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Jaguars Draft HQ Sabotaged Mere Minutes Before GZL Draft!

Jaguars Draft HQ Sabotaged Mere Minutes Before GZL Draft!
Titans GM Tim Nissen Suspected in "Blackout Crash"

Early reports out of Jacksonville are that a crash by a crazed driver in Jacksonville Beach, where the Jaguars Draft Team was preparing for the 2021 GZL Draft, was caused by none other than Titans General Manager Tim Nissen.

Pulled from the car in a slightly inebriated state Nissen stated, "There ya - hic - go! They won't be stealing my players! I know that -- hic -- Cook likes to do that!"

The blackout lasted from 7:50am EST to 5:30pm EST, initially ruining any negotiations out of Jaguars HQ to other teams. One small phone call to the commissioner, explaining the situation, allowed for the Jaguars to select LT Ezequiel Truitt out of Marshall with their early second round pick.

"We're happy to have Truitt," Jaguars General Manager William Cook stated after power returning to Jacksonville Beach. "He's an excellent player and we're ecstatic we were able to adding a solid player to our roster, even with the nefarious and blatant sabotage from Tennessee. We can't wait to meet them on the GridIron next year. I think we'll be giving their players a few blackouts of their own."

Sounds like the new Jaguars General Manager has already started a fierce rivalry.
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AFC South
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1 Sun vs Browns Browns #3
Won 24-19
2 Sun at Ravens Ravens #26
Lost 26-28
3 Sun vs Lions Lions #9
Lost 20-35
4 Sun vs Packers Packers #1
Lost 0-45
6 Sun at Bengals Bengals #27 TBD
7 Sun vs Titans Titans #29 1:00pm
8 Sun vs Colts Colts #10 1:00pm
9 Sun vs Steelers Steelers #16 1:00pm
10 Sun vs Texans Texans #22 1:00pm
11 Sun at Colts Colts #10 4:15pm
12 Sun vs Patriots Patriots #18 1:00pm
13 Mon at Bears Bears #28 9:00pm
14 Sun at Titans Titans #29 1:00pm
15 Sun at Chargers Chargers #5 4:05pm
16 Sat at Texans Texans #22 4:15pm
17 Sun at Vikings Vikings #2 4:00pm

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