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Giants Announce Offensive and Defensive Starters
Giants Announce Offensive and Defensive Starters

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants today announced their offensive and defensive starters entering the first week of preseason games. While it isn't the roster that GM John Stanley was hoping to bring into the new season, it is one that they still feel confident about and feel can win a lot of games this season.

LT Branden Albert | LG Paul Riggs | C Bruce Heyward | RG Larry Warford | RT Chris Faulk
WR Jeremy Maclin | WR Eddie Royal | TE Dustin Keller | WR Desean Jackson
HB Ryan Mathews | QB Colin Kaepernick | FB Owen Marecic

CB Bernard Stevens | FS Darnell Goodman | SS Jonathan Cyprien | CB Brandon Hogan
ROLB Clay Linton | MLB Dont'a Hightower | LOLB Jorge Mays
RE Trent Tehti | DT Kenrick Ellis | DT John Jenkins | LE Nick Perry

Special Teams:
K Marquis Campbell | P Matt Dodge | KR/PR Desean Jackson
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Giants Make 2 Trades, Sign 6 FA to Fill Roster
Giants Make 2 Trades, Sign 6 FA to Fill Roster

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants have been a busy team the past couple of days in an attempt to fill out their roster. The Giants made big headlines early in the offseason when they completed big trades for WRs A.J. Green and Justin Hunter, but following the collapse of both trades they seemed to fade into the background. They didn't make any more big trades, sign any headline free agents or attempt to acquire any more draft picks. Sources close to the team said that GM John Stanley was upset with the rejection of both trades, but that he knew there was no one else that would be able to replace either one of those players, much less both. So instead he stuck with the makeup of the roster that was a playoff team last year and supplemented it with a few supporting talents.

Over the past couple of days, the Giants completed two trades that both cleared cap space and helped them to acquire picks for future roster building. The first trade sent veteran ROLB Koa Misi to the Minnesota Vikings for a 3rd round pick. The second trade sent HB Eddie Lacy to the Baltimore Ravens for a 2nd and 4th round pick. With the two trades the Giants now have 2 selections in Rounds 2 through 5 of next years draft. As it stands their selections are 1st, 2nd, 2nd (BAL), 3rd, 3rd (MIN), 4th, 4th (BAL), 5th, 5th (JAC), 6th. While Stanley wasn't able to put much of a mark on the team this offseason, he is well positioned to do so next offseason.

In addition to the two trades, the Giants also signed 6 players to the roster to help fill it out. The Giants signed 4 youngsters to the roster to play in backup roles. First is LG Gabe Jackson who they feel has starting potential if needed. Then they signed LOLB Reginald Phillips who is a player that can contribute on special teams and is an athletic LB. At DT, they signed Jordan Hill who is a penetrating DT and will provide nice depth at a reasonable cost. And finally they signed HB Ray Graham who is someone that GM John Stanley has been fond of going back to his draft year and who will be the #2 back for the team this year. In addition to the 4 younger players, the Giants also signed two veterans who they feel can be great additions to the team this year. At WR they signed Jeremy Maclin and at TE they signed Dustin Keller. It is believed both players could find starting roles on the team, especially Keller. The team had kicked around the idea of trading for Oakland WR Mike Williams but ultimately decided on signing Maclin and saving draft capital and players that would have to be moved in the deal.
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Giants Finish 1st FA Round; Focus Now on Defense
Giants Finish 1st FA Round; Focus Now on Defense

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants finished off the 1st round of Free Agency by signing one player, losing out another and seeing another depart via Free Agency. The one player they signed has been much discussed already in Ryan Mathews, so we will save the commentary there. Elsewhere though, they lost out on WR Justin Blackmon who ended up resigning back with Minnesota when they matched the offer made by the Giants. That ends the dream WR corps that could have included A.J. Green, Blackmon and Justin Hunter but they still have are in very good shape with just Green and Hunter alone. The offense has come together nicely thus far and the major moves are likely finished. As of now it looks like the starting lineup will be as follows: QB Kaepernick, RB Mathews, FB Marenic, WR Green, WR Hunter, TE Stephens, LT Albert, LG Riggs, C Heyward, RG Warford, RT Faulk.

In other news the Giants lost 5-year starter at RG, Ricky Wagner, when they refused to match the offer put up by the Cincinnati Bengals. While the Giants held Wagner in high regard, they simply couldn't justify paying Wagner on a 5-year deal that would average over 8M a year. So instead they plan to fill their offensive line holes from within with Paul Riggs slotting at LG and Larry Warford at RG. The team feels pretty good, internally, about both of those players on the OL.

In other minor trade news the Giants traded a 6th round draft pick to the Seattle Seahawks for DE Brandon Bair who has the potential to play 3-4 DE and 4-3 RE. He is a versatile, veteran player who comes with great experience. While he may not start, he is a good veteran option to add on the DL which is appears to be a little weak for the Giants right now, and he is likely will be better and be able to contribute more then a 6th round pick coming from the draft. With the trade for Bair, it is believed that the you will now see an increased focus on defense for the rest of the offseason for the Giants in the 2nd round of FA and into the draft where they still hope to acquire more draft picks (or any draft picks really).
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Giants Nab Justin Hunter
Giants Nab Justin Hunter

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants have made their 2nd big trade of the offseason, acquiring yet another big time WR. This time it is Kansas City WR and former 1.4 overall pick Justin Hunter. Hunter is a big time player. He stands 6'4" and has a lot of similar characteristics to the player that the Giants already acquired earlier this offseason in A.J. Green, but is a little less polished. Hunter has been a productive WR in his 4 years, producing 2 1,000 yard seasons. This past season he produced his best year yet with 70 catches, 1032 yards and 8 TD, but he is still looking to really break out and emerge as a #1, elite WR. While he won't be the #1 WR in New York, with A.J. Green, he will still have the chance to put up great numbers in what figures to be a high powered offense. In order to obtain Hunter the Giants traded WR Desean Jackson and OLB Koa Misi to Kansas City. The trade still needs to be approved by the trade committee.

The Giants offense has now been completely transformed under GM John Stanley in just a few short weeks. With the additions of Justin Hunter and A.J. Green, Colin Kaepernick now has two top flight weapons who can stretch the field and make contested catches. Stanley also agreed with Ryan Mathews, to be a workhorse RB, on a 2-year deal just last night. The offense now figures to be one of the better ones in the league. It could get even better, too, as the Giants have also reportedly replaced a large bid on Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Blackmon in Free Agency and a decision on that bid is expected any time now. IF Blackmon is also added to this offense, it will be an incredible transformation, and might signal a shift to the defense for the rest of the offseason. We'll keep you informed on the decision regarding Justin Blackmon.
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Giants Get Their Man
Giants Get Their Man

East Rutherford, NJ - Giants GM John Stanley is beaming tonight knowing that he secured his man in free agency. We reported earlier today that the Giants made a 2 year offer to Mathews for 14.00M and 5.60M guaranteed, and the news came tonight that Mathews accepted the deal. Mathews will step in immediately as the team's starting RB, a void left by the departure of Eddie Lacy to Oakland in a trade. Sources close to Mathews say that he was excited at the chance to reunite with Stanley in New York as he was always one of his closest allies and biggest supporters during his tenure in San Diego. Mathews will look to further cement his place in GZL history and in the GZL record books over the next season or two, and the Giants can only hope that he still has some of that same magic from his San Diego years when he was the best back in the GZL.

Although rarely available for comment, we were able to get GM John Stanley to say a few words on why the Giants signed Mathews and what the signing means to him and the team: "I'll start off by saying Ryan is not only one of my favorite football players that I have been associated with but also one of my favorite people, and it will be a pleasure to have him in our locker room. As for why we brought Ryan in. We firmly believe that he is still one of the best RBs in the GZL even at his age, and that he can still be as productive as he was in his early SD years. Even prior to the trade of Eddie Lacy we targeted Ryan as someone that, if we could get the chance, we would like to bring him in and hopefully start. I'd by lying if I said I didn't want to see Ryan cement his place in history and in the record books here in the GZL. Since the inception of the league he has been one of the best players this league has seen and I feel it is only right that he continue that legacy while he still has gas in the tank. I have no doubts he will be one of the better backs in the league this upcoming season and the season following, and we are excited to see what he can do."
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1 Sep 10 vs Eagles Eagles #10
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6 Oct 15 vs Cardinals Cardinals #28
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7 Oct 22 at Eagles Eagles #10
Won 31-25
8 Oct 29 at Steelers Steelers #27
Won 31-29
10 Nov 12 at Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 24-30
11 Nov 19 at Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 12-23
12 Nov 26 vs Bears Bears #25
Won 31-17
13 Dec 3 vs Bengals Bengals #20
Won 15-10
14 Dec 10 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Won 39-37
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Lost 23-26
16 Dec 23 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Won 33-30
17 Dec 31 vs Ravens Ravens #8
Lost 19-24

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