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Dolphins #29 Miami Dolphins
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Dolphins... bury heads in the sand
Ouch! Week 1 sucked.

We lost two more defensive starters. ( I'm considering NCB Oliver Smith a starter ) for aprox half the season. We go into week 2 without almost 1/3 of our defensive starters.

Due to the injuries the team today cut veteran DE Chandler Jones. The move saves the team $8.86M this season. The cut allowed the team to sign a couple of injury replacements and gives them a bit more room to make moves if they need to.

SS Tommy Johnson signed a 5 year deal worth $7.25M with $2.85M in signing bonuses.

RE Deandrew Paulson
signed a 1 year deal worth $1.46M with a $560K signing bonus

As far as week 1 goes, rookie RB Leonard Fournette rushed for 114 yards on 18 carries and had a touchdown. The bad news however was the Bills RB Riddick Owen ran for 249 yards on 27 carriers with an amazing 3 TD's.

Onto week 2, there's not much else to say. Crying or Very Sad

NCB Oliver Smith- Broken wrist out 7 weeks

SS Bernie Freeman- Torn Shoulder out 9 weeks

LOLB Danta Fowler
- Torn Shoulder- out 9 weeks

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Dolphins- Preseason injury update
The Dolphins are currently 2 and 1 this preseason but the big news regards an injury. Starting LOLB Dante Fowler broke his collarbone in preseason game #3 versus the Texans. It's expected that Fowler will miss just over half the regular season. This means the team will more than likely not place him on season ending IR. They will more than likely change from the 3-4 defense they were going with to a more popular base 4-3 defense. According to internal reports MLB Angelito May will more than likely fill the LOLB duties while Fowler is out.

To fulfill roster requirements the Dolphins signed un-drafted rookie LOLB Zack Pembrook formerly of the Nebraska Corhuskers to a 3 year deal worth $2.19M with a signing bonus of $840K.

GM Mellon was quoted today as saying the team plans to rest the majority of it's starters in preseason game #4 versus the Titans.
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Dolphins- more roster moves
The Dolphins welcomed some familiar faces to today’s practice. Pictured below is World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Paul Wight, aka “The Big Show”. Wight, a team fan and personal friend of GM Mellon’s stopped by to greet the team and share a couple laughs.

The team announced a few roster moves today. These moves are expected to be some of the last ones as the 2022 roster and starting lineup is going to be decided soon.

RT Ryan Clady- formerly of the GZL Broncos and Saints
Clady will fill the RT spot this year. While team officials realize there’s a great chance Clady retires after the upcoming season they would welcome him to stay another year or two.
Clady was signed for 3 years at $27.42M with a $10.95M signing bonus. This year’s salary will be $7.78M

RB Webster Kay- formerly of the GZL Chiefs
Kay will be the Dolphins returner. The team had a severe need for a kick and punt returner once CB Gilbert became one of the starting CB’s and releasing his return duties.
Kay was signed for 5 years at $7.4M with a $2.9M signing bonus. This year’s salary will be $1.08M.

CB Daymond Van Dyke
- formerly of the GZL Packers
Van Dyke will be the teams #5 CB. This was a low cost, low risk depth move.
Van Dyke was signed for 5 years at $5.1M with a signing bonus of $1.85M. This year’s salary will be $730K.

OLB Angelito May- formerly of the GZL Saints
GM Mellon brought another one of his former players over from New Orleans. OLB May is expected to be moved to MLB and fill the MLB #2 role when the team lines up in a 3-4 defense. May is on the final year of his rookie deal. It will be interesting to see what May and the Dolphins do after this season. The team gave up two 3rd round picks for May and a 5th round pick so it’s expected that May will be here for more than just one season.
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Draft Skew Review & Roster Moves
Post Draft Review: The Skew
Well the dreaded skew has come and the Dolphins realize their 2022 draftee’s true GZL attributes. The results are as follows:

Pick 4.05 TE Brecht Schmidtt
Noticeable attributes: -3 SPD (65) | 0 STR (75) | 0 AWR (49) | 0 AGI (68) | -3 ACC (61) | 0 CTH (70) | +2 JMP (73) | RBK 0 (70) | PBK -3 (61) | STA 0 (76) | INJ -3 (78) | TGH +2 (73) |
Comments: Schmidtt wasn’t going to set the GZL TE reception or yardage records but we were hoping his strength and blocking skills would have increased. We are going into the tail end of the preseason concerned about our TE’s. We were and possibly still are looking at Schmidtt as our possible starter going into week1.

Pick 4.12 WR Mateo Meyer
Noticeable attributes: -1 SPD (87) | -2 STR (58) | 0 AWR (54) | 0 AGI (92) | -1 ACC (88) | -1 CTH (76) | +2 JMP (94) | STA +1 (68) | INJ 0 (80) | TGH 0 (83)
Comments: Meyer’s stamina is going to limit the number of plays he will see. Even though Meyer’s speed, acceleration, catch and strength took hits he’s still a somewhat athletic 6’2” WR who can jump. We will take that with a middle pick in the 4th round.

Pick 6.23 DE Michael Swann
Noticeable attributes: -3 SPD (75) | 0 STR (75) | +1 AWR (58) | 0 AGI (70) | +2 ACC (76) | +3 CTH (55) | +2 TKL (78) | +3 STA (86) | INJ +3 (71) | TGH +2 (86)
Comments: Dolphins GM was intrigued by DE Swann’s skew. Swann isn’t going to rack up many tackle for loses or sacks this year however he has middle of the road attributes in almost every category. Is he a superstar, absolutely not however GM Mellon believes Swann will fill the role of backup DE very well for someone picked near the end of the 6th round.

Pick 7.09 FS Marco De La Rosa
Noticeable attributes: +2 SPD (92) | +1 STR (61) | +1 AWR (54) | -2 AGI (84) | -3 ACC (82) | -2 CTH (43) | -4 JMP (76) | 0 TAK (56) | -4 STA (83) | -1 INJ (81) | +1 TGH (91) |
Comments: Things were looking great at first as De La Rose saw an increase in speed, strength and awareness but then he saw a big decrease in agility, acceleration, catch and jump. This 7th rounder was looking like a 3rd or 4th rounder at first but he ends up looking like a career special teamer.

Pick 7.13 CB Brad Torres

Noticeable attributes: 0 SPD (89) | +1 STR (49) | 0 AWR (56) | -2 AGI (90) | +2 ACC (86) | -3 CTH (43) | 0 JMP (90) | +1 TAK (52) | +0 STA (76) | +5 INJ (95) | 0 TGH (89)
Comments: Nothing special here. Torres will be a depth filer at CB.

Pick 7.23 OLB Ethan Lewis

Noticeable attributes: -2 SPD (75) | -2 STR (74) | 0 AWR (71) | 0 AGi (76) | 0 ACC (73) | -3 CTH (59) | 0 TAK (78) | 0 STA (85) | -1 INJ (88) | +5 TGH (84)
Comments: GM Mellon is happy with Lewis even though he lost 4 points between speed and strength. The Dolphins front office believes Lewis will be able to fill the spot of a backup OLB and special team player.

Pick 7.27 LT Elllis Atiba
Noticeable attributes: +2 SPD (54) | -2 STR (87) | +1 AWR (61) | -2 AGI (47) | +2 ACC (67) | +4 STA (90) | 0 INJ (84) | +0 TGH (86) |
Comments: It’s pick 7.27 so nothing special was expected. GM Mellon has no issues with Atiba being the 4th OT.

Pick 7.32 “Mr. Irrelevant” DE Sam Barrera
Noticeable attributes: +1 SPD (80) | +1 STR (70) | 0 AWR (59) | +3 AGI (79) | -2 ACC (68) | +1 STA (81) | +1 INJ (92) | +3 TGH (83)
Comments: “Mr. Irrelevant” had a very good skew. GM Mellon was very pleased to see Barrera’s results. It’s believed Barrera will make the Dolphins final roster.

Final Roster Moves:

It was expected for GM Mellon to trade 2020 draft pick QB Patrick Towels earlier in the preseason. Things didn’t work out that way and for a short while it looked as if the Dolphins would perhaps go into the season with Towels as their starter. That all changed when GM Mellon made a trade for QB Nick Foles from the Kansas City Chiefs. Towels found his way onto the New Orleans Saints as a recent trade saw him be moved for the Saints 2023 3rd round draft pick and backups OLB Huey Olmstead and TE Theo Huxley. This move allows the Dolphins to bring in a couple players GM Mellon is familiar with to fill out the 2022 Dolphins roster.

It’s rumored that GM Mellon is tinkering with his roster in an attempt t bring in a GZL Icon. This player despite perhaps entering what would most likely be his last season in the GZL, would bring a great deal of leadership to the Dolphins. Chances are this move simply cannot be done due to financial resources but rumors are that GM Mellon could be letting one the team’s defensive starters go.

We had heard rumors that the Dolphins were shopping CB Darius Slay. A trade for Slay was made all but impossible when the team traded QB Russell Wilson due to the large cap hit Wilson and Slay each had attached to them. Tonight we’ve learned the Dolphins have placed CB Slay on GZL’s Amnesty list. The Dolphins will have to eat $1.21 M of Slay’s bonus as the amnesty clause allows for a max of only $10 M to be waived. Slay’s future in Miami had been in doubt due to the team matching CB Justin Gilberts RFA offer from the Rams.
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Dolphins Draft Weekend
Dolphins Draft Weekend

Thursday Feb 3rd: 11 PM
Pick 1.3

The Dolphins, as expected drafted LSU running back Leonard Fournette with the 2nd pick of the 2022 GZL draft. GM Mellon gambled as he traded off a very good running back in Latavious Murray plus additional picks to be in position to drat Fournette. In addition, the team signed GZL Icon and Legend RB Mark Ingram to mentor Fournette.

Pick 3.32
GM Mellon and GM Pearce of the Denver Broncos agreed to a trade. Miami sends pick 3.31 to Denver for WR Matt Johnson and Denver’s 6th round draft pick (6.32). Johnson will be expected to be in the running to fill Miami’s WR3/slot receiver role.

Saturday Feb 5th:
Pick 4.5
TE Brecht Schmidt
Schmidt isn’t going to break any speed records. He won’t catch a ton of passes and he’s not going to accelerate down the field quickly. What we expect from him though is to hold his own on the blocks he does make. He was drafted for his excellent run blocking and we hope he won’t let us down.

Pick 4.12
WR Mateo Meyer
We are happy to get a big bodied, 6’2” receiver with this pick. Meyer won’t be a superstar but we expect for him to hold down our #5 WR spot for at least a couple seasons.

Sunday Feb 6th:
Pick 6.23
DE Michael Swann
GM Mellon was happy to see Swann available this late. While Swann doesn’t seem to do any single things great he seems to possess the ability to do multiple things with average ability therefore should make an adequate backup at LE.

Sunday at 3PM:
GM Mellon and GM Stanley from New Orleans agreed in principle to send QB Patrick Towels to the Saints for the Saints 2023 3rd round pick, LOLB Huey Olmstead and TE Theo Huxley.

DE Scott Moore
Moore is flashy, agile, quick or even overly smart. He’s strong. That’s his specialty. It’s not expected for him to have to rely on it much as his playing time will scarce. Moore is expected to be the #4 DE when the next depth chart comes out. It’s possible that Moore could see action at DT or even move to that position next year or even this year if the Dolphins trade DT Williams

FS Marco De La Rosa
At this point in the draft this was a depth chart pick.

CB Brad Torres
GM Mellon likes to carry 6 CB’s and Torres will the #6 CB spot.

OLB Ethan Lewis
GM Mellon was impressed by the awareness of Lewis. The team hopes his potential awareness holds true after the draft.


LT Ellis Atiba
This was another depth chart move. Atiba will serve as the #3 OT

DE Sam Barrera
With a potential shakeup at DT which could see recently drafted Scott Moore move from DE to DT GM Mellon decided to end the 2022 GZL draft by choosing DE Sam Barrera.
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At A Glance

GM P_Willis
Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt
Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur
Defensive Coordinator A.Harris
Special Teams Keith Armstrong
Salary $154.73M
Cap Penalty $18.73M
Cap Room $540K


AFC East
#15 Bills y-Bills 9-7-0 0.56 4-2
#17 Patriots Patriots 9-7-0 0.56 3-3
#16 Jets x-Jets 9-7-0 0.56 3-3
#29 Dolphins Dolphins 6-10-0 0.38 2-4

1 Sep 10 at Jets Jets #16
Lost 13-26
2 Sep 17 vs Broncos Broncos #30
Lost 45-48
3 Sep 24 at Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 17-45
5 Oct 9 vs Bills Bills #15
Lost 24-31
6 Oct 15 at 49ers 49ers #31
Lost 10-31
7 Oct 22 vs Chiefs Chiefs #21
Won 21-20
8 Oct 30 at Bills Bills #15
Won 34-31
9 Nov 6 vs Jets Jets #16
Won 20-13
10 Nov 12 vs Patriots Patriots #17
Lost 28-31
11 Nov 19 at Rams Rams #3
Lost 0-26
12 Nov 26 at Raiders Raiders #23
Lost 13-15
13 Dec 3 vs Seahawks Seahawks #26
Won 30-29
14 Dec 10 vs Cardinals Cardinals #28
Won 27-21
15 Dec 17 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Lost 17-20
16 Dec 23 at Patriots Patriots #17
Lost 21-34
17 Dec 31 at Colts Colts #22
Won 30-21

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