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Eagles 2023 Draft Review
1.15- CB-Tre'Davious White- 5'11", 97 SPD, 57 STR, 71 AWR, 96 AGI, 95 ACC, 62 CTH, and 93 JMP- Great speed CB who has the AWR to contribute immediately as the nickel.

2.2- HB-D'Onta Foreman- 6'1", 259 lbs, 87 SPD, 74 STR, 69 AWR, 90 AGI, 92 ACC, and 81 BTK- The Eagles traded away HB-Jeremy Hill, who only had a year left on his deal, to the Steelers this offseason and so they needed a starting HB. Foreman is a beast with great potential. There's a pretty good chance he's going to add weight as well.

2.15- TE-Adam Sheehan- 6'6", 288 lbs., 77 SPD, 82 STR, 63 AWR, 78 ACC, 80 CTH, 65 PBK, and 70 RBK- Sheehan is a really unique player who can both block and catch. He's also the biggest TE in the league by a wide margin. We'll see what he looks like on the field, but you have to think he's like another offensive lineman out there.

3.15- LG-Taylor Moton- 59 SPD, 89 STR, 60 AWR, 58 AGI, 84 ACC, 81 PBK, and 84 RBK- The Eagles needed a starting LG since they lost Spaulding Higbee to the Browns and Moton should be able to fill that position.

4.15- WR-Joseph Cox- 6'4", 253 lbs., 85 SPD, 65 STR, 83 ACC, 50 PBK, and 45 RBK- Cox needs a favorable skew, but he is another guy the Eagles selected that is physically imposing. Whether he is a WR or TE remains to be seen.

5.1- LOLB-Manuia Puleleiite- 6'6", 267 lbs., 82 SPD, 76 STR, 66 AWR, 74 AGI, 77 ACC, and 75 TAK- The Eagles need a backup RE and Puleleitte should be that guy, though before they commit to a position change, they would like to see the skew on him as he could be a decent backup OLB as well.

5.15- OT-Laredo Winkler- 325 lbs., 52 SPD, 92 STR, 72 ACC, and 83 RBK- Winkler is a more skilled backup than what the Eagle currently have.

5.16- DT-Clayton Bates- 6'4", 360 lbs., 91 STR, 67 AWR, and 81 TAK- Bates is a big road block and though he is not the normal guy the Eagles would use at DT, he could find his way into the lineup.

6.15- QB-Bryce Allred- 64 AWR, 88 THP, and 84 THA- Allred is a guy that is a better QB than the punter or kicker. If he skews up, then he could be more, but that's not likely.

7.15- LE-Oliver Gordon- 6'6", 300 lbs., and 80 SPD- Gordon is simply a roster filler at DE.
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Eagles 2022 Training Camp
Eagles 2022 Training Camp

2022 Season Recap
The Eagles are nothing if not consistent. For the third straight season, the Eagles finished 8-8. Consistency itself is a good thing, but when you are hovering at .500 for three consecutive seasons, consistency is not what you are looking for unless of course it is a consistent improvement which this is not.

The Eagles started out with two losses, both within the division to the Redskins and Giants. The Eagles then turned around the season with three straight wins against the Falcons, Bears, and Giants. The Eagles proceded to lose six more games including five against top ten teams ending with the 8-8 record.

QB-Ricky Stanzi took over as the team's starting QB in week two. The Eagles came to the conclusion that going with a scrambler, in this case Malik McNabb was not going to be in the best interests of the team moving forward, so they made the change. Stanzi did not have an outstanding season, but the major advantage of having Stanzi, or for that matter a non-scrambler at QB is the development of the young offensive line.

There was a welcome addition to the WR core in rookie Leonte Carroo. The Eagles WR core has long been a work in progress but Carroo was a bright spot with 1241 yards receiving which led the team. Outside of Carroo there really wasn't an outstanding offensive player statistically.

On the defensive side the ball there was also a lot of disappointment. None of the secondary had standout seasons and while you could argue that Fletcher Cox had a good season along the defensive line, DeAngelo Hardy suffered through a mediocre season although he finished strong with nine sacks in his last seven games. Hardy must be a dominant player if the defense is to be effective.

2022 Season Preview

Here's a look at the starting lineup for the Eagles first on the offensive side of the ball.

*QB-Josh Freeman- Freeman has the edge right now as the starter, but just barely. The Eagles know what Stanzi can bring and are interested to see what Freeman can do.

HB-Jeremy Hill- The former 2nd overall pick is looking to add to his back to back to back 1400 yards seasons. There's no doubt that Hill has the highest total contract on the team so there is some pressure on him to perform.

FB-Malik Bolivar- Bolivar has been a good FB who has been worth his 3rd round selection. He and Hill will need to team up to be better in 2022 though if the Eagles are to take significant steps forward.

WR-Leonte Carroo- As mentioned before Carroo was really the lone bright spot on the offensive side of the ball. Can he repeat or even improve upon his rookie campaign?

*WR-Cameron Shaw- Another season, another starter at WR. Shaw is an established big possession WR who has good strength like Carroo. We'll see if that helps the Eagles passing attack.

TE-Benny Davis- Davis has become a trusted, solid tight end in Philly. He's one piece of a less than elite offense that can be relied upon.

LT-La'el Collins- This is Collins fourth year in Philly and he's looking to build on an impressive 2022 and lead the young but talented line.

LG-Spalding Higbee- The other offensive linemen in the 2019 draft class, Higbee has turned out to be a real value. He still needs to work a bit on his blocking skills, but he has all the tools. Last season he spent some time out with injury, but the Eagles are hopeful he will be injury free in 2022.

C-Reese Dismukes- Reese in entering his fifth season in Philly and has been a good fit with both Collins and Higbee.

* (R) RG-Ethan Pocic- Pocic is an elite offensive guard taken in the first round of this year's draft. He should fit well with his relatively high awareness.

RT-Perry Lawrence- Lawrence has the longest tenure of any of the offensive line. There was some discussion about moving him this offseason, but ultimately the Eagles kept him and they are glad they did.

So the offense is returning eight of last year's starters and the same thing is true on the defensive side of the ball.

LE-DeAngelo Hardy- This is Hardy's fourth season and he is ready to become the dominant players the Eagles drafted him to be at least that's the way the last seven games went. Frankly, he's got to be dominant to help out the secondary.

DT-Harry Simpson- Harry is a solid but unspectacular defensive tackle, but he has the ability to play well in his role.

* DT-Brandon Williams- Veteran defensive tackle Williams has been brought in to bring stability to the run defense. He's a strong run stopper who can hopefully give the linebackers room to make plays.

* (R) RE-Johnathan Allen- The Eagles needed to have some starters that weren't making a ton of money. Last year Allen Bailey manned this position, but his salary number was prohibitive, so in comes Allen. Can he do the job? Not sure yet, but he'll be given an opportunity to do so.

LOLB-Jimmy Tuputala- This is Tuputala's fifth season in Philly and he has been a great find in the 3rd round. Despite his low acceleration he is a productive OLB in the league.

MLB-C.J. Mosley- Mosley has been a force from day one. If he continues to play like the way he has, he will be another huge piece to what will hopefully be a resurgent defense.

ROLB-Ed Holliday- Holliday is in his second season in Philly and Eagles management is happy with how year one went. Holliday's contract situation is worth watching as he needs a long-term deal, but for now he has received the franchise tag and has a one-year contract.

CB-Oscar Riveria- Three years ago, the Eagles took a gamble on him in the 2nd round and it has paid off big-time. Riveria will again anchor the Eagles secondary in 2022.

* (R) CB-Fraison White- It's fairly rare that the Eagles will throw a rookie into a starting role, particularly at such a key position, but White has the attributes to be successful. He's strong with good speed and is a sure tackler. He's actually similar to Riveria in many ways. If White struggles, Wren-Wilson can step in.

FS-Jonas Ehler- The third year 2nd round pick played well in his first season as a starter. The Eagles were intentional in grooming him and he looks ready.

SS-Omar Mann- Mann is entering his eighth season in Eagles colors. He is a towering SS at 6'4" and has become one of the few veterans on this defense.

This defense needs to reestablish itself and quickly if the Eagles are to have a shot at the playoffs in 2022.

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2022 Eagles Draft Review- 3rd through 7th Rounds

2022 Eagles Draft Review- 3rd through 7th Rounds

4.17-DT-Stefan Slich 322 lbs.,65 SPD, 85 STR, 64 AGI, and 76 TAK- There are some years where a fourth round pick turns into a starter or at least a quality backup. The Eagles were hopeful this could be the case for Slich. The idea was to slide him over to RE to compete with Allen for the starting position there. However, the skew was unkind to Slich and now as a result he is nothing more than a roster filler. Being that the Eagles needed roster fillers at defensive tackle, he is remaining there instead of moving positions. He's really a disappointing pick for the Eagles management.

5.17-HB-Shock Linwood- 200 lbs., 96 SPD, 92 AGI, and 96 ACC- Jeremy Hill is locked in as the starting RB, but the Eagles need additional backups here and Linwood turned out OK for that purpose. He also will compete for the kick returning position with WR-Ace Sanders. The Eagles may still venture out into free agency with the hope of picking up a true backup RB capable of being a short-term starter. At this point neither Winters not Linwood fit that bill.

6.5-FS-Mervyn Zimmerman- 91 SPD, 62 STR, 91 ACC, 63 CTH and 72 TAK- Zimmerman is probably the best of the late round picks with good speed and acceleration. He doesn't have great agility and he's a short guy, but outside of that is surprisingly good.

6.17-LOLB-Toby Smith- 255 lbs., 78 SPD, 74 STR, 81 AGI, 78 ACC, 64 CTH, and 80 TAK- The Eagles traditionally use a late round pick on an outside linebacker in the hopes that they can find one or two good backups who skew up in the draft. In years past the Eagles selected Baccus Roth and Gio Cubano. Smith is this year's version and what makes him more valuable than Roth and Cubano is that he's locked up for the next three seasons.

7.17-CB-Terry Tran- 6'0", 90 SPD, 67 STR, and 86 ACC- Tran is nothing more than a roster filler which is pretty much the function of a late round pick. There was some hope that he could be a talented back up with a favorable skew but that definitely did not happen. If Tran sees any significant time on the field, the Eagles are in trouble.

Overall these guys are disappointing talent wise, but fill the needed positions on the roster.
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2022 Eagles Draft Review- 1st & 2nd Rounds

2022 Eagles Draft Review- 1st & 2nd Rounds

1.17-RG-Ethan Pocic- 66 SPD, 92 STR, 70 AWR, 85 ACC, 85 PBK, and 83 RBK- Depending upon on how you evaluate the OL talent, there were either four or five elite level offensive linemen in this draft. It was the hope of Eagles management that they would have the option of one those elite level talents at 1.17 and that's exactly what happened. Pock has elite level athletic skills with high awareness for a rookie. He's a guy that you can plug and play immediately without adding training camp points. Pocic completes what is a very athletic offensive line in Philly averaging 64.8 SPD, 91 STR, 64.6 AGI, and 80.2 ACC, exactly the way the Eagles like it. Pocic will replace the Pro-Bowler Jake Long at right guard. Long had a great season, but was getting too old for the Eagles future plans.

2.5-CB-Fraison White- 5'11', 203 lbs., 94 SPD, 74 STR, 66 AWR, 90 ACC, 65 CTH, and 70 TAK- Four years ago the Eagles selected CB-Oscar Riveria at 2.15 and White is a very similar player to Riveria. He lacks a little ACC, but he has good hands and excellent tackles skills and great strength too. The Eagles have been very pleased with Riveria's performance and are looking forward to adding another similar player in White. Traditionally the CB position is one you prefer to attack with first round picks, but sometimes the value shows up in round two and the Eagles have adjusted to that. White will be a significant part of the Eagles rotation this season, probably playing nickel more so that any other spot. The Eagles are hesitant to throw a rookie into a major role.

2.17-RE-Johnathan Allen- 6'3", 294 lbs., 77 SPD, 81 STR, 75 AGI, 77 ACC, and 83 TAK- Last season the Eagles signed Allen Bailey to a one year deal and Bailey performed well, but you can't continually pay ten million plus a year for multiple positions and so the Eagles had to draft talent at this secondary position. Allen is a guy who isn't outstanding in any one area but is above average in all areas. He needs to be a run stopper and probably needs a little more strength to that. But he had an above average SPD, STR, and ACC combo and probably what stood out most to the Eagles scouts was his tackling ability with 83 TAK as a rookie. Allen will definitely need some training camp points, but he will be the starter for the Eagles at RE even as a rookie.

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The Rudolph Nash Effect

The Rudolph Nash Effect

In a move that may have been somewhat surprising, the Eagles chose not to match free agent offers for WR-Brandin Cooks and CB-Kyan McGrady.

The Ravens offered McGrady a 5 year deal worth 60.5 million and a bonus of 24.2 million while the Vikings offered Cooks a 5 year deal worth 45 million and an 18 million.

So the question is why? Why did the Eagles not match these offers? Perhaps part of the answer to that question lies in the case of WR-Rudolph Nash. Nash is a part of the RZL Madden League and when an offer from another GM submitted a free agent offer that was a 7 year deal worth 127.48 million and a signing bonus of 50.96 million, the Eagles chose to match it. Truth be told the Eagles GM cannot even remember the actual matching the contract, but when they did, it was a killer to any potential future moves of the team. Since both teams share the same GM, the effect of that would be felt for both teams, even though Nash is not in the GZL. The RZL Eagles lost control of their budget and were stuck with a player who will be easily the worst contract the GM had ever had. Really the worst part about the contract was the signing bonus, which makes it impossible to sign or cut him. I'm sure this fact was not lost on the team that offered him the contract.

So fast forward to the 2022 GZL offseason. Neither the Cooks offer nor McGrady offer were anywhere near as lethal as the Nash offer, though McGrady's will be a bad deal at the end for sure. However, the Eagles didn't feel like either was an indispensable piece to the team. Cooks was quickly replaced by Shaw and McGrady will be replaced by one of three possible players.

Also another factor in the Eagles decision is their desire to have cap room in order to be aggressive in the second round of free agency. The Eagles have plenty of cash to go after a couple of influential players to upgrade the team for 2022 and matching these players would have not have allowed them to be aggressive in the short-term or for that matter longer-term.

Time will tell whether the Eagles made the right decision, but for now they are happy with the direction they have chosen to go.

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At A Glance

GM N_Wintermute
Head Coach Andy Reid
Offensive Coordinator D.Mason
Defensive Coordinator J.Taylor
Special Teams Mike Priefer
Salary $159.87M
Cap Penalty $13.38M
Cap Room $750K

Eagles Ryan Nassib QB 99 Out for season
Eagles Jon Cooper DT 99 7 weeks

NFC East
#11 Redskins y-Redskins 11-5-0 0.69 4-2
#7 Cowboys Cowboys 10-6-0 0.63 2-4
#19 Giants Giants 8-8-0 0.50 4-2
#10 Eagles Eagles 7-9-0 0.44 2-4

1 Sep 10 at Giants Giants #19
Lost 10-13
2 Sep 17 vs Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 13-21
3 Sep 24 at Browns Browns #14
Lost 19-22
4 Oct 1 vs Bengals Bengals #20
Lost 10-17
5 Oct 8 at Rams Rams #3
Won 19-17
6 Oct 16 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 10-17
7 Oct 22 vs Giants Giants #19
Lost 25-31
9 Nov 5 at Redskins Redskins #11
Won 27-7
10 Nov 12 at Cowboys Cowboys #7
Won 46-20
11 Nov 19 at 49ers 49ers #31
Won 48-17
12 Nov 26 vs Cardinals Cardinals #28
Won 27-18
13 Dec 3 vs Ravens Ravens #8
Lost 10-15
14 Dec 10 at Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 23-26
15 Dec 17 vs Seahawks Seahawks #26
Won 33-16
16 Dec 23 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 17-23
17 Dec 31 at Steelers Steelers #27
Won 23-10

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