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Giants Announce Offensive and Defensive Starters
Giants Announce Offensive and Defensive Starters

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants today announced their offensive and defensive starters entering the first week of preseason games. While it isn't the roster that GM John Stanley was hoping to bring into the new season, it is one that they still feel confident about and feel can win a lot of games this season.

LT Branden Albert | LG Paul Riggs | C Bruce Heyward | RG Larry Warford | RT Chris Faulk
WR Jeremy Maclin | WR Eddie Royal | TE Dustin Keller | WR Desean Jackson
HB Ryan Mathews | QB Colin Kaepernick | FB Owen Marecic

CB Bernard Stevens | FS Darnell Goodman | SS Jonathan Cyprien | CB Brandon Hogan
ROLB Clay Linton | MLB Dont'a Hightower | LOLB Jorge Mays
RE Trent Tehti | DT Kenrick Ellis | DT John Jenkins | LE Nick Perry

Special Teams:
K Marquis Campbell | P Matt Dodge | KR/PR Desean Jackson
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Giants Make 2 Trades, Sign 6 FA to Fill Roster
Giants Make 2 Trades, Sign 6 FA to Fill Roster

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants have been a busy team the past couple of days in an attempt to fill out their roster. The Giants made big headlines early in the offseason when they completed big trades for WRs A.J. Green and Justin Hunter, but following the collapse of both trades they seemed to fade into the background. They didn't make any more big trades, sign any headline free agents or attempt to acquire any more draft picks. Sources close to the team said that GM John Stanley was upset with the rejection of both trades, but that he knew there was no one else that would be able to replace either one of those players, much less both. So instead he stuck with the makeup of the roster that was a playoff team last year and supplemented it with a few supporting talents.

Over the past couple of days, the Giants completed two trades that both cleared cap space and helped them to acquire picks for future roster building. The first trade sent veteran ROLB Koa Misi to the Minnesota Vikings for a 3rd round pick. The second trade sent HB Eddie Lacy to the Baltimore Ravens for a 2nd and 4th round pick. With the two trades the Giants now have 2 selections in Rounds 2 through 5 of next years draft. As it stands their selections are 1st, 2nd, 2nd (BAL), 3rd, 3rd (MIN), 4th, 4th (BAL), 5th, 5th (JAC), 6th. While Stanley wasn't able to put much of a mark on the team this offseason, he is well positioned to do so next offseason.

In addition to the two trades, the Giants also signed 6 players to the roster to help fill it out. The Giants signed 4 youngsters to the roster to play in backup roles. First is LG Gabe Jackson who they feel has starting potential if needed. Then they signed LOLB Reginald Phillips who is a player that can contribute on special teams and is an athletic LB. At DT, they signed Jordan Hill who is a penetrating DT and will provide nice depth at a reasonable cost. And finally they signed HB Ray Graham who is someone that GM John Stanley has been fond of going back to his draft year and who will be the #2 back for the team this year. In addition to the 4 younger players, the Giants also signed two veterans who they feel can be great additions to the team this year. At WR they signed Jeremy Maclin and at TE they signed Dustin Keller. It is believed both players could find starting roles on the team, especially Keller. The team had kicked around the idea of trading for Oakland WR Mike Williams but ultimately decided on signing Maclin and saving draft capital and players that would have to be moved in the deal.
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Giants Finish 1st FA Round; Focus Now on Defense
Giants Finish 1st FA Round; Focus Now on Defense

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants finished off the 1st round of Free Agency by signing one player, losing out another and seeing another depart via Free Agency. The one player they signed has been much discussed already in Ryan Mathews, so we will save the commentary there. Elsewhere though, they lost out on WR Justin Blackmon who ended up resigning back with Minnesota when they matched the offer made by the Giants. That ends the dream WR corps that could have included A.J. Green, Blackmon and Justin Hunter but they still have are in very good shape with just Green and Hunter alone. The offense has come together nicely thus far and the major moves are likely finished. As of now it looks like the starting lineup will be as follows: QB Kaepernick, RB Mathews, FB Marenic, WR Green, WR Hunter, TE Stephens, LT Albert, LG Riggs, C Heyward, RG Warford, RT Faulk.

In other news the Giants lost 5-year starter at RG, Ricky Wagner, when they refused to match the offer put up by the Cincinnati Bengals. While the Giants held Wagner in high regard, they simply couldn't justify paying Wagner on a 5-year deal that would average over 8M a year. So instead they plan to fill their offensive line holes from within with Paul Riggs slotting at LG and Larry Warford at RG. The team feels pretty good, internally, about both of those players on the OL.

In other minor trade news the Giants traded a 6th round draft pick to the Seattle Seahawks for DE Brandon Bair who has the potential to play 3-4 DE and 4-3 RE. He is a versatile, veteran player who comes with great experience. While he may not start, he is a good veteran option to add on the DL which is appears to be a little weak for the Giants right now, and he is likely will be better and be able to contribute more then a 6th round pick coming from the draft. With the trade for Bair, it is believed that the you will now see an increased focus on defense for the rest of the offseason for the Giants in the 2nd round of FA and into the draft where they still hope to acquire more draft picks (or any draft picks really).
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Giants Nab Justin Hunter
Giants Nab Justin Hunter

East Rutherford, NJ - The Giants have made their 2nd big trade of the offseason, acquiring yet another big time WR. This time it is Kansas City WR and former 1.4 overall pick Justin Hunter. Hunter is a big time player. He stands 6'4" and has a lot of similar characteristics to the player that the Giants already acquired earlier this offseason in A.J. Green, but is a little less polished. Hunter has been a productive WR in his 4 years, producing 2 1,000 yard seasons. This past season he produced his best year yet with 70 catches, 1032 yards and 8 TD, but he is still looking to really break out and emerge as a #1, elite WR. While he won't be the #1 WR in New York, with A.J. Green, he will still have the chance to put up great numbers in what figures to be a high powered offense. In order to obtain Hunter the Giants traded WR Desean Jackson and OLB Koa Misi to Kansas City. The trade still needs to be approved by the trade committee.

The Giants offense has now been completely transformed under GM John Stanley in just a few short weeks. With the additions of Justin Hunter and A.J. Green, Colin Kaepernick now has two top flight weapons who can stretch the field and make contested catches. Stanley also agreed with Ryan Mathews, to be a workhorse RB, on a 2-year deal just last night. The offense now figures to be one of the better ones in the league. It could get even better, too, as the Giants have also reportedly replaced a large bid on Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Blackmon in Free Agency and a decision on that bid is expected any time now. IF Blackmon is also added to this offense, it will be an incredible transformation, and might signal a shift to the defense for the rest of the offseason. We'll keep you informed on the decision regarding Justin Blackmon.
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Giants Get Their Man
Giants Get Their Man

East Rutherford, NJ - Giants GM John Stanley is beaming tonight knowing that he secured his man in free agency. We reported earlier today that the Giants made a 2 year offer to Mathews for 14.00M and 5.60M guaranteed, and the news came tonight that Mathews accepted the deal. Mathews will step in immediately as the team's starting RB, a void left by the departure of Eddie Lacy to Oakland in a trade. Sources close to Mathews say that he was excited at the chance to reunite with Stanley in New York as he was always one of his closest allies and biggest supporters during his tenure in San Diego. Mathews will look to further cement his place in GZL history and in the GZL record books over the next season or two, and the Giants can only hope that he still has some of that same magic from his San Diego years when he was the best back in the GZL.

Although rarely available for comment, we were able to get GM John Stanley to say a few words on why the Giants signed Mathews and what the signing means to him and the team: "I'll start off by saying Ryan is not only one of my favorite football players that I have been associated with but also one of my favorite people, and it will be a pleasure to have him in our locker room. As for why we brought Ryan in. We firmly believe that he is still one of the best RBs in the GZL even at his age, and that he can still be as productive as he was in his early SD years. Even prior to the trade of Eddie Lacy we targeted Ryan as someone that, if we could get the chance, we would like to bring him in and hopefully start. I'd by lying if I said I didn't want to see Ryan cement his place in history and in the record books here in the GZL. Since the inception of the league he has been one of the best players this league has seen and I feel it is only right that he continue that legacy while he still has gas in the tank. I have no doubts he will be one of the better backs in the league this upcoming season and the season following, and we are excited to see what he can do."
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Breaking: Giants Make Bid for RB Ryan Mathews
Breaking: Giants Make Bid for RB Ryan Mathews

East Rutherford, NJ - In what has seemed inevitable since the start of free agency, the Giants and GM John Stanley have finally placed a bid on RB Ryan Mathews. Mathews has long been held in great regard by Stanley, and was the leader on offense during both of the Chargers Super Bowl's during Stanley's tenure. Mathews is the all-time leading rusher in GZL history by over 1,000 yards and people close to the Giants GM say that he wants to see Mathews stay atop the charts, and doesn't think he will get that opportunity elsewhere, especially in San Diego where he didn't start last year aside from an injury to starter Zac Stacy. Mathews is one of the best players in the history of GZL and Stanley wants to make sure he finishes out his career the right way while he still has time to make an impact.

The offer by the Giants is rumored to be a 2 year pact that could would be worth up to 14.00M and includes 5.60M in guaranteed money. The deal would pay him approximately 6.00M in the 1st year. Regardless of whether he ultimately ends up in New York or not, it is clear that Stanley made a competitive offer for a player with only a few years left. If no other bids are made for Mathews, it will be a tough offer for the Chargers to match despite all the cap space they have because of the number of other free agents they have and Mathews being a backup for them. At the present time it is unclear whether or not Mathews will accept the deal from the Giants but we are told he is considering it seriously and should make a decision by the end of the day.
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Giants Plan to be Active in FA
Giants Plan to be Active in FA

East Rutherford, NJ - While it wouldn't initially appear like the Giants will be active players in the free agency market given their cap situation, sources inside the organization indicate they will be active players and may look to make a few big money splashes. The team will be able to clear a lot of space pretty quickly if necessary by getting rid of the contracts of CB Bruce Johnson (8.61M), WR Eddie Royal (7.83M), OLB Koa Misi (5.71M), DE Jerry Hughes (3.71M), and OLB Mason Foster (2.76M) among others.

People with knowledge of the Giants plans say they will be looking hard at the RB and WR markets in Free Agency in an attempt to replace RB Eddie Lacy who is in a pending trade to Oakland for A.J. Green. The focus on WR is consistent with the plan that GM John Stanley mentioned at the beginning of the offseason where he mentioned WR as one of his top two needs and something he wanted to address and rebuild this offseason. In addition to RB and WR, there are also indications that Stanley will be interested in bringing some of his former players from San Diego with him to New York and there are plenty of them that hit the market this year. QB Blaine Gabbert, HB Ryan Mathews, DE Sam Montgomery and FB Trey Milliard are all potential fits from his former team.
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New Regime Makes First Big Move; Bring in A.J. Green
New Regime Makes First Big Move; Bring in A.J. Green

East Rutherford, NJ - Sources out of Giants headquarters have the team making their first big move since the arrival of new GM John Stanley, and it's a big one. Multiple sources close to the situation say that the Giants have acquired 3-time Pro Bowl and standout WR A.J. Green from the Oakland Raiders. Green ranks in the top-10 in GZL history in receiving yards and is one of the best all-around receivers in the game. Green stands 6'4" tall and is extremely athletic and well polished. He will immediately slot in as the #1 WR for the team, but it is unclear who will be joining him at WR next season with Desean Jackson's contract expiring and Eddie Royal on the trade block.

Although it isn't immediately known what the package for Green will include, some rumors have suggested DE Nick Perry, HB Eddie Lacy, and WR Rashard Clarke as all being apart of the package. It appears DE Trevor Scott could be heading back to the Giants as well to help replace the void left by Perry. While nothing is official, and the trade still will have to be approved by the league office, this is a big first move for the team who identified WR as one of their top two needs entering the offseason.
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Giants Introduce New GM, Old Face
Giants Introduce New GM, Old Face

The New York Giants recently introduced their new GM John Stanley and sadly starting a new era in the franchise. Stanley was the long time San Diego Chargers from 2010 to 2016, until he stepped down for personal reasons. Stanley led the Chargers to two Super Bowl championships during his time there including winning in the inaugural season against the Bears. He later won his second championship with backups at both QB and RB. He is hoping to usher in a new era in New York while continuing the long standing and well established tradition of the Giants organization.

We were able to stop GM Stanley on the way into his office to ask him a few questions about his vision.

Q: What are your areas of focus entering the offseason?

A: Well looking at the roster it is very solid across the board, a testament to the previous regime. If there are a few areas that I'd like to improve or at least change the types of talent we have at the positions it would be CB and WR. CB has always been an area where I liked to be well stocked at in San Diego and I don't see that being any different here. They were the backbone of some of the best teams I had there.

Q: With limited draft capital, how do you see yourself addressing your needs?

A: That's a good question. I find myself in somewhat of an uncomfortable position at the start because I am used to having draft picks at my disposal, especially in the top couple of rounds, but right now we are sitting with our top pick in the 3rd round and not much else. The easy answer is that I'd like to acquire draft capital, and that will definitely be something we look into, but another option is to make player-for-player deals and sign free agents, in order to reset our draft picks for next year and supplement the needs we have on the roster in the meantime.

Q: With that said, do you have any of those player-for-player trades in the works, or any deals at all?

A: I'll go with a no comment on that one, but believe me when I say we are always working and the needs we have will be addressed by the end of the offseason, if not sooner, maybe much sooner.
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Giants win opener
The 2017 season started against the Giants most hated foe, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles traveled the short distance down to the NJ Swamp for the 1:00 pm kickoff. This game was a defensive battle until some garbage yards were found late in the 4th quarter. The Giants were able to hold Philly out of the end zone late in the game, and held on for a 24017 victory.

The Giants had a tough time throwing the ball, and had to rely on their two monster halfbacks to carry the load. New acquired Eddie Lacy ran for 111 yards and 2 TDís, while John Clay was able to get 35 yards on only 7 carries. QB Colin Kaepernick was horrible. He finished with a QBR of 60.3 and only completed 41.94% of his passes. The most important thing was he did not turn the ball over.

The same cannot be said for the Eaglesí QB Aaron Rodgers. He threw 3 interceptions and finished with a 42.2 QBR. He threw for 245 yards, but 140 of it was in the last 5 minutes. WR Leonard Hankerson had a monster game. 10-189-1. The Giants had no answer for him, and this is a big concern going into week 2. HB Roy Helu ran all over the Giants 3-4, finishing with 120 yards and a 6.0 YPC, along with a TD.

The difference in this game was the 4 turnovers committed by the Eagles, while the Giants were clean. Newly acquired CBís Mike Jenkins and Rondell Nash each contributed a pick in their first game as a Giant. CB Brandon Hogan had 6 deflections and may have become the new #1 CB.

Winning home division games is a must, so this victory was huge. Giants cannot celebrate for long, they travel to St. Louis to play a very good Rams team.
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NY Giants welcome 2
The Giants have been fortunate this off season. Every player they have offered contracts to has signed with them. This latest round of free agency has brought in MLB Greg Jones and 6'7" TE Kellen Davis. Both players will be immediate starters.

The Giants are confused as to why no other teams bid on Jones. A 27 year old MLB with all the tools to be a starter for most teams. He will step in and play alongside Hightower as the Giants become a true 3-4 team this year.

Davis offers a huge target for the QB's and will start over 2nd year man Casper.
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NY Giants stars
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Giants get their men
Giants are extremely happy after the first stage of free agency.
RT Branden Albert, RG Larry Warford, and HB Robert Turbin were their only targets, and they were able to sign them all. The Giants placed an offer on RG Davin Joseph, but then withdrew it since they were confident they would land Warford.

In order to make cap room the Giants were forced to cut LT Rodger Saffold. Branden Albert will replace Saffold and was signed to a 3 year deal. Larry Warford was signed to a 5 year deal and will battle Paul Riggs for the starting spot at LG. HB Robert Turbin was signed to a 5 year deal and will be #3 on the depth chart.

The Giants roster is now complete. The Giants will have about 3 million left in cap space to sign any rookies if they so desire. With only 3 spots available on the 55 man roster, and no real needs at any positions, the Giants may not sign any rookies they draft. They will take the best player available approach. GM James Paronne has hinted he would like to get another MLB on the roster, as they are thin, and have no one other than Hightower. Their first pick is 3.10, so all the real talent will be gone.

The Giants believe they are a very young roster and even though they would like to bring in new talent, they are content with their roster. Roster and cap space are available, so if 2 or 3 rookies catch the eyes of the coaching staff, they will have a chance to make the final 55 roster.

No more cuts will be made other than any rookies they do not sign. So any injuries during the year may cause some problems financially for the team.
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Giants Pre-season
Giants went 1-3 and gave up 61 points their last game. They suck.

Tim TeBow SUCKS.

Rookie QB's sucks.

The wife refuses to suck.

Life sucks.
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NY Giants Key Players
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NY Giants Starting 2016 Team
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2015 New York Giants
Yahoo! Sports Presents
Superbowl V Champions

After winning the Super Bowl the Giants had to make several tough moves to make sure they were in the position to repeat. There was not much of a roster turnover with only 11 new players on the roster. What changed was the amount of releases and signings that were made. Five starters were released. DT Luis Castillo, LB Kamerion Wimbley, LG Kareem McKenzie, WR Michael Williams, and FS Will Blackmon.

The most surprising move was not a front office decision, but a personal player decision. QB Drew Brees made the tough decision to retire after winning it all. The Giants were not ready for this since Brees was still under contract and was to mentor QB Colin Kaepernick. GM James Paronne did not wait long to replace Brees. He traded a future first for QB Russell Wilson and then for the second year in a row made the biggest off season move; signing QB Eli Manning to come back to the team that drafted him. Manning will be an upgrade over Brees and a mentor to Wilson.

2015 Starters


RCB Brandon Hogan | FS Carlos Brown | SS Kenny Phillips | LCB Bruce Hogan
ROLB Koa Misi | MLB Dont'a Hightower | LOLB Antwan Barnes
RE Dwight Freeney | RDT Kenrick Ellis | LDT John Jenkins | LE Nick Perry


LT Roger Saffold | LG Justin Blalock | C Marco Medina | RG Ricky Wagner | RT Chris Faulk | TE Cornelius Ingram
WR2 Eddie Royal | WR3 James Reddick | WR1 Jeremy Maclin
HB1 Jonathan Stewart | QB Eli Manning | FB Owen Marecic

Special Teams

K Shaun Suisham | P Matt Dodge

The Giants have a lot to still prove. Even after pitching the first ever shut out in Super Bowl history, people still consider their run a fluke.
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Your 2014 Champions
Yahoo! Sports Presents
Superbowl V Champions

The 2014 New York Giants finally reached the mountain top. After four years of heartache they were the best team in GZL after defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 10-0 in Superbowl V. This is the first shutout EVER in the big game. The Giants' defense was dominate and the Jaguars were unable to do anything on offense. This is GM James Paronne's first championship.

The 2015 Giants remain mostly the same. The one key positional change is at QB. Drew Brees retired and former starter Eli Manning has returned. Manning is a huge upgrade at the QB position. The 2014 Giants lost two starters early in the season and they return in 2015. WR Jeremy Maclin and HB John Clay. This should be the Giants best unit on offense in their history. On defense league defensive MVP MLB Dont'a Hightower returns from an injury to lead the best unit in GZL. 2nd round pick John Jenkins will be a starter from day one. 5th round pick Middle linebacker Zimmerman got a great skew and will be a great addition for depth. Eventually he will slide into the starting middle linebacker spot and starter Dont'a Hightower will be moved outside. 7th round pick kicker Campbell will be mentored under current starter Suisham and will become the stater when Suisham's contract is up in three years.

This team and front office are the best in GZL. Anything less than a repeat will be a failed season. The Giants have the benefit of a 2nd place schedule and do not have to face all the other division winners.
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Welcome home
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NY Giants Preseason Wrap Up
The Giants went 3-1 this preseason. It was almost a perfect one, but the loss of starting HB John Clay for the year put a damper on a great preseason showing. The Giants acted quickly trading for Detroit Lions HB Jonathan Stewart. They gave up future star QB Mark Steele and a 2nd round pick, a hefty price, but the Giants feel they are Superbowl contenders this year. The Giants also lost Punter Matt Dodge, but he should be back for the week 2 game.

The Gmen dominated on both sides of the ball this preseason. The starting defense only gave up 38 total first half points. The second stringers played well also, giving up even less, 31 points. Both units gave up an average of 75 yards rushing and 196 yards passing per game. Of the 69 total points allowed by both units, 14 came on KO returns and 7 off an Int return. So they really allowed 48 total points. The defense is ready and should be the #1 unit in GZL.

The first string offense scored 63 first half points and the second stringers hung the same amount. They both averaged 100 yards rushing and 265 yards passing per game.

Nick Perry had 5 sacks.

Giants look poised to win it all this year.
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NY Giants Key Players
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Your 2014 NY Giants Starters

2014 Projected Depth Chart::

KEY = 2013 Pro Bowler | Returning Starter | New Starter | Rookie


LT Rodger Saffold [87] | LG Kareem McKenzie [88] | C Marco Medina [81] | RG Ricky Wagner [84] | RT Chris Faulk [88]
WR Jeremy Maclin [94] | WR Eddie Royal [93] | TE Cornelius Ingram [77]
HB John Clay [77] | QB Drew Brees [92] | FB Owen Marecic [97]


CB Bruce Johnson [90] | FS Will Blackmon [83] | SS Kenny Phillips [88] | CB Brandon Hogan [82]
ROLB Koa Misi [87] | MLB Dont'a Hightower [76] | LOLB Kamerion Wimbley [89]
RE Jared Allen [99] | RDT Kenrick Ellis [78] | LDT Luis Castillo [94] | LE Nick Perry [85]


Punter Matt Dodge [99] | Kicker Shaun Suisham [93]
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Final piece to the puzzle
Drew Brees is a New York Giant. It has become official. Brees will sign a 1 year deal and will most likely be named the starter before camp opens.

The Giants have been very busy this off season. They have replaced long time Giant Justin Tuck with Jerry Hughes from the Saints and added Nick Perry to learn from and then replace mentor Jared Allen.

Several key players were added for depth and special teams. The Giants have been in cap hell since the league started and this year is no different. Somehow the front office has managed to stay under the cap and still field the best Giant team to date.

The roster is almost set. The Giants have 3 draft picks and will add BPA to round out their roster.
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NY Giants 2013 TC Article

2012 Recap

Year In Review

The Giants finished 10-6 and tied for the NFC East title, but lost the tiebreaker to the Cowboys. After starting 2-4 the Gmen finished strong, going 8-2 the rest of the way. They won their last 2 to make the playoffs as a wildcard. The opening round saw the Giants travel to arch rival Dallas. The Giants outplayed the Cowboys in the 4th and pulled out a 1 point victory 34-33. This win put them back on the road, this time in Tampa Bay vs the NFC North champion and #1 seed Buccaneers. The Giants dominated this game, driving up and down the field all day long. They ended up losing 17-14 when QB Eli Manning had a very suspicious 4 Interception game, including 3 inside the 5 yard line of the Bucs and one of those coming in the last minute when the Giants had a chip shot FG for the tie. There was much discussion that Manning threw this game and the fans called for his immediate release. Giant management sent out feelers to see if there was any interest in him. After that game, no team would agree to a trade. So rather than release him and take a 6 million hit and get nothing in return, Manning will be back as the starting QB in 2013, BUT he will be watched carefully and Matt Leinart will be ready to step in.

After a successful year, but a very disappointing finish, the Giants look forward to 2013, but are once again cap strapped. This is a repeat of how 2011 finished. A bad taste in their mouth loss in the playoffs and very tight cap space. What will help is that all the coaches and training staff will be back. The Giants will have several tough decisions to make with their roster. The good thing is, the New York Giants have the best front office in all of RZL and fielding the best team is something they pride themselves on every year.



Upper Level $55
Upper Endzone $39
Mid Level $72
Lower Level $77
Club Seats $232
Luxury Boxes $7,600


Hot Dogs $6
Hamburgers $7
Pizza $7
Popcorn $6
Soda $6
Coffee $8


Programs $7
Hats $20
Jerseys $45
Bobble Heads $14
Foam Fingers $10


Grass $7
Stadium Lot $10
Reserved $17
Garage $22
Valet $42


Television $0
Radio $0
Print $0
Billboards $0

Coaching Staff

GM James Paronne
Head Coach Tom Coughlin
Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride
Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell
Special Teams Tom Quinn

Roster Movement


2012 (3) Giants
2012 (3) Buccaneers
2012 (5) Giants

2012 (3) Bills

Future 1st Giants
Future 1st Dolphins

Future 7th Raiders

Richie Incognito

2012 (4) Chiefs

Eli Manning
2013 Giants 7th round pick

2012 (1) Dolphins
Chad Henne
Koa Misi
2013 Dolphins 1st round pick

Shawn Andrews

2012 (3) Buccaneers
Seth Olsen

2012 (3) Jaguars
2012 (4) Vikings

2012 (2) Giants

2012 (1.6) Panthers
2012 (6.26) Giants

2012 (1.9) Seahawks
2012 (3.24) Dolphins

2012 3.1
2012 3.24
2012 4.2

2012 2.10
2012 5.12
2102 6.10

Cut or not Resigned

FS Marlin Jackson
CB Sheldon Brown
DE Mathias Kiwanuka
LB Michael Boley
CB Corey Webster
WR Lester Jean
RG Seth Olsen
DT Siona Fua
LT John Greco

One Resign

WR DeSean Jackson


SS Kenny Phillips


WR Hakeem Nicks

RFA Resign and Restructure

LG Mitch Petrus

Own UFA Resign

Matt Dodge
Will Blackmon
Brandon Siler
Luis Castillo

UFA Signing

RT Rodger Saffold
LB Kamerion Wimbley

Training and Conditioning

Off Season Training and Conditioning

Training-2 Points

CB Brandon Hogan +1 Speed, +1 Acc.

Conditioning-10 Points

ROLB Koa Misi +5 Injury
HB Ahmad Bradshaw +5 Injury

Body Diet-20 Pounds

CB Brandon Hogan +10 pounds
ROLB Koa Misi + 10 pounds

Training Camp

MLB Dont'a Hightower +1 Speed, +1 Acc
QB Chad Henne +1 THA
MLB Colin McCarthy +1 Speed, +1 Acc.

Team Captains

MLB Colin McCarthy
QB Chad Henne
CB Brandon Hogan


1.9 LT Chris Faulk
2.10 LT Ricky Wagner
2.26 MLB Dont'a Hightower
5.7 CB Jonah Watson
5.12 TE Philip Lutzenkirchen
5.13 WR Chris Givens
6.10 C Camden Wentz-Not Signed

Training Camp Schedule

The Giants will be taking it easy this training camp. The New Jersey heat can be brutal in the summer. The team will be broken up into 2 units on defense-DE, DT, OLB and MLB will be one group. CB, SS and FS will be the other. On offense there will be 3 groups. OL, TE and FB, WR and RB and the last group will be QB. Special teams will be 1 group-K and P. Steve Tucker is being brought in to teach the Giants. Tucker is a 23 year veteran and has written many books on teaching football. His drills will solely be used.

The Giants like to create hybrid type players. They like their players to be able to play several different positions, thus they train them together. They want their DL to be able to play LB, they want their LB's to be able to get down in a 4 point stance. They would like their FB and TE to block like OL, but also want their OL to be quick with good hands.

There really is not much in the way of position battles. Offensive line is the closest thing to competition. There are 5 spots and no less than 7 players that can start. The only real battle is for what positions these players will play, not whom will start.


Offensive Line, Tight Ends and Fullbacks

Quick Feet, Quick Hands

While a lot of the time they may be the biggest, slowest players on the field, there is no denying the fact that foot quickness is a huge asset to offensive lineman Ė whether thatís a guard pulling for an outside run, or a tackle doing his best to keep a speedy pass rusher from getting to the quarterback.

Thatís why I like to run my players through a series of drills designed to keep them nimble on their feet, as well as a way to keep track of their improvement.

Mirror Drill

In the mirror drill, two players will line up facing each other, one defender, and one blocker. The defender is going to move from side to side, with an array of shimmys, fakes and spins. The blocker will move from side to side, keeping themselves directly in front of the defensive player.

At first have the offensive player focus solely on his footwork, but once they have the hang of it, you can add some contact in, having the blocker extend and push the defender away whenever they get to close to the mirror line.

Wide Receivers and Running Backs

Fumble Prevention : How to Stop Fumbling The Football

The other day we had a look at drills to help you recover fumbles, and today weíre going to have a look at how to prevent them.

Handoff Technique
Three different stages to every run: the beginning, the middle, and the end, and they are all crucial to maintaining ball possession.

Bracing The Ball

Learning how to properly brace the ball for a tackle is huge for any ball carrier. The positioning is similar to that of the hand-0ff drill, in that you will bring the ball over your stomach, curled in tight on top of your forearm underneath, with the other arm coming over on top of the football.

While this isnít a ball position you want your runner to always be carrying the ball in, itís important for them to learn to brace themselves when receiving the ball over the middle, or attempting to push through the goalline.


After trading such an ELIte QB in Manning, newly acquired Chad Henne and veteran backup Matt Leinart will have to step up their game. Experience, awareness and accuracy are the keys for these 2 QB's. In order to teach these 3 things, old school ways will be brought back. Hours and hours of film work, muscle repetition and drills will be the main focus.

Football toss through a tire is am excellent drill to teach accuracy.


Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, Middle Linebacker and Outside Linebacker

Tackling Drills Ė Reading The Ball Carrier

As a defensive player, your ability to read the ball carrierís path and wrap him up safely may be your most important task Ė you need to be able to see the hole as the runner sees it, and hit it before they have a chance to get out and into the secondary. This is especially important on the goalline, where an extra second to react can make the difference between 4th and inches and a touchdown.

Score Tackling
These drill does a great job of isolating the defensive player, and putting him in a position where they have to make a read and wrap up the ball carrier one on one.

This is a very fun drill, and one that will improve your ability to run the ball through contact as well. Set up 4 bags (or lines of cones) and set up a player on one side with the ball, and another on the other side, facing each other.

On your go, the offensive player will begin to shuffle side to side, with the defender mirroring him. When the offense so chooses, they will blast through the whole of their choosing, trying to get by the defender.

Meanwhile the defender will be charging through the hole in an attempt to stuff the runner before they can gain any significant yardage.

I like to set this drill up just in front of the goalline, and record scores and stops Ė this is a great way to get your defense and offense fired up, and you can make it even

Cornerbacks and Safeties

Football Conditioning Ė Building Speed and Quickness

Box Runs
Football might be the most grueling, physically demanding sport to play in the world. Putting your players through rigorous full contact drills throughout the week might seem like a good idea, but can often lead to just tiring your players out for game day. Thatís why you need to be able to train your players effectively Ė without the pads.

With effective drills that donít require full contact, you can give your players bodies a rest, giving their bodies a chance to recover. Without the proper rest and recovery, your gains are going to be minimized and your players will be exhausted

Hereís a great plyometric exercise that will help to train those invaluable fast-twitch fibers in your calves and the rest of the muscles of your legs to fire quickly. And thatís the emphasis in this drill: exploding up and moving quickly, staying on the balls of your feet.

With a small box set up in front of the player, have them put one foot up on the box. On your command, they will begin to switch their legs back and forth, alternating their left and right from the ground to the top of the box. After about 10 repetitions of each leg, or 20 steps overall, stop. Take a break, come back and do two more separate sets of 20 for a total of three.

Special Teams

Punter and Kicker

With 2 of the best at their positions, the Giants don't think they can do much to improve them and only risk injury. So these 2 players will be sent on vacation to rest up for the upcoming season. Besides, they are only kickers, not real football players.

2013 Outlook

Heading into the off season, things looked very bleak. Major roster moves had to be made due to being so cap strapped. When all was said and done, the Giants survived the storm and appear to be a better team than last year. Their real major loss was Manning, other than him, they are stronger, younger and cheaper at most positions. Before all these moves, the Giants were hoping to fight for a wildcard, after the draft and free agency period, they now feel they are favorites to win the NFC East.

Starting Lineup for 2013

QB-Chad Henne
HB-Ahmad Bradshaw
FB-Owen Marecic
TE-Philip Lutzenkirchen
WR-DeSean Jackson and Eddie Royal
LT-Ricky Wagner
LG-Mitch Petrus
C-Marco Medina
RG-Rodger Saffold
RT-Chris Faulk

LE-Jared Allen
NT-Luis Castillo
RE-Justin Tuck
LOLB-Kamerion Wimbley
MLB-Colin McCarthy
MLB-Dont'a Hightower
ROLB-Koa Misi
CB-Bruce Johnson and Brandon Hogan
FS-Will Blackmon
SS-Kenny Phillips

K-Shaun Suisham
P-Matt Dodge
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Eli Manning comments about trade rumors

Forum Discussion (by J_Paronne on 06/27/2012) Replies - 2 :: Views - 53
NY Giants-Same story, different year.
The New York Football Giants are in cap hell once again. Last year they had to make some very tough decisions regarding their roster and this year is no different.

With 11 expiring contracts and just under 5 million in cap space, the Giants will once again be forced to decide whom to keep and whom to cut.
Kevin Boss , Will Blackmon, Mitch Petrus, Luis Castillo, Mathias Kiwanuka, Matt Dodge, DeSean Jackson, Brandon Siler, Kenny Phillips, Marlin Jackson and Sheldon Brown are all on expired contracts. Boss, Blackmon, Castillo, Dodge, Jackson, Siler and Phillips are all starters.

With only enough space to do their franchise and resign, the Giants will more than likely lose 5 starters. To make room, starting Right Guard Shawn Andrews has been traded. The Giants already revamped their offensive line last year, losing 2 starters. This means the entire right side of the offensive line will be exposed and this could mean trouble for franchise quarterback Eli Manning.

There is discussion the Giants will Amnesty corner back Corey Webster and release corner back Aaron Ross to make room. No matter what the Giants do, they will not be as strong as last year, but you can bet, that Head Coach Tom Coughlin will still field a very competitive team.

The Giants will somehow work their magic via trades to make this team get under the cap and also to field the best possible team. With the best front office in all of the green zone league, it's easy to see why the Giants are among the elite in the league.

Their biggest issue is whom to franchise and whom to resign. The team loves Matt Dodge and have put a lot of work into him, but he is still a punter. Not as important as a defensive or offensive player. It looks like they will franchise strong safety Kenny Phillips and resign wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Only time will tell what goes on in New Jersey.
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Giants May PC
The season has come to an end and some of the players feel it was a successful year; while other are still disappointed with how their season ended.

After a dominating 4th quarter vs the Cowboys on the road, and a win, the Giants headed to Tampa Bay. They dominated this game from start to end. Only to lose due to something that has NEVER happened in football and will NEVER happen again. One of the elite QB's in the league threw 3 Interceptions inside the 5 yard line of their opponent and the last one with under a minute to go and a FG needed to send it into overtime.

For something like this to happen began talk about Eli Manning possibly throwing the game. The rumors were quickly put to rest by Head Coach Tom Coughlin. "No F***ing way Eli throws this or any game. There were forces greater than Eli at work in that game. The Gods wanted Tampa to win".

The Giants know they were the better team that day and know they would have gone on to beat the Saints and then the Steelers. This marks 2 years in a row that fluke happenings kept the Giants from advancing.

2013 should see more major changes to the roster, as the Giants are once again cap strapped. The core players will return, but there can be as many as 15 new players.

2012 was an injury filled year, the 3rd year in a row. If the Giants can stay healthy in 2013 they should once again make the playoffs.
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Giants April PC
Not much can be said for a team on a 2 game losing streak, that has fallen to 8-6 and 2nd place in the NFC East. A division they won last year. GM Paronne was survived his cancer surgery, but the Giants appear to be on life support now.

Two games remain and the Cowboys hold the tie breaker over the Giants. The Gants best hope is a wldcard berth. In order to assure this, the Giants must defeat the San Diego Chargers and Washington Redskins, both games being on the road.

On top of this, they must win these games wihout their best play maker in Desean Jackson-WR. A run first offense will incorportated. Giants still have deep threat WR in Edde Royal and wll have a few deep throws lined up for him.

10-6 is what the Giants want, but deep down they feel 9-7 with a Saints loss this week will be enough.
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Giants March PC
The New York Football Giants sit at 5-4 and on a three game winning streak and four out of five. They are currently tied with the Dallas Cowboys for first place in the NFC East. These 2 teams meet Week 15 in a game that may decide whom wins the NFC East.

Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson has been a huge pickup. Since coming over to the Giants in a trade with the Bucs, Jackson has caught 24 passes for 462 yards and 3 TD's in 4 games.

The Giants have a tough game this week vs the defending champion Green Bay Packers in Lambeau. The Pack are on fire. They haven't lost in 7 weeks. This game will determine if the Giants are a playoff team or not. While this game isn't crucial to making the playoffs, it is for building confidence.

The Giants have more than football to worry about though. Off the field their GM James Parrone is battling cancer and has surgery planned after this weeks game. Paronne will be away from the team for at least 2 weeks when they play the Falcons and Niners. The team won't be in win one for the Gipper mode, they realize how important winning these games are on their own.

The organization feels 9-7 will be enough to win the East. That means the Giants need to go 4-3 down the road. The Dallas game being the most important.

It all begins in Green Bay today. A win here to extend their streak to 4 wins will go a long way to their playoff hopes and to helping James Paronne beat his cancer.
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Giants February PC
Well the Giants have once again mortgaged the future on now. They have traded their 1st and 2nd round picks in separate deals with the Tampa Bay Bucs and acquired Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson and Linebacker Terrell Suggs. This gives the Giants a much needed force at linebacker and another speedster to go with Eddie Royal at Wide Receiver.

The Giants are now a match up nightmare at wide receiver. Eli Manning should excel at quarterback now with all these weapons. The thing is the draft will now be an after thought for the Giants.

After blowing up the team last year due to cap space, next year looks like it will be more of the same. Jackson is a must re-sign, but after that, the Giants will be in trouble.

Sitting at 2-4 the Giants are in must win mode now. They face the Eaqles, Chiefs and Raiders in their next 3 games. These are "winnable" games, but you never know in GZL. If they can go 3-0 and be at 5-4, they will be back in the playoff hunt.

The Cowboys are sitting at 4-3 and have already beaten the Giants, but they meet again in week 15. The Giants are hoping that game is for the division. For that to happen, the Giants need to be more explosive on offense. They are hoping that the combo of Jackson and Royal will do just that. If teams are forced to play the pass and keep that safety back, Bradshaw can get a lot of nice holes to run through and in turn play clock control.

This week is the start of the "playoffs" for the Giants. A win is a step in the right direction, a loss and it's not next year, it's next, next year.
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Giants January PC
Big things were expected this year. After a 13-3 season, the best record in GZL, the Giants were expected to be one of the elite teams again this season. The Giants were and still are very tight against the cap. Several key decisions had to be made, some that weren't popular with the fans and especially with the players.

The Giants opened up with a huge home win vs division rival the Washington Redskins 34-31. The defense was torched for over 400 yards of offense by Eli's big brother. Eli and the Giants offense were able to answer each score with a score of their own and in the end were able to hold on for a hard fought win.

Week 2 saw the Giants go into Ray Jay stadium and totally suck. The offense and defense were pathetic. Josh Freeman looked like Joe Montana vs the Giants all of a sudden swiss cheese defense.

Week 3 the Giants are back home vs the Denver Broncos and close out the month with a trip to Carolina. It's important they win these 2 games and go 3-1. A fast start is a must for this team from a confidence stand point.

The defense needs to get it together and soon. Before you know it week after week will go by and if not careful, they can find themselves in a hole they can't recover from.

Tweeks will be made and they will get things back on track. The offense has shown signs of being very explosive.

Injuries have played a big part in the season so far. Losing 3 key players for extended periods of time.

The Giants haven't hit the panic button yet, BUT if they lose this week, they will.
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2012 NY Giants Training Camp Article

2011 Recap

Year In Review

After finishing 13-3 and home field throughout the playoffs, the Giants experienced the BIGGEST upset EVER. The Niners won despite a pathetic showing. They were able to win 20-17. What really made this game interesting is for some reason the Giants defensive captain and best CB Corey Webster was suspended by the league. This came as a big surprise because no reason was given other than the league hates GM Paronne. The Giants and Webster were told of the suspension just as the Giants defense was taking the field. This threw the Giants game plan into array as the Giants had practiced all week long expecting Webster to play. The Niners were held without an offensive TD and it was planned that Webster was going to play on special teams as well. So the league's unwarranted suspension of him really cost the Giants. Most experts believe if Webster had played the outcome would have been more like 48-24 Giants.

The Niner GM was so embarrassed by their pathetic performance and their even worse showing the next week vs the Packers that he left the Niners.

The Giants future looks bright still. Most every starter is returning to the best team in GZL. Next year a Superbowl is well within reach, this is of course if the league doesn't continue to try everything in their power to keep the Giants down.

All the Giants coaches return after a very good year. There was a major roster overhaul due to cap problems.

The Giants are playing in their brand new stadium this year. Giants stadium is no more. A state of the art stadium has been built. Giants Stadium is now The NJ Swamp.



Upper Level $55
Upper Endzone $39
Mid Level $72
Lower Level $77
Club Seats $232
Luxury Boxes $7,600


Hot Dogs $6
Hamburgers $7
Pizza $7
Popcorn $6
Soda $6
Coffee $8


Programs $7
Hats $20
Jerseys $45
Bobble Heads $14
Foam Fingers $10


Grass $7
Stadium Lot $10
Reserved $17
Garage $22
Valet $42


Television $0
Radio $0
Print $0
Billboards $0

Coaching Staff

GM James Paronne
Head Coach Tom Coughlin
Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride
Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell
Special Teams Tom Quinn

Roster Movement


Buccaneers Send:
DT Siona Fua
(7) Chargers

Giants Send:
(4) Giants
Saints Send:
(4) Saints

Giants Send:
CB Chris Johnson
Chargers Send:
RE Luis Castillo
(5) Giants

Giants Send:
(3) Bengals
(3) Giants
Giants Offer
WR Jonathan Holland

Seahawks Offer
2011 (3) Titans
MLB Colin McCarthy
Cut or not Resigned

C Shaun O'Hara
RT David Diehl
LOLB Keith Bulluck
FB Madison Hedgecock
HB Brandon Jacobs
ROLB Parys Haralson
MLB Jonathan Goff
LOLB Clint Sintim
HB Keiland Williams
DT Sione Pouha
WR Courtney Roby
SS Michael Johnson
TE Bear Pascoe
FS Darian Stewart

One Resign

WR Eddie Royal


P Matt Dodge


LT William Beatty

RFA Resign and Restructure

CB Bruce Johnson

UFA Resign

LT John Greco
HB Ahmad Bradshaw
WR Mario Manningham
ROLB Michael Boley

Training and Conditioning

Off Season Training and Conditioning

Training-2 Points

MLB Colin McCarthy +1 Speed, +1 Acc.

Conditioning-10 Points

CB Bruce Johnson +5 Injury
ROLB Michael Boley +2 Injury
HB Ahmad Bradshaw+3 Injury

Body Diet-20 Pounds

HB Ahmad Bradshaw +5 pounds
CB Bruce Johnson +5 pounds
MLB Colin McCarthy + 10 pounds

Training Camp

CB Brandon Hogan +1 Speed
WR Greg Salas +1 Speed, +1 Agility
RT Selvish Capers +1 Strength
QB Eli Manning +1 THA

Team Captains

MLB Colin McCarthy
QB Eli Manning
CB Bruce Johnson


3.2 HB John Clay
4.11 FS Carlos Brown
4.22 LT Noel Lynch
4.26 C Marco Medina
5.28 SS Ellis Walters
6.22 LOLB Adam Coleman
6.28 HB Shane Vereen
7.12 TE Julius Thomas
7.28 WR Lester Jean

Training Camp Schedule

When the Giants report to training camp this year, they will be greeted not only to a billion dollar facility, but a brand new way of doing things. Coach Coughlin is going to reward his team for a great year. He is going to have a very simple, very fun camp. Instead of separating the players by positions, he is going to have only 2 groups. Offense and Defense.

There are no position battles this year. All 22 starters have been named. This is the first year the Giants don't have to guess or worry about 1 player outperforming another.

The offense is going to go bowling on Mondays, swimming on Tuesdays, Bingo on Wednesdays, The Movies on Thursdays, Fridays is an off day. On Saturday they will have film study and finally on Sunday it will be family day. They will follow this schedule throughout training camp.

The defensive schedule will be somewhat similar. Monday is family day, Tuesday the players are off, Wednesday will be pick up basketball games, Thursdays will be weight training, Fridays will be tennis day, Saturdays is film study and Sundays is beach day.

Coughlin believes this laid back attitude will keep his players healthier, fresher and more interested. For his entire coaching career, Coughlin has run camp like boot camp and his players have worn down at the end of the year. He feels a veteran team like this will benefit more from taking it easy early on and work harder near the end of the year.

2012 Outlook

The Giants have 1 goal this year. Superbowl. Anything less is a failed season. Even with all the player turnover, 19 of 22 starters return. The only real worry will be at Center and Right Tackle, where 2 very inexperienced players take over. If those players can play well, there is no reason the Giants can't succeed.

2012 NY Giants Roster



Bruce Johnson (86)


Aaron Ross (80)


Will Blackmon (84)
Carlos Brown (79)


Kenny Phillips (86)
Ellis Walters (71)


Corey Webster (88)
Brandon Hogan (74)


Michael Boley (93)
James Anderson (78)


Brandon Siler (77)
Colin McCarthy (76)


Jon Alston (81)
Adam Coleman (76)


Justin Tuck (93)
Luis Castillo (92)
Mathias Kiwanuka (84)


Pete Strickland (80)


Barry Cofield (85)
Siona Fua (74)


Jared Allen (99)
Craig White (79)
Jasper Ryder (77)



William Beatty (81)
Noel Lynch (74)
John Greco (72)


Richie Incognito (82)
Mitch Petrus (70)


Marco Medina (75)
Ted Larsen (72)


Shawn Andrews (89)
Otis Hudson (70)


Selvish Capers (74)


Hakeem Nicks (88)
Lester Jean (73)


Mario Manningham (84)


Eli Manning (97)
Matt Leinart (81)


Kevin Boss (91)
Julius Thomas (74)


Eddie Royal (92)
Greg Salas (77)


Ahmad Bradshaw (85)
John Clay (76)
Shane Vereen (74)


Owen Marecic (93)



Shaun Suisham (93)


Matt Dodge (98)
Forum Discussion (by J_Paronne on 12/18/2011) Replies - 14 :: Views - 157
NY Giants November PC
After finishing 13-3 and home field throughout the playoffs, the Giants experienced the BIGGEST upset EVER. The Niners won despite a pathetic showing. They were able to win 20-17. What really made this game interesting is for some reason the Giants defensive captain and best CB Corey Webster was suspended by the league. This came as a big surprise because no reason was given other than the league hates GM Paronne. The Giants and Webster were told of the suspension just as the Giants defense was taking the field. This threw the Giants game plan into array as the Giants had practiced all week long expecting Webster to play. The Niners were held without an offensive TD and it was planned that Webster was going to play on special teams as well. So the league's unwarranted suspension of him really cost the Giants. Most experts believe if Webster had played the outcome would have been more like 48-24 Giants.

The Niner GM was so embarrassed by their pathetic performance and their even worse showing the next week vs the Packers that he left the Niners.

The Giants future looks bright still. Most every starter is returning to the best team in GZL. Next year a Superbowl is well within reach, this is of course if the league doesn't continue to try everything in their power to keep the Giants down.

The Giants now look forward to the off season. They don't have a 1st or 2nd round pick, as they traded them away to make a run at the title. They do however have several 3rd's and 4th's and really only need role players.
Forum Discussion (by J_Paronne on 11/21/2011) Replies - 1 :: Views - 51
NY Giants October PC
Regular season over. Playoffs are here. The New York Football Giants finished at 13-3 and had the best record in the entire league. The entire playoffs, including the Superbowl now goes through New Jersey and the Meadowlands. For the first time in history, the Giants can host 3 playoff games. They are 2 wins away from playing the Superbowl in their home stadium.

Going into the first round bye, the Giants are the healthiest they have been all year. Only WR Hakeem Nicks is in jeopardy of missing the playoffs. He will miss the Giants first game and most likely the championship game if they make it. He should be back for the Superbowl if the Giants make it.

While Nicks will be missed, the Giants have 3 capable WR's to take his spot in Manningham, Holland and rookie Salas. Depending on whom the Giants meet in the 2nd round will determine what WR starts.

New York finished first overall in scoring offense and look to stay sharp during their bye week. They won't know whom they face until next week, but they know it won't be the Saints, as they are the #3 seed. Possible opponents are the NFC West winner, Chicago Bears or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If Tampa Bay upsets the Saints, then they will travel to New Jersey. If the Saints win, they they go to Green Bay and the winner of Chicago/NFC West winner travels to New Jersey.

No matter whom they face, the Giants will be ready and will be working on their game plan now. They expect to run several different looks on offense and defense and everyone knows that Coach Tom Coughlin is the best coach in the league.

The Giants will take one day off this week to rest up and will be back getting ready for the second round. They do not want to blow this chance. Everything is lined up to make history.
Forum Discussion (by J_Paronne on 10/25/2011) Replies - 7 :: Views - 65
Giants win the NFC East
Well after a tough year dealing with injuries, the NY Giants have won the NFC East. There next goal is securing a round 1 bye. The main prize at the end of the rainbow is that the Superbowl will be played in the Meadowlands. The Giants have a chance to become the first team to EVER play the Superbowl in their home stadium. The last 3 weeks of the season will be tough as the Giants would like to rest their players, but need to keep playing, as that round 1 bye is so important. It is possible that someone could win 13 games this year and not get a 1st round bye. Only time will tell.
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NY Giants September PC
Since last month's PC, the Giants have gone 3-0 with victories over the Eagles 49-17, Rams 31-7 and Eagles 24-13. The defense has really stepped up their game the last 3 games, giving up an average of only 12 points a game. As of this writing, the Giants were preparing for the 8-3 Baltimore Ravens to come into town. The Ravens are on a 4 game winning streak. This game will present a special challenge to the Giants. The Ravens WR's are all tall and strong, but not so fast. The Giants will have to play more of a zone defense than man to man, as they don't physically match up vs the bigger WR's.

On offense, all cylinders are clicking and things will only get better now that WR Holland is back from injury. Holland and Royal give the Giants 2 of the fastest WR's in all of GZL and they will look to exploit all defenses with this.

The Giants have a chance to clinch the NFC East with a win this week. They are however looking to secure the first round bye. They are in a battle with Chicago, Tampa Bay and New Orleans for that.

The last 5 games are all games against tough opponents and 3 of them are on the road. The Giants need to win the East first, secure a first round bye second and remain healthy. If they can do this a championship for the Giants is well within reach. Only time will tell and it all begins tonight vs the Baltimore Ravens.
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NY Giants August PC
Well the bye week is finally here and it is PERFECT timing. The Giants have spent more time in the trainers room than the film room.

Jonathan Holland WR 4 weeks
Corey Webster CB 1 week
Bruce Johnson CB 1 week
Keith Bulluck LOLB Questionable
Eli Manning QB Probable
Mario Manningham WR Probable

This is a list of the walking wounded. Luckily with the bye week, all should be back at 100% health other than Holland.

The Giants sit at 6-2 and in first place in the NFC East. They have a 1 1/2 game lead over second place Dallas. NY has played some very Inconsistent ball all year. Aside from the Browns blowout win, every game has been close. The Giants have been unable to put any team away.

The defense has been a huge disappointment. For whatever reason, they are really under performing. The bye week will be used to fix this problem.

Two trades have also been agreed upon. WR Steve Smith has been sent to Cincinnati for a 4th round pick. Also WR Eddie Royal has been traded for from the Bucs for WR Victor Cruz. Royal gives the Giants the speedster they have been looking for since Holland was injured.

The second half of the year has many winnable games. The Giants will need to play better defense and Manning needs to stay healthy in order to make a run.

With the excellent play by the Saints and Bears, the Giants will be fighting for that ever so important first round bye. A healthy team and a favorable schedule points to obtaining that.
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NY Giants 2-0 July PC Article
After 2 nail biting, down to the final seconds games, the Giants have started 2-0 and lead the NFC East by 1 1/2 games.

Week 1 33-27 OT vs Dallas
Week 2 26-24 vs Redskins

The Giants start 2-0 on the road and 2-0 in the division. This is huge in the very touch NFC East.

The switch to the 3-4 has paid off with constant pressure on the QB. The only flaw is it has been very weak vs the run. Dallas ran for 250 yards with two 100 yard rushers and Washington gained 174 yards. They however have recorded 5 sacks and at least 30 QB knockdowns.

The physical play has taken its toll on the team. Keith Bulluck missed most of the preseason and still has several weeks before he returns. Mario Manningham Dislocated his elbow and is out 5 weeks. Corey Webster broke his hand and is out 8 weeks.

The Giants won't miss a beat though. Hakeem Nicks will return to starter to replace Manningham and Chris Johnson will replace Webster.

The Giants go back on the road to Atlanta and then Cleveland. They finally make their 2011 debut at home in week 5 vs the Vikings. These next 3 games are winnable and would make the Gmen 5-0 before a crucial home game vs the Redskins.

WR Holland has been a great find after coming over in a trade with the Bucs. He has caught two 50+ yard passes on each of the game winning drives. Bradshaw has played well at HB.

Once this team finds its identity it is going to be VERY tough to beat.
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Giants Tuck gives bulletin board material to Tebow
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NY Giants 2011 Training Camp

2010 Recap

The 2010 season had its share of ups and downs for the NY Football Giants. Finishing 7-9 was a down. Having the #1 defense in all of GZL was an up. Being tight against the salary cap was a down. Being able to resign several players and to draft several promising rookies was an up.

The Giants entered 2010 as the NFC East favorites and a strong contender to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Many key injuries and a lot of bad breaks, saw the Giants eliminated from playoff contention in Week 15. Defensive captain Justin Tuck was injured in Week 5 and missed the remainder of the season. Offensive captain Eli Manning missed 3 games and was at less than 100% for several more. Several other nagging injuries happened throughout the season.

Through all the trials and tribulations, the Giants grew closer as a team. They retained all their coaches and their training staff. They enter 2011 having fully put 2010 behind them. Despite losing some key players, the Giants were able to retain others, sign some new faces and draft some new blood.

Coaching Staff

GM James Paronne
Head Coach Tom Coughlin
Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride
Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell
Special Teams Tom Quinn


LE Jared Allen


HB Brandon Jacobs, QB Matt Leinart, FB Madison Hedgecock, CB Corey Webster, DT Barry Cofield, LT David Diehl.

Franchise Tag

RG Chris Snee

UFA Signings

CB Chris Johnson, LOLB James Anderson

Training-2 Points

CB Bruce Johnson +1 Speed, +1 Acc.

Conditioning-10 Points

CB Will Blackmon +3 Injury
WR Mario Manningham +5 Injury
DE Justin Tuck +2 Injury

Body Diet-20 Pounds

LB Keith Bulluck +5 Pounds
LE Jared Allen +5 Pounds
LE Justin Tuck +5 Pounds
MLB Jonathan Goff +5 Pounds

Offseason Releases

CB Terrell Thomas, TE Travis Beckum, DE Chris Canty, QB Jim Sorgi, LB Chase Blackburn, MLB Brandon Chillar, DT Rocky Benard, P Brent Bowden, SS Deon Grant, DT Marcus Stroud


Giants Send:
FS Antrel Rolle

Titans Send:
FS Darian Stewart

Giants Send:
4.24 (CIN)

Buccaneers Send:
3.31 (CHI)

Giants Send:
WR Ramses Barden

Rams Send:
OG John Greco

Giants Send:
OG Chris Snee

Dolphins Send:
2nd Round
4th Round
OG Richie Incognito

Giants Send:
6th Round
6th Round

Buccaneers Send:
7th Round
7th Round
OG Otis Hudson

Giants Send:
DT Albert Haynesworth

Buccaneers Send:
DT Marcus Stroud
C Ted Larsen
WR Jonathan Holland

Giants Send:
RT Kareem McKenzie
7th Round

Buccaneers Send:
4th Round
6th Round

Giants Send:
DE Osi Umenyiora
6th Round

Panthers Send:
3rd Round
7th Round


2.16 FB Owen Marecic
3.15 LE Craig White
4.6 DT Pete Strickland
4.21 CB Brandon Hogan
4.24 LE Jasper Ryder
7.5 LG Zachary Hurd Not Signed
7.12 LOLB Terry Wright
7.21 WR Greg Salas

Training Camp

When you talk about the Giants, it starts and ends with their defense. They dominated GZL offenses. They lost DT Haynesworth, but get back captain Justin Tuck. This will allow them to switch to a 3-4. The combination of speed and strength at the DE positions will wreck havoc on opposing QBís.

The theme of training camp this year will be to remain injury free, defensively that is. There will only be 1 practice a day for 45 minutes. Pads will only be worn once a week and hitting will still be limited. Instead of physically preparing for the upcoming season, the Giants will prepare mentally and emotionally. A lot of time will be spent watching film, meditating and receiving rub downs(happy endings are the players option). Meditation gurus will be flown in from India and massage specialists will be brought in from Thailand.

The offensive players will be both jealous and angry at the treatment the defensive players receive. The offensive will be worked hard from day 1. They were a major let down last year and are the main reason the Giants missed the playoffs. A boot camp like practice will be the theme this year. Every offensive player will be put through a hard core, basic training like regiment. The thinking is it will either make or break the weak ones. It will produce leaders. Former Navy Seals are being brought in.

QB Eli Manning will be given +1 THA, CB Bruce Johnson +1 AWR, P Matt Dodge +1 KAC, SS Kenny Phillips +1 AWR and LB Michael Boley +1 AWR.

Position Battles

Not too many positions are up for grabs, as they are manned by seasoned veterans, but the ones that arenít set yet, will be very interesting indeed.


Ahmad Bradshaw
Brandon Jacobs
Keiland Williams

Do you go with pure speed in Bradshaw or pure size and power in Jacobs or Williams? The Giants love to pound the rock and wear down the defense, so the edge goes to Jacobs.


John Greco
Williams Beatty

Greco is bigger and stronger, Beatty is more athletic and has better technique. The edge goes to Beatty, as the job was pretty much given to him when Diehl was moved to RT.


James Anderson
Clint Sintim

Anderson is more athletic and has a better grasp of the game of football. Sintim is bigger and stronger. Edge goes to Sintim.


Owen Marecic
Madison Hedgecock

Closest battle there will be. Veteran Hedgecock was resigned with guaranteed money. Marecic was the Giants first pick in this years draft. There is talk Marecic will be moved to TE. If he isnít then he will be the day 1 starter at FB.




Chris Johnson (81)
Brandon Hogan (71)
Bruce Johnson (80)
Corey Webster (88)

Aaron Ross (80)


Will Blackmon (82)
Darian Stewart (71)


Kenny Phillips (82)
Michael Johnson (73)


Michael Boley (90)
Parys Haralson (80)
Keith Bulluck (92)
James Anderson (78)
Clint Sintim (76)
Terry Wright (73)


Jonathan Goff (79)
Brandon Siler (78)
Gerris Wilkinson (67)


Mathias Kiwanuka (84)
Jared Allen (99)
Justin Tuck (91)

Jasper Ryder (81)
Craig White (79)


Pete Strickland (80)
Barry Cofield (82)

Sione Pouha (76)



John Greco (77)
William Beatty (77)


Richie Incognito (81)
Mitch Petrus (69)


Shaun O'Hara (94)
Ted Larsen (70)


Shawn Andrews (88)
Otis Hudson (70)


David Diehl (91)
Selvish Capers (72)


Hakeem Nicks (87)
Greg Salas (74)
Mario Manningham (84)
Jonathan Holland (74)
Steve Smith (88)
Victor Cruz (76)


Eli Manning (93)
Matt Leinart (79)


Kevin Boss (90)
Bear Pascoe (72)


Ahmad Bradshaw (85)
Brandon Jacobs (84)
Keiland Williams (76)


Madison Hedgecock (85)
Owen Marecic (84)

Special Teams


Shaun Suisham (86)


Matt Dodge (87)

Projected starters in italic and bold.


The Giants have higher expectations in 2011 than they did in 2010. A NFC East title and a deep playoff run is expected and anything less will be considered a failure. This is the last year they play in the Meadowlands and open their new stadium next year. If they want to keep the fans supports, 2011 is a crucial year.

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The Johnson show in New York
With the signing of UFA CB Chris Johnson, the Giants now have 3 Johnson's in their secondary. CB Bruce, CB Chris and Safety Michael. There is talk of the management going after a few more Johnsons. The thinking is, the bigger the Johnson, the deeper they can go.
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Giants pissed off
After getting it without any lube as usual, the Gmen are in a foul mood. Packers and Skins will be dealt with and we guarantee we beat them both. If we don't we will leave GZL, we are that confident we will win.
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Giants kick Madden in the nuts
Well a bye week didn't help Eli Manning. His 1 week injury has now lasted around 6 and through the BYE week. Yes, Madden you can suck it.
Forum Discussion (by J_Paronne on 03/02/2011) Replies - 2 :: Views - 54
Madden takes 1 play to screw Giants
Manning is hurt, I guess that 98 injury rating means shit.
Forum Discussion (by J_Paronne on 01/10/2011) Replies - 21 :: Views - 218
Sad day in the Meadowlands
Jason Pierre-Paul has been traded. He is a freak and will dominate for years to come, but the offer was too good to pass and the DL depth too great. JPP you will be missed.
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Giants release schedule
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New York Giants Hire GM James Paronne.
Stacked roster? Future Hall of fame QB? Best duo of pass rushing DE? Most talented GM? The Giants have all of these things. Does that equate to wins in the first year of GZL? Not at all. With most of the same GMís from RZL, this will be a challenge. The one good thing is this, we have a roster ready to win out of the gate.

GM James Paronne is from NJ, but now lives in Miami, FL. He has a wife and a dog. He is an accountant for a small private company. For fun he enjoys causing trouble on the forums. Most of RZL hates him, but he does have a love affair with AF. RZL was his first Madden league and has had some success. His favorite NFL team is the NY Giants. He is a fan of the WWE and UFC.

As a Madden GM, Paronne loves to wheel and deal. He is more into the GM part of it and not the coaching part. He is not shy about trading a player he is unhappy with, in fact, it would be surprising to see Manning make it through the first year as a Giant.

There is a hate/hate history with Madden and Paronne. He is hoping that GZL will allow him to finally shake the Madden curse. For those GMís that get to know him, they find he is a great guy. Down to earth, very knowledgeable and sexy. He is well known for his one minute of nightly pleasure he provides his wife at 9:00-9:01 pm. Parrone is also known to be online what seems like 24/7, so make an offer and he will respond as soon as you hit send.
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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM S_Fernandez
Head Coach B.Billick
Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels
Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan
Special Teams Joe DeCamillis
Salary $172.96M
Cap Penalty $0K
Cap Room $1.04M

Giants Marquise Goodwin WR 92 Out for season
Giants Dre Kirkpatrick CB 94 Probable

NFC East
#11 Redskins y-Redskins 11-5-0 0.69 4-2
#7 Cowboys Cowboys 10-6-0 0.63 2-4
#19 Giants Giants 8-8-0 0.50 4-2
#10 Eagles Eagles 7-9-0 0.44 2-4

1 Sep 10 vs Eagles Eagles #10
Won 13-10
2 Sep 17 at Rams Rams #3
Lost 14-29
3 Sep 25 at Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 17-20
4 Oct 1 vs Seahawks Seahawks #26
Lost 23-26
5 Oct 8 at 49ers 49ers #31
Won 35-21
6 Oct 15 vs Cardinals Cardinals #28
Lost 15-20
7 Oct 22 at Eagles Eagles #10
Won 31-25
8 Oct 29 at Steelers Steelers #27
Won 31-29
10 Nov 12 at Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 24-30
11 Nov 19 at Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 12-23
12 Nov 26 vs Bears Bears #25
Won 31-17
13 Dec 3 vs Bengals Bengals #20
Won 15-10
14 Dec 10 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Won 39-37
15 Dec 17 at Browns Browns #14
Lost 23-26
16 Dec 23 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Won 33-30
17 Dec 31 vs Ravens Ravens #8
Lost 19-24

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