiefs. Can they improve upon 8-8? Can they improve upon their abysmal conference record of 2-4? Can Josh McDaniels figure out how to fully utilize a scrambler? Will he stay healthy?

The Chiefs lacked consistency in 2015. They went from the high of beating Tampa Bay to the low of giving Cincinnati one of their few victories on the season. The Bucs and Jets are hoping for a terrible Chiefs season since they hold their first two draft picks in 2017.

But can the Chiefs use this mixture of mentors and youth, young and old, experienced and not to right the ship and at least get a winning record in 2016?

The Chiefs hope that Jon Gruden can work some of his QB Camp magic on E.J. Manuel like he did last season prior to the draft (as shown below). The two seem to have a good working relationship and hopefully it continues into 2016.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs make offers to 4
Van Dyke, Williams, Moeaki, and Balmer extended offers

On the eve of the first round of free agency, the Chiefs have confirmed that they have sent match qualifying offers to 4 Chiefs.

CB DeMarcus Van Dyke, HB Ryan Williams, TE Tony Moeaki, and DT Kentwan Barber all received match eligible offers from the Chiefs. This means that these four will enter free agency, but the Chiefs have the final say in whether the contracts will be matched or not.

This is in alignment with the news last week that center Roy Reed had accepted a 4 year offer from the Chiefs and effectively avoid free agency.

The Chiefs also announced that all 6 restricted free agents had not received any other offers so they will be Chiefs again this season.

The Chiefs are in discussions with OLB Ronnell Lewis, FB Zach Boren, and CB Casey Hayward to restructure and extend their RFA contracts.

The match eligible announcement today confirms what was expected all along... no contract will be offered to RT David Stewart, MLB Shaun Phillips, or linebacker Jamar Chaney.

The Chiefs have also confirmed there is a lot of activity happening on the trade front and will provide more details at a later time.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 12/19/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 17
Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs get an island
1.5 was almost gone before the Chiefs got it

The Chiefs had barely gotten the 5th overall pick in the 2016 draft when it was already gone. Chiefs fans were already drawing up their draft boards and licking their lips at who might fall to them at 1.5 when the Chiefs made an announcement...

"The Chiefs have made a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars involving the 5th overall pick in the draft," reported FOX Sports 1.

"What?" Chiefs fans cried. "Who?! What did they get?"

Chiefs GM Tim Miller knew the Chiefs needed more help than just 1 player. So, knowing they had their other pick in the first round this year and the Bills pick in the 1st round next year, the Chiefs made a deal with Jacksonville that brings legendary CB Darrelle Revis, stalwart RT Eben Britton, and the Jaguars 2017 3rd round pick to the Chiefs in exchange for 1.5, the Chiefs 2017 1st round pick and LG Jon Asamoah.

Revis may have lost a step or two but he still has decent speed, excellent hands, great jumping ability, and oh that awareness. Oh yeah how about that awareness?! Expected to start right away beside 4th year player Marquis Robinson, Revis will also be a mentor to the younger corners on the team.

The other addition to the 2016 Chiefs is RT Eben Britton, all 6' 6" 309 pounds of him to protect the right side of the line. With Jared Veldheer anchoring the left side of the line, Britton brings excellent awareness, technique, power, and agility for a big man to the right side of the line. And at only $4.57 million this season, he brings a good price as well.

The loss of Asamoah was tough, but the Chiefs felt like they could fill the hole with either a stopgap like Jon Stinchcomb or finally letting RG Eric Taylor get his reps with the first string.

Either way, the Chiefs are happy with the deal that instantly improves their secondary and their offensive line.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 12/16/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 21
Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs extend RFA tenders to 6
RFA tenders extended to Lewis, McDaniel, and Boren

The Chiefs had 6 players come up for Restricted Free Agency this offseason, including 1 Pro Bowler, 1 starter, and 2 part time starters.

With restricted free agency, the Chiefs have first rights to extend an offer to the player. Depending on the offer determines what other teams will have to pay as compensation if they make an offer on that player.

Pro bowler Ronnell Lewis is one of the players in restricted free agency. The Chiefs immediately offered him $1.9 million tender, meaning that any other team would have to give the Chiefs their 1st round pick in compensation.

Starting fullback Zach Boren was another player where the Chiefs extended an RFA tender. The Chiefs offered $1.39 million, meaning the Chiefs would get a third back in compensation.

FS Nigel McDaniel was extended an offer of $1.39 million, meaning the
Chiefs would only get a 5th round pick for him. McDaniel came to KC with a lot of fanfare, but the acquisition last season of Kenny Phillips made McDaniel more expendable.

LE Bruce Irvin also received a tender offer of $1.39 million. Irvin has been caught in the circle of rotating ends between JPP and Ansah. The Chiefs would get a third round pick in compensation.

Backup LT Lane Taylor was extended an offer of $870,000, meaning the Chiefs would get no draft picks in compensation.

Finally young CB Casey Hayward was extended a tender of $1.9 million. With the departure of A.J. Jefferson and the possible departure of Van Dyke, Hayward's future was uncertain.

With the RFA process, if an offer is made, the Chiefs will have first rights to match the offer or accept the compensation. That is expected to conclude this weekend.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 12/13/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 25
Arrowhead Analysis: Freeman to KC??
Josh Freeman to KC?

As first reported by ESPN, Josh Freeman wants out of Tampa. In a statement released earlier today, Freeman reports "I am tired of being blamed for playoff losses and being called fragile. The Tim Tebow pressure is also getting to me as these rabid Florida Gators fans all WANT me to get injured so that Tebow can play."

When asked where he would like to go, Freeman replied "My hometown. I have excellent memories of Blue Springs and I have always dreamed of that Arrowhead on my helmet. My entire family still lives there. And, heck, that town would be appreciative to just get IN the playoffs!"

Tampa Bay GM Anthony Fernandez could not be reached for comment.

When asked about this report, Bucs backup QB Tim Tebow replied "I am just so blessed to be in the NFL. Good Lord willing, this will all work out for the best for everyone, especially where I am still a QB in the NFL, and no other position. I will pray for the situation. God bless you all."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 12/06/2013) Replies - 2 :: Views - 29
Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs send 2 to Hawaii
Lewis, Phillips get the nod

Always nice when a trade seems to work out, let alone 2 trades.

Outside linebacker Ronnell Lewis, in his 3rd year in the league and 1st starting, got the news today that he had been selected to the Pro Bowl in February. Lewis, a 4th round pick of the Detroit Lions in 2013, played one preseason game for the Lions and then was sent to Kansas City. He mentored under Derrick Johnson his first 2 seasons. When the Chiefs decided not to renew Johnson's contract for the 2015 season, Lewis got his shot and did the most with it.

Lewis was actually 5th on the team in tackles, but led the team with 14 tackles for loss. He added 4 sacks and even 3 interceptions from his outside linebacker position.

Kenny Phillips was acquired via a mid-season trade with the Giants. Chiefs fans were bewildered when the Chiefs first made the move since they already had Eric Berry at the strong safety position, but the tandem worked well together as Berry moved over to play free safety. The move worked so well that Berry will permanently be moved over to free safety next season.

Phillips was tied with Berry for 2nd on the team in tackles while tying for first with Marquis Robinson for interceptions with 4.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 12/05/2013) Replies - 0 :: Views - 15
Arrowhead Analysis: They traded who???!!!
Chiefs trade Luck!

Let the radical changes begin in KC!

Chiefs GM Tim Miller announced today that the Chiefs had traded Andrew Luck to the Buffalo Bills!

The details of the deal: The Chiefs send Luck, 3.17 from this season, and next year's 7th round pick to the Buffalo Bills. The Bills send 1.5 from this season, their 1st from next season, and their 4th from next season.

Chiefs fans are aghast. Chiefs players are shocked. Luck is surprised.

"I am coming off my best season as a Chief!" exclaimed Luck as he was clearing out his locker. "24 touchdowns against 12 interceptions. My QB rating was the highest I have ever had for a full season. Not sure what else I could have done. First they get rid of Bowe, then Jamaal, and now me?"

More importantly what the Chiefs going to do with 1.5?

"We don't know yet. Obviously it depends on 1.1 thru 1.4," replied Chiefs GM Tim Miller. Miller did not stick around for any other questions.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs 8-8 again
Finish at 8-8... AGAIN

The 2015 season is over and the Chiefs find themselves in a familiar situation... 8-8, 2-4 in the division, and out of the playoffs.

"This sucks" stated Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "It just sucks. So tired of this."

Call it bad play-calling, call it bad luck, call it whatever you want. But the Chiefs end this season the same way they have ended the previous 2 seasons - at 8-8. And to even get to 8-8, they had to win their last 2 games.

"We are not getting better, we are not learning from our mistakes, we are not getting the pieces needed to reach the next level. I can only blame myself," continued Miller.

A season that started with promise after a 4-0 preseason, then a 4-2 start with a huge win over the Tampa Bay Bucs, then went 2-6.

Another season with a losing record within the conference and finishing 3rd in the division.

One notable area of concern, the 4th quarter. The only won or tied the 4th quarter in 4 games this season. For the season, they were outscored 156 - 64. It got even worse within the division as they were outscored in the 4th quarter 66-23. Both games against the Raiders, the Chiefs had fourth quarter leads.

"It seems like every other team picks it up in the 4th quarter, especially if they are behind. For some reason, we seem incapable of rallying in the 4th," explained Miller. "We seemed to throw costly picks and our defense just disappears. Apparently we need to invest in some offseason conditioning."

"We will make some changes this offseason," promised Miller. "They may be radical, but we will make changes."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 11/24/2013) Replies - 1 :: Views - 20
Arrowhead Analysis: Miller injured in practice
What was he doing?

"I tot I taw a puddytat!" bubbled Chiefs GM Tim Miller, lying on the stretcher in the back of the team ambulance. "Duck season! Wabbit season! Duck season! Wabbit season! Wabbit season! Bang!"

It is still unclear exactly what happened but Miller was wearing a Chiefs practice uniform... well barely.

"I never knew those things could stretch that tight," exclaimed new Chiefs halfback Peyton Hillis. "And that poor jersey could fit 3 digits!"

So exactly what happened?

"We were having our normal practice when all of sudden Miller came running out of the tunnel screaming 'RAIDER WEEK!!' wearing some practice uniform," explained Chiefs coach Jon Gruden. "Apparently he was having some glory day memories of his days at Marysville High or wherever."

"So he comes out, pushes (DT Michael) Brocker out of the way, and screamed 'WOOOO!!!! TRAIN IS COMING THROUGH!' Well the guys all know this is the guy who signs their checks, but they couldn't help laughing. Everyone but Hillis."

As the story goes, the offense snapped the ball, Reed did a "look out block", letting Miller run through with a full head of steam. Unfortunately, they had handed the ball off to Hillis who met Miller in the hole. And well, long story short, Hillis won.

"Tha-tha-tha-tha that's all folks!" screamed Miller.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Charles sent to the Jets
Chiefs swap Charles for Hillis

In a move that has been building since last season, Jamaal Charles is no longer a Chief.

Even after amassing 10 TDs per season over the last two seasons, Chiefs management did not seem happy with Charles last season.

"When Jamaal broke free last year, no one was going to catch him," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "But more and more, it seemed like he went down pretty easily and was not avoiding the hit."

Charles had his worst YPC average last season, dropping below 4 yards per carry for the first time in his career.

That plus being the last year on his $7.34M contract made the move easy for the Chiefs.

The fact that they got the plowhorse Peyton Hillis and $3M back in the deal made it a no brainer.

With a fierce halfback battle going on during the preseason, Ryan Williams seemingly had taken the role of starter. Now it is not as clear.

"Hillis is someone we have wanted for a while now. We recognize his injury problems, but we also recognize his mentoring abilities plus his strength and tackle breaking, something that has been missing around here," explained Miller.

With Hillis and a young line, are the Chiefs finally going to get the running game needed to take the pressure off of Luck and the young receivers? Are teams going to have to finally respect the run, even if Luck goes down again?

We will have to see.

Sidenote: the move puts the Chiefs in a better financial position for 2015 and 2016. The Chiefs now have over $3.5 million in cap space for this season and even more for next season without having to worry about trying to resign Charles. The trade only cost the Chiefs a few hundred thousand in cap space penalty for next year, with the total being just under $8M for next season. Depending on resigns, it should leave the Chiefs in a good position to make a run at a free agent or two next offseason.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 07/22/2013) Replies - 4 :: Views - 60
Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs pleased with preseason
Chiefs go undefeated and injury free in preaseason

"Whew!" grinned Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "We made it. No injuries!"

Miller was referring to the 2015 preseason games in which some minor injuries occurred, but nothing that lasted longer than the end of the game.

"We were sweating it every time Luck got hurt, and then when Williams went down two games in a row, well, we are happy the entire team is back."

Lost in the celebration, the Chiefs went 4-0 in the preseason, with Luck sitting two of them out.

"Well it is definitely nice to win the games, but with most teams sitting their starters and playing pretty generic game plans, you can't use those games to gauge the season."

"But we were very pleased with our secondary and the number of interceptions they were able to get during the preseason. That is something that has been missing in season's past."

"And we were pleased with the play of Ryan Williams who seemed to handle the starting role at halfback quite well."

Notably absent was Jamaal Charles, who lined up as a slot receiver or as a third down back in a few games, but not a lot. Charles was even seen returning kicks during the preseason!

"They don't want to play me, well then fine. I will go out there and put in my reps and maybe they will trade me. I would love to go play for some team like the Jets or something!" exclaimed Charles.

The two second year QBs seemed to do much better this preseason, especially Matt Tebow, whose QB rating was over 100 for a couple of the preseason games.

On to the regular season!

With the preseason finished, the regular season schedule has been announced and again the league made some interesting scheduling choices for the Chiefs.

They cannot complain about their opponents since they only have 6 games against 2014 playoff teams or the week 9 bye, but the 5 game road stretch followed by a 3 game road stretch 2 weeks later, seem a bit harsh.

"It is nice to start off at home this season, and the fans will know us pretty well before we hit the road, but I hope they remember us by the time we get back in week 11!" laughed Miller.

"And with 3 of those games being division games, well, I guess we will really know what we are made of during that stretch."

The Chiefs are coming off another 8-8 season with a disappointing 2-4 in the division, including a sweep by their week 1 opponent, the Raiders.

"Really need to get off to a good start against the Raiders. It is always tricky since you are not sure which QB is going to start but you can always be sure they are going to have fast receivers that can take it to the house if you focus too much on the run."

Chiefs fans anxiously await....

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Bring on 2015
Chiefs look forward to new season

"The Chiefs underperformed in 2014, plain and simple." And that was how Chiefs GM Tim Miller started his first press conference of the 2015 season.

"With our 2014 draft, we expected to take a step to the next level, and it just did not happen," continued Miller. "8-8 is not good enough any longer."

Miller and the Chiefs had a relatively quiet offseason, partially because they didn't feel the need to rush to any decisions and partially due to some personal, off-the-field issues with the GM.

"I am happy with the moves we made. I am happy with our draft picks. I had hoped to bring back everyone from the 2014 team but salary demands just did not make that possible."

Gone are 4 mentors from the 2014 team: Greg Jennings (who never played a regular season down for the Chiefs), Derrick Johnson, Matt Birk, and, most recently, Kerry Rhodes.

"We would have loved to bring back Derrick, but during salary negotiations we did some workouts, and he had lost more than a step. We just could not offer him what he was asking. Same with Kerry."

Also gone from the 2014 roster via cuts: Brandon Frye and Tamba Hali. Gary Murphy was offered a contract but when the Saints increased it, the Chiefs did not match.

Gone via trades were Jason Peters and Garry Blair.

The Chiefs only acquired 6 new players and 4 rookies during the offseason.

Welcome to the Chiefs!

RT David Stewart from the Titans - The Chiefs went into the draft without a first round pick and knowing they were not going to get anything via the draft. They toyed with the idea of starting last year's 4th round pick Brian Santee, but when Stewart came available, they sent 2 4ths to Tennessee for him.

"David may not be as athletic as Jason, but he has better technique and will be a mentor for our young tackles," explained Miller. "We really feel better with him in there instead of Peters, who had some trouble with his pass blocking."

FS John Wendling was a late offseason acquisition after the Chiefs decided to cut Rhodes. Wendling played for Miller when they were both with the Redskins and someone that Miller liked for his size and attributes.

The Chiefs also went with another former Redskin in halfback Ryan Williams. A player actually drafted by Miller with the Redskins adds to an already crowded backfield as the Chiefs are now carrying 5 halfbacks into the preseason.

The Chiefs added depth at middle linebacker with the acquisition of MLB Manny Lawson. With the departure of Derrick Johnson, it is unknown whether the Chiefs will go with a 3-4 or play a 4-3 with Lawson on the outside. Lawson is a player that Miller has always loved for his speed and strength, plus his incredible size.

RG Deuce Lutui was primarily added for cheap depth at guard.

In another trade with the Titans, the Chiefs acquired LOLB Stanford Kelgar. Again this is viewed as a move to replace the departed Johnson. Kelgar has the physical skills but needs to work on his awareness and tackling.

The Draft
Going into the 2015 offseason, the Chiefs did not have very many picks. They shopped Jamaal Charles around pretty heavily but got no bites or interest. So after the trades and moves made above, the Chiefs ended up with 3 4th round picks and a 7th round pick.

4.9 - C John Barnes from Dartmouth With their first pick in the 2015 draft, the Chiefs went to the football hotbed of Dartmouth to pick up a center.

"This was a position of need for us, and John will get the chance to come in and play right away," explained Miller. "He has already added 10 pounds to his frame. We do wish he was a bit taller and stronger, but his blocking technique is off the charts."

4.18 - SS Jonathan Cyprien from ??? Jonathan's school may be unknown but the Chiefs had him on their radar after the loss of Gary Murphy in the offseason. Jon did not disappoint as he showed up in camp a little stronger, smarter, and accelerates better than he did when the Chiefs scouted him. He can have a few seasons to grow behind Eric Berry, and play a lot on special teams.

4.24 - RE Malliciah Goodman from Clemson The Chiefs hoped that Malliciah would fall to them at the 24th spot in the 4th round and snatched him up when he did. A possible starter, Malliciah has been moved to the RE position due to his strength and size compared to the 3 speed guys over on the left hand side.

7.27 - CB Curtis Erickson from Missouri The Chiefs did not have to go far to study their only pick in the 7th round. The Chiefs liked what they saw in Erickson and his basic fundamentals. While it is doubtful he will break the starting lineup, he will be valuable on special teams.

Chiefs GM Tim Miller had some simple goals for the 2015 offseason.

"Keep our future draft picks and keep our cap penalty low for 2016," explained Miller.

Does this mean that Miller has given up on the 2015 season and is only looking to the 2016 season?

"Hell no!" exclaimed Miller. "It just means that I am tired of paying for players who are no longer here. Seems like the entire AFC West has $15 to $20 million in cap space and we have a few thousand dollars. Seems like an uphill battle."

The biggest questions going into the 2015 season:

Who starts at LOLB? - is it Lewis, Kelgar, or Lawson? Lewis is the young gun with the highest potential but is it enough?

How does KC get the 3 speed rushers into the lineup? - JPP, Ezeikial Ansah, and Bruce Irvin are all nearly carbon copies of each other. They have nearly the same strengths and the same weaknesses. Will the Chiefs go with the young guns to get them experience or go with the veteran JPP?

4-3 or 3-4? With the addition of Lawson, did the Chiefs stack up for the 3-4? But with the light speed rushers at left end, can the Chiefs afford to try that?

Who is going to start at running back? - Chiefs GM Tim Miller has expressed his displeasure with Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs have 5 halfbacks on the roster. But who has the inside track? Or will the Chiefs continue to try and trade Charles?

Can they keep Andrew Luck healthy? - This is by far the most important question of the entire season. While Matt Tebow and Tino Sunseri got some excellent experience last season, the offense really sputtered under them. With Luck, the Chiefs were 3-1 and the offense was clicking. The Chiefs OC Josh McDaniels will seriously need to consider the plays he sends in for this offense to help Luck out and for Luck to stay healthy.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 07/13/2013) Replies - 1 :: Views - 32
Arrowhead Analysis: Young Chiefs gain experience
Chiefs, young and old, grow

The 2014 Chiefs season may have ended in disappointment by ending at 8-8 and once again missing the playoffs. But hopefully the experience and attributes gained from the 2014 season will lay a good foundation for 2015 and beyond.

The 2014 Chiefs had 22 players eligible for "experience" bonuses. These bonuses are for players in their first 3 seasons in the league (rookie, YP1, and YP2) and are based on the number of downs a player plays each season. With an influx of playing time thrown upon some players, 19 of those 22 came away with gained experience. Of those 19, 12 maxed out on the amount of experience possible.

These same players are eligible for mentor bonuses if a mentor is with the team from week 1 through the end. Andrew Luck, Matt Birk, Greg Jennings, Kerry Rhodes, and Derrick Johnson were happy to share their knowledge with 9 youngsters and watch them grow. Luck and Jennings spent most of the season on the injury list but spread their knowledge to multiple rookies and first year players.

The Chiefs also give out bonuses for playing criteria with every player eligible with 12 players taking advantage. Leading the way were Eric Berry, Michael Brockers, Marquis Robinson, and James Laurinaitis. Unfortunately 5 players including rookie guard Frank Capone regressed in different areas as well. It took a couple of players like Marquis Robinson, Ryan Succop, and Jamaal Charles the final game to get their stats, but they gained them and the team will benefit in 2015.

"We are pretty proud of our young team and pleased with their learning curves this season," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "Two obvious areas of importance were QB and WR, and with Andrew and Greg's mentoring, those players really blossomed this year."

WR Terrance Williams managed to lead all rookies in reception yards and touchdowns, even lined up as WR #5 in the last two games.

"Terrance kinda took one for the team there the last couple of games," continued Miller. "He and Justin may have given up some stats to get playing time for Troy (Eisen) and Lance (Lewis) but they know it will benefit them next season and beyond."

So now Kansas City prepares to host the Super Bowl. The Chiefs will play the roles of ambassadors and spectators instead of participants, but hopefully it will make them hungry for 2015.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 05/22/2013) Replies - 6 :: Views - 41
Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs season ends with loss
Raiders win AFC West, Chiefs 3rd

The Chiefs won the turnover battle 3 to 1. They held Michael Vick to 68 yards passing and a 19.9 QB rating. They even knocked Vick out for a little while. They kept Mark Ingram under 100 yards on the day.

But at the end of the day, what each team did with those turnovers made the difference and the Raiders winning 20-15 over the Chiefs. The Raiders picked up Emmanuel Moody's fumble in the 4th and returned it 26 yards for the touchdown and the difference in the final score.

"That was a wild 30 seconds there," sighed Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "We go into the 4th clinging to a 3 point lead. The Raiders are driving. We knock out Vick. Robinson comes in and leads them to a TD so they go up 4. Then the first play after the kickoff, Moody puts the ball on the ground and JUST LAYS THERE! He just laid there on the ground beside the ball! Carter picks it up and bam! We go from 3 up to 11 down just like that."

The Chiefs were again playing a large number of young players in order to get them experience, including on the offensive line, but they did hang in there tough.

"While we did do a decent job against Vick with Robinson and Berry each getting their 5th pick of the season, I do think his scrambling hurt us a lot."

Some drive killing drops by the receivers and Tino Sunseri going 9 for 20 did not help things either.

"Well we knew we were not making the playoffs this year anyway, but we had hoped to make things interesting," continued Miller.

There were some good things coming out of this game. Sunseri, Troy Eisen, Manny Smith, and Brian Santee all gained enough playing time to get experience bonuses. Robinson's 5th pick of the season made him eligible for an additional bonus. Even Jamaal Charles picked up a bonus by getting his 10th TD of the season.

"We had some highs this season but we had some lows as well," explained Miller. "That is what will happen with a young ball club. I am going to sit down and review this team's performance over the season, and we will map out the offseason. We are getting closer, but obviously still have some holes to fill."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

Forum Discussion (by T_Miller on 05/21/2013) Replies - 1 :: Views - 18
Arrowhead Analysis: Backups come through
Chiefs "played hungry"

With their shot at the playoffs gone, the Chiefs turned their focus to getting some little used players some additional experience against the Dolphins.

And it paid off in a big way, with a 33-13 shellacking of the Dolphins.

3 rookies got their first start: WR Troy Eisen, LT Brian Santee, and DT Manny Smith got their first professional starts. Halfback Emmanuel Moody, WR Lance Lewis, linebacker Ronnell Lewis and offensive guard Eric Taylor got their first starts of the season.

And cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke got his first career interception and took it to the house.

And, not to be outdone, rookie WR Terrance Williams, in for just a few plays, took his only reception of the night 44 yards for his 10th TD of the season.

"We tackled, we blocked, we had big plays on offense and defense," commented Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "Basically everything we DIDN'T do last week against the Patriots."

Now the Chiefs hold their breaths to see what the doctors say this week about Andrew Luck, who could see the field for the first time since week 6.

"We know we are out of the running for the playoffs, but we could still get our best record ever at 9-7," continued Miller.

"Oh and make things really interesting for the AFC West," grinned Miller.

With losses by the Raiders and Broncos this week, it all comes down to week 17.

If the Raiders win or the Broncos lose, the Raiders win the AFC West. If the Chiefs beat the Raiders and the Broncos win, the Broncos win the AFC West.

"I am betting everyone in the Mile High City will be doing some Arrowhead Chops next week!" smiled Miller.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs crushed by Pats
Chiefs Disenchanted After Loss to Pats

The Jekyll and Hyde season for the Kansas City Chiefs continued today with fans left scratching their heads about which team is going to show up every week. Will it be the all pistons firing team that upset the Packers, finally defeated the Chargers, and crushed the Vikings? Or will it be the non-tackling team that got killed by the Raiders, Jaguars, and, most recently, the Patriots?

Coming off a 2 game win streak that had Chiefs fans feeling good, especially with league player of the week Jamaal Charles coming off a 227 yard, 2 TD performance going up against the 30th ranked rushing defense, the Chiefs felt good. The Chiefs had momentum. They had just held the Vikings to 39 yards rushing... for the game. They had scored 55 points, the highest by far for the season. Tino Sunseri had his best game as a pro, with a 96 QB rating and finally had more TDs than INTs for a game.

LaMichael James erased all those good feelings on the first play of the game, darting to the right for 43 yards. Then, on his second carry of the day, he ran the rest of the way to the end zone and had already achieved more yards than he had in any game the entire season.

Chiefs defenders just could not get their hands around James or Rashad Jennings, and the team that had held the Vikings to 39 yards rushing gave up 322 yards with long TD runs by James and Jennings.

And yet the Chiefs clawed back. The suddenly stout Pats rush defense kept Charles in check, but Sunseri was able to connect and drove the Chiefs down the field for a couple of scores. The Chiefs even took a lead in the 3rd quarter going up 16-14 and Arrowhead was rocking.

But it was not meant to last as the Patriots J&J crew put up 18 unanswered points over the rest of the 3rd and the 4th and pulled away from the victory.

The players did not have come to play... no official stat is kept for missed tackles, but time after time, the Chiefs talented linebacking crew was stiff-armed or bounced off of while the Pats running backs would continue running. Chiefs receivers dropped 6 passes. Sunseri threw 2 picks. Charles seemed to be more interested in falling down than first downs.

But the coaching staff didn't help. The plays that were working in the first half, mainly passes to Justin Hunter, were suddenly not seen in the second. In the 4th quarter, with the team still trying to come back, the ball was handed off to Charles repeatedly right up the middle and the Chiefs would end up punting on 4th and 2.

And in one of the biggest clock management snafus, at the end of the first half and only down by 2, the Chiefs stopped the Pats on 3 straight downs to force a punt. But, even though they had 3 timeouts remaining, none was called and let the Pats run the full 40 seconds off the clock before they kicked it into the end zone. Then, there was one play that was a hand off up the middle to Charles and ran in for halftime.

The Chief's slim playoff hopes got even slimmer, if not impossible, with this loss. The Chiefs currently sit at 7-7 and the best they could do is 9-7. There are multiple teams ahead of them in the playoff race, and most of them have the tiebreakers over the Chiefs.

"Not where we were expecting to end up to be sure," sighed Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "We had a great draft and we really expected some great things, but looks like we still may be a year or so away."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs at midpoint
Chiefs Midseason Report

Halfway through the 2014 season and the Chiefs sit at 5-3 overall and 1-3 in the AFC West. They are still in the wild card race but remain behind the Raiders by half a game in the division.

Against the AFC West, the Chiefs are 1-3. Against everyone else, the Chiefs are 4-0, including big wins against the Lions, Browns, and Packers. But the divisional games are killing the Chiefs, especially the 23-0 shutout against the Raiders in week 8.

The 2014 Chiefs season will be broken into two parts: With Luck and Without Luck.

With Luck, the Chiefs are 3-1 and the offense is averaging 32.5 points, 390 yards and 1.5 turnovers per game.

Without Luck, the Chiefs are 2-2 and the offense is averaging 13.25 points, 269 yards, and 1.5 turnovers per game.

With Luck, the Chiefs did lose to the Chargers but beat the Browns and Lions.

Without Luck, the Chiefs upset the Packers, but lost the rematch to the Broncos and were shut out at home against the Raiders.

Do the Chiefs regret trading away backup QB Matt Leinhart prior to the season?

"No, we still don't," answered Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "Two words: cap room. Matt was a luxury to have but we had to pay for that luxury. Plus, Matt really could not be groomed a whole lot more than where he is now. Matthew (Tebow) and Tino (Sunseri) do make rookie mistakes but we are developing them and we are looking forward to their progress after week 10. This experience, plus Andrew's mentoring, is only going to make them better for years to come."

The challenge with the young QBs is this: Tebow seems to have the football smarts and the physical skills to get out of jams. But he tends to pull the ball down and run with it more than the Chiefs like. And his accuracy has become a big issue.

Sunseri is more likely to stay in the pocket and has better accuracy. But his football knowledge is lacking and he does not always see the open receiver.

So who is going to win out? "We are going to continue to evaluate them every week and see who is having a better week," explained Miller. "We would love to pick one and say 'This is our man!' but we have not reached that point yet."

On the defensive side of the ball, the defensive line and secondary continue present line up challenges as well.

The Chiefs knew they had a young set of corners in Van Dyke, Robinson, Blair and Hayward. Added to the mix was McDaniel. One move the Chiefs have made is starting the experienced Rhodes at free safety over McDaniel.

"We love Nigel's potential, but he just wasn't always where he needed to be," explained Miller. "So we went back to Kerry after the Broncos game and he gladly stepped back in."

Then there are the young fast pass rushers in the line between Irvin, Ansah, and JPP.

"The last few games, we have been starting Irvin and JPP, but Ansah will be back on the field soon," continued Miller.

The next few weeks will tell a lot for the Chiefs with tough road games against the Jaguars and Bills.

"We will have to put our big boy pants on over these next two weeks with the running games of the Jags and Bills, but still a talented QB who can throw over our heads as well!" exclaimed Miller.

These are the kinds of games that the Chiefs will have to win if they want to make the playoffs for the first time.

Chiefs fans are taking a wait and see attitude.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs lose Luck, then game
Broncos get revenge

"This is pretty depressing" sighed Chiefs GM Tim Miller.

"Not sure which part hurts more, losing the game, losing a divisional game, or losing Luck," continued Miller. "Ah hell, who am I kidding? It is losing Luck!"

On the Chiefs first play of the game, Andrew Luck got hit as he released a pass and came up holding his elbow. He was quickly taken to the locker room, but spent the rest of the game on the sideline with his arm in a sling.

"The doctors today confirmed our worst fears," explained Miller. "Andrew has a dislocated elbow and will be out for 10-12 weeks."

But back to the game...

Definitely a different game from two weeks ago, the Chiefs just did not seem to be able to get things started again after taking the bye week off.

"Two weeks ago, we knocked out Christensen, but more importantly, Kevin Smith was injured early," added Miller. "This week, well you saw what Smith did to us."

Smith broke a 49 yard TD in the first quarter. Then later, he caught a pass along the sideline and went 87 yards for another TD.

The Chiefs defense shut down starting halfback Moreno very well, but it seemed like every 3rd down, Christensen could just complete a pass long enough for a first down. By the end, the Chiefs defense really seemed worn down.

The second quarter didn't get any better as Charles was tackled in the end zone for a safety. The Broncos tacked on another field goal to go up 19-3 at half time.

The second half didn't start too terribly for the Chiefs. The defense recovered a Moreno fumble and even the inept Chiefs offense could handle it.

Matthew Tebow, doing something that Luck probably couldn't do, ran to the left on 3rd down and didn't stop until 28 yards later in the end zone to get within 19-10.

Tebow later added a touchdown pass to OROY candidate, Terrance Williams in the 4th, but it was too little, too late.

At the end of the day, the Chiefs were 3-2 and 1-2 in the division.

But still in first place!

"Yeah and all we have to do is play the undefeated Packers next week," lamented Miller.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Spiller back
Chiefs welcome back Spiller

The Chiefs did not welcome the bye week so early in the season, but they are welcoming back a vital weapon... C.J. Spiller is reported to be rejoining the team after going down in the 2nd week of the preseason.

"C.J. does so much for us," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "He puts us in great field position off of kickoffs. Then he is a regular part of our offense, lining up either in the backfield or in the slot position. He is just a great weapon."

History does show that in the 2013 season, the Chiefs' season really turned around when Spiller joined the team.

"Moody is a very good backup halfback for us, but C.J. just has that extra move that seems to allow him to gain a few more yards," continued Miller.

This is excellent news as the Chiefs head to Denver for a rematch against the Broncos.

"We played an excellent game against them in KC two weeks ago, but we still need every weapon at our disposal if we think we are going to beat them again," explained Miller.

The Chiefs are a bit of a surprise this season sitting at 3-1 at this point and, more surprisingly, sitting in first place in the AFC West. And they are doing it with offense, not defense.

"With our focus this past offseason and the draft on our offense, obviously we had hoped it would pay off," explained Miller, "but we would like it if our defense could improve a little."

The biggest problems seem to be in defending the pass, where the Chiefs rank 31st in the league and 29th in the league in points given up.

"That is not going to win championships or even divisions," continued Miller.

Did the Chiefs get anything figured out while on their bye?

"To be honest, I do not know," answered Miller. "I have been slightly overwhelmed with work and personal issues, so I have not been attending to the team as much as I would like. But that is why we hired a coach like Jon Gruden to run this team."

For a team that has depended on its gameplanning, this could be disastrous for the Chiefs. It will be seen this week with their rematch with the Broncos.

"If the Broncos play the entire game like we let them play at the end of the 4th quarter, well, it will be a long flight home," sighed Miller.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs improve to 2-1
Chiefs win second in a row

The "other receiver" taken by the Chiefs in the first round continues to take the league by storm....

Terrance Williams added another multi-touchdown game to his stellar rookie campaign and the Chiefs have needed every one of them as they squeaked out a 35-31 victory over the defending NFC champion Detroit Lions last night.

Williams is leading the league with 7 receptions for touchdowns and already has a 200 yard game under his belt.

With Jamaal Charles disappearing again, the passing game was able to pick up the slack and keep drives alive. The time of possession battle was won by the Chiefs by nearly 9 minutes and many long drives led to 21 extra plays by the Chiefs. It paid off as the Chiefs went for 21 points in the 4th quarter against a tired Lion defense.

"We are obviously very pleased with our rookies and they are playing a big part of our offense right now," commented Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "And no one is happier than Andrew Luck."

With rookies lining up in the top 4 wide receiver slots, all have contributed, including 5th round pick Troy Eisen catching the game winner last night with less than 30 seconds remaining.

"We are not going to outrun anyone, but we can outheight and outjump quite a few teams," continued Miller.

So does all of this mean a change away from Jamaal Charles and the running game?

"No, not at all. If you look at the number of plays we have run, it is split nearly even between runs and passes. We just have not figured out how to break Jamaal loose yet. Moody did do an excellent job for us last night and we are looking forward to C.J. Spiller coming back from injury in a few weeks."

But what about the defense?

"Honestly, we attribute it to the teams we have played. The Chargers, the Browns, and the Lions are no slouches. We are still trying to figure out our secondary. We put Van Dyke on Megatron last night, not because he would shut him down, but because we knew DVD would be able to catch Megatron after the catch. It allowed us to free up Robinson and put him on Lee Evans."

"We are still toying with how to get JPP, Irvin, and Ansah on the field at the same time. But our linebackers did an excellent job last night getting pressure and covering those quick routes by the Lions."

Next up for the Chiefs, the Broncos come to town fresh off something the Chiefs could not do... beat the Chargers.

"Yeah we are pretty jealous about that. And the Broncos have those awesome young QBs and tall fast receivers. Wow, where I have heard that before?"

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs lose to Chargers
Chiefs cannot hold lead

The game got off to an amazing start for the Chiefs. Andrew Luck found Terrance Williams all alone for a 79 yard TD strike on the first play of the game.

Then the defense did a little bending but not breaking and only gave up a field goal.

Then, after a Chiefs 3 and out, the Chiefs got the ball and a short field and punched it in to go up 14-3 and the world was looking good!

Who knew that would be the Chiefs last points until only 5 minutes were left in the game?

Turnovers, missed tackles, a lack of a running game, personnel mistakes all played into the loss.

The Chiefs defense played relatively well in the first half. They only gave up one touchdown on a Sydney Rice TD that had Chiefs bouncing off of him on his way into the end zone.

But even with that and two turnovers, the Chiefs were up 14-13 at the half and even held the Chargers to a 3 and out to begin the third.

But after that early success, the Chiefs offense really could not get going.

"Well first of all the Chargers defense is amazing," commented Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "The speed and the way they fill gaps, well, just completely shut down any running game we thought we might have."

"Then there is the offense," sighed Miller. "You may be able to stop them for a while, but they wear you down and you start missing tackles."

"We had gameplanned to actually attack their corners with our height advantage at WR, but we simply threw it too low and, well, their corners took advantage of our mistakes."

"And then where they had speed at linebacker and defense end, we simply could not get off of our blocks with our speedy defensive ends."

The new "speed attack" of JPP and Bruce Irvin failed miserably as the Chargers ran end around after end around with great success. The two ends combined for 3 tackles total.

"Luckily we had no injuries and it only counts as one loss," sighed Miller.

Next up for the Chiefs, the Browns come to town fresh off an upset of the St Louis Rams.

"Back to the drawing board to see what we can do!" vowed Miller.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs announce roster changes
Chiefs shake up depth chart

News out of Arrowhead today is that some of the previously reported position battles are slowly being settled.

Coach Jon Gruden announced today that rookie QB Tino Sunseri has moved up to #2 on the Chiefs depth chart in front of fellow rookie QB Matthew Tebow.

"Matthew did a great job for us in the preseason, but frankly, he got beat out by Tino," reported Gruden. "And Tino made a huge jump in his progression during the preseason. Matthew progressed nicely as well but Tino did more. It really came down to Tino's accuracy vs Matthew's accuracy. Not to say we will not revisit this later in the season, but week 1 the depth chart will be Luck, Sunseri, and then Tebow."

Another position battle decided was free safety. Nigel McDaniel will start over Kerry Rhodes.

"Nigel had a hell of a preseason and really grew. Kerry will continue to mentor Nigel over the next season or two as well as having youngster progression, but he will be our starter," explained Gruden.

Roy Reed and Frank Capone get the nod on the offensive line as well.

"Again, preseason really put these players in the spotlight and they grew from it. Looks like we will have Veldheer at LT, Asamoah at LG, Reed at C, Capone at RG, and Peters at RT."

Other previously mentioned battles still developing:

DVD vs Garry Blair vs Casey Hayward at CB2 - "We wish we could play all these guys every week, but to be honest it will be situational and it will be determined by matchups."

Irvin vs Ansah at DE - "We are still deciding on a 3-4 vs a 4-3, so we are trying to figure that out first."

Hunter vs Williams vs Armstrong at WR - "All 3 guys will play. It is just a question of which is WR1 vs WR2 vs slot."

The Chiefs are preparing this week for the defending GZL Bowl champion San Diego Chargers. The Chiefs are decided underdogs as they come in as the opening day GZL Bowl ring presentation sacrificial lamb.

"I just hope they do not call the mercy rule at halftime," sighed Gruden. "Matthews was player of the week twice against the Chiefs last season. Be nice if we could keep him under 150 this year."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Talk Regular Season
Chiefs Schedule seems familiar

This is Jack Hoff reporting to you live from Minsky's Pizza near Farmer's Market in KC. Mention that you heard this and get the MillerTime special, a Large Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza and a pitcher of Miller Lite, for $15. Today we talk with Chiefs GM Tim Miller and special guest Terrance Williams.

JH: Welcome to Minsky's guys!
TM: Thanks Jack.
TW: Thanks Jack.

JH: So, 3-1 in the preseason. How do you feel about that?
TM: Obviously it is better than 1-3, and we will use those games for what they really are... experience and awareness builders.

JH: And, unlike some teams, you came out relatively unscathed?
TM: Well, losing Spiller and Jennings hurts. We were concerned enough about Jennings injury that we put him on the IR. Spiller should be back after the bye week though.

JH: Terrance, you were the hero of the preseason. 13 receptions for 257 yards with 4 touchdowns. None more exciting than that last one against the Jets.
TW: Yeah, well, that guy had been biting on that all 4th quarter. So I told Tino to keep feeding me the ball and thankful that it worked out.

JH: Worked out indeed. 3 TDs in that 4th quarter alone. Do you feel anything from it?
TW: Well, not really in my catching abilities but I hope to be more aware from my preseason experiences.

JH: And now the regular season begins.
TM: Yeah Jack, and we get to find out our mettle right off the bat.

JH: Ugh, yeah. Opening on the road against the Super Bowl champs, then play the NFC champs on the road two weeks later.
TM: Yeah the AFC West is tough enough, but then the GZL decided to have us replay all the teams we beat in the preseason during the regular season. So six games will be against teams we play every year then an additional 3 will be against teams we played in the preseason.

JH: So how do you feel about the 2014 Chiefs?
TM: I feel good but doesn't everyone at this point of the season? *laughs* I feel happy with our offseason moves. I feel like we now have quality backups in case the front line goes down. In fact, such quality that we are still struggling with the lineups.

JH: Have you decided on a 3-4 vs a 4-3?
TM: You know we have not yet. We like Irvin, Ansah, JPP, but we also like Ronnell Lewis who had a great preseason for us. Trying to figure out how to get them all on the field along with Johnson, Lutrus, and Laurinaitus has been a battle.

JH: And on the offensive side?
TM: Well Capone will get the starting nod at left guard and Roy Reed just beat out veteran Matt Birk. But we are still deciding on key positions like WR and TE.

TW: Coach! After my preseason? And you cannot decide? I deserve to be the man! I like Justin (Hunter) and all, but I am the man! Then you bring in that fossil Armstrong? What the heck?
TM: Ease up there tiger! We are still evaluating. We know Hunter and Williams will get plenty of playing time. It is a matter of what offenses we decide to run as to what personnel needs to be on the field.

JH: Well sounds like GM Tim Miller has some 'splaining to do. From Minsky's, this has been Jack Hoff reporting.

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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs go 3-1 in preseason
Chief Rookies Should Gain

The Kansas City Chiefs went 3-1 in the preseason and escaped relatively injury free. The really good news is that the rookies, 2nd year, and 3rd year players got a lot of playing time and should really benefit from the experience.

"We estimate that each win really gains a YP0-YP2 player about a 20% chance of gaining awareness," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "So those hard fought victories over the Packers and Jets really did end up being valuable."

While the Chiefs didn't really pull away from anyone in the preseason, they did learn how to come from behind in the 4th quarter or maintain a close lead.

In the first game of the preseason, the Chiefs had a lead, lost it late, tied it up, and then won in overtime over the Green Bay Packers. In the third game against the Jets, the Chiefs were behind the entire game but intelligent clock management gave them the ball back with just seconds left on the clock. Rookie QB Tino Sunseri heaved it to rookie WR Terrance Williams and 80 yards later, the Chiefs had their first lead and the victory. In the last game against the Bears, the Chiefs couldn't find the end zone but got close enough for 5 field goals and held on to beat the Bears.

C.J. Spiller and Greg Jennings went down in the second week against Atlanta. Both were expected to miss about 9 weeks, but the Chiefs pulled the trigger on Jennings to free up cap space and sign some replacements.

In games 2 and 3, the Chiefs decided to turn the ball over to the backups. Andrew Luck sat each game and Jamaal Charles played minimally.

"We didn't really want Jamaal out there at all but with the injuries, we were short handed," explained Miller.

Overall, the Chiefs were pleased with the wins and with the efforts by the rookies.

"We threw a lot of stuff at them, with different lineups and gameplans every week. But overall they did ok with the changes."

The Chiefs await word from the league this week to hear how much their young players progressed.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs win preseason opener
Chiefs beat Packers in OT

"Well the good news is that we won against a tough team at a tough venue," opened Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "And, even better, our young players, especially those in their first 3 years in the league, got about 20% closer to gaining awareness from these preseason games, provided they play at least 100 plays."

"The other good part is that we came away with no injuries. And that is a very good thing."

The Good... the Chiefs offense gained over 500 yards on the road, came back at the end of regulation to tie the game, and eventually won the game in overtime. C.J. Spiller went for 2 TDs and was an offensive force on the field. The Chiefs had no turnovers and held the ball for nearly 13 minutes longer than the Packers. The Packer "starters" only scored 3 points against the first team defense. JPP had two sacks. As a team, the Chiefs averaged over 5 yards a carry. First round pick Frank Capone had 5 pancakes.

The Bad... The Chiefs first round pick, Justin Hunter, had two drops against only 3 catches. The Chiefs were in the red zone 5 times and only came away with 2 TDs. Starter QB Andrew Luck came in at the end of regulation with a first down and the Chiefs at the 5 yard line, and could only generate a game tying field goal.

The Ugly... the Chiefs starters only scored 9 points off of 3 field goals (and 1 missed field goal). For the rest of the game, the Chiefs were outscored 22-19. Former Chief Matt Cassel looked like an All-Star throwing for 2 touchdowns and running for 1 in the second half while the Chiefs were trying to protect a lead. The Chiefs went into the 4th quarter ahead 16-10 and could not hold the lead.

"We didn't even know Cassel could run!" exclaimed Miller. "He didn't in his younger days. I guess that shows the breakdown on defense we had."

At the end of the day, a win is a win and good experience for the youngsters.

The Chiefs next game is in Atlanta who is coming off a 15-7 loss to the Jets. Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and A.J. Green look to right the ship against the young Chiefs secondary. There are reports that Chiefs starters, including Luck and Charles will sit. Which means this could REALLY get ugly.

Chiefs fans will have to wait and see.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Special Training Camp Report
2014: Chiefs expect to improve

2013 A Look Back

The Kansas City Chiefs ended the 2013 season at 8-8 overall and 3-3 in the AFC West, good for 3rd. It was a tale of two seasons, 2-7 to start the season and 6-1 to end the season. In the first 9 games, the Chiefs played 6 eventual playoff teams. In the last 7, the Chiefs played 2. Was it the Chiefs coming together and figuring themselves out or was it just a whole lot easier schedule? The AFC West had 2 teams reach the playoffs, including the eventual Super Bowl Champion, San Diego Chargers.

The Chiefs made a lot of player moves in the 2013 season with the hopes and expectations of winning now. The Chiefs also ran up over $19 million in cap penalties that would affect the 2014 season but also accumulated 4 first round picks for the 2014 draft. By the end of the 2013 season, gone were some big names like Dwayne Bowe, Shareece Wright, Javier Arenas, Brandon Flowers, and Laurent Robinson. During the season, the Chiefs welcomed C.J. Spiller, Matt Birk, Mohammad Massaquoi, and Steve Smith

Start with the Stadium

One of the best experiences in the GZL got even better as the rolling roof was finally added to Arrowhead Stadium, nearly 40 years after it was first proposed. The Chiefs had hoped this addition would turn the tide and allow them to win a bid to host GZL Bowl IV but they lost out to the Lions.

Ever one for improvement though, the Chiefs spent an additional $10 million on stadium upgrades, adding mega suites, interactive kiosks for the kids, and cup holders for all. The improvements will all be in place by the preseason and looking forward to those Chiefs fans!

Coaching Staff

Even with the 6-1 finish, the Chiefs just did not like the leadership it was getting from Mike Martz. After some deliberating, it was decided to let him go. The Chiefs aggressively went after their top choice, Jon Gruden, and were pleased to announce him in mid December as their new coach. Known as a motivator, Gruden brings football knowledge but a real chemistry with the players while keeping a high ethical standard.

Gruden's first order was to decide on his staff and Dan Henning was given walking papers. Josh McDaniels was hired as the Chiefs new offensive coordinator and reportedly went to work with QB Andrew Luck right away.

Resigns, RFAs and departures

A large number of Chiefs had expiring contracts at the end of the 2013 season, giving the Chiefs' front office a number of tough choices on who to keep and what offers to extend.

In the end, looking at the free agents available and the incoming draft class, the Chiefs decided to gamble a bit and re-signed TE Jimmy Graham and offered a match eligible contract to HB C.J. Spiller. Both players accepted the offer from the Chiefs and will most likely end their careers with the Chiefs.

RFA offers were extended to OLB Scott Lutrus, RG Eric Taylor, SS Gary Murphy, and HB Emmanuel Moody. No outside offers were received. The Chiefs then restructured deals with Lutrus and Moody to extend their RFA contracts for multiple years.

The releases were the toughest decisions of all. 6 players with expiring contracts were let go, including Johnathan Vilma, Will Smith, Marc Colombo, Brandon Manumaleuna, Stephen Neal. 10 other players with contracts were cut due to cap space issues. Such players included Steve Smith, Malcolm Floyd, Brandon Carr, and Danny Woodhead.

"This was tough," sighed Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "A lot of those players were starters last season and we had worked them into our game planning and lineups. A number of them were starters but, well they were just going to be too pricey to keep and didn't not fit into our long term plans."


As usual, the Chiefs were busy on the phone lines during the offseason and even on draft day as they tried to prepare for the 2014 season and beyond. Some players were going to stay a Chief no matter what. Players such as Jamaal Charles and James Laurinitis. The Chiefs admittedly toyed with the idea of trading Andrew Luck but decided to give the new coach a try with him first.

The trades started with the defensive side of the ball. The Chiefs sent off one of their first round picks to Houston for JPP and FS Nigel McDaniel. The same day the Chiefs worked out a deal with the Giants for QB Matt Leinhart and the Giants 5th and 6th round picks for the Chiefs 3rd round pick. In one of the bigger offseason trades for the Chiefs, the Chiefs sent two first round picks and backup HB Anthony Allen to the Rams for the 4th overall pick and WR Lance Lewis.

Some teams may have been done there but GM Tim Miller rarely meets a trade he doesn't like. So the Chiefs, most likely looking ahead to the draft, made a less than cap friendly trade with the Lions to bring in WR mentor Greg Jennings, but Jennings still is an icon in the league with an incredible skill set. Then the Chiefs sent another of their original 1st round picks plus FS Chip Vaughn to Carolina to move down the draft board but to also pick up a second and a fourth.

Miller's need for speed came out again just prior to the draft when the Chiefs sent 2 second round picks to the Chargers for the speedster CB DeMarcus Van Dyke. Finally, prior to the draft the Chiefs sent two fifth round picks to the Packers for a 4th and a 6th.

Free Agency

After going heavy in free agency in 2013, the Chiefs used a more focused approach for 2013. Going after one area of need, the Chiefs bid on RT Jason Peters and were surprised to learn they were the only bidders. Peters agreed to terms and will become an immediate starter on the offensive line.

The Draft

Going into the 2014 draft, the Chiefs made it clear of their primary area of need... wide receiver. The Chiefs were also eyeing some offensive linemen and were anxious to see who would fall to them at 1.15, but as stated prior to the draft, at the top of the Chiefs board were WR Justin Hunter and WR Terrance Williams. Whichever were available at 1.4 was going to become a Chief.

The Chiefs had 10 draft picks and were going to use them. They had no idea they were going to use so many on offense but ended up very happy with the results.

"We ended up making a draft day deal with the Bucs to move back up into the 1st that sent a future 1st and 5th, but we could not be happier with our picks," gushed Miller. "So we hope to make our first round pick as high as possible. These picks, along with the 6 players from our 2013 draft, really set our team up for the future."

Day 1

1.4 - WR Justin Hunter - Tennessee - The top of the Chiefs draft board, Justin's 6'4" 200 pound frame, plus his athletic abilities, especially his strength and jumping abilities made him the Chiefs first overall pick. Hunter's performance in the East West College game further cemented the Chiefs love for him.

1.15 - WR Terrance Williams - Baylor - The Chiefs originally had a lot of different directions going with this pick. Prior to landing Peters, the Chiefs were looking at an offensive tackle or guard. But previous picks had taken all the players from the Chiefs board... until they took a second look at their board. And still sitting there at 1.15 was the second player on the Chiefs wish list, Terrance Williams. Extremely similar to Hunter, Williams has a 6'3" 205 pound frame with better awareness, hands, and jumping ability. "Quite simply, if it weren't for that inch, Williams would have been our pick at 1.4," explained Miller. "We can still add speed and other traits, but never height."

1.32 - LG Frank Capone - S.D. State - As the 1st round was slowly grinding down, the Chiefs were surprised to see one of their targeted players at offensive line still available. And, with the Bucs having multiple picks coming up, the Chiefs called Tampa to see if a deal could be reached. It was and the Chiefs landed left guard Frank Capone from S.D. State. Capone is expected to be moved to right guard to play alongside and learn from Peters.

Day 2

With no picks in the second or third rounds, the Chiefs had the entire rest of the day and the night to decide on their 4th round picks. They went back to their draft boards and completely redid it. They re-targeted their picks and reevaluated their team based on who was left. Some would call it stupid but the Chiefs had gotten what they wanted in the first and with that luxury, they could relook. Were they happy with Matt Leinhart? What other positions could be groomed and developed? Were there still any potential starters out there?

4.11 - LE Ezekiel Ansah - BYU - Anyone who knows Tim Miller, knows he likes to draft his freaks and Ezekiel Ansah fits that description. A former sprinter at BYU, the 6'5" 270 pound defensive end does not yet have the football knowledge but he has the football intangibles. Almost a mirror image of JPP, the Chiefs have to decide now between JPP, Ansah and Irvin.

4.14 - TE Stephen Belantonio - Auburn - Three picks later, the Chiefs found another copy of an existing player. Stephen Belantonio could be a younger Jimmy Graham and let's the Chiefs have a real dual threat at tight end as well as wide receiver.

4.19 - QB Matthew Tebow - Florida - At 4.19, the Chiefs apparently answered their questions about backup QB. Matthew Tebow has the football smarts and the football agility with a good arm. Tebow really needs to work on his accuracy but he can develop under Andrew Luck for a few seasons and should really grow into the position.

4.20 - LT Brian Santee - Virginia - The Chiefs kept the offensive theme going and picked up tackle Brian Santee from Virginia. Santee grades out better than last year's filler, Lane Taylor, and will be a very servicable backup.

5.19 - WR Troy Eisen - Arkansas - As Chiefs GM Miller stated in the draft room, "I've never met a 6'2" receiver that I didn't like."

6.7 - DT Manny Smith - S.D. State - The Chiefs were very happy to pick up defensive tackle Manny Smith in the 6th. At 302 pounds, Smith has good strength and good acceleration, the Chiefs are very happy with their 6th round pick.

6.16 - LG Edwin Johnson - BYU - The Chiefs were not unhappy with their second 6th round pick, but a draft day with the Seahawks gave the Chiefs a bunch of guards. The moves left Johnson as the odd man out.

After the Draft

Now some teams may have been done at that point, but the Chiefs weren't completely done with their dealings.

Someone on the trade block prior to the draft that interested the Chiefs was Brandon Frye from the Seahawks. Realizing they were going to need some salary cap room as well as wanting the athletic guard, the Chiefs made a move that sent LT Vernon Carey to the Seahawks for Frye. Veldheer started at LT last season and will start there this season. Peters is a cheaper option and a natural right tackle, so the Chiefs pulled the trigger.

Rookie QB Matthew Tebow came to camp and impressed the coaches enough that the Chiefs started looking around to possibly dump him and gain some salary room. They found a suitor in the Steelers and made a trade to bring backup MLB Jamar Chaney. The additional cap room let the Chiefs bring in another rookie QB in Tino Sunseri. Sunseri is not quite as polished as Tebow as a backup but will also be mentored over the next few seasons.

Once every one showed up for camp, the Chiefs made some position changes. Jon Asamoah moved back to his natural position at left guard. Frank Capone moved from left guard to right guard to tutor between Matt Birk and Jason Peters. Longtime Chief Tama Hali moved from outside linebacker to middle linebacker, a position more fitting of his strength and acceleration. Recently acquired Jamar Chaney was moved from MLB to ROLB where his speed can be better utilized.

Offseason Training and Conditioning

The Chiefs were extremely pleased after mini camp to find the following improvements to their young players.

Matthew Tebow, Troy Eisen, Ezekiel Ansah and Stephen Belantonio showed up even faster than their combine times. Manny Smith showed up quicker than the combine. Overall some good picks.

In addition to the above attributes that seem to have been skewed at the draft, the following player improvements appeared:

Newly acquired FS Nigel McDaniel came in even faster than he was at the time of the trade. 3rd year player Garry Blair, a CB originally drafted in Washington by Miller, improved his speed as well.

Defensive end Bruce Irvin, realizing he had some serious competition for his starting position at defensive end, somehow improved his stamina but also added 10 pounds of bulk that should help him this season.

Running back Jamaal Charles, realizing the team needs him on the field, took his vitamins all winter and seems to have improved his injury.

Outside linebacker Ronnell Lewis also added 10 pounds during this offseason to add some bulk for the linebacker position.

Training Camp

The first round draft picks from 2013 and 2014 got together after the draft down in Phoenix and started working out. Marquis Robinson worked on his coverage techniques against both Justin Hunter and Terrance Williams. All three did speed drills and gained some steps. Hunter and Williams worked extensively on their acceleration off the line and really gained a step in that attribute as well.

Depth Chart Battles

The Chiefs have some battles on their hands and it is a pleasant problem to have.

Free Safety - Veteran Kerry Rhodes or newcomer Nigel McDaniel - These are impressionable years on the young McDaniel, but Rhodes awareness proved invaluable last season. McDaniel may be able to get to the ball faster, but Rhodes may already be there because he read the QBs eyes.

Cornerback - Garry Blair vs DeMarcus Van Dyke vs Casey Hayward - Who is going to be CB #2 and who is going to be the nickelback? Garry Blair was valuable enough for Miller to acquire from Washington, but he still seems to be growing. Van Dyke's speed makes the Chiefs drool, but his strength and awareness are still working. And 2nd year player Casey Hayward made an impression on the Chiefs last year when they moved him and let him start some games last season.

Center - Matt Birk vs Roy Reed - Again experience against youth and development. Reed is only in his third year. But Birk can still cut the wood. He may be a little less strong but he still has a good first step and can lead the line in its calls.

Guard - Brandon Frye vs Eric Taylor vs Frank Capone. Jon Asamoah has the left guard position sewn up. But right guard? Taylor is another player that Miller drafted in Washington and brought over last season. Frye is an excellent athlete and has the athletism that Miller likes in his linemen. But Capone is a first round draft pick that just needs some reps to improve.

Wide receiver - Greg Jennings vs Justin Hunter vs Terrance Williams vs C.J. Spiller - Do the Chiefs go with the high priced veteran as their WR #1 or with their two first round picks? C.J. Spiller brings an awesome option at slot back, but then which of these talent receivers would be wide out #4?

Tight end - Tony Moeaki vs Jimmy Graham vs Stephen Belantonio - Jimmy Graham ended up the starter at the end of last season. Moeaki is the better blocker and more knowledgable in the Chiefs system, but Graham has the athleticism and height. And Stephen Belantonio is like his younger brother, but lacks stength and experience.

Outlook for 2014

Is it possible the Chiefs did a complete rehaul AGAIN in 2014? Will they ever get to the point of being settled in what they are?

The last game of 2013 the following players were the starters:
Cornerback: Robinson, Blair, Carr, Maxwell, Hayward (inj), and Trufant
Safety: Rhodes and Berry
Outside linebackers: Lutrus and Johnson
Middle linebacker: Laurinaitis
Defensive end: Smith and Irvin
Tackle: Brockers and Balmer

Offensive tackle: Veldheer and Carey
Guard: Asamoah and Taylor
Center: Birk
Wide receiver: Massaquoi, Floyd, Spiller, Cribbs, Ross, and Smith
Tight end: Graham and Moeaki
Running back: Charles
Fullback: Boren
Quarterback: Luck
Kicker: Succop
Punter: Colquitt

KRPR: Spiller

But for 2014...

Cornerback: Robinson, Blair or Van Dyke or Hayward, Maxwell
Safeties: Berry, Rhodes or McDaniel
Outside linebacker: Lutrus, Johnson
Middle linebacker: Laurinaitis
Defensive end: Pierre-Paul, Ansah or Irvin
Defensive Tackle: Brockers, Balmer

Offensive Tackle: Veldheer, Peters
Guard: Asamoah, Taylor or Capone or Frye
Center: Birk or Reed
Wide receiver: Jennings or Hunter or Williams, Spiller, Eisen, Lewis
Tight end: Graham or Moeaki or Belantonio
Running back: Charles
Fullback: Boren
QB: Luck

Kicker: Succop
Punter: Colquitt

KR/PR: Spiller

The Chiefs have a tall task in front of them. Two of the four AFC West teams made the playoffs last season, including now TWO time GZL Bowl champion, San Diego Chargers. With BACKUPS at Quarterback and running back!

The Raiders unexpectedly made the playoffs last season with a team of players that didn't work on other teams. But Brother Pearce #1 came in, did a masterful job of putting together skillsets he wanted, and rode it all the way to the playoffs.

The Broncos may have been last in the AFC West last season, but Brother Pearce #2 came and has done another great job in putting together a team once he took care of some of his position overpopulations.

The winner of this division will be a force to be reckoned with and will be a team to fear in the playoffs. Add to it that the AFC has won three of the four GZL Championships and an AFC West team has been the American Conference champion 3 of the 4 years, well...

The Chiefs are young. The Chiefs have a new coach. And the Chiefs are confident...

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Trade Leinhart
Chiefs trade one but gain two

Just hours after saying he was happy with the roster and $50K in cap room was ok, apparently Chiefs GM Tim Miller changed his mind. Or the young Chiefs showing up at training camp convinced it for him.

Wednesday morning, after evaluating rookie QB Matthew Tebow, the Chiefs announced that Tebow would be Andrew Luck's backup at quarterback. This made Matt Leinhart, acquired during the offseason from the Giants, a very expensive, 31 year old third string quarterback with no cap penalty for trading. The Chiefs immediately set out looking for a more cap friendly trade.

Almost immediately the Chiefs got in touch with the Steelers to get one of their backup athletic middle linebackers and a deal was quickly struck. Leinhart and his $1.82M salary were sent to Pittsburgh for 27 year old MLB Jamar Chaney. Chaney has incredible speed for a MLB but has a severe lack of strength and questionable tackling. But he also on has a $460K price tag. He will primarily be a special teams player but will provide valuable backup.

"We were not completely comfortable only having one backup to (MLB James) Laurinitis but we couldn't sign anyone for only $50K a season," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "So we were really happy to work this deal out with the Steelers so we both got what we wanted."

But the Chiefs were not done there. Coaches Jon Gruden and Josh McDaniel were not comfortable with only one backup at QB for Luck, so, with their new money, they hit the free agent market and signed another rookie. This time it was QB Tino Sunseri out of Pittsburgh. Originally signed by the Rams, Sunseri did not make the cut in St Louis but the Chiefs liked him.

"Both Matthew and Tino went through my (copyright pending) Gruden QB Camp this past summer, something that I originally developed with ESPN," explained Gruden. "Both QBs caught my eye, not necessarily due to their arm strength but football smarts, so to speak. Matt came out of Florida nearly as football aware as Andrew Luck was when he came out of Stanford!"

Both rookie QBs will be allowed to mentor and develop under Gruden, McDaniels, and even Andrew Luck.

"Yeah, I just seem to 'get it' more this year, even with a new coaching staff," commented Luck. "Last year things really clicked for me and seem to have set me up to a new level, like from level 87 out of a 100 to like 90 or 91 out of 100. And I would be happy to share this with young players, but only if they are in the first couple of years in the league."

This puts the Chiefs roster at a more league-friendly 50 while also putting them at a more cap friendly place with a little over $1 million of cap space remaining.

"We like having that room obviously to cover possible injuries during the season," explained Miller. "Are we done now? Well, I cannot really guarantee anything."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs tight on cap
Roster full though!

"Whew!" stated Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "That was close and I do not want to get into that predicament again."

Reporters couldn't help noticing that Miller came out with a Miller Lite and wearing a K-State t-shirt and sweats instead of his usual suit and tie.

"As reported by the GZL, we are just under the salary cap... by 50 thousand dollars" grinned Miller, "but oh.... are we happy with the results!"

Most of the current cap problem stems back to 2013 while Miller was "making the Chiefs his" by cutting and trading players resulting in a cap penalty of $19.78 million.

"That is two, maybe three, really good free agents that we just could not afford this season. We were very focused on the cap penalty for next season and went a little higher than we wanted, but we are keeping it lower than last season."

Currently, after factoring in the draft day trades, the Chiefs sit at $12.05 million penalty for 2015.

"We are going to really have to come up with a good reason to cut or trade someone that would raise that amount," continued Miller.

But, after officially moving Jon Asomoah back to guard, the Chiefs have a legal roster and they are ready for the season to begin.

"I am very happy with our roster and especially our draft picks," gloated Miller. "The rookies have shown up in even better shape than at the combine and are ready to go. Coach (Jon) Gruden has them fired up!"

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs doing happy dance!
Chiefs nab 7 on Day 2

If the Chiefs were happy about Day 1 of the draft, they had to be ecstatic about Day 2. With no picks in rounds 2 or 3, the Chiefs watched from the sidelines after picking Frank Capone at the end of round 1. But they were also doing their research and may have come up with a starter or two out of the group.

At pick 4.11, the Chiefs went looking for a "freak" and found one on the defensive side of the ball. Ezekiel Ansah from BYU, the player recently highlighted in Sports Illustrated for his huge rise in draft boards, was still sitting there and the Chiefs grabbed him. Weighing in at 6'5" and 270 pounds, Ziggy has only been playing football for 3 years after moving over from the BYU track team. Known for his freakish speed and acceleration for his size, the Chiefs hope he shows up in camp with the same attributes.

At pick 4.14, the Chiefs went back to offense and size and speed and found a perfect book end for recently resigned Jimmy Graham. 6'5" Stephen Belantonio, an all SEC tight end from Auburn, may be slight in stature at 239 and did not impress with his bench press, but uses his agility to block relatively well for a tight end and catches well. The Chiefs reportedly are happy enough with him that they may be looking at trading longtime Chief Tony Moeaki.

Next pick for the Chiefs came at 4.19, and the Chiefs may have surprised some by going with Matthew Tebow, QB from Florida and Tim Tebow's younger brother. Miller did not have good luck with Tim in Washington, but Matthew is not expected to need to start right away. Matthew comes in very aware of the overall game and should really prosper under the mentorship of Andrew Luck over the next few years.

With the very next pick, the Chiefs went with another athletic lineman in LT Brian Santee from Virginia. Santee will be developed as he will be behind Veldheer and Peters at this time.

The Chiefs offensive ways continued in the 5th round where the Chiefs took 6'2" WR Troy Eisen from Arkansas with the 19th pick. While considering many other players, the Chiefs couldn't resist his size, strength, and catching ability. The Chiefs are hoping he shows up at camp a little faster than his combine time, but will be happy with him nonetheless.

In the 6th round, the Chiefs finally went defense again and took 1st round pick Frank Capone's roommate in DT Manny Smith from S.D. State. Not expected to be a starter, Smith does have the size and strength that the Chiefs like.

Finally in the 6th, Chiefs GM Tim Miller's 20 month old son accidentally picked LG Edwin Johnson from BYU. While very strong and an excellent run blocker, he lacks the feet needed at the pro level to pass block.

To make room to sign these rookies, the Chiefs have reportedly traded away Vernon Casey in a deal with the Seahawks that will bring in an athletic lineman.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs take 3 in 1st round
Chiefs go all offense

The Chiefs got not 1, but 2 of their top 4 wish list candidates and solidified their receiving corp for years to come.

Chiefs made no secret about their desire for both Justin Hunter and Terrence Williams prior to the draft. And when Hunter fell to them at 1.4, they ran to the podium to get him.

"Justin's size and raw attributes were extremely attractive to us," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "So we went out and got him."

Then there was a mystery at 1.15 and where the Chiefs would go. Reports out of the Chiefs warroom was that they were originally looking at a lineman. But when Dallas Thomas, Leo Richards, Eric Fisher, and Brennan Williams were all taken prior to 1.15, the Chiefs went back to the drawing board.

And they saw Terrence Williams still available. Trouble is, so was Josh Piertella. That apparently caused some struggles in the Chief's war room.

"We went back and forth and reviewed our notes and tape of both players," explained Miller. "In the end, it came down to three things: Williams height, Williams catching abilities, and Williams jumping abilities."

With the second highest vertical jump in the entire combine, the combination of Hunter and Williams has the Chiefs set for years to come.

But then the Chiefs surprised the draft by desperately looking to get back into the first. It was assumed that a play was being made for a K-State player, either QB Collin Klein, OLB Arthur Brown, or CB Nigel Malone.

The Bucs had an extra pick (as they always seem to do) so the Chiefs sent their first and 5th from next year plus 4.17 from this year to the Bucs for 1.32 and a 7th from next year.

Then the Chiefs picked.... LG Frank Capone?

"We like strong athletic linemen and Capone fits that definition to a T," stated Miller. "Only 3 players in the league has his combination of speed, strength, agility and acceleration. He was more a run blocker at San Diego State, but we will work on his pass blocking and his overall awareness."

"Other may have passed on him but we liked him and hope to make that first round pick as close to 32 as possible."

The Chiefs were rumored to be trying to get into the second round, but have reportedly stopped dealing.

With the picks of Hunter and Williams, plus the earlier acquisition of Jennings, the Chiefs made a draft day trade with the Cardinals to ship off the remaining two receivers from last year's squad in exchange for two 4th round picks.

The Chiefs have no picks until the 4th where they will have 4 picks beginning at 4.11.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs looking forward to draft
Chiefs wish list

With the draft in less than 48 hours, the Chiefs are finalizing their draft board and sources close to the Chiefs and coach Jon Gruden have confirmed the following players are at or near the top of their list...

At the top of the list is 6'4" WR Justin Hunter from Tennessee. The Chiefs have been clamoring for a new receiver since last season and acquired Greg Jennings specifically to be a mentor to a new WR.

If Hunter is not available at 1.4, the Chiefs would be perfectly happy with one of the following:

CB DeMarcus Milliner from Alabama - Expected to be gone by the time the Chiefs pick at 1.4, he would be hard to pass up if still on the board. The Chiefs have a young secondary but the addition of Milliner with last year's first round pick, Marques Robinson, would have Chiefs set for years to come.

CB Xavier Rhodes from Florida State - The Chiefs really like Rhodes size and jumping abilities compared to Milliner but Milliner's speed and awareness set him apart.

WR Terrance Williams from Baylor - At 6'3" but a bigger stronger body than Hunter, there are some things that the Chiefs like even better about Williams than Hunter, especially his awareness and jumping ability.

When asked what they would do if Geno Smith fell to them at 1.4, the Chiefs shrugged and said, "We really have a young QB in Andrew Luck and I would not see us taking Smith, even if he fell to us at 1.4."

The Chiefs also have the fifteenth overall pick in the draft. Might they be looking to move someone from Manhattan, Kansas to Kansas City? The Chiefs have been tight-lipped about that scenario and are taking a wait and see attitude for that pick.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs happy with free agency
Free agency adds 2 more offensive weapons

Continuing with the 2014 offseason theme of offense, offense, offense, the Chiefs retained one weapon and added another via free agency.

C.J. Spiller tested the free agent markets and found nothing better out there than returning to Kansas City.

Spiller will continue to be a backup to Jamaal Charles in the backfield, but is so multi dimensional that the Chiefs constantly find ways of getting him on the field. Spiller lined up last season as slot receiver, kickoff returner, and punt returner in addition to his duties as 3rd down back. And with the heavy emphasis on the run, CJ will be getting his carries out of the backfield as well. The new contracts of Moody and Spiller ensure that the Chiefs will have one of the more talented backfields in the league for seasons to come.

The Chiefs also added a valuable weapon on the offensive line via free agency. The Chiefs were pleasantly surprised to learn they were the only bidders on right tackle Jason Peters. The 32 year old tackle has played the last couple of seasons for the Eagles and has never had less than 86 pancakes in a season. Last season, Jared Veldheer led all Chiefs with 71 pancakes.

The addition of Peters adds to the belief that Vernon Carey may be let go sometime soon. Signed just last year, the Chiefs have always felt like they overpaid for him and the addition of Peters may allow them to release him and free up some needed salary cap.

The Chiefs have been busy in the trade front as well.

Earlier in the day, the Chiefs traded away 1.10 and FS Chip Vaughn to the Panthers for 1.15 and a second round pick and a 4th round pick. The Chiefs were not quite sure what to do with 1.10 and acquired a more cap friendly pick in 1.15.

Then later in the day, the Chiefs surprised people by trading two 2nd round picks to the San Diego Chargers for speedster CB DeMarcus Van Dyke. One of the fastest players in the league, the 6'1" corner also has excellent jumping ability and acceleration. Van Dyke's strength and tackling issues will be assessed by the Chiefs but early reports are that they are happy with the speedster.

With the draft coming up in a few days, the Chiefs have bascially shown their hand that they are looking for a new young WR to complement recently acquired Greg Jennings. The Chiefs have 2 in their sites and it remains to be seen who will be available with the 4th overall pick.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs land big time WR
Jennings is now a Chief

The Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a trade that sends Mohamed Massaquoi to Detroit in exchange for Greg Jennings.

"We saw Jennings on the trade block and decided to see if the Lions really wanted to play ball," explained Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "We were pleasantly surprised that the deal went through and we were able to get a legend and mentor such as Greg Jennings. I think one of the happiest guys in the locker room has to be Andrew Luck."

"I had a great time in Detroit last season, but, let's face it, I need to be THE man. And the wide receiver core was getting a little too crowded up their in Detroit. Kansas City needs me and I am more than happy to come down to the land of BBQ," read Jennings from a prepared statement.

Luck indeed should have no excuses with two new offensive minded coaches, the resigning of Jimmy Graham, the addition of Jennings, and the Chiefs still have the 4th overall pick in the draft, which is rumored to be another wide receiver.

The 2013 Chiefs were known as a run first team with Charles and Spiller. It will be interesting to see how the 2014 Chiefs look.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Miller calls out Broncos
Broncos still don't add up to a little Luck

"Well, I obviously had a tough time with the Raiders and Chargers, but thank goodness for the Broncos!" laughed Chiefs GM Tim Miller.

Miller was referring to the 6 QBs on the current Broncos roster (incorrectly reported earlier as 7).

"I mean, I have heard of Wildcat packages and other formations where QBs line up at WR and the like, but 6?"

"I know they feel inferior to Andrew Luck, so they are going to throw 6 QBs at us? Apparently John Elway still fancies himself quite the QB developer and only wants a team of QBs!" continued Miller.

"Perhaps he is going to Scott Frost some of these guys and play them at safety?"

No comment as of yet from Denver.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs retain Lutrus, Graham
Chiefs make tough choices

The tough choices continued today at Arrowhead as the Chiefs announced recent RFA wins and resignings.

The Chiefs successfully offered RFA contracts to Scott Lutrus, Gary Murphy, Eric Taylor, and Emmanuel Moody. All four players started multiple games for the Chiefs last season and received significant playing time. No offers were received from other teams so all 4 talented young players will be a part of the Chiefs in 2014.

Then the tough choices began. According to league rules, only two of these four could be offered a long term contract. Talented OLB Lutrus was immediately resigned to a long term deal. Then it came down to Moody, Taylor, and Murphy.

Murphy and Moody are obviously talented but talented as backups with young superstars entrenched in front of them in the lineup. Taylor was brought over from Washington with the hopes of eventually turning him into a starter.

In the end, it came down to performance on the field and Moody got the nod.

"Emmanuel performed very well for us last season," stated GM Tim Miller. "He averaged over 7 yards a carry and scored 3 TDs in only 29 touches. He was definitely someone that we did not want to have to worry about in 2015."

Then the Chiefs tackled their other players with expiring contracts, namely TE Jimmy Graham and HB C.J. Spiller.

"This again was a tough decision. Both players stand out at their position. Both players were starters in the lineup when we finally started winning. Both participated heavily during the last part of the season," explained Miller.

In the end, a contract was offered to TE Jimmy Graham.

"This was tough because it was also a cap decision and Jimmy's contract demands were more cap friendly," explained Miller.

Spiller was also not offered a franchise tag.

"Again a cap decision. To franchise tag C.J. would have meant over $8M salary this season."

The Chiefs have extended Spiller a match eligible contract, meaning that if another team extends Spiller an offer, the Chiefs have the first rights to match it.

"It also helps that this is such a talented class for running backs," explained Miller. "But make no mistake, we have every intention of matching C.J.'s offer, no matter what the price is. He was a valuable member of our 2013 team and we intend on making him a valuable member of our team going forward."

To make room for these signings, the Chiefs cut veterans Steve Smith and Marcus Trufant.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs move up to 1.4
Chiefs get a freak and a treat

The Kansas City Chiefs continued a whirlwind offseason today by announcing some roster movement. Going into the offseason, the Chiefs had 4 picks from the tenth to the seventeenth. After today's announcements though, they are down to 2 but they are both in the top 10.

First the Chiefs announced a trade with the Texans where they sent the fourteenth overall pick to Houston for two talented and more cap-friendly players, FS Nigel McDaniel and the one and only JPP.

McDaniel was drafted last season by the Texans in the 5th after a poor showing at the combine. But the Texans got a real treat when McDaniel came to camp faster and quicker than known. He was stuck behind Philip Ross in Houston but should make an immediate impact in KC. He is expected to mentor behind Rhodes for a season or two.

The Chiefs were also happy to get pass rusher par none in JPP. The Chiefs would be very happy to somehow keep last year's acquistion Will Smith, but with cap restraints, it would be hard to match any offers put on him. So the Chiefs went looking for a freak to join their current freak, Bruce Irvin, and found him in JPP. It is unknown which one will play on the left vs the right, but expect them to bring it every play. And, while neither is the strongest person on the field, they should be able to run down many a runner in the backfield.

The Chiefs then announced a trade with the Giants for backup help. With Brodie Croyle's contract being up and he really is not getting any younger. So the Chiefs took a gamble on much traded Matt Leinhart. Leinhart will be a quality backup in the event that something happens to Luck. In the trade, the Chiefs also received the Giants 5th and 6th for the Chiefs 3rd round pick.

Finally, it has just been announced that the Chiefs would be sending the eleventh overall pick, the seventeenth overall pick, and HB Anthony Allen to St Louis for the 4th overall pick and 3rd year player, 6'3" WR Lance Lewis.

These moves have definitely put the clamps on the cap and with the draft and free agency coming up, some tough decisions will have to be made.

Already the Chiefs cut 3 players acquired last season, HB Danny Woodhead, RG Richie Incognito, and QB Hunter Cantwell.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs announce coaching hires
Here comes Chuckie!!!!

The Chiefs got their man. And their man is... Jon Gruden!

Chiefs GM Tim Miller took the podium, grinned, and announced "Welcome back to the AFC West, Jon Gruden! Glad you are wearing the red and white this time though."

Gruden comes to KC after successful runs as the coach of the Raiders and winning the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After leaving the Bucs, Gruden has had a lot of time to analyze the game and the players through his time with ESPN and Monday Night Football.

"I am excited to be back in a head coaching position again and I am looking forward to playing in the same division as the defending Super Bowl champion, San Diego Chargers," stated Gruden

"This time around we weren't looking for the best at offensive or defense. We were looking for the guy with incredible football knowledge but who could also get these young guys to run through walls for him. Gruden brings that motivation and chemistry that has been missing here the past few seasons," concluded Miller.

One of Gruden's first responsibilities was to hire a new offensive coordinator. And again the Chiefs went with another former AFC West head coach and Super Bowl winner in picking Josh McDaniels, aka Little Hoodie.

"Josh McDaniels is another coach that has been to the top," explained Gruden. "He always has the respect of his players. And I consider him one of the best young minds in the game today."

"Again, we went with someone that can motivate the players and has a good chemistry with the players," explained Miller. "Josh also has recent experience in the AFC West and we can use that to our advantage."

Gruden and McDaniels have both worked with some of the best QBs in the game and are known for the QB coaching talents. Could this be a call out to Andrew Luck or could the Chiefs have something interesting in store for the draft?

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Johnson to Hawaii
Johnson lone Chief in Honolulu

Derrick Johnson, outside linebacker extraordinaire, returned to the AFC NFC Pro Bowl after staying home the last few years.

"It was indeed an honor to be selected by the fans to represent the AFC in Hawaii this year," Johnson stated from a prepared statement. "The goal is to get more Chiefs to Hawaii in 2014!"

No one from the Chiefs had real eye-popping stats that wowed the fans, so Chiefs did not get a lot of votes.

Even though only one Chief went in 2013, that is an improvement from 2012 when no Chief went to Hawaii. And it is only 2 less than the Super Bowl Champion Chargers.

Johnson reportedly took fellow linebackers James Laurinaitis and Scott Lutrus so they could be sure to join him next season.

"We have a very good corp of linebackers here in KC," stated Johnson. "No reason all 3 of us cannot make the trip. That is unless we are too tired from playing in the Super Bowl."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs finish up at 8-8
Chiefs looking forward to 2014

The Chiefs went from 3-13 in 2012 to 8-8 in 2013. For most people that would be something. Not for Chiefs GM Tim Miller.

"I wanted the playoffs dammit," cursed Miller. "Wish we could have gotten things figured out sooner."

A brutally front loaded schedule that had 6 of their first 9 games against eventual playoff teams on the road dampened the enthusiasm of the team and left the team at 2-7.

The team ended up at 1-7 against 2013 playoff teams, a mark that Miller referenced on a regular basis. The lone win came against the Raiders in week 13.

"That is the cream of the crop," explained Miller. "That is who we have to beat to get into the playoffs. We know them now. We know what we have to do."

The obvious highlight of the season came in the 5 game win streak where the Chiefs got things figured out at home and played like the preseason pick some had made them out to be.

"I am proud of our youngsters and I think we sprinkled in the veterans pretty well," continued Miller. "We did not overspend on the veterans, taking advantage of the league rule for players over 34. These players will be excellent mentors next season."

The Chiefs ended up 5-3 at home and 3-3 in the division, not quite up to the big talk at the start of the season, but respectable none the less.

Already the speculation has begun about whether the coaching staff will retain their jobs.

"I have not thought about it much to be honest," sighed Miller. "We will have to sit down with Coach Martz and his staff and see what the future brings."

The Chiefs currently have the tenth, eleventh, fourteenth, and seventeenth overall pick in the 2014 draft.

"But you know me," grinned Miller. "And we all doubt that I will still have those come draft day."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Rookies are contributing
Chiefs playing for now and the future

After sitting at 2-7 and a humiliating loss to the St Louis Rams, the Chiefs execs did some analysis of the playing time going to different players.

"We took a look and saw that we were playing a lot of veterans in an effort to win games, but our rookie playing time was suffering because of it," explained GM Tim Miller.

While the Chiefs were not writing off the season, they also saw that at some point, they needed to start looking to the future. And that meant getting playing time for the young guns.

"We were sitting guys like Bruce Irvin and Casey Hayward and just realized that may not be best for our future, especially with the dependency on downs played in this league," continued Miller.

"The killer stretch of our schedule was past, plus we were playing at home, so we decided to mold our team a little bit and give these rookies some playing time."

The Chiefs have been rewarded with a 3 game winning streak, most recently over the hated Oakland Raiders. And there are rookies or 2nd year players all over the roster.

Rookie starters include DT Michael Brockers, CB Marquis Robinson and FB Zach Boren. Recently Bruce Irvin has cracked the starting lineup and CB Heyward has moved up to the nickelback position.

Youth has been a focus of these Chiefs for now and the future and the Chiefs are trying to get these guys locked up for long term contracts.

"Obviously we have Luck and Laurinaitis tied into long term deals. This season we added Eric Berry to that list as well."

And next season?

"We have a large number of players going into Restricted Free Agency, so if we do not land them, we will get compenstation for them. Plus we have 4 first round picks and no other pick below the 5th."

"We are much, much higher on the cap penalty than we ever like to be and that is going to hurt next year. We are not going to be able to resign some players that we would like and most likely have to let go of some other expensive veterans. But we hope to get the ship righted with a young roster on long term contracts and we will be in good shape in a season or two."

"And hopefully, we might even win a couple of games!" grinned Miller

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs win third in a row
Chiefs hang half a hundred on the Raiders

The Chiefs tried to be good hosts. The Chief's first offensive play of the day was thrown right to former Chief Shareece Wright, giving the Raiders a nice short field. The Raiders took advantage and Mark Ingram dashed in for a short touchdown.

The second quarter was a different story though. Affectionately known as "the quarter of big plays", the Chiefs and Raiders traded punches like two heavyweights standing in the middle of the ring.

1 play after Louis Murphy went 69 yards on a TD pass, Jamaal Charles topped it by going 79 yards on a TD run. 2 minutes later, it was Vick to Murphy again for 19 yards this time as the Raiders went up 24-17. But Luck and Floyd hooked up for a 48 yard strike right before halftime to tie it up.

The second half started a whole lot better for the Chiefs. Massaquoi got lose on the first play of the second half for a 78 yard TD reception for the Chiefs to get their first lead of the game.

Again the Raiders answered though with an 80 yard, 11 play drive that ended with a Gado 1 yard dive to tie it up.

The Chiefs answered with an 82 yard drive, ending with a C.J. Spiller 27 yard dash to the end zone.

That is when the Chiefs defense suddenly showed up. Rookie Casey Hayward intercepted an errant Vick pass and ran it back 27 yards to the 9 yard line. The Chiefs could only muster a field goal out of that opportunity but it was the first time in the entire game that either team had a two score lead.

Luck threw for his 4th TD of the game early in the 4th to allow the Chiefs to go up by 17. From that point on, the Chiefs were on cruise control. They did allow a late TD but it was too little too late.

"C.J. Spiller has definitely been an asset," exclaimed Mike Martz. "I knew it was just a matter of time before my genius would set in and we would dominate. Clearly his 2 TDs in 2 games are all due to me."

The Chiefs continue their home stand next week with the Jaguars coming to town. The Jags currently stand at 4-7 and are hurting after losing Philip Rivers for the season. The Chiefs hope they can continue their current streak of Luck... ha ha ha! Get it? Luck!

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Tandem each gets a TD
Charles and Spiller both score in win over Browns

After spending nearly the first half of the season on the road, the Chiefs seem to be enjoying their time at home. The Chiefs won their second in a row over the visiting Browns, defeating the Browns 27-13 to move to 4-7.

Despite Mike Martz's new playtoy on offense, there wasn't much for the first quarter as the Brown defense shut down the Chief offense. But in the second quarter with Chiefs down 6-0, the Chiefs used a Jamaal Charles 1 yard TD run to take the lead. They then proceeded to reel off 6 additional points to go up 13-6 at half time.

In the 3rd, Chiefs fans got to see the latest Chief, C.J. Spiller, run it in from 9 yards with some dazzling moves to go up 20-6.

In the 4th, the Browns threatened with a nice drive that ended with a Boston Mallett touchdown pass and the lead down to 20-13.

But two plays later, Luck connected with Charles out of the backfield and 74 yards later, the Chiefs had a 2 touchdown lead again. The Browns never threatened again after that.

Luck seemed to respond to the recent tag of bust going 16 for 25 for 243 yards and 1 TD.

Next up, a rematch with the ageless Raiders. The game earlier this year ended in overtime with a Mark Ingram 81 yard TD run that ended the 47-53 shoot out.

The Chiefs defense has been playing better lately and welcome back MLB Johnathan Vilma, who was injured in the first game against the Raiders.

The Chiefs hope he can be the difference between a victory and a another lonely defeat.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs get speed!!!
Chiefs trade for Spiller

In a relatively surprising move, the Kansas City Chiefs made a deal today with the Seattle Seahawks that sends the Chiefs 2014 2nd round draft pick to Seattle in exchange for speedy running back, C.J. Spiller.

But... don't they already have Jamal Charles in the backfield?

"We need speed. Greasy, fast speed. Speed is what we need!" was all that could be heard coming out of GM Tim Miller's offices this week. Co-workers weren't sure if it was Burgess Meredith reincarnated or if Miller was watching re-runs of Rocky.

Coach Mike Martz shed a little more light on the trade.

"Tim simply wanted to give my offensive genius another toy to play with," Martz replied. "C.J. will line up in the slot, on 3rd down, kickoffs , and he will spell Charles. My brillance in offensive schemes will make him a star."

Indeed on paper, Spiller and Charles look almost exactly the same. But I thought the Chiefs were trying to open it up?

"Yawn" sighed Martz. "Your lack of creativity bores me! Simply bores me. I would try to explain but my brillance would have to be dumbed down a lot in order to get through to you."

To make cap room for Spiller, offseason acquisition Jake Scott was released. To get back to roster compliance, veteran Marc Columbo was signed.

The Chiefs are obviously feeling full of themselves after defeating the 49ers last weekend where they seemingly took the first half off but then came roaring back in the second.

This week the Browns come to town also riding a winning streak, having defeated the Patriots and Jets in back to back weeks. Even with a rookie QB and a rookie halfback, the Browns have been formidable this season and only sit 1 game out of first in their division.

One side note to this game, the Chiefs own the Browns first round pick, so Chiefs will have multiple reasons to root against the Browns this week.

It will be interesting to see how the new speed can contribute.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Miller finally speaks
Miller talks about record, trades

We are coming to you today from the Show Mes in Kansas City North, where you drink free if the Chiefs score at least 25 points or the starting Chiefs QB gets knocked out of the game.

JH: Tim, it has been awhile.
TM: Huh? Waa? Where am I?

JH: Show Mes for our interview about the Chiefs?
TM: CHIIIIEEFFS!!!! I love Derrick Thomas you know? I just love him like man love.

JH: Tim, we are talking about the 2013 Chiefs.
TM: Oh!!!! They suck.

JH: Well, isn't that mostly your doing?
TM: Screw you Jack! Jack ha! I have a joke for you!

"Joe had two employees Mary and Jack. Mary and Jack had worked for Joe for years and years. But business (and forced Obamacare) was not going well for Joe and he realized he was going to have to fire one of them.
Well Joe finally worked up his gumption and decided whoever came in last that day was going to get fired.
Well Mary came in last that day after a rough weekend. After a few minutes, Joe asked Mary into his office.
"Mary," said Joe. "Times are tough. I either have to lay you or Jack off."
Mary looks up at Joe and says, "I'm flattered but can you just jack off? I have a headache.""


JH: Well that is great Tim but what about the Chiefs?
TM: Did I tell you that we are having a fan appreciation day for this week's game against the 49ers? Probably last game we win this year.

JH: Tim!
TM: OK ok ok.... What do you want?

JH: Well what about the trade of Bowe to the Bucs? What is going on with the team, especially with the recent blasting by the Rams?
TM: Listen, as I said on Hard Knocks, I don't dig Bowe. Plus he is in the last year of his current contract and was going to be asking for crazy money this offseason. So when I got a trade offer that contained a first round pick, I went for it.

JH: So have you given up for the season?
TM: No! Did you not notice that our second victory of the season came with Bowe out with an injury?

JH: So that puts you up to 4 first round picks now?
TM: Yes and ironically we play all 3 of the other teams whose picks we have. We already lost to the Cardinals and we have upcoming games to the Browns and Bills.

JH: What are you doing about the defense?
TM: Well, we thought we had something last week. We practiced and practiced but we just got outplayed. Hats off to the Rams.

JH: So what is the plan for the rest of the season?
TM: Well we have noticed from our 10 week report that a large number of our rookies have not gotten good experience yet. So, we are going to try and work them in and hope that plays out for our future.

JH: You mean like starting Ronnell Lewis over Derrick Johnson?
TM: Hell no! Are you crazy? A little more subtle than those. You will see this week against the 49ers.

JH: What is your response that the key to Andrew Luck is to open up the offense from PTI?
TM: We heard it and we will be experimenting with it. May not be a good week since the 49ers have the top passing defense in the league.

JH: Anything else happening within One Arrowhead Drive?
TM: Not really. Having new cheerleader tryouts daily. Little do they know that the season already started and we are not hiring any new cheerleaders. Ha!

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs fearing the Chargers
Shell shock not relieved during bye week

The Millers are nervous. Is it because of Ryan's new teeth? Or perhaps that new kid at day care with the eye patch and tattoo? Or it could be because they are both in Tim's brother's wedding this weekend and can they remember the choreography to LMAO?

No. It is because the Chargers are coming to town, hot off of their big win over the Oakland Raiders and winners of 3 in a row.

Something stinks in KC even worse than Ryan's diapers after Sloppy Joes... It is the KC defense.

"I don't understand," sighed Tim Miller. "This was supposed to be one of the strengths but so far we cannot find the right combination of personnel and gameplanning."

The last three games have been brutal. 225 yards to Ryan Matthews in week 2, including a 75 yard TD as the Chiefs were mounting a comeback. 53 points, 221 yards to Mark Ingram plus 336 yards to Michael Vick against Oakland, including an 81 yard overtime winner to Ingram. Another 311 yards to Matt Schaub and 41 points in the game against the Texans.

The Chiefs rank dead last in most defensive categories and they are not going to find any relief soon with upcoming games against the Chargers and Titans.

Ryan Miller has taken the defensive responsibilites upon his young shoulders, going so far as to go out to practice and throw balls to practice the fumble drill.

The Chiefs did get some good news in that Eric Berry healed quicker than expected in coming back from his injury. Berry will be suited up against the Chargers on Sunday. All star linebacker Derrick Johnson remains on the DL but the Chiefs hope to get him back in time for the game against the Titans.

And in the middle of all this, the Chiefs are doing deals, trading away the best cornerbacks in the backfield. Brandon Flowers was traded away the week prior to the Texans game. Now there are rumors of more trades involving Chiefs secondary players.

The only bright spot are the Chiefs 3 1st round picks in 2014... the Chiefs are 1-3, the Browns are 1-4, and the Bills are 2-3 after getting shut out by the Dolphins.

History says one of these teams will start winning soon. The Chiefs hope it is them.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs welcome the bye week
Chiefs looking at going with youth

Young Ryan Miller taking over the reigns

KC fans are restless.

"So much for the whole 'there are two types we must absolutely win'!" from the Chiefs.com message boards.

"What happened happened to 'at home and division games'?" cried callers into 810 AM Kevin Keitsman show.

Apparently fans could accept the 8 point loss on the road to the Chargers. They could accept the overtime loss to the Raiders.

But this past week's 13-41 pasting by the Houston Texans in the first home game of the year seems to be too much.

"We need something done!" "We want a winner now!" "Where are my fries?" "Is this BBQ sauce from Jack Stack or Arthur Bryant's?" "I mean, am I supposed to start rooting for the Royals, or even worse, the Wizards?"

These are the questions being pelted at Chiefs management after a promising opening day victory has turned into 3 straight losses.

"We have heard you and we are acting upon it!" exclaimed Chiefs management.

This week's Arrowhead Analysis had to switch from one of its usual places, to Chuck E Cheese's. Why? Because of the addition of the new co-GM Ryan Miller.

JH: Welcome Ryan
RM: Gaaa, booosk, babbit (glad to be here Jack)

JH: What makes you qualified to become the Chiefs GM?
RM: Gabba book gawaa waa donk Asleep have been a Chiefs fan my entire life, all 16 months of it. Besides, it cannot be run any worse than how my daddy was running it.)

JH: Can you even read?
RM: booga be GAAAAAAAA! (What difference does that make? Apparently my daddy couldn't read offenses or defenses and that is why I am here today!)

JH: Well what do you promise the fans of KC?
RM: ma ma ma baggle (we will be playing better defense in the upcoming weeks and I promise not to spend all of our first round picks on marginal cornerbacks)

JH: Whoa! That is a little below the belt?
RM: wooogooo wapple (if that is where my head comes to, then you have to live with the consequences)

JH: Well said. Welcome to the league!
RM: Taga dooka Frank Malara dogga (Thanks Jack. Just keep me away from that new Steelers GM Frank Malara. I've heard bad things about those guys from Pennsylvania. Happy Valley my butt!)

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs fall to 1-2 in Oakland
81 yd TD ends game in OT

This is Jack Hoff and Chiefs GM Tim Miller at the Million Dollar Fantasy Ranch talking about the week 3 game loss to the Raiders.

JH: Thought you had that one didn't you Tim?
TM: Yeah Jack, I thought we did but never could feel good about it.

JH: Not a lot of defense in this one.
TM: Ha! Ya think? Yeah we stunk up the field. We didn't put any pressure on Vick and Ingram ran wherever he wanted.

JH: But you had some good things happen.
TM: Yes we did. Definitely had a lot of big plays. That actually may have led to our downfall. Midway through the first half, we had more yards but the Raiders had triple the time of possession. Then our defense couldn't get off the field and they just seemed wiped out at the end.

JH: Yeah but there for a while...
TM: It was great seeing Garry Blair get another INT, but then on the other had he got scorched by Murphy. But I really thought we had a chance when Cribbs took back that kickoff...

JH: 4 punts for the game? Total!!??? 3 by the Chiefs and 1 by the Raiders.
TM: Yes... sigh.

JH: The defense just did not seem ready.
TM: Vick took good advantage. I blame the game plan and myself. Lutrus kept going inside and Vick would run around the outside.

JH: Well all your road games against divisional foes are over.
TM: That is a positive but I had hoped to at least be 2-1 at this point, especially with the Texans coming up.

JH: Yeah what do you think about them?
TM: Not really worried about them. I am worried about us and our defense.

JH: But what about...
TM: Enough! I must now retreat to my VIP room and interview new advisors.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs falter in San Diego
Chiefs lose their spark against Chargers

This is Jack Hoff and Chiefs GM Tim Miller at the Hooters in Overland Park talking about the week 2 game against the Chargers.

JH: Disappointing week for you Tim.
TM: It really was. Our offense which seemed to do so well in week 1 didn't show up in week 2. And our defense seemed to wear out in the 4th.

JH: Yeah, there were some good things thought, right?
TM: You are right. 2 picks by our first round pick Marquis Robinson, including taking one back for a TD. The other one was by our other young CB Garry Blair. And we finally saw the Joshua Cribbs we were expecting when he took one back 96 yards for a TD. And Jamaal Charles kept up a great clip by average 5 3/4 yards a carry.

JH: You had a chance in the 2nd half didn't you?
TM: Yeah, I had some hopes. But they kinda dimmed when we decided to kick a field goal from the 2 yard line. Then on the next series for the Chargers.... ugh... the whole damn team had a shot of tackling Matthews and yet he just kept going until he broke free. That was a back breaker.

JH: And this week, yet another road game against a divisional foe.
TM: Just cannot believe it but yes, this week we head to Oakland. The good news is that after this week, all of our road divisional games are done.

JH: But this battle will be the toughest.
TM: Yeah, (Raiders GM) Garth really has that team together! 2-0 on the season. And they were able to beat that Chargers team that just beat us.

JH: Any special plans?
TM: Yeah, we are going to totally open it up. Going with the Colts playbook and expecting to aggressively pass it about 79% of the time.

JH: Really?
TM: Hell no! Excuse me, here come my advisors with my beer to drown my sorrows.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs rush to victory in Week 1
Chiefs gain 332 yards on the ground

This is Jack Hoff and Chiefs GM Tim Miller at the Hooters in Kansas City North talking about the week 1 game against the Broncos.

JH: Great game Tim!
TM: It was definitely that Jack, thanks.

JH: How is Jamaal feeling after last week's big win against the Broncos?
TM: He is feeling great. Jumped in the ice bath and claimed he was ready to go next week!

JH: How does it feel to have the 2nd and 9th leading rushers in the league?
TM: Ha! Well Jamaal was giving Moody a hard time about "that should have been his carry" and crap like that, but it was all good natured. Anytime your third back get nearly 100 yards, it is a good day.

JH: Even the rookie fullback?
TM: Yeah, talk about our line doing an incredible job! We didn't pick up Zach for his fleet feet, but he just kept rumbling and stumbling and ended up in the end zone on his one carry.

JH: Well that had to be a great burden off your shoulders.
TM: It was. We had expected a little bit more out of the passing game, but then again, we didn't really need it this week. We only ended up passing 18 times for the entire game.

JH: And now come the Chargers...
TM: Yikes! Yes. On the road again, this time in San Diego. And the worst part is, they are coming off of a loss. So they are not going to be happy.

JH: Any part of the team scare you?
TM: Well both secondaries are going to think they are in the land of the giants this week. San Diego has a couple of receivers over 6'4" just like we do. But we can never forget about Ryan Matthews in the backfield.

JH: So anything special for this week?
TM: Like I am going to say on this public radio show... I need Bubbles and Trixie, my Hooters "advisors"! And a pitcher of beer.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Season Starts in Denver
Chiefs go 1-3 in preseason

This is Jack Hoff and Chiefs GM Tim Miller at the Hooters in Kansas City North talking about the 2013 preseason.

JH: Tough preseason Tim but you still seem relatively pleased.
TM: It was tough, Jack. Took quite a few shots of Tuaca to get the bad taste out of my mouth on those first three games.

JH: You mean like the first game where you had the lead with 10 seconds left only to watch them throw the ball over your head for a long TD to win.
TM: Yeah...

JH: Or perhaps the second game against the Ravens where you had the lead with 9 minutes left in the 4th only to see the whole thing fall apart and lose by 11?
TM: That too...

JH: Or the third game against the Packers where, in the last minute, a rookie running back...
TM: ENOUGH! I get it! We lost!

JH: But the game against the Dolphins... now THAT was a thing of beauty.
TM: Ah yes.... after that game, I could sip the Tuaca instead of gulp it.

JH: Your passing game suffered.
TM: But Jamaal Charles was a thing of beauty with those two long TD runs and nearly 200 yards by halftime.

JH: Did I see Bowe in the WR2 slot?
TM: Um yeah... that didn't work out so well. We tried to go big and it backfired. Good thing the line showed up.

JH: How are you feeling about the defense?
TM: Well we put a couple of young guys out there at corner and hoped the veterans around them could help. They each got a pick in the preseason, so it wasn't all bad.

JH: And this week the regular season schedule was announced.
TM: Yep! In a nutshell... the first half of the season we are on the road. The second half we are at home.

JH: And three straight divisional games on the road?
TM: Well, I said when I took this job that we have got to win divisional games and home games. I guess the GZL is going to test that right off.

JH: Start off in Denver.
TM: You know... I just hate Denver. My ex wife lives there. I hate John Elway. I could go on and on but I just don't like them. We have got to get up for this game.

JH: How are you going to control that offense of theirs?
TM: Yeah...

JH: Well?
TM: I have no freakin clue. You play the pass and Moreno will run by you. You play the run and well, Orton will just chuckle and pad his stats. Oooh my ulcer!

JH: You want some Pepto Bismol?
TM: No you freak! Gimme a beer and my Hooters "advisors".

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analisys: Chiefs announce preseason schedule
Cards and Packers in KC, Ravens and Dolphins away

The Chiefs have announced their 2013 preseason schedule today.

The Chiefs open at home against the NFC West defending champion Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals went 10-6 last season but with changes at the GM and just devastation due to salary cap issues, the Chiefs hope they can jump on them early.

The Chiefs then travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens. In the tough AFC North division that includes the 2012 Super Bowl champion Steelers, the Ravens went a respectable 8-8. Another GM change in Baltimore will make the Ravens very unpredictable and most likely very good.

The Green Bay Packers come to KC in week 3. The Packers went 7-8-1 in 2012, just a season after winning it all in GZL Bowl II. The Packers had about 20 first round picks, so while this team may be young, it will be very talented.

The Chiefs finish up the preseason traveling to Miami to take on the defending AFC East champion Dolphins. A common theme here: another new GM to take over the reigns.

GM Tim Miller's had this to say about the preseason schedule, "Well, it is a good test for us. Still not sure we are going to do anything too fancy or too aggressive but these teams definitely will give us a good measuring stick."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs set final roster
Chiefs sign FAs and trade to get final roster

The Chiefs have finally reached the 50 roster limit with some activity over the past weekend.

First, they signed rookie center Camden Wentz as a backup to 2nd year man Roy Reed. While the Chiefs would have loved to signed a more veteran center, it just was not possible with their current cap situation.

The Chiefs were also top bidders on MLB Roddrick Muckelroy and Austin Spitler. The quick but mentally challenged linebackers were signed when the Chiefs did not think they would be able to keep GZL Icon Jonathan Vilmas and his huge contract.

The Chiefs were able to keep Vilma on the roster due to a trade that occurred during this same time. GM Tim Miller went back to his old team the Redskins with another trade proposal that was accepted. Experienced but short and expensive CB Javier Arenas was sent to Washington in exchange for 2nd year CB Garry Blair, whom Miller selected in the 2nd round for the Redskins last year.

To round out their roster and reach the 50 man limit, the Chiefs went back for a couple more old Redskins: RE Kedric Golston and QB Hunter Cantwell. Golston was selected for his size and ability to back up the defensive tackles. Cantwell was selected for his arm strength. Both will be backups at their respective positions.

Chiefs GM Tim Miller had the following to say about the acquisitions: "We are obviously very happy with our roster and our moves this offseason. We need to keep everyone healthy and we are really excited about our chances this season."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Special Training Camp edition
2013: The Year of the Chief?

Strong words for a team that has had a pick in the top 2 in two of the last three seasons. A team that has never been above .500. A team that was so bad that they were not even allowed to BUY tickets to other teams' playoff games. And yet... and yet... here we all are again at 0-0.

Start at the Top

On June 13th, 2012, after heavy discussions with league officials about leaving the Redskins midseason in 2012 and confirming it would not happen again, Tim Miller was allowed to rejoin the GZL, this time as the GM of his beloved Chiefs.

"I screwed up and I am sorry," stated Miller, "and the league officials saw that. I just loved that team so much and to see it underperform like it did, well, I lost it and I had to step away for a while. I appreciate the GZL allowing me to come back, especially as the Chiefs GM."

Coaching and Training Staff

Miller immediately went to work, having to decide on whether to keep his existing coaching staff or let it go. Ultimately, Mike Martz, Dan Henning, and Eric Mangini were kept from the 2012 staff. Alan Lowry was hired as the new special teams coach.

The biggest change came in that the Chiefs hired a new training staff with the hopes of keeping the Chiefs on the field in 2013 and not on the training table. Betterment Clinic was hired as the new training staff of the Kansas City Chiefs and come with an excellent reputation and rating.

"This was a priority of mine in coming here," explained Miller. "With a tight cap, we need to keep our first team players on the field."

Stadium Improvements

Arrowhead Stadium, already one of the best places in the GZL to attend a game, is improving the fan experience even more by adding a high fidelity sound system and a new super screen for the fans' viewing pleasure. Now fans will be able to see the expected result of a replay before the officials even do.

Restructures, resigns, RFAs and releases

The Chiefs announced that just prior to the 2012 Super Bowl, the Chiefs and their star middle linebacker, James Laurinaitis, agreed to terms for a contract restructure that will keep Laurinaitis in KC through 2016.

The Chiefs also announced at the beginning of the offseason they had come to terms with ROLB Tamba Hali in a deal that should keep the Chiefs 2006 first round selection in KC through retirement.

RFA offers were extended to LT Jared Veldheer, LT Jon Asamoah, and CB Javier Arenas. No offers were received from other teams, so all were resigned.

Overall the Chiefs released or did not extend contract extensions to 20 Chiefs that were on the 2012 roster. Some, such as RT Mark Tauscher and C Eric Heitmann who were starters last year, were cap casualties. Many others were taking roster spots that could be filled by someone better, including the entire defensive line from 2012.

"Yeah that defensive line really stuck out in my mind as an area of improvement, so when their contracts came up due, they called us, but we did not call back," explained Miller.


When Miller first arrived in mid June, the Chiefs knew they were going to be in the second overall position. They held picks 1.2, 3.2, 4.2, 4.30, 5.2, 6.2, and 7.2. But Miller knew they needed more help than one pick could offer, so they began trading down and trading players.

In the end, gone were RG Andre Smith, WR Laurent Robinson, FS Robert Brooks, CB Shareece Wright, and LG Derek Sherrod. But the Chiefs said hello to RE Will Smith, WR Joshua Cribbs, WR Malcolm Floyd, LG Richie Incognito, TE Jimmy Graham, LG Eric Taylor, DT Kentwan Balmer, C Roy Reed, and FS Chip Vaughn.

Plus, even after all those trades, the Chiefs ended up with picks 1.14, 2.12, 3.11, 3.20, 5.2, 6.2, and 7.2. Plus they ended up with the Browns and Bills first round picks in 2014. So the Chiefs have 3 picks in the first round of the 2014 draft before the season even begins.

"We were burning up the phone lines but getting a lot of calls ourselves," commented Miller. "We got some guys that we liked plus lessened a lot of cap problems."

Free Agency

Having said goodbye to so many 2012 Chiefs and after the above deals cleared out some cap room, the Chiefs decided to test their luck on the free agency market. And the Chiefs felt like they hit the jackpot.

Even after offering just default contracts, the Chiefs still had 7 of their 8 offers accepted. Added to the 2013 roster are: LT Vernon Carey, RG Jake Scott, RG Stephen Neal, LE William Hayes, DT Alan Branch, HB Danny Woodhead, and DT Paul Soliai. These acceptances allowed the Chiefs further moves with the draft picks and allowed them to accept future picks in place of existing ones.

"That was a good day," grinned Miller. "Our fax machine was just churning out signed offers after signed offers. Often times, we found out we were not even bidding against another team!"

The Draft

GM Tim Miller and the Chiefs could hardly wait for the draft to start on Sunday, July 8th.

"We are very excited about this draft class and feel like we got value all the way down to our 7th round pick," gushed Miller. "All picks will be signed and we look forward to trying to get a few others via free agency."

1.14 CB Marquis Robinson - Michigan - What would a draft be without Tim Miller taking a 6 foot CB in the middle of the first round? At least this one has a 4.46 40 time and a 39" vertical. "This probably surprised a number of folks expecting us to go defensive line," explained Miller, "but after free agency, we were reading the mock drafts, especially one by Anthony Fernandez. AF recommended that the Chargers take an extra tall WR because the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders have no height in their secondary. Kinda made us do an internal audit of ourselves."

2.12 DT Michael Brokers - LSU - Why did the Chiefs take this 6'6", 306 pound defensive tackle when only one had been taken previously? "Well, the one we really wanted was Poe but he was already gone in the first round," explained Miller. "We were debating long and hard between Brokers, Fletcher, Long, and Kovac and it just came down to we liked the full package with Brokers. We like his size, his strength, his acceleration and his agility and to us, he was just better than those others."

3.11 LE Bruce Irvin - West Virginia - The Chiefs still need some playmakers at end and the two defensive ends picked up during the offseason are nearing the end of their careers. When the NCAA sack leader was still available in the 3rd round, the Chiefs jumped on it. Irvin is a little smaller than the Chiefs like at only 245 pounds, but he will be heading to the weight room to bulk up right away.

3.20 FB Zach Boren - Ohio State - Best described as having a motor that doesn't quit, this 252 pound bowling ball from the Buckeyes should fit right into the backfield with Jamal Charles and Andrew Luck.

5.2 LOLB Harvey Allen- Mississippi State - Allen isn't a risk to displace Derrick Johnson or Scott Lutrus at OLB, but his speed will be handy on special teams.

6.2 CB Casey Hayward - N/A - Considered a value pick plus the fact that he is 5'11" with a 39" vertical, Hayward was selected because he is taller, faster, and can jump higher than some current cornerbacks currently on the Chiefs.

7.2 LG Lane Taylor - Oklahoma State - Drafted as a roster filler, Taylor will be moved to the tackle position during training camp.

Offseason Training and Conditioning

The Chiefs were extremely pleased after mini camp to find the following improvements to their young players.

QB Andrew Luck - 1 THA (93)
CB Marquis Robinson - 1 JMP (93)

TE Tony Moeaki - 5 INJ (61)
HB Jamaal Charles - 5 INJ (80)

Body Diet
DT Michael Brokers - 10 LBS (316)
ROLB Scott Lutrus - 10 LBS (251)

Training Camp

Even after the above improvements, once players showed up at training camp, 5 of them really excelled.

ROLB Scott Lutrus - +1 ACC (80) - Scott has been working hard ever since being selected by the Chiefs in the 2011 draft. This offseason, he went back to his native Connecticut and chased chickens with hopes of improving his acceleration. The workouts seem to have paid off.

LG Eric Taylor - +1 AGI (54) - Taylor was a selection of Miller's while at Washington and the Chiefs were happy to get him in an offseason trade. Eric hit the gym with a jump rope and at the end of camp, came away with better agility for it.

C Roy Reed - +1 AGI (58) - Another Redskin selection by Miller, Reed worked tirelessly to improve his agility by running full speed through the gym while his kid brother threw dodgeballs at him.

CB Marquis Robinson - +1 SPD (93) - Robinson not only improved his vertical during the offseason, he seems to have benefitted from his first professional minicamp as well. The parachute drill really improved his overall speed.

DT Michael Brokers - +1 STR (94) - As stated above, Brokers added 10 pounds to his frame during the offseason. This seems to have been all muscle as Brokers added 5 reps to his bench press. Brokers attributes the many push ups he had to do during training camp for missing tackles.

Outlook for 2013

"As I have stated previously, I knew we had an excellent foundation for this team when I took over from Olivier," stated Miller. "With past picks and keeping the right players such as Charles, Bowe, Johnson, Flowers, and Berry, and then adding players like Luck and Laurinaitis, Olivier did a great job in my opinion."

Miller continued with, "I think he just had some bad luck and unfortunately the team ended up with only a couple of wins at the end of 2012. At first my goal was just to double the amount of wins in 2013. Then, after a few deals, I began thinking we should set our target at a .500 season. Then, it grew to thinking that we could be AFC West champions. Today, after the draft, I feel so optimistic and I am just looking forward wreaking havoc on the GZL. The Titans kinda laid out the blue print last season, going from the 2nd overall pick to the AFC Conference Championship. So we know it can be done. No reason it cannot be the Chiefs in 2013."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs land 7 in free agency
Chiefs front office honestly surprised

The Chiefs flew in 8 players during free agency, and lo and behold, landed 7 of them.

"We were completely surprised," commented Chiefs GM Tim Miller. "We thought we might get lucky with one or two, but SEVEN? And we gave default bids to all of them."

The Chiefs added a whole offensive and defensive line during free agency.

The newest Chiefs include:

LT Vernon Carey - a 335 32 year old veteran with good strength, agility and acceleration. Carey is best classified as a mentor who can still play. Carey has had 275 pancakes while only giving up 7 sacks over the past three seasons.

RG Jake Scott - also 32 years old and sitting at 295 pounds, Scott is another veteran who can move. Again excellent agility and acceleration comes with Scott. Scott had his best season last year only giving up 2 sacks for the Titans.

RG Stephen Neal - The Chiefs didn't mean to sign two guards. Miller admitted they only went after the 35 year old Neal because they did not think they would get Scott with a minimum bid but they welcomed Neal to town and may play him at left guard.

LE Williams Hayes - The Chiefs needed a lot of help on the defensive line and went after both tackles and defensive ends. They missed out on Julius Peppers but landed Hayes. The Chiefs like Hayes speed and acceleration and should be an improvement over the position from last year.

DT Alan Branch - The Chiefs went looking for big strong guys to plug up the middle of the line and let their talented linebackers do their job. They feel like they found one in Branch, a strong 330 pound tackle with decent acceleration.

DT Paul Soliai - Along the same lines as Branch, the Chiefs didn't expect to land a brute like Soliai. 344 pound linemen that can do bench presses all day long are not a frequent occurrence in this league and the Chiefs are happy to have Branch and Soliai.

HB Danny Woodhead - Best classified as a perfect backup for Jamal Charles, the Chiefs made a last minute offer to Woodhead and got an acceptance. Woodhead comes in knowing his role but will also allow the Chiefs to maintain their offense if something happens to Charles.

As stated previously, this many acceptances surprised the Chiefs and forced them to make some difficult decisions.

The Chiefs had to release 3 more players to make cap room for the new players.

In another cap decision, the Chiefs sent their second first round pick, the 19th overall, to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for the Bills 2013 first round pick and the 20th pick in the third round of this year's draft.

So the good news is that the Chiefs now have 3 first round picks in the 2013 draft.

However, Chiefs fans look at the talen of this year's class and have to hope next year's draft comes somewhere close. Plus they hope that the top 5 pick in 2013 isn't from the Chiefs but either the Bills or the Browns.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs get huge via the trade...
Chiefs add TE, DT and swap WR, FS

In further moves coming out of Kansas City...

Chiefs fans will hardly recognize the 2013 Chiefs after this week. Oh sure Andrew Luck, Jamal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, James Laurinitis, Derek Johnson, and Eric Berry will be back.

But some interesting trades this week have changed the landscape in KC. And in terms of targets for Andrew Luck, the Chiefs got huge...

First, the Chiefs traded 3.2 to the Dolphins for 6'6" extremely athletic TE Jimmy Graham. Graham, a former basketball player in college, brings speed, agility, acceleration, and a jumping ability that is out of this world. Graham reminds a lot of KC personnel of Tony Gonzales. It is unclear where Graham will fit with the talented Tony Moeaki already on the roster, but the Chiefs will work on that.

Next, the Jaguars came a calling asking for disgruntled WR Laurent Robinson and talented young FS Robert Brooks. The Jaguars offered 3.11, experienced FS Chip Vaugh, and the monster WR Malcolm Floyd. Floyd stands at 6'5" with a jump that is out of this world. Between Graham and Floyd, if Luck gets in trouble near the end zone, he should be able to throw it up near the goal posts and expect one of these giants to catch it.

In the final move of the day, the Chiefs went to the Cardinals and, after some tricky negotiating, sent 3.25 to the Cardinals for young DT Kentwan Balmer. The Chiefs really liked his combination of size, strength, agility, and acceleration. And his contract wasn't too bad either.

"We are extremely happy with the players and picks that we picked up today and cannot wait for the 2013 season to start!" exclaimed Chiefs GM Tim Miller.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs trade 1.5!
Chiefs Fans Ask WTF?

This just in from Arrowhead.

The Chiefs just announced a trade sending the 5th overall pick in this year's draft and the Chiefs 7th round pick in the 2014 draft to Cleveland!

Chiefs' fans are shaking their heads while visions of a top flight WR or DE evaporate like water in the the Phoenix sunshine. They are grudgingly waiting to hear what was received in return.

The Browns send 1.14 in this year's draft, their first in next year's draft and WRKR specialist Joshua Cribbs. Cribbs just turned 30 this past offseason but still has incredible agility and acceleration and jumping for a 6'1" receiver.

The Chiefs' offices have not returned calls since making the announcement.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Still Making Moves
Chiefs add 3 but cut many...

This is Jack Hoff and Chiefs GM Tim Miller at the Hooters in Overland Park talking about the 2013 Chiefs.

JH: Tim, welcome to the show.
TM: Thanks Jack. Pleasure is all mine.

JH: Busy week for the Chiefs
TM: Yes had to make some tough choices. We had crept up to under $10M in cap space and, with this free agent market, we wanted some room. But we also made some trades that I think Chiefs fans will like.

JH: Such as?
TM: We just made a deal with the Texans to bring in Will Smith, a nasty defensive end that will really upgrade the position for us. With 6 sacks last year, that tied our team high and doubled any other defensive lineman's sacks from the 2012 Chiefs.

JH: Sounds great! Anything else?
TM: Well, I went back to some of my Redskin picks from the past couple of years and made a move to bring over a couple of young linemen in center Roy Reed and LG Eric Taylor. I always liked those guys and think they have an opportunity to really grow into some good players for us. It also helped us salary cap wise because we sent talented guard Andre Smith to Washington in exchange.

JH: Sounds like a good foundation. Now you have made a LOT of cuts. What is up with that?
TM: Well, we were fortunate that Oliver R did not sign these guys to big signing bonuses but some of their salaries for their talent levels seemed a bit high. So we have cut or let go of 15 players that were Chiefs last season. With all of these moves, we now have nearly $16M in cap room but only a little over $2.36M in cap penalties for next season.

JH: What are you going to do with that room?
TM: Well, we are going to go after some free agents, Jack. Plus, with the draft coming up next weekend, we needed some cap room for them as well.

JH: Any hints on where you are leaning with the 5th overall pick? Especially since you only have about 34 people currently on the roster?
TM: Tough decisions. We would not be opposed to turning the 5th into multiple picks. We currently have 4 picks in the top 66 picks. Would not mind turning that into more.

JH: Well good luck.
TM: Thanks Jack. Now time for some shots! And to consult with some of my Hooters "advisors".

This has been Jack Hoff reporting.
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Arrowhead Analysis: Chiefs Offseason Update
Tradin', buildin', and hirin'

Chiefs GM Tim Miller confirmed today that the Chiefs first round pick, the second overall, had indeed been traded.

Chiefs fans, aware of what happened with the top overall pick last year in Washington, groaned in anticipation of some ancient lineman or raw rookie being signed.

Instead, they are a little bit happier today as the Chiefs traded 1.2 for 1.5 and 1.19.

"We have a team very close to being very, very good," explained Miller. "We felt like we could slide back to 1.5 and still get a top quality player while picking a second top 20 player at 1.19. We were offered the deal by the Jaguars and accepted immediately."

The Chiefs also announced today that star MLB James Laurinaitis came to terms and signed a long term deal right before the Super Bowl.

"We are also pleased to announce some renovations happening right now at Arrowhead that will be ready in time for the season," grinned Miller. "We are adding a high fidelity sound system and a super screen for our loyal fans. And there will be no increase in ticket prices this year."

Finally Miller announced some staffing moves.

"We hired a new training staff, Betterment Clinic. Much more qualified than last year's staff and should keep our players where they belong, on the field," continued Miller.

Finally the Chiefs announced A. Lowry would be hired as the new special teams coach. With Ryan Succop and Dustin Colquitt as the kickers, this job is about as tough as being a weatherman in Phoenix.

The Chiefs have also extended max offers to all three restricted free agents and expect them to be back in Kansas City this season.

The Chiefs have also reportedly been in talks with the Raiders that may bring another early second round pick to KC.

This has been Jack Hoff reporting
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Arrowhead Analysis: Miller in as new GM
Miller introduced as GM

The Kansas City Chiefs have introduced Tim Miller as their new GM following the resignation of Olivier Ratajczak. Miller previously was with the Washington Redskins but left the league midway through the 2012 season. Rumors for Miller's departure range from being busted with a spycam in the cheerleaders' lockerroom to drugs to anger management to...

Ratajczak leaves KC with an overall record of 15-33 and an AFC West record of 3-15.

The Chiefs will have the 3rd overall pick in the upcoming draft.

"I am pleased to return to the league, especially to Kansas City," commented Miller at his opening press conference. "I was born here in Kansas City and I have been a Chiefs fan ever since. So when this opportunity came about, I had to dig deep to see if I had the energy for it because I intend on making KC a winner again."

This has been Jack Hoff reporting
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Overall Record L1 1-6-0
Points Scored/Game 32nd 15.0
Total Offense/Game 17th 348.1
Pass Offense/Game 16th 237.3
Rush Offense/Game 15th 110.9
Points Allowed/Game 14th 22.7
Total Defense/Game 18th 351.7
Pass Defense/Game 8th 212.3
Rush Defense/Game 29th 139.4
Turnover Diff 15th +1

vs Browns : Lost 10-17
vs Raiders : Won 23-16
at Chargers :Lost 10-23



Because if this does not turn the other way quick, KC is heading for his second 1.1 in three years of GZL.

The story is simple : KC run is now average and does not produc like last year, while the pass is progressing but not enough. thus, the offensive scoring is low.
On defense the pass D is still elite but the lack of TO and pressure/sacks leave the team subject to plays that can preven them from giving the ball back enough for th offense. The run D is weak, and Mangini is still at pains to find the good mix for the DL.
Forum Discussion (by O_Ratajczak on 03/05/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 8

Overall Record L4 0-4-0
Points Scored/Game 32nd 15.5
Total Offense/Game 18th 350.8
Pass Offense/Game 18th 229.3
Rush Offense/Game 14th 121.5
Points Allowed/Game 21st 25.8
Total Defense/Game 22nd 379.5
Pass Defense/Game 20th 245.3
Rush Defense/Game 25th 134.3
Turnover Diff 22nd -1

at Steelers : Lost 7-31
vs Broncos : Lost 18-24
vs Ravens : Lost 10-20
at Broncos : Lost 27-28


The word is frustration !!!
The team can't seem to get it done !

The rush offense is good but not dominating like last year, the pass is still struggling even if it has torn apart several times. The defense is the shadow of last year : no pressure, 4 sacks only, and it suffered a major blow with DE McDonald, one important piece brought this offseason, is out for the year.
WR Laurent Robinson is also out again with injury, and the staff is regretting to have matched the offer by the Bears in the UFa period : despite his talent, Robinson won't be the same after 2 years of injury.

The most heartbreaking is that the team can't keep up things : against the Broncos they could not keep the score after gaining a 24-7 lead at the half, loosing 27-28 with the Donkeys returning a pick 6, and against teh Ravens, the game was mainly decided by a KO returned for TD.
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Owner and GM Adress Press :: 12/26/2011

Today, the topmost brains of the KC CHiefs Franchise, Owner Clarck Hunt and GM Olivier Ratajczak, adressedn to the press about that soon to start 2012 season.

This 2012 season, seen as a could-be-a-real-turning-point one, will be launched with 4 weeks of PS, in which the heads will give a look at the last look at players to give the final shaping of the roster. The starters are locked now, it can't be other way within 4 weeks of the real business.

They annouced the last UFA signings to reach the 50 players roster GZL impose to have. They are :

- MLB Jacob Cutrera
- OLB Spencer Adkins
- OG Eric Olsen
- OT Alex Boone
- WR Wallace Wright
- WR Jaymar Johnson
- DT Marcus Harrison
- CB Cassius Vaughn
- FS Shann Schillinger

The goal is obviously the AFC West title and a playoffs spot. As so, they wanted to asset the basis on defense, a Defense in which the 2011 best players remain, and in which some pieces have been added to take it to the sky. They spoke about how crucial were the trading for DE McDonalds and MLB Vilma.

On offense, HC Martz will look to make progress with Luck, while still focusing the strengh of the Chiefs : the run. The idea is not to goo pass wacky, but to keep defenses honets and to sharpen the talent of Andrew Luck. The vital part will be the OL who lost two starters in OT Branden ALbert (who played OG in 2011) and OG Brian Waters.
To replace them, OT Asamoah will play LG, while ex-Bengals Smith (whom the Chiefs got + a 3rd pick for Albert) will play RG.

There was no starting LU annouced, but the projected starters are :

QB - Andrew Luck
HB - Jamaal Charles
FB - Ahmad Hall
LT - Jared Veldheer
LG - Jon Asamoah
C - Eric Heitmann
RG - Andre Smith
RT - Mark Tauscher
WR - Dwayne Bowe / Laurent Robinson
TE - Tony Moaeki

RE - Clinton McDonald
NT - Fred Nelson
LE - Tyson Jackson
ROLB - Scott Lutrus
ILB - James Laureanitis / Johnathan Vilma
LOB - Derrick Johnson
CB - Scott Flowers / Shareece Wright
FS - Robert Brooks
SS - Eric Berry

The captains have been annouced and are QB Andrew Luck, MLB James Laureanitis and CB Brandon Flowers.
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17th in points allowed, 2nd in total defense, 5th in pass defense, 8th in run defense, 18th in sacks with 35, 10th in TO with 26, 1st in red zone defense (43 attempts by offenses for only 17 Tds and 12 Fgs), and league best lower QB rating allowed, the Chiefs defense was a main factor for this 8-8 record that saw them flirting with the playoffs. The acquisition of James Laureanitis as MLB was the step forward, above all in run, to make it more than respectable. Indeed, this defense was feared league wide.

The Chiefs offense was mid-ranking : 17th overall, 16th in pass and 13th in running. But what killed this offense were the turnovers, and the scoring, as they hit the 23th rank. Rookie QB Luck was inconsistent, and hurt a couples of times, and it felt onfield. HB Charles had an excellent year apart fumbling. Scores and TOs are surely the focus for this camp.

2011 MVP'S

Respectively, on defense James Laureanitis, and on offense Jamaal Charles. Both players took the team ahead, and produce big time for the franchise.

2011 MIP'S

REspectively, on defense Tyson Jackson, who went from nearly cut to a pro-bowl season, posting a 12 sacks season, and on offense Jamaal Charles who more than doubled his Tds, and gained .80 on average yards per carry.


Andrew Luck, despite some flaws, was also a reason the Chiefs reamained competitive in games. He completed more than 55% of his passes for a 12/13 Tds on Ints ratio, for 2587 yards. Good for a 70+ Qb rating. OLB Scott Lutrus started every game, and collected 52 tkl and 7 sacks. Both Strong versus the run and in pass coverage, he's clearly the best draft pick of the 2011 draft so far.

2012 Draft
1st and 2nd were delt in 2011 offseason to acquire MLB James Laureanitis
3rd was delt to acquire LE McDonald
4.17 = LT Derek Sherrod :: projected OG
5th was delt to acquire RT Mark Tauscher
6th was delt along 2013 2nd to acquire MLB Johnathan Vilma
7.17 = C Jackie Crawford :: Bakc-up center with some upside

The Chiefs let go DE Glenn Dorsey, OG Brian Waters and MLB Demorrio Williams for cap reason.
They acquired, via trade, MLB Johnathan Vilma to give another boost to that great group of Lbs, and DE Clinton McDonald to play RE in the Mangini system.


The main goal in camp will be to go ahead on defense and become the #1 defense in GZL. After becoming more repsectable versus the run, the goal now is to become better.
The strengh will of course be the Lbs were Chiefs defenseive rookie of the year Scott Lutrus will play along three all pro in James Laureanitis, Johnathan Vilma and Derrick Johnson. Already in camp, those 4 are showing how beastly they can play together.
On the DL, rookie Fred Nelson did very good. His work will be to keep his play up. He's no flashy NT, but his presence was also a factor for the pro bowl season of Tyson JAckson. Already, RE McDonald is showing why it was easy to send a 3rd to the Saints for him. He has tremendous motor, as had Dorsey, but the difference will be his speed. No mor the qbs or Rbs will be able to escape Jackson rolling to their left side.

On offense there's a lot of work : Luck has been inconsistent, and as so, Hc Todd Haley was replaced by offensive artist Mike Martz, responsible for the development of Kurt Warner and Jay Cutler among others. The key will be to make him take a huge step forward. The other key will also be the play of the OL with a lot of moves, as OT Albert is rumored to go to the Bangals for a 2013 3rd and OT Andre Smith. Smith will play OG surely, and RT will be played by Tauscher who surely will solidify a weak spot in 2011.
Jamaal Charles wil also be working on continuing his succes running, without putting much ball on the ground.
Dwayne Bowe will look to be agin the dominant WR he was in 2010.


OG : Andre Smith Vs Dereck Sherrod Vs Max Unger Vs Jon Asamoah
4 guys for two spots, albeit some out play C Heitman. It will be crucial with the OT starters entrenched. Asamoah should win one spot due to the knowing of the PB. Unger as the edge as of know for his skills and GP knowledge, but his lack of STR can be a decesive factor for who to play.

C : Eric Heitmann Vs Dereck Sherrod Vs Max Unger
Heitman as the spot for now, but depending the decision at OG, he can face competition during the season.


The goal now is to dethrone the Raiders of the AFC West title, and as so make the playoffs. The ambition is high, and the Chiefs want to continue the 2011 working : to asset the success with a dominant defense. If the offense can score more, above all in the red zone, there should be more than 8 wins in 2012.
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The Chiefs have yet to make a pick, their first being in the third (3.17) - for memory : they sent their 2012 1st and 2nd to the Rams last pre-season to acquire MLB Laureanaitis, who is certainly a big factor for the team being rang in the top 10 defense - but they've already made a splash wiht their 2013 draft.

Indeed, the Chiefs and Saints reached agreement as followed :

Chiefs send 2013 2nd + 2012 6th
Saints send 2013 5th + MLB Jonathan Vilma

Vilma, 30, is going to be paired with Laureanitis to be a league fearsome duo inside the 3-4 defense Mangini will continue to play. The reasoning according team officials is that, with an interogation mark at RE after cutting viable Dorsey, it is important to reinforce the LBs. Demorrio Williams has been resigned to a 1 year 5 millions contract, and was playing MLB #2. That's expensive a back-up now, and he's now on the block.

With Laureanitis, Vilma, Derrick Johnson and promosing second year Lutrus, the Chiefs can field one on the better LB starters of the GZL.
The emphasis is clear : the Chiefs defense plans to be better, and with the Chargers new toys, that is not a luxury. But somewhat : good luck to any QB if the Chiefs send and all out LB blitz !!!


Other draft news : The Chiefs again (!!) agreed to terms with NO to the following deal :

Chiefs send 2012 3.17
Saints send LE Clinton McDonald

McDonald, somawhat similary skilled as Dorsey, but with more speed, will surely play the RE spot in the Chiefs defense. His Awr may be a concern, but he should not be a drop off talent and production opposite Pro-Bowler Tyson Jackson.



4.17 :: LT Derek Sherrod - - Miss. State

Pros : Already good blocker (PBK=82 RBK=84) he has an excellent first step (ACC=71) and his very mobile on his feet (AGI=64). His size, 6'5 will also be a positive factor inside the trenches
Cons : Lacks ideal speed (SPD=50), STR is below the norm (88) but workable, and needs to spend time on the film room and blackboard (AWR=56)
Chiefs future : Possibly OG or C due to his lack of speed which should be worked with TC allocations. There's a risk/reward with the skew, notably on speed, which is a concern.
Forum Discussion (by O_Ratajczak on 12/14/2011) Replies - 4 :: Views - 89

With the draft some days ahead, the Chiefs are making the last moves before being locked in the war room. With no picks before the third round, the Chiefs are expecting to draft for depth. As so the, the FA period should be seen as crucial as any other.


Recently as today, the Chiefs realeased DE Glenn Dorsey, and OG Brian Waters. Mostly those vets were cut for cap reasons, as insiders are being heard voicing some contract talks with some names out of the pre draft UFA, and that they're making cap to retain those who may hear sirens from other teams.


K Ryan Succop has been tendered and will be restructured, while FB Armhad Hall has been franchised. They also resigned P Dustin Colquitt to a 3 years stint. The Chiefs are also in talks to sign James Laureanitis to a long term contract.


The Chiefs sent a 5th round DP to the Packers for RT Mark Tauscher, who will play that very spot next season. RT has been a so so spot, whether Branden Albert or Jareed Veldheer could not give the stability expected by the coaches. Tauscher may be one year fix, but with his mentor role he may give a hint or two for another to take the needed progression to stabilize that crucial spot.
AS so, whether OT Asamoah or Veldheer would move to OG, with Asamoah being the favored as he played this position in college.


The Chiefs felt they needed a serious push in the offense. They were average and Luck was inconsistent and frustrating as he played like the second coming of Peyton Manning, and the next like Trent Dilfer. As so, off are Todd Haley and Chelie Weiss. Unfortunately, the Chiefs could not retain Romeo Crennel as DC. They also fired the Training staff, whom they felt were a reason for the amount of injuries.

So the new faces are (in chronological orders for the pics) HC Mike Martz, OC Dan Henning, DC Eric Mangini.
Martz is know for the developing of Kurt Warner, and his innovative plays on offense. He's in to care and developp Luck. Henning is famous for his running offense, and with Charles coming of a career season, this should pay dividend. Mangini wil try to follow his mentor and to keep the Chiefs as a top 5 defense.
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CHIEFS 2011 Q4

Overall Record 8-8-0
Points Scored/Game 23rd 22.4
Total Offense/Game 17th 355.9
Pass Offense/Game 16th 225.6
Rush Offense/Game 13th 130.4
Points Allowed/Game 16th 23.1
Total Defense/Game 2nd 313.2
Pass Defense/Game 5th 200.9
Rush Defense/Game 8th 112.3
Turnover Diff 25th -5

14 vs Dolphins : Won 24-16
15 at Bills : Lost 23-35
16 at Saints : Won 13-9
17 vs Chargers : Lost 17-24

A brief tem news as the GM is on holidays bathing in jacuzy with view to the Corsican mountains.

The Chiefs nearly made their bet to get into postseason, as to begin the last quarter they sat at 6-6. Running the table and the Raiders with some fall out, would make them division champ, and post season team. Unfortunately, they went 2-2 in the quarter and finished at 8-8, at least a winning record.

The Chiefs finished with one of the better defense and this is a strong cornerstone to build on. Luck learns from his rookie mistakes and the Chiefs may dispute the Raiders next season.

This is another story to be told later.
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CHIEFS 2011 Q3

Overall Record W3 6-6-0
Points Scored/Game 22nd 23.4
Total Offense/Game 7th 369.8
Pass Offense/Game 15th 233.4
Rush Offense/Game 9th 136.4
Points Allowed/Game 16th 23.8
Total Defense/Game 8th 330.2
Pass Defense/Game 8th 207.3
Rush Defense/Game 10th 122.9
Turnover Diff 21st -3

at Chargers : Lost 17-21
at Panthers : Won 21-16
vs Falcons : Won 20-13
vs Patriots : Won 20-13


After dropping another game to a divison rival, after dominating the first half, the Chiefs are rolling on a 3 games winning streak that saw them beat the AFC powerhouse Patriots. The Chiefs are winning because of their defense that can sack and create turn overs. Indeed, the players of this quarter are LE Tyson Jackson and CB Brandon Flowers (pictured above). JAckson had 4 of his 9 sack record in this quarter, meanwhile Flowers had 4 of his 6 TO. The Chiefs climbed up in the top 10 defense versus the pass and the run, and have downed the points allowed to be a mid-ranked team. Enough to compensate Luck who plays like ... a rookie, showing the monster QB he can be on occasion, and others throwing the pick to a defender who's covering no one, and Jamaal Charles, who despite srong running, has not seen the end zone in three games.

The ambition for the last quarter, is to get past the injury bug that still poisoned the Chiefs, as now WR Robinson is out for five weeks (Moaeki still out for three), and the aim is a .500 season. That means to win at least 2 of the last four against Miami, Buffalo, New Orleans and San Diego. Not an easy task but the momentum is there to surf on.
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CHIEFS 2011 Q2

Overall Record W1 3-5-0
Points Scored/Game 13th 25.4
Total Offense/Game 5th 387.8
Pass Offense/Game 6th 248.4
Rush Offense/Game 9th 139.4
Points Allowed/Game 27th 27.8
Total Defense/Game 18th 354.1
Pass Defense/Game 12th 216.1
Rush Defense/Game 24th 138.0
Turnover Diff 12th +1

vs Buccaneers : Lost 42-45
at Broncos : Lost 24-37
vs Broncos : Lost 24-28
vs Raiders : Won 33-28


The players of this quarter are HB Jamaal Charles, for 3 yards short of 1.000 yards at season half (and 9 TDs); and Rookie LB Scott Lutrus who was shining hig with Int and sack.

Offensively, the Chiefs are a top 10 offense at running and passing. Croyle had it good replacing Luck, and Luck did not miss a bit after his injury. Bowe and TE Moaeki are the prime targes, but WR Laurent Robinson, freshly traded in through the Texans for WR McCluster, is becoming a trusted option.

Defensively, the Chiefs is a middle of the pack defense, still paying for some horrendous games versus the run of the first quarter. The DO NEED to improve the scoring defense, because as it is now, allwing a FG instead of TD per game would do the trick to make them a winner and not a looser by short margin.

The injury bug is still out as, with CB Brandon Carr poised to return within a week, TE Moaeki is now injured for 6 weeks. The GZL jury is still out wether or not to sanction Raiders Michael Huff who blindsidely block Moaeki during a ST play, for as a resulted he fell hard on his ebow, and dislocated it.
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CHIEFS 2011 Q1

Overall Record L2 2-2-0
Points Scored/Game 23rd 20.0
Total Offense/Game 22nd 335.0
Pass Offense/Game 16th 222.3
Rush Offense/Game 20th 112.8
Points Allowed/Game 14th 21.0
Total Defense/Game 21st 351.0
Pass Defense/Game 6th 195.0
Rush Defense/Game 29th 156.0
Turnover Diff 12th +1

at Jets : Won 19-13
at Browns : Won 30-27
vs Texans : Lost 10-20
at Raiders : Lost 21-24


The team is again a top ten pass D and low end run D. It's maybe time to change that 3-4 D or to adapt it. But the main even of this quarter is that now QB Andrew Luck is out 4 weeks with knee bursitis, and that will affect the comming results. Luck has been out of the last two games a,d while Brodie did good, Andrew would have given the chiefs more possibilities to win the games against the Texans and Raiders.
But no need to be bitter about this. Going to week 5, the Chiefs are a lot better than last year, as theyr are at .500, and for some events could have reached the 2010 record of wins in this quarter. The offense isn't producing huge stats but keep opponents honest. They want to protect Luck, but it's time to unleash him; well once he gets back on the turf.

The work for the coaches will be to work that OL to keep Luck onfield, and to make amend with that run D. Good fortune depend on this.
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2011 Chiefs :: Starting season GM Press Conference

This season will be a step forward, and this I promise the fans. We all here, wether we're players, coaches, staff members, managers, are commited to make the team better. And as so we had decisions starting back to off-season to shape a roster as we feel it the best to take back that proud franchise to winnings ways. Players have worked tremendously, rookies are showing strong maturation, as you can see so far in those pre-season games, the coaches are designing the best schemes to play to our strengh, and in the front office, we are working on the edge to keep that team a long way together.

Because sincerely, this team is full of talent and built to last. All those transactions made between the end of week 17 to now are made of this core idea. That was hard to let Matt goes, and not because he goes to Oakland, but because MAtt is a special person, a great QB and character. He'll be missed around here, but we can't keep a player against his will. I wish him good luck for the future, and I am looking forward to meet him again this season - at least twice.

Andrew [Luck] comes in here as the first round pick of our draft, and as the first overall in that first ever GZL draft. Don't let be fooled : Andrew is competing with Brodie for the starting spot, and seeing what we see in pre-season we're all confident that those two can lead an elite offense and score and win us games. You saw it last year : we're a good and balance offense. We don't produce stats like the Chargers did, but this offense does not loos us games. I won't say our defense did. We loose as a whole. But we do have work on some key areas like consistency and focus. This is mainly linked to character, and we feel our defense needed a shot of this, particulary in the front seven. That's why we send future picks to St Louis for James [Laurinaitis]. He'll pair fantastically with Demorrio, and he'll be s teady presence inside.

As you have noticed, we won't be afraid to start rookies this season, like we did last year. Scott Lutrus, Robert Brooks, Fred Nelson are showing more than we thought they would during pre-season. Heck, that's not full speed GZL football, but they certainly don't look like the rookie coming out of the last rain.

Others like Emmanuel Moody, Shareece Wright, Gary Murphy are also a strong consideration to play a lot in the rotation. That's good, because we know we have young talents that can keep the heat off starters, and this will help boost the team forward.

Without listing everyone, that'd be too long a speech I am afraid and sorry of it, I'd like to saluate everyone who joins us in the off-season. They adapted well to the system and are a tremendous plus for this team going in the right direction.

In the end, thank you fans for keeping faith in us and our program. We're not far from being a very good team. That won't be easy nonetheless. We have work to do, and your support is key to us in for the ambition we're riding here in the KC Chiefs facilities. There's still one pre-sason game left to play, a full season then and hoepfully the playoffs. Keep that support up, because this driving passion of yours will surely be the this little difference that will iginite and spark the results. You're the twelth player. Don't forget that.

Thank you.
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A crucial year has begun with the off season activities and this 2011 training camp in River Falls, for this kind of brand new Chiefs.
Indeed, major changes and strides have been made under the Ratajczak/Haley program, none more jaw-breaking than trading your starting Qb to Rivals Raiders, and drafting the maybe next Peyton Manning in Andrew Luck.

The year is also pivotal because the team can only go higher than 4-12, but Luck won't solve everything, because whil a lot better than Croyle, Croyle put up good numbers last year. No, the real success will come or be flushed away with the run defense.

The offense needs to get better at balancing the calls, and keep the opponent's defense in check, and for this, Jamaal Charles needs to get more carries. The lack of rushing TDs from the goal line was also a decisive factor of the losses, and that pity when you see how close some losses were, and that a rushing TD instead of a FG would have given the win.



HB Thomas Jones


Chiefs send QB Matt Cassel to the Raiders for LT Jared Veldheer

Chiefs send 2012 1st and 2nd for Rams MLB James Laurinaitis :: Pending league approval


C Eric Heitmann

*Jones was let go because of cap space and regression, while once the Chiefs were settled that the best leverage, after all offers came down for 1.1, was to draft Luck, Cassel was available for trade. He goes to the Raiders, but htere's no harm in this has the PB for thoe offense will be reshaped to fit Luck's skills. In exchange, the Chiefs gor a young promising OT that will probably play the RT position, allowing Albert to move to his natural position at OG.
* With Wiegmann retiring, and with no real experienced center to anchor an OL who will protect a rookie QB, need was to get someone who Luck will trust blindfoldy.
* The Chiefs were at heart to add top notch talent at MLB, and without any shot at a top MLB or OLB prospect in the draft, they phoned the Rams for Laurinaitis. He'll be more than welcome to command the defense and improve a run defense that lacked a real playmaker of his caliber.


1.1 QB Andrew Luck
2.1 CB Shareece Wright
3.1 LOLB Scott Lutrus
4.1 SS Robert Brooks
5.1 NT Fred Nelson
6.1 SS Gary Murphy
7.1 HB Emmanuel Moody

The Chiefs grabbed their now QB of the future with Luck, a once in a decade player at his position, and several boosting players for the secondary and the front 7. Hopefully that will payof, notably for the run defense.


Position battles
Kendrick Lewis Vs Robert Brooks Vs Gary Murphy - . - Starting FS
Lewis did a godd job last year, but his flaws were at times exposed, and notably his lack of elite SPD/ACC. Brooks and Murphy are ahead of him in those areas, and are much tougher than him. But Lewis has good CTH and TKL and knows the PB better. As of now, it i up to how camp will end, but for sure the safeties spot have now a good rotation with the two rookies capable of playing both FS and SS.

Jared Veldheer Vs Jon Asamoah Vs Branden Albert - . - Starting OT's
Asamoh did good, playing at LT and the transition from LG was made easily. Albert, moving to RT had a more difficult year, and is expected to move to OG, albeit he keeps his job ahead of Asamoah or Veldheer.

Ron Edwards Vs Fred Nelson - . - Starting NT
Edwards lacks ideal size for a true NT, and with a good camp, Fred Nelson may take his job. Up to the veteran to show the staff he's the man.

JAvier Arenas Vs Shareece Wright - . - NCB
Arenas lacks ideal speed but his AWR may prove to be the difference in keeping his spot against rookie Wright who has the speed for him. But no matter what, look for both to compete well and take the play up at NCB.


Are elected as team captains :
WR Dwayne Bowe
CB Brandon Flowers
MLN James Laurinaitis, if trade approved by the league.

Key point at practise

1* Play and play Luck :
Luck is smart but he needs to pace up to catch quikly as he will start from day 1.

2* Involves the run more :
Charles should feed on more carries, and the Chiefs need to develop a better run at the goal line for score. A brusing back is so sought by the staff, and a must need.

3* Work the run defense :
If the Chief can be around 15th in run defense that'd be a huge boost for a .500 or better record. The pass may suffer a bit of this, but the secondary is talented enough to be up to the task. Improving the LBs is also a need, and in order to give speed on the outside, Tamb Hali may shit inside, and Williams will playthe ROLB. It is also now clear that the Chiefs have agreed on a trade to land one of the better MLB of the league, but we are now not allowed to communicate any further informations.

All in all, the Chiefs are surely on the right path, and this season is vital to the overall progression of the team. But whatever happens, GO CHIEFS !

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By : KC Sports Scout.

This is a draft when you have multiple first and seconds when you can take a huge step forward. The Chiefs don't have that luxury. They just have the first picks of each round, and they suld draft wisely to take a serious step forward.

Here comes your Chiefs 2011 draft recap as it unfolds.

1.1 QN Andrew Luck

Scouting Report
Mature beyond his experience level, a real competitor on the gridiron. Luck displays remarkable poise in the pocket, while maintaining the ability to elude tacklers and make throws on the run. He has excellent arm strength and can make off balance throws look effortless. At the same time, he can anticipate well and consistently helps his receivers by throwing a very catchable ball, allowing his target to take the pass in stride. A quick thinker who doesnít make mental errors that result in interceptions. As a leader, he is a seemingly humble star who doesnít revel in the limelight. A truly phenomenal prospect. Most definitely, Andrew Luck is a tough as nails, throw-back kind of QB who takes after his mentor and coach Jim Harbaugh. He blocks, scrambles, takes hits all to help his team.

Luck is the best QB of this draft and the best prospect overall. Once we got known that Cassel was delt, Luck immediately was the lock at 1.1, even if for some keeping Cassel and drafting CB Peterson would have been the best move. But all in all, Luck will be the Chiefs Peyton Manning, and that is way beyond a CB.

2.1 CB Shareece Wright

Scouting Report
Impressive athlete with top-end speed. Looks very smooth in coverage. Can turn and run with any receiver. Made major strides in his senior year. Plays relatively physical for his size; doesnít back down from bigger, stronger receivers. Weaknesses: Questionable character. Charged with resisting arrest in 2008. Academically ineligible for entire 2009 regular season. Missed all but two games in 2008 with a fractured neck. Very little experience; only a full-time starter for one year. Slightly undersized. Doesnít offer much in run support. Comments: Wright is a tough player to grade. He started the first two games of the 2008 season as a sophomore, but then didnít play again until USCís bowl game following the 2009 season. He clearly has NFL talent, but thereís very little quality film on him. What he does have, however, is athleticism and speed which you canít teach. He should still be a mid-round pick and has the upside to potentially develop into a starter. If he falls out of the top 100 it will likely be due to questions about his character and injuries.

Wright may be a reach due to his AWR and points at CTH and TKL, but he was the ultimate CB with decent speed. And Speed is what is lacking in the Chiefs secondary. Under Brandon Flowers tutelage, he should blossom, and there's not enough competition with Carr and Arenas to bring on.

3.1 LOLB Scott Lutrus

Scouting Report
Lutrus [has the] range and mentality for the strong side outside linebacker position in the NFL. Could turn into a starter down the line if he can become a more productive player on third down, both in coverage and rushing the passer, and avoid the injury bug. Displays good awareness and flashes the ability to make plays from side[line]-to-sideline against the run. Doesn't shed blocks quick enough, but can hold his ground and set the edge. Shows good effort rushing the passer but needs to add some moves and use his hands more. Still developing in coverage and appears to be able to make improvements in that area. Mid-round prospect.

The scout here in KC sport Scout, thought better to get a MLB as Demorro Williams is aging, and was a better need to couple him with another player inside, than giving more on the outside. But that was before knowing that the Chiefs have a deal in place for a MLB, and that they're seeking a suitor for Hali. This said, Lurus he's a smart OLB who needs a bit of time to develop, but he can become a good develpment with more speed. Will need time to shred smat blockers as his -80 AGI indicates, but with time he'll be a very good player.

4.1 SS Robert Brooks

Scouting Report

Speed at safety was a need, but with a so-so class, i would have been a reach to draft one before the 4th round except for the best ones, whom they couldnot. They so draft Brooks who gives speed and size at the position, and will surely play FS where Kendrick Lewis did good but was too often burnt by speed WR, or jammed by TE's. Lack ideal STR and AGI, but with Eric Berry roaming around, what Crennel will ask him fills his skills best. Not a sexy pick, but he's a huge upgrade.

5.1 NT Fred Nelson

Scouting Report

In a draft very limited in true NT, Price was thought to be taken higher by some NT needy teams, one of which being the Chiefs with shaun Smith and Ron Edwards being aging and limited in physicals attribute to fully play the anchor that is a NT in a 3-4 defense. The Chiefs resisted to draft him early and in the fifth round is perfectly spoted. Needs speed and some conditionning, as well as some football 101, but his massive frame should be what his needed to give more room to the LBs to roam, and the DE to be more effective. Hopefully, he could plud some space on the run D, where the Chiefs stunk so much last season.

6.1 SS Gary Murphy

Scouting Report

Murphy was a name the Chiefs had on thei lips earlier, but his lack of ideal size and CTH ability made him slip. Glad now they are to grab in at 6.1. Murphy comes in to complete a great rotation with Brooks and Berry, and brings competiton for the FS spot. HE may compensate his lack of size with his AGI where Brooks is quite limited. Really nice depth pick here.

7.1 HB Emmanuel Moody

Scouting Report
Positive: Relatively creative runner who's never lived up to expectations. Quick footed, elusive, and displays the ability to sidestep defenders. Makes opponents miss in the open field. Reads the blitz and picks up blocking assignments, squaring into defenders. Solid receiver out of the backfield who adjusts to the errant throw and extends to make the catch away from his frame.
Negative: More quick than fast. Marginally productive throughout his college career.
Analysis: Moody was a highly rated prospect who had an impressive freshman season at USC before watching his career level off. He has enough skill to be a situational ball carrier/third-down back at the next level but must really elevate his game in camp this summer."

With thomas Jones left out in the FA market, the Chiefs had a need to draft a RB to complete the rotation. Moody has not blazing speed, nor is an all dow backs, but has enough all around skills to be a threat in relief of Jammal Charles. The Chiefs may have needed a bruiser, but Moody is balance enough to be that kind of change back to complete the blazing style of Charles.
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Points Scored/Game 27th 20.4
Total Offense/Game 24th 342.4
Pass Offense/Game 13th 226.6
Rush Offense/Game 24th 115.8
Points Allowed/Game 28th 26.3
Total Defense/Game 15th 350.1
Pass Defense/Game 2nd 192.6
Rush Defense/Game 30th 157.6
Turnover Diff 24th -7


14 at Chargers : Lost 20-59
15 at Rams : Won 23-20
16 vs Titans : Won 24-20
17 vs Raiders : Lost 17-27


The Fourth quarter is copy cat of the second : 2 wins and 2 losses where Brodie Croyle made all he could to put the team in position to win, helped by Jamaal Charles and the WRs, but as expected, the run D let the flood pass again.
The pass rush is fierce with Derrick Johnson named to the Pro Bowl, but even if Tamba Hali is disruptive enough, the Chiefs need to add speed at OLB, and a stronf presence ar MLB and a true NT.
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Overall Record L6 2-11-0
Points Scored/Game 29th 20.2
Total Offense/Game 21st 346.8
Pass Offense/Game 10th 234.9
Rush Offense/Game 25th 111.9
Points Allowed/Game 27th 27.2
Total Defense/Game 13th 351.2
Pass Defense/Game 1st 185.8
Rush Defense/Game 31st 165.3
Turnover Diff 32nd -12


at Broncos Broncos : Lost 17-23
vs Cardinals : Lost 23-26
at Seahawks : Lost 13-23
vs Broncos : Lost 9-26


The Chiefs could not follow a better second quarter and lost all 4 third quarter games. Again, the Chiefs are at pains to taking jump ahead, and are sinking mostly due to their inability to at least contain some run. Living on Croyle has its limits and while doing good dur to the cicumstances, the opponents are guessing more often than not where to play defense.

The sure thing is, with the top pick in the next draft for now to come to KC, the chiefs will have a lot of options to deal with the defense which is the main reason the Chiefs are lost.
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Chiefs at the half : some progression seen

Overall Record L1 2-6-0

Points Scored/Game 24th 22.5
Total Offense/Game 19th 353.0
Pass Offense/Game 11th 237.1
Rush Offense/Game 25th 115.9

Points Allowed/Game 18th 24.6
Total Defense/Game 28th 378.9
Pass Defense/Game 6th 197.0
Rush Defense/Game 31st 181.9

Turnover Diff 26th -6


6 at Texans : Lost 14-45
7 vs Jaguars : Won 21-13
8 vs Bills : Won 42-16
9 at Raiders : Lost 27-34


Offensively, despite the Ints Croyle is starting to come together : he threw for around 1.150 yards for 10 Tds to 5 Ints in the second quarter. Sinorice Moss has made up as the speed threat for injured McCluster, and Bowe is turning into a dominant target. The wok put in practise to give an adapted playbook to Croyle is working finely. The OL is still protecting well, and opens lanes for Jamaal Charles. But despite averaging more than 110 yards a game, this running game is not competing with the mosnters stats put by powerhouses. But Charles is clearly really efficeint and helps a lot sharing teh offensive duty to cut pressure off Croyle and the passing game. And that's the deal !

Defensively, the Chiefs is still a top pass defense. The run defense is still poor, and that's waht kills the team in terms of wins, with the low turn-over taken. That's this area that the team needs to focus on. That's probably be in the offseason with the draft.


Offense :

Qb Brodie Croyle - WRs Sinorice Moss and Dwayne Bowe.

Defense :

LB Derrick Johnson - DE Glenn Dorsey
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The Crime :
T_Brown :
Matt Cassell went down in game three vs the 49ers and while he hadnít set the league on fire when Brodie Croyleís your back up you need to stay healthy.

The Answer :
"Obviously, when you think with the brain of a larva, and write with your feet, you're not up to make a good paper. That's what this T. Brown just did writing that brain dead article about me being the weight holding the team back. 7 Tds to 2 Ints and two wins, is really holding the team back.

He should eat his hand and hold his tongue before writing any nonsense"

I believe Croyle and Brown won't spend the holidays together.
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Despite the losses, the Chiefs played good enough to be competitive. While not showing the stats of an all pro, Matt Cassel was playing a gret role in the offense, turned it is true, to a run oriented one. But In week 3 Matt went down to never get up. Diagnostic : Complete PCL tear, and this he ended on IR.

But that's not the only hard blow. Rookie WR Dexter Mccluster was also put on IR for a torn shoulder suffered in week 5 against the Cots.

While he could have played again this season, the staff prefered to put him on IR so that he comes at full strengh next season.


vs Chargers : Lost 18-24
at Browns : Lost 13-14
vs 49ers : Lost 17-20
at Colts : Lost 28-31

Overall Record L4 0-4-0
Points Scored/Game 28th 19.0
Total Offense/Game 26th 322.8
Pass Offense/Game 26th 192.3
Rush Offense/Game 18th 130.5
Points Allowed/Game 13th 22.3
Total Defense/Game 19th 353.0
Pass Defense/Game 1st 138.0
Rush Defense/Game 31st 215.0
Turnover Diff 24th -3

Like those stats underline, the Chiefs pay good and are in most games competitive. The victory looms near but can't be reached.

After two abyssal games on run D against the Chargers and Browns, which have reminded of the "career day defense" of some past seaons, the Chiefs have reduced the rushing yards on D. Still the average is over 200 yards, but those fist outing with Monstruous yardages are influencing a lot. Over the last two games, the opposite HBs have run for ana average jsut above 100 yards.
The pass defense is first in the league. Areason is opponents tend to run a lot, and you have also to admit that the pass D is playing well, because a run D with problems opens PA fake problems for the pass D. Which does not exist much.

The offense is led by Jamaal charles and his 4.88 YPC. The goal is to go over the mark of Jm Brown at the end of the season.
The Chiefs run is one of the better in the league, but failed to produce TDs. In short : the playcalling or the goal line run is weak. And the Chiefs have and hard time approaching the Red zone once in the opponent terittory.

The pass offense suffer a bit of the run oriented offense, and in two game was weak and low producing. Cassel threw for 2 TDsa nd 3 Ints before being releaved by Brody Croyle due to his injury. Croyle has then threw for 5 TDs to 6 Ints. The Chiefs are playing on his strong arm but Croyle has shown serious problems of THA in the low to mid range of the field. If he can cut off the Ints, the Chiefs would grab some victories.

But those offensive stats wouldn't be all that without the dominating OL put in place. The league best YPC overall and the only 5 sacks so far are the results of those men playing in the trenches.


Next week bring the 0-5 Texans in the battle of the bottom teams. The Texans have a dangerous pass attack, which surely show if the pass d is for real, or a product of the weak run D. On their part, the texans have a top 10 run defense but a low pass D, which does not play in favor of the Chiefs offensive strenghs. Is it Croyle time or the Chiefs sho the GZL that they can run on anybody ?
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MLB Kovan Belcher
MLB Cory Greenwood

Those two guys are quite gifted, but wether it is AWR or size, both did not fit the mold defined by the coaches and GM. With 5 MLB on the roster at one point, two had to go to free some spots for the UFA periode. MLB Corey Mays made the cut and will compete with Andy Studebaker to play alongside Demorrio Williams inside. Derrick Johnson will move to LOLB where his speed will better fit the schemes the DC wants to implement.


RG Max Unger
WR Sinoris Moss
DE Justin Harrell

With Wiegmann surely playing his last season, and Niswanger not being the solution for replacemnt, the Chiefs felt Unge can be this guy. He can also play OG where he will learn under two studs in Brian waters and Ryan Lilja.
Moss is here to add another speedy target in complement to electric Dexter McCluster .
Harrell will be depth at DE, but can also play the NT, where the team felt the weaker spot on D was.
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Kansas City Chiefs Hire GM Olivier Ratajczak.

Clark hunt held a press conference today to present Olivier Ratajczak as the new Chiefs GM.

This is no common face, and it came as a surprise, as insiders were saying that son of Lamar had his choice made and set on Dave Bauer. But Dave Bauer opted to go and manage the division foes Broncos.
So surely comes in the second best option who was not expected by any GZL experts.

Olivier Ratajczak comes from a soccer country, but his veins truly bleed red and gold. As a KC fan for years, he said it was the easiest answer he had to make in his life, when Hunt called back to say the job is his.

The Challenge to face is quite impressive, but with a talented core let by the previous GM, talented coaches who are proven winners, GM Ratajczak said there's room for more than improvment.

There would be some priorities, noteworthy on some restructures to do, and possibly adding some veteranship along those young guns.

When asked about being the second option, Ratajczak responded : "I don't care about that journalist blahblah. Clark Hunt was pretty clear from the start that Dave Bauer and I were on the same level, but he would give the edge to the proven one. Which I understood, because Dave has roamed more than I have as a GM. To tell the truth, I was about to accept another GM duty for a GZL team. Dave Bauer went elsewhere, Clark called me, and as I was free I accpeted. End of the story."

We still don't know what the GM can do. Sure is, the rivalry between the Broncos and the Chiefs has reached another level.
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