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Green Bay update
Former GM Kevin Mullendore rode off into the sunset on the ultimate high of winning the GZL Bowl this past season. GM Ian Coyle, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, made the decision to take up the unenviable task of following up the years of successful team building that Mr. Mullendore put in here in Green Bay. It's always rough to challenge the expectations of repeating, especially when the team remains mostly intact. "When I came into the front office here, I had to balance the desire to repeat recent successes with the need to sustain long-term success (reloading)" Coyle said. There were many large contracts to contend with to aging veterans, and only a handful of heir apparent back-ups in place.

The Packers started off by evaluating their current roster. Glennon is a great start at QB, but only has a few more super competitive, and more importantly, affordable seasons left. We didn't want to make any waves there, and are looking toward the future at some point in the next season or so. At HB, we felt that Knile Davis is a solid start, but we really liked someone that we left behind in Atlanta. A quick trade with Atlanta brought Cubby Williams over to Green Bay. He will insert right away into a great situation with a solid offensive line and a QB that can keep defenses from stacking the box. At WR, we lost Crockett in the deal to wrap up our long-term solution at HB, but were able to bring in Mark Perez to replace him. We are ultimately not extremely happy with our current group of WR, but they will do for now. The offensive line stays mostly intact, only really lacking at one guard spot.

The defense remains solid top to bottom, but they are getting long in the tooth. They will be the focus point next off-season for sure. The biggest win for the Packers in the draft was actually nabbing K Savannah Levi in the 4th round of the draft. He comes in already at 91 OVR for a rookie kicker with 96 KPW and already 89 KAC! He will immediately take over kick-off duties. One of the underrated side effects of such a kicker is the ability to keep teams from being able to return kicks. A high touchback % is very important to GM Coyle's strategy and Levi fits right in. He will be able to develop behind veteran Mason Crosby for this season and be ready to take over kicking duties next season.
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Packers - Where do they come from?
Rams' Team News about Walter Black got me thinking about an article that I did several years ago, about how different GMs build their teams. So I'm reviving it here - it can make for interesting discussion. This league was originally designed with incentives for teams to build through the draft. Has GZL achieved this result? Has the draft skew allowed for some later-round value to be found in the draft? Or are you more like Daniel Snyder and buy your team through Free Agency?

(does not include Kickers, Punters, #3WR, NCB, etc...)

Greet Bay Packers Starters
1st Round Picks - 1
2nd Round Picks - 2
3rd Round Picks - 1
5th Round Picks - 1
via Trade - 4
via Free Agency - 2

1st Round Picks - 3
2nd Round Picks - 3
3rd Round Picks - 0
5th Round Picks - 2
via Trade - 3
via Free Agency - 0

What about your team?
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Let's Meet the Newest Packers!
Green Bay, WI - For all practical purposes, the Green Bay Packers have opted to trade out of the 2019 Draft, acquiring a second 1st Round Pick (JAX) for next year's draft in the process. But that doesn't mean there aren't some exciting new faces around Green Bay. So let's take just a minute and quickly meet the newest additions of the 2019 Green Bay Packers:

Secondary - no changes. With 3 of the 4 playing in the Pro Bowl last year, that may be a good thing.

Linebackers - DPOY nominee MLB Rolando McClain was contemplating retirement and given permission to talk to other teams when the Oakland Raiders signed FA MLB Jon Bostic. Ultimately, the Packers will send Pick 5.3 to the Raiders to bring McClain to Green Bay where he should fit in perfectly and allow Dickerson to thrive on the outside one more season.

"I just couldn't pass up the chance to play alongside Cushing in the 3-4. Man, talk about a dream come true. We are going to be flying around the football here. I am so excited to get started," said McClain as he stepped off the plane in Green Bay this evening.

Defensive Line - It appears Muhammed Wilkerson is on his way out of Wisconsin, DE Vincent Hardy will slide inside to DT, and former Panthers' 1st Round Pick DE Bjoern Werner will play at RE opposite Upshaw who looks fully recovered from his season-ending PCL tear.

Offensive Line - The Packers have only signed two Free Agents thus far, but AFC Pro Bowl LG Jake Long will definitely be the biggest - and not just because he stands 6'7" and weighs 310lbs. Long should have 2-3 Pro Bowl years remaining in him before he calls it quits and will enable NFC Pro Bowler LG Carl Nicks to slide out to LT for his final season in Green Bay. Nobody could be happier with the acquisition of Long than HB Doug Martin.

Wide Receivers - Not thrilled with the WR options available via draft, the Packers opted to go the trade route and bring in rising star WR Billy Crockett from the Jaguars, originally a 2016 1st Round Pick of the Bears. Crockett has good size, exceptional speed and agility, and an amazing burst. Crockett has averaged 73 Rec, 1065 Yards and 7 TDs over his first three seasons, and should be a nice fit opposite Matthews in this Offense.

Backs - FB Tolbert was released today after five stellar seasons in Green Bay. With second-year FB Ralph Robinson not yet ready for primetime in a run-first Offense such as this one, expect newcomer TE Jermaine Gresham, signed away from the Titans in FA, to see plenty of action at FB, H-back and TE this season. Gresham is a matchup problem wherever he lines up, with a size/speed/catch/blocking combination that is difficult for opposing Linebackers and Safeties to handle. With Terrell Edwards, Gresham and Finley lining up all over the place, on the line and in the backfield, blocking and catching passes, it will be just one more headache for opposing Defensive Coordinators on Sunday.
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Packers Season Wrap-up
Green Bay, WI - The Packers finished the regular season strong, winning 5 of their last 6 and earning a first-round bye in the postseason with a record of 13-3, their best since 2011 when they last won the Lombardi trophy. They must now wait a week to see if they will host the Washington Redskins or, if the Lions manage to upset the Skins, the winner of the Saints/Bucs contest.

Green Bay will send 9 starters to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl this season, also their most since 2011 when they also sent 9. Included in this number are both starting Guards, both CBs and the HB/FB combination that produced a 4th-most all-time 2111 yards in Martin & Tolbert.

The Packers overcame some mid-season adversity to get here, losing 3 starters to injury for the season and enduring a period where they lost 3 of 5 games. But the Pack must now throw all accomplishments and accolades for the regular season out the window, as they are meaningless without the Lombardi trophy returning home to Wisconsin where it originally resided.
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Packers Preseason Notes
Green Bay, WI - Earlier this morning the Packers released their annual preseason depth chart - or at least the projected starters. This was followed by a lengthier than normal press conference, with GM Mullendore, new HC Marty Mornhinweg and new DC Gregg Williams all spending time at the podium fielding questions.

Below are the highlights from what we learned:

- 10 new starters are listed, with 5 on each side of the ball. Mullendore explained that this was a little misleading on Offense as two of the players, Madison and Richards, were at least part-time starters in 2016, although Richards was not at Guard.

- All three coaches seemed extremely pleased with the current group they will be working with this season. "Let's just say 'effort in the filmroom and on the field should be improved' this season," said Mullendore.

- While Ellis and Upshaw are listed as the starters at DT and LE respectively, Mornhinweg said that there will be "a lot of pieces moving around" of the front-7. Upshaw is expected to spend time at both OLB and DE, while Ellis may see some time at LE. Meanwhile, Wilkerson and promising rookie Sue Cash should also see playing time at multiple positions on the defensive line.

- Williams stated that one of the real intense position battles will be for the #3 CB position. Shields has been exceptional but has repeatedly seen his season cut short due to significant injury. Wagner insists that he is here to be a starting CB and bolstered his claim by snagging 4 INTs in his limited playing time as a rookie. Stay tuned on this one....

- HB Doug Martin is extremely excited for the upcoming season and the 7 (including TE+FB) that will be paving his way in 2017. Martin was quoted as saying, "No doubt these are the best group of 7 in the league at their craft, leading the way for me. I just can't wait to get to work in the regular season!"

- Expect to see both some 4-3 and 3-4 looks on Defense this season, although it is unclear if Matthews would move inside, putting Matthews and Cushing together in the middle (wow!) or if he would stay put at LOLB and somebody else would move inside. This should be worked out during preseason.

- New Packer CB Sean Smith seems right at home as the cornerstone of the Packer secondary. "They brought me in here to keep Calvin and Hendricks in line. And that's what I intend to do. It will be a battle each week, but I expect to come out on top. I came to Green Bay for one thing: To get a ring!"
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Packers Preseason DC
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Packers 2017 Offseason
Green Bay, WI - True to the GM's word, even impressive wins the last two weeks of the season over the Bucs and Bears didn’t save HC Brian Billick’s job. The busiest offseason in recent memory started with housecleaning at the top. Billick was released and along with him DC Dom Capers. After just one season as OC of the Atlanta Falcons, Marty Mornhinweg was brought in to be the new head coach of the Green Bay Packers. After six largely unsuccessful seasons as Head Coach, Gregg Williams returns to the DC role where he last served in New Orleans during their highly successful 2010 campaign. Mornhinweg and Williams have been given significant say in decisions regarding personnel and scheme for 2017. Mullendore’s only requirement: “We must win and win now.”

While the 2016 season was a huge disappointment, it was not void of bright spots. The Packers were 5-3 against playoff teams including wins over the SB Champion Seahawks and the Buccaneers. Green Bay also was one of the few teams able to shut down the Detroit passing machine, holding Stafford to under 280 yards twice en route to convincing victories. Yet, it was in games the Packers were favored where they struggled the most, losing twice to the rival Vikings who they had owned in previous years, as well as losses to the Steelers, Bengals and Giants.

“In my opinion, losing games you shouldn’t is symptomatic of a coaching problem. So we addressed that in the offseason,” said Mullendore.

From there, Mullendore and the new coaches looked to rebuild specific areas of the Offense and Defense to better fit what they will be looking to do en route to a championship in 2017.


Last season, too many games were lost in the second half after dominating the first half. “Not knowing how to play with the lead, handle success and close games out was a sign of immaturity and inexperience. So we addressed that at each level,” explained Mullendore.

- CB Sean Smith was brought in to lead a secondary that looks to be otherwise ready to come of age

- MLB Brian Cushing joins the Packers from Houston and will anchor the middle of the defense

- DL Sedrick Ellis will rejoin DC Williams whom he played for in New Orleans in 2010. Ellis adds to an already strong, talented defensive line

The Packers also acquired tweener Courtney Upshaw via trade. Upshaw is in a contract year and should be extra motivated to produce wherever needed , hoping sign a contract extension following the season.


The Green Bay Offense was very good in 2016, boasting one of the league’s best rushers in Doug Martin and a (finally) budding star in QB Jimmy Clausen. And while Mullendore was pleased with the improvement during the first year under OC Gary Kubiak, he expects them to take things to the next level in 2017. Young OL studs Leo Richards and Terron Armstead will both be full-time starters this season. Each will play alongside one of the best in Carl Nicks and newly acquired Michael Roos. Speedster WR Edmond Gates leads a group of three new receiving targets joining veteran WR Chris Matthews. Meanwhile, Finley and Edwards provide two additional weapons at the TE position.

Draft Recap

2.12 DL Sue Cash - Cash possesses a unique combination of speed, strength and quickness. Matter of fact, with proper attention in TC, a post-TC Sue Cash is very close to a pre-TC Aaron Donald. He should be starting by next season, likely at one of the DE positions opposite last year’s 1st Round Pick Vincent Hardy.

2.13 LB David Piper-Lewis – Great size with solid, but not exceptional, speed or quickness. Piper-Lewis has the luxury of learning from Cushing and Matthews for the next couple of seasons but should get quite a bit of playing time inside at the same time.

2.19 HB Mike James – James has a nice combination of size, strength and quickness to fit nicely in the Packers’ Offense. James should get quite a few carries behind Martin and offer some insurance against injury of the workhorse named Doug.

3.3 DE Kony Ealy – Ealy offered a well-rounded option at DE that Mullendore was considering trying at OLB. Unfortunately, Ealy showed up to Training Camp a little out of shape which has dropped his stock in the eyes of the coaches. He may have missed his opportunity.

3.17 CB Daymond Van Dyke – The Packers were looking for a project CB and initially had their eye on Bo Davis. As it turns out, however, Van Dyke may be a better fit as he will require very little of precious TC points given his existing speed and quickness. With the right patience and mentoring, the Packers expect to have a starting-quality CB in three to four seasons from now.

5.1 OLB Jon-Michael Lawson – The Packer coaches liked Lawson from the beginning and after seeing him in Training Camp they are simply ecstatic. Lawson has good size, although he could add a little bulk to his frame, and a SPD/STR/AGI/ACC combination that only 6 OLBs in the league possess. With a little speed from TC, he is a near-clone of Cardinals’ star OLB Jermaine Cunningham.

5.2 FS Jason Jack – Jack is a very solid rookie Safety, with good size, speed, tackling and more. He should be a strong backup that could start in a pinch. A nice find in the 5th Round.

5.5/5.6/5.10 G Trai Turner/T Benjamin Foley/C Vinnie DeSilva – A backup OL and prospect for each of the three positions. Each actually has some solid attributes, including DeSilva being the most agile OL in the entire league. Turner and Foley should also benefit from existing mentors. With a “Wally Pipp” type break, it is possible any of the three could become a starter. If not, the Packers have picked up some cheap, quality depth.


The Packers are an angry, focused and determined bunch. Anything less than winning the NFC North and making a run at the trophy will be considered a failure. The competition is fierce, but we will be relentless.
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Green Bay Introduces 4 Newest Packers
Green Bay, WI - This afternoon, GM Mullendore introduced the four newest members of the Green Bay Packers. Made up of two on Offense and two on Defense, all are expected to start for the Packers in 2017.

OT Michael Roos - Roos is a near flawless blocker with loads of experience and still very good physical ability. A 5-time Pro Bowler since 2010 including the last four years, Roos will be a big addition to what is expected to be a punishing Packers' OL and should do for the young Packer Tackles what Nicks has done for the young Guards.

WR Edmond Gates - Gates brings blazing speed combined with good size and strength to the WR position, with pretty good run-blocking technique as a bonus. Gates will be looking to repeat the success he achieved early in his career, with 1200-1400 yards and 9 TDs. Paired with physical freak Matthews, a pair of weapons at TE and a punishing run game, it should be a case of "pick your poison" for opposing defensive coordinators.

CB Sean Smith - Not much introduction is needed for Smith. Over the course of his 7-year career (he missed his entire rookie season due to injury), Smith is regularly among the league leaders in Pass Deflections and currently ranks 10th all-time in interceptions with 31. Smith should improve the Packers secondary significantly, especially against some of the taller WRs found in the NFC North, while providing veteran leadership to up-and-coming star CBs Rogers and Wagner. Much as Champ Bailey did in 2011 at the end of his career, Smith is expected to help bring home the Lombardi Trophy during his stay here in Green Bay.

DT Sedrick Ellis - Ellis is quite simply a beast, with strength and quickness matched only by a guy named Suh. He can line up anywhere on the DL, be it in a 4-3 or 3-4 alignment, and be a nightmare. Though entering the twilight of his career, it doesn't appear that he has lost anything physically at this point. Ellis and Poe should have a lot of fun wrecking havoc together this season!
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Green Bay announces 2016 Starting Lineup
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Packers Offseason Recap
Sitting in the hospital with nothing to do. Thought I would write a team article....

Green Bay, WI - After a very disappointing end to the 2015 season, a first-game home loss for the second year in a row, a busy offseason was expected here in Green Bay - and that is exactly what has occurred.

Activity began with the firing of OC Joe Philbin and the hiring of his replacement, Gary Kubiak.

Next, we will take a look at offseason movement in each major player group:


QB - Mark Sanchez was brought to Green Bay in 2015 to win a Super Bowl. That didn't happen and now Sanchez is in Dallas. This will be Jimmy Clausen's team moving forward. With cap space tight, the Packers have elected to only carry two quarterbacks and backup Matt Cassell was traded to New Orleans.

RB - 2x NFC Rushing Leader Doug Martin returns for his fourth season, looking to improve on last-year's 1800-yard, 13-TD performance. FB Henry Hynoski was lured away from New Orleans to help clear the path for Martin. Mike Tolbert will finally get his wish and should see most of the carries in relief of Martin.

WR/TE - Only one change in this group for 2016 as last-year's Rookie Jermaine Garrett was traded to New Orleans. This should provide additional opportunities in the passing game for TE Terrell Edwards and WR Tommie Streeter.

OL - All five starters from last year return for 2016, but that doesn't mean no changes occurred. In fact, the Packers made two big moves, bringing in veteran Carl Nicks and former 1.7 Pick Leo Richards. HC Billick has vowed that the best five of this group will start, so it will be interesting to see who gets the nod. The Packers also shipped off all 5 backup OL and believe they may have a real steal in 5.23 Pick Chad Jamison. He will have the luxury of learning from a couple of the best in the business.


DB - The top-three CBs return from last year with an additional season of experience under their belt. They are joined by a fully-healed Sam Shields and Rookie second round pick Dee Wagner to give the Packers a solid group. At Safety, Rookie fifth round pick Oliver Reese will take over the #2 SS spot for 2016. Reese is another Rookie the coaches are high on. Allen, Early and McDonald all return as the other Safeties.

LB - The starters from 2015 all return for 2016, but depth should be much improved with the additions of second round pick Chris Dickerson and the Packers biggest FA signing of the offseason, veteran MLB Larry English. The Packers have pursued English multiple times in the past and he will provide excellent depth at #2 MLB in the 4-3 and #3 MLB in the 3-4.

DE/DT - While DT Poe and last-year's 1st Round Pick DE Moore are returning starters for 2016, there will be two new faces starting on the Packers' DL. Muhammed Wilkerson comes over from Dallas and he will line up next to Poe, while this year's 1st Round Pick DE Vincent Hardy replaces 2015 starter Trent Cole.
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Packers Coast into Postseason
Green Bay, WI - On the heels of clinching their second straight NFC North title in Week 15 and a strong showing in a Week 16 victory against the rival Bucs, the Packers were left with little to play for in the final week against the Vikings. As a result, HC Billick decided to change things up in the final week of the season, going with a new, vanilla gameplan and putting players in a position to gain some valuable experience. As far as winning goes, the strategy did not work as the Packers looked out of sync all day and made just enough mistakes to lose a close one in OT. However, several players gained valuable progression in the process as WR Matthews, OTs Johnson and Armstead, and CB Williams all moved themselves into the performance bonus category. Even SS Early, needing a 12-tackle game, was flying to the ball all day and managed to rack up a career-high 13 tackles. The Packers now wait to see which of 3 teams will be visiting Lambeau next week: the Cardinals, Rams or these same Minnesota Vikings.

Player Notes
QB Mark Sanchez
has been stellar since coming over from the New England Patriots in Week 5. From Week 6 on, Sanchez has 7 games with QB Rating > 90 and has 19TDs and only 2INTs during that span. With another 10 Tackles, 1 TFL and 2 FF last night, MLB Clay Matthews is likely the favorite for DPOTY honors. For the second year in a row, Packers' HB Doug Martin will lead the NFC in rushing. Martin has averaged over 1600 yards and 10 TDs in his first three seasons. WR Brandon Marshall broke his own GZL record, which he set in 2012, by racking up 47 Pancakes, most ever by a WR. Marshall also currently ranks 6th All-Time in Receptions, 10th in Receiving Yards and 3rd in Receiving TDs.

The Packers managed to go 10-6 this season against the league's toughest schedule!
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Offseason Wraps Up; GM Heading to Disneyland
Green Bay, WI - Following the busiest offseason in recent memory, GM Mullendore declared his work done, turned out the light in his office and left early today. Stopping for a few minutes on his way out to answer a few questions with the reporters that were present, Mullendore said that the team was "in HC Brian Billick's hands" for the next several days. The Packers are set to host the Kansas City Chiefs in week one of the preseason.

"I'll probably stick around to watch the game against the Chiefs and head out the following morning," said Mullendore. "I feel really good about what we have been able to do this offseason. To quickly summarize:

Goals were to get healthy, prepare for move to more of 4-3 Defense, retain all key players, add one or two key veterans and acquire/identify starters at both DE positions.

- Posluszny (Out for Season on only tackle of 2013), Shields, Brown all look fully recovered from last-season's injuries
- Jolly looks a natural now practicing at DT
- Only players lost in offseason were SS Collins who had lost a step and MLB Ryans who hopefully won't be needed as #3 MLB
- Acquired DEs Robert Mathis and Trent Cole, adding veteran experience and two quality DEs at the same time

Goals were to upgrade the OL, trade one starting WR to acquire some capital/remove logjam, upgrade at FB, acquire veteran backup QB capable of starting if needed, prepare for Jake Grove's final season

- OTs Charlie Johnson and Davin Joseph were acquired at very reasonable prices, upgrading both Tackle positions in the process.
- Last year's 1st Round Pick WR Keenan Allen traded for a mid- and late-1st Round picks. We then turned around and brought in veteran Larry Fitzgerald to give Clausen a quality target and great run blocker
- Acquired the league's best FB, Pro Bowler Mike Tolbert for a 3rd Round Pick
- Signed veteran free agent QB Matt Cassel to 3-year contract
- Drafted C Anthony Madison in early 3rd Round. Madison has looked good enough in camp to allow for release of Jake Grove now and hand the starting job to Madison

We were able to make all of the above moves, acquire some quality depth at several positions and head into next year's draft with four 1st-Round and four 2nd-Round picks.

Only negative is that I was hoping to keep our cap penalties going into next season at about half what they were this season - and they are now about the same. Nevertheless, we are really excited about the coming season and look forward to returning to championship form of 2011. See you guys in about a week!"
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Packers Announce Starters for 2014
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Packers Offseason Notes (Updated)
It has been the busiest offseason in reason memory for GM Mullendore and the rest of the Packers' staff. In addition to bringing in the previously mentioned FB Mike Tolbert, the Packers have made the following moves in an effort to return to the top:


- Added veterans T Charlie Johnson and G Davin Joseph to the Offensive Line

- Added veteran WR Larry Fitzgerald to the receiving corp

- Added veteran QB Matt Cassell as a reliable backup to Clausen


- Acquired veteran DE Robert Mathis to terrorize QBs from the outside


- After trading away 1.23 and 1.30, the Packers will not select until the fifth pick of the 3rd Round.

- Green Bay will go into next offseason with five 1st Round and three 2nd Round picks
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Packers Offseason Notes - Pre-Draft
There has been a flurry of activity thus far in the offseason here in Green Bay. A disappointing 2013 season saw the Packers win 6 of their last 8 games yet finish 8-8 and barely miss the playoffs for a second straight season. Many rumors have been swirling around, many of which have remained unconfirmed, but here is what we do know thus far:

- The Packers have traded their 1st and 2nd Round Picks in the upcoming draft (1.12+2.12) for Redskins LB Brian Orapko. Currently, it appears the Packers are set to be starting in 2014 arguably the league's best set of 4 LBs in Orakpo, Clay Matthews, Paul Posluszny and last year's rookie star Barkevious Mingo.

- Another trade has been agreed upon which will bring the league's best Fullback to Green Bay, Mike Tolbert. No Packer was happier to hear this news than HB Doug Martin.

- One reason the Packers have been so willing to trade away their Draft Picks this season is due to the influx of youth from recent drafts. For example, 6 rookies from last year's draft reportedly will be starting on opening day of 2014.

- A few more trades are said to be in the works, with details to be released soon.
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Packers Preseason Review
The Packers finished the preseason 2-2, losing both home games and winning both road games. The preseason ended on somewhat of a low note as Green Bay finished -4 in the turnover department and otherwise looked flat in a 19-7 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

In general, this year's rookies performed well. First Round Pick WR Keenan Allen was the one obvious disappointment.

Preseason Rookie performances
NT Dontari Poe - 11 Tackles, 1 Tackle for Loss, 1 Sack

WR Keenan Allen
7 Reception, 49 yards, 4 Drops, 2 Pancakes
6 KR for 125 yards

ROLB Barkevious Mingo
21 Tackles, 3 Sacks

SS Moses Early
12 Tackles, 5 DFL, 1 Catch Allowed

HB Doug Martin
40 Rushes for 258 Yards 1 TD 3 Pancakes
8 Receptions for 175 Yards 1 TD

DE Jared Crick
6 Tackles, 1 Tackle for Loss

OLB Nigel Bradham
6 Tackles, 1 Sack

C P.J. Lonergan
3 Pancakes, 1 Sack Allowed

QB Jimmy Clausen, CB Jalil Brown and K Mason Crosby have been named this year's captains for the Packers.
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2013 Packers Training Camp
Season Overview
Painful. Embarrassing. Disgusting. Pick the adjective, they are all accurate when describing Green Bay's 2012 season. Despite their inexperience at CB, the Packers were still picked by many to be in the running for a second-straight GZL Championship. And even after yet another slow start (0-3) they appeared to have righted the ship and would not lose another game through their bye week (10). But losses in 5 of their next 6 games would both infuriate management and doom the season. Upon closer examination, it appears the mid-season hot streak was simply a case of being the "soft part" of the schedule. Young QB Jimmy Claussen would start the final game of the season, a clear sign of what was to come early in the offseason.

Offseason Review

Retirees - None this offseason.

Releases/Resigns - Green Bay entered the 2013 offseason in a little better shape than last season with regards to the salary cap. Several players had expiring contracts and while negotiations would occur with most, two in particular were of high importance. Ultimately, the Packers would slap a $7.0m Franchise Tag on MLB DeMeco Ryans and come to terms wiith DE Cullen Jenkins on a new 3-year contract. Lower-level offers were made to FS Champ Bailey, HB Ryan Grant and DT Marcus Thomas, but each elected to test the market before ultimately agreeing to terms and signing on in lesser roles.

C Jason Murphy, C Justin Hartwig, HB Brandon Jackson and WR Brooks Foster were all released outright. DE Lawrence Sidbury was released for a compensatory draft pick (4.10) from the Chicago Bears. Sidbury was the odd man out of a very stacked LB group while Foster, although liked by the coaches, suffered as a result of the drafting of 1st Round Pick WR Keenan Allen, as well as from Foster's $7m+ salary.

RFA/UFA - No RFAs this offseason. Thus far the Packers have only signed one Free Agent, however it was a big one in former Buffalo Bills' MLB Paul Posluszny. "Poz" was quoted as saying "Whatever I have to do to get away from this Breck guy running the show now." Seems there is little love lost between Posluszny and the new Bills' GM.

Restructure - With the departure of QB Aaron Rodgers to Philadelphia, GM Mullendore immediately set out to sign Clausen to a 7-year contract extension worth $21.49m. If Clausen develops into the star the Packers expect, he will do so for a very favorable (to mgmt) salary.

Trades - Too many to list here, but there are a few worth mentioning. The Packers entered the offseason with only a single 3rd Round pick in the first three rounds.

QB Aaron Rodgers to the Philadelphia Eagles for 1.13, FS Nate Allen and MLB Manny Lawson. This trade drew a wide range of reviews across the league. Many perceive Rodgers as young but the reality is he is entering his 9th season in the league and while the Packer coaches had tired of his inconsistency, his trade value was probably at its peak. In exchange the Packers not only shed a significant amount of salary (although much of it not realized until 2014), but got one of the better young ball-hawking FS, a terror at LB in Lawson and a solid first round pick that ultimately would become Dontari Poe. With Clausen ready to take the reins, the time was right to close the Aaron Rodgers chapter in Green Bay. Aaron, thank you for your eight years of service and your part in bringing the 2011 Championship to Wisconsin. Best of luck in Philly.

DT B.J. Raji, MLB Greg Jones and CB R.J. Stanford were traded to the Jaguars for what would end up being 1.20, 1.31, C Jake Grove and CB Aaron Williams. The arrival of Lawson made Jones expendable for pretty much the 1.31 pick which was good value. The rest of the trade basically amounts value-wise to a fairly even trade of Raji for Poe, and also setup the final trade of significance.

Second-year CB Davon House heads to Carolina for basically 2.6.

To sum up the end result of all of the pre-draft trades, Mullendore believes QB Aaron Rodgers was the only significant loss, while upgrading at MLB and Center, acquiring a good young FS, and stocking up five out of the first thirty-nine draft picks in a strong draft class. The Packers would enter the draft very pleased with their position.

The Draft - After much jockeying for position and the trading of a few players, we felt going into the draft like our picks fell right about where we wanted to be. The early selection at 1.10, four picks between 1.26-2.7 where we felt some very good value was going to be available, and then three early picks in the 4th/5th Rounds with the heavier skew, ending with 5.1.

Going into the draft the Packers had 4 goals for the 4 picks they owned from 1.26 thru 2.7:
- Get one of the four Safeties (Barron, Early, Iloka, McCloud)
- Get HB Doug Martin
- Draft BPA
- If most of targeted players gone by 2.7, get FB Trey Millard
We were able to achieve 3 of our 4 goals and got two outstanding players as BPA picks in the process.

1.10 -- DT Dontari Poe - Started the draft off well by getting the top player on our board that realistically had a chance to be there at 1.10. Poe is a mammoth of a man, reportedly weighing in now at 360lbs in Training Camp and is one of the strongest players in the league. What makes him special is his unbelievable quickness, speed and agility rarely found in a man this size. Poe will team up with Johnny Jolly and Cullen Jenkins to give the Packers a trio at nearly 1000lbs. At this point it is uncertain whether Jolly or Poe will play at DT and LE....but it doesn't really matter, this Packer front-7 is going to make life miserable for opposing OCs this season.

1.26 -- WR Keenan Allen - We had the top-3 WRs (Hill, Woods, Allen) ranked very close and pretty high. Drafting a WR also had the side benefit of making the release easier of Brooks Foster to free up $7m+ in cap space. So although WR wasn't high on our needs list, we stuck with the highest ranked player on our board and feel like we got great value with Allen @ 1.26. Allen is a complete WR with no major weaknesses. He has size, strength, good speed/quickness and pretty good hands for a rookie.

1.32 -- LB Barkevious Mingo - The last pick of the first round shows just how committed the Packers were with drafting BPA. Linebacker certainly wasn't a need - not even sure where Mingo will play yet or who the odd man out is. But when a talent like Mingo is on the board that has no physical equal in the league (6'4" 255lbs 89SPD/87ACC future), you draft him now and find a place for him later.

2.1 -- SS Moses Early - With Barron off the board at 1.20, the Packers opted to use this pick to get their choice from the three remaining high-quality Safeties. Each had their minor pros/cons and should have good careers, but ultimately Early ranked slightly above the others all things considered.

2.7 -- HB Doug Martin - We originally considered taking Martin @ 1.26, but with Lima still on the board and most googling over Lima's extra 27lbs, we decided to take a chance. Martin was the second-highest rated HB on our board and is a few STR away from being a near perfect HB for our system.

4.6 -- DE Jared Crick - A very good depth player that could actually start at 3-4 DE if we could pull a few TC points away from other players and give to Crick. Alas, the reality is it probably will not happen in Green Bay.

4.10 -- LB Nigel Bradham - Another LB? Yes, again sticking with BPA, Bradham offered very good value into the fourth round. Unfortunately he is in the same boat as Crick and a very bad skew to his speed probably doomed Nigel to the same fate as Crick - a what could have been backup/journeyman starter.

5.1 -- C P.J. Lonergan - The last of three players that have potential and skewed just to the edge of being an intriguing prospect with starter potential. Could really use some mentoring but Grove just doesn't have it in him at this point to help out the young guys.

Training Camp - Although it didn't translate into team wins, Packers' management is very pleased with the offseason conditioning program. As a result, for the third year in a row the Packers program will focus on strength and speed. The Packers' will continue with their infamous use of resistance band training to achieve maximum results. The following young players stand to gain the most this training camp:

CB Jalil Brown: +1SPD (92)
WR DeAndre Brown: +1SPD (86)
LB Barkevious Mingo: +1SPD (87)
WR Keenan Allen: +1SPD (93)
DT Dontari Poe: +1STR (97)
SS Moses Early: +1SPD (91)
CB Aaron Williams: +1SPD (93)

LB Barkevious Mingo: +10lbs
DT Dontari Poe: +10lbs
WR DeAndre Brown: +5INJ, +5TGH

Position Battles - The departure of several veterans, including a few starters, and a strong draft has created heated competition in training camp for a few positions where the starter may not have been decided yet.

LB -- DeMeco Ryans vs. Barkevious Mingo(R). - There is a lot of uncertainty as to the opening day starting four LBs. Here is what we know:
- Clay Matthews will start at ROLB where last season he collected 97 Tackles and 13 for a loss.
- Paul Posluszny will start at one of the MLB positions.
- Manny Lawson will start at either MLB or LOLB.
- If DeMeco Ryans wins the position battle he will start at MLB.
Everything else will be determined in preseason.

WR -- Yamon Figurs vs. Keenan Allen(R). - A virtual toss up that will be decided during preseason. Loser of this battle will line up in the slot.

SS -- Nick Collins vs. Moses Early(R). - Moses will be the starter in 2014, but whether Collins has one final year to start for the Packers has yet to be determined. Collins also remains on the trade block, so this could also be decided via trade.

HB -- Stafon Johnson vs. Doug Martin(R). - Barring injury the job is Martin's to lose. It is no secret that Johnson is extremely upset by the drafting of Martin as he was told he had finally shown enough to have a chance to start in this a contract year for him in 2013.

Projected Starting Lineup

QB Jimmy Clausen**
HB Doug Martin*
FB Oren O'Neal
WR DeAndre Brown
WR -Yamon Figurs
LT Cornell Harrell
LG Quentin Raney
C Jake Grove**
RG Khalif Barnes
RT Marshall Newhouse
TE Jermichael Finley

LE Johnny Jolly
NT Dontari Poe*
RE Cullen Jenkins
LOLB -Barkevious Mingo*
MLB - Paul Posluszny**
MLB - Manny Lawson**
ROLB Clay Matthews
CB Jalil Brown
CB Sam Shields
FS Nate Allen**
SS Nick Collins

* = Rookie
** = New Starter for 2013
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Packers Press Conference
Green Bay, WI - Well a press conference was scheduled for 10:00AM but only two reporters present and nobody from Packers' management has even been seen in the facility.

Soooooo, here is a brief rundown of the only newsworthy items from this disappointing season following the Packers' championship of 2011:

- Packers led the league in Fumbles and Fumbles Lost
- Rookie WR DeAndre Brown was stellar and strong candidate for OROY
- Rodgers looks like he has played his last game in Green Bay after disappointing season
- Lots of young players gained valuable experience
- Punter Shane Lechler led the league in punting average
- Nobody was arrested during the season

Now on to the offseason.....
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Packers Press Conference
Green Bay, WI - After a horrible 0-3 start that had many celebrating their demise, the Packers have sucked it up and fought back with the heart of a champion. Since that time, Green Bay has gone 4-0-1 and outscored their opponents 193-105. As a result the Packers have pulled above .500 for the first time this season, sitting 4-3-1 at the halfway point - although this still in third place in the tough NFC North.

Two key reasons for the turnaround are that the team has been able to stay healthy and the solid production out of this year's rookie class.

Second Round Pick WR DeAndre Brown has exceeded all expectations. His 48 Receptions leads Rookies and is 2nd in the GZL. His 551 yards and 5 TDs are both 2nd-best among Rookies.

Late-1st Round Pick G Quentin Raney is 2nd among Rookies with 36 Pancakes and has allowed just 2 sacks.

1st-Round Pick CB Jalil Brown missed a couple games early due to injury but since returning has settled in nicely at the Nickel CB position and has 2 DFL and 0 CTH allowed in the last 4 games

Second Round Pick CB Davon House took advantage of Jalil's early injury to move into the #1 CB position and has been outstanding. His 13 DFL leads all Rookies by a wide margin, his 2 INTs is second among Rookies and his 13DFL/18 CTHA ratio is very good. He also has 2 TFL and returned one of his INTs for a TD.

Finally, Second Round Pick MLB Greg Jones has stepped right in and started from day one at MLB opposite Ryans in the 3-4. Jones has 26 Tackles, 3 TFL, 1 Sack and 1 Forced Fumble.

Units on both sides of the ball seem to have jelled quickly considering all of the young faces and since that dreadful start, the Packers are now ranked in the top-10 in five of the six categories on Offense and Defense. In retrospect, the 0-3 start may end up being a blessing in disguise as it has refocused the entire team and re-energized a group that had possibly become a little complacent following their recent SB win.
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Packers Training Camp
Season Overview

Whether it was the embarrassment of getting trounced by the Saints, the public berating by GM Mullendore, the threatened benching of Aaron Rodgers or just real leaders such as DeMeco Ryans stepping up, we are not sure. But regardless of the reason, after starting the season 1-2 the Packers would only lose one more time the rest of the way, finishing with 13-straight wins and the prized Super Bowl trophy.

Following a lackluster 8-8 finish and missing the playoffs altogether in 2010, the preseason consensus for the Packers for 2011 was NFC North Champion and a quick exit from the playoffs. But following the week 7 upset by the St Louis Rams that left the Packers at 3-3, a renewed sense of determination seemed to set in. Green Bay was led by a swarming 3-4 Defense masterminded by DC Dom Capers that finished the season ranked #1 against the Run, #2 in Sacks, #2 in Takeaways, #4 in Points Allowed, #5 in the Red Zone and #6 in Passer Rating. During the Packers' 10-game winning streak to end the regular season, only 1 team would score more than 20 points while the Packers would never score less than 23. The Packers would continue their roll through the playoffs, outscoring the other playoff teams by a combined 91-47.

Offseason Review

Retirees - For the second offseason in a row, the Packers would lose their backup quarterback to retirement as Marc Bulger decided to call it quits. Bulger appeared in 5 games during 2011, including briefly during the Super Bowl when Aaron Rodgers was shaken up. Bulger performed exceptionally when called upon, posting a passer rating of 114.7 during his time on the field, and will be hard to replace. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Releases/Resigns - Green Bay entered the offseason more than $15m over the salary cap. As a result, some difficult decisions had to be made. None was more difficult than the decision to release long-time favorite MLB Nick Barnett. Although he had reported to camp noticeably slower, there is no question that without cap concerns he would have remained on the team at least one more season. WR Jordy Nelson's contract had also expired and he was not offered a new one. The lone resign was budding young star LT Marshall Newhouse. Newhouse worked his way into the starting lineup over the bye week in Week 3 and played so well that he would remain there the rest of the season and allow the Packers to trade former starter Bryan Bulaga following the season to save $2m against the salary cap. Newhouse was rewarded with a new 7-year contract during the offseason.

RFA/UFA - The Packers once again had two RFA players, TE Tom Crabtree and MLB Robert Francois. Both were tendered contracts and received little attention from other teams. As a result both were able to be resigned to new long-term contracts.

Two players were successfully signed during pre-draft free agency which finally started to fill some of the holes that had been created. Young LT Jamon Meredith was signed to a 5-year contract. Although in his 4th season, Meredith is very raw and will likely be just a backup this season. DE Lawrence Sidbury (Falcons) surprisingly received no other offers and also signed a 5-year contract to play in Green Bay. Although Sidbury doesn't have the size to play DE in the Packers' 3-4, he will likely see time at the OLB position and his playing time will likely depend on how quickly he makes the transition.

Restructure - The Packers have not yet decided whose contract might be renegotiated this season. They will address this at a later time.

Trades - Mullendore chose the trade market as the avenue to achieve the needed salary reductions, hoping to acquire enough in the way of draft picks to cover the losses.

The Packers recouped nearly $12m by trading veteran OL Mark Tauscher, Bryan Bulaga and Harvey Dahl for minor draft choices. Only Dahl was more than a backup at this point, leaving a hole to fill at RG.

In somewhat of a surprise move, Mullendore chose to trade starting LB AJ Hawk to the New York Jets for 2.5 and 4.5. Hawk carried a hefty salary which Mullendore felt he had never quite played up to. Hawk did not do well in 2012 dropping back into pass coverage and his size had always been somewhat of a concern. Unfortunately, coupled with the release of Barnett, the Packers were left with a void at two of the four starting LB positions.

In another surprising move, veterans SS Josh Barrett, CB Richard Marshall and WR Greg Jennings were all traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for two 2nds, a 3rd, WR Riley Cooper and a small move up in the 1st Round. Mullendore would have preferred to keep Jennings, but he was one of the highest-paid players on the team and would likely be asking for even more money at the end of the 2012 season. Marshall was expected to be the starting #1 CB but never performed up to expectations and was replaced by Sam Shields early in the season, with Marshall relegated to the NCB role. Barrett's performance fell off a little in 2012 and it was made more evident when he missed two and a half games late in the season and rookie Warren Garrett came in and actually outplayed Barrett. Encouraged by Garrett's play and with the opportunity to save another $2m, the decision was made to go a different direction at SS.

Draft - Following the flurry of trade activity both prior to and during the draft, the Packers were left with 5 selections in the first Round and a half, followed by two picks in the early 5th Round.

1.13 -- CB Jalil Brown - Although tempted several times to chase other players, the Packers ultimately stayed with their plan to go CB with their top pick. The 2nd-ranked CB on their board, Brown will be allowed to work his way into the starting lineup as he shows he is able, but has all the physical tools to become a very good CB. Should learn a lot from Bailey early on.

1.28 -- G Quentin Raney - Mullendore was after the best combination of strength, speed and agility to replace Dahl as the starting RG. Packers' coaches couldn't believe their good fortune when they were able to land the #2-ranked OL on their board with the 28th pick. Tyron Smith (1.6) is not just the only rookie, but the only other OL in the entire league, with Raney's combination of strength and speed. A tad raw, but Raney should be a top guard in the league very soon, and for a very long time.

2.2 -- MLB Greg Jones - Best true MLB in the draft. Good speed, strength and quickness. Excellent tackler for a rookie. Small but very solid body. Good hands. Good value and fills a need at 2.2

2.7 -- CB Davon House - Similar in a lot of ways to Jalil Brown, including good size, speed, quickness and questionable hands. Not as strong or experienced as Brown, and not near as good in run support. But if Brown and House grow up together, together with Shields the Packers could have a talented group of CBs for a long time

2.17 -- WR DeAndre Brown - At 6'6" 233lbs and 75STR, Brown is the biggest WR in the league. Will spend some time working on his speed and hands, but should be a huge target for Rodgers.

5.3 -- MLB Kelvin Sheppard - The Packers thought they had a real steal here with Sheppard in the early 5th Round. Unfortunately he arrived to camp slower, weaker and not as good of a tackler as scouted. Maybe the other teams knew something that the Packers didn't. As it is, it appears Sheppard is destined to be a career backup.

5.4 -- SS Glen Davidson - Davidson, on the other hand, may end up being that steal in the 5th Round. With a little work on his top-end speed in training camp he should have a chance to challenge early for playing time with an outside chance of becoming the starting SS.

Training Camp - Buoyed by last season's success, for the second year in a row the Packers offseason conditioning program will focus on strength and speed. The Packers' will continue with their infamous use of resistance band training to achieve maximum results. The following young players stand to gain the most this training camp:

CB Sam Shields: +1SPD (95)
CB Jalil Brown: +1SPD (91)
QB Jimmy Clausen: +1THP (95)
WR DeAndre Brown: +1SPD (85)
MLB Greg Jones: +1SPD (82)
TE Greg Little: +1SPD (89)
CB Davon House: +1SPD (92)

MLB Greg Jones: +10lbs
HB Stafon Johnson: +10lbs
CB Sam Shields: +5INJ
CB Jalil Brown: +5INJ

Position Battles - The departure of several veterans, including a few starters, has created heated competition in training camp for a few positions where the starter may not have been decided yet.

LOLB -- Lawrence Sidbury vs. Cyril Obiozor. Last season Obiozor narrowly lost out on a starting job and he wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. Cyril has the size advantage but Sidbury is extremely quick. Performance during preseason will probably decide this one but don't be surprised if it changes mid-season as well.

WR -- Ted Ginn vs. Brooks Foster vs. DeAndre Brown(R). Three very different receivers will battle for the #1 and #3 WR positions.

SS -- Warren Garrett vs. Glen Davidson(R). This should be a real battle and both players have impressed thus far. Garrett's game-experience last season while Barrett was injured give him a slight edge but that's it.

Projected Starting Lineup

QB Aaron Rodgers
HB Ryan Grant
FB Oren O'Neal
WR Yamon Figurs
LT Marshall Newhouse
LG Khalif Barnes
C Justin Hartwig
RG Quentin Raney*
RT Cornell Harrell
TE Jermichael Finley

LE Johnny Jolly
NT B.J. Raji
RE Cullen Jenkins
MLB DeMeco Ryans
MLB Greg Jones*
ROLB Clay Matthews
CB Sam Shields
CB Champ Bailey
FS Nick Collins

* = Rookie
** = Newly Acquired for 2011
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Packers Update
One has to go back many years to find an offseason as busy as this one has been - and we still have a long way to go. The Packers knew they would have some hard decisions to make as they began this offseason more than $15m over the salary cap. With a flurry of trades and cuts, GM Mullendore has managed to bring Green Bay under the cap with a few million to spare. However with Free Agency and the Draft looming on the horizon, one has to think a few more moves are forthcoming.

MLB Nick Barnett (Released)
OLB A.J. Hawk (Traded)
RG Harvey Dahl (Traded)
LT Bryan Bulaga (Traded)
RT Mark Tauscher (Traded)

Thus far, all Mullendore has to show for the group are some draft picks and a $15m cap penalty, although word is that a trade has been finalized to bring in an OL. Fans are taking a wait and see approach to the player movement, but one has to think the departure of long-time veterans and fan favorites such as Barnett, Tauscher and Hawk has not sat real well with most. Mullendore has the leeway that comes with a SB win to show he knows what he is doing. But with next year's cap situation looking just as dire, a drop in performance by the team in 2012 will likely put a lot of pressure on the GM and the rest of the coaching staff.
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Packers Press Conference
"Well, we had a nice little run there to end the season, but now everybody is 0-0 again. Fortunately we get a bye week to start this last group of four games. We don't know yet whether we will be playing the Bears, 49ers or Saints so we are just focusing on more general things this week.

"Looks like Figurs will be out at least a couple weeks - that pinched nerve is still giving him lots of trouble - so we have some adjustments to work in on Offense as a result. It's really not a problem of having somebody capable of stepping up and performing well in Yamon's absence. You just hate to change what you have been doing and having success with. It takes a long time to get everybody on the same page, to the point where everybody trusts the other 10 players to be where they are supposed to be every play. We saw that both last season and the first several games of this season. It doesn't happen overnight.

"You know some people are under the illusion that the 26 starters (counting NCB, WR#3, P, K) were already in place, ready to roll when we took over here beginning of 2010. The reality is that 8 of our 26 starters today were Free Agent signings completely new to our system. Several others came to Green Bay via trade or draft. It just can take time to get everybody rowing the same direction.

"We're very pleased with what we were able to accomplish in the regular season. 13 wins is always an accomplishment in this league. But our goal at the beginning of the season wasn't to win 13 games. It was to win the Super Bowl. So this was just a step towards that goal.

"A number of individual and team achievements I'd like to point out. First, Champ Bailey....anytime you can create 13 turnovers in a season, an average of nearly one a game, creates a huge advantage for our football team. Ryan Grant....16 TDs, wow!

"The Defense....#1 against the Run, #2 Sacks, #2 Takeaways, #5 in Red Zone, #4 in Points Allowed, #6 Passer Rating.....Mr. Downey!! There ain't nothin' wrong with the 3-4 in this game if you got the right horses!!! *clap* <3 *clap* <3 *clap* <3

"All right, all right, I need to wrap up here. Anyway, a great season....but we're not done yet. We have some unfinished business to take care of. We'll see you in two weeks! Thanks guys!!"
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Packers' Press Conference
Green Bay, WI - "Good morning, everyone. Not a lot to say today. We continue to take it one game at a time and take care of business. This was a very tough 4-game stretch that we just came through 4-0 and I don't want to downplay its importance at all. We're doing the right things during the week and seeing positive results on Sunday.

"As far as where things stand, we're the hottest team in the league right now with 6 wins in a row and 8 of 9. I think it's important to note that our closest margin of victory during those 6 games has been 7 points to the Bucs. We can lock up a Wild Card in the next two weeks and as long as we don't shoot ourselves in the foot, have a real good chance of finishing 13-3, if we can beat the Jaguars, which would be awesome. That being said, as a result of our early-season blunders we still need help to win the division. The good news is we have put ourselves in best possible position regarding tiebreakers with the Bears if they slip up at all.

"There are a few negatives worth mentioning. The stinger that Josh Barrett suffered early in the Bears' game will sideline him for at least thru week 15. We do hope to have him back the following week for the Jaguars. I'd like to point out the awesome job that rookie Warren Garrett did stepping up when Barrett went down. Five tackles, three passes defensed and a game-clinching interception in the 4th Qtr. Hell of a job. Shields was still in some pain yesterday but is supposed to practice today and should start on Sunday. We've given up a lot of yards in the passing game, but we have been fortunate enough to be playing with the lead a lot lately so that's going to happen - not really worried about it given our margin of victory lately.

"We're a confident bunch right now. And I think the stumbles earlier in the season will help keep us focused down the stretch and keep us from getting complacent or coming out flat. We're still in second place in our division and we're not losing sight of that. Should be an exciting finish to the season and some great playoff matchups! Who knows, if we end up with a wild card, maybe we will get a chance to avenge our loss to the Rams before meeting the paper tigers of New York? Either way, get your popcorn ready!"
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Packers Press Conference
GM Mullendore was in a much better mood at this morning's press conference than the last time following the whipping by the Saints.

"Finally some positives to talk about! When your back is against the wall is when you see what kind of character you have. I'm very pleased with the way this team, as well as many of the individuals mentioned previously, have fought back.

"As a team, we've gone 4-1 since then, and honestly we 100% gave the Rams' game away on bad bounces, tips and (at the risk of being fined) awful officiating. The wins have been impressive including one over the then-unbeaten Panthers and a three touchdown average margin of victory in the other three. Still, we are a work in progress. We have to avoid the slow starts that have plagued us the last few weeks and we absolutely cannot let wins slip away from here on out.

"The third quarter of our season contains four games that are similar in difficulty to the four we started the season with, and we have to do better than 2-2 this time around. The Bucs game is huge to keep the momentum going and the last game of the stretch is a rematch against the Bears - the other game this season we had won yet found a way to give away.

"If we take care of business against the Bucs and Bears, we should be in good shape to steal the division, but that is a BIG if. I don't think 11-5 will be good enough, while 12-4 with a win over Chicago might just do it. Had you asked me at the beginning of the season if I would be happy to go 5-3 over the first half of the season my answer would have been a definite "NO!" And that is still my answer. We are a 7-1 football team that has a generous heart, and thus we are 5-3. But we are moving in the right direction....and I'm a lot happier than I was last press conference, that's for sure."
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Packers Press Conference
"Disgusting. Painful. Those are first thoughts that come to mind," said Mullendore. "I figured this team would bounce back after giving away the Bears' game and with two weeks to get ready for the Saints. I obviously couldn't have been more wrong."

"I'm going to keep this short as it's clear we have problems. We've got a lot of people walking on thin ice right now, both coaches and players and I'm not afraid to give specifics. Mr. Rodgers has been playing like Mr. Rogers and is very close to losing his starting job, possibly for good. He hasn't been the same since his injury last season. Francois has played okay, but Ryans will get his first start tomorrow. We need some leaders to step up and I think he can do so."

"Way too many drops by the WRs, from guys that shouldn't be doing so. We're going to change things up a little this week with that group also. The run defense in particular was just putrid last week against New Orleans. I expect, no demand, a better performance against Carolina. I don't like opposing players win awards for their performance against us. I don't like giving games away. I don't like being at the bottom of the standings. Either our performance will change or our personnel will change - it's that simple."

"I will not be taking questions today. That is all for now. Maybe I'll feel more like talking in a few weeks...."
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Green Bay Packers Training Camp
Season Overview

The Packers entered the 2010 season as one of the popular preseason picks to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Storming out of the gate with a 3-0 record, scoring a ridiculous 141 points in those three games, only reinforced the lofty expectations for the team. But towards the end of the week 3 dismantling of the Bears, QB Aaron Rodgers took a shot to his elbow that would start the Packers' season spiraling out of control. Most questioned why Rodgers was even still in the game at that point, having already thrown 5 TD passes and the Packers leading by some 40 points well into the 4th Quarter - and rightly so. Then the following week against the Detroit Lions, star LB Clay Matthews would be lost for most of the season with a similar injury. A quick trade brought veteran Jon Kitna to Green Bay in an attempt to salvage the season, and although Kitna exceeded all expecatations, the team was never able to come close to regaining their early season form. Upon returning, Rodgers would go 1-4 as a starter down the stretch, never scoring more than 27 points. When Rodgers was knocked out of the winner-take-all showdown with the Bears in week 17, Kitna very nearly salvaged the season again with more last minute heroics. He would ultimately come up some 5-yards short as time ran out in the game and on the Green Bay Packers in 2010.

Offseason Review

Retirees - The Packers' offseason would begin with more bad news. Shortly after the heartbreaking loss to the Bears, Jon Kitna announced he would not return for 2011. Kitna declared himself "totally spent," having given everything he had left during the 2010 season. The tank was simply empty. Veteran WR Donald Driver and Punter Josh Miller soon followed suit.

Releases/Resigns - Due to Green Bay's tight cap situation, ten additional players were either not resigned or given their outright release: CB Tramon Williams, FS Anthony Smith, SS Atari Bigby, SS Morgan Burnett, DT Ryan Pickett, DE C.J. Wilson, LT Chad Clifton, LG Daryn Colledge, WR James Jones, TE David Thomas. Just three players were resigned: FS Nick Collins, DT Jarron Gilbert and RT Mark Tauscher.

RFA/UFA - The Packers had two RFA players, RG Josh Sitton and TE Jermichael Finley. Both were tendered contracts and received little attention from other teams. As a result both were able to be resigned to new long-term contracts.

Three players were successfully signed during pre-draft free agency which finally started to fill some of the holes that had been created. Veteran RG Harvey Dahl (Falcons) was signed to a 3-year contract and is expected to start this season at RG. QB Marc Bulger (Ravens) agreed to contract terms and will fill Kitna's shoes behind Rodgers. Lastly, Punter Shane Lechler (Raiders) was signed to a 3-year deal and will perform Punting duties this season.

Trades - Focusing exclusively on the Defense, GM Mullendore made a series of trades leading up to and during the draft, aimed at improving each position group.

To shore up the young secondary, the Packers made two trades involving 5 CBs and a few draft picks. Veteran Charles Woodson and youngsters Patt Lee and Brandon Underwood have departed and joining the Packers are veterans Champ Bailey (Broncos) and Richard Marshall (Panthers).

Turning to the linebackers, both ROLBs form last season were dealt away and star MLB DeMeco Ryans was acquired from the Texans. Ryans immediately improves the center of the defense with his experience and tackling ability.

Finally on the defensive line, young prospect DE Michael Neal was traded to the Jaguars, while DT Marcus Thomas comes over from the Broncos.

Draft - As the Packers' 1st Round Pick was used in the trades addressing the secondary, they would not pick until the middle of round 2.

2.14 -- OT Cornell Harrell - The coaches were not thrilled with the play of the Offensive Line in 2010 and as a result made OT Harrell their first selelction. Harrell is an all-around solid player that should start from day 1, although his Run Blocking technique needs improvement. He was the 4th Tackle selected in the draft and the coaches had him rated 4th as well.

3.14 -- WR Greg Little - Little is an intriguing prospect. At 6'3" and 231lbs he has very good size, with average speed and hands. Packers' coaches will be looking to create matchup problems with Little. Expect to see him lineup frequently in the slot and in 4WR/5WR formations, as well as in many 2-TE sets opposite Finley.

5.2 -- LOLB Hector Morton - Should provide depth at OLB and may even get some plays with his hand on the ground, rushing the QB.

5.3 -- CB Chris Rucker - Rucker has good size and average speed, but is very raw. With a good camp he could press for some playing time at #4/#5 CB and on special teams.

5.8 -- SS Warren Garrett - Good size and speed. Should battle for #2 SS position.

5.15 -- DE Frank Price - Likely a career backup

5.22 -- FS Rolf Scales - Good size, strong and quick but lacks top end speed. Should be a solid backup Safety.

5.26 -- SS Steve Page - Page is not very fast or athletic, but has very good hands and is a good tackler. Should compete for backup role.

7.14 -- DE Aaron Kelly - Good speed for a man of his size but lacks the strength to be effective as a 3-4 DE.

Training Camp - The year's offseason conditioning program has focused on strength and speed. The Packers' are notorious for the effective use of resistance band training to achieve maximum results. The following young players stand to gain the most this training camp:

CB Sam Shields: +1SPD (94)
SS Steve Page: +1SPD (88)
WR Greg Little: +1STR (60), +1SPD (88)
CB Chris Rucker: +1SPD (90)
DT B.J. Raji: +1STR (96), +10lbs
QB Aaron Rodgers: +5INJ (88), +5TGH(75)
HB Ryan Grant: +10lbs

Position Battles - As can be expected with an 8-8, underperforming team, competition exists for several positions this offseason that ordinarily might not be in question.

LB -- Nick Barnett vs Cyril Obiozor. In reality these two players are not battling against each other as AJ Hawk will fill whichever spot these two do not. Smart money says there is no way Barnett doesn't start - yet. Barnett turned 30 recently and the coaches love Obiozor's size and motor. Stranger things have happened as a result of a good showing at training camp.

Offensive Tackle -- Mark Tauscher vs Bryan Bulaga vs Marshall Newhouse. While rookie 2nd Round Pick Cornell Harrell is assured one of the starting Tackle slots, it's aging veteran versus two youngsters for the other. Does the cagey vet have one more year left in him? Is Newhouse ready for his first start?

Center -- Justin Hartwig vs Scott Wells. - This battle will most likely be resolved over the negotiating table then the practice field. With Hartwig currently holding out for more money the door is open for Wells to possibly get some playing time to show he deserves to be the starter. But word is Hartwig's demands are not that high and Packers' management says a deal should be done soon. If that happens, Hartwig should be a lock for the starting position once again.

Projected Started Lineup

QB Aaron Rodgers
HB Ryan Grant
FB Oren O'Neal
WR Yamon Figurs
WR Greg Jennings
LT Bryan Bulaga
LG Khalif Barnes**
C Justin Hartwig
RG Harvey Dahl**
RT Cornell Harrell*
TE Jermichael Finley

LE Johnny Jolly
NT B.J. Raji
RE Cullen Jenkins
LOLB Clay Matthews
MLB Nick Barnett
MLB DeMeco Ryans**
ROLB A.J. Hawk
CB Richard Marshall**
CB Champ Bailey**
SS Josh Barrett
FS Nick Collins

* = Rookie
** = Newly Acquired for 2011
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Packers Active as Draft Approaches
Green Bay, WI - There has been a sudden flurry of activity here in Green Bay and some details are beginning to emerge. Two trades, one release, six signings and a contract restructure have all been completed in the last few days.

The Packers made two trades involving 5 CBs and a few draft picks as they sought to shore up their secondary. Veteran Charles Woodson and youngsters Patt Lee and Brandon Underwood have moved on and joining the Packers are veterans Champ Bailey (Broncos) and Richard Marshall (Panthers). These trades follow on the heals of the resigning of FS Nick Collins to a new 5-year deal and the contract extension of promising young CB Sam Shields. The moves should significantly improve the Packers' defensive backfield and erase the question marks surrounding this unit.

Two additonal moves were made to stabilize the Offensive Line as veteran Tackle Mark Tauscher signed a 3-year contract extension and FA Guard Harvey Dahl broke off contract talks with the Falcons and signed a 3-year deal with Green Bay.

Lastly, two other signings were made which, although not flashy, may turn out to be very important down the road. The Packers agreed to contract terms with veteran Punter Shane Lechler, widely regarded as one of the best Punters in the league. This was quickly followed by the signing of veteran QB Marc Bulger to fill the hole behind Aaron Rodgers when Jon Kitna unexpectantly retired this offseason. Packer fans would like nothing better than to not hear Bulgers' name called again this season but can rest easier knowing he is ready if needed.

The Packers now await this weekend's draft. Currently the Packers will only pick once in the first four rounds (2.5) before finishing the draft with a flurry of picks with which to bring their roster to the required 50 players within the salary cap. Given the coin shelled out for several of the above players, fitting them all under the salary cap has quickly become GM Mullendore's biggest challenge this offseason. But at least the fan base should be pleased.
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Packers News
Green Bay, WI - Things are unusually quiet as far as offseasons go here in Green Bay. A lot of anger swirling around the community and front office right now. Fans are disgusted and calling for McCarthy's head. Team management is angry. Players are watching their backs, expecting the worst. The team's direction is being questioned. These are the realities one must deal with when a Super Bowl contender misses the playoffs and finishes 8-8.

GM Mullendore hasn't said a whole lot. Two trades have reportedly been agreed to but information is hard to come buy. We're guessing they involve Pickett, Clifton or Brad Jones as their nameplates are missing from their lockers. The Houston Texans' website has reported that DeMeco Ryans is headed to Green Bay which is good news. Ryans is a stud in the middle with a great knowledge of the game. What else is in the works? Where is the transparency? There hasn't been a press conference in months!

Retirements have also taken their toll as Jon Kitna surprised everybody by deciding not to complete the final year of his contract. Donald Driver and Punter Josh Miller also decided they had had enough.

What other changes are coming? What about Woodson - does he have anything left in the tank? What player(s) will be resigned? Will Finley and Sitton be tendered offers? Backup QB? Can we field an Offensive Line from this group? Who will the Packers select with 1.15? So many questions and unfortunately we have few answers. The latest mock draft has the Packers selecting DE Ryan Kerrigan out of Purdue. We don't think that's likely but all Mullendore will say is B....P....A.
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Playoffs Start Now!
Green Bay, WI - The Packers came out of Week 15 on a 3-game losing streak that left them no longer controlling their own destiny for the postseason. With Rodgers' continued rustiness since coming back from injury, they were more concerned with simply winning a game versus talk of playoffs. But the Packers' Defense rose to the occasion in Week 16 against the Giants and, combined with the Bears' loss to the Jets, sets up a "winner take all" game against the rival Bears in the final game of the regular season. The winner of this game will win the NFC North and host a Round 1 playoff game the following week while the loser goes home to contemplate what might have been.

In Week 16 against the Giants the Packers' Defense played one of their best games of the season, confusing the easily-confused Manning all day and forcing 4 turnovers. Manning would finish with his worst game of the season as the Packers destroyed the Giants in what was billed as "Hard Knocks Bowl I" by a score of 26-6. It was the perfect outcome after the weeks of bloviating by Giants' GM Parrone, who has proven to be more "King of Excuses" as opposed to "Alpha Male" of the GZL. Parrone has been forced to look for small victories in stat lines with Ws being so scarce.

The Packers enter the showdown with the Bears with a lot of confidence, having cruised to a 56-21 win over the Bears Week 3 in Soldier Field. However, Bears' QB Jay Cutler only threw a single pass in that game before leaving injured and did not return. Green Bay was also a much healthier team at that time. The Packers have since lost one of their main weapons in the passing game, TE Finley, for the season. It also looks like starting LG Daryn Colledge may miss the game as well with recurring back spasms. Lastly, star linebacker Clay Matthews, who has been bothered most of the season with elbow problems, apparently will play but it is uncertain how effective he will be or how long he will be able to go.

But ready or not, the Bears are coming to town this week and the playoffs are starting a week early in Green Bay!
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Free Agents Flock to Frozen Tundra
Green Bay, WI - Things are finally starting to calm down today here in Green Bay. Apparently there was a lot of Thompson's guys on this team, especially in the bottom half of the roster, as this has been one of the busiest free agency periods we have ever witnessed. All told there are 14 new names completing orientation today, 7 on each side of the ball. Maybe even more surprising, according to Mullendore in an interview earlier this morning, two of the newcomers head to preseason as definite starters and four more will be involved in intense position battles for the chance to also start on opening day!

"In my opinion too many players had gotten a little too comfortable around here. Competition is good and the player most prepared will play each and every Sunday from now on."

Reaction from Packer fans we have spoken to has been mixed thus far, with many taking a "wait and see" attitude toward the makover. However we would expect things to quickly get heated around here for Mullendore if the team does not get off to a fast start. Adding to the circus, reports have surfaced recently that the Packers are in final consideration for this year's "Hard Knocks" reality series. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.

FA Signings
Offense: WR Brooks Foster, WR Yamon Figurs, FB Oren O'Neal, HB Stafon Johnson, C Justin Hartwig, QB Charlie Batch, G Cooper Carlisle

Defense: S Josh Barrett, CB R.J. Stanford, OLB Jon Alston, OLB Bobby Carpenter, OLB Cyril Obiozor, MLB Austin Spitler, DT Jarron Gilbert
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Green Bay Packers Hire GM Kevin Mullendore.
Green Bay, WI - As a result of last week's surprise resignation of Green Bay GM Ted Thompson, the Packers have hired veteran GM Kevin Mullendore to lead them back to the Super Bowl. Mullendore has spent the last several days meeting with the coaches (all of which will be retained we are told) and evaluating the players. Although Mullendore has had negotiations with several teams regarding a few of the better known Packers' players (Hawk, Jolly, Matthews, etc...), no moves have been finalized prior to today other than the release of a few backups.

However, we have received word within the last hour that the Packers have signed 3 young, FA prospects to contracts: SS Josh Barrett, WR Brooks Foster and MLB Austin Spitler. All three players are inexperienced but have the physical tools to contribute significantly down the road. We can almost certainly expect more activity prior to the season as Mullendore looks to replace "Thompson's guys" with his own.

"I'm not entirely sure of the circumstances surrounding Ted's resignation, and quite frankly I don't really care," said Mullendore in the earlier press conference. "Favre is gone, Thompson is gone, we have turned the page and are entering a new era for this storied franchise. We've got some of the pieces in place but we also have got some work to do in some areas. I'm excited to have the opportunity and I will work relentlessly to make sure we succeed."
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GM I_Coyle
Head Coach Marty Mornhinweg
Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak
Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams
Special Teams Joe Marciano
Salary $164.32M
Cap Penalty $8.82M
Cap Room $860K


NFC North
#1 Lions x-Lions 13-3-0 0.81 4-2
#2 Vikings z-Vikings 13-3-0 0.81 4-2
#5 Packers Packers 10-6-0 0.63 3-3
#25 Bears Bears 6-10-0 0.38 1-5

1 Sep 10 at Vikings Vikings #2
Won 26-23
2 Sep 17 at Titans Titans #9
Lost 21-25
4 Oct 1 at Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 45-0
5 Oct 8 at Bears Bears #25
Won 37-27
6 Oct 15 at Falcons Falcons #12
Won 37-13
7 Oct 22 vs Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 14-31
8 Oct 29 vs Bears Bears #25
Won 19-13
9 Nov 5 at Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 20-24
10 Nov 13 vs Lions Lions #1
Lost 6-21
11 Nov 19 vs Panthers Panthers #24
Won 34-16
12 Nov 26 vs Colts Colts #22
Won 26-17
13 Dec 3 at Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Won 23-20
14 Dec 10 vs Texans Texans #13
Won 33-3
15 Dec 17 vs Rams Rams #3
Lost 6-37
16 Dec 23 at Lions Lions #1
Lost 9-17
17 Dec 31 vs Saints Saints #18
Won 38-31

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