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Eagles 2023 Draft Review
1.15- CB-Tre'Davious White- 5'11", 97 SPD, 57 STR, 71 AWR, 96 AGI, 95 ACC, 62 CTH, and 93 JMP- Great speed CB who has the AWR to contribute immediately as the nickel.

2.2- HB-D'Onta Foreman- 6'1", 259 lbs, 87 SPD, 74 STR, 69 AWR, 90 AGI, 92 ACC, and 81 BTK- The Eagles traded away HB-Jeremy Hill, who only had a year left on his deal, to the Steelers this offseason and so they needed a starting HB. Foreman is a beast with great potential. There's a pretty good chance he's going to add weight as well.

2.15- TE-Adam Sheehan- 6'6", 288 lbs., 77 SPD, 82 STR, 63 AWR, 78 ACC, 80 CTH, 65 PBK, and 70 RBK- Sheehan is a really unique player who can both block and catch. He's also the biggest TE in the league by a wide margin. We'll see what he looks like on the field, but you have to think he's like another offensive lineman out there.

3.15- LG-Taylor Moton- 59 SPD, 89 STR, 60 AWR, 58 AGI, 84 ACC, 81 PBK, and 84 RBK- The Eagles needed a starting LG since they lost Spaulding Higbee to the Browns and Moton should be able to fill that position.

4.15- WR-Joseph Cox- 6'4", 253 lbs., 85 SPD, 65 STR, 83 ACC, 50 PBK, and 45 RBK- Cox needs a favorable skew, but he is another guy the Eagles selected that is physically imposing. Whether he is a WR or TE remains to be seen.

5.1- LOLB-Manuia Puleleiite- 6'6", 267 lbs., 82 SPD, 76 STR, 66 AWR, 74 AGI, 77 ACC, and 75 TAK- The Eagles need a backup RE and Puleleitte should be that guy, though before they commit to a position change, they would like to see the skew on him as he could be a decent backup OLB as well.

5.15- OT-Laredo Winkler- 325 lbs., 52 SPD, 92 STR, 72 ACC, and 83 RBK- Winkler is a more skilled backup than what the Eagle currently have.

5.16- DT-Clayton Bates- 6'4", 360 lbs., 91 STR, 67 AWR, and 81 TAK- Bates is a big road block and though he is not the normal guy the Eagles would use at DT, he could find his way into the lineup.

6.15- QB-Bryce Allred- 64 AWR, 88 THP, and 84 THA- Allred is a guy that is a better QB than the punter or kicker. If he skews up, then he could be more, but that's not likely.

7.15- LE-Oliver Gordon- 6'6", 300 lbs., and 80 SPD- Gordon is simply a roster filler at DE.
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Eagles 2022 Training Camp
Eagles 2022 Training Camp

2022 Season Recap
The Eagles are nothing if not consistent. For the third straight season, the Eagles finished 8-8. Consistency itself is a good thing, but when you are hovering at .500 for three consecutive seasons, consistency is not what you are looking for unless of course it is a consistent improvement which this is not.

The Eagles started out with two losses, both within the division to the Redskins and Giants. The Eagles then turned around the season with three straight wins against the Falcons, Bears, and Giants. The Eagles proceded to lose six more games including five against top ten teams ending with the 8-8 record.

QB-Ricky Stanzi took over as the team's starting QB in week two. The Eagles came to the conclusion that going with a scrambler, in this case Malik McNabb was not going to be in the best interests of the team moving forward, so they made the change. Stanzi did not have an outstanding season, but the major advantage of having Stanzi, or for that matter a non-scrambler at QB is the development of the young offensive line.

There was a welcome addition to the WR core in rookie Leonte Carroo. The Eagles WR core has long been a work in progress but Carroo was a bright spot with 1241 yards receiving which led the team. Outside of Carroo there really wasn't an outstanding offensive player statistically.

On the defensive side the ball there was also a lot of disappointment. None of the secondary had standout seasons and while you could argue that Fletcher Cox had a good season along the defensive line, DeAngelo Hardy suffered through a mediocre season although he finished strong with nine sacks in his last seven games. Hardy must be a dominant player if the defense is to be effective.

2022 Season Preview

Here's a look at the starting lineup for the Eagles first on the offensive side of the ball.

*QB-Josh Freeman- Freeman has the edge right now as the starter, but just barely. The Eagles know what Stanzi can bring and are interested to see what Freeman can do.

HB-Jeremy Hill- The former 2nd overall pick is looking to add to his back to back to back 1400 yards seasons. There's no doubt that Hill has the highest total contract on the team so there is some pressure on him to perform.

FB-Malik Bolivar- Bolivar has been a good FB who has been worth his 3rd round selection. He and Hill will need to team up to be better in 2022 though if the Eagles are to take significant steps forward.

WR-Leonte Carroo- As mentioned before Carroo was really the lone bright spot on the offensive side of the ball. Can he repeat or even improve upon his rookie campaign?

*WR-Cameron Shaw- Another season, another starter at WR. Shaw is an established big possession WR who has good strength like Carroo. We'll see if that helps the Eagles passing attack.

TE-Benny Davis- Davis has become a trusted, solid tight end in Philly. He's one piece of a less than elite offense that can be relied upon.

LT-La'el Collins- This is Collins fourth year in Philly and he's looking to build on an impressive 2022 and lead the young but talented line.

LG-Spalding Higbee- The other offensive linemen in the 2019 draft class, Higbee has turned out to be a real value. He still needs to work a bit on his blocking skills, but he has all the tools. Last season he spent some time out with injury, but the Eagles are hopeful he will be injury free in 2022.

C-Reese Dismukes- Reese in entering his fifth season in Philly and has been a good fit with both Collins and Higbee.

* (R) RG-Ethan Pocic- Pocic is an elite offensive guard taken in the first round of this year's draft. He should fit well with his relatively high awareness.

RT-Perry Lawrence- Lawrence has the longest tenure of any of the offensive line. There was some discussion about moving him this offseason, but ultimately the Eagles kept him and they are glad they did.

So the offense is returning eight of last year's starters and the same thing is true on the defensive side of the ball.

LE-DeAngelo Hardy- This is Hardy's fourth season and he is ready to become the dominant players the Eagles drafted him to be at least that's the way the last seven games went. Frankly, he's got to be dominant to help out the secondary.

DT-Harry Simpson- Harry is a solid but unspectacular defensive tackle, but he has the ability to play well in his role.

* DT-Brandon Williams- Veteran defensive tackle Williams has been brought in to bring stability to the run defense. He's a strong run stopper who can hopefully give the linebackers room to make plays.

* (R) RE-Johnathan Allen- The Eagles needed to have some starters that weren't making a ton of money. Last year Allen Bailey manned this position, but his salary number was prohibitive, so in comes Allen. Can he do the job? Not sure yet, but he'll be given an opportunity to do so.

LOLB-Jimmy Tuputala- This is Tuputala's fifth season in Philly and he has been a great find in the 3rd round. Despite his low acceleration he is a productive OLB in the league.

MLB-C.J. Mosley- Mosley has been a force from day one. If he continues to play like the way he has, he will be another huge piece to what will hopefully be a resurgent defense.

ROLB-Ed Holliday- Holliday is in his second season in Philly and Eagles management is happy with how year one went. Holliday's contract situation is worth watching as he needs a long-term deal, but for now he has received the franchise tag and has a one-year contract.

CB-Oscar Riveria- Three years ago, the Eagles took a gamble on him in the 2nd round and it has paid off big-time. Riveria will again anchor the Eagles secondary in 2022.

* (R) CB-Fraison White- It's fairly rare that the Eagles will throw a rookie into a starting role, particularly at such a key position, but White has the attributes to be successful. He's strong with good speed and is a sure tackler. He's actually similar to Riveria in many ways. If White struggles, Wren-Wilson can step in.

FS-Jonas Ehler- The third year 2nd round pick played well in his first season as a starter. The Eagles were intentional in grooming him and he looks ready.

SS-Omar Mann- Mann is entering his eighth season in Eagles colors. He is a towering SS at 6'4" and has become one of the few veterans on this defense.

This defense needs to reestablish itself and quickly if the Eagles are to have a shot at the playoffs in 2022.

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2022 Eagles Draft Review- 3rd through 7th Rounds

2022 Eagles Draft Review- 3rd through 7th Rounds

4.17-DT-Stefan Slich 322 lbs.,65 SPD, 85 STR, 64 AGI, and 76 TAK- There are some years where a fourth round pick turns into a starter or at least a quality backup. The Eagles were hopeful this could be the case for Slich. The idea was to slide him over to RE to compete with Allen for the starting position there. However, the skew was unkind to Slich and now as a result he is nothing more than a roster filler. Being that the Eagles needed roster fillers at defensive tackle, he is remaining there instead of moving positions. He's really a disappointing pick for the Eagles management.

5.17-HB-Shock Linwood- 200 lbs., 96 SPD, 92 AGI, and 96 ACC- Jeremy Hill is locked in as the starting RB, but the Eagles need additional backups here and Linwood turned out OK for that purpose. He also will compete for the kick returning position with WR-Ace Sanders. The Eagles may still venture out into free agency with the hope of picking up a true backup RB capable of being a short-term starter. At this point neither Winters not Linwood fit that bill.

6.5-FS-Mervyn Zimmerman- 91 SPD, 62 STR, 91 ACC, 63 CTH and 72 TAK- Zimmerman is probably the best of the late round picks with good speed and acceleration. He doesn't have great agility and he's a short guy, but outside of that is surprisingly good.

6.17-LOLB-Toby Smith- 255 lbs., 78 SPD, 74 STR, 81 AGI, 78 ACC, 64 CTH, and 80 TAK- The Eagles traditionally use a late round pick on an outside linebacker in the hopes that they can find one or two good backups who skew up in the draft. In years past the Eagles selected Baccus Roth and Gio Cubano. Smith is this year's version and what makes him more valuable than Roth and Cubano is that he's locked up for the next three seasons.

7.17-CB-Terry Tran- 6'0", 90 SPD, 67 STR, and 86 ACC- Tran is nothing more than a roster filler which is pretty much the function of a late round pick. There was some hope that he could be a talented back up with a favorable skew but that definitely did not happen. If Tran sees any significant time on the field, the Eagles are in trouble.

Overall these guys are disappointing talent wise, but fill the needed positions on the roster.
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2022 Eagles Draft Review- 1st & 2nd Rounds

2022 Eagles Draft Review- 1st & 2nd Rounds

1.17-RG-Ethan Pocic- 66 SPD, 92 STR, 70 AWR, 85 ACC, 85 PBK, and 83 RBK- Depending upon on how you evaluate the OL talent, there were either four or five elite level offensive linemen in this draft. It was the hope of Eagles management that they would have the option of one those elite level talents at 1.17 and that's exactly what happened. Pock has elite level athletic skills with high awareness for a rookie. He's a guy that you can plug and play immediately without adding training camp points. Pocic completes what is a very athletic offensive line in Philly averaging 64.8 SPD, 91 STR, 64.6 AGI, and 80.2 ACC, exactly the way the Eagles like it. Pocic will replace the Pro-Bowler Jake Long at right guard. Long had a great season, but was getting too old for the Eagles future plans.

2.5-CB-Fraison White- 5'11', 203 lbs., 94 SPD, 74 STR, 66 AWR, 90 ACC, 65 CTH, and 70 TAK- Four years ago the Eagles selected CB-Oscar Riveria at 2.15 and White is a very similar player to Riveria. He lacks a little ACC, but he has good hands and excellent tackles skills and great strength too. The Eagles have been very pleased with Riveria's performance and are looking forward to adding another similar player in White. Traditionally the CB position is one you prefer to attack with first round picks, but sometimes the value shows up in round two and the Eagles have adjusted to that. White will be a significant part of the Eagles rotation this season, probably playing nickel more so that any other spot. The Eagles are hesitant to throw a rookie into a major role.

2.17-RE-Johnathan Allen- 6'3", 294 lbs., 77 SPD, 81 STR, 75 AGI, 77 ACC, and 83 TAK- Last season the Eagles signed Allen Bailey to a one year deal and Bailey performed well, but you can't continually pay ten million plus a year for multiple positions and so the Eagles had to draft talent at this secondary position. Allen is a guy who isn't outstanding in any one area but is above average in all areas. He needs to be a run stopper and probably needs a little more strength to that. But he had an above average SPD, STR, and ACC combo and probably what stood out most to the Eagles scouts was his tackling ability with 83 TAK as a rookie. Allen will definitely need some training camp points, but he will be the starter for the Eagles at RE even as a rookie.

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The Rudolph Nash Effect

The Rudolph Nash Effect

In a move that may have been somewhat surprising, the Eagles chose not to match free agent offers for WR-Brandin Cooks and CB-Kyan McGrady.

The Ravens offered McGrady a 5 year deal worth 60.5 million and a bonus of 24.2 million while the Vikings offered Cooks a 5 year deal worth 45 million and an 18 million.

So the question is why? Why did the Eagles not match these offers? Perhaps part of the answer to that question lies in the case of WR-Rudolph Nash. Nash is a part of the RZL Madden League and when an offer from another GM submitted a free agent offer that was a 7 year deal worth 127.48 million and a signing bonus of 50.96 million, the Eagles chose to match it. Truth be told the Eagles GM cannot even remember the actual matching the contract, but when they did, it was a killer to any potential future moves of the team. Since both teams share the same GM, the effect of that would be felt for both teams, even though Nash is not in the GZL. The RZL Eagles lost control of their budget and were stuck with a player who will be easily the worst contract the GM had ever had. Really the worst part about the contract was the signing bonus, which makes it impossible to sign or cut him. I'm sure this fact was not lost on the team that offered him the contract.

So fast forward to the 2022 GZL offseason. Neither the Cooks offer nor McGrady offer were anywhere near as lethal as the Nash offer, though McGrady's will be a bad deal at the end for sure. However, the Eagles didn't feel like either was an indispensable piece to the team. Cooks was quickly replaced by Shaw and McGrady will be replaced by one of three possible players.

Also another factor in the Eagles decision is their desire to have cap room in order to be aggressive in the second round of free agency. The Eagles have plenty of cash to go after a couple of influential players to upgrade the team for 2022 and matching these players would have not have allowed them to be aggressive in the short-term or for that matter longer-term.

Time will tell whether the Eagles made the right decision, but for now they are happy with the direction they have chosen to go.

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Eagles Offseason Moves

Offseason Moves

C-Reese Dismukes- 68 SPD, 88 STR, 85 AWR, 78 ACC, 89 PBK, and 89 RBK- Dismukes has been a key part of a young, emerging offensive line in Philly. His contract ran out and the Eagles were given a choice of letting him go to free agency or locking him up long-term. So the Eagles chose the latter and gave him a five year deal for a very reasonable price tag. Dismukes alongside Collins, Higbee, and Lawrence create a very stable core moving forward for the Eagles.

ROLB-Ed Holliday- 6'4", 264 lbs., 85 SPD, 78 STR, 80 AWR, 87 ACC, and 99 TAK- Last offseason the Eagles added Holliday for a first round pick and he performed admirably last season. However, the Eagles had tough choices to make this offseason in terms of who to resign and how, so they slapped the franchise tag on Holliday. This results in a one year deal worth 12.24m. The Eagles have the cap space so it wasn't a hard choice to keep him. The Eagles LB core is really the foundation of their defense so this was an important step for 2022.

CB-Oscar Riveria- 5'11", 98 SPD, 68 STR, 96 AWR, 91 AGI, 68 CTH, 94 JMP, and 74 TAK- Riveria was the Eagles number one CB this past season. Originally the Eagles were going to resign him and leave Dismukes to free agency, but the Eagles decided to reverse this and expose to Riveria to free agency and hope that his low acceleration would be a deterrent to other teams. It turned out that the second approach worked well and the Eagles were able to get Riveria on a contract that was not bid up. Rivera will again be the top CB for Philly in 2022.

QB-Ricky Stanzi- 6'4", 99 AWR, 91 THP, and 98 THA- Stanzi took over last season in week two and did a decent job at stabilizing the position. He immediately helped the offensive line to settle in and develop since he is not a scrambler. It is likely the Eagles will add some depth to the position through free agency with a number of good QB's available.

Trade #1
Eagles send their 3rd round pick to New Orleans for WR-Cameron Shaw

WR was one of those positions that the Eagles have never been able to get right. It might be better said that the QB-WR combination is a combination that the Eagles have never been able to get right. So the Eagles are taking steps to reshape both positions for better offensive success in 2022. Last season the Eagles introduced WR-Leonte Carroo into the mix and he actually did quite well. So the Eagles have added Cameron Shaw this offseason. Shaw brings his 6'5" frame to Philly and the Eagles believe that will be a major upgrade.

Trade #2
The Eagles send QB-Malik McNabb for the Redskins 2nd and 6th.

In week two last season the Eagles made the decision to move on from Malik McNabb. He was late first round pick that the Eagles invested a decent amount of time and resources in and the hope was with his elite running skills he would be able to be a successful scrambling QB, but the Eagles concluded early last season he wasn't going to be and so they moved on. They signed him to a two year deal this offseason and then traded him to the Redskins. This allowed the Eagles to put resources toward other positions.

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Eagles 2021 Training Camp
Eagles 2021 Training Camp

Training Camp starts with some higher expectations in Philly

2020 Season Recap
Last season feel like it was an eternity, but the Eagles do need to learn from 2020 if they are to take the next step in 2021. And that after all appears to be the challenge for this Eagles team. 2019 and 2020 have both resulted in 8-8 records. 2019 saw the Eagles score 55 more points but also give up 25 more than in 2020. So it appears as though the Eagles just rearranged the furniture without making any real progress.

When you start to breakdown the season, you will quickly see that is was a season of streaks. The Eagles came out firing with three consecutive wins over the Broncos, Saints, and Rams. The Broncos game was a blowout 30-10 win, but the next two games were both really close. The Eagles then lost two consecutive games to the Giants and Raiders, both top 10 ranked teams. Then the Eagles went back to their winning ways with three more wins against the Cowboys, Seahawks, and Chargers. So at the halfway point in the season, they were at 6-2 and looking good for a playoff spot. Alas, there is such a thing as a second half of the season and that did not go so well at all. The Eagles then proceeded to lose 5 of their next six to the Giants, Cowboys, Chiefs, Redskins, and 49ers and that pretty much ended any playoff hopes. The season then finished with a win and a loss for another 8-8 season.

There were some standouts in 2020. QB-Malik McNabb continues to improve despite his critics. He finished 2020 with a 58% completion percentage with 3457 yards passing, 20 TD's, 18 INT's and an 81.1 QB Rating. He's had back to back 81 QB Rating seasons which gives the Eagles hope as he continues to mature in his AWR and THA. McNabb also added another 300 yard rushing season as well. He is a clear threat to run the ball and he has the talent to do so.

CB-Jimmy Smith was also a standout on the defensive side of the ball. The Eagles signed him on a one year deal and he paid immediate dividends in the secondary with 6 INT's. The Eagles defense wasn't outstanding but Smith did make his presence known through his ball-hawking skills.

When you start to dissect the Eagles offensive and defensive numbers you also get a much clearer look at why they finished at .500. First, taking a look at the offensive side of the ball. The Eagles finished 12th overall in total yardage but that number is a little bit deceiving because their passing offense finished 24th and much of their rushing yardage was supplemented by McNabb's ability to run. Maybe the key stat here is the 29 turnovers ranking 8th in the league. Not a category where you want to be in the top 10.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles actually finished 1st in the league in overall yardage allowing only 293 yards per game. Additionally they were 2nd in the league in passing yards against and 8th in rushing yards against. A closer look at the defense stats reveals the Eagles were 20th in sacks and 26th in turnovers forced. They were middle of the pack in Red Zone percentage, but they were 6th in QB Rating against.

Offseason Recap
The 2021 offseason was almost a total opposite from the way the Eagles normal conduct offseason business. Typically the Eagles build through the draft refusing to trade draft picks for veterans. They also typically refuse to sign high priced free agents before the draft, but both of these happened this offseason as a result of the lack of availability of the GM on draft day and also just simply the way the draft went. So here's a rundown of the moves:

Free Agents
RE-Allen Bailey- 84 SPD, 85 STR, 80 AWR, 80 AGI, and 83 ACC- Bailey is a huge upgrade for the Eagles at RE from Chung Wynn. And this was one specific spot the Eagles identified that they could really improve. He will be a great run stopper plus he has the ability to get to the QB from the right side. And here the combination of Bailey and Hardy could be really effective and help alleviate the pressure on the secondary. He has been signed to large one year deal with the hopes of helping the Eagles break through and get to the playoffs.

DT-Fletcher Cox- 70 SPD, 91 STR, 99 AWR, 80 ACC, and 96 TAK- The Eagles continue to believe that the DT position is the least important position on defense, but it doesn't mean that it is an unimportant position or that a dominant player at the position can't positively influence the team's defensive performance. Cox replaces Muhammad Wilkerson and joins Harry Sampson in the starting lineup.

WR-Edmund Gates- The Eagles have added Gates once again to their WR core. Gates was in Philly a couple of seasons ago and the Eagles chose to bring him back on a one year deal. When Hankerson started to regress and the Eagles chose not to resign him, they needed to replace him with speed on the outside. Gates fits the bill and will team up with Brandin Cooks and Ace Sanders to hopefully provide good targets for Malik McNabb. Gates is also on a one year deal as well.

CB-Gunner Recall- 5'7", 204 lbs, 99 SPD, 87 AWR, 99 AGI, 98 ACC, and 76 CTH- The Eagles have always been captivated by Recall even from the day he was drafted. He has most everything you would want in a CB except height and jump. He's a gamble but with McGrady and Riveria in the fold, we believe it's worth it. An interesting side note about these three CB's is that it will be the fastest secondary that the Eagles have ever had. Two guys with 99 SPD and the slowest guy at 97 SPD.

2.18- WR-Leonte Carroo- 6'1", 205 lbs., 90 SPD, 76 STR, 94 ACC, and 93 JMP- Carroo is a strong possession WR that if he improves in his physical attributes can be a contributing WR in this league. He wasn't the Eagles first choice here, but the way the draft went, he was the best available at the position. He lacks the ideal speed and agility at the WR position, but his strength is very intriguing and could show potential for him down the road.

4.18- LT-Brett Tran- The rest of this draft was strictly about filling the roster. Starting here with Tran there is no one that will see any significant playing time in Philly. They are here because they are cheap roster fillers. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth. Tran lacks the blocks skills, awareness, and for that matter physical attributes to play. Looking back at the draft it's hard to figure out what made the Eagles pull the trigger on Tran so early, especially when you compare him with some the guys they selected in the later rounds. Functionally though it doesn't really make a difference since whoever was selected was not going to play anyway.

6.16- LOLB-Baccus Roth- 6'5", 260 lbs., 79 SPD, 77 STR, 84 AGI, and 77 ACC- Had the skew been phenomenally kind to him, he made have had a shot at being a decent backup. However that dream did not happen. But he is a big guy with good strength who should be able to serve a decent backup behind Tuputala. He's actually very similar to the Eagles other backup LB Gio Cubano.

6.18- LT-Carlos Luna- 6'7", 350 lbs., 95 STR and 72 ACC- Luna is big and strong but that's about it. He will serve as another roster filler alongside Tran. Both guys will not see any meaningful playing time.

7.1- SS-Luther Nugent- 88 SPD, 69 STR, and 93 ACC- Nugent is another in a run of backup roster fillers. Like the OLB position, the Eagles didn't see many great SS's in this draft class.

7.11- C-George Vitkevich- The Eagles needed a backup center and virtually ever other center had been picked. Vitkekich is not the type of guy the Eagles would like to have selected, but he was the best of what was left. Again, he is a roster filler.

7.18- LG-Arnold Ives- 60 SPD, 86 STR, and 65 ACC- Ives was the final pick in a very lackluster Eagles draft. He, like the last several picks, is nothing more than a roster filler.

The Eagles traded their 2021 1st round pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for ROLB-Ed Holliday, 6'4", 264 lbs., 85 SPD, 78 STR, 68 AWR, 87 ACC, and 99 TAK- With the loss of Wesley Washington because he refused to resign in Philly, the Eagles needed a ROLB and the draft did not offer what the Eagles needed so we acquired Holliday from Tampa. We believe that Holliday represents a significant upgrade at the linebacker position.

The Eagles traded their 3rd and 5th round picks for CB-Kyan McGrady- 6'0", 99 SPD, 58 STR, 99 AWR, 93 ACC, and 72 CTH. Upgrading the CB position was a priority this offseason. McGrady is a fast, smart CB who should be able to contribute either as a #2 or #3 CB. We love the potential of having him alongside young Oscar Riveria and veteran Gunner Recall.

DT-Muhammad Wilkerson- The Eagles traded for Wilkerson two seasons ago with the goal of giving some much needed veteran help at the DT position. However, ultimately Wilkerson's performance at the salary he was making was not what the Eagles wanted moving forward.

The Eagles also chose not to resign CB-Jimmy Smith, FS-Dean Rowe, WR-Leonard Hankerson, RE-Chung Wynn, QB-Colin Kaepernick, SS-Taylor Mays, and TE-Ed Dickson.

2021 Season Preview

Here's a look at the starting lineup for the Eagles first on the offensive side of the ball.

*QB-Malik McNabb- The 26 year old McNabb is entering his 5th season in the league. He's in the final year of his first deal so he should be plenty motivated to perform well.

*HB-Jeremy Hill- The former 2nd overall pick is looking to add to his back to back 1400 yards seasons. There's no doubt that Hill has the highest total contract on the team so there is some pressure on him to perform.

*FB-Malik Bolivar- The other Malik on the offense, Bolivar just received a brand new 5 year deal. He's been a good FB who has been worth his 3rd round selection. We will see if he can open more holes for Hill this season.

*WR-Brandin Cooks- Cooks is starting to find his groove after missing his entire rookie season due to injury. He has the speed and the Eagles are simply waiting for him to breakout.

>WR-Leonte Carroo- There is a clear battle between Carroo, Edwards, and Sanders for this last spot, but right now the Eagles are sufficiently intrigued by Carroo to give him a shot.

*TE-Benny Davis- Davis has all the potential to become a star in this league. Last year, however, he had injuries that pretty much washed out the entire year save a couple of games. There are still high hopes for Davis in Philly.

*LT-La'el Collins- This is Collins third year in Philly and he's looking to build on an impressive 2021.

LG-Spalding Higbee- The other offensive linemen in the 2019 draft class, Highbee has turned out to be a real value. He still needs to work a bit on his blocking skills, but he has all the tools.

*C-Reese Dismukes- Reese in entering his 4th season in Philly and has been a good fit with both Collins and Higbee.

*RG-Trent Williams- Trent is in the final year of his two year deal in Philly. The Eagles acquired him last season via free agency.

*RT-Perry Lawrence- Lawrence has the longest tenure of any of the offensive line. There was some thought in moving him, but ultimately the Eagles kept him and they are glad they did. He is coming along nicely.

So the offense is returning 10 of last year's starters, but so with the defense. Here's a look at the defensive starters.

*LE-DeAngelo Hardy- This is Hardy's 3rd season and he is ready to become the dominant players the Eagles drafted him to be.

>DT-Fletcher Cox- This is Fletcher's first year in Philly and the Eagles are glad to have him. They expect him to be a disruptive force in the middle.

*DT-Harry Simpson- Harry is the "no-name" player on the DL, but he has the ability to play well in his role.

>RE-Allen Bailey- The Eagles feel like they have three really dominant players on the DL and Bailey is the last of those three.

*LOLB-Jimmy Tuputala- This is Tuputala's 5th season in Philly and he has been a great find in the 3rd round.

*MLB-C.J. Mosley- Mosley has been a force from day one. If he continues to play like the way he has, he will be another huge piece to this #1 ranked defense.

>ROLB-Ed Holliday- Holliday is one of the new guys on the defense and he should be an upgrade over fan-favorite Wesley Washington. Washington refused to sign in Philly in the offseason.

*CB-Oscar Riveria- Three years ago, the Eagles took a gamble on him in the 2nd round and it has paid off big-time. Riveria will again anchor the Eagles secondary in 2021.

>CB-Kyan McGrady- The Eagles traded for McGrady this offseason as they were looking for a combo of speed and awareness and McGrady has both.

>FS-Jonas Ehler- The 2nd year 2nd round pick is ready to take over for the departed Dean Rowe. The Eagles were intentional in grooming him and he looks ready.

*SS-Omar Mann- Mann is entering his 7th season in Eagles colors. He is a towering SS at 6'4" and has been steadily improving each of the last three seasons.

It's somewhat ironic that the highly ranked defense sees 5 new starters while the mediocre offense has only 1, but the Eagles are confident in the maturation of the offense without the need to make significant moves.

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The Eagles add a pair of 99's
The 2019 Eagles Offense

A New Look at WR
The rebuild in Philly continues this offseason with the addition of two more 99 speed WR's. The Eagles signed both WR-Edmund Gates and WR-Jock Sanders to contracts this offseason. They will combine with WR-Brandin Cooks to give the team a trio of 99 speed options at the position. Add to that 97 speed WR-Ace Sanders and 96 speed WR-Leonard Hankerson and speed shouldn't be a problem for the Eagles WR core this season. What the Eagles lack in height, they hope to make up for with speed. Time will tell how this plan goes.

Offensive Starters
QB-Malik McNabb- 3rd year QB drafted by the Eagles in the 1st round in 2017. He will have 83 AWR, 90 THP, and 88 THA headed into his third season as a starter.

HB-Jeremy Hill- 2nd year HB drafted by the Eagles in the 1st round in 2018. He had an injury riddled rookie season, but the Eagles are confident in him rebounding this season. He will have 91 SPD and 94 ACC at 248 lbs. headed into his 2nd season as a starter.

FB-Malik Bolivar- 2nd year FB drafted by the Eagles in the 3rd round in 2018. The Eagles like what they have in Bolivar. He's 80 SPD, 79 STR, 70 AWR, 84 ACC, 59 PBK, and 51 RBK at 244 lbs. This too is his second season as a starter in Philly.

WR-Ace Sanders- 3rd year WR drafted by the Eagles in the 2nd round in 2017. Sanders has a year long injury his rookie season, so 2018 was actually his first season playing. He had 74 catches for 1023 yards and 8 TD's. He's short but fast. 97 SPD, 97 AGI, and 95 ACC.

WR-Brandin Cooks*- 2nd year WR drafted in the 2nd round in 2018. Cooks, like Sanders, suffered a year long injury in his rookie season, so he hasn't actually played a regular season game yet. He has a similar skill set to Sanders, but is a little taller at 5'10" and has higher end speed, 99 SPD, 95 AGI, and 97 ACC.

TE-Benny Davis- 3rd year TE drafted by the Eagles in the 2nd round in 2017. Davis is an under the radar TE, who despite the growing pains of a young QB, has shown his talent quite well. He has 83 SPD, 70 STR, 78 AWR, 88 AGI, 82 ACC, and 81 CTH. This will be his 3rd season as the starter at TE.

LT-La'el Collins (R)*- Rookie OT drafted by the Eagles in the 1st round of this year's draft. Collins was the best OL available and will be the starter at LT from day one. He has 66 SPD, 93 STR, 69 AWR, 65 AGI, 80 ACC, 85 PBK, and 85 RBK.

LG-Spalding Higbee (R)*- Rookie OG drafted by the Eagles in the 2nd round of this year's draft. Higbee has the best physical attributes of any OG in the draft. His blocking skills need work, but the Eagles are confident, once he gets some experience, he will be a foundational piece to their OL. He has 65 SPD, 90 STR, 67 AGI, and 79 ACC.

C-Reese Dismukes- 2nd year C drafted by the Eagles in the 2nd round of the 2018 draft. Dismukes had a rough rookie season, but his promise is still evidence. The Eagles are hoping for a better sophomore season. He has 68 SPD, 87 STR, 74 AWR, 78 ACC, 88 PBK, and 87 RBK. This will be his 2nd season as the starter.

RG-Mike Iupati*- Iupati is a free agent signing in Philly. Last season the Eagles were forced to bring in three very average OL in free agency and the offense suffered for it. This season Iupati is the only free agent and he's better than any of the guys the Eagles played last season. He has 55 SPD, 93 STR, 75 AWR, 65 AGI, 85 ACC, 84 PBK and 97 RBK.

RT-Perry Lawrence- 5th year RT drafted by the Eagles in the 1st round in 2015. Lawrence is the only offensive starter left from the 2016 season. He's been a good RT despite the numbers. He has 60 SPD, 91 STR, 82 AWR, 66 AGI, 78 ACC, 94 PBK, and 89 RBK. This will be his 5th season as the starter.

The Eagles welcome four new starters on the offensive side of the ball, two of which are rookies. They also are starting 9 offensive players drafted by the team in 2017 or later, which means they are young, but talented.
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2019 Eagles Draft Recap

2019 Eagles Draft Recap

Draft Class

Here a look at the 2019 Eagles draft class, it seems to be filled with promise. The hope is that the Eagles will finally put the pieces together to develop a young, athletic offensive line that will enable McNabb to become an effective passer.

1.7- LT-La'el Collins- 66 SPD, 93 STR, 69 AWR, 65 AGI, and 80 ACC- Collins is a polished OT who should be the cornerstone of a much improved offensive line this season. He is probably the best in this year's draft class.

2.2- LE-DeAngelo Hardy- 6'6", 290 lbs., 82 SPD, 76 STR, 64 AWR, 76 AGI, and 85 ACC. Hardy is a big pass rusher with speed. He lacks the stamina to be elite, but that is something he can work on. He'll be one of four rookie starters on the team.

2.7- LG-Spalding Higbee- 67 SPD, 90 STR, 64 AWR, 67 AGI, and 79 ACC- Higbee was a major target in this draft from the moment it started. His blocking skills need work, but the Eagles viewed that as a positive as it allowed them to grab him early in the 2nd round since team stayed away to the needed development in that area. His physical attributes are elite. He's among the top 15 most athletic linemen in the entire league. He'll start from day one and we'll take the learning curve he will have.

2.19- DT-Harry Sampson- 60 SPD, 92 STR, 66 AGI, 77 ACC, and 80 TAK- The Browns hit the jackpot in the second round with two great DT's both of which we were targeting, so we went with Sampson. He's an upgrade over last year, even though he's only above average.

2.27- LT-Xerxes Garner- 340 lbs., 69 SPD, 90 STR, and 79 ACC- Garner has some potential as a starter. He will probably be moved to RG. His agility is limited but his other physical attributes are really good. He's a possible future starter.

3.7- CB-Jabar Watkins- 93 SPD, 66 STR, 67 AWR, 94 AGI, 95 ACC, and 62 CTH- Watkins looks like a nice nickel or dime back and his awareness allows him to play immediately.

3.17- LOLB- Luke Papadopoulos- 6'2", 255 lbs., 79 SPD, 82 STR, 70 AWR, 78 AGI, 77 ACC, and 83 TAK- Here's a gamble by the Eagles scouting staff, but I think it's a good one. If he skews up in ACC he could be either a good backup MLB or maybe even a DE.

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2018 Eagles Training Camp
Previous Season Recap
It was the worst season GZL ever witnessed as the Eagles went 0-16. It wasn't hard to see why the Eagles were a bad team going into the season and then when the injuries began to mount, the perfect storm of a winless season blew in. The Eagles had major weaknesses at four key positions: CB, QB, RB, and WR.

At CB the Eagles traded their veteran high AWR CB's for inexperienced youngsters. The depth chart was CB-Quinten Hamilton (59 AWR, 2nd season), CB-Alan Hill (60 AWR, rookie), CB-Cyrus Nicholson III (64 AWR, rookie), and CB-Woody Salaam (67 AWR, 2nd year). Hamilton promptly injured himself and was out for the first six weeks of the season forcing an already razor thin secondary to play in slots they were just not ready for. Three games after Hamilton came back, Hill was injured for the remainder of the season. This resulted in Nicholson producing one of the worst statistical seasons a CB has ever had.

Meanwhile the QB position was all about rookie QB-Malik McNabb. A rookie, scrambling QB in Madden is not a good scenario, but the Eagles are determined to make it work. McNabb's first season was mixed. There were many games where he was good, but there were also several games where he was terrible. It's what happens when you have a rookie QB.

The RB position was handed off to HB-Roy Helu. Helu was terrible, but it wasn't all his fault. The backups were bad and so the running game was just bad in general.

Finally, the WR position was not a position of strength either. There was WR-Leonard Hankerson and that was it. WR-Ace Sanders was to be the second starter on the roster but he suffered a season ending injury in the preseason.

So with all that, the Eagles certainly were going to be bad and they were exactly that. They were in most of the games, but couldn't win any of them.

It's hard to have many positives that come from an 0-16 season, but the Eagles did have a few. The LB core of three rookies: ROLB-Wesley Washington, MLB-C.J. Mosley, and LOLB-Jimmy Tuputala put together very respectable seasons respectively. Both Mosley and Tuputala received some consideration in the rookie defense player of the year discussion.

Really the only offensive positives were rookie TE-Benny Davis and QB-Malik McNabb seeing playing time that resulted in some progression.

The best game of the season for the Eagles was a 28-21 road loss to the division rival Redskins. The Eagles held Washington to 280 total yards while at the same time McNabb threw 2 TD's to only 1 INT. He also ran for 37 of his 339 rushing yards in the game too.

The worst game of the season was easily the 54-3 loss at Tennessee. The defense actually didn't play that poorly in the game, but the offense committed 5 turnovers including 4 McNabb INT's. The Titans defense actually scored three TD's in the game further heaping blame on the Eagles offense.

And then there was the offseason...

Offseason Recap

2018 Draft

This was easily the most frustrating draft the Eagles GM has ever been a part of. Normally when a team has the first overall pick, you can get multiple high picks in exchange for it. However, this year's draft was the wrong year to have the first overall since there were no standout elite stars. Plenty of really good players, but no generational stars. The result of this was a complete inability to trade down and accumulate picks. If not for the Colts, the Eagles would have been able to trade down at all. So here is this year's class so far.

1.2- HB-Jeremy Hill- 238 lbs., 90 SPD, 75 STR, 92 ACC, 90 CAR, and 85 BTK. The Eagles really needed OL and there were good ones, but the Eagles also needed a franchise RB and there were only two, maybe three in this year's draft. Speculation was two top 10 teams were going RB. We will never know if that was the case, but the need for a RB and scarcity of talent there led them to take HB-Jeremy Hill, who was their #1 RB.

2.1- WR-Brandin Cooks- 5'10", 98 SPD, 65 AWR, 95 AGI, 97 ACC, and 85 CTH- The Eagles had 10 OT and OG's targeted in this draft and the 10th OL went at 1.32. Rather than reaching for a player clearly not worth the spot, the Eagles took Cooks. He's a burner that will clearly upgrade the WR core.

2.9- C-Reese Dismukes- 68 SPD, 87 STR, 71 AWR, 63 AGI, 78 ACC, 89 PBK, and 87 RBK- Dismukes is the player the Eagles picked up in the Colts deal. He's an immediate starter and upgrade at the Center position.

2.19- CB-Oscar Riveria- 5'11", 94 SPD, 68 STR, 72 AWR, 91 AGI, 85 ACC, 60 CTH, 94 JMP, and 71 TAK- We know teams avoided Riveria because of his ACC, but this guy is a stud in every other area. The Eagles have found an immediate starter at CB. He will receive some training camp help, but he could potentially be 97 SPD and 88 ACC alongside all the other polished skill. Unlike Nicholson III, Riveria should be a successful experiment.

3.1- FB-Malik Bolivar- 244 lbs, 80 SPD, 78 STR, 67 AWR, 79 AGI, 84 ACC, and 90 BTK- The Eagles backfield combo was woeful last year and Bolivar will be a good blocker for Hill. He needs a neutral or positive skew, but we are very happy to add him to the offensive side of the ball.

5.15- HB-Branden Oliver- 89 SPD, 70 AWR, 91 AGI, 93 ACC, 80 CAR, and 79 BTK- This completes a total cleaning of the house in the Eagles backfield. If he skews well he could be a nice backup.

6.1- DT-Gary Barlow- 340 lbs., 90 STR, 79 TAK- He's a backup DT, but it's nice to get one at an inexpensive price.

6.7- LG-Rory Thomas- 321 lbs., 58 SPD, 88 STR, 66 ACC, and 83 RBK- We just need bodies on the OL. Thomas is a body.

6.20-LT-Cody Nelson- 311 lbs., 89 STR, 63 ACC, 80 RBK- Body #2.

7.1- LT-Jason Johnson- 316 lbs., 90 STR and 66- Body #3

*One final note. The Eagles offered next year's 1st round pick for a pick in this year's first round and there were no takers. Not sure if that means teams liked what was left on the boards or what, but typically when an 0-16 team offers next year's first round pick more teams jump on that.

Offseason Releases

WR-Mike Thomas- He was signed to help out the WR core, but then got hurt and is now regressing, so he is now gone.

HB-Frank Moore- He was just a roster filler

HB-Keith Gainer- He was just a roster filler

FB-Tommy Bohanon- Bohanon was a veteran FB, but he did not have the speed we were looking for long-term at the position.

QB-Aaron Rodgers- This was the big cut. Rodgers lasted all the way through the draft, but once it became clear it was either Rodgers or an offensive line, the Eagles knew what they needed to do. Once they signed QB-Kyle Orton, it was clear Rodgers was now expendable. I'm sure he will end up on another roster this season, but the Eagles have now moved on.

Offseason Signings

LT-Michael Roos- 59 SPD, 90 STR, 97 AWR, 64 AGI, 70 ACC, 98 PBK, and 99 RBK- Roos will be a starting tackle alongside Lawrence. He lacks the ideal acceleration, but outside of that he should be a good fit for the Eagles.

LG-Vladimir Ducasse- 53 SPD, 93 STR, 79 ACC, 89 PBK, and 87 RBK- Ducasse will compete with Sears for the other guard spot not occupied by Rachal.

LG-Chilo Rachal- 60 SPD, 91 STR, 65 AGI, and 77 ACC- Rachal is a veteran with good physical attributes, he will start at guard this season in Philly.

LG-Aaron Sears- 62 SPD, 90 STR, 63 AGI, 73 ACC, 88 PBK, and 84 RBK- Sears will compete with Ducasse for the other guard position. He lacks AWR, which right now makes him behind Ducasse in the depth chart.

QB-Kyle Orton- 93 AWR, 83 THP, and 93 THA- He will serve as a nice backup and should be a good mentor for McNabb.

C-Ryan Kalil- He was a cap casualty as well, but with Dismukes ready to step in, the Eagles felt comfortable in moving Kalil along. No doubt he will end up with a team in some type of role this coming year.

Offseason Trades

Trade #1

Colts send 1.2 and 2.9 to Eagles for 1.1

Analysis: The Eagles were happy to trade down here and wanted to trade down more, but couldn't make it happen.

Trade #2

Chargers send 2.16 to Eagles for 4.1 and LOLB-Zaviar Gooden

Analysis: This might seem like a steep price to move up, but the Eagles were able to get a starting CB at 2.16 in Oscar Riveria. We are very happy with this deal.

Trade #3

Lions send WR-Emmanuel Sanders to Eagles for HB-Roy Helu.

Analysis: This was about two teams needing to fill needs at two different positions. The Eagles are happy to add depth to their WR core after last year's massive injuries at the position.

Trade #4

Raiders send CB-Blidi Wreh-Wilson to Eagles for HB-Chauncey Harris.

Analysis: Harris played FB last season and the Eagles greater need was at CB so this deal fills another need and the Eagles promptly drafted a FB.

Training Camp

Points Allocation
The Eagles haven't completely settled on points allocation yet for 2018. However, here is a look at where the points could go.

CB-Oscar Riveria- The Eagles were fortunate to get him in the middle of round two. After evaluating their current group of CB's, which are much better than last season, they have determined Riveria will be one of the two starters this season. Therefore, he will likely be getting a +1 boost in both speed and acceleration. This would bring him up to 95 SPD and 86 ACC. His acceleration is a clear area of improvement and his only weakness at the CB position other than being only average height at 5'11".

ROLB-Wesley Washington- Last season Washington added some acceleration to bring him to 80. This season it looks like he might see a +1 boost in speed to bring him up to 85. Speed training is always an important part of the Eagles training camp no matter who it is.

WR-Ace Sanders- Last year Sanders received a +1 speed boost, but he could be a possibility for another one this season. He is already a 97 speed receiver, but if he were to get another speed boost he could start to ascend into elite speed status. He might be the least likely guy to benefit from this boost, but it still possible he gets one.

HB-Jeremy Hill- Well he has one of the worst contracts you could ever imagine, but he does have serious talent at the RB position. Hill will most definitely get at least some boost this offseason. He is almost certainly going to add +1 in acceleration. But there is also a very good possibility he goes up 1 in agility or speed. Hill will be the featured back in this offense and a lot is expected of him this season.

Camp Battles

The major battle in training camp will focus on the RG position. The Eagles offensive line only returns one starter. Michael Roos will play LT, while Chilio Rachal will be alongside him at LG. Rookie Reese Dismukes will play C and Perry Lawrence will return as the RT. The battle will be between OG-Aaron Sears and OG-Vladimir Ducasse for the RG position. Sears has better speed, but Ducasse has the edge in every other major category which means he currently has the edge for the position.

Outside of RG, the only position that is currently up for grabs is the nickel CB position. Last year's starters, CB-Quinten Hamilton and CB-Alan Ball, will both compete for this spot and this competition may last into the beginning of the season. They could also alternate depending on the matchup.

Upcoming Season Predictions

So 2017 is gone and the Eagles didn't win in the entire calendar year so what can we expect for 2018.

Well let's look at each position group.

At QB, McNabb is in his second season and so he should be able to improve on his year one numbers with more AWR, THP, and THA. We'd love to see McNabb at least even out his interceptions and touchdowns.

At RB, the Eagles have cleared the deck. Hill, Blount, and Oliver should be an incredible upgrade over last year's backs. This is the offensive group the Eagles are most excited about.

At TE and WR, the Eagles have also improved. TE-Benny Davis is in his second year and should be better than his good rookie season. The WR's have far more depth than last season. WR-Brandin Cooks, WR-Ace Sanders, and WR-Emmanuel Sanders should really help out WR-Leonard Hankerson this season.

At OL, there could be a slight downgrade. C-Reese Dismukes will jump in and the Eagles won't miss C-Ryan Kalil at all. However, both guard positions are not ideal. Can they be a solid group overall? It remains to be seen.

At DE and DT, the Eagles have upgraded. A really old DE-Mario Williams will man the LE position. He's not great anymore, but he is still considerably better than they were last year.

At LB, the three Eagles' rookie starters from last year are all in their second season. They have all improved their skill level so they should start to be a force to be reckoned with.

At CB and S, the Eagles have also upgraded. Both safeties are back this season and are really good. But at CB, the Eagles have really improved with Riveria and Wreh-Wilson. Both guys possess more awareness and speed than the previous year's cornerbacks.

Overall the team has definitely improved, but they have a long way to go still to be competitive. If you look at the NFC East, I don't see the Eagles as being better than any of the other three teams. The Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants should still all be better than the Eagles, but it is possible for the Eagles to swipe a game or two in the division. As far as the remaining schedule, I think the Eagles are cautiously optimistic that they can grab another couple of games on their schedule. So the goal in Philly is to win four games. Anything more than that would be gravy.

The Eagles need to get a little better luck with injuries, but they do have some more depth than last season, so if injuries do come they are better able to sustain it. We are excited to get the season started and to see how this young team (5 rookie starters and 5 second year starters) does.
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Eagles Draft Review
This was easily the most frustrating draft the Eagles GM has ever been a part of. Normally when a team has the first overall pick, you can get multiple high picks in exchange for it. However, this year's draft was the wrong year to have the first overall since there were no standout elite stars. Plenty of really good players, but no generational stars. The result of this was a complete inability to trade down and accumulate picks. If not for the Colts, the Eagles would have been able to trade down at all. So here is this year's class so far.

1.2- HB-Jeremy Hill- 238 lbs., 90 SPD, 75 STR, 92 ACC, 90 CAR, and 85 BTK. The Eagles really needed OL and there were good ones, but the Eagles also needed a franchise RB and there were only two, maybe three in this year's draft. Speculation was two top 10 teams were going RB. We will never know if that was the case, but the need for a RB and scarcity of talent there led them to take HB-Jeremy Hill, who was their #1 RB.

2.1- WR-Brandin Cooks- 5'10", 98 SPD, 65 AWR, 95 AGI, 97 ACC, and 85 CTH- The Eagles had 10 OT and OG's targeted in this draft and the 10th OL went at 1.32. Rather than reaching for a player clearly not worth the spot, the Eagles took Cooks. He's a burner that will clearly upgrade the WR core.

2.9- C-Reese Dismukes- 68 SPD, 87 STR, 71 AWR, 63 AGI, 78 ACC, 89 PBK, and 87 RBK- Dismukes is the player the Eagles picked up in the Colts deal. He's an immediate starter and upgrade at the Center position.

2.19- CB-Oscar Riveria- 5'11", 94 SPD, 68 STR, 72 AWR, 91 AGI, 85 ACC, 60 CTH, 94 JMP, and 71 TAK- We know teams avoided Riveria because of his ACC, but this guy is a stud in every other area. The Eagles have found an immediate starter at CB. He will receive some training camp help, but he could potentially be 97 SPD and 88 ACC alongside all the other polished skill. Unlike Nicholson III, Riveria should be a successful experiment.

3.1- FB-Malik Bolivar- 244 lbs, 80 SPD, 78 STR, 67 AWR, 79 AGI, 84 ACC, and 90 BTK- The Eagles backfield combo was woeful last year and Bolivar will be a good blocker for Hill. He needs a neutral or positive skew, but we are very happy to add him to the offensive side of the ball.

5.15- HB-Branden Oliver- 89 SPD, 70 AWR, 91 AGI, 93 ACC, 80 CAR, and 79 BTK- This completes a total cleaning of the house in the Eagles backfield. If he skews well he could be a nice backup.

6.1- DT-Gary Barlow- 340 lbs., 90 STR, 79 TAK- He's a backup DT, but it's nice to get one at an inexpensive price.

6.7- LG-Rory Thomas- 321 lbs., 58 SPD, 88 STR, 66 ACC, and 83 RBK- We just need bodies on the OL. Thomas is a body.

6.20-LT-Cody Nelson- 311 lbs., 89 STR, 63 ACC, 80 RBK- Body #2.

7.1- LT-Jason Johnson- 316 lbs., 90 STR and 66- Body #3

*One final note. The Eagles offered next year's 1st round pick for a pick in this year's first round and there were no takers. Not sure if that means teams liked what was left on the boards or what, but typically when an 0-16 team offers next year's first round pick more teams jump on that.
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So Who Goes #2?
For the first time ever, Eagles GM Neal Wintermute had the first overall pick and he promptly traded it away. The Eagles sent 1.1 to the Colts for 1.2 and 2.9. The reasoning is two-fold. 1) The draft class has no elite studs worthy of the #1 overall pick and 2) The Eagles rebuild needs multiple players in order to be successful.

So that leads to the current discussion. Who goes #2? The Eagles really wanted to trade out of this spot, accumulating even more 1st and 2nd round picks, however the trade market was horrible and the Eagles would have had to sacrifice substantial value in order to make this happen. So the Eagles have decided to keep the pick.

So again, who goes #2?

Well let's look at the Eagles situation. The secondary last year was horrible, but in fairness both CB-Alan Ball and CB-Quinten Hamilton were hurt for decent portions of the year. Couple that with no real studs at CB and the Eagles are not going CB. The LB's are set and so too are most of the DL, so that is likely out for them.

The offense has some real issues and most mock drafts have the Eagles going WR or RB. Much like the CB class, the Eagles don't see any studs at WR and so a WR will not go at #2. The Eagles do have a legitimate need at HB, but still at #2? Maybe, but only maybe. The Eagles drafted their future franchise QB last year, but there are definitely questions about McNabb long term. With the likes of Winston and Foles, the Eagles could very well go QB at 1.2. The final piece is the offensive line. There are some real studs at OL in this draft and the Eagles certainly need them. So who goes #2? Well, the Eagles won't say, but it is worth noting that according to internal reports none of the mock drafts have predicted players that are in the top 3 of the Eagles draft board. The next few days should be very interesting in Philly.
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So the Eagles enter week 17 of the season without a win. They are 0-15. I'm not sure if there ever has been a winless team in the GZL, but the Eagles are poised to join them. Although, the Eagles have been trying to win games, they have been trying to do it with a bunch of rookies in key places. The most notable of these rookies is QB-Malik McNabb. The choice to play him this season over QB-Aaron Rodgers has probably cost them a couple of wins, but the plan is to play the rookies and let the chips fall where they may.

McNabb has had some good games this season against the Redskins, Seahawks, and Rams. However, he has also had some horrible games against the Cowboys, Titans, and the Bucs. Interceptions have the killer for him. He has 25 INT's in the season, but 14 of them have come in 3 games. The offensive line has actually been surprisingly good at protecting the rookie scrambling QB. They have only given up 40 sacks on 427 attempts.

It certainly hasn't helped the Eagles that they have had injuries to key players as well, CB-Quentin Hamilton missed the first six weeks of the season, CB-Alan Ball will miss the last 7 weeks of the season, WR-Ace Sanders suffered a season ending injury in the preseason, WR-Mike Thomas will be out the last 11 weeks, and C-Ryan Kalil has been out the last 4 weeks.

The Eagles are currently 28th in offense and 23rd in defense. Here is the fun fact about their team numbers. They are 22nd in passing offense, 22nd in rushing offense, 22nd in passing defense, and 22nd in rushing defense. Yes, that about sums up the season in Philly.

They have on final chance to put a win on the board against the Cardinals. The lineup will be the same and who know maybe it will yield a win. Maybe McNabb will flash some promise in week 17.
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New Look Eagles- The Front Seven
Eagles 2.0 Begins to Take Shape

**LE-Jimmy Tuputala- 85 SPD, 78 STR, 81 AGI, 75 ACC, and 81 TAK- I've agonized over who to start at this spot. LE-Chung Wynn is probably a better fit in a 3-4 scheme and Tuputala in a 4-3. The problem is that Tuputala fits best here with the rest of the players on the roster. And so he will play LE. His 85 SPD, 78 STR, and 81 AGI combo makes him a nice fit here. He also has an advanced TAK for a LE. His weaknesses are his size at *268 lbs. and his 75 ACC. He could have also been converted to the #2 MLB, but right now he'll be the LE.

#1DT- Ron Green- 6'5", 333 lbs, 68 SPD, 97 STR, 66 AGI, 78 ACC, and 86 TAK- Green is a beast. Even though the Eagles don't value DT's highly, we are happy he is here. He should be a both a run stopper and a pass rusher from this position. He's young too, this is only his second season in the GZL.

**#2DT- Colt Hemingway- 6'3", 319 lbs., 63 SPD, 89 STR, and 76 ACC- Hemingway skewed down a bit and unfortunately he's not a long term solution at DT, but he will likely need to start this season. He is a bigger DT than Bunckley was. Hopefully he can serve as a decent run stopper in there.

RE-Cameron Heyward- 6'5", 300 lbs., 73 SPD, 90 STR, 83 AWR, 75 ACC, and 90 TAK- He's a great run stopper at RE. Big, strong and hard to handle. He also has good AWR and TAK, so he has both the physical and progressible attributes he needs. He's probably worth a little more to another team than to us, but with a NTC he will be in Philly for at least another season.

**LOLB-Zaviar Gooden- 87 SPD, 77 STR, 82 AGI, and 86 ACC- Gooden somehow slipped in the depth chart after being drafted in the 1st round of 2015. His speed and strength combo should be great. He's a little raw, but he should terrorize offense lineman for year's to come from the left side.

**MLB-C.J. Mosley- 6'2", *244 lbs, 83 SPD, 73 STR, 70 AWR, 80 AGI, 84 ACC, 65 CTH, and 83 TAK- Mosley is a solid MLB who only lacks a little height. He has good hands and physical skills and the type of player we are looking for at MLB.

**ROLB-Wesley Washington- 6'5", 241 lbs., 84 SPD, 71 STR, 84 AGI, 79 ACC, 65 CTH, and 78 JMP- Washington is a really tall OLB with great hands and jumping ability. He should be the type of OLB that has a nose for the football. He is a little raw and we wish he was a little stronger, but he will be our starter at a key position.

The strength on the DL is 90, 89, 97, and 78 with the LB's being 77, 73, and 71 respectively. The speed on the DL is 73, 63, 68, and 85 with the LB's being 84, 83, and 87 respectively. In addition there will be four rookie starters and three more second year players on the starting defense. I'm sure this will make for growing pains, but it will be fun to see how they make do.

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New Look Eagles- The Secondary
Eagles 2.0 Begins to Take Shape

The Eagles were a successful team in 2016, but not a championship caliber team and the reality is that they were never going to be without a serious rebuild. 2017 starts the rebuild. Here is a look at the 2017 version of the Eagles to this point.

**CB#1-Woody Salaam- 93 SPD*, 77 STR, 67 AWR, and 67 CTH- Salaam had three interceptions in limited work in his rookie season. We think he has the potential to be a starter. Part of the attraction of Salaam is that the Eagles see a chance to make a 6th round CB into a starting caliber one. It would be a pretty rare sight to see a guy draft that late become a starter, but I think it's possible.

**CB#2-Quentin Hamilton- 6'2", 219 lbs., 91 SPD*, 70 STR, and 69 CTH- Hamilton is a second year player acquired via trade from San Diego. The Eagles traded the speedy LOLB-Keenan Clayton who was in the last year of his deal for him. Hamilton grades out to a 2nd round quality CB in this year's draft who lacks some physical tools, but has the hands and tackling skills we are looking for.

**CB#3-Cyrus Nicholson III- 6'3", 231 lbs., 87 SPD*, 72 STR, 64 AWR, 62 CTH and 68 TAK- Nicholson will split some time with Alan Hill depending on the matchup. Nicholson is a potential beast of a CB although he does lack the speed and quickness. Nicholson's strength is his size and, well, his strength. So will slot receivers be able to get past his strong, physical presence.

FS-Dean Rowe- 6'2", 241 lbs., 92 SPD, 64 STR, 91 ACC, 92 ACC, 68 CTH, 90 JMP, and 71 TAK- He's the rock in this secondary. Has he has the size of an OLB, with the quickness of a safety. Rowe has shown over his five seasons both an ability to produce interceptions and an ability to deflect attempted passes.

SS-Omar Mann- 6'4", 222 lbs., 93 SPD, 77 STR, 90 AGI, 89 ACC, and 78 TAK- Omar has an elite size and speed combo, but he needs to play. In 2017, he will be the starter and there is no SS in the GZL who is 6'4" while having 93 SPD. There will likely be some lumps with his low AWR though, but the Eagles are willing to endure them.

This secondary isn't the fastest, 93, 91, 92, and 93 SPD respectively. However, the strength in this secondary is the selling feature, 77, 70, 64, and 77 STR respectively. Will the strength, combined with the height, 6'0", 6'2", 6'2", and 6'4", enable them to do their job? That's the question that will be answered in 2017.

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Eagles Draft Review
1.21- MLB-C.J. Mosley- 83 SPD, 73 STR, 70 AWR, 80 AGI, 84 ACC, 65 CTH, and 83 TAK- The MLB position was in horrible shape in Philly, Mosley will change that. He will start from day one.

1.32- QB-Malik McNabb- 6'8", 259 lbs., 85 SPD, 89 STR, 70 AWR, 89 ACC, 93 BTK, 88 THP, and 83 THA- I don't like scramblers, but this guy is like a power RB and a QB put together. Every once in a while you need to take on a new challenge in Madden. McNabb is my new challenge.

2.17- CB-Cyrus Nicholson III- 6'3", 231 lbs., 86 SPD, 72 STR, 64 AWR, 88 AGI, 88 ACC, 62 CTH and 68 TAK- We took him earlier than we wanted, but we wanted to make sure he was an Eagle. He's a big body, who if he gets some help with speed could be a good CB in this league.

2.21- TE-Benny Davis- 6'5", 83 SPD, 70 STR, 88 AGI, and 82 ACC- A great pass catching TE except for his JMP. He should still be a much better option that anything the Eagles have right now.

2.23- WR-Ace Sanders- 96 SPD, 97 AGI, 95 ACC, and 92 JMP- WR's were flying off the board too quickly for the Eagles, outside of Drogan who is going to be incredible, no one else seemed to have the value at the Eagles pick. Sanders is a speedster. We will see how he does, but he will definitely play.

2.27- CB-Alan Hill- 6'0", 230 lbs, 92 SPD, 60 STR, 60 AWR, 90 AGI, and 93 ACC- He's a nice dime CB who doesn't do anything great, but several things well.

2.28- LOLB-Wesley Washington- 6'5", 84 SPD, 71 STR, 84 AGI, 79 ACC and 65 CTH- He's tall with good hands. He's a little low on AWR, but he should grow in that through playing.

3.20- DT-Colt Hemingway- 6'3", 319 lbs. 65 SPD, 90 STR, 69 AWR, and 77 ACC- He's a slight upgrade for us at #2 DT assuming no major negatives in the skew.

3.30- LOLB-Jimmy Tuputala- 6'3", 258 lbs, 83 SPD, 78 STR, 80 AGI, and 80 TAK- We fely like Tuputala was a second round talent. If he had a few more ACC he definitely would have gone much sooner. Hoping for a good skew in the ACC here.

4.16- LE-Chung Wynn- 6'6", 70 SPD, 86 STR, 75 ACC, and 78 TAK- He needs a little help with the skew but he has some upside in round 4.
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Eagles Sign A Couple Before the Draft
The Eagles have confirmed they have signed two players via free agency prior to the much anticipated draft.

The first signing is WR-Brandon Marshall. Marshall is in the twilight of his career which basically means he has lost the speed he once had, but he still has everything else. He possesses great AWR and CTH plus he can really block, which is an important thing in this offense.

The second signing is RG-Jahri Evans. Evans is your prototypical experienced OG. The Eagles are not happy with the way their offensive line played last season. As a result, both OG's have lost their starting jobs and Evans will claim the right side. He possesses good strength, AWR and blocking skills.

In related news the Eagles have officially parted ways with LG-Bryan Bulaga. His performance was not ideal last season and his contract made it really easy to have him move on. This has allowed the Eagles to have the most cap room of anyone in the GZL.

These moves are small, but they are building a framework for the 2017 Eagles season. The cornerstone of everything will be the draft to take place in a couple of days which should be an organization changing draft.
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Eagles Continue to Make Moves
The Eagles have made several moves positioning themselves very well for the acquiring of talent in the 2017 entry draft. The goal is to rebuild this team into a winner through the draft.

Trade #1- The Eagles were over on the number of picks they could have in the draft and so they dealt 3.21, 5.21, and 5.24 for 3.20 and 5.20. It's not great value, but it did move us up one, which can't hurt when it comes to drafting. 5.20 was eventually moved to New Orleans in the Jones deal.

Trade #2- The Eagles traded WR-Dexter McCluster and his higher salary along with 4.21 for 4.16. McCluster was not going to be on our roster this season, so moving up five spots is always a good thing. This trade along with the others below have really opened up some cap room which is always a good thing.

Trade #3- In an unexpected trade, the Eagles moved LE-Chandler Jones to New Orleans along with 4.13 and 5.20 for 2.27 and 3.30. Jones is a good player, but the Eagles may be exploring a move to the 3-4 and Jones would not fit that well. Plus Jones does not have the top end speed we are looking for at this position in the 4-3. The 2.27 could well be another starter this year and 3.30 will likely provide some good depth.

Trade #4- This is our final move. We traded 1.22 acquired in the trade for WR-Michael Floyd along with 4.18 for 1.32 and 2.17 in this year's draft. The thinking is that we can snag two starters instead of one. This trade brings the total number of 2nd round picks to 5 for this year's draft.

There could be some cuts on the horizon as well as the Eagles look to add players to keep the team competitive while they develop.
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Eagles Introduce New GM and Change
The Eagles hired Neal Wintermute at GM late last season and it made clear from the beginning that the Eagles would be torn down and rebuilt. There was not much movement last season, but this offseason there has been substantial movement. Several players were cut by the Eagles including WR-Limas Sweed, CB-Richard Marshall, and HB-Jamaal Charles. Each of these players did not fit in the Eagles future plans, primarily because they Eagles are looking to play younger players. Now on to the trades.

Trade #1
Eagles send WR-Michael Floyd
Titans send 1.22 in this year's draft

Analysis: Floyd had one year left on his deal and the Eagles believe the WR's are deep enough to find a replacement who with a couple of years of playing can be comparable.

Trade #2
Eagles send CB-Vontae Davis and 6.21 and 7.21 in this year's draft
Bears send 2.28 and 5.28 in this year's draft

Analysis: Davis is a great CB this season, but will start to regress the following season. It was a perfect time to get something for him. CB is a key position though, so this definitely will be a huge loss for the Eagles.

Trade #3
Eagles send CB-Justin King and 6.4 in this year's draft
Chiefs send 4.13 and 4.18 in this year's draft

Analysis: We were going to keep King after dealing Davis, but the Chiefs gave us what we were looking for and so we jumped on it. We are hopeful that we will find talent in the 4th round that will contribute immediately. King is regressing and has one year left on his contract. The NTC had to removed from him as well.

There are still several players available in Philly. The Eagles are looking to move up in this year's draft and are currently open for business and want other GM's to know if they bring fair offers players can be had.
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Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades...

While overall the first game of the 2016 looked promising for the Eagles, the end result falls into the "close but no cigar" category. The Eagles came out of the gate strong and led through the majority of the game, only to lose steam and let the Broncos come back to win 27-24 in the 4th quarter.

Jamaal Charles had a phenomenal day, rushing for 138 yards, 6.27 ypc, scoring 2 touchdowns on the ground, and grabbing 3 passes for 25 yards. Aaron Rodgers spread the ball around well, throwing for 229 yards and a touchdown, but his performance was offset by 2 interceptions. Michael Floyd did well with 10 grabs, 113 yards and a touchdown. And the offensive line looked solid, allowing only 1 sack (Rodgers held on to the ball too long for another sack).

Defense was the name of the game early on, with safety Dean Rowe leading the charge with 10 tackles and an INT. Another interception was nabbed by outside linebacker Keenan Clayton. Overall, the D-line combined with the linebackers found themselves disrupting the offensive backfield 6 times, including a sack by veteran DT Cameron Heyward.

The new additions to the team fared pretty well. WR Limas Sweed caught 3 passes for 42 yards, TE Rock Muhammad also caught 3 passes and notched 4 pancakes, fellow TE Martellus Bennett had a beautiful 20 yard reception, ROLB Preston Gates had 3 tackles, 2 hurries and a pick, and DT Ron Green had 3 tackles. On the flip side, rookie halbacks Chauncey Harris and Frank Moore looked very unimpressive. Harris coughed up the ball and Moore ran for -3 yards.

For the most part, it was a good opening game. If Rodgers can get his head together, the Eagles should do well this year since the rest of the team put on a solid performance. They were awful close this time, but ...(see headline title)
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Eagles Preseason Starting Rotation

After camp broke today at Lincoln Field, coach Andy Reid announced the Eagles' starting lineup for the 2016 Pre-Season:

QB: 1. Aaron Rodgers, 2. Kellen Moore, Kiante Green (games 1 & 3)
1. Kellen Moore, 2. Kiante Green, Aaron Rodgers (games 2 & 4)

HB: 1. Jamaal Charles, 2. Frank Moore, 3. Chauncey Harris, 4. Keith Gainer (games 1 & 3)
1. Chauncey Harris, 2. Keith Gainer, 3. Frank Moore, 4. Jamaal Charles (games 2 & 4)

FB: 1. Tommy Bohanon, 2. Kyle Juszcyk, 3. [TE]Clay Harbor ([TE]Rock Mohammad games 2 & 4)

WR: 1. Leonard Hankerson, 2. Michael Floyd, 3. Dexter McCluster, 4. Limas Sweed, 5. Joe Adams, 6. [TE]Clay Harbor (games 1 & 3)
1. Michael Floyd, 2. Limas Sweed, 3. Joe Adams, 4. Dexter McCluster, 5. Leonard Hankerson, 6. [TE]Rock Mohammad (games 2 & 4)

TE: 1. Rock Mohammad, 2. Martellus Bennett, 3. Clay Harbor (games 1 & 3)
1. Martellus Bennett, 2. Clay Harbor, 3. Rock Mohammad (games 2 & 4)

LT: 1. Eric Winston, 2. Bob Patterson, 3. [LG]Brock Lindsay

LG: 1. Bryan Bulaga, 2. Brock Lindsay, 3. [C]Zachary Williams

C: 1. Ryan Kalil, 2. Zachary Williams, 3. [LG]Brock Lindsay

RG: 1. Eric Wood, 2. Josh Dworaczyk, 3. [LG]Brock Lindsay

RT: 1. Perry Lawrence, 2. Ron Storm, 3. [LG]Brock Lindsay

LE: 1. Chandler Jones, 2. John Summers, 3. [DT]Tai Perry

RE: 1. Cameron Heyward, 2. Craig White, 3. [DT]Tai Perry

DT: 1. Broderick Bunkley, 2. Ron Green, 3. Tai Perry, 4. Armide Yance, 5. [RE]Craig White (games 1 &3)
1.Tai Perry, 2. Armide Yance, 3. Ron Green, 4. Broderick Bunkley, 5. [RE]Craig White (games 2 & 4)

LOLB: 1. Keenan Clayton, 2. Zaviar Gooden, [ROLB]Preston Gates

MLB: 1. Mark Herzilch, 2. Sedirck Law, 3. Chase Thomas, 4. [ROLB]Preston Gates (games 1 & 3)
1. Sedrick Law, 2. Chase Thomas, 3. Mark Herzilch, 4. [ROLB]Preston Gates

ROLB: 1. Trevardo Williams, 2. Preston Gates, 3. [MLB]Chase Thomas

CB: 1. Vontae Davis, 2. Justin King, 3. Richard Marshall, 4. Woody Salaam, 5. Benjaman Jenkins (games 1 & 3)
1. Justin King, 2. Woody Salaam, 3. Benjaman Jenkins, 4. Richard Marshall, 5. Vontae Davis (games 2 & 4)

FS: 1. Dean Rowe, 2. Omar Mann, 3. [SS]Jonathan Amaya

SS: 1. CJ Hodges, 2. Jonathan Amaya, 3. [FS]Omar Mann

K/P Return: 1. WR Dexter McCluster, 2. WR Joe Adams, 3. HB Jamaal Charles, 4. WR Limas Sweed, 5. CB Richard Marshall

Reid said that the format of alternating the game starters will "give us the opportunity to see how each and every player on our roster can perform in a game situation." Reid added, "we need to get a solid evaluation on everyone so we can properly sift through the remaining position battles and settle on our depth chart to start the season."

Reid also laid out the positions that aren't as of yet determined as: backup QB, 3rd string HB, starting FB, WR slots (3rd & 4th), all TE depth, #3 DT, #2 MLB, starting ROLB, and CB depth behind Davis.
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State of the Eagles-Training Camp

All things considered, I inherited a very well structured team. So far this has made my job a lot easier than it would have been had my predecessor not built the team in the way that he did. Unfortunately, the Eagles haven't had a winning record since GZL's inaugural 2010 season. They've been just another middle-of the road team. Another plus as a new GM is that the majority of the team's contracts were expiring, so I was given the opportunity to mold the team easier to what I wanted it to be. I had the opportunity to decide what players I wanted to keep or drop without having to worry about cap penalty too much. I decided to go with a young team with a deep bench (as I believe I've mentioned quite a bit). I believe we've done a good job of it-the average age of our players is 25.9 and we have a number of startable backups. Now that we're into camp, here's my assessment of our Philadelphia Eagles.

As we all know, the quarterback position is the keystone of a successful football team. Fortunately, we have future hall of famer AAron Rogers on the roster. I opted for a (costly) exclusive resign for our franchise QB. He has a strong backup in Kellen Moore. While his arm strength isn't anything to write home about, he has good awareness and exceptional accuracy. I locked him up as the successor to Rogers with a 5 year contract. As a bit of insurance, I drafted Kiante Green out of Iowa in the 3rd round. Green is a nice all-around quarterback, and I fully expect him to compete for Kellen Moore's job.

Jamaal Charles is a premier back in the prime of his career that we also have under contract for the next 2 years. Our 2nd round draft pick Chauncey Harris is a dependable power back who can easily take over if Charles gets injured. We rounded out our offensive backfield with good backups Frank Moore (a speedy steal in the 7th round) and free agent Keith Gainer. We also added free agent Tommy Bohannon in free agency. Bohannon and fellow fullback Kyle Juscyk are pretty much interchangeable are both are great lead blockers.

Mr. Eggleston truly did an outstanding job at assembling our wide receiver corps. Leonard Hankerson and Michael Floyd are lanky 27 year old beasts. It'll be tough for defenders to cover both of them. We have great depth with McCluster & Adams and we added veteran Limas Sweed as a towering backup receiver. It's too bad we lost Alshon Jeffery in free agency, he would have made a phenomenal receiving corps even more scary. Fortunately TE Clay Harbor is a large target with good hands that can effectively line up at receiver.

Speaking of tight ends and free agency losses, we lost an elite player in D.J. Williams to the Redskins. Williams was looking for a hefty contract to resign though, and I believe that we made up for the loss by drafting Rock Muhammad (arguably the best in the draft-huge potential) and signing veteran Martellus Bennett. We're paying a lot less than we would have and all 3 tight ends are extremely reliable. Muhammad is going to be a stud player and Bennett is more than capable.

We didn't do a whole lot with our offensive line-they're solid as it is. Only 3 of the 12 linemen aren't already developed, and those three have all of the tools to progress nicely. Basically the only changes were bringing in a younger backup left tackle (Bob Patterson) with a higher developmental ceiling, and we'll be moving Bryan Bulaga to the left side.

Our d-line also looked pretty good when we got here. Left end Chandler Jones is a monster, and his backup John Summers can start on most teams. Right End Cameron Heyward is another top-notch player in his prime. We brought in Craig White, another startable veteran as his backup. Phil Taylor was another elite veteran that we lost to the Redskins in free agency. We still, however, have world-class veteran Broderick Bunkley in place. At 32, Bunkley still has a couple of productive seasons in him. To replace Taylor, we drafted Ron Green with the 8th overall pick. Green is an athletic tackle with out-of-this-world potential who should have no problem stepping into the 2-gap spot and inheriting the nose tackle position from Bunkley. Third round pick Tai Perry is a speedy and reliable backup and second year tackle Armide Vance provides insurance as an emergency lineman.

Our roster at linebacker pretty much needed just a little reworking. We added 2nd year MLB Sedrick Law to play the Jack position when we line up in the 3-4. MLB Chase Thomas is a young reserve linebacker that we feel we can develop. We signed ROLB Preston Gates as an upgrade to Patrick Bailey, who we cut at the onset of the offseason. In addition, we plan on moving LOLB Trevardo Williams over to the right side to challenge for the starting job. There's not a whole lot we can do with last year's 19th overall pick Zaviar Wooden. Wooden was a horrible underachieving reach (he's fast, but not very aware and a less than impressive tackler-key attributes for a linebacker) who can't be moved right now due to his $4.4 million bonus. We will most likely bury him in the depth, hope that we don't get hit with a lot of injuries, and try to justify cutting him when his bonus goes down a bit (doesn't look promising, he's contracted to $1.1m per year bonus which won't justify the salary recoup for another 2 years).

The defensive backfield was another pleasant inheritance. All 8 players on the roster when I signed on look good. Quality players in their prime with strong backups. Vontae Davis is expensive, but well worth it as of right now, and Richard Marshall is getting older at 31, so we drafted another late-round steal in Woody Salaam to round out our corners. Marshall still has a lot to offer at cornerback, but, as he ages, we still have the option of moving him to safety.

Our kicking crew, Terrell Blake and Earl Hall, are both accurate young kickers with strong legs. We see no reason to mess with either of them.

Overall, we are extremely happy with our first off-season in the GZL, and are more than confident that we've enhanced a decent team into relevant contenders. Bring on the season, we're ready for a championship in Philly.

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Eagles draft rundown
Over all, we're very happy with this draft. This is probably the first draft that I've been involved in that all of our picks were actually targeted on our board. It was a great relief not to have to scour through the entry lists midway through the draft! So here it is, pick-by-pick:

1*8 DT Ron Green This was an obvious choice. We lost Phil Taylor to free agency and Broderick Bunkley, while by all means still very effective, is 32 years old. The athletic Ron Green is a perfect fit. He's the full package-size, strength, speed, and tacking ability. His AWR could be better, but he's a rookie that's definitely going to see game time, so I'm very confident that awareness will develop.

2*23 TE Rock Muhammad I was shocked that he fell to us this deep into the second round. Muhammad is easily the most balanced Tight End in the draft. Good hands, good size, good blocking ability. I almost accepted a trade-up to get him, but with the way the picks were falling, I took a gamble and stayed where I was. Luckily that gamble paid off.

2*24 HB Chauncey Harris We're pretty confident that Jamaal Charles has a couple of seasons left. If he doesn't, we are covered now. Harris is a beast of a back. Despite his average speed, he carries the ball great, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, he can pass block, and with an 89 BTK rating, he is an unstoppable force. Looking forward to seeing this guy bulldoze his way into the end-zone.

3*5 QB Kiante GreenThis may be a head-scratcher to some. We're paying Rogers an assload of money and Kellen Moore is a starter-quality quarterback that we've locked up with an "heir apparent' long contract. I like to have a backup to develop though. Kiante had the second highest pre-skew ACC rating, he has a workable arm, and he has decent (pre-skew again) awareness. He's perfect to develop behind Moore.

3*30 DT Tai Perry Even though he has a good overall rating, I'm still not sold on Yance as a backup tackle. Tai Perry is a much better tackler and he is fast. I can absolutely see him exploding into the backfield to either sack the quarterback or disrupt the run game. And with Perry, I have some confidence that once an opponent is wrapped-up, that opponent will go down.

6*8 CB Woody Salaam Our defensive backfield is already set up pretty good, but Salaam is too much of a steal at 6*8 to pass up. He's tall, he's fast, he has decent hands, he can tackle, and he has acceptable awareness. I have no worries at all if injuries strike my starting corners now.

7*8 HB Frank Moore I always try to have an emergency back since the halfback position can be fairly prone to injury. Moore is a great deal this late in the draft. Not quite prime-time, but a good all-purpose back nonetheless. We love his speed and the fact that he rarely puts the rock on the ground.

Again, we're pleased as punch with the way our first GZL draft went, and we're sure that this draft class will be a big part of championships coming to Philly.[/b][/u]
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Eagles Introduce new GM
One day after hiring former Jacksonville defensive coordinator to run their defense, the Philadelphia Eagles announced their new GM, Peter Pauletto. Pauletto is a meticulous executive who has studied the game (playbooks) intensely and strives to maintain a well balanced team with an emphasis on depth. Out of the three teams seeking a new general manager this offseason, Pauletto actively lobbied for the Philadelphia job. Eagles president Don Smolenski introduced Pauletto today in a press conference.

Pauletto: Good afternoon everyone. Let me start out by saying how grateful I am to be the new general manager of the Eagles. This team has a rich history and has long been an integral part of football history. Philadelphia has some of the most impassioned fans in football, and it is my intention to do those fans proud by bringing a championship to Philly. We have a great roster, a solid coaching staff, a lot of cap room, and nice positioning in the draft so we’re well on our way to establishing a consistent winning atmosphere here in this great city. I wanted the Philly job because the Eagles have embodied the tough, old-school football mentality since this franchise was established, and I look forward to continuing the proud tradition of Philadelphia Eagles football.
Q: What is your first impression of the team?
Pauletto: All of the pieces are there. We have one of the all-time greats at quarterback in Aaron Rogers, Jamaal Charles definitely has some gas left in the tank, we have excellent towering receivers and tight ends, both the offensive and defensive lines are dominant, great linebackers and an impressive defensive backfield.
Q: What moves do you plan to make in the offseason?
Pauletto: We're going to improve our depth and bring in some younger players to learn from and eventually take over for our aging talent.
Q: In recent years, the Eagles have been mediocre at best. How do you plan on changing this?
Pauletto: By maintaining depth, having a strong concentration on the future, and putting our players in the best possible position for success.
Any words for the Philly faithful?
Pauletto: Go Eagles. Lets bring a championship to this great city.
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Eagles 2013 Preview
Philadelphia Eagles Offseason

Season Review:

Coming off a 10-6 season, expectations were high for a very young Eagles squad. Most around Philadelphia were excited to see what newly appointed starter Kevin Kolb could bring to a team loaded with weapons, such as DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy. In the end, to say the least, the season was a disappointment. A 6-10 finish was far from what was expected, and had both players and fans questioning whether getting rid of their star QB Michael Vick was the correct move. At this point, GM Eggleston is also wondering if that was the correct move. But in any event, the past is there to be learned from, so the Eagles will push on with Kevin Kolb at the helm.

While the team overall did poorly, there were a few positives to take from it. CB Justin King and MLB many Lawson both played very well in their first season as starters with the Eagles. At points, King looked like he could be the best in the league... at other points; you may have thought he was the worst. Lawson, a veteran in the league, played MLB for the first time in his career and did very well, registering a solid 105 tackles. Rookie Cam Heyward make a string impression in his first season bookending perennial all-pro Trent Cole, and on the offensive side, Jeremy Maclin played like the star he is, having another 1200+ yard season.

Offseason Moves:

The Eagles didn’t make many moves this offseason, but the ones they did were big ones. To start the offseason, the Eagles traded the Bengals 2nd round pick, along with their 3rd round pick for SS Josh Barrett, CB Richard Marshall and the Packers 4th round pick. The Eagle are reportedly in loving with Barrett's physical ability to play the SS position, and expectations are that he will open the year as the starter. Marshall will bring some veteran experience to a team that will not have Asante Samuel or Ellis Hobbs returning.

The Eagles would then make a blockbuster swap with the infamous Anthony Fernandez, sending WR DeSean Jackson to the Bucs for picks 1.22, 1.28 and CB Benjamin Jenkins. The Eagles felt this move had to be made, based on the absurd amount of expiring contracts the team had upcoming. GM Eggleston would then flip pick 1.28, along with 2.7 and WR Riley Cooper to the Packers for WR Greg ‘I put da team on my back’ Jennings, pick 1.32 and a 6th. Going into the draft, this left the team with four picks in the first two rounds: 1.7, 1.22, 1.32 and 2.29.

With those picks in hand, the Eagles attacked the draft with a few goals. Firstly, they wanted to get Kolb another weapon that would basically give him no reason to fail. The team also wanted to draft a cornerback that could be groomed behind Richard Marshall to take over as the starter in a couple seasons. The team’s third goal was to improve an aging Offensive Line. The team went on to achieve two of their three main goals – this is how the first round of their draft broke down:

1.7: WR Michael Floyd | 6’3” | 92SPD | 90AGI | 93ACC | 95JMP

Floyd was widely considered the 2nd best WR option in this draft behind the freakishly good Julio Jones. Floyd has raw ability that could make him one of the most feared WR’s in the league in a few years. That being said, the Eagles got lucky that Floyd fell to him, because after Jones went, the Vikings pulled a questionable decision in taking Justin Blackmon in front of him. Nonetheless, it was to the delight of GM Eggleston, and he snagged Floyd with a grin on his face.

1.22: CB Cortez Allen | 6’1” | 90SPD | 95AGI | 95AGI | 87JMP
The Eagles second goal was to draft a CB with start potential, and Allen has that. Allen is again, very raw, but has very good size, and excellent physical attribute to compliment that. The Eagles were hoping that either CB Jalil Brown or Ras-I Dowling would tumble to them, but they didn’t, and they had to “settle” for another good CB in a very deep CB class.

1.32: FS Dean Rowe | 6’2” | 90SPD | 83AGI | 92ACC | 90JMP

This is a pick that already has gotten some criticism around the league, saying that better safeties were taken after, and why draft a safety when you already have Nate Allen and Josh Barrett on the roster. Those are good points, but nobody can deny that Rowe has given the team an excellent player to work with. FS Allen is suspended for the first four weeks of the season, and fans will get to see what this kid has to offer right out of the gate. Though we expect Ellen to regain his starting job when he returns, nobody really knows.

Training Camp:

Giving Training Camp off to the veterans is a move that GM Eggleston has been accustomed to making, and he will not change his M.O. here. Fans should expect to see their favorite rookies and other young players in full swing when Training Camp rolls around. Rumours are swirling that WR Floyd looks like the freak of nature that he was drafted to be, and CB Allen has been making plays whenever giving the chance. Justin King set a new team record in the 40 yard dash, while 2nd year DE Cam Heyward was seen throwing offensive Linemen around like rag dolls out there.

Another season in Philadelphia carries extremely high expectations. It appears Kolb will be given one more season to try and prove himself as a capable starter in this league, and given the weapons he has, there is no way he should fail. On the defensive side, expectations are high for this young but talented squad, who can fly to the ball like no other group in the league. Here to another season in Philly green.
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Eagles dealin' into the offseason
The offseason hasn't even started yet, and the Philadelphia Eagles and GM Eric Eggleston have already made two key moves and appear to have more on the horizon.

Yesterday, the Eagles acquired two top tier Cornerbacks, landing DeAngelo Hall and some picks in return for their 1st Round pick this year. Later in the day, the Eagles finalized a deal with the Redskins, to land up and coming superstar CB Justin King, for a 2nd and 3rd round pick. Those two players when teamed up with Asante Samuel and the now very job-insecure Ellis Hobbs, will put fear into opponents hearts for years to come.

Rumors also speculate that big name players, such as QB Michael Vick, TE Brent Celek, FB Leonard Weaver and HB Jerome Harrison could also all be on the move this offseason. GM Eggleston stated earlier this week that he is open for business, and that appears to be evident.
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There has been jubilation in Philadelphia lately, as the team heads in to their Week 17 matchup against the division leading Cowboys. Last week, the Eagles clinched ahard fought for playoff spot with a 27-20 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Though, they are not done yet. If the Eagles defeat the Cowboys this week, they will win the division, and clinch a 1st round bye in the PLAYOFFS! Because of this, no players will be given the game off, and that includes injury-prone QB, and impending free-agent Michael Vick.

In the first matchup of the season, the Cowboys edged out a 34-23 victory over the Eagles, but now heading in to week 17, the Eagles look for revenge, of the sweetest kind.
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Eagles at the Deadline
It is now that time of year where the trade winds are swirling more then ever. With mere hours until the Trade Deadline, all GMs are hot on the phones to try to put their team over the top -- or officially begin the rebuilding process.

The Eagles are one of those teams that will be looking to put themselves over the top, and this was the statement released earlier today by GM Eric Eggleston:

"As many of you know, the trade deadline is approaching, and the fans are wondering what we [the management] are going to be looking to do. We assure you that we will be doing everything in out power to improve for a long playoff run. We will be looking to add depth all around our secondary, and possibly add a big-name Corner to flank Asante, so we can put Ellis where he feels more comfortable, covering the slot receiver. We are also looking to add some more speed to our LB core, as Asleep'm sure all you die-hards out there know) our 3rd down pass defense has been skeptical at best this year. The third and final thing we would like to do is add a big name at the Defensive End spot and possibly spell Brandon Graham on run downs.

As a message to all GM's out there who may read this, the Eagles organization is open for business, and looking to make some moves. We are willing to make any move that will help our organization.

Thank You."
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Eagles Week 5 Press Conference
After a disappointing start to the season, General Manager had this statement released on his behalf:

"We understand that it has been a rough start to the season and a very disappointing one for our fans. We did not expect to start out this way, and we will not be complacent with this situation. Expect us to make a few roster moves within the next few weeks to make this great organization ready for the playoffs. Also, we will let it be known now that Michael Vick will be our starting quarterback for the remainder of the season when he is healthy."

Rumor has it that the Eagles are looking to add an elite level CB in the very near future and are willing to part with some hot commodities in the process.
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Eagles Hire new GM: Eric Eggleston
Mear days after Neal Wintermute resigned, the Eagles have annouced the signing of a new GM, Eric Eggleston.

At the presser to announce his signing, Eggleston had this to say:"As a life-long Eagles fan, it is with great joy that I will get to control the day-to-day operations of this great, and storied franchise. I see a few things that this organization is missing, and I will be doing everything in my power to make this team into the best it can possibly be. Superbowl or bust."

With this signing, the future looks bright in Philadelphia, even after a tough Week 1 loss.


On a side note, am I the only one who found comedy in that Kolb got hurt about half way through the game and Vick came back and had a great game and ALMOST lead them to the win... prtty funny imo.

EDIT: Apparently, it was the other way around :'(
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