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Jaguars Draft HQ Sabotaged Mere Minutes Before GZL Draft!

Jaguars Draft HQ Sabotaged Mere Minutes Before GZL Draft!
Titans GM Tim Nissen Suspected in "Blackout Crash"

Early reports out of Jacksonville are that a crash by a crazed driver in Jacksonville Beach, where the Jaguars Draft Team was preparing for the 2021 GZL Draft, was caused by none other than Titans General Manager Tim Nissen.

Pulled from the car in a slightly inebriated state Nissen stated, "There ya - hic - go! They won't be stealing my players! I know that -- hic -- Cook likes to do that!"

The blackout lasted from 7:50am EST to 5:30pm EST, initially ruining any negotiations out of Jaguars HQ to other teams. One small phone call to the commissioner, explaining the situation, allowed for the Jaguars to select LT Ezequiel Truitt out of Marshall with their early second round pick.

"We're happy to have Truitt," Jaguars General Manager William Cook stated after power returning to Jacksonville Beach. "He's an excellent player and we're ecstatic we were able to adding a solid player to our roster, even with the nefarious and blatant sabotage from Tennessee. We can't wait to meet them on the GridIron next year. I think we'll be giving their players a few blackouts of their own."

Sounds like the new Jaguars General Manager has already started a fierce rivalry.
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Another Move for Jacksonville
In a 2nd move the jags have come to a agreement with the chargers pending league approval.

We have reached a deal that will send MLB Greg Jones to San Diego along with a future 2nd round draft pick. Greg Jones is only 26 yrs old has been in the league for 3 seasons playing 2 full seasons he racked up 185 tkls playing #2 MLB in a 3-4 scheme.

In return the Chargers are sending Pass Rushing DE Conner Barwin at 29 yrs old he has the speed and Acceleration that we want on the left side allowing us to bring Tyson from DE back to his home position at DT. Now we need to focus on fixing the whole left at RT we plan on bringing in the top OL prospects hoping to find a instant starter.

For now Right end position will be held down by Harvey Left end by Connor and DT Sims an alalu in the middle, Patrick Willis Ernie Sims and akeem Jordan round out the LB core but look for GM. Herr to try an get younger prospects at OLB ask Sims and Jordan are probably on there last leg in the league.
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Jacksoneville Heating up
Jacksonville off season heats up.

In Gm Justin Herrs first move of the off season he has reached a deal with Kansas Chiefs Gm Tim Miller.

What we have done today is moved some pieces around to get some cap relief and to help us build for now an the future the deal breaks down as followed.

Jaguars send.
OT. Ebon Brittion 28 years old 6'6 309lbs he has been a anchor at right tackle for the jags racking up 557 pancakes and only allowing 38 sacks in 6 seasons.

CB Darrelle Revis 31 years old Revis was brought in to help the younger CB core learn to be as good as him he still has another season of top end play an then some.

Jaguars Future 3rd is also going in this deal.

Chiefs Send.
LG Jon Asamoah 28 years old 6'4 315lbs he has the speed an acc to pull from the guard spot to help on the running plays an our hope is it will get HB Bull Griggs to that next level.

Chiefs also send 1.5 Acquired by the bills and KC's future first.

All in all we lost a great OT and a very good CB but I feel we can use that 1.5 pick to grab us a few more picks by trading down to help fill needs and if not we will take the best player available.
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Rivers ERA
The Rivers ERA.
In 2011 GM . Herr Made a deal with Chargers GM. Stanley.

And in the following 6 years Here is Rivers numbers.

I think the biggest problem with rivers is staying healthy enough to finish a season. With the jags drafting QB Tyler bray in the first last season it spelled the end of the rivers era with a 19m hit on the yr I don't see a way that rivers stays in a jags uniform.

Loosing that contract will help the jaguars fill in needs on the field an depth in case of injuries during the season we look forward to see what GM. Herrs plans are.

Positives we have a young talented QB and RB still have a good defense and Oline in tact we can compeate an we will bring back the division Title to Jacksonville More to come.
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Jacksonville Jaguars Wrap up.

Jacksonville once again disappointed the fans with another poor season. The Jags could not get a passing game going and that stalled the running game with no passing threat everyone played Bull Griggs hard . This year the jags are moving away from the 3-4 Defense an moving to a 4-3. on the other side of the ball rumors are flying that the heads are trying to find away to get rid of QB. Rivers who has been a huge disappointment.

Having no picks in the first 5 rounds of this yrs draft the jags are in a bind they are over the cap by 4m and are being forces to look at trading talent to free up cap unless they can rid themselves of the headache rivers contract has caused.

The heads have already started to roll with the OC an DC being fired an replaced by OC. Ochocinco and DC.Frazier 2 very good coordinators we hope to see a change in the team this yr and from the GM who has done a poor job of spending money we don't have.

Off season Plans.
We need to move in a 4-3 DE to swap DT. Alalu back to DT from DE and resign MLB. Jones we also need to fix our WR core GM. Herr has informed us he has been in talks for both a WR and a Pass rushing DE who would make transitioning from a 3-4 to 4-3 easier. We also need to start saving our draft picks an start building with youth instead of age there is a bunch of things GM. Herr has done wrong an he takes full responsibility an is going to turn things around for the future not the present.
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2013 Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason/Training Camp

Training Camp: Jacksonville Jaguars 2013

Jacksonville Had its worst season under GM Herr for the first time in his career GM Justin Herr did not get to take home the Divisional Title and did not even make the playoffs but with moves during the season the jaguars sent talent out and ended up with 5 first round pick's 1.5/1.9/1.19/1.20/1.30 with talented draft class approaching and jags having needs at HB and CB with CB Claiborne and HB Trent Richardson as there choices come draft day would get interesting.

The Jaguars will have all new coaches in 2013 Head Coach M.Trgovac was Offered the head position and Herr went out and got one of the best Defensive coaches in the league leaving the city of Pittsburgh a sour taste in there mouths,The jaguars also brought in Offensive coordinator G. Huey and brought back Defensive Coordinator J. Gray.

The Jaguars Exploded in offseason transactions
MLB Patrick Willis
MLB Greg Jones
NT B.J Raji
OLB Thomas Davis
CB Stanford Routt
CB Vontae Davis
CB R.J Stanford
FS Robert Brooks
SS Tyvon Branch
WR Jeff Fuller
WR Laurent Robinson
HB Deangelo Williams
LG Eric steinbach
RG Shawn Andrews
In total the jaguars moved 5 first round picks a future 1 2 3 round picks 8 picks 11 players all starters GM Herr reshaped the Defense to fully move to the 3-4 defense scheme.

The 2013 GZL Draft

The Jaguars stayed in Jacksonville an played golf all day holding no picks in this years draft.

GM Herr got a blank check from the owners an was told to win! And to win now!!! so Justin got together with head coach an right away he said 3-4 is the way we have to go so we have to shore up the MLB position Right off the Bat the contacted the 49ers reguarded the best MLB in the League Jaguars sent draft pick 1.9 and acquired the beast to head the new Jaguars Defense Playing #2 MLB in the 3-4 shceme will be MLB Greg Jones Rolb will see Thomas Davis and moving to Lolb Ernie sims.

Following Willis the Jaguars contacted the Miami Dolphins and ended up Acquiring vontae Davis
Vontae Will secure the #1 CB position Followed By CB Stanford routt and Playing NCB is youngster Matthew Diaz The jags also brought in a New SS in Tyvon branch and FS Robert Brooks round out the Jacksonville's 2ndary.

The Big Men in the Trenches also seen some changes with DT Tyson Alualu moving to LE and LE Derrick Harvey moving to RE and they also bring in big man B.J Raji to anchor the Nose Tackle Position hes big strong and NT is one of the most vital parts of a successful 3-4 Defense.

Training Camp/Off season Workouts and Conditioning
MLB Greg Jones has been working on his speed after Jones and Teammate CB Matthew Diaz have been working on distance running every day the run 5 ˝ miles before anyone is even out of the rack other things can be said about Working on cardio an conditioning would be Offensive Tackles and roomies Eben Britton and Russell Okung Have been hitting the Tread mills hard trying to work up there Stamina to try an play more snaps during the season Also Patrick Willis and Ernie Sims were told to put on weight for the upcoming season Ernie came to camp at 231 10lbs heavier than last yr and Willis also gained 10 lbs with Mlb Jones already at 255lbs the only one who didn't get he memo was olb Davis coming in light but still fast for a 3-4olb.

Position Battles

WR: Jeff Fuller vs. T.J Moe
I love this battle for #1 WR Both being on the slower side they both are big bodies with fuller at 6'4 and Moe coming in at 6'0 both are strong with Moe edging Out fuller on pure burst of speed off the line and the better hands.

WR: Jeff Fuller vs. Laurent Robinson
The Battle for the #2 Wr position goes to Fuller Being a Big boy at 6'4 Rivers love having a big #2 coach decided to start fuller over Robinson leaving Robinson filling in the slot Position.

CB: Matthew Diaz vs. Stanford Routt
GM Herr wants to win now and Routt being the vet an having better speed Routt wins #2 CB position and Diaz will take a step down an secure the NCB position

Projected Starting Line-Up
QB: Phillip Rivers
HB: DeAngelo Williams
FB: Greg Jones
WR: T.J Moe/Jeff Fuller/Laurent Robinson
TE: Marcedes Lewis
LT: Russell Okung
LG: Eric Steinbach
C: Uche Nwaneri
RG: Shawn Andrews
RT: Eben Britton
LE: Tyson Alualu
NT: B.J Raji
RE: Derrick Harvey
LOLB: Ernie Sims
MLB: Patrick Willis
MLB: Greg Jones
ROLB: Thomas Davis
CB: Vontae Davis/Stanford Routt/Matthew Diaz
SS: Tyvon Branch
FS: Robert Brooks
K: Josh Scobee
P: Joseph Diaz

This concludes the news so far see you on the next one!

Forum Discussion (by J_Herr on 07/12/2012) Replies - 2 :: Views - 54
Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jaguars Made tons of moves in the off season one of them bringing in QB Rivers it seems as those the jags cannot find a good rhythm to start going 2-1-1 in there first 4 games with a huge Fubar against the browns who tied the jags.

Keys to Success

Rivers Has been a Bright spot under jags Center Throwing the ball 144 times with 86 completions with a 59% completion rate 7tds to 2 Int's with a QB rating of 92.2 he just needs MJD to pick up his game to complete this offensive powerhouse that it should be.

MJD has got to start playing like he should only avg 3.53yrds a carry an 2 tds in 4 games He needs to get the ball more only avreging 21 touches a game will not cut it he needs the ball atleast 30 times a game we have seen what he can do when he gets the rock...

Wide Outs need to step it up with Floyd Berrian Williams Walker and underwood someone needs to stand out an start making the plays there is not one standout WR yet on the jags this season.

The Coaching Schemes have got to find something an stick to it we have seen the jags bounce back an fourth in play calling an not sticking to it last year the Jags were a run first team now they are just everywhere.

Defense has got to improve no way around it the jags have the worst 2ndary in the league so they have to make up on the pass rush get to the QB an shut down the HB.

All in all They need consistency and its just not there they became the favors to retain the Division Title after the rivers deal went through with a close loss to the Colts and a lousy tie with the Browns they sit 3rd in the division behind the colts and Texans we hope to see more of the Jags we seen against the steelers in week one but only time will tell.
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Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars Had a Brief Playoff run in the first year of the GZL ending the Season at 9-7 And winning the AFC Division Title and the did that under a Run first system with MJD at the Helm they went into the post season against a very good Oakland Raiders team ended up packing there bags an heading out to shoot 18. The GM Justin Herr was asked about his plans for next season and what if any personnel changes would be made “ Well we plan to do the same thing we did this season an that is to win our division an make a run at the big game, yes things will change I have informed Dirk Koetter Offensive Coordinator and Mel Tucker Defensive Coordinator that this was there last season with the jaguars we also will be looking for the Future of this team we know Hassellbeck will not be back with us in a leading role next season we have offers in to many teams right now an don't mind going in to FA an spending money for a QB to stand under center while we let MJD do his thing again”. So we will see What our jags will be upto in the upcoming weeks leading to the Draft could they Get Lucky.

GM Justin Herr Was seen in San Diego Having Lunch with GM John Stanley when asked at the airport whether the rumors were true that the Jags have found the Future of the Franchise he responded “ Well im not just out here enjoying Prop 215 im out here to do business A deal has been worked out an the offer will be submitted to the league when off season operations begin there are players involved in this deal along with this seasons draft picks we gave up enough to get what we wanted” Rumors are Superbowl winner Philip Rivers will be under Center in jacksonville next season along with other players in the deal from both sides a rumored combinned total of 3 draft picks and 6 players were involved in the deal more details to come as they are released.
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Jags Are AFC south Champs!
The Jacksonville Jaguars Hired GM Justin Herr and he promised them a division title the league laughed with the Elite colts in the league most of the league thought gm Herr was full of crap well going into week 17 at 9-6 the Jags have clinched the Division Title sweeping the colts in there series an locking up a playoff spot. The Jags have done this with what some consider a weak 2ndary and just a mediocre offense. Gm Herr had this to say “Well we did it and we did it with the system an tough players with great talent our Team is just that a Team one solid unit who just keeps getting it done”.

The Jags Are #17 in total offense #23 in the passing game and 17th in the rush game. The defense is 17 in total defense 18th on the pass an 7th on the run stop, Key players on offense is RB MJD running for 1708 yrds an 10tds on the defense side Mlb Kirk Morrison with 110tkls 13tfl 2ff 2fr 1int is the leader on defense. The jags are going into week 17 looking ahead to the playoffs an who there first matchup will be.
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Jacksonville Jaguars Updates Q3
The Jacksonville Jaguars 3rd Q Review

The Jaguars are sitting up top the AFC South,At 6-5 The Jags an Colts share Records. The jags made a Stunning trade Sending CB Rasheen Matthis to the Saints For there first round pick and 2 3rds Gm Herr Said “ Matthis is a Stand up guy and a shut down corner we just felt with the Defense we hold we could add picks for the future an let mathis have a good shot at obtaining that elusive Ring all NFL players dream about. Heres a breakdown of the offense so far 11 games into the season, QB Matt Hasselbeck Has done what he was supposed to do with a 55.55% Pass completion rate, 2161yrds in the air a 15/6 TD/Int ratio and a 89.3 QB rating seems it looks like GM Herr made a good trade. The Ground game has been a huge part of the jags 6-5 start HB MJD has 227 attempts with 1330 yards With a Impressive 5.86 yards a carry Avg 8tds an 2 fumbles MJD has been a monster. The Defense Has struggled They were struggling with matthis an after the jags just cant seem to stop the pass coming in Ranked 30th in the league for yards giving up per game at a whooping 260yrds per game avg we have a feeling we know what the jags will be working on with there draft picks. Closing We think the jags still have a good shot at taking the Division title an making a playoff run only time will tell.
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Jacksonville Jaguars Updates
Jacksonville Jaguars Started Off on a good note Week one with a Victory over the Denver Broncos 34-27 With a young WR making a lot of noise on the field game ball for week one went to young WR Tiquan Underwood who had 5 receptions for 205 yards and 2 Tds... With spirits up high from the win in Mile High the Jags prepared for there next game against the San Diego Chargers the jags just didn't have the Grit to pull out the win an Rivers an the boys narrowly escaped a loss beating the Jags 27-20. Following the loss to the San Diego Chargers the Jags Headed into Philadelphia For sure they were gonna come out with a win well once again they fall flat loosing the game 42-32 just not the Defense were used to seeing in Jacksonville. What GM Herr had to say when we asked him about the last 3 weeks.

“ Well what can you say we made trades to acquire a tall Red zone target in Sidney rice an he got hurt in the first Q of week one an we won the game, We thought we were on the right track but in San Diego we showed we could keep up with a Elite team but fell short on Beating a Elite team an No Excuse about Philly we just Didn't play Defense at all”

When asked about Peyton manning an the Colts they face in week 4 GM Herr said “ Its a Game we look forward to twice a yr an a team we can Measure ourselves I have all the Confidence in the world in my team an that we can still claim the division in the end.”

The Jags Face the colts this week in a Divisional Showdown will we see the A game from the Jags or will we see Peyton Shread the field an hand another L to the jags we will see coming this sunday.
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Jacksonville Jaguars Hire GM Justin Herr.
The Jacksonville Jaguars announced today they have hired GM Justin Herr from Detroit Michigan.
Gm Herr has been around in many leagues an taken teams many thought to be below avg to the playoffs an even the big game, What MR. Herr had to say.

“ Id like to thank the Organization for the opportunity to turn this franchise into a contender. We are in a very strong division with the Indianapolis Colts an the feared Peyton Manning also very strong teams with the Texans and Titans. I think we focus on the good things we have going for us our Defense an Elite Running game we can win this Division and go all the way. We have some Negotiations going on as we speak to secure a QB the one change im making is putting David Garrard behind a clipboard.”

The Jaguars.

Offense: With no clear Starting QB we see the Jags being the team to Run first With MJD being the tip of the spear we may see WR Mike Sims-Walker Break out with Defense Stacking 8 in the box to stop the MJD Onslaught.

Defense: If the Jacksonville Jaguars are known for anything its there stingy Defense, The Secondary Lead by Veteran CB Rashean Mathis an youngster Derek Cox Look very solid all in all the Defense as a whole looks to be Very In tune.

All in all we think GM Herr will bring Titles to Jacksonville.
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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM J_Herr
Head Coach R.Lewis
Offensive Coordinator D.Driver
Defensive Coordinator J.Barry
Special Teams C.Ochocinco
Salary $129.87M
Cap Penalty $1.2M
Cap Room $42.93M

Jaguars George Silas CB 74 Out for season

AFC South
#9 Titans y-Titans 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#13 Texans x-Texans 9-7-0 0.56 3-3
#22 Colts Colts 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#32 Jaguars Jaguars 2-14-0 0.13 1-5

1 Sep 10 vs Browns Browns #14
Won 24-19
2 Sep 17 at Ravens Ravens #8
Lost 26-28
3 Sep 24 vs Lions Lions #1
Lost 20-35
4 Oct 1 vs Packers Packers #5
Lost 0-45
6 Oct 15 at Bengals Bengals #20
Lost 7-42
7 Oct 22 vs Titans Titans #9
Won 27-23
8 Oct 29 vs Colts Colts #22
Lost 14-46
9 Nov 5 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Lost 16-24
10 Nov 12 vs Texans Texans #13
Lost 13-17
11 Nov 19 at Colts Colts #22
Lost 30-50
12 Nov 26 vs Patriots Patriots #17
Lost 17-43
13 Dec 4 at Bears Bears #25
Lost 0-20
14 Dec 10 at Titans Titans #9
Lost 13-34
15 Dec 17 at Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 0-30
16 Dec 23 at Texans Texans #13
Lost 3-30
17 Dec 31 at Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 17-58

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