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Falcons #14 Atlanta Falcons
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Falcons Week 3 Recap
The Falcons returned home after winning in Chicago and went straight to work for their big divisional game against the Panthers. Both teams heading into the week were 2-0.

The game had a nice pace for their offense throughout the game, but more so was the defense once again up to help get another W. MLB Raekwon McMillan led the team with 9 tackles, one for a loss, he also picked off the Panthers once. Doing so as well was, CB Kendall Fuller and SS Andre Burgess. DE Robert Quinn came up with the only sack recorded for the defense. They shut down the Panthers in the redzone allowing them only two FGs on four attempts down there for them. The only TD that was given up was a kick return for 101 yards in the 3rd quarter.

The offense was shut down pretty much all day. RB Joe Mixon finished the day with 42 yards on 21 attempts, although, he did have one rushing touchdown. QB Bo Callahan, as well, had a solid game finishing the day 18-28 for 176 yards and two touchdowns. Those two touchdowns were caught by WR Billy Crockett.

GM Nissen was asked about the win and how the team has turned around from last year.

"The win was a big, divisional win for us, early in the season. One of us was gonna be sitting a top the South at the end of the day. We wanted to be that team. One part of our offense wasn't working today, the defense made the stands they had too, causing turnovers and the offensive players stepped up to get points on the board. It was a great win today. As far as the turnaround for the team, these guys were all very talented when I showed up, they just needed to be pushed in the right direction. I think we are finding our groove and want to continue this little win streak we are on."
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At A Glance

GM D_Nissen
Head Coach B.Ruud
Offensive Coordinator Sean Payton
Defensive Coordinator L.Tatupu
Special Teams Jeremy Bates
Salary $169.46M
Cap Penalty $3.65M
Cap Room $890K

Falcons Kendall Fuller CB 95 10 weeks

NFC South
#14 Falcons Falcons 3-2-0 0.60 2-0
#21 Panthers Panthers 2-2-0 0.50 1-1
#15 Buccaneers Buccaneers 2-2-0 0.50 0-0
#19 Saints Saints 2-3-0 0.40 0-2

1 Sun vs Saints Saints #19
Won 26-7
2 Sun at Bears Bears #28
Won 20-13
3 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #21
Won 27-13
4 Sun at Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 3-45
5 Sun at Broncos Broncos #24
Lost 17-24
6 Sun vs Packers Packers #1 TBD
8 Sun at Panthers Panthers #21 1:00pm
9 Sun vs Chargers Chargers #5 4:00pm
10 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #15 1:00pm
11 Sun at Saints Saints #19 8:30pm
12 Sun at Chiefs Chiefs #4 1:00pm
13 Sun vs Lions Lions #9 1:00pm
14 Sun vs Eagles Eagles #25 4:00pm
15 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #15 1:00pm
16 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #8 8:30pm
17 Sun vs Raiders Raiders #23 1:00pm

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