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Jets Clinch Playoffs for First Time in Franchise History

Jets Finally See the Playoffs

Warning: egregious use of the word "playoff(s)"
East Rutherford, NJ (AP)

The city that never sleeps isn't looking to get any shut-eye any time soon.

New York is partying hard this weekend after first seeing the Jets take a big win over divisional rival Buffalo Bills to reach a 10-5 record so far for the year, before watching with baited breath as the Houston Texans were defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars. The final part of that being what allowed 10 wins to be a sure path into the playoffs.

"We couldn't be more excited," said veteran Wide Receiver Aaron Drogan. "We've been so close before and to finally make it in my 6th season feels incredible."

However, the team knows that this is only the beginning, not the end. Head Coach Mike Tomlin is a Super Bowl winning coach and is trying to get his team to set their sights on the next goal - continuing to win.

Tomlin was adamant that his team stay focused in a press conference on Monday.

"Making the playoffs is great and all but you know what's better? Winning playoff games."

Starting Quarterback Christian Ponder, who started the season as a Free Agent, has been a bit part of the team's winning record this season and has some playoff experience himself.

"When we lost Jonathan (Higgins) earlier in the year, I thought we were done," said Tomlin at another point in the press conference. "We were incredibly fortunate that a guy like Christian was just waiting for a team to give him a shot."

However, the pressure of the regular season isn't over quite yet. The Jets will face a tough final test in the Dallas Cowboys in week 17, a team that is trying hard to lock up a playoff spot of their own,.

It will be another good litmus test for the team as they haven't had to face many of the top contenders this season. In 7 games against teams currently holding winning records (including 2 against the Bills), the Jets are 4 - 3, meaning this final game could be a good indicator of hope once the playoffs start.

Not to mention, a win would guarantee a coveted divisional championship.

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Jets 2022 Training Camp and Season Predicition
Training Camp

Progression and Growth

Training camp and preseason in New York has seen a bit more sanity this year than in recent ones. Comparatively, there are few position battles to be had. That isn’t to say that players have been taking it easy however, as this is a team that knows it needs to move up one more level to be able to make the playoffs.

Young players in particular have been a few of the standouts as far as the improvements made. Both rookies and young veteran players alike have made a number of strides.

Early conditioning saw improvement from two second year players, Cornerback Braden Prewitt and Outside Linebacker Sam Vukovic. Both players came into camp looking noticeably faster than they had in the previous season.

Training camp saw another second year player, Cornerback Midas Hamilton show he was not to be outdone by his fellow 2021 draftees and added more speed himself. Third year Offensive Guard Jon Wayne-Myers has also demonstrated his time spent in the weight room by coming in and showing off some added strength.

Some of the Jets new rookies have shown an eagerness to work hard as well. Over the course of training camp, with a GZL weight routine and diet, 15th and 17th overall picks, Guard Quenton Nelson and Defensive Tackle Malik McDowell, have already shown added strength from what they had demonstrated in pre-draft workouts.

“They’ve challenged each other during camp and it has made a big difference for both players. Not only have they gotten stronger but have learned to use that strength better as well,” said Jets Coach Mike Tomlin.
Finally, new Outside Linebacker Emery Strickland has worked on his first step, adding a bit more acceleration to his game.

Position Battles

While position battles are few this year, having three new players from the first two rounds of the draft adds in some serious competition for spots.

Left Guard

It’s a battle royale with Quentin vs Quenton for the Left Guard spot. Quenton Raney has showed well in that role since being traded to New York from Green Bay, even becoming a Pro Bowler just last season, for the first time at age 32. That said, Nelson wasn’t a first round pick for nothing and comes in about as ready as a rookie could possibly be to play, with physical attributes that at least match if not exceed those of his elder statesman.

Whoever the winner is, it is likely that the loser will provide depth all across the offensive line, as both players can fill in just about anywhere.

Defensive Tackle

Another position battle involving a newly select first round draft pick, defensive tackle may need a slightly more elegant solution. With 3 players vying for 2 spots, it is hard to say who two the best out of Malik McDowell, Louis Nix, and Datone Jones would be.

Jones and Nix originally looked to continue their partnership, with McDowell learning from both of them. However, it was another position that has forced a resolve to this battle, with the team unable to find another defensive end to man the right side. Fortunately, Jones’s flexibility allowed him to move over, leaving Nix and McDowell as the two starters.

2022 Season Predictions

Disappointment has followed the Jets franchise since the first season of the then newly-formed Green Zone League. Hopefully this will be the season that spell is finally lifted. The best way to take a look and make these predictions is by looking at each side of the ball individually and then how it all fits as a whole.


The 2022 Jets Offense could be the best this team has ever had. Starting on the offensive line, there is strength and athleticism at all 5 positions, which will bode well for a rushing game that looks ready to be a serious threat as former first overall pick, Ezekiel Elliot comes into his third year ready to break out and show that he is capable of being one of the league’s top backs.

One thing that may hold the unit of big nasties back is that there are still some unpolished blocking skills, particularly on the inside of the line with some younger players. Both tackles will also need to have better seasons than in 2021, as they both allowed too many sacks.

The man who took the brunt of those sacks, Jonathan Higgins, is once again healthy and ready to play on the back of a brand new long-term contract. He has been consistent in his last two seasons, with overall QB ratings around the 85 mark, generally good enough to be top 10.

He has proven threats at both wide receiver spots, with Anders Monk coming off of a Pro Bowl season in his third year. If this team can work out a way to get both Monk and Aaron Drogan enough of the ball, it will be a nearly unstoppable passing game.


Defensively, the Jets are a bit weaker and younger overall than last season. Cornerback play will take a slight step up as Marcus Peters and Braden Prewitt are both another year old and more experienced, as if Free Safety Todd Henry to help in coverage.

However, his counterpart at Strong Safety looks to be rookie Marcus Maye who, while a good player in his own right, just will not be able to play up to the level of the outgoing Bacarri Rambo.

Linebacker is another position that has taken a drop with former 7th round pick Sam Vukovic taking over for former 1st round pick, Anthony Barr. Vukovic definitely has the first step to match other top tier linebackers but is lacking in overall speed for coverage and is still a very raw player.

Along the defensive line, the overall unit could arguably be better than last season if not at least on par. Former defensive end Clayborn had been an underperformer and it is hoped that the perennially good Datone Jones will be able to better the production from that position. New defensive tackle Malik McDowell will have to fill Jones’s shoes on the inside but so far looks more than capable.

Overall Predictions

This is a team that expects to make the playoffs, at least as one of the two Wild Card spots. A 10 win season should see them get there and that is exactly the mark that the Jets are shooting for. If they do make it that far, it looks to be on the back of an offense that should be one of the better ones around and allow them to make a bit of noise during the season and hopefully win over some fans.

Predicted Record: 10-6
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Jets Season and Offseason Review

Jets 2022 Season Review and Offseason Recap

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)

2021 Season Review

The 2021 season for the New York Jets was could be labelled about as streaky of a season as they come. At times it looked like the young team was finally ready to come together and make a run into the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. This was inevitably followed up by times where it looked like they were destined for another top 10 pick. This all balanced out into, of course, into an 8-8 season and resulted in finishing 3rd in the division behind the Patriots and Bills.

The first half of the season was where the young Jets looked like they had taken their game up a notch. After week 6, the team was 5-1 and in fantastic form, including a Week 2 win over division rival Patriots to kick the win streak off. A 10 win regular season is generally a good marker for getting into the postseason and the team was already halfway there with 10 games still to play.

Week 7 saw the Jets lose by 20 to the Packers and weeks 8 and 9 followed with a loss in the rematch with the Patriots followed by a loss to the Dolphins. Just like that, 5-1 became 5-3 with a 1-2 record inside the AFC East.

With a bye to help recover, Mike Tomlin’s squad did rebound with a win over the Chargers providing hope that all was not lost.

This led to the Week 12 showdown with division rival Bills, a massive matchup for both teams. The game was hard fought throughout, with the Jets going up first and holding that lead through the first 3 quarters on an outstanding effort from Ezekiel Elliot rushing for 162 yards on 21 carries. However, the Bills were able to tie the game up in the final quarter, allowing them to score a touchdown in overtime and go on to win.

Adding to the loss, QB Jonathan Higgins would miss the next few games with an injury.

His replacement, Doug Eriksson, would go on to lead a major win against the Chicago Bears but it wasn’t enough and the Jets would go 1-3 with him leading the team before Higgins came back in Week 17 in time to play spoiler to the Bills playoff hopes as revenge for the previous loss and injury he suffered to them.


Overall, the season would go down as one of unmet potential. The key injury to Higgins down the stretch didn’t help, but it was unlikely that he would have been enough to get over the line.

Going into the year, the coaching staff saw the performance of 3rd year receiver Anders Monk as one of the key benchmarks to the team’s overall success. While he did have an outstanding season, even making the Pro Bowl, it was at a cost to the production of the star receiver Aaron Drogan, who finished nearly 600 yards behind his total for the previous year.

Balance will need to be restored next season for the team to perform to expectations.

2022 Offseason Recap

The 2022 offseason period for the Jets was one that has stuck to the script for the team from New York. The focus continues for a long term rebuilding of the team. However, unlike some of the past years, the front office has felt like it is closer to fruition of a sustained, talented team. This means that in many ways, the focus has been on long term retention of some of the talent acquired over the past several seasons. This was reflected in Free Agency and Trade decisions this offseason.

Free Agency

The Free Agency period started with Restricted Free Agents. A couple of these players have been vital to the team over the past few seasons since they were drafted and all of them were resigned.
This list included

• Slot receiver Fareed Mustafa
• Backup QB Doug Eriksson
• Backup CB Deion Jones
• Former Rookie starter TE Baron Cooper

Of these four players, Mustafa and Eriksson were nearly immediately renegotiated to long term deals.

Mustafa has shown well in the slot and occasionally filling in as a wideout and has improved his consistency immensely since being drafted in the 4th round in 2018.

Eriksson, on the other hand, has almost exclusively been a backup but has filled in admirably when needed. He has shown a strong arm to make the downfield throws but needs to work on his decision making as he continues to play behind Jonathan Higgins.

Higgins himself was the biggest story of the offseason for the Jets as his contract had expired after the 2021 season. There was some worry from fans that a deal may not get done, but negotiation showed itself to be a matter of details, not whether or not a deal would be done at all. In the end, Higgins actually took less money than he normally might in an effort to allow the team to keep better players around him.

This did lead to some strange answers when questioned about his seeming devotion to the team.

“I’m an imaginary character in a video game, so my expenses are actually pretty low,” Higgins has apparently said.

It seems like the Jets may want to look at his mental health in addition to the physical as he tries to avoid some of the injuries that plagued his last season.

In addition to the Higgins re-signing, Defensive End Ben Powell also renegotiated his deal into a long term contract coming off of a 14 sack season. The deal added an extra 4 years onto the previous contract and will see Powell stay with the Jets until he is 31.

On the other hand, two major stalwarts of the Jets defense have both been allowed to walk away.

Adrian Clayborn, who played Defensive End for the Jets since 2012, had started to show signs of aging. But beyond that, could not find a deal that both sides were happy with as his physical abilities started to decay.

Strong Safety Bacarri Rambo, one of the faces of the team since he had been drafted, was the other long time Jets player who was allowed to leave. However, this seemed to be under slightly different circumstances as he had been accounts of locker room discontent ever since being Franchise Tagged two seasons previous.


Rumors were everywhere in the 2022 offseason as they are every year it seems. This year, talk surrounded star receiver Aaron Drogan.

“That is ridiculous,” stated Jets Head Coach Mike Tomlin. “Aaron is far too vital to our team to ever even consider trading.”

Remarks and rumors aside, one player who was traded this season was Outside Linebacker Anthony Barr, a first round pick only a few years ago. Barr went to the Packers for pick 1.29 in a deal that left many fans scratching their heads.

However, his replacement could potentially be already found on the team in the athletic but raw 7th round pick from the 2021 draft, Sam Vukovic.

“Sam is a guy who saw some playing time last year with the injury to Curtis (Hudson)”, Tomlin said about Vukovic. “He’s a guy who may fly under the radar a bit but we think he’s ready to play.”

In addition to the Barr trade, the Jets also sent out another first rounder in Offensive Guard Hyperion Greene. This time, he was only traded for a second round pick.

These two picks were traded for pick 1.15, which eventually became Offensive Guard Quenton Nelson. While trading two former first rounders for one new pick seems like a bad strategy, the team is confident that this will be beneficial overall for the makeup of the team long term.


While not as big of a draft as some teams, the Jets picked up a few key players in the 2022 GZL draft. Two picks in the top 20 was a big help in this regard and the strategy was to take the best available players at each of the two spots.

1.15 – OG Quenton Nelson – Notre Dame

From Quentin to Quenton, the Left Guard spot will be anchored by another Quenton. Nelson is already one of the most athletic linemen in the league with fantastic speed and a great first step for a guy of his size. He has only good strength but a GZL weight program will fix that up over the next few years.

1.18 – DT Malik McDowell – Michigan State

Similar to Nelson, McDowell is an incredibly athletic lineman only this time, on the defensive side of the ball. McDowell is looking like he will even be good enough to force Datone Jones over to defensive end. While McDowell likely won’t have the disruptive ability of Jones in the backfield, he’ll be an even better run stopper and will pair with Louis Nix to form a fantastic defensive tackle duo.

2.18 – SS Marcus Maye – Florida

Maye is someone the Jets expected to be taken earlier in the second round but were fortunate to see him slide to their pick in the middle of the round. Athletically, Maye is very similar to to Jamal Adams taken at 1.19. However, it is obvious to see what made Maye slide.

At only 5’11”, he will have some trouble in coverage, particularly of some of the big Tight Ends that come barrelling up the middle of the field. This will be made up for in the physical way he plays - Maye showed in college that he plays the headhunter role as well as anyone.

Of the remaining picks in the 2022 class, only Outside Linebacker Emery Strickland is of any note. Balanced athletically, Strickland just has the size to play Defensive End and will likely be moved there either this year or next.

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Jets 2021 Training Camp Article - The Whole Shebang

Jets 2021 Season Review, Offseason Recap, Training Camp and more

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)

Previous Season Review

The previous season for the Jets was one of ups and downs. A 5-11 season, while generally a failure, was at least an improvement on the previous 3-13 season that showed a massive step down for a Jets team that had just failed to make the playoffs in 2018.

Heading into the year there were a number of question marks, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Both guards who started the year were both rookies in Jon Wayne-Myers and Hyperion Greene, and relatively unheralded. While Aaron Drogan has been one of the best, most consistent receivers since entering the league, his opposite was Anders Monk, a second year player who was seen by the team as a talent but likely too raw to be starting as soon as he was.

As the season went on, the offense was still a massive improvement over the year before. Points scored, the most obvious indicator of offense went from a pathetic 18.9 points to a more middling 23.3 points per game. So middling, in fact, that they finished 16th in in the league for the statistic.

In particular, QB Jonathan Higgins had one of his best seasons, finishing top 5 in the league for passing yards and touchdowns, and finishing 10th in passing rating. Anders Monk proved he was ready for a starting role, providing a foil to Aaron Drogan with 864 yards and receiving touchdowns despite missing a number of games to injury. First overall pick, Ezekiel Elliot, came into the league with most team GMs doubting him as the number one overall pick and those doubts seemed to be mostly justified. While he did go over 1200 yards from scrimmage, while also missing a several games, a 4.27 yard average was much less than expected for such an early pick who was seen as a can't miss type of player.

Defensively, the Jets seemed to go the other way. Allowing more points per game and more yards per game, this was particularly attributed to a much weaker pass defense than in years past. Second year players Todd Henry and Marcus Peters were always going to be in for some growing pains as Henry was the starter as long as he was healthy, while Peters went in and out of the top 2 corners as the season went on.

Unhelpful was the regression of CB Prince Amukamara, who showed he was no longer able to keep up with many of the league’s top receivers. On the positive side, Defensive End Ben Powell had a breakout season, stopped rushers for a loss 11 times on top of 10 sacks. It was easily his best campaign so far but was marred by his opposite, Adrian Clayborn, having a horrible year. Clayborn went into the season expected to put in a greater effort after only 5 tackles for loss and 3 sacks in 2019. Instead, he stayed roughly the same with 8 tackles for a loss and 0 sacks.

The best that came out of the season was the progression of a few young players and promise of things to come but in the end, it wasn’t good enough and Head Coach Mike Tomlin was put one step closer to needing to find a new job.

Offseason Recap

Free Agency

As usual for the Jets recently, free agency was a slow period and the focus was on retaining their own players. The first order of business was resigning DT Louis Nix, who waited his turn before becoming the Jets starter next to Datone Jones. While he did not put up massive numbers himself, he opened the way for Jones to have a massive year with 13 tackles for loss and 10 sacks, among the best in the league even as a defensive tackle.

Second, and just as importantly, was setting another franchise tag on SS Bacarri Rambo. This allows the team to renegotiate a new longer term deal with Rambo. However, it seems that there is a bit of a rift between him and coach Mike Tomlin and it appears negotiations will take place as the season moves on to try and see if the relationship can be repaired.

Finally, another contract was put together for center Lemarcus Sterling to retain his starting position on the offensive line. While not stellar to this point in his career, Sterling has been a very serviceable starter and will retain that role going into this year.


The biggest cut of the offseason for the Jets was one of the stalwarts of the team, CB Prince Amukamara. While there was no desire to let him go, it was a move made purely for cap reasons as it opened several million dollars in salary room to sign rookies and free agents. The team wishes Amukamara the best as he searches for another team to sign with in the twilight of his career.


After finishing the season with the 5th worst record, the Jets had – funny enough – the 5th pick in the draft. Unfortunately, with so many top picks in the recent drafts, salary has become very top heavy on the roster and the front office decided to trade down and fill a need at the same time by picking up former first round offensive tackle, TJ Clemmings along with pick 1.25 from the Bears.

Being the lazy office they are, the team knew that they would still sleep through that pick and then continued the wheeling and dealing to trade it on for two second round picks, that they would just manage to wake up in time for!


2.5 – CB Braden Prewitt – With their first selection in the 2021 draft from pick 5 in the second round, the Jets picked up a CB who they felt would have had a first round grade in most other drafts with Braden Prewitt. Prewitt has good, though not great, size at 6’0” and is exceptionally fast. By the time he puts on some of the natural speed that comes with GZL training in the first few seasons, he will be able to keep up with almost any receiver in the league.
On the negative side, he is a little weak and has potential to be pushed around by a good run blocking receiving but his coverage skill should more than make up for that.

2.8 – TE Hunter Henry – On the board again only 3 picks later, some of the team’s top targets were quickly being snatched up. One position that has been a need for the Jets for several years is at tight end. While they wouldn’t normally take such a position at this stage in the draft, TE Hunter Henry out of Arkansas has a combination of speed and strength matched by only a few others. He will be able to provide strong run blocking for HB Elliot while still being a force in the passing game. He is a true hybrid player for an offense who will want to mix things up.

2.31 – SS Troy Laasko – With the second to last pick in the second round, the Jets took the last safety who they felt could be a strong contributor from this draft. Laasko comes out of UCLA with few major strengths but few major weaknesses. His first step could use a bit of work but with a bit of tackling practice, he could be act as nearly another linebacker from the safety position.

3.5 – CB Midas Hamilton – An area that the Jets have been lacking in for several years, and a likely contributing factor to last season’s weak passing defense, was the lack of a tall coverage option. With their first pick of the third round, the team select 6’2” corner Midas Hamilton. While he ended up being a step slower than the team had expected, he is likely to fill in immediately at the dime position while the team works on developing him as a long term project.

7.5 - OLB Sam Vukovic - A pleasant surprise for the Jets out of the draft was 7th round selection Sam Vukovic. Vukovic has turned out to be much faster than anyone had rated him after carrying an injury for his entire senior year at Toledo. He has shown a remarkable recovery rate and with his size, could be a potential starter down the track with a bit of development with potential to have one of the best first steps of any outside linebacker in the league. His top speed is much more average and could be a hindrance in passing as is his strength but the sky's the limit for this late round gem.

After the draft and the first rounds of free agency, the team has only a few holes to fill at backup positions on the defensive side. Look for the team to pick up one more safety and one more defensive end before the offseason is finished, along with a potential 5th receiver if they can be squeezed in under the cap.

Overall, this offseason has not been a flashy one despite the Jets finishing so poorly in the last two years. There is still a desire among the front office to build through drafting and developing good players rather than making big trades. At the very least, the team has shored up a few weaker positions that have been overlooked in the past while keeping room for the young players to grow into their roles.

Training Camp

Training camp is now into full effect as the rookies and vets alike have reported in to prepare for the upcoming pre-season games. Position battles are few but fierce and players in several positions are looking to improve themselves as much as possible while they still can to either lock down a spot, or prove that they are capable in a new one.

Among those that have made the most obvious improvements stand a few young players, particularly eager to demonstrate their value to the team.

Rookie cornerbacks Braden Prewitt and Midas Hamilton both worked to improve their speed while Hamilton has also looked to get back the extra bit of acceleration that the Jets thought that had when they drafted him.

Not to be outdone, former first round pick and third year player Marcus Peters has been eager to prove he can fill the spot as a starter in the secondary that has been left behind by Prince Amukamara. He worked along with the rookies as defensive coordinator Champ Bailey has spoken again and again about the need to improve the passing defense.

As with most teams, speed is the main theme of the improvements made and the battles have been made better with 3rd year receiver Anders Monk working on his as well while he faces off against Peters and Prewitt consistently in practice. Monk will be looking to take the next step forward as a starter as he relieves some of the pressure from Aaron Drogan and tries to take the offense to the next level.

With him on the offensive side of those working to better themselves are offensive guard Jon Wayne Myers and running back Ezekiel Elliott. The two second year players have worked together in the gym to improve their strength, while Elliot also put on a bit of weight in the offseason. The combination of the two are looking to go a long way to improve the rushing attack behind Higgins and Drogan to make sure that defenses can’t cheat either way.

In position battles, backup cornerback is likely to be the most heated between Prewitt and Hamilton. Prewitt is nearly as ready to go as a rookie can be as a defensive back but he lacks the size of Hamilton. It is likely that they will split time roughly 75/25 during the year where Hamilton will fill in as needed against taller, slower receivers in the slot.

Right guard is another interesting place to keep an eye on in a 3 way battle. The likely starter is Quentin Raney, who was traded in toward the end of last year from Green Bay. Raney has the most athleticism as one of the fastest linemen in the league and decent strength to go with it. He will be competing against last years pick 1.30 Hyperion Greene and former starter Edward Jacoby who are both less athletic but stronger.

Finally, expect the defensive line battles to be frequent, even as the season goes on. Datone Jones can play any spot on the line and likely will do so as Harvey Marx is more than capable of filling in at defensive tackle when Jones moves. A 3 man line is not out of the question either with Louis Nix having the strength to hold down the defense at nose tackle.

Upcoming Season Predictions

The Jets have been the recent (and less recent as well) whipping boys of the AFC East. Two bottom 5 finishes in the row have not been a good sign after a 9-7 season before the fall. Each of the last two seasons have predicted a rise back to respectability that has failed to happen, so it seems a reasonable prediction this year is to set the sights a little lower!

As usual, the Dolphins will be a hard team to beat and, while it seems some of the other teams in the division are able to take games off of them, that glory still eludes the Jets year after year so that is likely to be 2 losses right away. A split series with each of the Bills and Patriots seems likely as that happens most years as well. So from the division games alone, the Jets are looking at a 2-4 start.

A break even from there is likely to see a few early wins against against unexpected teams before unfortunately falling to a few teams that would be expected wins.

Or, at least, that’s what past seasons would have you believe. There is no point to these without a bit of optimism!

This year the Jets should finally break the curse cast by the Dolphins and take a close away victory, though they will lose at home to the same team. They will finally take a full series over the Bills before splitting with the Patriots once again.

It’s hard to predict outside of the division, but another 9-7 season seems within the realm of possibility as some of the younger players finally hit their stride.

The biggest barometers of the team will be these young players. The three in particular will be players mentioned previously for their improvement over the offseason.

Last year, Anders Monk showed that he has the ability to be a legitimate threat at wide receiver. If he can find some more consistency and avoid injuries, he could be the first 1000 receiver not named Drogan since Louis Murphy a few seasons ago.

Ezekiel Elliott last year was not quite a bust, but proved much of the rest of the league right in claiming that he wasn’t worthy of a first overall selection after seeing only a 4.27 yards per carry. This, of course, wasn’t the worst season possible but more was expected. This year he will be running behind a more athletic offensive line than he started with last year and should see a rise in production.

Finally, cornerback Marcus Peters is going to be under massive pressure to step up in the absence of Amukamara. No longer will he have a safety net in case he needed to fall back into the nickel position and will be forced to take one of the top receivers every week. However, if he can show he was worth his first round selection, the defense will be stronger as a unit.

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Jets 2020 Season Predictions

Jets 2020 Season Prediction

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)

Trying to predict the AFC East is always a bit of a funny exercise. Each year, all 4 teams show promise and each year, all 4 teams show inconsistency. While the Dolphins have been the most likely player in each of the last several years, 2019 was a different story with the Bills and Patriots sharing the top record in the division and the Patriots just winning the division title to make the playoffs.

Of course, an even bigger surprise was likely the backwards trajectory of the New York Jets.

It's at this point where we decide put on a blindfold and throw darts at the wall to see where the order ends up.

While 2020 is unlikely to see the Jets finish as the worst team in the league again, it seems that the division has gotten just that much tougher once again this year. While the Dolphins also took a slight step back, the Bills and Pats are both contenders this year as well, leaving the Jets as likely the odd man out of the race.

The Big Question Mark

How the team throws the ball is likely to be the making or the breaking of the Jets team this year. While WR Aaron Drogan is always going to put up massive numbers, the lesser story talked about with the Ezekiel Elliot selection is the faith that the Jets put into second year wideout Anders Monk, the guy likely to take over the other starting spot.

Monk doesn't stand out in any particularly way, but is solid across the board in terms of physical attributes. In starting the final 5 games of the year in 2019, Monk alternated between showing major potential and showing nothing at all.

In 2 of the 5 games, he put up over 100 yards, with one of those games having a whopping 10 catches for 168 yards. However, in another 2 of those games he was held to just over 50 yards and against the Dolphins in Week 15 went completely without a catch.

If Higgins can get back to even his 2018 levels of production, Monk should be in for a breakout year and the team will be that much better for it.

In the slot will be another second year receiver in Fareed Mustafa. While most don't see Mustafa having the long term potential that Monk does, he could be the better receiver right now and will need to make an impact from that WR3 spot if the Jets expect to win many games this year.

Finally, the other piece to this passing puzzle will be seeing an improvement along the offensive line. With the exit of Anthony Davis, the Jets have traded experience for talent along the line and we will find out very quickly whether that trade will pay off or backfire horribly.

Long term, the moves were likely good but the growing pains could be very very difficult.


The darts have spoken. The Jets are likely to back to 7-9 this year, with the second year of Mike Tomlin's plan coming together to move forward again.

The question is whether this will be enough to keep his job and show management that he is the guy to get the team over the hump and into the playoffs. Stay tuned!

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Jets 2020 Off Season Review

Jets 2020 Off Season Review

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)

After the disappointment that was the 2019 season, the Jets found themselves looking forward to the offseason and a chance to right some of the previous wrongs in the roster.

Coming into the offseason, the front office knew the biggest holes to fill would be at HB, FB, and along the offensive line. Essentially, an entire revamp of the run game was needed to make sure the offense was more than one dimensional, particularly when that one dimension hadn't been all that effective.

However, before they could get to that point, there were a few other steps to take.

Re-Signings and Re-Negotiations

OT AC Terrell - Just before the Super Bowl, the Jets came to terms with offensive tackle AC Terrell. While 2019 had been a disappointment for the offensive line as a whole, Terrell was the one player that seemed to take a step forward. One of the most agile linemen in the league, Terrell has shown that he has the strength to make a difference in the run game as well.

The former 2nd round pick from South Carolina has signed on for another 6 years and will be a big part of the offense for years to come.

SS Bacarri Rambo - The generally silent solider on defense, Rambo has always picked up the slack when called upon. While you never want to see your safeties making as many tackles as he had to this year, the team can at least be sure opposing runners won't make it any further than Rambo.

Rambo has been franchised for the second year in a row, meaning he can be extended next year to finish his career as a Jet.

CB DJ Hayden - Another key figure in the Jets secondary, DJ Hayden was resigned to potentially become the #1 CB for the team this year. He will share that duty with Prince Amukamara depending on matchups. He was picked on this year a bit with Amukamara out, leading to the most catches allowed in his entire career but with players back to health next year, he is expected to go back to his normal levels of production.

Hayden has signed on for a 4 year deal.

OT Anthony Castonzo - Castonzo briefly explored free agency before signing back on with the Jets. While never putting up incredible numbers, Castonzo has been shown to be a consistent player in a tough position, matching up against the opposition's best pass rusher week after week, yet never allowing more than single digit sacks in his career.

Castonzo has signed on for 3 more years as a Jet.

LG Edward Jacoby - Generally a backup in his career, Jacoby started the last few games of 2019 to try and use his strength to improve the run game. While he doesn't have the speed to be a consistent starter, he is more than acceptable as a backup and will continue that role at both guard positions this year.

Jacoby signed a 4 year deal after being an RFA.


A typically quiet first round of free agency left the next major offseason step for the Jets to be the draft. With 2 picks in the first round to start plus the top pick in each of rounds 3-7, the Jets were in prime position to add talent to a team that probably didn't have as many holes as the typical last place team.

1.1 HB Ezekiel Elliot - Much has been made of the Elliot selection already. While there is no doubt of his talent, the question is whether selecting a HB at the first overall pick was the right choice. However, in a year that was uncharacteristically down at the top end of the draft, the Jets chose a player that they felt was a generational talent at his position, even if that wasn't a QB, WR, CB or even OT.

1.30 OG Hyperion Greene - Aside from having one of the cooler names in the draft, Greene was one of the strongest prospects as well. While he is a little slow, he has a good enough first step when he needs to pull and if he does get to a defender, there is almost no doubt about who will end up on their backside.

2.31 FB Xavier Brooks - The third pick in a row focused on improving the run, Brooks immediately comes into the league as one of the top 3 fastest players at his position. Able to get to the second level of defenders quickly, Brooks will open up the potential for some very long runs for his fellow rookie in Elliot.

3.1 OG Jon Wayne-Myers - Wayne-Myers, partially named for the famous cowboy, was the next selection for the Jets and continued their theme to this point. He fills the opposite role of Greene as a speedier guard who will need to improve his strength. Similarly to Greene, he comes in with good blocking technique for a rookie and will be ready to take a starting spot from day 1.

3.11 CB Omar Henderson - A riskier pick for the Jets, Henderson was the first player selected this draft on the defensive side of the ball. While Henderson provides a matchup against taller receivers that New York was lacking last year, first reports are that he is a little slower even than first anticipated. While he is big and strong enough to compete with larger GZL receivers, it may not make up for his lack of first step and he may end up simply being an extra linebacker in Dime packages.

The rest of the draft was building depth. While no potential starters came from the other Jets selections, several players will serve has key backups.


The Jets were very quiet in the trade period this year. In fact, only one trade was made, despite discussions with many other teams about other potential deals.

Jets send:
HB Lamar Miller

Bengals send:
Pick 2.31

This trade, made on draft day after the Jets selected Elliot first overall, gave the team a chance to add in a supporting player in FB Brooks. While Miller gives a ground threat for the Super Bowl runner ups, Brooks will be a long term piece in New York making for a pretty even trade for both sides, particularly with Miller being surplus to requirements.

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Jets 2019 Season Review

Jets 2019 Season Review

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)

2019 is a year to forget for Jets fans. 3-13 after 2 years of trending upwards left fans deflated. They saw new head coach Mike Tomlin, a guy who had won multiple GZL Super Bowls with the Steelers, take the team in the wrong directions after an offseason of high expectations.

For the coaches and players, forgetting 2019 is the last thing they need to do. They need to remember how low things really can go.

From the start, it was easy to see the Jets weren't ready for the 2019 season. The four opening games saw four straight losses. While this was partially unlucky as the Ravens were streaking early before dropping later in the season, these losses included falling twice at the hands of the division rival Patriots.

In weeks 5 and 6, two wins in a row brought some hope back to the organization that the season could still be salvaged as the Jets just got over a surprisingly struggling Seahawks team and used that momentum to put up 33 points, the highest of the season, against the Bills.

Following that win, news came that HB Marcus Lattimore had been sent to the Lions. Whether or not it was the difference, the team never recovered.

While the Jets did manage a win two weeks later against another struggling team in the Cardinals, they finished with 8 straight losses to finish 3-13, the worst record in the history of one of the few franchises to never make the playoffs in the GZL era.

Injuries as factor

While the season would likely have never gone as well as planned, injuries were a huge part of the failures of the season.

These start with QB Jonathon Higgins. While Higgins took a step backwards in his play on the year as evidenced by his 13 TDs to 18 interceptions, he fully missed weeks 10, 11, and 12 where two of those games were decided by 11 points or less.

He also missed significant game time in weeks 2, 5, and 9, games where rookie backup Doug Erikson threw 10 or more passes, yet did not start.

On the defensive side of the ball, star cornerback Prince Amukamara went down in Week 6 and missed the rest of the year while outside lineback Curtis Hudson, arguably the team's defensive leader, went down in week 9 and did not play anymore during the season.

Frightening Regressions

As mentioned earlier, the regression of Jonathon Higgins is a worry. Growing pains were expected as a rookie but his second year showed the potential of the young gun as he had what many thought would be a breakout season.

That was not to be as his third year, while good, did not live up to the potential.

However, most thought that 2019, Higgins's 4th year as a starting GZL quarterback, would be his time to take his place among the league's best. Taking up a large % of the team's salary cap as a former #1 overall pick, Higgins's play was not nearly good enough.

The offensive line struggled as well, and was a part of what made the offense fail as a whole. While they only allowed 2 more sacks than the year before, it was not the improvement expected from a relatively young offensive line. They also allowed far more hurries which led to, as we saw, injuries for the quarterback.

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Jets Introduce "Zeke"

Ezekiel Elliott Introductory Press Conference

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)

"And now I present to you, our 2020 first overall draft selection, Ezekiel Elliott."

With those words from Jets GM Greg Wendel, the newly drafted running back took his place on the podium, flat-brimmed baseball cap with the Jets logo worn high up on his head.

After taking a major step backward and finishing as the league bottom dwellers in 2019, New York needed to make a home run selection to get back to showing the promise that 2018 and 2019 had offered, where the Jets had two of their best GZL seasons despite not making the playoffs.

For most observers, this was not that selection.

First overall selection, Ezekiel Elliott - Credit Rick Shulz/Getty Images

Criticism came from far and wide stating that, while Elliott is likely to be a very good player, he nor his position were worth the first overall selection.

Addressing that criticism in his introductory notes, Wendel did not shy away from the potential impact of getting such a high impact selection wrong.

"Ideally you don't get too many shots at a pick this high, since that generally means you've had a bad season, a real bad one. In a league this competitive, messing up those chances that you do get can lead to a disaster.

A running back is generally not who you want to take in that first spot. There have been plenty of later round selections that have shown you generally don't need to.

That all goes out the window when you see a guy this talented."

Elliott after winning the BCS National Championship Game nearly single handedly with 246 yards rushing - Credit Martin Fong/The Plain Dealer

Talent is something that is far from lacking in the 21 year old. A combination of power, speed, and a shiftiness that is nearly unmatched helped Zeke to just shy of 700 yards in 3 postseason games on the way to Ohio State's National Championship run, including 246 yards in the Championship game.

During the press conference, Elliott himself was mostly jokes and smiles but was very serious when it came to one question - his goals for his rookie season.

"Reaching the playoffs. Rookie of the Year, big yardage, as much as I want all of that it will come if we can win games.

I've been a part of successful teams and let me tell you, it's way more fun than losing."

Whether or not this was the right selection will be told in time. For now, it's clear that Zeke and the Jets are happy with each other and are hoping for a long, successful partnership.

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Two Weeks Down for the Jets: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Two Games Down, 14 to Go

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)
"What we're doing right now simply isn't good enough."

These were the opening words from Mike Tomlin's second post game press conference as the head of the New York Jets. If we're honest, he's onto something.

"A team that was supposed to compete for the division has started 0-2, including a loss to a division rival. Absolutely unacceptable," Tomlin continued.

Let's break it down and look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from the first two games.

The Good
Not everything has been doom and gloom so far. First and foremost, the kids are alright. 6th round tight end Baron Cooper is leading all rookies in receiving yards with 174 including an incredible effort against the Ravens that resulted in a touchdown to take the lead in the dying minutes of the game. Who threw that pass? Another 6th round rookie, quarterback Doug Eriksson, who was playing in relief of Jonathan Higgins, injured three times in the same game.

Second year defensive end Ben Powell has started to assert himself as the new starter and recorded his first sack, as did linebacker Anthony Barr. Both were clutch plays in the late stages of the game against the Ravens. This year's first round pick, cornerback Marcus Peters, also recorded an interception in his first ever game, despite alternating between 3rd and 4th on the depth chart.

The Bad
Inconsistency is probably the best word to describe it. Both games have seen a late surge from the Jets to come back against a deficit and both times it has fallen just short. Against the Patriots, it was a mistake on the two point conversion to tie the game. Against the Ravens, it was an inability to adjust and stop both the run and the pass, only stopping on or the other at different times in the game.

Not the showing you want to see from one of last seasons leading defenses that has returned 10 of 11 starters.

The Ugly
Alluded to in the previous section but it has been major mistakes killing this team so far. Even the veterans are making costly errors at the worst of times, with things like false starts on a third and 1 against the Ravens or throwing interceptions at the opposing goal line against the Patriots.

Ironing out inconsistency in a young team is always a challenge but this team isn't as young as it was and the wrinkles are still there.

Tomlin's callout of his Jets squad is right. It's not good enough right now. However the talent is there if things can be turned around. The next two weeks are very telling with games against the red-hot Bengals and a very early rematch against the Patriots. An 0-4 start would be devastating but 2 wins could be just the catalyst needed for a playoff run.

It's just good theatre.
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Jets Training Camp Update

Update on Jets Training Camp

East Rutherford, NJ (AP)
With the regular season just around the corner, New York's greenest team is working hard to prepare and hopefully take the next step as an organisation, chasing that ever elusive playoff spot. To give a quick update, we want to look at what aspects of their game some of the players are working on as well as provide a rundown of what position battles the team could be looking at.

The first part of "training camp" is obviously the part where the players train. Few on the team have done so harder than receiver Aaron Drogan, about to begin his third NFL season.

"Speed has been the biggest part of my game that I've worked on over the past couple of off-seasons and this year has been no different," said the 2x Pro Bowl playmaker. "The whole team is hungry to put our mark on the league and we think we have a great mix of talent and leadership this year to finally take that next step."

Joining him in speed training has been the teams two newest receivers in rookies Anders Monk and Fareed Mustafa, both of whom will be covered later in the article, as well as rookie defensive backs Marcus Peters and Todd Henry. At this time, the team has not allowed rookies to speak to the media before the season.

Additionally, sophomore defensive end Ben Powell has been working on his first step to try and improve his pass rush from last season.

Powell said, "Last year I was able to start a few games and get a feel for the speed of the GZL. It's a whole new level from college games. I was lucky enough to have Rob (Ayers) to learn from but he's gone now and I have to step up."

Position Battles
It seems the only real battle for a spot will be with two previously mentioned rookies, Monk and Mustafa, fighting for the slow receiver position.

Both players come in with raw ability but are prone to errors and will need to adjust to life as a professional player. At this point neither has an edge with Monk being slightly taller with a better first step and Mustafa having incredible top speed.

"We're happy to have both of these guys with us this year," said Hines Ward, the Jets offensive coordinator who knows a thing or two about playing as a receiver. "It's likely we'll see both guys split time as the season goes on and find out who establishes themself as a weapon for our offense. Maybe we'll even see a few more 4 receiver sets this year..."

While it doesn't look like we'll get any sort of conclusive result until later in the year, both guys look to offer speed from the slot that the team has been missing in the past few years. It can only lead to more production from Jonathan Higgins and happier Jets fans for the season.
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NYJ Offseason Review
The offseason in New York was a bit of a slow one compared to the standards of most teams around the league. In fact, the priority was more in keeping the squad together than it was in new acquisitions.

This was in large part due to the number of expiring contracts of key players from 2018 and before, including a few players who will continue to be major contributors for years to come.

Before all that, the long break started with a coaching search...

The Tomlin Era
The end of Martyball in New York came after the realization the Jets wouldn't make the playoffs. Despite the team's best efforts, it wasn't meant to be.

The heartbreak signaled the end for Jets' head coach Marty Schottenheimer who decided to call it a career and left the team on a search for his replacement.

The perfect candidate emerged when former Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin announced his intention to return to the coaching ranks after a year of backpacking in the Himalayas. The two time GZL winning coach had taken his sabbatical and was ready for a new challenge.

After deciding to keep the offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinators on staff, Tomlin took to his other offseason duties and started work on setting his team up for the upcoming season.

Free Agency
The list of expiring contracts was full of talent for the team in green. Leading rusher Marcus Lattimore, safeties Eric Berry and Bacarri Rambo, middle linebacker convert Alec Ogletree, punter Alex McLean, defensive tackle Datone Jones and wide receiver Louis Murphy were all set to be on the market before the 2019 season. That's quite a list, even before the role players and depth positions who wanted to try their hand on the open market.

Speedy punter McLean was an RFA and was signed to a new contract without hassle and Lattimore, acquired in 2017 from Oakland for a first round pick, signed on right away putting his vote on confidence in his teammates and the staff around him. After contract discussions broke down, safety Bacarri Rambo was franchised by the team, both agreeing to put off negotiations for another year.

However, offers were fielded for both Ogletree and Jones. When those offers were matched, both quickly signed back with the Jets confident in the way the front office backed them.

Murphy was a slightly different story, as the team was unsure of whether they would have the cap room to resign the veteran receiver. Despite his reduced production in 2018, both parties eventually came to an agreement for Murphy to come back and be a leader on the team.

Only 2 cuts were made this offseason, both for cap purposes. The first of the two was the release of defensive end, Robert Ayers.

Ayers left the Jets as second on the GZL career sack list, only 5 behind Mario Williams. While the team was sad to see him go, it only made sense given the large portion of the salary cap that he was owed in the upcoming season.

Along the same lines, wide receiver Stevie Johnson was cut to clear more cap space. While Johnson was not on as high of a contract as Ayers, the veteran receiver was slowly being pushed further and further down the depth chart as his aging legs became a hindrance in the passing game.

Before the 2019 GZL Draft, the Jets only made one trade. By trading back to the 26th pick in the first round and giving up their third round pick, the Jets were able to pick up pick 2.11. The team believed the draft showed good depth into the 2nd round and wanted another pick in that portion of the draft to grab a valuable future starter for their team.

The Draft
Draft day is always an exciting time of year. It is the bread and butter of good GMs and a good or bad draft and make or break a team for years to come. It makes little sense then, why this one was messed up so badly by the front office.

Drama started from round 1 where the Jets missed their first pick, the one that had been traded back to at 26th overall. Rumors were of GM Wendel sleeping through the pick before the final decision could be made. The fiasco that came from it was that both of the Jets targets that they were looking at were taken in the following two picks with FS Giordano and WR Williams. Instead, the team took a player most would see as a middling cornerback pospect in Marcus Peters. He's a player with no standout attributes, though no big weaknesses either and will eventually make a passable starter or very good nickel defender.

In the second round, the Jets picked up good value with the 11th pick of the round in safety Todd Henry. Henry is an obvious choice to take over for Eric Berry. At 5'11", height is the only real knock on the player and with even an extra inch could have been an easy first round pick.

The next choice, the 18th pick of the round, was wide receiver Anders Monk. While Monk has solid physical attributes, his 6'1" height is not of particular note for a GZL receiver and it will take a few years before he can develop into a consistent playmaker. However, he has the potential to be a very good piece opposite Aaron Drogan in a few years and will benefit from the team bringing back Louis Murphy.

The only other player of note from the Jets draft was another wide receiver, Fareed Mustafa. Mustafa has come into camp with much higher measurables than expected, due to a flu at the draft combine. Like Monk, he has middling height and will need years to develop but the two of them together will be in stiff competition for the slot position this year and to be the team's second receiver of the future.
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Jets 2018 Season Review
As the offseason starts to wrap up, it's only fitting to take a look at the previous years efforts before a new season starts. With the pain of just missing out on the playoffs months behind, the New York Jets can finally take a good look at how the 2018 season really went.

The Jets were a very streaky team all year long as many young players finally started to settle in as veterans in the league. The most telling statistic is that despite missing the playoffs, the Jets were one of only two teams to be in the top 10 of both scoring offense and scoring defense for the season, the other being the Packers.

Additionally, they were one of only 3 teams to be in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive yardage with the others being the Giants and the Seahawks.

This means that the Jets were the only team to be in the top 10 in all 4 categories. It's something the young team can take into the next season where they return 22 of 24 starters with the only changes being at tight end and one of the two defensive end spots.

Divisional Woes
Unfortunately, statistics never tell the whole story. The rest of the story is that the Jets played terribly against their divisional opponents. Finishing with the worst record within the division, the team went 2-4 with one win against the Bills and one against the Patriots, who were fading after their incredible start to the season.

How did the young guns play?
There is almost no doubt that the Jets were built around a few young guns in 2018. While there was some veteran presence brought in with the likes of Eric Berry and Anthony Castonzo, the offensive core of the team included a 23 year old quarterback, a 24 year old halfback, a 23 year old left tackle, and a 21 year old wide receiver.

Chief among these was QB Jonathan Higgins, who at the start of the season looked to have regressed from his solid sophomore campaign. A 4 touchdown to 7 interception ratio was not how he wanted to start the first 5 games of the year. Despite even throwing 5 interceptions in a game in week 11 against the Bills, Higgins came up big several times, with QB ratings of over 140 in games against the Titans and Bills to keep the team in the playoff hunt.

HB Marcus Lattimore and WR Aaron Drogan pitched in their share as well. Lattimore, in his first full season as the feature back, provided over 1400 rushing yards on the season and Drogan went to his second straight Pro Bowl with 1400 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns. His 14 drops were still a concern but were an improvement on his rookie year where he had 17.

While the team may have finished with a bitter taste in their mouths, they can be proud of an effort which saw them finish with the franchise's first winning season since 2012.
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Jets Bring in Veteran Leadership
The 2017 season was a roller coaster ride for the New York Jets. The team showed its potential with wins against playoff teams in the Chiefs, Dolphins and Super Bowl runner up Bears but also lost against another division rival in the Bills (twice).

In big part this was due to a young team still finding their way both on an individual level and as a unit.

With that in mind, the Jets Front Office has gone out and made two trades to acquire a couple of veterans with playoff experience.

Trade 1

Jets Send
3rd round pick
5th round pick
DE Michael Sam

Buccaneers Send
OT Anthony Castonzo
6th round pick

"Anthony has been brought in to anchor our offensive line," said General Manager, Greg Wendel. Sentimental ties are expected to have been part of the reason for making the trade, as Castonzo was Wendel's second ever GZL Draft pick, selected by the Bills in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft.

The Verdict

The move is expected to allow Coach Schottenheimer a chance at moving current tackle Anthony Davis to an interior position on the offensive line. While Castonzo hasn't added any particular speed or outstanding physical ability to the Jets, acquiring such a polished blocker can never be overvalued.

Trade 2

Jets Send
HB Chase Sullivan
FS DJ Swearinger

Chiefs Send
FS Eric Berry

"Eric Berry is an icon in this league at the safety position," said GM Wendel of the latest addition to his secondary. ""He's the type of player every team wants 22 of."

The Verdict

Chase Sullivan and DJ Swearinger were both fan favorites in New York. Both a bit undersized, Sullivan in particular was known as an electric special teams player, though he never saw the types of big runs on offense that are expected from someone with his speed. Swearinger has been a starter since his rookie year and has contributed well to the defense.

But make no mistake, Berry is a significant upgrade. Both of these trades improve the Jets roster immediately and will serve to provide a new level of consistency.
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Jets Make a Move for the Playoff Push
Jets Make a Move for the Playoff Push

With the trade deadline only about 24 hours away, a few last minute deals around the league were inevitable. On the official GZL website, articles were posted about potential trades that included the New York Jets sending one of their two first round picks for third year Vikings running back Joseph Randle to improve one of the most anemic running attacks around the country.

However, the eyes of the Jets front office were all the way over to the West Coast in their quest to make a push for the franchise's first ever playoff appearance.

Enter Marcus Lattimore. Taken only a few picks before Randle in the 2015 GZL Entry Draft, Lattimore been stuck behind a potential future Hall of Famer in Mark Ingram. Despite that, Lattimore has started several games while Ingram has been out and has almost a 6 yard average per carry this season for the league's top running attack, helping to keep the Raiders in the playoff hunt despite losing quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The Jets have a varied past with runners and haven't had a successful season rushing the ball since Lamar Miller ran for 1700 yards as a rookie before traded off for Ben Tate, who was released a few week into the 2013 season.

"Marcus has the chance to be an elite back in the GZL. He's only in his third year and has flashed incredible talent," said Jets head coach, Marty Schottenheimer. "Our offense is a bit one dimensional right now, relying on a second year quarterback to get it done. This could be the next big piece of the puzzle."

Some Jets fans aren't convinced.

Joe Ricotta, a lifelong Jets fan said, "Look, Lattimore ain't bad. But a first round pick for a backup? Come on, man."

Despite being a win behind the first place Dolphins, the Jets are in control of their own destiny as they will play three consecutive weeks at home against their three divisional rivals in weeks 14, 15 and 16. Nothing will come easily, as they will also play the streaking Raiders and a scary Bears squad.

"There are no guarantees in football, that's for damn sure," said Schottenheimer. "But sometimes, you just got to take a shot when you see an opportunity."

*Trade pending league approval
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Jets Prove QB Play Doesn't Matter
Harrison, NJ

Breaking new: Worse quarterback play = more wins. The evidence is real.

Stats from Jets QB Jonathan Higgins below

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Green Machine is Fighting Lean
The lights have gone out at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, the interviews are over, and the teams have left for the night. It's hard to tell that just a few hours ago, an underdog New York Jets team churned out a vicious victory against a heavily favored Miami Dolphins Squad.

Coming in at 8 1/2 points favorites, the Dolphins looked to be firing on all cylinders. QB Russel Wilson was the league leader in passing efficiency and his team had helped him to win 3 straight to start the season.

On the other hand, the Jets squad traveled south with no one outside of the team knowing quite what to think. Heavily outmatched by a league leading Packers rushing attack in week 1, losing closely to a high flying Chargers team in week 2, and then laying a smackdown on a Chiefs team that is up and down themselves, the Jets were a bit of an anomaly.

"We've had a quiet confidence about us since pre-season" said defensive leader Larry English, who provided 12 tackles and 2 forced fumbles on the night. English even recovered one himself. "Our goal was to stop their passing game, bring it down a notch and show them they can make mistakes," continued 4th year Jet, Prince Amukamara who had 7 deflections for the game.

On the other side of the ball, the Jets continued with a understated efficiency that has been the hallmark so far for the year. Second year signal caller Jonathan Higgins had his fourth straight game without an interception, making up for an offense that is not moving the ball as well as they would like. "We're still young in almost every part of this offense. O-line, receiver, running back, we have so many first and second year guys playing that it can be tough to bring consistency."

What this team has shown is that the talent is there and they are not the laughing stock of previous seasons. "We've got a chance to make a run at the division," was how English finished his interview. "It's a long season still ahead of us, but if I told you that we'd be 2-2 after facing teams this good so far, you'd have said I was crazy."
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Jets Start the Season 0-2

Two Tough Losses Open the Season

At practice on Monday, the New York Jets team looked to be in surprisingly high spirits for a tough loss. "Look, sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't," said WR Louis Murphy. "It's tough knowing that maybe one extra catch for a first down could have changed the game, but you can't dwell on it. Both teams we've faced are serious contenders and we've got such a young squad. It's a learning experience."

Offensively, the Jets are 26th in both passing and rushing and haven't been able to get as much going as they would have hoped for having so many weapons. Unsurprisingly, the team also ranks 26th in points scored.

On the other side of the ball, the Jets defense is 6th in passing yards allowed but dead last in rushing yards allowed. In two games, the opposing halfbacks had had touchdowns of both 59 yards and 81 yards despite the apparent career resurgence of MLB Larry English who has 24 tackles including 6 for a loss in only 2 games. "Particularly in the first game, we got out to an early deficit," English was quoted after the early morning practice. "First game of the year and we weren't ready to face up against 50 rushing attempts. Credit to Green Bay to keep on pushing."

Up next for the Jets is the Kansas City Chiefs and a couple of former Jets in QB EJ Manuel and CB Jermaine Evans. GM Greg Wendel had some thoughts on the game. "I think this is a good match up for us, honestly. I've known Tim (Miller, his counterpart for the Chiefs) for a while and I can't wait to kick his ass. In the most friendly way, of course."

Big talk for a team that's winless. Let's see what happens next.
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Jets Training Camp Insights
The Jets have gone into training camp continuing this years mantra of "trim the fat" and as such, position battles are fierce while everyone is looking to improve on previous seasons performances.

Position Battles

Center: Shane Michaels vs Lemarcus Sterling

Physically, the rookie Sterling outshines the young veteran Michaels in every way. He is faster, stronger and more agile. Sterling was seen as a reach by many despite these qualities and the team may feel a need to play him simply to justify making the picks as high as they did.

On the other hand, Michaels offers a years starting experience for the Colts in the 2016 season. He did not produce stellar numbers, but he is more likely to make fewer mistakes in a key position along the offensive line.

Verdict: This one will likely come down to preseason play and may go even further. It is the only real starting position battle on the entire squad and new coach Marty Schottenheimer will want to make sure he gets it right.

Slot Receiver: Steve Johnson vs Michael Crabtree

There is not a massive difference between the former Bill and the former 49er. Both have underachieved through their careers and both have a similar skillset. Johnson help the second WR spot across from the AJ Green for most of last year and tends to run better routes. However, he put up poor numbers on the season dropping far too many passes for the amount of targets he had.

Crabtree played more slot WR last year and is comfortable with the position. The former Texas Tech standout is also stronger and a much more polished blocker than his counterpart which lends it well to the Jets system. Crabtree also has slightly better hands and is likely to drop fewer passes

Verdict: Crabtree is the likely winner here, while both are able to play reasonably well in the slot. Look to potentially even see a few 4 WR sets to take advantage of a deep receiving corps.


Body Transformations: After being slightly undersized for quite some time, HB Chase Sullivan has bulked up to give his body extra protection for his upcoming season as a featuring rusher where he will take an enormous amount of punishment. Rookie center Lamarcus Sterling has also changed his diet in order to put on an additional 10 pounds in preparation for his first professional season.

Yoga: QB Jonathan Higgins and new OLB Alec Ogletree have taken yoga classes together over the offseason to improve their flexibility and durability in order to stay in better form over the course of the upcoming season.

Training: Higgins has also taken part in arm strength conditioning in order to increase the heat on his passes and cut down on interceptions. He was again seen in the weight room with Ogletree who was working to improve his acceleration as he will be a featured component of the new look Jets linebackers.

Training Camp Improvements: Though many of the players have not worked as hard as Higgins and Ogletree, a number of improvements have been made as training camp has descended on the GZL. WR Aaron Drogan has worked tirelessly since he finished his collegiate career on both his top speed and acceleration.

HB Chase Sullivan has offset his added weight by somehow becoming even faster alongside OLB Curtis Hudson. Rounding things out, second year tackle AC Terrell also worked to improve his strength in order to give the outside rush game a little more push.
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Jets 2016 Recap and 2017 Preview

Year of the Quarterback (Learning Experiences)

Coming off of the 2015 season, Jets fans were expecting a year of quarterback progression from their 5-11 season. EJ Manuel would be a rookie no longer and would be able to more consistently put together the flashes of brilliance he showed in college and even in his first year. Instead, Manuel was traded and another supposed rookie sensation, Jonathan Higgins was brought in with the first overall pick.

The team Manuel was traded to, the Chiefs, made their first ever GZL playoff appearance (though the former FSU quarterback was hurt for a significant portion of the season), and the Jets regressed even further by finishing with an even worse record at 4-10.

However, the 2017 season will mark the first time the Jets have had the same starting quarterback four years in a row since 2012. Just let that sink in for a second. Four straight seasons with a different offensive leader. No wonder consistency has been hard to come by for this team.

While Higgins did show off his talent in games such as week 8 against the division-rival Patriots where he threw for 5 touchdowns, he followed it up by showing his inexperience the following weeks and throwing 5 interceptions in consecutive games against the aforementioned Chiefs and AFC East winning Dolphins. Feast-or-famine was in full effect for the highly touted rookie.

Unfortunately, the rest of the team struggled right along with their signal-caller. Brickashaw Ferguson, one of the unquestioned leaders of the team, let up 16 sacks for the second consecutive year and contributed to Higgins being one of the most-sacked quarterbacks in the league at 43 sacks taken (though this was still an improvement from Manuel's 53 the year before).

Part of this was made up for by Higgins' fellow rookie AC Terrell, a player the Jets thought was highly undervalued coming into the 2016 draft and were happy to snatch him up in the second round. Terrell proved himself as he was thrust into a starting position from week 1 and only let up four sacks on the year. The team's next pick, Darrell Freeman, also started the entire year after converting from tackle to guard and playing admirably.

Rounding out the rookies was another second rounder, HB Chase Sullivan, who made the Pro Bowl as a kick returner with his 4 returned touchdowns on the season while splitting starts with veteran Ray Rice on offense.

Fortunately, the team also had a few bright spots on defense. Defensive end Adrian Clayborn earned himself a new contract by having his best season since joining the league. His 17 tackles for a loss made a massive difference throughout the year and was enough for a few teams to make offers on the dynamic end. Moved from the outside in, linebacker David Harris played his swan song as a Jet by providing 113 tackles and 16 tackles for a loss as the anchor of the team.

The defensive backs did their best as well, with Bacarri Rambo playing as well as he usually does while DJ Hayden was statistically one of the top five cornerbacks through the first half of the year. DJ Swearinger improved by leaps and bounds from his first year to his second, making 81 tackles despite some physical limitations.

Time to Trim the Fat

With the team learning from its 2016 struggles, the theme this offseason and for the upcoming year was to "trim the fat." Cap penalties from the previous season were massive, over 15M. Veterans were making more money than they were giving back in production. It was time to lean out.

With unproductive players like Ferguson and AJ Green being traded, new spots have opened up for young guys to step up and take leadership.

Offensively, we are looking for a jump in efficiency from Jonathan Higgins. He has had a year under his belt to adjust to the league and new head coach Marty Schottenheimer has the experience to teach him how to do it. While "Marty Ball" may be alive and well this year, Higgins will have a chance to show his increased game awareness and will not be discouraged from making plays when possible.

Higgins should also have more than just one target this year as well. Veteran wideout Louis Murphy may not have quite the talent of AJ Green, he is more than capable of being a top target with decent size at 6'2 and more than respectable speed as he has shown on a number of long receptions through his career.

He won't have to do it alone as he gets a strike partner in the freakish monster that is 6'7 rookie Aaron "Khal" Drogan. At his best, Drogan will be simply uncoverable when the ball is in the air between his skyscraper height, Spudd Webb-like leaping ability, and defensive line quality strength. While he may lack elite speed, he is no slouch when he has a head of steam.

One aspect of Drogan's game that has not been mentioned is that he immediately comes in as the best blocking receiver in the league. With the speed out of the Jets backfield, expect several long sweep plays this year to run right past a cornerback who has been put in his backside.

On defense, the Jets unquestionably have a higher level of talent with just a couple of changes. OLB Alec Ogletree brings another fierce young present opposite fellow third year player Curtis Hudson. Larry English will fill in the middle for David Harris. While English may not have the experience of Harris, he brings more speed into this years edition of the defense.

AFC East Predictions

The AFC East has a strong scent of the NFC West from a few years ago. It is a division with teams that are mostly (and not totally unfairly) overlooked by the rest of the league. Most other divisions are quite happy to draw the AFC East at this point.

However, that could all change within a couple of seasons. Talent is stockpiling within the division. There are a few exciting young players especially at quarterback and each of the teams are just a key player or two away from being a serious contender.

Of course, all of this makes for an extremely tough prediction but here goes:

1. Dolphins - The Dolphins look to finish this year the at the same place as they did the last one. Which is to say, on top. Brilliant cornerbacks have been improved by the Justin Gilbert selection in this draft. On offense, Russell Wilson is flanked by the same top 3 targets he had last year including Kevin Ogletree who went over 1000 yards for the second consecutive season. All of this is backed up by Le'Veon Bell's power running game which is nearly impossible to stop from at least reaching the line of scrimmage.

2. Patriots - Similar to the Jets, the Pats have been in quarterback limbo for a while. Chad Henne comes back into a division he is familiar with, albeit on a different sideline and should bring up the level of play of CJ Washington, a top 10 selection in last seasons draft who underachieved in his rookie year. However, there are some serious concerns on the offensive line, especially at tackle which could keep them from the division title.

3. Bills - Andrew Luck could be an absolutely elite quarterback any time he wants to turn it on. Unfortunately, that seems to be the problem. When is he going to turn it on? This team has great targets and a brilliant running to back Luck up. Similar to the Pats, there are some big questions on the offensive line, particularly from anyone not named Jones or Fisher. Defensively there are also issues with slow linebackers that could put added pressure onto the defensive backs.

4. Jets - Unfortunately, the Jets are probably looking at one more season in the basement of the division. The team has improved in the past 2 offseasons (editors note: I'm a little biased) but its hard to say if it is enough. Chances are the team finishes a win below the third place team while still showing improvement on the field.
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Jets Offseason Recap and Analysis

Offseason Recap

Another busy offseason has almost concluded for the New York Jets and, while changes were not as drastic as last year, this team looks different once again coming into a new season. There is an overall feel of youth along an offensive line that let up sacks seemingly at the opposing defense's will, there are a couple of new weapons for a young star in the making, and there is added athleticism to the linebacking corps.

Re-signing Expired Contracts

Despite one of the league's worst records the past season, there were a few players on the roster that the front office wanted to resign and not one of those targets got away. The key was to keep players that would fill in as quality backups, though a few starters were kept on as well.

DE Adrian Clayborn - Clayborn was the one that almost got away. Big offers came from opposing teams trying to snatch him away after a season where he made 17 tackles behind the opposing line of scrimmage, especially impressive from his side of the line. In the end, Clayborn felt that he could be a part of something bigger with the rebuilding team.

FB Le'Ron McClain - McClain was the only other Jets player to receive an offer from another team. On the verge of losing some of his physical abilities, the team decided that matching the offered contract was still the best option to make way for a running game featuring two young backs.

HB Ray Graham - Graham is a player who did not get many chances to carry the ball last year after running over 150 times in each of his first two seasons. Much of this was due to the speedy Chase Sullivan coming with last seasons draft. This year, Graham will have more opportunity to show he deserves a place in the league as he spells Sullivan and potentially gets a start or two.

The rest of the re-signings provided provide depth for the team with guys like OLB Tavon Fields, OG Marshall Newhouse, and MLB DeVonte Holloman will all play key backup roles.

Free Agent Acquisitions

With a massive cap penalty hangover from the previous offseasons trades, the Jets were not a player this offseason in free agency despite a number of available players that would have immediately boosted the squad. The offseason is not quite over and the team will sign a HB to fill roster requirements.


Only two trades were made for the team this year, but the first was a biggie to say the least and deserves its own section for analysis. It was a massive 9 piece trade including key veterans from both the Jets and the Raiders. Overall the trade looked like this:

Jets give:
WR AJ Green
RT Brickashaw Ferguson
C Nick Mangold
7th round pick in the next draft

Raiders give:
OLB Alec Ogletree
C Shane Michaels
LT Anthony Davis
WR Louis Murphy
1st round pick in the next draft

The immediate standouts come from the Jets side with AJ Green being one of the league's best receivers and being controversially brought in only a year previous. Nick Mangold and Brick Ferguson have been lifelong Jets anchoring the line for years with great athleticism and in the end great experience. While older players, neither was showing immediate physical regression.

From the Oakland side, Ogletree is the standout player. Only in his third year, Ogletree is a quick player with good size who will likely be moved inside as his career progresses. Anthony Davis is a player with solid potential physically, though he has been left on the bench for the past 2 seasons in Oakland.

Louis Murphy comes in as a favorite of GM Wendel and the former 1200 yard WR should provide at least a solid year of play while Higgins and Drogan develop. Shane Michaels was slated to become the starting center with the trade, but the young player may be relegated to a backup role depending on the preseason battles and the additional first round pick for next year may be a low one, but as seen from this year there is talent to be had even that late in the first.

Jets fans have a right to be upset with the loss of talent and potential that the Jets gave up in this trade. There is no question that Brick has a higher ceiling each and every season than Davis or that Murphy does not have the physical tools of AJ Green ( I mean who really does?).

However, the message is clear in the case of Green and Brick. It does not matter what you've done in the past; you must perform now. Ferguson has let up 16 sacks in 2 straight seasons while demanding a massive contract. While no position is an island, that is unacceptable for a player of his caliber. Green also underperformed. Some of this can be attributed to a rookie quarterback but having the most drops of your career at a time when you must step up cannot happen.

With the trade you have players coming in that have been a picture of consistency in Davis and Murphy. Neither are likely to put up incredible numbers, but there is talent enough around them where they may not have to. Ogletree is a young anchor who, alongside Curtis Hudson, will make up a solid set of linebackers.

The other trade the team made was a draft day deal to bring MLB Larry English to New York in exchange for pick 3.3. While a fast outside linebacker would have been ideal for Ogletree to move inside, the Jets had to move quickly to secure a starter after their targets had all been selected. English is a quick player who has shown a propensity to get into the opposing backfield and blow up plays before they get going.


1.3 - WR Aaron Drogan - A pick that was already a point of contention for many across the league escalated when the wrong slip of paper was given to GZL commissioner Anthony Fernandez as he went up the podium to announce the third overall pick. As soon as the name "Sammy Watkins" was read, the team was frantically scrambling to get the piece of paper with Drogan's name instead. A low-level assistant was immediately fired to make everyone feel better.

2.26 - C Lemarcus Sterling - Sterling was a pick that no one in the Jets organisation wanted to make but when their last top OLB prospect went off the board one pick before. With that said, Sterling is likely to be battling right away for a potential starting job as he is more athletic while less polished than young veteran Shane Michaels.

4.3 - OG Edward Jacoby - By the fourth round, the Jets were looking to fill roster depth but came out with a potential project player in Jacoby. Ed is not the fastest of linemen and will never great be on pull plays but he was one of the strongest players in the draft with solid agility.

5.3 - DE Michael Sam - Sam was a player who caused a lot of controversy before the draft with the media coverage that surrounds him. With that said, he may have landed in a great situation for himself in a progressive city where he'll integrate well.

5.13 - LB Kentucky Lewis - Lewis was again draft to fill depth but fits in with an overall Jets class that is very strong. He will play OLB this year to fill depth, but will likely be moved to MLB or DE eventually as he is very slow in coverage.

6.3 - DE Camden Brock - The Jets last pick, Brock is a very young player with good size who has potential to have a great career as a backup defensive lineman.
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Jets Lose Two Straight to Start the Season
There are a number of new faces on the Jets starting lineup this year and some growing pains were expected for the team from the northeast coming into the season. That being the case, the team was still hoping to win one of their first two games to get some early confidence.

Week 1: Jets at Saints

In the first game against the Saints, no one was quite sure what to expect from either of these teams. With a strong offensive line and the newly acquired Darren McFadden, the Saints had the potential to be a very good team. However, it was a different offseason acquisition that stole the show with Benjarvus Green-Ellis coming away as the offensive MVP for the game.

On the Jets side, QB Jonathan Higgins was not asked to do too much in his very first game. While only completing 44.74% of his passes, he was at least able to throw for 2 touchdowns to only 1 interception. A bigger disappointment was HB Ray Rice with an anemic 2.86 yards per carry right after signing a new contract. In the end, this was a close loss for the young Jets, where a couple of field goals made the difference.

Week 2: Bills at Jets

With a game under their belts, the Jets were optimistic coming into week 2 and hosting a division rival. With both teams losing in week 1, the Jets thought they would match up well against a relatively week offensive line from Buffalo and win what would probably be a defensively dominated game from both teams despite some of the stars on offense.

Andrew Luck was able to put together a much better game in his second with his new team, with WR TJ Moe leading the way for the Bills offense. Moe had 2 TDs and 115 yards on only 4 catches, showing off his skill as a deep burner. Rookie HB Riddick Owen was no slouch either. Despite going under 100 yards, he had a very respectable 4.47 yards per carry and made a few tough runs to keep drives moving for the Bills.

For the home side, QB Higgins showed plenty of growth between week 1 and week 2 in his adjusting to the pro game. While he had one less touchdown than in week 1, his accuracy was much higher hitting his first 8 passes in a row. Conspicuously absent from making an impact was WR AJ Green for the second week in a row with only 5 catches for 46 yards compared to Steve Johnsons 7 for 128.

The game ended up being quite a strange one that the Jets had multiple chances to put away. In a late turn of events, the New York defense made their second goal line stand of the game and forced a Buffalo FG. During the attempt, a penalty was called on the Bills which put them back 10 yards for their next attempt. However, this time they went for the 4th down conversion to everyone's surprise and scored on a pass to the back corner of the endzone.

With one last chance to win it, Higgins was able to drive the Jets down the field to take what should have been an easy field goal from about 28 yards. Under a minute was left, and second year kicker Clint Ross put the chip shot wide of the uprights. A disappointing loss for the Jets, they will be looking forward to revenge in Buffalo later on in the season.
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Breaking News: Jets Trade for AJ Green
Late at night in Florham Park, NJ, the Jets front office has been in a state of perpetual motion. Calls were exchanged, decisions were made, and in the end, the team picked up a player that was desperately needed.

The fourth overall pick in the 2011 draft, AJ Green has been a monster among GZL receivers. From 2012 to 2014, Green's lowest total yardage was just a yard shy of 1500. Physically, Green calls to mind another wide receiver that GM Greg Wendel made a big move to acquire in Arizona with Julio Jones. Where Jones was slightly faster, Green is a bit more physical, which will work well in a west coast style offense the Jets are expected to favor this season with a young quarterback.

"We gave up some young talent to bring him in," Head Coach Romeo Crennel said over a late phone call with one national sportswriter. "But you don't get a chance to get a guy like AJ very often, and this will without a doubt make our offense better than we expected coming into the season."

In return, the Jets gave up young speedster Anthony Perez, slot receiver Marcus Wheaton, and a second round pick in next years draft. The team is also expected to cut WR David Nelson in order to make the required cap room to sign Jones.
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Flying Into a New Year - Jets Season Predictions
Season Predictions

The Jets come into the season with a lot of question marks and some young starters in very key positions from drafts both this year and last. Positions like quarterback, corner back, left tackle, and others are filled with players who are still figuring out their place in GZL. Let's take a look at the lineup.

Offensive Starters

QB - Jonathan Higgins (R)
HB - Ray Rice
FB - Le'Ron McClain
WR - Steve Johnson
WR - Anthony Perez
TE - Jake Stoneburner

LT - A.C. Terrell (R)
LG - Marshall Newhouse
C - Nick Mangold
RG - Darrell Freeman (R)
RT - Brick Ferguson

Defensive Starters

RE - Adrian Clayborn
DT - BJ Raji
DT - Datone Jones
LE - Robert Ayers

ROLB - Clint Session
MLB - David Harris
LOLB - Curtis Hudson

CB - Prince Amukamara
CB - D.J. Hayden
FS - D.J. Swearinger
SS - Bacarri Rambo

Special Teams

K - Nick Folk
P - Alex McLean (R)
KR - Chase Sullivan (R)
PR - Marcus Wheaton

Season Outlook

With so many young players at key positions, there is almost sure to be a period of growing pains. This year is likely to have many of those. That being said, the AFC East is completely wide open. All four teams have brand new quarterbacks, something that is completely unheard of with Luck to the Bills, Wilson to the Dolphins, Rivers to the Patriots, and Higgins being drafted by the Jets.

With all 4 of these quarterbacks being very, very good, much of the division could come down to how the offensive lines play. The Jets probably fall in the middle of the road in this aspect, having a mix of veterans and young, questionable talent. Within the division, this group is probably only stronger than the Bills front five. However, the Bills have some of the best weapons in the division to complement their new QB, and if that line can hold it together, the Jets are likely candidates to finish at the bottom of the division in offensive production.

On the defensive side of the ball, the division is just as even. The Dolphins have a weaker front seven than their divisional counterparts, but make up for it with a very strong secondary. With all of the new QBs, that could very well make the difference.

With all of these factors in mind, barring injuries the Jets could be in a much worse position considering many of the weaknesses coming into the offseason. Despite the youth concerns, there is more pure talent on the team than there was a year ago. Because of this, the team expects to finish with an improved record from the previous three seasons.
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Flying Into a New Year - Jets Training Camp
Training Camp

As the offseason is winding down and turning into the preseason, it is becoming time for teams to really think about where to focus on improving some of their young players before sending them into a grinding season. For the Jets, things are no different in their state of the art New Jersey based facilities. Experts have been brought in from the outside in order to give some specialized training to players that Head Coach Romeo Crennel are hoping will contribute for years to come.

QB Jonathan Higgins

Higgins is coming in knowing he is the unquestioned starter for his new team, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have areas to improve on. Despite being known for training hard in the weight room, and even having decent velocity on his passes, he is not quite into the elite arm strength category quite yet. Higgins will be learning to refine his technique in order to provide extra zip into his short and mid range passes, as well as getting some extra distance into his long range passes.

HB Chase Sullivan

A surprise pick from the organization, Sullivan is going to surprise no one with how quick he is. That's why he will work on becoming even faster. His overall 40 time is just under the most recent numbers taken from the Saints Jacquizz Rodgers, but that will not be the case soon enough after bringing in former gold medalist Usain Bolt in as an outside expert. Together they will be working inside the weight room and out on the track to get that extra bit of home run ability out of the second round pick.

LT A.C. Terrell

Terrell is expected to come in and immediately compete for the starting left tackle spot opposite team stalwart D'Brickshaw Ferguson. In order to win that battle, Terrell will need to improve his strength and become the overall physical freak he is expected to be. As he was eating a box of Oreos, Coach Crennell was quoted with, "I want all of my linemen to be able to push the sled with me on it, not an easy task. A.C. is only able to move me a few feet and we'll make sure to fix that in camp."

OT/OG Darrell Freeman

Right alongside Terrell in pushing those sleds will be fellow second round pick Darrell Freeman. In his transition to offensive guard, Freeman will be up against even bigger and heavier defensive tackles and will be expected to open up holes for Rice and Sullivan. In order to help both linemen, the team has brought in olympic style trainers to help with the fast twitch muscle movements and getting the biggest bursts of strength possible.

DT Datone Jones

Another second round pick, although from last years draft, Datone Jones is ready to step up his game in his second year next to run stuffer B.J. Raji. Jones is much more of the pass rushing side of the duo. However, Raji is getting older and Jones will be expected to contribute more into stopping the run. Therefore he will be working on his strength for the other side of the ball, and will be a good foil against Terrell and Freeman as they all work to improve in this aspect of their game.
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Flying Into a New Year - Jets Offseason Moves
Offseason Recap

The Jets made a number of offseason moves this year in an effort to mold the team into an image that their new GM prefers. The first thing that happened was that several trades were made in an effort to create a more efficient offense.


QB EJ Manuel to the Chiefs for 1.17

In a trade many Jets fans worried was a lateral move, the team sent last years team leader, EJ Manuel, to the Bengals for the exact pick that he had been taken with in the previous year's draft. Seen as far too long term of a project for likely very inconsistent dividends, the new front office decided to move in a different direction at quarterback and wanted to make the most out of the value in a young man with a years starting experience already under his belt.

Pick 4.10 to the Seahawks for WR David Nelson

Instead of drafting another young WR to boost the Jets receiving core, an old friend of the new GMs was brought in from his days in charge of the Bills personnel decisions. In came David Nelson, a lanky wideout at 6'5" who will come in to provide a strong red zone target and another weapon at the disposal of a suddenly very strong Jet passing attack.

CB Jermaine Evans and a 7th next year to the Chiefs for CB Curtis Erickson and a 2nd next year.

With two young starting corners already, 3rd round pick in 2015 Jermaine Evans was one of the few Jets pieces that was both desirable and expendable. With so many other positions in a more dire need, the FO turned this good, young player into a future second round pick while also receiving a functional dime CB in return.

Picks 1.4, 1.17, and MLB Ernest Munoz to the Bengals for picks 1.1 and 2.32

Finally showing their hand, the Jets sent off two first rounders and last years team leading defender for the first overall pick and a late second rounder. Paying a very steep price, it was the only way for the team to make sure that not only a replacement was found for the jettisoned EJ Manuel, but arguably a massive improvement in Ole Miss signal caller Jonathan Higgins.

TE Dustin Keller, pick 3.8, and pick 5.10 to the Rams for Pick 2.18 and pick 4.17.

Another controversial move in sending off a fan favorite and arguable the best pass catching TE in the league, the Jets FO was looking to stockpile another second round draft selection. What these picks end up becoming could go a long way in how this trade is ultimately judged.

Picks 2.32 and 3.25 to the Lions for Pick 2.19

The last offseason trade made, this was simply an effort by the team to consolidate picks into a better player. The move depends entirely on how the selections are used. Still, it could be argued that the Jets should be using as many selections as possible to try and fill some massive holes.

The Draft

After trading season was closed for the drafting holidays, it was time for the bread and butter of any good front office. This was a chance to Jets fans to see how all of the offseason moves for picks would work in shaping the team in a new direction.

Pick 1.1 - QB Jonathan Higgins, Ole Miss
This years version of the "can't miss" quarterback was a 6'6" monster out of the SEC. With a massive frame, it will be nearly impossible for passes to be knocked down at the line of scrimmage, and vision down field will never be an issue. While not the most mobile of signal callers, Higgins has shown ability to shrug defenders off and was just short of the combine bench press record for QBs set by Tim Tebow.

Pick 2.10 - LT A.C. Terrell, S. Carolina
Going back to the SEC, the Jets had Terrell listed as the second best tackle in the draft and was surprised to see him fall to 2.10. Immediately one of the most agile linemen in the league, Terrell also comes with strength, speed, and acceleration to back it up along with strong blocking technique. Where he has struggled is in picking up defensive schemes and doing anything other than picking the man in front of him and shutting him down.

Pick 2.18 - OT/OG Darrell Freeman, Washington
Looking to the other coast to keep shoring up the offensive line, Darrell Freeman was taken out of Washington. While not as physically gifted as some of the other linemen taken, Freeman has incredible blocking technique for a rookie and projects as a long term offensive guard with a bit of professional strength training.

Pick 2.19 - HB Chase Sullivan, UCLA
In keeping with an offseason theme of controversy, with their last pick in the second round, the Jets selected HB Chase Sullivan out of UCLA. Rated much lower on many draft boards, this was actually a pick where the FO simply went for who they thought was the best player available. GZL is a league known for valuing strong, bruising back as opposed to quicker, agile backs. However, a limited history has shown that small, shift backs can succeed in this league. Examples include former Bill CJ Spiller in the few times he has been given a strong carry load, and New Orleans Saint Jacquizz Rodgers who averaged over 4.5 yards over his first three years while adding a serious receiving threat out of the backfield. The Jets believe this could be quite the steal when its all said and done.

Pick 4.4 - P Alex McLean, N.C. State
Picking up the best punter in the draft, the Jets went ahead and used their first fourth round selection on McLean out of NC State. McLean will come in and immediately replace incumbent Jeff Locke, who just does not have the leg strength to be a GZL punter.

Pick 4.12 - DT Antonio Radetsky, Idaho
Filling a roster requirement, the Jets took who they saw as the best defensive tackle available. Unfortunately, Radetsky turned out to be a bit of a show pony, and through early practices has not shown quite the speed or the strength as he has showed at the combine. Radetsky will see some playing time due to lack of depth, but will be limited to as few of snaps as possible.

Pick 4.17 - FS Brady McMillan, Georgia
Picked at the behest of Bacarri Rambo looking to play with a former teammate, McMillan. While a decent player, McMillan did not show skills that weren't readily available on the roster and was not signed due to asking for too much money.

Pick 4.19 - LT Courtney Hawkins, BYU
Hawkins was brought in to provide depth at tackle on both sides and will be able to do just that in his rookie year. However, he has shown less speed than expected, while having gotten stronger and more agile. This may be enough to eventually move him into an offensive guard position.

Pick 5.4 - MLB Price Calderon, Maryland
Calderon was a player known at Maryland for his intangibles more than for being a physical freak. With his signing, he has proved to have a strong work ethic already improving on his speed and acceleration, two things highly value at his position. He will be given a third string spot on the roster for the season with potential to move into a second string role as his career progresses.

While there were not too many players with contracts ending after the past season for the Jets, there were a couple of big names.

HB Ray Rice
Rice was given a new 2 year contract that will see him with the team through the age of 31. A more typical GZL type back, Rice is a bruiser who knows how to accelerate into the hole and throw off a few defenders. He does lack the home run potential of rookie Chase Sullivan, but should be the lead horse while the other comes in as a change of pace for his first season.

OLB Clint Session
Formerly one of the speediest linebackers in the league, Session has lost a step or two over the past couple of seasons. That has not stopped him from being effective, as even with some lost speed, he is more than adequate in that department. He is also one of the surest tackling outside linebackers around and will be able to help both against the run and the pass.

C Nick Mangold
One of the team captains and longstanding starting center, Mangold was a no brainer resign for the team. He was given a 3 year deal to keep him in green until he is 35 and is expected to be a key part of the team until he retires.
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Early Changes for the New York Jets
Gang Green Gazette: All Things Jets

After less than a week on the job, the newest GM in the GZL has started reforming his team in New York.

The very first move saw the Jets EJ Manuel to Kansas City in exchange for the 17th overall selection in the 2016 draft. This is the exact same pick in which Manuel was selected the year before, prior to leading his new team to a 5-11 record. Seeing their exciting, young signal caller from last season has upset quite a few Jets fans, a group not known for being timid with their opinions. "What does this ****ing foreigner know about football?" (Wendel is moving to New Jersey from Australia, despite originally being from Florida).

From there, even bigger headlines have been made, which has sent Jets fans into more of a frenzy, in addition to annoying early mock drafters. The front office has packaged 1.4 from last years disaster of a season, 1.17 from the Manuel trade, and the teams best defensive player from 2015, MLB Ernest Munoz for the first overall pick as well as 2.32. It is an incredibly steep price to pay to move up only 3 spots, especially for a team with as many needs as the Jets have on both sides of the ball.

At the press conference to announce the latest trade, GM Wendel was quoted with "I struggled for quite a while with this move. However, the two positions this draft is strongest at are cornerback and wide receiver. Neither of those are positions of immediate need for us and we could not afford to miss out on one of our top two targets in either Jonathan Higgins or Michael Millen."

Guesses are that the Jets will select Higgins with the first overall pick to replace Manuel. Critics suggest that this is quite a shuffle just to move laterally in gaining a different young, talented QB. Defensively, this will likely result in David Harris moving into a familiar MLB role for the team, allowing plenty of playing time for young OLB Curtis Hudson alongside of his veteran counterparts.
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Jets Introduce New GM
A new era is starting in New York at the Jets' Headquarters. After going 11-21 over the course of 2 seasons, the ownership group thought that it was time to make a change in the front office. With that comes in former Bills and Cardinals GM, Greg Wendel.

Convinced to come out of retirement, Wendel is known in the GZL for taking a largely talentless Buffalo Bills team to a respectable record over the last 8 weeks of the 2010 season and the entirety of 2011 before being hired away by the Arizona Cardinals for 2012. In Arizona, he was known for the bold move of sending off star CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie in return for Antoine Cason and the second overall pick in 2012 to select WR Julio Jones as a target for second year QB Christian Ponder. That team then went on to go 10-6 before losing in the Divisional Round of the 2012 playoffs.

However, there are some questions that still surround the new GM in New Jersey. While he has this history of getting every bit of talent out of weaker rosters, there is no history at all of taking that next step and turning a talented roster into a serious Super Bowl contender. That dream may be a long way off for this Jets team, but it still must be taken into consideration.

Either way, big things are expected in New York as Wendel steps into an AFC East Division with no clear dominant team over the past few years. Whether this changing of the guard will pay off is yet to be seen. Already there have been rumors of several key players from the old regime being shipped off as they may not fit around the sort of team that will be built over the 2016 season and beyond.
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Graham, Jets Grind Out Win To Stop Skid At Three

Jets QB E.J. Manuel (3) outruns a gang of Miami defenders on the way to a 58-yard scamper for the game-winning TD.

Graham, Jets Grind Out Win To Stop Skid At Three

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - For a moment there, it looked like the Jets had found yet another way to let a game slip out of their hands. After controlling the game for three and a half quarters, the Jets allowed Miami to conduct an 80-yard TD drive (including two fourth down conversions) that brought them within a FG of taking the lead, at 15-13. After some shotty clock management by the Jets, the Dolphins got the ball back with under 1:00 to play in the game, and facing roughly 55-yards or so to have a shot at a FG, thanks to a coffin kick that pinned them inside their own 10. On 3rd and 10, with :45 left in the game, Jets CB D.J. Hayden gambled on a hook route, and lost, leading to a 92-yard scoring catch and run by Kevin Ogletree. Another game choked away by this young Jets team, right?

Not so fast. On the ensuing KR, Jamaal Charles fielded the squib kick and brought it back just across the 40 yard-line. With :30 left in the game, it was up to rookie QB E.J. Manuel, who had struggled again passing the ball in this one, to get the Jets into the endzone in order for the Jets to pull out the win. On the first play of the drive, the Jets came out with a 4-WR set and E.J. in the gun. On the snap, E.J. immediately took off between his LT and LG where there was some space due to Miami being in man coverage and having their backs turned to him. Manuel proceeded to outrun the three Dolphin defenders giving chase enroute to a 58-yard, game-winning TD run with less than :10 to play.

“That was just a big time play,” said Jets coach Romeo Crennel, “E.J. wasn’t having the most effective game throwing the ball tonight, but he never got down on himself and he found a way to help us get this win.”

As exciting as Manuel’s big run at the end was, it was second-year HB Ray Graham that was key cog in the Jets, carrying a career-high 37 times for 157 yards in the game.

“What can you say … he’s been given an opportunity over these last couple of games, and he’s really taken that and run with it,” said Crennel.

The win puts the Jets at a paltry 2-4 for the season, but thanks to the lack of any team taking control of the division, the Jets are just one game out of the top spot. Next up is a visit from the Baltimore Ravens.
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Manuel Struggles, As Jets Fall To 1-4

Manuel Struggles, As Jets Fall To 1-4

Houston, TX (AP) - In another game where they played well enough to win for about 90% of the game, the Jets found a new way to lose as they fell 23-10 to the Houston Texans. The loss is the third straight for the club, and puts them at 1-4 on the season.

QB EJ Manuel is a rookie after all, as was evidenced by his four-INT performance. Despite throwing for over 300 yards in the game, Manuel got caught trying to force too many passes into tight windows, and the Texans defenders did an excellent job in making plays on the balls and turning the Jets offense over.

"We like what we were seeing as far as confidence goes for [E.J]," said Crennel, "And the majority of those INTs today were not even really 'bad' passes, the defenders just made great plays."

Crennel and Co. go creative in a attempt to get HB Jamaal Charles out of his recent unproductive streak. This week the speedster spent time in the slot, while only lining up in the backfield mainly on 3rd downs. The strategy worked, to a degree. Charles led the team with 89 yards receiving, with a TD. And also picked up another 18 yards on the ground, on four carries.

MLB Ernest Munoz led the way on defense with 10 tackles, three of which were for losses.

Coach Crennel stated that he and GM Corey Smith will go back to the drawing board and see how they want to proceed over the next couple days. The Jets play host to the Miami Dolphins in week 7.
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Jets Drop Home Opener To San Francisco

Jets Drop Home Opener To San Francisco

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - Jets coach Romeo Crennel said before the game that a very pass-heavy gameplan was going to be deployed this week against the 49ers. What Crennel did not plan for was the early departure of rookie QB E.J. Manuel. Unable to get the offense into a consistent rhythm, backup QB Troy Smith, in his first game as a Jet, was unable to grab a reachable ‘W’ as the Jets fell 24-17 in their home-opener.

Manuel came out in a good flow, hitting WR’ Stevie Johnson and Anthony Perez for first downs, and running for another on the first drive, before leaving the game with what has been reported as broken ribs.

“It was unfortunate,” said Crennel, “We felt like E.J. was going to be able to do some things against this defense, but he didn’t get the chance. That’s part of the game. Troy did an admirable job taking over for him, given that he just joined us this week.”

In his backup duty, Smith hit on 14 of 26 passes for 201 yards to go along with a TD and an INT (QB Rating of 76.0). HB Jamaal Charles wasn’t able to make up the difference of having Manuel sidelined, but also didn’t have many opportunities to. Charles carried only 13 times for 42 yards (3.23 YPC), and failed to pick up his first TD as a Jet. Rookie WR Anthony Perez continued is monster season, grabbing another 8 passes for 175 yards and a TD.

“He continues to impress us. And he continues to prove that he doesn’t need deep passes to make his mark, he’s been tremendous running after the catch,” said Crennel.

Once again, the Jets defense played a stout game and held another offense in check, despite their own offense being able to sustain drives and provide them with any rest. MLB Ernest Munoz tallied 8 tackles in the game, giving him 35 already this season. SS Bacarri Rambo was a presence in many plays, registering 8 tackles and a sack of his own. And DE Robert Ayers notched his sixth sack of the season.

The Jets now head into their BYE week sitting at a disappointing 1-3 mark. Crennel said the goal of this week is to simply get a couple of guys healthy.

“Yes, it’s disappointing to have dropped three of the first four, especially with two of those being divisional games. But we know we had a chance to win all of the games we’ve played so far. So we just need to clean up some things and get back on the field.”
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Jets Can't Quite Escape With Win In Rainy South Beach
 photo PerezTDb_zpsd1f16692.png
Jets TE Dustin Keller [83] pulls in one of his 10 passes on the day. This one just prior to his 36-yard, go-ahead TD grab.

Jets Can't Quite Escape With Win In Rainy South Beach

Miami, FL (AP) - Despite several critical mistakes, and failing to capitalize on the Dolphins', the Jets were in position to win their second-straight at the end of the game. But Miami held on at home to notch the 19-16 OT victory.

"It's always tough to drop a chance to grab a divisional road win," said Jets head coach Romeo Crennel, "It also really digs at me that our rookie QB has played like a grizzled vet over this three-game road trip to start the season, and the guys around him have only given him enough support for one of those games. But we'll be okay. We'll get back to the drawing board and get ready for our home opener next weekend."

QB E.J. Manuel had his best game as a pro in the rainy, sloppy divisional battle, connecting on 26 of 38 passes (68.4%) for 308 yards and a TD and zero INTs (101.7 QB Rating). Manuel also ran for two first downs in the game, while only being sacked one time trying to escape pressure. The rookie QB also led a drive that culminated in a 36-yard TD strike to take a 16-13 lead with under a minute to play in the 4th.

"We expected E.J. to have his struggles, especially early on in this season ... and maybe those struggles are still to come," said Crennel, "But man, the kid has been lights out for us in all three of the games so far. It's exciting."

After WR's Michael Crabtree and Markus Wheaton left the game in the first half with injuries, TE Dustin Keller was thrust into more of a WR role for the remainder of the game. It's safe to say that he felt quite at home in the spot, finishing the game with 10 receptions for 151 yards and the aforementioned TD.

"That right there just goes to show why we missed Dustin so much when he went down last year. He's a matchup problem," said Crennel.

After a breakout game in week two, HB Jamaal Charles struggled again to find running room and finished with just 44 yards on 18 carries (2.44YPC), and also had a critical fumble inside the 'Phins 5 yard-line. The fumble was the second of two fumbles the Jets committed inside the 10 yard-line. WR Stevie Johnson was the offender on the first one on the second drive of the game.

Defensively, the Jets gave up over 400 yards in the game, which is more than the team has allowed all season. The unit lacked the opportunistic trait in this one, given that the 'Phins put the ball on the ground five times in the game, with the Jets only able to jump on one of them.

"The missed opportunities on fumbles is disappointing, but that is what it is. It's a 50/50 type of thing," said Crennel, "The bigger problem that we had in this one was that we couldn't get off the field on third downs. They made a few huge 3rd down conversions in the game, that really helped decide this thing."

Crennel is speaking of the 3rd and 25 that Dolphins rookie signal caller Mike Glennon converted in the fourth quarter deep in their own territory that helped keep the ball away from the Jets, who were down 10-9 at that point. The Jets surrendered 10 of 18 3rd down conversions in the game.

MLB Ernest Munoz led the way for the Jets on defense, registering 12 tackles, including one for a loss and one sack. DE Robert Ayers registered his 5th sack of the season, as well.

A brutal, season-opening three-game road trip is now over for the Jets. As they sit 1-2, they will prepare for their home opener against the San Francisco 49ers.

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Offense Comes Alive As Jets Roll Jaguars On The Road
 photo PerezTDb_zpsd1f16692.png

Offense Comes Alive As Jets Roll Jaguars On The Road

Jacksonville, FL (AP) - It hasn’t been often in second-year head coach Romeo Crennel’s tenure with the Jets that his offense has gotten in a groove, but they sure were Sunday in Jacksonville en route to a 34-13 win.

“Of course you love it when your offense runs as efficiently as ours did today, and the defense is as locked in as our guys were,” said Crennel, “But like last week, we can’t get too high or low after games. I don’t think anyone in our locker room thinks we found some magic gameplan, and that the rest of the season will be a breeze. We worked very hard this week to find an offensive gameplan that we hoped would be more effective than last weeks, and we’ll have to work just as hard next week to find another one.”

Crennel and his staff may have found something special in the E.J. Manuel-to-Anthony Perez connection during the draft. The two have connected eight times in the first two games for 264 yards and 3 TDs, with Perez picking up major YAC in the process.

“It’s been tremendous for us,” said Crennel, “When we can get a guy the ball on a short or intermediate pass, and he can take it to the house, it can really be a blow to the defense.”

Manuel finished the game with 269 yards on 62% passing, and tossed four TDs to just one INT (120.0 QB Rating). While Perez pulled in 4 passes for 162 yards and 2 TDs. WR Stevie Johnson and TE Dustin Keller also pulled in Manuel TD passes. HB Jamaal Charles played a major role, as well, in the big offensive performance. The eighth-year man out of Texas carried 21 times for 157 yards, with a long of 31.

Defensively the Jets were able to keep the Jaguars offense in check for the majority of the game. The Jags managed only 95 yards of offense in the first half, including just 10 on the ground from second-year back Bull Griggs. The Jets were able to get to QB Phillip Rivers four times on the day (Session, Munoz, Arenas, Clayborn), which, until late in the fourth quarter, kept Rivers’ numbers very pedestrian. OLB Clint Session had a couple of major-impact plays with a 3rd-down sack and a late-game INT. CB Prince Amukamara also was strong in the game, registering 7 tackles and breaking up 5 passes.

Next up is the final game of the season-opening three-game road trip, when the Jets travel to South Beach to face division-rival Miami. The two teams split their meetings last season.

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Jets Fall In Season Opener To The Bills

Jets Fall In Season Opener To The Bills

Orchard Park, NY (AP) - It wasn’t the result that Jets head coach Romeo Crennel had hoped for, but despite falling 17-10, the teams’ season opener left the coach optimistic about his second season with the team.

“We got out there and knocked some heads around on defense, and E.J. [Manuel] did a really nice job for us, given the circumstances of the game,” said Crennel.

The Jets chances looked good in the first half as they appeared to be headed for a 10-7 halftime lead after Manuel hooked up with fellow rookie WR Anthony Perez for a 66 yard strike. But after a long completion after the ensuing kickoff, Bills QB Robert Griffin III snapped the ball with 0:01 left in the half and found HB Darren McFadden up the right sideline, while Jets rookie CB D.J. Hayden had got turned around. McFadden caught the ball around the ten, and Hayden couldn’t recover enough to bring him down short of the goal-line. This allowed the Bills to head into halftime tied up, 10-10.

“That was a bit of a blow for us, because we had pretty much shut down their offense up until that point. We were lucky to be able to get into the locker room and regroup right after that,” said Crennel.

The second half proved to be a continuation of the defensive struggle, on both ends. Manuel navigated a drive into FG position early in the third quarter, but K Nick Folk pushed the 39 yard attempt wide right. Later in the third, the Bills manufactured a back-breaking 17-play drive that stretched into the mid-fourth quarter, and capped it with a 1-yard Ahmad Bradshaw TD.

“That was the decisive stretch in the game,” said Crennel, “That miss obviously hurt us, but the inability for our defense to get off the field on that drive was crucial. It forced us to have to put E.J. in a position of having to work a quicker-paced, higher-pressure offense.”

Manuel finished the game with 195 yards on 11 of 18 passing, with a TD and an INT (93.5 QB Rating). Jamaal Charles, after a solid first half, was shut down in the second half and finished with 77 yards on 25 carries. Rookie WR had an outstanding debut game, grabbing 4 passes for 102 yards and a TD.

MLB Ernest Munoz lead the way on Defense with 9 tackles, while DE Robert Ayers made a major impact in his first game as a Jet, registering 4 sacks.

Next up for the Jets is a visit to the defending AFC Champ Jacksonville Jaguars, who are coming off an embarrassing loss, and will be looking to return to form.

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Jets Swap Bulldozer Hillis For Speedster Charles

Jets Swap Bulldozer Hillis For Speedster Charles

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - In a continuation of his roster churning, Jets GM Corey Smith pulled the trigger on a deal over the weekend that sent recently-acquired HB Peyton Hillis to the Kansas City Chiefs in return for HB Jamaal Charles .

"This is a deal that made sense for all parties involved," said Smith, "We weren't by any means discouraged by what we saw from Peyton throughout training camp and the preseason, this move was just in the better interest of our team. We had been looking for a homerun-hitter since we got here, and Jamaal will provide that for us."

Despite being one of the most productive backs in the GZL's history, Charles had fallen in bad favor with the Chiefs front office following a down season in which the team lost starting QB Andrew Luck early on. Smith and the Jets expect Charles to return to form in the 2015 season, and will look to extend his contract at season's end. Hillis was due to earn $5.6M and $7.27M over the following two seasons, which likely played a factor in the decision to trade him, given Hillis' place on the HB life cycle. Charles is also at the same spot on the life cycle, but due to his top-level explosiveness, he'll still have several useful years remaining following this season.

The addition of Charles gives the Jets three key UFA’s for the upcoming offseason (C Nick Mangold , FS Darnell Goodman ), which the Jets will have plenty of cap space to secure all three, should they choose to do so.

Second-year HB Ray Graham will continue to fill the backup HB role, with rookie Peter Hudson sitting in the HB3 spot.

“I wouldn’t expect Romeo to change much, gameplan-wise. Jamaal will be able to slide right in there and pickup where we left off,” said Smith.
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E.J. Manuel Seizes QB Job, Jets Prepare For 2015 Season

E.J. Manuel Seizes QB Job, Jets Prepare For 2015 Season

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - Offseason tweaking is done, and the players have endured training camp and the preseason, now it’s time to get down to the real business. This week marks the start to the GZL’s 2015 season, and the Jets will have the privilege of participating in the league’s opening night game when they visit the defending AFC East champion Bills.

The Jets, as usual, opened up camp with every position up for grabs. While most incumbent starters retained their spots, there were several battles that came down to the final days. Most notably was the QB position, where Kevin Kolb and rookie E.J. Manuel had battled for the opening night nod.

“When we drafted E.J. we made it very clear to everyone involved that the QB job was going to be a pure competition, with the best performer getting the keys,” said Jets head coach Romeo Crennel, “And me and my staff were pleasantly surprised to see E.J. perform as well as his did. He earned the chance to start out this season in the driver’s seat. We’ll see how far he can take us.”

Manuel navigated his first preseason well, hitting on over 55% of his passes and tossing 4 TD’s and ringing up 419 yards , while throwing just 2 INTs. The rookie finished with a very nice 98.3 QB Rating, and picked up 37 yards on the ground.

Also impressive throughout training camp and the preseason has been WR Anthony Perez. The third-round pick out of Texas has shown a deep threat ability that has been missing for the Jets, and has earned the WR spot opposite Pro Bowler Stevie Johnson. Perez earning that spot has pushed Michael Crabtree to the slot spot, and fellow rookie Markus Wheaton down to the slot2 spot.

With Manuel at the helm in week one, here is what the Jets starting lineup will look like:

LT Charles Brown | LG Evan Mathis | C Nick Mangold | RG Bryan Bulaga | D’Brickashaw Ferguson
WR Stevie Johnson | WR Michael Crabtree | TE Dustin Keller | WR Anthony Perez
HB Peyton Hillis | QB E.J. Manuel | FB Le’Ron McClain

Defensively, not much has changed from prior to training camp. As expected, rookie DT Datone Jones and CB D.J. Hayden will step in as day-one starters, while third-round pick OLB Curtis Hudson was edged out by new FA acquisition Clint Session for the ROLB job.

Other than those changes, the defensive unit will look very similar to the2014 unit that finished as the GZL’s #1 pass defense:

LE Robert Ayers | DT Datone Jones | DT B.J. Raji | RE Adrian Clayborn
LOLB David Harris | MLB Ernest Munoz | ROLB Clint Session
LCB D.J. Hayden | SS Bacarri Rambo | FS Darnell Goodman | CB Prince Amukamara


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Jets Bag Ten In Rookie Draft, Manuel First Choice

Jets Bag Ten In Rookie Draft, Manuel First Choice

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - Since the draft preparations for the New York Jets began, knowing that they wouldn't be in position to select consensus top-QB prospect Kendall Irving, the top guy on their board had been QB E.J. Manuel. The 6’5” 237lb Manuel had a successful college career at Florida State University, and has a game that resembles that of former #2 overall pick Cam Newton when he was coming out of Auburn.

“E.J. has the size, arm, and throwing ability of a pocket passer, but has the ability to be effective with his legs, too. We love that about him,” said Jets GM Corey Smith, “Having spent all four years in college, he’s be able to learn the game and prepare himself for the opportunity to play in the GZL.”

Manuel will enter camp as the #2 quarterback on the roster, but will have every chance to compete for the starting job with incumbent Kevin Kolb, who is coming off of a solid first season with the club.

Smith’s strategy heading into the draft was to bring in guys that can contribute right away, given that the team is still in a rebuilding process.

“We’re not exactly in the position to be looking to draft guys that have the potential to be good, or that are raw physical freaks,” said Smith, “We ended up grabbing a couple of potential guys towards the end of the draft, once we grabbed several guys that we plan to have on the field right away.”

The remainder of NYJ’s nine picks were as follows:

1.32 | CB D.J. Hayden – 5’11” 192lbs, Houston
Hayden will step in to fill the huge shoes of the departed Darrelle Revis. His speed, ball skills, and ability to support the run were big factors in selecting him.

2.14 | DE/DT Datone Jones – 6’4” 283lbs, UCLA
Jones, who is a bit of a tweener, is expected to put on some weight and kick down inside to provide a pass-rushing presence next to space eater B.J. Raji.

2.31 | WR Markus Wheaton – 5’11” 189lbs, Oregon State
Void of a slot guy on the roster, Wheaton is another guys that will immediately step into a starting role as the inside WR in three-WR sets. His explosiveness and strength were factors in is being selected.

3.01 | OLB Curtis Hudson – 6’3” 244lbs, Illinois
Smith and Crennel seem to be forever looking for LB’s. Hudson has decent speed, great acceleration and good instincts. He will compete with Tavon Fields for the starting ROLB gig.

3.06 | WR Anthony Perez – 6’3” 217lbs, Texas
When Smith spoke of a “couple of potential” guys, he surely meant Perez as one of them. At 6’3”, Perez is a burner with outstanding leaping ability. He’s shown major inconsistency catching the ball in college, and will need to improve there to be successful in the GZL.

3.15 | HB Peter Hudson – 5’8” 209lbs, Auburn
Hudson is a head-scratcher pick at this spot, as more impressive HB’s were left at this point. Rumors from sources close to the situation have said that Smith wrote the name written down on the card incorrectly for the pick. But he would not confirm or deny the rumors. Regardless, Hudson has the ability to push HB James Davis out of the teams final HB spot, mainly due to his KR ability.

3.19 | CB Jermaine Evans – 6’0” 190lbs, Virginia Tech
Smith stated that he was very excited to find a CB of Evans’ ability where he did. While he doesn’t have very good ball skill (to put it politely), he has good strength and size, and has excellent leaping ability. He’ll push Javier Arenas for the nickel job.

4.02 | OT Damon Porter – 6’7” 346lbs, Wisconsin
Meet “potential guy” number two. An absolute Massive human being, Porter is extremely athletic for his size. Although, just as surprisingly, he’s not very strong. Porter is rare in that he has very good football smarts, but has pretty poor technique.

5.26 | FS D.J. Swearinger – 5’11” 206lbs, South Carolina
It’s not too often that a starter caliber guy is found in the late-fifth, but Smith thinks they grabbed one here. Pending his progress heading into camp, Swearinger may just push Pro Bowl FS Darnell Goodman, who is heading into a contract year.

The Jets will hold their OTA’s in a couple weeks, followed by mandatory mini-camp. Stay tuned ...

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End Of An Era: Jets Amnesty Icon Darrelle Revis

End Of An Era: Jets Amnesty Icon Darrelle Revis

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - In the final days leading up to the 2015 GZL draft Jets GM Corey Smith and Head Coach Romeo Crennel have been tucked in their dungeon evaluating both the rookie draft class, as well as the current roster.

A major buzz was sent through the GZL today, as the Jets have amnestied franchise cornerstone CB Darrelle Revis. Sources close to the team have said that Revis is not fond of the upcoming change to the defensive scheme caused by the arrival of Ayers, and he would also like to play for a contender. Smith and Crennel would neither confirm or deny these reports.

"It's always a tough decision to move on from a franchise type player," said Smith, "But we had to be honest with ourselves and realize that, while we have a road map we're following to get where we want to be, we're likely not going to be contending this year. This move will allow us to make some moves to continue to strengthen this roster. And it will also give Darrelle the chance to possibly go somewhere that he can help win a championship."

The move won't be all bad for the Jets, given the cap room it would create, and the emergence of CB Prince Amukamara in 2014. But it will leave a gaping hole that would have to be addressed at CB.

In other news, after a minor trade with the Chicago Bears which sent 1.24, 6.06, 7.06 in return for picks 2.13, 2.29, and 5.21, the Jets now have ten picks, seven of which are in the first 70 picks of the draft.

The team has hosted several prospects at their facilities over the last couple of weeks, giving them the ability to see firsthand who would be a good fit for the team. The most prominent position that has been a part of the facility visits has been QB. Many draft pundits expect, and rightfully so, that the Jets may look at a QB for their first-round pick.

After the team’s acquisition of DE Robert Ayers in Free Agency, DE/DT Kendall Langford has been actively shopped around the league. Smith has noted that if Langford remains with the team, he will slide inside and play DT full-time for the Jets in 2015.

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Jets Lure UFA DE Robert Ayers, Make Other Moves

DE Robert Ayers (91) signed a 5-year, $50M contract with the Jets this week.

Jets Lure UFA DE Robert Ayers, Make Other Moves

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - With the GZL offseason in full stride, New York Jets GM Corey Smith has been busy in his effort to reshape the teams’ roster. The second-year GM has already made several decisions on players, lured one UFA to join the Jets, and is fully engaged in his draft scouting process in preparation for next week’s GZL draft.

Smith’s first order of business was to take care of the two players that he had the ability to do so for: DT B.J. Raji and WR Stevie Johnson. Raji was set to hit the open market as a Free Agent, but came to terms with the team on a 5-year, $24.99M contract that included $10M in guarantees. After a breakout, Pro Bowl season in which he averaged over 19YPC on 75 catches to go along with 11 TDs, WR Stevie Johnson was rewarded 5-year extension worth $20.36M, $8.1M of which is guaranteed.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Jets have decided to part ways with several players, as well. WR Devier Posey and OLB Demario Davis were both waived by the team. While UFA OG Justin Smiley, HB Donald Brown, FS Sherwood Galarza, QB Vince Young, and DT Phil Fowler have all been informed that they will not be re-signed. WR Brooks Foster, who was unhappily stuck at #3 on the depth chart, was dealt to the Arizona Cardinals in return for their 4th round pick.

In more unexpected news, the team has dealt HB Keith Payne and two fourth-round picks to the Denver Broncos in return for picks 1.24 and 2.07 in the upcoming GZL Draft. The Jets paid a similar price to the St. Louis Rams last offseason for Payne’s services. But Payne was unhappy that the team chose to extend Stevie Johnson, rather than his own contract, and had asked to be traded.

On the unrestricted free agency front, Smith made an aggressive offer in an attempt to lure DE Robert Ayers out of Denver and to the Big Apple. Smith made a 5-year offer worth $10M/yr to the six-year man out of Georgia with the hope that the Broncos organization didn’t value him at that price. They didn’t, and Ayers will suit up for the Jets in 2015, and beyond.

“When a guy that is in the middle of his prime and is #4 on the career sacks list hits the open market, I feel like you have to at least make a run at him,” said Smith, “Robert is a disruptive force from the DE spot, and you can never have enough of those on your roster. We had some cap space, and we wanted to see if we could make use of it. And we did.”

Next up for the Jets is the Draft. The team holds 10 picks going in, again. And hold six of the first 70 picks, including two in each of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds.

“We’re excited that we’ll be able to pick that many times. There’s a lot of talent to be had, and we look forward to adding some of these guys to our roster,” said Smith.
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Jets Coach Crennel: “We just weren’t good enough.”

Crennel: “We just weren’t good enough.”

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - After a season filled with more downs than ups, Jets head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Corey Smith are already focused on the 2015 season. “There are not really many excuses we can make this season. We just weren’t good enough,” said Crennel, “We were able to hang around ballgames for the most part, but had issues with finishing. We’ll focus on improving certain aspects this offseason.”

After getting off to a respectable 3-2 start, things quickly went downhill when HB Keith Payne (6 weeks) and TE Dustin Keller (placed on IR) both went down with injuries in back-to-back weeks. The result was the Jets managing just three more wins the rest of the season. “We got hit in a couple positions where we didn’t have much depth, and we didn’t handle that adversity very well,” said Crennel.

The disappointing season wasn’t completely void of positives, though. Crennel showed optimism based on some things they can build on for next season. QB Kevin Kolb, who took over for Matt Schaub after week 4, threw for over 235/ypg while throwing better than 2 TDs per INT (21TD/9INT), and finished the season with a 85.7 QB Rating. HB Payne rushed for 995 yards (4.72 YPC) 2 TD’s and fumbled only one time in the 11 games he played in. And in his first season with the Jets, WR Stevie Johnson reeled in 75 passes for 1,426 yards and 11 TDs, while only dropping 8 passes all season. Johnson’s 19 YPC ranked 2nd in the GZL.

Defensively, the Jets finished #1 in the GZL in pass defense and #3 in scoring defense. No doubt, these rankings were tainted due to their horrendous rush defense (29th in the GZL), but still leaves something to hang their hat on for this season. ILB’s Ernest Munoz and David Harris both registered 90+ Tackle, 11+ TFL, 3 Sack seasons. The two also combined for four INTs, 23 Deflections and 3 FF. Rookie SS Bacarri Rambo was third on the team with 78 tackles, and also had 5 TFL, 2 INTs, a FF and FR. Fellow rookie OLB DeVonte Holloman had an outstanding rookie campaign registering 42 tackles, 9 TFL, 9 Sacks (tied for most among all rookies), and 2 INTs. Veteran CB Darrelle Revis came up with 78 stops to go along with 5 INTs and 29 breakups. Third-year CB Prince Amukamara came up with 65 stops of his own, while picking off two passes and breaking up another 37 (2nd in the GZL).

Now it’s time for coach Crennel to hand the steering wheel back over to GM Smith as the franchise shifts its focus to the offseason. Smith won’t be armed with much ammo to make many changes this offseason, but he is focused on improving the roster via the draft, while setting up the organization to be a player in the 2016 offseason.
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Kolb Sharp As Jets End Four-Game Skid

Kolb Sharp As Jets End Four-Game Skid

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - After a frustrating four-week skid where they lost four games by an average margin of just over a FG, QB Kevin Kolb and the Jets offense finally righted the ship enough to get back into the win column, as the Jets held off a late surge by the Colts to win 24-16.

“It’s been a difficult month, or so, for all of us,” said Jets head coach Romeo Crennel, “It wasn’t that we were playing terrible football, we just weren’t able to finish teams off over that stretch. It’s always a good feeling to get a W after a drought like that. Now we have to try and build on it.”

After a week of in-practice battling between himself and Vince Young, Kevin Kolb was able to retain his starting job, and made the most of it this week. Kolb hit on 15 of his 19 attempts for 210 yards and 2 TDs (147.8 QB Rating). It was the sort of efficient performance that the Jets have been needing since the unit lost HB Keith Payne and TE Dustin Keller to injury before the 4-game skid. WR Brooks Foster hauled in 4 passes for 73 yards and 2 TDs. While HB Ray Graham struggled to find room all day, carrying 24 times for just 71 yards. Graham did find the endzone in the third quarter.

The Jets defensive unit held the Colts to 16 points, the fourth straight game that they have held the opposing offense to 16 points or less, and the sixth time this season. The Jets front seven was able to keep constant pressure on Colts QB Jake Locker, holding him to a 34.6 Comp. %, sacking him twice, and picking him off once. Jets Rookie DeVonte Holloman registered his seventh sack of the season in the game, which despite missing two games this season, leads all rookies.

Thanks to an unusual season thus far, the Jets (4-6) still have an outside shot at earning a wild card spot this season. The team will get a boost offensively when HB Keith Payne returns from injury for NYJ’s week 12 tilt with the Philadelphia Eagles (5-5).
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Jets Fall Short Of Comeback Bid, Back To .500

Jets Fall Short Of Comeback Bid, Back To .500

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - Another solid performance by QB Kevin Kolb, an equally solid performance by rookie HB Ray Graham, and three picks on defense weren’t enough for the New York Jets to pull out the win over the interstate rival Giants. The 30-27 loss pushes the Jets back to a .500 record at 3-3, and to pile on the loss TE Dustin Keller broke his elbow in the game and has been placed on the IR, ending his season.

“We obviously don’t want to give up 400 yards through the air in any game, even if it takes the opponent fifty throws to get there,” said Jets coach Romeo Crennel, “It comes down to being able to get off the field, and not getting ate up in the short passing game like we did. I’m sure Prince [Amukamara] and Darrelle [Revis] will take this one a little personal and tighten up their games going forward. I’m not overly concerned about that.”

Kolb stayed hot in this one. Outside of a botched screen attempt that resulted in a NYG TD on the next play, and a lost fumble, the 7-year vet connected on 22 of his 34 attempts (65%) for 276 yards and 3 TDs (0 INTs). WR Michael Crabtree pulled in 8 of Kolb’s passes for 90 yards and a TD. WR Stevie Smith and TE Jake Stoneburner also caught TD passes. Stoneburner has now caught a TD in three-straight games, and will be stepping in for Keller going forward. Rookie Ray Graham handled his first career start in place of the injured Keith Payne well, carrying 17 times for 75 yards (4.41 YPC) in the game.

Giant WR’s Jeremy Maclin and Eddie Royal got open early and often in the game, combining for 24 catches and 370 yards, and chipped in 2 TDs as well. The duo caught all but 3 of QB Drew Brees’ 27 completions. The Jets defense did get pressure, resulting in three INTs (Revis, Davis, Goodman), but did not register a sack in the game.

NYJ (3-3) has one more game before entering into their bye week, as they will travel to Cincinnati to face a struggling Bengals (1-5) team.
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Jets Even Series with MIA, Lose Payne

Jets Even Series with MIA, Lose Payne For Weeks

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - The excitement in the locker room following the 20-9 get-back win over the Miami Dolphins was quickly curtailed when the team was informed that HB Keith Payne will miss the next seven-plus weeks with a broken jaw. Payne suffered the injury just before halftime on a rather low-impact collision. The team has not said whether they will look to bolster their running back group in Payne’s absence.

In his first start as a Jet, QB Kevin Kolb came out a little shake, but finished strongly to help alleviate the loss of Payne. Kolb hit on 19 of his 31 pass attempts (61%) for 210 yards and a TD (92.1 QB Rating).

“This is what we were looking for when we handed the keys over to Kevin,” said Jets coach Romeo Crennel, “He got away with a couple bad passes in the game, but overall he was very efficient back there.”

On the first play of the game Payne took a counter to the left side 67 yards for a TD, and rolled up 114 yards before his departure. WR’s Stevie Johnson and Michael Crabtree both pulled in 5 passes for 73 and 50 yards, respectively. And Crabtree caught Kolb’s lone TD pass.

After getting torched by Eli Manning and Co. in week two, the Jets kept the Dolphins out of the endzone in this one. Manning was knocked out for the second quarter, but wasn’t overly effective even when he was in the game, completing 49% of his 37 pass attempts for 143 yards. HB Michael Bush was very effective in the game, picking up over 6 YPC (no run over 11 yards), but the ‘Phins were kept in passing situations for the majority of the game. The Jets defense got to the Dolphin QBs 3 times in the game (Gilbert, Harris, Langford), and also picked off one Russell Wilson pass (Revis).

In week 6 the Jets (3-2) will battle for NY as they “go on the road” to square off with the Giants (2-2).
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Jets, GM Smith Pull Plug on Schaub Project

Jets, GM Smith Pull Plug on Schaub Project

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - Following a so-so start to the season, Jets GM Corey Smith made a rather significant transaction prior to the week 5 Transaction Deadline by trading QB Matt Schaub to the Green Bay Packers for Tampa Bay’s 1st Round draft pick. Rumors had surfaced during the week that both Schaub and DT B.J. Raji (both slated to hit Free Agency this offseason) were being tentatively shopped.

“Over the last few days we have been in communications with several team about several players,” said Smith, “After taking a close look at all of the options we had out there to make a move, and seeing the ramifications of those moves on our cap situation in the next few seasons, we felt like this was the best move for us.”

The Jets also announced the signings of Free Agent QB Vince Young and OG Justin Smiley. With the departure of Schaub, Kevin Kolb is expected to step in as the starter for the Jets. Young will compete with Andy Dalton for backup duties. And Smiley will likely take over the RG spot along the offensive line in place of rookie OG Max Stone.

“We had four full games to get a good evaluation of what Matt (Schaub) could do,” said Smith, “and our coaching staff and myself didn’t feel like the difference between Matt and Kevin was large enough to justify the rather large salary difference. That’s basically what it came down to. Now we will put the ball in the hands of the guy we thought would be the starter up until the preseason, while getting a first-round pick back.”

Kolb will get a tough first test, as he’ll get his first start as a Jet when the Jets plays host to a Miami Dolphin team that slapped them around just three weeks ago.
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Jets Grind Out Physical Win To Push Back To .500

Jets Grind Out Physical Win To Push Back To .500

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - With a couple of sub-par efforts hanging over their heads, both resulting in marks in the L-column, the New York Jets defense answered the call in week 4 to help the team earn a 2-2 split over the first quarter of the season with a 23-3 win over the Washington Redskins.

“This game had a feel much like the New England game in week one for us,” said Jets coach Romeo Crennel, “We were able to get pressure on the QB early and often, and on offense we were able to run the ball and pass efficiently when needed. Definitely wish we could have that late, first-half INT on their 6-yardline back, though.”

The Jet O-Line unit had their way with the ‘Skins front-7, and managed to tally up 49 pancake blocks in the game, while only surrendering one sack. HB Keith Payne toted the pill 23 times for 95 yards in the game. But the more notable RB performance was out of rookie Ray Graham who, up to this point, was averaging just 1.08 YPC on the season. Graham carried 16 times for 75 yards, and also scored on a 40 yard pass play for the Jets first TD of the game. Matt Schaub finished the game with 171 yards, 2TDs and an INT.

After losing his starting job to rookie DeVonte Holloman during the preseason, OLB Mark Gilbert has been making the most of his opportunity to be on the field after injuries to Holloman and fellow rookie Tavon Fields. He was a force all game long in this one, knocking out both of Washington’s QB’s (Chad Henne for 7 weeks, Bruce Gradkowski for the game), and also got to Punter-turned-QB Chas Henry twice. Gilbert finished with 8 tackles in the game, 6 of which were behind the line of scrimmage. CB Prince Amukamara also had a strong game, breaking up 5 passes and allowing zero catches. He now has 14 passed defended to just 10 catches allowed on the season.

Week 5 is rematch time for the Jets (2-2), as they’ll face the Dolphins (2-1) for the second time in 4 weeks.
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Big Plays Burn Jets For Second-Straight Loss

Big Plays Burn Jets For Second-Straight Loss

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - When a team throws for 480 yards and 3 TDs, has zero turnovers, and controls the clock by a margin better than 2-to-1, and the opposing QB took until the 4th quarter to complete his second pass, you’d expect that team to have won easily. Well, when that opposing team has a 98-yard KR TD paired with 91, 70, and another 70+ yard rushing TDs, it doesn’t take much T.O.P. to win the game. In fact, with that kind of offensive efficiency, it only takes 46 offensive plays to hang 38 points. The Jets now sit at 1-2 after three weeks after the 38-34 loss to the Bills (2-1).

“When you play a team with that sort of speed at the major ball-handling position, you can’t afford to be out of position on any plays,” said Jets coach Romeo Crennel, “And we were the poster children for that in this one. The good news for us is that the problems we had in this game are all very correctable, and we’ll get better at preventing huge plays like we saw today as we continue to gain experience on the defensive side of the ball.”

QB Matt Schaub has his first true “Ace” game of the year and nearly provided a comeback win for the Jets. Schaub threw for a career high 480 yards while connecting on 3 TD strikes, and completed 72% of his passes (130.9 QB Rating). WR Stevie Johnson was the main benefactor of Schaub’s monster game, registering a monster game of his own with 10 receptions for 165 yards and a TD. For a second straight game, HB Keith Payne was bottled up, and only managed 68 yards.

The Bills racked up 322 yards on just 26 carries (12.77 YPC) in the game, with well over two-thirds of them coming on the aforementioned three 70+ yards TD runs. In the other minimal time that the Jets defense was on the field, they played at an acceptable level. Robert Griffin III was held to a 30% completion rate and 90 yards on 20 pass attempts, and completed just one pass through the first three quarters. Griffin did rack up 116 yards and a TD on the ground, though. Jets OLB DeVonte Holloman registered his third sack in as many games before exiting with a strained back in the second half. He’s expected to miss the next couple of games. CB Darrelle Revis set up shop on Revis Island during the game, allowing just one catch, while breaking up five others.

“You never want to lose a divisional home game, but I think we’ll be able to find some encouragement from this film,” said Crennel.

The Jets now will play host to the Washington Redskins (2-1) in their 2nd game of a 3-game home stand.

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Jets Grounded In First Divisional Road Game of 2014

Jets Grounded In First Divisional Road Game of 2014

Miami, FL (AP) - It wasn't pretty (for NYJ fans anyway), and despite the close final score, it was never even close as the Jets limped out of South Beach after a 34-28 beat down.

"Our gameplan every time out on the field is to run the football, pass efficiently, and stop the run on defense. We failed miserably in all three of those areas tonight," said Jets coach Romeo Crennel on the loss.

QB Matt Schaub struggled to find his way again for a second straight week. Despite throwing for 317 yards, the veteran QB only hit on just over 45% of his passes in the game. WR Stevie Johnson had a big game and helped Schaub's cause pulling in 5 passes for 161 yards and a TD. WR Michael Crabtree racked up 59 yards of his own on 3 catches. HB Keith Payne was kept in check for the entire game, picking up just 64 yards on 17 carries, with a long of only 11 yards. The lack of production out of the offense resulted on the defense being stranded on the field for the majority of the game, and the Jets lost the T.O.P. battle 29:15 to 18:45.

The Dolphins offense wore out a Jets defense that was outstanding in week one against a solid offense in New England. QB Eli Manning threw for 328 yards, with WR's Brandon Marshall and Chris Matthews combining for 282 yards and a TD. While RB's Michael Bush and Dan Dugan combined to carry for 214 yards and 3 TDs. Jets Captain MLB David Harris was the loan standout on defense as he registered 10 tackles (2 TFL) and a sack in the game.

The Jets (1-1) now head home for their first home game of the season, when they play host to the Buffalo Bills (2-0). It will be the third divisional game in as many weeks to open the season.
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Defense Plays Lights Out In Crennel’s NY Debut

Defense Plays Lights Out In Crennel’s NY Debut

Foxboro, MA (AP) - It’s never easy to go on the road, against a division rival, for the season opener and grab a ‘W’, but behind an outstanding defensive performance the Jets did just that. Fueled by a five-interception performance by the D to make up for a subpar offensive outing, the Jets were able to hold on for a 19-13 win.

“I don’t really care how pretty the offense plays out there,” said first-year Jets coach Romeo Crennel, “If I get that kind of effort out of my defense, we’re able to grind out yards on the ground, and we come away with a win … you’ll get no complaints out of me.”

If the Jets want to continue to add to the win column, they can hardly expect to do so by relying on the defense to generate a +4 turnover margin. Keith Payne was able to capitalize on great blocking upfront, and the 267lb back rumbled his way to 121 yards and a TD in the game. Matt Schaub, on the other hand, never looked comfortable in the game. This may be due to the fact that he sat out the preseason after being acquired just prior to the start of it, and also for precautionary reasons. Schaub hit on only 44% of his attempts for 143 yards, and tossed one early INT. Stevie Johnson lead the team in the receiving department with 3 catches for 64 yards.

While the offense was struggling to find their groove, the defense came out extremely aggressive and set the tone early. The Jets were able to get pressure on QB Mark Sanchez, which caused the flustered Sanchez to make mistakes early and often. Sanchez wasn’t able to complete a pass until midway through the 2nd quarter (10th attempt), was sacked 4 times, and picked-off 5 times in the game (Revis (2), Holloman (2), Goodman). The Patriots couldn’t find room in the running game, either, averaging under 3 YPC and totaling just 35 yards on the ground.

The Jets Game Ball goes to rookie OLB DeVonte Holloman. The 4th-Round pick (4.30) out of South Carolina registered two sacks and snatched two INT’s in his GZL debut game.

Next up for the Jets is another road divisional game, as they travel to South Beach to meet up with the defending AFC East champion Dolphins.
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Jets Defense Solid, Offense ‘Meh’ In Preseason Opener

Defense Solid, Offense ‘Meh’ In Preseason Opener

East Rutherford, NJ (AP) - There was a buzz in the air around Jets country. Fans finally would get a chance to take a look at what the overhauled Jets team will look like this season. Playing host to the visiting Atlanta Falcons, the Jets Field Goaled their way to a 15-7 win in their preseason opener. Newly acquired QB Matt Schaub did not suit up for the game.

“We just wanted to see guys compete and get after it,” said new Jets coach Romeo Crennel, “Like every other team, we don’t have very much of our playbook installed this early on, but guys can still get after it even if the gameplan is pretty vanilla. We saw a lot of things we liked out of our guys today.”

With Schaub sidelined in this game due to just joining the team earlier this week, it was Kevin Kolb who would be under center with the first-team offense. After a shaky start to the game, including an INT tossed on the first drive of the game, Kolb settled in and finished the day completing 61% of his passes for 126 yards. Kolb will likely start at least one more game for the Jets in the preseason before handing it over to Schaub.

HB Keith Payne showed some great promise with his carries, and gave a glimpse of what may be to come for the 2014 season. Payne carried 14 times for 75 yards (5.3 ypc), and also had one catch for 5 yards. WR Steve Johnson led the way for the Jets pass catchers by pulling in 4 passes for 73 yards.

The Jets first-round pick, SS Bacarri Rambo, played the way GM Corey Smith envisioned when he selected him, getting in on 6 tackles and also registering a sack-fumble on Falcons QB Matt Ryan on one of the Falcons redzone trips. NT’s B.J. Raji and Phil Fowler also got to the quarterback for sacks in the game. The Jets starting defense held Ryan to a 47% completion rate, and sacked him twice, while the Jets starting unit held the Falcons 3 YPC in the first half.

The Jets are home again for week two of the preseason, when they’ll host the Jacksonville Jaguars.
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Jets Add Six Via Free Agency, Look Towards Preseason
FB Le’Ron McClain has helped pave the way for HB Adrian Peterson in Baltimore.

Jets Add Six Via Free Agency, Look Towards Preseason

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - With only days before the start of the GZL’s 2014 preseason, GM Corey Smith made a flurry of roster moves in preparation for the season.

“We’re always looking for players that can make our team better,” Smith said in regard to the moves, “We took a look at all of the guys that were still out there looking for work, and found a few that could be an asset to this team.”

The team has reached terms with WR Michael Crabtree, FB Le’Ron McClain, CB Javier Arenas, OT Charles Brown, OG Evan Mathis, and TE Coller Phillips.

Following the draft and the trade with Houston to acquire Matt Schaub, the club only had an estimated $270k in cap space. So how did they add six free agents? The team released veteran OL Jake Scott and Brandon Moore, and also newly-signed FB Ahmard Hall. The three of which combined to count for over $10.5M against the cap.

“It wasn’t exactly an easy decision to let any of those three go,” said Smith, “But the fact of the matter is, they were likely to be let go after this season, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to find a new team now. It was beneficial to us not only in the fact that we open up that cap space, but we also shouldn’t need to acquire much, if any, cap penalty after this coming offseason. Which will be key for us, because we have a rather large group of guys looking at free agency the offseason after next.”

The addition of McClain will give the Jets a physical, bruising backfield that averages 263.5lbs. McClain has spent last season clearing the way for a Baltimore backfield that averaged nearly 5 YPC in 2013, including Adrian Peterson who carried for a 5.8 YPC on the year.

WR Michael Crabtree will provide Matt Schaub with another reliable target after being a cap casualty in San Francisco. CB Javier Arenas will give the Jets a sorely needed boost in the secondary as the nickel CB. Athletic OL Charles Brown and Evan Mathis will both enter the preseason as the starting left-side of the line. And TE Coller Phillips will join TE Dustin Keller in two-TE sets.

The Jets open the Preseason at home, playing host to the Atlanta Falcons.
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CONFIRMED: Jets Acquire QB Matt Schaub
Schaub had a successful, if oft-injured, run in Houston.

CONFIRMED: Jets Acquire QB Matt Schaub

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - The Jets have agreed to the terms of a trade that will bring Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub to New York. The story broke early yesterday morning when ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted that a team source had confirmed a deal was in place, and Jets GM Corey Smith has now confirmed that the deal is in place.

The Jets will be sending their First-Round pick in the 2014 Draft to the Texans in return for Schaub, 2013 Fifth-Round Pick OG Max Stone, and Houston's Third-Round selection in the 2014 draft.

"We've had our eye on Matt since he was first put on the block, early in the offseason," said Smith of the deal, "It wasn't really feasible for us to make a play for him until we were able to get our ducks in a row, and create some cap flexibility, lately. But we're really excited to have been able to make it work. And we're also very optimistic that Max Stone can be a contributor for this team, as well."

Schaub is entering his 11th season and has had a remarkable, if oft-injured, run in Houston with the Texans. Including an MVP-caliber 2012 season, where he completed 65% of his passes, racked up over 3300 yards, 32 TDs, and 3 INTs (QB Rating of 124.3) over 12 games before suffering a season-ending injury.

"Matt has demonstrated that he can be 'the guy' when he needed to in Houston, and while he'll get every opportunity to do that here in NY, we won't be asking him to carry as much of the burden," said Smith on Schaub's role, "We will aim to be a very balanced offensive team, and probably even lean towards run-heavy a lot of the time. What Matt will add to our offense is a heady player that can get us in to the right play and out of the wrong ones at the line of scrimmage, can make the correct reads, can make the necessary throws, and most importantly, he doesn't turn the ball over. I think in this role, he can be the QB here until he's ready to hang 'em up."

Schaub should be expected to start from day one, pushing recently acquired QB Kevin Kolb into a backup role. The revamped Jets offense is only slated to return 5 starters from last season.
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2013 Jets Training Camp
2014 New York Jets Offseason Recap

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - It’s been pretty well documented to this point already, but new Jets GM Corey Smith did quite a bit of “house cleaning” since arriving during the 2013 playoffs. The new front office regime shipped out many of the teams’ veteran players in return for younger prospects and draft picks in order to start to mold the roster into the system that they envision.

When all the dust settles, the Jets will have moved 20 players (10 via trade, 3 released, 7 not re-signed) from the previous roster, while adding 18 to the current one (8 via trades, 2 via UFA, and 8 via the Draft). Combine that with the team heading into 2014 with a new Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator, and it will be safe to say that it will take some time for the Jets to find their groove in the 2014 season.

DT B.J. Raji | Jaguars | 89
WR Steve Smith | Broncos | 89
QB Kevin Kolb | Eagles | 88
HB Keith Payne | Rams | 87
WR Steve Johnson | Bills | 86
MLB Ernest Munoz | Chargers | 78

ROLB A.J. Hawk | Eagles | 92
ROLB Cameron Wake | Eagles | 91
WR Braylon Edwards | Bears | 89
WR Leonard Hankerson | Eagles | 88
DT Linval Joseph | Chargers | 86
HB Lamar Miller | Lions | 77

While there was a relatively major roster overturning, Smith did not that it was not all based on system and/or talent.

“We had some tough decisions to make in a couple of these situations,” Smith said of the moves this offseason, “A lot of the guys that we moved this offseason would have fit just fine in our schemes. But in quite a few spots, the moves were made to increase our financial flexibility and/or to pick up some draft capital. This was a major goal of ours as we planned out this offseason. We accomplished that.”

The Jets headed into the GZL draft with 10 picks in hand. Although after seeing an opportunity grab a player they coveted, at a price that was not crippling to the franchise, Smith sent three 2nd round and a 4th round choice in exchange for the opportunity to draft Georgia safety Bacarri Rambo at the 14th pick of the first round.

“We feel like Bacarri is of a similar mold as a guy like LaRon Landry. Plenty athletic enough, good size, and extremely physical for the position. We didn’t have a guy like that on our roster, so we pulled the trigger to get one,” said Smith.

The remainder of the draft the Jets picked up players that will bolster the depth of the roster, and may even provide a starter or two in the short time.

1.14 S Bacarri Rambo | Georgia
3.30 HB Ray Graham | Pittsburgh
4.06 OLB Tavon Fields | Purdue
4.27 DE Keshawn Byrd | Arkansas
4.30 OLB Devante Holloman | South Carolina
6.05 P Jeff Locke | UCLA
6.12 OG Sean Allen | Wake Forest
7.22 OLB Jack Wilson | Iowa

Due to a successful offseason thus far, the Jets front office has the roster nearly set for the 2014 season, needing to only fill one position. They will look to fill that position during post-draft Free Agency.

Heading into the offseason, DE Adrian Clayborn set out to add some bulk to his frame in order to better handle the duties of a 3-4 DE, and reportedly has packed on 10lbs, bringing him up to 291lbs.

Newly acquired HB Keith Payne wasn’t in the best of shape during his days in St. Louis, and Coach Crennel asked for him to get to the facilities this offseason and work on improving his stamina and durability, since he will have a large workload this season. Reports are that this is coming along well (+5 STA to 82, +5 INJ to 84).

One reason that the Jets front office was so keen on Rambo was because of the reports that he has continued to improve his athletic ability since the combine, and is reportedly faster (+1 SPD to 90), quicker (+1 AGI to 91, +1 ACC to 94), and stronger (+1 STR to 80). Rambo also is said to now be just under 220lbs (+10lbs to 219).

Another reported Workout Warrior since his acquisition has been MLB Ernest Munoz. The 6’1” 258lb backer is said to have gotten slightly stronger (+1 STR to 80) and quicker (+1 ACC to 83) since joining the Jets.

On the offensive side of the ball, there will be no expected position battles. The coaching staff, for the most part, knows who will begin the seasons starting where. The only somewhat wildcard spot would be LT, which 4th year man Ronnie Bryan is slated to man right now. But that could change depending on the route the front office takes to fill the OT requirement.

On the defensive side of the ball, many of the spots are set, but OLB will be a position (both sides) that will be an open competition through at least the preseason. Fourth-year man Mark Gilbert, second-year Demario Davis, and rookies Tavon Fields, DeVonte Holloman, and Jack Wilson will all have opportunities to earn an OLB spot. Coach Crennel is also non-commital about who will play opposite rookie Rambo at safety.

Let’s face it, after a 4-12 season, there’s not much room for the Jets to go anywhere but up. And the new Front Office regime, coupled with a new Head Coach, the team seems to be headed in the right direction. And in an AFC East division that doesn’t have a clear-cut dominant team at the moment, anything can happen.

But with a starting lineup with young and/or inexperienced players sprinkled throughout, the Jets season could be feast or famine. With a new QB in Kevin Kolb, and productive HB carrying the ball, and a talented defense, it wouldn’t be out of the question for this team to finish above .500, and challenge for the AFC East crown.
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Jets Happy With Draft Haul, Look Towards Preseason
Jets First Round selection Bacarri Rambo (18) during an INT return.

Jets Happy With Draft Haul, Look Towards Preseason

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - The morning after the completion of the 2014 GZL Draft, GM Corey Smith and the rest of the Jets front office are excited about their new acquired talent, and are already back at headquarters in preparation for the preseason. It wasn’t an overly active draft for the Jets, but they did make one move early on in packaging their three second-round pick and a fourth to move up to 1.14 to select safety Bacarri Rambo out of the University of Georgia.

“Bacarri was a guy that we had our eye on ever since we first evaluated this class,” said Smith, “He’s got a unique skill set, and one that we loved. We had a need at the safety spot, so it made since to us to go ahead and make the move to get up there and get him.”

Due to the trade, the Jets had no selections after Rambo until the end of the third round, where they selected HB Ray Graham out of Pittsburgh (5’9” 192lbs, 3rd Round, 30th Pick).

“With us acquiring Keith Payne this offseason, who is obviously a bruising type of back, we felt like Ray would be a good fit and value at that spot. We’re hoping that he can bring a little more explosiveness to the running game.”

Just eight picks later (4.06), the Jets were on the clock again, and this time they went back to the defensive side of the ball to take OLB Tavon Fields out of Purdue (6’2” 243lbs, 4th Round, 6th Pick).

“It’s kind of funny, because we weren’t really looking to add more than maybe one linebacker in this draft,” said Smith, “But then we ended up taking three. Tavon and DeVonte (Holloman) were two guys that we had on our board as potential picks in the second round, when we originally had three 2nds. So when they were still there in the 4th, we grabbed them.”

The remaining picks for the Jets were DE Keshawn Byrd of Arkansas (6’1” 287lbs, 4th Round, Pick 27), LOLB DeVonte Holloman of South Carolina (6’2” 241lbs, 4th Round, Pick 30), Punter Jeff Locke of UCLA (6’0” 218lbs, 6th Round, Pick 5), OG Sean Allen of Wake Forest (6’5” 285lbs, 6th Round, Pick 12), and OLB Jack Wilson of Iowa (6’2” 243lbs, 7Th Round, 22nd pick).

Smith said that he is excited to get these guys in camp and see if they can perform the same way they have on tape.
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Jets GM Smith Continues Roster Overhaul
Jets GM Smith Continues Roster Overhaul

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - It appeared that the dizzying pace that Jets GM Corey Smith had been maintaining since taking over his position in NY had slowed significantly since the the start of Free Agency as he and his staff reevaluated their position prior to the draft. But apparently Smith was still spending at least some of his time over the last week still working the phones looking for opportunities to improve his roster.

"I'm always looking for open doors," Smith said in regard to how he handles the offseason, "This is the time of year where us GM's really make our money. I'm constantly tapped into the league, and anytime I see an opportunity to improve our draft situation, or to bring in a player that I feel can be a part of this organization for seasons to come, I make that call. Fortunately, we've been able to be patient enough pick up some players that will be here for the foreseeable future, while moving out some others that would not. And we've also acquired a nice haul of draft picks."

Two of the teams’ most recent additions were WR Steve Johnson and NT B.J. Raji. To acquire Johnson, the Jets surrendered pick 2.15, in return for Johnson and picks 3.30 and 5.08. While the pending B.J. Raji deal involved the Jets shipping OG Vladamir Ducasse, HB Ben Tate, and pick 3.21 to Jacksonville for Raji and pick 6.05.

“We’re very excited to have both of these guys,” Smith said of the acquisitions, “B.J. is one of the top nose tackles in the GZL, and will serve as an anchor of our front-seven for many seasons to come. And Stevie Johnson gives us another guy to matchup with Steve Smith which will allow us to keep great balance in our playcalling on offense.”

Smith also noted that the team missed out on their only Free Agent target of the match-eligible period when FS Earl Thomas elected to sign an offer sheet with the St. Louis Rams, before eventually resigning with the Seattle Seahawks. Smith did say that he has courted several smaller-name free agents during this round of UFA.

The front office has shifted its attention to the draft now, as the team still holds 10 picks.
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Jets Bring A Big Payne To The Big Apple
Jets Bring A Big Payne To The Big Apple

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - In the couple of weeks since New Jets GM Corey Smith and head coach Romeo Crennel joined forces in NY, a major overhaul of the roster has taken place. The GM and coach met for many hours upon Crennel’s arrival determining the direction that they wanted to take this Jets organization that had become a doormat of sorts in recent years.

“Based on the personnel that we retained from what was here when we arrived, coach Crennel and I decided to keep a physical mentality to this football team,” said Smith about the teams direction going forward, “We want to be able to run the ball and control the clock on offense, while taking advantage of our talented cover-corners and getting after the QB on defense.”

On Wednesday evening the team announced a trade that backs up Smith’s comments, agreeing in principle to a trade that will bring 6’2” 267lb running back Keith Payne to NY, via the St. Louis Rams. The ginormous back rumbled his way to a career-high 1427 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2013. Payne was brought to NY along with the Rams 4th round pick in 2015, for pick 2.18 in this year’s draft and the Arizona Cardinals 1st round pick in 2015 (acquired in a trade for 1.07 in this year’s draft). The deal is pending league approval.

“I’m a sucker for unique players,” said GM Smith, “And Keith is one of the most unique players out there with his size and skill set. This trade was the culmination of several attempts to get him since I took over here. We gave up a little more than we had hoped to, but we’re very happy to have Keith join our team. And many of his best years are still ahead of him.”

With Payne joining other new Jets QB Kevin Kolb, WR Steve Smith, MLB Ernest Munoz, OLB Demario Davis, and SS Sherwood Galarza, the front office felt comfortable enough to move completely out of the first round of the 2014 draft. They do, however, still own four (4) second round picks, and one pick in each of rounds 3, 4, 5, and 6.

“We’re really liking our situation right now,” said Smith, “We’re pretty confident that with the scouting our guys have been able to do, we’ll be able to find some excellent guys for our system with the picks we have.”

Sources have also reported that the Jets have extended an offer to one of the league's premier free agents. The free agent reportedly is a player who's current team has the right to match any offer that comes in on him. Smith would not confirm which player it is, but did say that while the player's team may very well match the offer, it will make him one of the (if not THE) highest paid player at his position.

Stay tuned.
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Jets Revamp Coaching Staff, Clean House
Jets Revamp Coaching Staff, Clean House

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - It’s been a pretty hectic for new Jets GM Corey Smith during his first couple of weeks on the job. Since taking over the position during the GZL’s conference championship week, Smith has already made moves that will have the Jets looking like a very different team in 2014. While most personnel move rumors have been just that, “Rumors”, the one set-in-stone change has been to the coaching staff.

After finishing his fourth season as the Jets head coach post-GZL/NFL merger, Rex Ryan did not have his contract renewed in New York. The outspoken coach did, however, land on his feet quickly by signing on with the Lions as their Defensive Coordinator. Ryan’s former Defensive Coordinator, Lovie Smith, also will no longer be with the team in 2014 after he was offered the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position.

GM Corey Smith interviewed several candidates for the head coach vacancy, including coaches with both defensive and offense backgrounds in an attempt to find the right guy to turn the franchise around. In the end Smith chose former Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to take over the reins for the Jets.

“We were really looking for someone that knows how to take control of the ship, and also someone who has been successful,” said Smith on the hiring, “Coach Crennel has been an integral part of building the top-10 defense that they have over there in Washington. He comes from a coaching tree that has proved to be solid and successful, and we look forward to having him get started here in NY.”

The Jets hired Ron Rivera to the vacant defensive coordinator position.

In player personnel news, WR Braylon Edwards has been amnestied and is currently in the waiver process. Edwards, 31, was the Jets top WR on the roster, but also was the GZL’s highest-paid WR entering his 4th year of a 7-year deal he signed in 2011 (7yr, 71.8M total, 33.2M guaranteed). GM Smith made the decision that Edwards recent production didn’t match the $11M+ cap number that Edwards represented for 2014.

SS Oshimogho Atogwe was also released this week.

With the Restricted Free Agency period firing up today, the league transaction wire should be at full speed going forward. And if all of the rumors buzzing around NY are true, the Jets name should be showing up on there early and often.

Stay tuned.
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Jets Introduce New GM
Smith Hired As GM, Vows To Create Stability

Florham Park, New Jersey (AP) - Coming off of a miserable 4-12 season and the dismissal of the franchise’s fourth GM in as many seasons, the New York Jets hired Corey Smith last week to fill their General Manager position. The move was one which stirred up a small storm of controversy around the GZL, as Smith unexpectedly supplanted the incumbent Jay Hall after being rumored to be taking over the Pittsburgh Steelers GM vacancy earlier in the week.

Smith, who has been on a two-plus year hiatus from holding a general manager position, will be looked upon to establish some stability in the Jets organization, something that the franchise has been sorely missing in recent years.

“I love a good challenge,” said Smith, “And let no one be confused … this job is going to be a challenge. The situation that we have here now, as far as finances and personnel goes, is not a great one. We have an aging roster, and our cap situation is a tight one. My goal is to get our team into a situation down the road where we always have the flexibility to keep the guys we want to keep, and also be able to capitalize on opportunities to grab good players off the market when they arise. That's the way you win in this league.”

It didn’t take long for Smith to start hitting the phones and for the Jets name to start popping up in the rumor mills of league circles. Smith has been very open about the fact that he is looking to get younger, shed some cap space, and acquire draft picks for the upcoming draft. And it appears that very few players are “untouchable” in the teams' attempt to reach these goals.

“We’ve got a lot of talented players on this team, even if they don’t exactly fit together. Going forward, we’d like to continue to build around our foundational guys like Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Linval Joseph, and David Harris. We’ll likely end up finding some of the other talent on the roster some new homes, whether those moves are for financial, playing time, or just their fit reasons. We’re getting ready to take this thing in a new direction.”

Smith did note that he had gentlemen’s agreements with several teams, but would not comment on those deals until all parties meet at the table when league trading officially reopens following Super Bowl IV.

We’ll keep you posted.
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Dalton Throws 4 picks in Loss to Bills

QB Andy Dalton had a bad game will that uinderstantement
He threw 4 picks as Bills won closer game then stats would show

They won with good Running game and Defence said Coach Rex Ryan.
I can respect that .. Andy Played poor for us
Lamar Miller had good game on the ground Rushing for 98 yards

we have good Building blocks but where along way from contending

The Defense played well enough to stop RGIII but not Frank Gore.

With GM Riddell Still AWOL No has any idea where jets are going .
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 10/23/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 16
Jets Owner Said His' GM not Moving to Detroit

With Rumours about Jets GM Tom Riddell is Bolting to The Detroit Lions
Owner Woody Johnson Stated that his GM is under Contact for next 2 Seasons
Unless I fire him He's under Contract for next 2 seasons.
He Kept Repeating the Press for Several Mins
He under Contract he's not going anywhere.

When Ask where GM Riddell was The owner said He is Tied up in Scouting Meetings for the Draft.
He Won't be commenting or Leaving a Statement with the Press
This Odd cause Jet only have 1 pick and it New England 1st Round
They really don't need to talking this early about the draft.

Why are not letting Mr Riddell talk to Press Mr Johnson
I told he is Busy with are Draft meetings stop asking !!!
This Press Conference is over
Johnson Left in a Huff Pushing the mike stand over
It landing and Smashing to Bits on Floor of Jets Press room.

Reporters have been outside MR Riddell Apartment Building at 740 Park Ave. Waiting for Him to talk to Them.

But The GM has yet to make a Comment.
The Jets fans are Calling for his head But Johnson Said He's Staying put.

Two Hour Later The Jets Plane took off from a Private Air Field on Long Island
Was GM Riddel On Board and was it going to Detroit

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Jets lose RG Brandon Moore for Season Sign 3 from FA

The Jets lost heart Breaker to Cleveland By 10 30-20
But worse they lost RG Brandon Moore for rest of the season
He got rolled up on during a Run play landed hard
Tore his peck trying to Brace his fall.

With Cap Room the Jets Signed 3 Vet Free Agents
TE Jason Witten RG Jacob Bell & RT Max Starks

Witten will move into starting TE spot and Keller will move to #2
Starks will move to Starting RT and Brickashaw Ferguson will Slide to LT
Bell will play RG replacing the Hurt RG Moore

To Make Room They Place moore on IR
The Jets cut RT Fenuki Tupou & TE Zach Potter
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Jets Weekly WK 11 Trades!! what the f*** you do that for !

Where back after a Few Weeks
We talk about Moves I made Durring WK10-11
Trading for Dalton coming here
Letting Mark Sanchez Go Rival Pats for Came wake and Pick .
I Try show why I made these moves

Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 10/05/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 22
Jets Make a Trade with New England

The Jets have sent Washington 2nd Round Pick and LB Bobby Carpenter to New New England For Rush Linebacker Cam Wake

Wake will take over at ROLB and AJ Hawk Will play LOLB This week

GM Riddell Wanted Upgrade the LOLB Spot Knowing the Pats needed Cap Room to Get Mark Sanchez from them
they made the deal for Wake

GM Riddell Said both play ROLB
We well have to see who plays better on the left side.
It still Huge upgrade over Carpenter who ever plays on the left side.
Where going to try and win with Defense and good basic Football the rest of year

The trade still has to be approved by league
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 10/05/2012) Replies - 12 :: Views - 101
Jets Bring Dalton to The Big Apple

The Jets have Traded QB Matt Moore to Browns
Also Sending a 4th Round (Rams) and 7th Round (Panthers )
In Return Andy Dalton Comes to The Jets

Dalton is a dropback QB Something GM Riddell has Wanted for a while in New york.
He Lost the starter Job in Cleveland to Rookie QB Boston Mallett
so coming to jets gives him a change to start over.

He'll be #2 QB This year and Take over next year Said GM Riddell
We tried to work out a deal with Mark but where unable too
Knowing we did not have 1st Round pick
we decided to Make a Trade for Andy .

I want keep Defense Unit together next year
Signing MLB David Harris is our top Job at seasons end.
Meaning there no Room so to sign Mark long term
a sign a trade made be Possible if we keep under cap.

Harris Has been Tackling Monster for the Jets
80 Tackles going into Week 10 .
He should Match or break. l his 117 Tackle Rookie Season this year.

[b]The deal still has to be Approved by League Office
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Jets upset 1st Place Miami 3 Game win Streak.
Miami Florida,
The New York jets went into Miami on 2 game win streak
Facing the division leading Miami Dolphins
This week GM Tom Riddell Face alot criticism about his choices the season

The plan this week was very simple stop Eli manning
The jets went to more Man to Man Defence and relied more on Pass Rush.
They Hoped there fastest secondary could hold there our own vs. Miami's wide receivers
Jets Hoped the Linebackers and there D-Line could get to Eli

The second part of the plan was run the ball
With Rookie HB Lamar Miller & Cedric Benson
Only throwing the Ball When Need
The Plan Worked and Jets had 3 Turned overs

Miller Ran the ball for 102 Yards and 25 Attemps
He now has lead the Rookie Rushing lead
The Team is now on 3 Game win Streak after upset over the Dolphins

The Jets have also Reached out to The Cleveland Browns in a possible Trade.
Roomer has it there looking into the Future at The Starting QB Spot
it's Not mark Sanchez They Want under Center next year
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Jets Respond to GZLPTI
After being Blasted on the GZLPTI This week.

GM Tom Riddell ,
Had this to Say at the Teams Press Conference.
This is a new league with new Rules for us
It going to take us a few season to get Hang of things here

I don't feel where that bad right now
I was hoping for 500 year but with 3 to 6 wins I'd be happy .
we have some good building Blocks
A Good Running game and Corners Great
Linebackers are good and Great young DE in Clayborn.

We started a lot Young Kids in Secondary
Prince 1st year as Full time starter at CB
We use Young Josh Robinson at Nickle Corrner & Randy Phillps at SS

we also have alot youth on the Oline at RT and LG
Plus I made maybe 1 too many changes to offence
Also trying to find playbooks that fit my Team has been tough.

I Been please with HB Miller he was best pick of the last draft.
and where do what we can get him the rookie of year and Rookie Rushing Title and Try Build off that .

In my 1st Season I made some mistakes but Know we can turn it around
1st Order of Business to sack Rex Ryan and bring my Own Coaching Staff
After that we plan work fixing the holes we have else where
That should take a 2 seasons..
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Jets Rally Late to Beat Bears
Coming off a Big Divison Win vs Buffalo
The Jets let bears Run up Huge lead in there game
Players Know That Rex Ryan Job is on the line
His players Rallied back in 4th Qrt to Tie The Game 27-27

Thanks to WR David Nelson Two TD & HB Lamar Miller who ran 188 on 25 Touches with 1 TD

There bears where Driving Late in 4th Qrt
They could field goal to win
Cuttler threw bad pass that got Picked by Prince Amukamara
This sent the Game to OT

LaRod Stephens Then took open kick of OT back 99 Yards for the Win.

This Week the Jets Face #2 Rank Miami who have already Beat the Jets soundly
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Jets losing Streak end at 7

Ralph Wilson Stadium ,Orchard Park

The NY Jets Losing Streak is over after 7 Weeks
This was due Buffalo Bills Turnovers in 1st half

The jets used a Ballace Attack and Good pass rush To Win
Rex Ryan was thrilled to finally have win
It took us a few weeks but finally we got one

Miller breaks off a Good run in 1st QRT

The Jets are still one of the worst Teams in Greenzone
There Chatter that GM Tom Riddell Want to bring a brand new Coaching staff next year .
So Rex is trying hang on to his Job
2nd Round Draft Pick Miller had good game Rushing 110 on 23 Carries
Including the 58 yard Ramble in the 4th Qrt

The Defense Pressured The Bills's Young QB RGII
Getting to him for 2 sacks and several hurries
But it was turnovers that made the diffidence

Bills came back nicely in 4th but fell short on the Onside kick
The jets then ran the clock out for there 1st win.
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Jets Sanchez Back as Rumors fill the air .
Mark Sanchez return to practice Last Thursday with the jets Quietly .
When asked how he felt I am still alittle sore
But I can throw a football with the best of Him
The 6 Foot 2 quarterback who was drafted by the Jets in 2009
Is in the last year of his contract

Coach Rex Ryan said it was a tough few weeks without his starting quarterback
To be honest that was under statement the jets are 0-4
The Jets need Sanchez to bring balance to their Team

This week The Team is on their by- week
Sanchez And a few key players Are staying behind to work his timing
They need to get Mark backup to speed for Next weeks game in New England

There's a Also rumors that checks will change their defensive scheme for week 7
When asked about that Rex Ryan said no, comment
Another rumor circulating is that Ryan could be fired GM Thomas Riddell
If The football team does not have a quick turnaround
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Jets Weekly #5

We talk about the Blow out lost to Miami
Mark Sanchez coming back from his Injury
Defence changes for next week

Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 08/21/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 18
Jets Weekly #3 HB Miller has Huge Game in Loss to pats

Jets Top Draft Pick Miller Rambles for 3 Touchtowns & 236 yards on 28 Attempts in Loss to the Pats.
Miller avg 10.73 a carry
He Busted 1 long run of 95 yards for TD
He also Had a 35 yard run for 6 .
The 95 Run was the 2nd longest Rookie run greenzone History
We also Knock out Tom Brady for 7 Weeks

Here is the Jets Weekly Show : http://s1074.photobucket.com/albums/w402/Onknight_Jets/Jets%20Weekly%202012%20Season/?action=view&current=JetsWK4.mp4
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Jets Weekly WK2 Jets Trade for QB Hill

we talk about our loss in Detroit

Losing are top QB and where we go heading a divison game with NE.

5 Mins in Length


]UPDATED since the Broadcast :

The Jets have sent Washington 2nd round Pick and QB Matt Moore
to the Vikings
Coming back in the deal our a 4th round and QB Shawn Hill

Hill will start next week vs the Pats ..
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 08/07/2012) Replies - 3 :: Views - 55
Jets Weekly WK2

We look back at Defensive Battle and loss in Jacksonville 13 -15

Then Look head to the Home opener as The Lions come to town

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Jets Weekly WK1

We talk about 1-3 Preseason Then Prevew the starters for WK1

7 Mins
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 07/26/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 15
Jets go 1 and 3 in Preseason Starters Announced for Season
The jets Lose 3 out 4 Preseason game
We new this could happen not starting our starters in last two games.
I really was not worried about losing this games
they only count for progression
I was more worried about losing key Starters
We Came close to losing a starter in game 3
X-Rays said we where fine.

I also wanted to see how the backup played
Cause they will start here if someone goes down.
we have some work to do now
we must get ready for 1st game of the season
here are The Starters for This Season for the Jets.


Mark Sanchez *
Lamar Miller(R)
Nehemiah Broughton
Braylon Edwards
Leonard Hankerson *
David Nelson (Slot WR)
Dustin Keller
Brickashaw Ferguson
Vladimir Ducasse
Nick Mangold
Brandon Moore
Ronnie Bryan


John Abraham
Phil Fowler
Linval Joseph
Adrian Clayborn
A.J. Hawk
David Harris
Bobby Carpenter
Darrelle Revis *
Prince Amukamara
Josh Robinson (nickle Back)(R)
Darnell Goodman
Randy Phillips

Special Teams

K and Kickoffs
Nick Foke
Craig Tate
Matt Stankiewitch (R)
Domenik Hixon
Brooks Foster

(R)=Rookie Starter
* = Team Captian
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Old Jet Returning to The Flock on 1 year dea

The Jets Signed John Abraham to a 1 yeart signed deal
John will be added depth at DE and DT for us Said GM Riddell
we had scare during the lions game and decided we needed Depth

I am happy to going back to New York and Jets said the 35 year old DE.
I love the new Defence There running it allow me get to the QB
The jets now one best DL in league with me added Smile
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 07/24/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 15
Jet Pull Key Starters for next two Preseason Games
With Rash of Injuries this Preseason GM Tom Riddell and Coach Rex Ryan have decided to pull Key starters from next two Preseason games

"the preseason is way too long
we are seeing too many Other teams Key players getting hurt
Said Rex to New York Media where not going to chance it.
Our Backups also need playing Time and this is time to do it.
He also said The Following Players Jets will not see Action now to 1st game of the Regular season

QB Mark Sanchez
HB Lamar Miller
WR Leonard Hankerson
WR Braylon Edwards
TE Dustin Keller
LB A.J. Hawk
LB David Harris
CB Darrelle Revis
CB Prince Amukamara
SS Randy Phillips

We have to Protect Our Conner Stone players
There just been too many Injuries this Preseson season
if our starters get it hurt we rather it mean something
Preseason don't count Said GM Riddell

The Starts Played 1 half each In Preseason games 1 & 2
The Jets Lost to Tampa 24 to 9 and Won 27 24 over Indy .
we hope to go 500 in preseason but it will be up to Bench players to take us there.
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 07/24/2012) Replies - 14 :: Views - 126
Jets Require Drafted Player from Rams
The Jets have sent newly Aquired WR Jeremy Ross to Rams
The Rams send Devier Posey back to Club that Drafted him.

Posey sent a Tweet out saying I an getting tired of packing .
I hope is my last trip for a while
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 07/23/2012) Replies - 1 :: Views - 34
Jet Trade Holmes to Washington Cut Green Sign Tate.

Heading to Washington D.C for 2nd Round pick in 2014

The Jets have Traded WR Santonio Holmes To Washington
For a 2nd Round Pick
Santonio Agree to wave his no trade after GM Tom Riddell Benched him.
In Other Moves The Jets HB Ben Tate and Cut HB Green

Green had Awful game vs The Bucs and cut right after it.
Rookie Running back Lamar Miller had Great Game
The Jet had 3 Speed backs
They need a Power back Tate will be great fit.

We got rid locker room Cancer and add 2nd Round pick Good Power back
Said GM Riddell
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 07/21/2012) Replies - 0 :: Views - 21
Jets Sign Hickson Santonio Holmes suspended
The Jets have Signs FA Wide WR Domenik Hixon
Hickson will move into Jets Line up Replacing Santonio Holmes

After learning he sit out the 1st game of the preseason
Santonio Holmes Took Swing at Jets GM Tom Riddell
who's been trying to find a a Way to make Holmes mad enough to ask for a trade.

GM Riddell Told Holmes was suspended The Full Preseason & 1st four games Regular season without pay
He was then Escorted off Jets Practice Field By Security.

Holmes was mad He threw Brick thew GM Riddell Car Window as he left.
This controversy heated up as training camp moved on.
It seem GM Riddell Plan is working
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Holmes Droped to 5th Jets depth chart for Preseason.

Jets WR Santonio Holmes has drop to 5th teams WR depth Chart for Preseason..
GM Riddell trying force Holmes to drop his no trade claws
The jets are going tall WR
They want Size mismatch in other words.
CB in the league who normal 5'8 to 5'11
Holmes is 5'11 and is not in there long term plans.

League Rumors say GM Riddell Deal in Place to move 29 year WR
But Holmes no trade claws make any deal a no go
There trying to break him said is Agent
well see if they do ..
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jets add Hankerson on Trade With Rams

Leonard Hankerson is a New York Jett
The Deals send Jets 1st Next year and WR Devier Posey to The Rams
The Rams Send 4th and Hankerson back as part of the trade to the Jets*

If you compaire the Two WR side by side
You see why Jets Made the trade
They gain more speed

Roomer are the Jets are trying to find a Way to break Santonio Holmes no Trade Contract.
It said The New GM Tom Riddell is not fan of short WR under 6'2
Holmes is Jets shortest WR on Roster at 5'11
GM Riddell Has made major Changes to WR Core this year
adding more Size and speed

*The Trade must still be okay by Greenzone League

The Jets WR core is as Follows

Santonio Holmes 5'11
Leonard Hankerson (via Trade STL) 6'2
WR Lance Lewis 6'3
Brooks Foster 6'3 (Free Agent Signing)
Braylon Edwards 6'3
David Nelson (via Buffalo) 6'5
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Jets Weekly Off-season and Preseason special 2013(Video)
Here is the 1st Jets Weekly :
We talk about the short off Season
Training Camp as we move into 1st Season in The Greenzone.


Next Version of Jets Weekly will be end of the Preseason .
Well look back at Preseason and a look ahead to WK 1
Forum Discussion (by T_Riddell on 07/15/2012) Replies - 4 :: Views - 63
jets Weekly Opening (video)
Just Thought show everyone the Opening for Jets Weekly

I hope this be a weekly Look at The Jets and how things are going .
as this is my 1st year in the league .

Following many of Former Gridiron Coaches here
I going with this format cause for me Writing is a big issuie
The show will be Video and Audio update that will be downloadable.

Here a link to Opening for the show http://s1074.photobucket.com/albums/w402/Onknight_Jets/Jets%20Weekly%202012%20Season/?action=view&current=JetsWeeklyLogoopening.mp4]
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Jets Sign 4

This was very busy week for GM Tom Riddell who signs 4 Free Agents
The Jets still need a RG but Manage to sign four Good Players Going into Camp
Signing with The Jets are :

WR Brooks Foster 4Years 12.50M 1.92 SB

The Former Packer and Ram is 6'3 With Great Straight line Speed
He Said can't wait for the Preseason .
He will Battle for Spot as the slot WR spot with Lance Lewis Rookie Devier Posey and Former Buffalo Bill David Nelson.

GM Riddell Said He wanted to get Larger at Wide Receiver .
Now the Shortest WR is Santonio Holmes at 5'11
Everyone else is Between 6'2 and 6'5
Mission Accomplished

CB Aaron Berry 5 years 7M /850K

Berry was signed to add Depth to CB Spot
He only 24 with Great hands and Willingness to learn
His biggest issuse is lack of height at 5'9

ROLB Jason Worlds 3 years 3 Millon /330K

Jason will back up at ROLB This year
He is very young has good size and speed
He Still needs to learn how Play at Pro Level.

DT Torrell Troup 3 years 3.17M 420K

Troup will be 4th Member of Jets new Front 4
Jets are switching from 3-4 They used last year

Jets GM Tom Riddell went After Young players in Free Agency
He is Hoping to build a Young core over next few seasons
The Jets still need to sign a Back up Right Guard
after losing out on James Carpenter in Free Agency
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Jone Drew Wants out of New York
New York City ,
at Jets Tranning Camp
MJD has asked to Traded
Jone Drew see writing on the wall He said
They don't want me here

Lamar Miller was Was 1st pick of 2013 Draft and his Impressed at Camp
Alex Green has been also done well as back
Green was drafted in 2011 draft 5 Round and will be back up.
Jones -Drew has very litte Reps in Camp so far.
If they don't want Me I want go where can be used..
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Upclose look at Jets 2014 Class
This just a addion to Off-season Post I made
I added some background of Real Players to this post
If could not find any I left it as is .


Pro Football Weekly Scouting Report :http://youtu.be/Hqofqj5NN5Y
Miller has great return skills and will be starting KR/PR for the jets
He has can Catch will out of back field and add good depth to strong Spot on jets roster


Cooley is big QB who moble and has big arm something GM Tom Riddell loves.
He battle for #2 Job with Matt More Cooly should Future of The Team.


Profootball Weekly Scouting Report http://youtu.be/Q5aANJjtcRE

Josh add depth to line after cutting DT Mike DeVito
He has great strength and will have learn from D Lineman a head of him


Profootball Weekly Scouting Report http://youtu.be/wmXMEjSyrDI

Some people this was a Reach for Robinson but He add depth to Young Core of DB's
Robinson will start at Nickle this year and take his lumps


An Interview with at Penn State [/sizehttp://youtu.be/JVkkI6k_BqA

Matt will be back Center and add Good depth to out oline
He very good pass blocker who need to work on his run blocking


Profootball Weekly Scouting Report http://youtu.be/TY3sTgvxDFI

Again with us making two cuts here in made since to bring young kids to learn the system
Trevin has fair Size and good speed and can also Kick Return.


Profootball Weekly Scouting Report http://youtu.be/CV15DKRZ4B8

We wanted to add some Taller WR to Core and Posey was Choise over Nick Toon
due to his better speed and catching .


Josh was last pick and will be back up at one of Saftey spots
He may move to SS from Free .
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Jets Off-season and Training Camp Report 2013
2013 - New York Jets Off-Season Update
New GM Thomas Riddell had a Team with very little cap going to into off-season.
He was hired 1 day before the NFL draft with his Team a Million over the cap
Players Cut to make cap Room :
SS Jim Leonhard (88)
CB Kyle Wilson (83)
CB Dwight Lowery (76)
MLB Keyaron Fox (75)
DT Mike DeVito (78)
WR David Clowney (81)

6 cuts to gain 13.04M in cap

Revis Island contract redone adds 3 more seasons
Revis Island
Revis new deal is for 4 years at
4 years: $32.55M, $13M bonus ($6.91M, $7.86M, $9.09M, $10.69M)
This saves the jets $2.08M this year.

Jets Send
Future 4th
Panthers send
QB Matt More
Future 7th
Colts Trade:
2.9 (SEA)
Future IND 7

Jets Trade:
Future NYJ 3

Jets Send QB Jim Sorgi
Ravens Send 6.16
Jets send QB Rudy Carpenter (72)

Titans Send 7.29

Jets Send Future 2nd
Bills Send SS Randy Phillips & WR David Nelson

Trade must Be approved by the league

Trade 6
Jets Send Future 5th & 7th
Dolphins Send FB FB Nehemiah Broughton

Trade must Be approved by the league

Free Agency before draft : The new Jet GM Miss the 1st part Free agency and try makes gains after the draft.


Miller has great return skills and will be starting KR/PR for the jets
He has can Catch will out of back field and add good depth to strong Spot on jets roster


Cooley is big QB who moble and has big arm something GM Tom Riddell loves.
He battle for #2 Job with Matt More Cooly should Future of The Team.


Josh add depth to line after cutting DT Mike DeVito
He has great strength and will have learn from D Lineman a head of him


Some people this was a Reach for Robinson but He add depth to Young Core of DB's
Robinson will start at Nickle this year and take his lumps


Matt will be back Center and add Good depth to out oline
He very good pass blocker who need to work on his run blocking


Again with us making two cuts here in made since to bring young kids to learn the system
Trevin has fair Size and good speed and can also Kick Return.


We wanted to add some Taller WR to Core and Posey was Choise over Nick Toon
due to his better speed and catching .


Josh was last pick and will be back up at one of Saftey spots
He may move to SS from Free .

The Team still needs to fill 3 Roster Spot make Leg min of 50
1 ROLB Spot
1 WR
1 RG

We look make trades and Pick FA to Fill the remaining holes.


Training OFF- Season

HB Lamar Miller #+1 SPD(94)
CB Prince Amukamara +1 AWR


WR Braylon Edwards+5 INJ
CB Prince Amukamara +5 ST

Body Diet
RT Ronnie Bryan -10 LBS (327 ) to 317
QB Bradley Cooley -10 LBS(250) to 240

Training Camp

CB Josh Robinson - +1 SPD (93) : The Jets have Hired a Speed coach this year We hoping to get our DB a little quicker Robinson has respond to Training .

WR Devier Posey +1 (87 ) hoping to add more Speed Again Devier Working with our Speed coach seem to have helped
we hope over next few season to burn few people with Devier.
He take over the Slot WR Spot this year as the Team cut David Clowney

CB Prince Amukamara 1+ AWR (71) Prince since being told he'll be starting CB has taken to film Room and stay after Practice to work With DB Coach Deon Sanders

QB Bradley Cooley 1 +THA (79) Since Coming to camp Bradley has worked hard with our QB Coaches
There using the old Tire Swing Dill to be come better at pin point passing .

HB Lamar Miller 1+ AGI (88) Lamar has been working Running back coach Tiki Barber using cone drill to get in and out breaks quicker.



Position Battles

QB - More vs Cooley
More is a veteran But his still very young vs Young Gun Cooley
More dose not gun that Cooley has and is not moble but is more aware.

DT - Fowler vs Chapman
It doesn't hurt to have 2 big guys up front
but with the Jets inclination to run the 4-3 defense,
this position battle might decide who plays the majority of snaps this season. It's a close one but it appears Joseph's athleticism & improvement in the weight room will make the difference.

CB Robinson Vs Alhren nickle CB
Robins has more speed But is very raw this should be good batlle .

Projected Starting Line-Up


QB Mark Sanchez
RB Maurice Jones-Drew
FB Nehemiah Broughton[color=red] (Pending League Approvals of trade)

WR Santanio Holmes
WR Braylon Edwards
TE Dustin Keller
LT Brickashaw Ferguson
LG Vladimir Ducasse
C Nick Mangold
RG Brandon Moore
RT Ronnie Bryan


LE Adrian Clayborn
DT Linval Joseph
DT Phill Fowler
RE Kendall Langford
LOLB Bobby Carpenter
MLB David Harris
ROLB A.J. Hawk
CB Darrelle Revis
CB Prince Amukamara
FS Darnell Goodman
SS Oshiomogho Atogwe
NCB Josh Robinson ^*

Special Teams :
K Nick Folk
P Craig Tate
LS Matt Stankiewitch *^
KR/PR Lamar Miller *^ (HB )
3rd Dwn HB : Alex Green

^ = Rookie * New Starter

Out look for 2013 where hoping to go 500 as we learn ropes of this new league where take a few chances on Defense
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Revis Island contract redone adds 3 more seasons
Revis Island is staying in New york with the jets for 3 more season for total of 4 years
To get the deal done the jets made 5 cuts to gain 12.99M in cap Space.
Cut are the Following players :

SS Jim Leonhard (88)
CB Kyle Wilson (83)
CB Dwight Lowery (76)
MLB Keyaron Fox (75)
DT Mike DeVito (78)

Revis new deal is for 4 years at
4 years: $32.55M, $13M bonus ($6.91M, $7.86M, $9.09M, $10.69M)

This saves the jets $2.08M this year.

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2012 - New York Jets Off-Season Update
The 2011 season was marred with a bit of remorse as many Jets fans had the Jets going to the playoffs and contending for a Super Bowl. They looked good on paper, as the media wrote, but it is not paper that the game is played upon. As it turned out, QB Mark Sanchez was injured for more than half the season and the team record over that stretch was 2-7. When Sanchez returned, the team went 4-3 to end the season.

GM Douglas Williams knew that his roster was aging and at an alarming rate with many starters over 30, so he did what many GMs have done in the past - turning over the roster so that the team can become younger.

Older veterans of this Jet's team were looking over their shoulder in angst as this new off-season loomed as they didn't know what to expect for their future with the team. And their worry was warranted as many other aging veterans were let go. This team will be built through the draft and smart FA/trades. GM Williams contends that while we are getting younger, we still want to compete at a high level.

Players Not Signed
RT Damien Woody
OLB Calvin Pace
FS Brodney Pool

Players like Woody and Pace have been mainstays on their side of the football for the past 2 seasons but age has more than caught up with them as they are shells of their former selves.

Players Re-Signed
SS Jim Leonhard *
K Nick Folk

* Leonhard was contacted by Jets management that while he was an UFA, they retained the right to match any offer put on him.

Players Released
RB LaDainian Tomlinson
WR Jerricho Cotchery

Tomlinson is sure to be a first ballot HoF inductee but he's got little left in the tank and the Jets decided to let him look for a roster spot early rather than dragging him through training camp.

Packers Send:
ROLB A.J. Hawk
(7) Broncos
(6) Packers

Jets Send:
(2) Jets
(4) Jets

Jets Send:
(3) Jets

Buccaneers Send:
WR David Clowney

Free Agency
RE Kendall Langford
DT Linval Joseph
TE Zach Potter

These players represent the on-going youth movement and provide great depth for the Jets going into 2012.

1.05 -- CB Prince Amukamara - This decision was easy for GM Williams with a giant hole at CB before the draft. Prince is a top-notch prospect and will be counted on to start opposite Revis day 1.

1.25 -- LE Adrian Clayborn - Clayborn reaching the Jets at 25 was a surprise and the Jets ran up to the podium with glee. He's a tweener 4-3/3-4 end which is perfect for the Jets scheme. There's little doubt he can come in and compete for a starting spot day 1.

2.28 -- FS Darnell Goodman - Goodman was the 3rd defensive pick for the Jets in the draft. Obviously, the rebuilding was centered on defense. Goodman will get playing time early and has good range (w/ 90+ SPD) which Jet's FS have lacked in the past.

3.25 -- LT Ronnie Bryan - Interestingly enough, Bryan was in the top 5 of OL prospects for the Jets going into the draft and were elated to see him there with their late 3rd round pick. Bryan will most likely get the starting nod at RT day 1 and provide a big body to the OL.

5.5 -- WR Lance Lewis - Lewis is a big WR at 6'3" and will provide depth and be allowed to learn from another big WR in Braylon Edwards.

6.5 -- CB Bernie Ahrens - Ahrens was a depth pick and will have to learn/progress a lot to provide any decent play on-field.

6.32 -- WR Andre Holmes - Holmes was happy to get the call on draft day, not so happy to get cut in training camp.

7.14 -- TE Virgil Green - very green player (no pun intended). Will need a lot of work and will be interesting to see if he can improve any.

Post-Draft Releases
LE LeKevin Smith

Offseason Training and Conditioning

CB Prince Amukamara +1 SPD
FS Darnell Goodman +1 SPD

QB Mark Sanchez +5 INJ
FS Darnell Goodman +5 STA

No diet changes

Position Battles

CB - Wilson vs Amukamara
Wilson is a veteran but lacks top-end speed to be effective as a starting CB so the Jets will have to weigh Prince's inexperience against his athleticism. More than likely, Prince will start with Wilson in the nickel.

DT - Fowler vs Joseph
It doesn't hurt to have 2 big guys up front but with the Jets inclination to run the 3-4 defense, this position battle might decide who plays the majority of snaps this season. It's a close one but it appears Joseph's athleticism and improvement in the weight room will make the difference.

Projected Starting Line-Up


QB Mark Sanchez
RB Shonn Greene
FB Luke Lawton
WR Santanio Holmes
WR Braylon Edwards
LT Brickashaw Ferguson
LG Vladimir Ducasse
C Nick Mangold
RG Brandon Moore
RT Ronnie Bryan ^


LE Adrian Clayborn ^
DT Linval Joseph *
RE Kendall Langford *
LOLB Bobby Carpenter
MLB David Harris
MLB Kenyaron Fox
ROLB A.J. Hawk *
CB Darrelle Revis
CB Prince Amukamara ^
FS Darnell Goodman ^
SS Oshiomogho Atogwe
NCB Kyle Wilson

^ = Rookie
* = New starter

2012 Stadium Update
In 2012, the Jets will be playing in their brand new, state-of-the-art, WTC Stadium, which finished in late 2011. The Jets had shared Meadowland Stadium with the NY Giants since 1984. Here is an excerpt from the media release following the announcement of the new stadium.

WTC Stadium, Manhattan, NYC :
The NY Jets of the GZL are moving out of East Rutherford and into the heart of New York right into Manhattan, and here is the unbelievable part, somehow Mr. Johnson has been able to secure a major portion of the 16 acre World Trade Center site.

The new stadium which has already been named “WTC Stadium” will be located at the base of the new Trade Center Towers, along Greenwich Street and West, and parallel to Liberty and Fulton Street. This state of the art complex is already estimated to be more than $349 Million dollars, and that total does not include the underground parking structure, shopping and dining district, or head office for the New York Jets organization.

This state of the art facility will be built above a 4 level underground parking structure, which can accommodate not only the Jets football fans parking but the World Trade Center Towers parking as well. The parkade has a 3 lane entrance off of West Street and a 3 lane exit on to Greenwich Street which will help speed up traffic congestion, and according to the designer this system could have the entire parkade emptied within one hour of the final whistle. However once you have arrived at WTC Stadium you will be in no hurry to leave, in the stadium are 3 levels of shopping, dining, and an entertainment district. Just because the game might be over the party is not. If you don’t feel like driving to the stadium then a taxi drop off and pick up at the taxi stand on Fulton Street is the way to go or the subway on Liberty is another perfect alternative.

WTC Stadium will hold approximately 80,831 screaming fans, including 15,000 club seats and over 360 Luxury and Press boxes. The stadium has a state of the art mini video display that stretches completely around the three different levels, producing one of the best light shows you have ever seen. Lets not forget to mention the top of the line 3600” Sony jumbo tron that is located over center field giving fans the best in live action and replays no matter where they are sitting in the stadium. To accommodate this video system is one of the best sound systems produced by Bose Audio, and if you’re not blown away by the sights and sounds at this point then the pyrotechnics shows are just the thing to send you over that edge.

Did I mention WTC Stadium has a retractable roof? No…well it does no more cold weather games for Jets fans; we like to leave that to those other fans in New York.

The WTC Stadium is attached to Tower 3 with a pedway over Greenwich Street this is for easy access for the Jets front office as the team has an entire floor in this building to handle the everyday operations of the football club.

As you approach the entrance to the WTC Stadium from Liberty Street, you will see on the left the WTC Information Center and Historical Museum, while on the right is the World Trade Center Monument honoring the men and women of 911.

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Holmes Still to Call Jersey Home

Rumors out of camp centered around wide receiver Santonio Holmes who has ironically been quietly working his contract extension with GM Douglas Williams.

Holmes is usually anything but quiet but word has it that he had a gentleman's agreement with Williams early in the season and the details just needed to work themselves out.

Details of the contract are:

$30.5 million with $12.2 million bonus which over $14 million is guaranteed for Holmes.

Williams released the following statement:
"Santonio is a player that we like and he's been a great help to younger receivers as well as performing on the field. This deal also goes a long ways towards keeping the team in place for their long term goals."

Holmes released the following statement:
"I knew we had a deal in principle, you know. I wasn't sweating. My agent worked it out while I was working my magic on the field and it's all good. I feel blessed and want to thank God for his blessings."

Coach Rex Ryan was unavailable for a statement at the time of this writing.
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Sanchez Claims to be Ready

Reports out of Jets camp is that QB Mark Sanchez is finally ready to go. He finished up a full week of practice and has had no issues with pain in his non-throwing shoulder.

Jets fans rejoice at the news because the nightmare at the QB position has ended for now. Will the Jets be able to make some noise or should they go quietly and hope for a top draft pick. Jets fans are optimistic but realistic.
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Jets Make Mid-Season Splash

As the 2011 season progressed, Jets GM Douglas Williams started to understand that his team wasn't just an injured QB away from being a contender. Many of his peers viewed the Jets as a moderately good team before the season started, but Williams had already started a youth movement in his first full season as GM.

On the trade of CB Antonio Cromartie

Williams made a difficult decision on whether to move the talented cornerback. In the end, the decision was based on this season's early failures and looking at how to handle the salary cap for next season. All in all, this move was just one of many to come that will have the Jets in contention in the near future.

Terms of the deal:

Jets receive Jaguars #1, Giants #2, and Jaguars #3
Jaguars receive CB Antonio Cromarti, Jets #7

Revis on departure on of Cromartie

Revis met with the media after Thursday's practice and responded to the trade of his teammate.

”Antonio is a good friend and a great player. The team will miss him but this is a business and all the guys understand that. Some of our younger players will have to step up and make an impact.”

Additional Notes

CB Kyle Wilson will get the start opposite Revis on Sunday versus the Miami Dolphins. Veteran Leigh Torrence was signed for depth on Friday.
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Jets Address Pre-Season Aftermath and Week 1 Preview

On the Pre-Season

In the first game of the pre-season, QB Mark Sanchez was hit and landed hard on his shoulder causing a broken collarbone which will sideline him until at least Week 8 of the regular season. The Jets are up against the cap and decided to stick with JaMarcus Russell and veteran Jim Sorgi. This decision will require a very modest game plan to protect their inability to throw down field.

Other news in the offensive backfield is that Shonn Greene has taken over top RB duties from Tomlinson and showed great abilities in the pre-season games.

On the defensive side, the Jets will be going much younger in the front 7 while still having the experience at cornerback. DT Fowler played well during the pre-season but will not likely overtake veteran Kris Jenkins at the top spot.

Upcoming Season

The upcoming season was already being pegged as a semi-rebuilding year by GM Williams, but you have to wonder how losing Sanchez for nearly half the season will affect the overall record. The Jets will be looking to run the ball and play solid defense in order to overcome some deficiencies at QB during Sanchez's injury.

Week 1 vs Chiefs

The Chiefs are talented and Luck will be getting his first GZL start. The Jets hope to welcome him to the league and come out with a victory. Look for the Jets to try to smother the top pick from this year's draft and employ a dominant running game to control the clock.

Prediction: Jets squeeze out low-scoring victory 17-13
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Jets Draft and TC Update


2.20 - DT Phil Fowler - Not in the top 3 or 4 NT but I felt he was the best and will play under Jenkins this season.

3.20 - LE Jessie Hamilton - Fits the mold as a big strong 3-4 end. He will likely get to play from the get go.

4.20 - LOLB Mark Gilbert - No top end speed but has good strength and size. Will likely be playing backup.

5.20 - HB Alex Green - With LT getting old, trying to solidify the position for the future. Green has some decent speed and ability.

6.20 - P Craig Tate - After missing on the best punter in the draft in round 5, the Jets felt Tate would still be able to beat out 34 yo punter Chris Hansen.

7.20 - LT Joseph Barksdale - the Jets liked Joseph's strength but he has stiff hips and that is a problem.

Offseason Workouts

QB Mark Sanchez worked out privately during the summer and has been seen throwing a wee bit harder. That should help his overall game as he makes all the throws.

Incoming rookie DT Phil Fowler made an effort to increase his strength and improved his bench press reps from 30x to 33x. He also reported to camp 10+ lbs heavier which Coach Rex replied "woo".

TE Dustin Keller worked with conditioning coaches during the offseason to strengthen his core. He missed the last 6 games of 2010 and has a history of injury trouble.

HB Joe McKnight also worked with conditioning coaches to increase his overall stamina. In college, McKnight shared duties at HB and coaches believed he was never in tip-top shape due to that.

RE Hall Davis was working with strength coaches to gain 10 pounds over the offseason and appears to have done so.

Offseason Cuts

LOLB Bryan Thomas
LE Shaun Ellis
MLB Bart Scott
P Chris Hansen
HB Andre Brown

Free Agency

Will be making some moves in the post-draft FA to fill in remaining spots.
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Out of Control: Jets Playoff Outlook

With a disappointing loss to the Steelers in Week 15, the Jets lost all leverage they had to grab a playoff spot. As it stands, the Jets need a win and either a Steelers or Patriots loss to advance into the 2010 Playoffs.

In week 17, the Jets face a Bills team who has struggled with consistent play but always puts up a fight. The first meeting ended with a 40-23 Jets victory. Let's be frank here, the Bills can beat the Jets if Mark Sanchez doesn't play well. With that said, the Jets are expecting to win and now have to rely on other teams coming through.

The Steelers play the Browns who could be playing for a higher draft pick. It's disheartening to Jets fans hoping for a miracle but the Browns have put together a few good wins this season including a victory over the Jets in Week 10. With a Steelers loss, the Jets would be the final wild-card team.

The Patriots have been riding an awesome 9-1 record through the last 10 games with the only loss coming to our Jets but if the Patriots pull off the win against the Dolphins this weekend, they will win the AFC East. If the Patriots were to lose, the Jets will win the AFC East but the Patriots would still make the playoffs as a wildcard.

So, as stated, the Jets are not in control of their own destiny for the 2010 playoffs. However, a victory and a Patriots or Steelers loss, the Jets make the playoffs.

Anything less is disappointing but some blame will be taken on by team management due to not playing to potential when most necessary.
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Jets Sink Dolphins in OT

In a game that may end up shaping the playoff race in the AFC East, the NY Jets made a statement by holding off the resurgent Dolphins to win in OT.

On offense, it was clear that new GM Douglas Williams instilled some confidence in young QB Mark Sanchez as he came out of the game with a 118+ rating and 3 to 0 TD to INT ratio. The completion percentage wasn't great, but Sanchez made big plays when it counted including the first play from scrimmage and the last. Tomlinson added some tough yards and made the offense more than a 1-dimensional threat. Braylon Edwards ended the day with his 3rd straight 100+ yard receiving game.

Defensively, the Jets were initially worried that the Dolphins 2-headed running threat will run wild but the team was able to keep the Dolphins off-balanced with a run-heavy defense. With a CB tandem like Revis and Cromartie, the front 7 was able to concentrate on the run and leave those guys out there on islands.

Great game for the Jets all around and we tip our hats to the Dolphins and their organization!

Jets are now 8-5 with a 5-0 division record. Next game is against the Steelers who looked good in Week 14.
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Jets Announce New General Manager

-East Rutherford, NJ

Transcript of video press conference.

On Joining the Jets Organization
“First of all I would like to thank everybody for coming. I’m honored, I’m humbled to be standing here as the general manager of the NY Jets. The tradition, the franchise, what the logo stands for, not only for what it stands for in the NFL, but across the sporting industry. It’s an exciting time for me, but it should be an exciting time for all of us. If you are a Jets fan, this is not a rebuilding phase but instead, the finishing steps of winning the ultimate prize - the Super Bowl."

On the Previous General Manager
"Terry and I have casually met in the past but I have a lot of respect for him and his ability to run a franchise. He has not left me here holding a bag of excrement so to speak. We have a great core and I intend on strengthening that."

On the Coaching Staff
"Rex is Rex. It's not my intention to get into the X's and O's of the game and that is where Rex really excels. He's tough and he knows how to build a game plan and execute on game day. I look forward to working with him on a day-in and day-out basis."

On the State of the Current Roster
"The current roster is set for this season. However, I want the players to know that my plans are to create a real contender and if their plans don't coincide, they might be watching the Jets team bus from the side of the road."

On the Current Season
"Well, we have underperformed a bit but I expect this team to get to the playoffs and then make some noise. The defensive talent is top-notch and we have enough weapons on offense to make plays. It's all about consistency and that has been the Achilles' heel for this team this season and in the past."
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Week Nine – Wednesday Morning Press Conference – NY Jets
Rex Ryan is at the podium. “Well that was Jets football last night played to perfection. First off on the injury front we have the following. Sanchez/shoulder, Lowery/elbow, LT/hip, BT/ankle, Bart/finger, Harris/back, Cro/knee, Leonhard/foot, Keller/wrist, new from last night we have Pool with a high ankle sprain that kept him out the entire game, and Cro tweaked his knee again but only missed a few plays. Everyone was full practice today other than LT, Cro and Pool who sat out, but will all more than likely play on Sunday against the Browns.”

“Offensively I thought we did a great job this week. First play of the game went deep and Holmes had a great catch to set the tone and we never looked back. We put up 30 points against a good defense in Detroit and it should have been more but the guys sensed the game was about over and started to let off the gas, not only that we had a few series that were just horrible play calling by Schotty, we will have to chat about that and see if we can start to stick to the game plan. We will also fix that up this week and find a playbook that we both agree on and that will better suit our style of play.”

“Defensively we played a great game as well; I couldn’t have called it better if I tried. We were up 20-3 just before the half and gave up a field goal to end the half. After that we sat back and the Lions turned it on and started to capitalize on a few breakdowns, but it wasn’t anything I was really worried about or think will carry over. The guys just sensed the game was in the bag. Cro had a great INT and had a good return to put us in excellent field position. Our run defense was solid, and really the only guy that stood out was Johnson last night with 10 catches, and he is a Pro Bowl WR just doing his job, the best thing we did was that we let him catch balls in front of us never giving up a big play.”

“Special teams, was ok last night and really the only blemish on an otherwise flawless performance. Nick was asked to make a few tough kicks and asking him to hit from 54 yards in a dome was obviously a bad call on our part and easily could have turned the game around, but again the D came up big on a 4 and out. Zastudil didn’t have a good game and I would like to see his average come up. Lastly the return team just didn’t seem to be on the same page last night; we will make some adjustments this week in practice and hopefully have a better performance against Cleveland, as I have been saying for a few weeks now, those guys owe Cro a couple TD’s. I would love to see them pay up this debt this week against Rob.”

“This week we have to head to Cleveland and face Brad Mallett’s Browns and not to mention my brother Rob. These are always fun games to be ready for and just because we are family I won’t be holding anything back and neither will he. On a bright side that Juggernaut of a running back is still out this week so that’s one thing we will take advantage of. That being said Torain is an outstanding RB in his own right. Funny story, when Washington cut Ryan we had him here for a practice and physical. He looked outstanding and we seriously considered signing him to the practice squad. At this time we had our Backs all set and didn’t have the cap room to have him just sitting on the sidelines, so we passed. Here is where the funny part kicks in, that week Greene goes down and Ryan would have filled in perfectly. I of course told Rob how impressed I was with the kid and the next day the Browns signed him. Just goes to show you, you can’t trust anyone…especially family.”

“It’s going to be a great show down and I KNOW my Dad will be there wearing his Jets colors. See you next week.”
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Week Eight – Tuesday Morning Press Conference – NY Jets
Rex Ryan stomps to the podium. “Well that game last night was complete horse shit…McCarthy knows it…Mullendore knows it (even though he won’t admit it)… the Officials Knew it… and the GZL league office knows it…NOW.”

“Injuries…We have Sanchez/shoulder, Lowery/elbow, LT/hip, BT/ankle, Bart/finger, Harris/back, Cro/knee, Leonhard/foot, Keller/wrist. All are perfectly fine and will be available and ready for Sunday in Detroit. Shonn Greene still has that sprained elbow that has been hampering him, he will be a game time decision but if he can’t go expect Andre Brown to fill in once again this week.”

“We kicked Green Bay’s ass up and down that field for 40 minutes of a 48 minute game. We dominated them in every single stat but two… turnovers and I guess the only one that matters, the score. We stuck to our game plan throughout the entire game, we ran the ball down the heart of their D, and even though we didn’t break anything big we just kept chipping away at it, leaving makeable 3rd down plays for Sanchez and Russell to complete. 17 First downs, 69 Offensive plays, 29: 13 Time of Possession, and 269 yards of total offense… Should have equaled a win for the New York Jets, but it didn’t and we will move on. GM Gall spoke with GM Paronne and call us paranoid but he had some valid points and we are starting to believe there is a conspiracy against the NY based franchises.”

“Defensively we crushed them as well. Holding the Packers to 8 first downs, 8 completions, 40% completion rating, forced them to punt 7 times, held under 100 yards rushing and only 218 yards of total offense. Only well into the 4th quarter did the Packers even show up for this game, somehow out of somewhere O’Neal and Grant became the Hulk and She-Hulk. They sustained two drives that eventually put us away combining for almost 60 yards of their game total 92 yards rushing. Kitna looked like a CFL QB last night, just like we said he would, the guy should just take two weeks off then when he comes back…quit. 8 of 20 for 126 yards of which 72 came on their first drive of the game and in one play.”

“Special Teams… wait… Oh ya we killed them in this category as well. Our return game and kicking game gave us better field position all game. I love it when we get to pad our stats in games like this.”

“This all brings us to our only break downs of the game. Cromartie misses the tackle on excellent coverage on the Finley TD. Smith fumbles the punt return, but had a ton of time only to try and pick it up on the run, missing it a second time, which allowed GB the turnover…short field and eventually the Red Zone score.”

“But it wasn’t just our breakdowns that gave GB a win in our house, the officials helped as well. Late in the 4th quarter Sanchez hits Holmes on a 4th down gamble, Holmes makes the catch clean and passed the first down marker, but is hit and drove back landing short of the first down. Then the retarded official marks the ball where he landed, not giving us the forward progress. I went to throw my flag only to be told by the Line Judge that the play isn’t reviewable. Ok fine play that way, karma is a bitch. But wait it didn’t stop there, Grant runs a dive play on 3rd down, needing a first to keep us off the field and rob us of our W. We tackle him short of the first down and they have to punt, but that wasn’t the case, McCarthy is allowed to challenge the play and Grant is deemed to have passed the marker and gains the first down.”

“GM Gall has formally sent in complaints to the league regarding many instances in this game. First…the officiating of the game and these two key plays which ultimately decided the outcome of the game. Then allegations into banned substances being used by the Packers runningbacks. Let’s face it you can’t get your ass handed to you for that long, then all of a sudden come out and play like Walter Payton. Lastly after talking with Cro and B-Smitty they said that something had blind them on the two breakdowns in question, after watching the tape over again, we noticed on both plays Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers with a high intensity laser pointer. Dom used this pointer to distract Cro enough to make him lose sight of the ball and Finley, which resulted in him making a ridiculous diving tackle in mid air and 5 yards out of bounds. The same happened in the Brad Smith Punt return Capers again flashed it in the face of Brad causing him to lose the ball in the lights, he fumbled the ball and when he tried to pick it up again and run with it he was still disorientated, this gave the Packers coverage team more than enough time to come down and collect the fumble. I am hoping the GZL head office actually take these complaints seriously this time around, as it was obvious they swept our last grievance with Minnesota under the carpet.”

“The one thing that pisses me off the most is that our fans had to endure through that abomination of a game. I am sure the officials are still sitting in their dressing room waiting for it to be safe to leave Meadowlands.”

“This week we have Jason Arnold’s Detriot Lions to face, we won’t take this team lightly as all teams in the GZL have a chance to win. But we are out right pissed off as a team from the water boy to our front office secretary. Trust me the last thing you want is a pissed off and highly motivated NY Jets team coming to your stadium to put on an ass kicking. See you next week.”
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Breaking News – NY Jets
Rumors have been running through the NY Jets front office all afternoon today as staff close to GM Gall have been saying that he is in talks with the St. Louis Rams regarding a safety. About 9 hours prior to the GZL transaction deadline it is now being confirmed that GM Terry Gall and the NY Jets have made their first trade of the 2010 season. With this trade submitted to the league’s office a flurry of moves followed in order to set the Jets Roster and meet cap requirements.

GM Gall released this statement. “Good afternoon Jets fans and media alike. Today as you have probably heard I have made a trade with GM Tyler Richardson of the Rams that sees Safety Oshiomogho Atogwe come to New York in exchange for our 1st round draft pick this season. Some may think this is a hefty price to pay for a 29 yr old Safety, but we like the deal a lot. Atogwe ranked very highly on our scouting reports and possesses a combination of skills that are only matched by one other safety…that guy in Pittsburgh. Besides our 1st round pick technically will be a low 2nd if you’re listening or buying into anything Rex is saying.”

With this trade the Jets were forced to cut long time Jet Eric Smith. Smith was drafted by the Jets in the 3rd round 97th overall of the 2006 NFL Draft.

Rex Ryan had this to say about Smith. “Eric was very popular in the locker room with every one of his teammates and the coaching staff. The guy is a genius and understood the game and our scheme better than anyone. With Atogwe coming here the safety position was jamming up and a move just had to be made, it wouldn’t be right to keep him here on our roster just to sit and watch from the sidelines. If he was older I would sign him right to my staff and have him continue in the Jets organization, but he isn’t and he still has many more years left in him to play in this league. We as an organization wish him the best and hope that he can get on with another team in the near future.”

The Jets also reported that they have signed CB Antonio Cromartie to a long term contract extension that will likely see the star CB retire in Green and White. The reported deal is for 7 years and over 64 million dollars, which will save the organization about 2M in cap money this year. The signing comes with a heavy price tag for the Jets as the often troubled star will now be under contract till he is 33, and Cro will now hold a no trade clause over the team.

With these moves the Jets now have a little more breathing room under the cap at least more than they have all season long. It’s always a gamble to make moves with draft picks and I can tell you for curtain that GM Gall is hoping that nothing in the upcoming draft grabs the attention of Rex Ryan or the eye of the Jets fans or else there could be a lot of boo birds at Radio City Music Hall this offseason.
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Week Seven – Bye Week – NY Jets
Rex Ryan is at the podium. “Well we had a great week off, boring as hell… but it’s always nice to take a step back away from football and get to the things that are really important. This week we have been back on the field and preparing for the Packers visit. So far our home performances have been terrible, going 1-2 at home is just sad and we will be ready and hungry to hit the field this week and put the boots to a surprising Green Bay team. We owe our GM this game and more importantly we owe our fans a great performance.”

“As I mentioned, we spent some time at Ground Zero last week, and to our surprise Owner Woody Johnson showed our staff, and a few players some plans on a new stadium situated right at the site. The stadium looked amazing and the facility looked to be top notch with everything a staff member, player, or fan would want or could dream of. That wasn’t his only surprise as he also showed us the New York joint bid to host the GZL I Super Bowl at Meadowlands Stadium. Honestly the script couldn’t have been written better for us this year. Johnson said we were just waiting on league approvals but he felt very positive about both plans being carried forward in the GZL.”

“With the much needed week of rest the team is 99.9% healthy and refreshed with the only exception being Shonn Greene, who after being reevaluated on Monday is deemed to be out this week. We do expect him to start practicing again as early as next week barring any setbacks in his rehab. On the other side we are facing a beat up Green Bay team that is missing two stars in Rodgers on offense and Clay Matthews on Defense, this is a great time for us to be facing Mullendore’s team.”

“We have made a few positional changes during this week at practice, Andre Brown has come in and been outstanding he will take over Greene’s spot and back up LT while J Mc K will remain as our 3rd down back. Vlad has moved up the depth chart and will get some playing time this week, and Tonio has taken over a new position on the return team. All of these are just tweaks to the lineup that the staff and I believe gives us an edge by playing athletes in positions that give them the best chance to make plays for us.”

“Defensively we will be taking a more aggressive approach this week, our keys are to make sure that Kitna has no time in the pocket, stuff the run, and make sure no one is deeper than us in the secondary. It’s easy enough to say and put on paper but a lot harder than one might think to execute. Let’s face it no one foreseen the emergence of Kitna as being an actual viable option to replace Rodgers in the GZL. In this game in our own stadium I am expecting Kitna to either leave in an ambulance or at the end of the game sign with a team in the CFL, because yes he has done a great job to this point but he hasn’t faced a team like the New York Jets.”

“The Packers are a banged up team right now and we will continue to play hard nose physical football with these guys. We will impose our game plan on them and dictate the pace of the game. I know every time our team faces an old rivalry of GM Gall’s that there is added pressure to win the game but the fact is that when we take the field, home or away we expect to win that game and every single game all the way to our goal of hoisting the GZL Super Bowl Trophy. This is just one more game and one more step in that direction. It’s nothing personal towards Kitna…McCarthy…Mullendore, we just have to come out on that field and kick their asses. See you all on Sunday.”
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Week Six – Wednesday Morning Press Conference – NY Jets
Rex Ryan steps to the podium. “Ok let’s get started shall we? Well I guarantee a win this week but before we get into that lets deal with Injuries…We have Sanchez/shoulder, Lowery/elbow, LT/hip, BT/ankle, Bart/finger, Harris/back, Cro/knee, Leonhard/foot. These are guys you all knew about already. New from Sunday night’s game in Denver we have Keller with a wrist injury and we have Shonn Greene with a sprained elbow. Eventually the injury bug was going to hit us, all great teams have to deal with this and Greene will probably be on the shelf for the next three weeks at least, that being said everyone else will be in full practices once we resume again. With the bye week coming up here Shonn will have some time to heal and starting next Monday we will reevaluate his progress in the mean time we have signed HB Andre Brown off the practice squad. Brown has some excellent speed and power and we will test him out in practices and see if it will be him or J Mc K that will back up LT in two weeks.”

“This week we will be taking the week off as some guys will spend time with friends and family others will be doing some mandatory PR for the Jets and hitting certain events throughout the NY area, hell someone has to promote football in New York, everyone knows that other club can’t do anything. One spot we will be heading to with a few players, the coaching staff, GM Gall and Owner Johnson is Ground Zero as Woody is looking for some input on some concept designs and ideas from the different departments. ”

“Sunday night’s game was a close one just as I thought it would be, GM Gall knew Dave Bauer would have his coaching staff and players fired up for this old school rivalry and there was no disappointing, both teams played extremely well and I am just happy to have left Denver with the W. Offensively we clicked right out of the gate. Sanchez and Dustin were on the same page all the way till Keller left the game. What a performance by the TE he looked like Gates out there. Our running game also did a great job moving the chains and made sure we controlled the clock for the majority of the game. I thought JaMarcus looked good on his single play out there, we didn’t want to just throw him into the fire so one play was fine for this week, we now have two more weeks to open up the play book to him. Again this week our wide outs failed to make an impact in the game and were unable to stretch the field, two catches by Edwards and Holmes combined is just embarrassing, especially when our tight ends had ten catches. I really can’t fault Mark for going to Dustin if that was what was open all night long. Shotty and I will look at the play calling again and go over the tape, we should have been able to easily put an end to the game with our last two drives but some bad calls and poor clock management left the door open for the Broncos to steal this game. These are mistakes we just cannot afford to make especially against the better teams in the GZL. ”

“Defensively we really set the tone with that first series causing Orton and his crew to a 3 and out, but after that it’s been much the same all year long we refuse to take the turnovers that are given to us on a silver platter. The unit has had solid efforts but then comes apart the minute a team puts a simple hurry up offense against us. It’s like we are high school kids again and running around with our heads cut off, no one knows their assignments and we have huge breakdowns that allow our opponents to march on us often resulting in points or a huge momentum shift. That’s what happened Sunday night we completely dominated the play all the way to the 2 minute warning in the 2nd quarter, and then we took our foot off the throttle and played the rest of the game back peddling, honestly if there was another minute on the clock we could have been looking at a loss instead of a win.”

“Special teams once again played solid. On every kickoff it looked like Cro was one defender away from breaking it for 6. I know eventually he is going to get a rhythm and then he will rattle off a couple TD’s for us in the return game, he is just that explosive of a player. Zastudil had arguable his best game as a punter for us this season, really bailed us out of jams when we were backed up deep and never gave Orton and the Broncos a short field to work with. Hanson was the only disappointment with the power he has every kickoff should be in the end zone and our cover guys should be down there before the returner even considers running it out. I am sure Westy will get on him and have this cleaned up for our match up in two weeks.”

“Well the coaching staff is off for a few days this week as well, I am heading home to give my lovely wife a three day foot massage. We will see you again next week when we are back in the training facilty.”
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Transaction News – NY Jets
The New York Jets once again dipped into the Free Agent market this week picking up cast off Quarterback JaMarcus Russell, Russell considered by many as one of the biggest first round busts since Ryan Leaf finds himself on a team once again and according to General Manager Terry Gall will even see the field. In order to make this move third string QB Kellen Clemens was outright released.

GM Terry Gall had these comments. “This week we have signed QB JaMarcus Russell to a three year contract; Russell is young and is a physical freak at the QB position. Never in his career has he had a chance to learn from solid and professional QB’s like Sanchez and Brunell, I expect to see a big step in his development and I am happy that Rex and Brian will be the ones credited with this task. Russell has a great combination of size, speed, and strength that I believe gives us another weapon that we didn’t have previously. Rex is working with him in the Seminole and he will see the field this Sunday against the Broncos. Russell gives us that run at any moment threat as well as the ability to stretch the field with his powerful arm strength. Don’t get me wrong Mark Sanchez is our starting Quarterback, but Russell will have some set plays every week to give us that added wrinkle that other teams will have to plan for. So far he has blended in well with the team and has looked great on the practice field.”

“With this move we had to cut QB Kellen Clemens, Kellen has been nothing but a loyal Jet from day one when we drafted him in 06, I wish him the best of luck and hope he can now have the opportunity to be signed by a team and get some action in the GZL.”

We will have to see this Sunday in Denver if the JaMarcus Russell experiment will be a success or a bust much like his career to this point.
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Week Five – Tuesday Morning Press Conference – NY Jets
Rex takes his position at the podium, “It’s a disappointing morning even worse after we watched the video tapes from last night but let’s first get the Injuries out of the way. We have Sanchez/shoulder, Lowery/elbow, LT/hip, BT/ankle, Bart/finger, Harris/back, all these guys were full today, from last night we have Cro with the knee and Leonhard with the foot, both had full practices as well and I expect us to be 100% healthy for Denver this Sunday.”

“What a terrible game last night, Mark had an off night and Shotty just called a horrendous game on offense, honestly I seen one formation out there the entire night and I am not even convinced he was calling plays from our scheme for this game, seriously I would like to know what freakin playbook he was going from, because our players didn’t seem to know what was going on either. We ran the ball up their asses and down their throats just as we had planned, however we didn’t once take advantage of our play action, Minnesota had 8 in the box all night and still couldn’t stop LT but do you think we would call a play action pass or stretch the field? Sanchez just dumped it for the 3-5 yard option and that was it. We beat ourselves and I am disappointed for our fans that had to endure that game on our home field. We are better than that team; there is no doubt in my mind. If we play this game again it wouldn’t even be close, 9 times out of 10 we are going to wax the Vikings. Very frustrated and disappointed with this outcome.”

“Defensively we played solid once again, they had a few plays that got away from us but we didn’t let them get anything really big up field. Again we continue to bat the ball away rather than pick it off and get our O back on the field. When we did get the turnover we needed, we gave it right back to them with a fumble. Just very undisciplined all night, we lacked the focus needed, and we played down to our competition. There was the one long play for Harvin and Cro was on him like a blanket there is no way that ball should have been completed. Then you have the little gremlin Gradkowski back there and we had pressure in his face all night long yet he would all of a sudden become Payton and complete an impossible 3rd down conversion. We had solid plays on our D for the 1st and 2nd downs only to crap the bed on the 3rd down. AP was their primary weapon and we had him bottled up all night, hell if you ran a hundred times your eventually going to get 100 yards on the ground, it’s just the law of averages.”

“We had three costly turnovers that directly resulted in 14 points on the score board for Minnesota, and took points off the board for us. Even though every Madden bounce went against us and we were playing like a High School team from Canada, we were still in the game with less than 3 min left. Our D just had to get the 3 and out and we could have had Sanchez pull out the win for our team and our fans. AP broke his best run of the game of 31 yards that put the last nail in our coffin and got him over 100 for the night. If I am Cepparulo and Childress I left last night as quick as possible and thanked the Madden gods that game went their way.”

“Next Sunday we fly to Denver to face Mr. Bauer and his Broncos. The Broncos are up and down with good and bad performances but they seem to be in every game and I fully expect Mr. Bauer to have his squad jacked for this meeting, there is some history between our GM’s and I know neither one of them wants to have a lose especially if it means the other GM gets a W. We will be taking off early for this game arriving in Denver tomorrow and spending the remainder of the week there to get used to the altitude change. Come Sunday there will be no excuses and this team will perform much better than the crap you seen last night.”

“Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”
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Week Four – Tuesday Morning Press Conference – NY Jets
Rex Ryan heads to the podium, “Good morning everyone, hope you all had a great sleep and enjoyed the performance your New York Jets put on last night. First off let’s get the injury updates out of the way. Sanchez/shoulder, Lowery/elbow, LT/hip, BT/ankle all had a full practice today, new ones from last night Bart/finger and Harris/back, both guys were limited today but everyone is expected to be ready Monday night for the Vikings.”

“Really like the effort the guys put forward this week in Buffalo, the D really stepped it up and put the boots to the Bills this week. This is the kind of performance I like to see on a weekly bases, there was no chewing off the nails on the sidelines and everyone seemed motivated to have a good game.”

“The offense was slow to start and I really think they could have managed the ball better, I did not like the match up scheme Shotty tried in putting Tony at the slot to create mismatches with his speed. On paper it was a brilliant move that would even have those beer guys clanging glasses but in the game it didn’t work at all, if you’re going to do that then you need to at least target him and it’s not good when our leading receiver and biggest threat down field isn’t even thrown the ball once in a game. That was a missed opportunity to put up some stats and points for us. Other than that I thought Braylon and Hughey really played great games, Hughes earned his spot on the team and will be around one more week its now our job to make sure we can feed all three of our guys the ball on a regular basis. The running game was disappointing but come on I said it last week the Bills are a good team on the defensive side of the ball you have some young talented guys that want to prove they belong in the GZL and they did that against our ground and lack of pound. In our defense we did make a line change and gave rookie Jeff Byres the start at Guard so that could have had something to do with our misfires and miscues in the ground game, but I think he performed outstanding for his first ever game in the big leagues.”

“Defensively…what can you say about my D? Those guys as I said were flying to the ball with reckless abandon and no regard for their own well being. There were some bone shattering hits that freed up the ball and created fumbles and then we had 3 of our starting 4 Linebackers with picks and Harris even turned one into a pick 6 while carrying two Bills the last 3 yards to the end zone. Just a great performance, well again this week the DB’s lost the challenge to the backers...again! so there will be some hard work coming for them this week, but Cro redeemed himself a little with a great pick up off the turf and return for a touchdown from a Pool hit that had Lee Evans fumble the ball. The score in my mind and what I told the guys was 40-3 those last 20 points Buffalo put up where crap and our team was already celebrating the victory. That being said there will be consciences for the guys for letting up and we need to have every unit on this team to play a full game if we want to reach our goals this year.”

“Special teams did their jobs again this week, I thought Cro has been doing a superb job in the return game and he was literally one man away from breaking it again this week, the unit owes him a touchdown maybe they will get it for him on Monday night. Nick was outstanding again hitting ever shot we asked him too. Hanson and Zastudil have to work on their consistency as even one shanked punt or kickoff is not acceptable in my books, we need the kicking game to guarantee us that the field position will always be in our favor.”

“General Manager Terry Gall has told me that the Jets are currently in talks with another team to bring in a talented Linebacker that we have had our eye on for some time now, Mr. Gall said the other GM hasn’t told us to piss off at this time so that means talks are moving along positively, I guess.”

“This week we are on the Monday night stage and against a team that has had an extra week to rest and prepare for our football club. They have a good front seven that is going to once again cause some problems in our run game; their running game is also pretty good with AP carrying the pigskin. Our key will be to make sure the QB has no room to breathe and thus make mistakes. The D is looking to flex some more muscle and rack up some stats against what we think might be the weak link for the Vikings organization. We will see you on Monday have a great week.”
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Breaking News - NY Jets
General Manager Terry Gall of the New York Jets issued this statement to the local media today.

“Well it is no big surprise as the story was broken yesterday but it’s with a heavy heart that today the Jets organization has released FB Tony Richardson, T-Rich is the perfect model of what it means to be a New York Jet and how to play JETS football, the man played and conducted himself like a true professional every day, every play. Tony is a character guy on our offense but his 2+ Million price tag was just too much to carry on our roster for a 2nd string Full Back/ Character Builder/ Mentor/ Friend.”

The Jets are so tight financially to the GZL Cap that any kind of moves from the organization often will result in players being cut to bring in help in other positions. The team yesterday also signed a wide receiver thus prompting the cut of FB Richardson.

“We would like to announce the Free Agent signing of WR Nate Hughes, we have evaluated Hughes for a few weeks now and Rex has put him through the paces with the practice squad. Nate’s combination of speed and height really appealed to us and gives us what I believe to be some great mismatches on paper with the other CB’s in the league. Rex told me to expect Hughes to have a lot of work Sunday against Buffalo, and have every opportunity to prove he belongs in the GZL.”

Hughes has been sitting at home since leaving the Jaguars organization after the 2009 NFL season, but has told us that he has been in the gym and training with his good friend Plaxico Burress to stay in shape if he is ever called upon in a pinch for a GZL team, looks like that call has come on week 4, and was from Jets GM Terry Gall.

Rex had this to say after practice.

“I have sat down with Nate and explained to him that we are expecting big things from him in this Bills game, it’s really up to him if he can solidify a spot on the team or if this is a one and done kind of signing. I also spent the afternoon with T-Rich and took him out to lunch, while Shotty and Petty ran the rest of practice, he knows that if we could have pulled it off he would have been a Jet again next week, but I am not going to stop the man from providing for his family, and I wish him all the luck with his new team. It’s unfortunate that this business is all about the dollars and cents because there are just some great human beings in this game.T-Rich knows and I know this is nothing more than an underhanded trick from Childress and Cepparulo to get some insight on our system for the upcoming game week 5. Tony won’t tell them anything and if he is starting against us on week 5 I could see him giving Bart a pat on the butt as he blows by and crushes the Vikings QB. This game has become personal.”
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New York Jets file Grievance
The New York Jets today filed an official grievance with the GZL in regards to Player Tampering charges against GM Anthony Cepparulo and the Minnesota Vikings football club.

Apparently the Vikings had seen an early report that the Jets organization was about to release Veteran Full Back Tony Richardson. The Vikings then proceeded to submit OFFICIAL Waiver Claim paper work signing the full back to a 2 year contract with the organization.

GM Gall released this statement.

“Never in the history of the GZL has there been a more blatant violation of player tampering, honestly the actions by Mr. Cepparulo and the Vikings organization are disgusting and immoral. Tony Richardson was still in our locker room when he had received word from his agent that GM Cepparulo and the Vikings had already filed paper work to sign him to a contract, the problem with this is that he is still a JET, in our locker room with our players and staff, and in possession of our playbook. I have to thank T-Rich for being such a man with huge character and immediately bringing this to our attention. I have seen the reports as well that are rumoring that we are about to cut him, however the fact of the matter here is that they are just that, RUMORS. Not until the paper work is processed by the GZL, can you claim a guy on waivers, this is just ridicules.”

“I have pleaded with the GZL to fine GM Cepparulo with 1 Black Mark, and to fine the Vikings organization by forcing the team to send the Jets their MIN5 in exchange for NYJ7. I hope this action will send a clear message to the GZL General Managers that not following league policies will not be tolerated."

It is still unclear whether or not the GZL will take official action on the Vikings organization at this time.
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Week Three – Wednesday Morning Press Conference - NY Jets
Rex Ryan approaches the podium, “Good morning, sorry for being late I was busy doing some technical support over in the Giants dressing room. But anyway let’s get started on the injuries, full practice we had Mark with the shoulder and Lowery, that elbow, limited practice we had LT with that hip from last night and out was BT with an ankle. I do expect all four to be ready to play when Sunday rolls around but we will take our time getting LT and BT into practice and make sure both are fresh for the Bills this week.”

“Well it was a win in a hostel stadium against a tough team and we will take it. The boo birds were out in full force and I think 99 really stepped up and played a great game in his first return to Miami, hell he was even making tackles 20 yards down field on receivers. Just a great all around game, I love watching that kid play and I think that’s what the Dolphin’s fans were really upset about, the fact that they don’t get to see that kind of performance anymore. The officiating in this game was terrible I know that will cost me some money but it has to be said, some of those penalties where definitely geared towards keeping the home town fans happy, and those challenge reviews where just horrendous, I watched the replays on the big screen and the ref needs a magnifying glass under that hood. That’s all I will say about that, let’s move on.”

“Well we started the game out great Cro took that kick return 101 yards to the Phin’s house and a terrible call on Pace brought it back. After that our O took some time to warm up, but was able to move the ball well and control the clock. Our D stepped up with some timely pressure on Henne and forcing him to make a few mistakes which we were able to capitalize on. Big turning point for us on offense was when LT went down and couldn’t return, we had to change gears and put all the pressure on Sanchez’s shoulders, and he produced for us. Mark fed that ball out there when he needed too and was very accurate all night long. That pass to Holmes in double coverage was the turning point in the game for us.”

“Defensively I thought we played lights out once again. We continue to bat balls down rather than taking the turnovers and getting our offense back on the field. Not sure what the secondary is thinking but when our linebackers are picking the ball off more than our secondary there is something wrong, it’s something we will address this week in practice and maybe setting up a few challenges between the two crews. The one good play the Dolphins had was that run by Ricky Williams for 78 yards other than that we contained them and played great, forcing field goals all night. Ricky was able to get out and down the sidelines where he had a monstrous stiff arm that damn near took Brodney Pool’s head clean off, but 10 yards further down the field Bart was waiting there for him and fell right in front of him, I looked at the field after the game and there was a sprinkler head right in that area. Williams was lucky because if Scott got a clean shot on him he might have been heading to the hospital rather than the end zone. The only thing we need to work on is our hurry up defense, it just seems like a high school team out there when we are being hurried up.”

“Special teams played great again Dave Zastudil gave us the field position we expect from him and had a good day punting the ball, he is doing the job Mr. Gall brought him in for. We just need to get more discipline and make sure that when our guys make plays on the field that we are not doing something to bring those plays back, or hurt our team.”

“This week we head to Buffalo to face the Bills. Everyone is calling this a trap game for us as the Bills are sitting at the bottom of the division. We will prepare this week as we always do regardless if we are facing the 0-3 Bills or the 3-0 49ers. We plan on having a great week of practice and hopefully we will be able to flex some muscle on this team this week. Let’s be perfectly clear the Bills have some talent the only thing they seem to be currently missing from being able to upset some teams is a committed front office. Let’s hope that front office is still missing this week and we can put the game away early.”
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Week Two – Wednesday Morning Press Conference - NY Jets
Rex Ryan approaches the podium, “Good morning everyone, on the injury front we have Mark Sanchez with that shoulder, and Lowery with an elbow, both participated in fully practice today and I foresee them both playing this Sunday, that’s for sure. Other than that we came out of the Patriots game 100% healthy, and now it’s time to prep for the Dolphins.”

“So, how about that game last night? Now that’s Jets football baby. Most of all I am happy for our fans, to get them a win in our home stadium was something they deserved a week ago. Tomlinson set the tone early with a great run for a long touchdown and we never looked back from there, our running game really established itself and LT looked like a kid out there every carry looking like he had his swagger back. Our receivers really made the plays when they had to and Mark was bang on with his reads. Putting up 44 points on a young talented D like the Pats is something we can be proud of and build on for next week.”

“Our D played great once again, yes Brady put up 31 points on us but a lot of that and the yards came when we felt the game was out of reach. Honestly I was calling for the number 2’s half way through the 3rd quarter but none of the guys wanted to come off the field, when playing the Patriots its personal all the way from the top on down. If we have to work on anything it will be our 3rd down conversions, because let’s face it Brady picked us apart on several plays that should have been automatic for us. Once again this week Revis and Cro went for the bat down rather than the pick, me I like the takeaway a lot more than playing safe, I would rather have our offense on the field any day, and the opponents O off on the side lines.”

“For only have a few days of practice I thought Dave Zastudil had a great game for us, really gave us that field position we were missing in week 1. Folk again collected his points when called upon. Westy really has that group going full out every chance they get on both returns and coverage.”

“This week we travel for our first road game to Miami too face Gasper’s Dolphins. Currently we are tied for the division lead with Miami and this is a must win game already in week 3. Our goal is to win the division, and lead the league in wins this season on our way to the Super Bowl. In order to accomplish this we have to beat the Dolphins at home, this game isn’t one game but one and a half games for the winner, as it puts some breathing room between 1st and 2nd place. I know they will be prepared and our plan isn’t going to be a secret at all, we are going to put pressure in Henne’s face quickly and often, hoping the young QB will make mistakes and then capitalize on them.”

“See you next week!”
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Week One – Tuesday Morning Press Conference - NY Jets
Coach Ryan approaches the podium. “Limited practice today we had Sanchez with a shoulder, and Lowery with an elbow. I fully expect both to be fine for Sunday and play against New England.”

“First off I would like to say I respect the coaches and players in Baltimore, but they didn’t beat us last night. Anyone that watched that game seen we controlled every aspect of it. We started the pain train early and often with taking Heap out for a few plays. We were the aggressors out there; it was stupid mistakes that cost us. They scored 13 points directly off of turnovers, look at the score they didn’t beat us by 13, we made mistakes and they got lucky.”

“The fact is we beat ourselves last night. Come on 6 turnovers in a single game, this isn’t the CFL people, it’s the freakin GZL. Sorry but even if you’re the best team in football, which we are, you’re not going to win a game turning the ball over 6 times, hell even the NY Giants can win a game getting 6 turnovers. We have two of the best corners in football batting balls down that are thrown right at them, and then we have a LB in David Harris that is picking them off like a sponge and thinking he is Peyton Hillis and running the ball back, only to find he has butter fingers worst than Farve.”

“The entire team has to step it up and get better, Mark put us behind the 8 ball on the first play and that can’t happen. Shotty has to come up with better play calling on first down as that is where 2 of the 3 picks came from. I thought our running game was great; LT had several huge carries for us that went unrewarded. LT and Shonn were supposed to split the carries 50/50 and I am not sure what packages Shotty had going out there but our game plan was not being followed. If Shonn puts it on the ground again after only 4 touches he could find himself behind rookie Joe McKnight, I thought that kid played great last night.”

“Holmes was outstanding, however Mark can’t just focus on one player out there, and it was easy for the Ravens secondary to key in on that and get three interceptions. We have several talented receivers out there on any given play Mark has to spread the ball around and keep the defense guessing.”

“Special teams all in all played well, look for Westhoff to work some one on one with Chris as that one shanked punt really hurt our field position late in the game.”

“The O line was outstanding, kept Mark up right, opened big holes for the running game, and gave us plenty of time to allow plays to develop down field.”

“Our D played good as well, I know that’s hard to say when you see 35 points on the score board, but again 6 turnovers gave Baltimore a short field all night, and all they really did was kick field goals for a majority of the game. After Mark went into the hurry up and tied up the game, I think we thought we had it in the bag the momentum was all ours. We had one BIG defensive breakdown where we had Pryce, Harris, and Pace all in the backfield even before Rice got the hand off, Rice got out of the scrum and down the sidelines were both Pool and Bart got a hand on him and had a chance to make the tackle. That 80 yard TD run padded up the stats and the score and we couldn’t come back from it with less than a minute to play.”

“The Pats next week will be a challenge but we will be up for it, and we will be prepared. There is no way we are going to start our Super Bowl season 0-2 with 2 straight losses in our own house. Expect Brady and Belichick to get our best shot Sunday, we will be playing some smash mouth football that will keep our fans excited and loud. That’s all I have for today.”

GM Gall then approaches the podium. “Games like the one last night reminded me why I left the game for so many years. I was very frustrated watching the game last night in the suite with Jets Owner Johnson, our audio and video system was acting up and we eventually had to head out to the patio to see what was going on.”

“Mark’s shaky play really concerned me I thought Brian and Rex would have had him more prepared for the Baltimore defense than he was, however when he starts clicking he looks like a veteran playing a boys game as was the case when he went into that hurry up offense to tie the game. I was also concerned with Chris Hanson’s play and although he did great on the kickoffs, I might look at bringing in a few punters to work out with the team this week.”

“The last thing I didn’t like from the stands was the decision Rex made to punt the ball away on 4th down late in the game; I thought we had bigger balls than that in this “the New York Jets organization”. Lucky for the team the defense held and we still had a chance to tie it up, which we did, so I guess Rex made the right call. Rex and I will have a talk about how the philosophies will be on a forward bases and I am sure we are on the same page, of course I don’t want to be anything like Jerry I want to leave the team in the hands of Rex and his staff, I trust they will pull the team together to reach our goals.”
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New York Jets Hire GM Terry Gall.
The NY Jets surprised the media today when they called an emergency press conference announcing that GM Mike Tannenbuam had stepped down and Owner Woody Johnson has already picked his replacement in former RZL Chargers GM Terry Gall.

The move was a big shock to many as there were no signs that Tannenbuam was at risk of losing his job after a great 2009-10 season as the Jets went deep into the playoffs and with several key moves to make the team even better for the 2010-11 season it seemed that Tannenbuam’s job was secure as long as he wanted to be in the front office. What’s even more surprising is the rumored choice of Canadian Terry Gall as the successor, as Mr. Gall has not been seen or heard from for several seasons in the football community and was rumored to actually be following the CFL (Canadian Football League).

GM Gall refused to address the media today but his front office did release this statement.

“Hello Jets fans, as you have heard by now the New York Jets have decided to implement a change in direction in our front office at the General Manager position; Mr. Tannenbuam who has been a loyal Jet for so many years has stepped down and decided to spend time with family. Mr. Johnson has been aware of this possible move, and has had a plan in place for several weeks now, if this outcome came to happen. Today the Jets organization is happy to announce the hiring of Mr. Terry Gall. Mr. Gall has had several years GM experience in leagues such as XML, MFL, TWR, RZL and several smaller organizations, however he has always been tied to the San Diego Chargers. We are very pleased to have Mr. Gall and his experience now in the New York Jets front office.”

GM Gall is well known for making trades and landing quality draft prospects that have often made his teams right in the mix of contention year after year, however the biggest knock to Mr. Gall’s record is the fact that he has never won a SuperBowl title. With the Jets being early SuperBowl favorites is this the year LT and TG get there rings? GM Gall is also known for speaking his mind and sometimes missing that “filter” that normal people have, it will be interesting to see how he and Coach Rex Ryan will coexist as Coach Ryan also often seems to be missing this “filter”.
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Jets Shyrone Mills LOLB 92 Out for season
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1 Sep 10 vs Dolphins Dolphins #29
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4 Oct 2 at Patriots Patriots #17
Won 20-6
5 Oct 8 at Chiefs Chiefs #21
Lost 6-14
6 Oct 15 vs Patriots Patriots #17
Won 26-17
7 Oct 22 vs Rams Rams #3
Lost 14-21
8 Oct 29 at Seahawks Seahawks #26
Won 23-20
9 Nov 6 at Dolphins Dolphins #29
Lost 13-20
10 Nov 12 at Broncos Broncos #30
Lost 17-31
11 Nov 19 at Cardinals Cardinals #28
Won 24-10
12 Nov 26 at Titans Titans #9
Won 51-34
13 Dec 3 at Bills Bills #15
Lost 20-33
14 Dec 10 vs Raiders Raiders #23
Won 28-27
15 Dec 16 vs Bengals Bengals #20
Won 30-23
16 Dec 23 vs Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 17-32
17 Dec 30 vs 49ers 49ers #31
Won 13-7

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