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Eagles #25 Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles 2023 Draft Review
1.15- CB-Tre'Davious White- 5'11", 97 SPD, 57 STR, 71 AWR, 96 AGI, 95 ACC, 62 CTH, and 93 JMP- Great speed CB who has the AWR to contribute immediately as the nickel.

2.2- HB-D'Onta Foreman- 6'1", 259 lbs, 87 SPD, 74 STR, 69 AWR, 90 AGI, 92 ACC, and 81 BTK- The Eagles traded away HB-Jeremy Hill, who only had a year left on his deal, to the Steelers this offseason and so they needed a starting HB. Foreman is a beast with great potential. There's a pretty good chance he's going to add weight as well.

2.15- TE-Adam Sheehan- 6'6", 288 lbs., 77 SPD, 82 STR, 63 AWR, 78 ACC, 80 CTH, 65 PBK, and 70 RBK- Sheehan is a really unique player who can both block and catch. He's also the biggest TE in the league by a wide margin. We'll see what he looks like on the field, but you have to think he's like another offensive lineman out there.

3.15- LG-Taylor Moton- 59 SPD, 89 STR, 60 AWR, 58 AGI, 84 ACC, 81 PBK, and 84 RBK- The Eagles needed a starting LG since they lost Spaulding Higbee to the Browns and Moton should be able to fill that position.

4.15- WR-Joseph Cox- 6'4", 253 lbs., 85 SPD, 65 STR, 83 ACC, 50 PBK, and 45 RBK- Cox needs a favorable skew, but he is another guy the Eagles selected that is physically imposing. Whether he is a WR or TE remains to be seen.

5.1- LOLB-Manuia Puleleiite- 6'6", 267 lbs., 82 SPD, 76 STR, 66 AWR, 74 AGI, 77 ACC, and 75 TAK- The Eagles need a backup RE and Puleleitte should be that guy, though before they commit to a position change, they would like to see the skew on him as he could be a decent backup OLB as well.

5.15- OT-Laredo Winkler- 325 lbs., 52 SPD, 92 STR, 72 ACC, and 83 RBK- Winkler is a more skilled backup than what the Eagle currently have.

5.16- DT-Clayton Bates- 6'4", 360 lbs., 91 STR, 67 AWR, and 81 TAK- Bates is a big road block and though he is not the normal guy the Eagles would use at DT, he could find his way into the lineup.

6.15- QB-Bryce Allred- 64 AWR, 88 THP, and 84 THA- Allred is a guy that is a better QB than the punter or kicker. If he skews up, then he could be more, but that's not likely.

7.15- LE-Oliver Gordon- 6'6", 300 lbs., and 80 SPD- Gordon is simply a roster filler at DE.
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At A Glance

GM N_Wintermute
Head Coach Andy Reid
Offensive Coordinator D.Mason
Defensive Coordinator J.Taylor
Special Teams Mike Priefer
Salary $159.87M
Cap Penalty $13.38M
Cap Room $750K

Eagles Ryan Nassib QB 99 Out for season

NFC East
#6 Redskins Redskins 4-1-0 0.80 1-0
#7 Cowboys Cowboys 3-2-0 0.60 0-1
#20 Giants Giants 2-3-0 0.40 1-0
#25 Eagles Eagles 1-4-0 0.20 0-1

1 Sun at Giants Giants #20
Lost 10-13
2 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 13-21
3 Sun at Browns Browns #3
Lost 19-22
4 Sun vs Bengals Bengals #27
Lost 10-17
5 Sun at Rams Rams #17
Won 19-17
6 Mon vs Cowboys Cowboys #7 TBD
7 Sun vs Giants Giants #20 4:00pm
9 Sun at Redskins Redskins #6 1:00pm
10 Sun at Cowboys Cowboys #7 1:00pm
11 Sun at 49ers 49ers #30 4:15pm
12 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #8 8:30pm
13 Sun vs Ravens Ravens #26 1:00pm
14 Sun at Falcons Falcons #14 4:00pm
15 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #11 1:00pm
16 Sat vs Redskins Redskins #6 4:15pm
17 Sun at Steelers Steelers #16 1:00pm

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