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Green Bay update
Former GM Kevin Mullendore rode off into the sunset on the ultimate high of winning the GZL Bowl this past season. GM Ian Coyle, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, made the decision to take up the unenviable task of following up the years of successful team building that Mr. Mullendore put in here in Green Bay. It's always rough to challenge the expectations of repeating, especially when the team remains mostly intact. "When I came into the front office here, I had to balance the desire to repeat recent successes with the need to sustain long-term success (reloading)" Coyle said. There were many large contracts to contend with to aging veterans, and only a handful of heir apparent back-ups in place.

The Packers started off by evaluating their current roster. Glennon is a great start at QB, but only has a few more super competitive, and more importantly, affordable seasons left. We didn't want to make any waves there, and are looking toward the future at some point in the next season or so. At HB, we felt that Knile Davis is a solid start, but we really liked someone that we left behind in Atlanta. A quick trade with Atlanta brought Cubby Williams over to Green Bay. He will insert right away into a great situation with a solid offensive line and a QB that can keep defenses from stacking the box. At WR, we lost Crockett in the deal to wrap up our long-term solution at HB, but were able to bring in Mark Perez to replace him. We are ultimately not extremely happy with our current group of WR, but they will do for now. The offensive line stays mostly intact, only really lacking at one guard spot.

The defense remains solid top to bottom, but they are getting long in the tooth. They will be the focus point next off-season for sure. The biggest win for the Packers in the draft was actually nabbing K Savannah Levi in the 4th round of the draft. He comes in already at 91 OVR for a rookie kicker with 96 KPW and already 89 KAC! He will immediately take over kick-off duties. One of the underrated side effects of such a kicker is the ability to keep teams from being able to return kicks. A high touchback % is very important to GM Coyle's strategy and Levi fits right in. He will be able to develop behind veteran Mason Crosby for this season and be ready to take over kicking duties next season.
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At A Glance

GM I_Coyle
Head Coach Marty Mornhinweg
Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak
Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams
Special Teams Joe Marciano
Salary $164.32M
Cap Penalty $8.82M
Cap Room $860K

Packers Craig Thomas FS 97 6 weeks
Packers Jon-Michael Lawson LOLB 98 2 weeks

NFC North
#1 Packers Packers 3-1-0 0.75 2-0
#9 Lions Lions 3-1-0 0.75 0-0
#2 Vikings Vikings 3-1-0 0.75 0-1
#28 Bears Bears 2-3-0 0.40 0-1

1 Sun at Vikings Vikings #2
Won 26-23
2 Sun at Titans Titans #29
Lost 21-25
4 Sun at Jaguars Jaguars #31
Won 45-0
5 Sun at Bears Bears #28
Won 37-27
6 Sun at Falcons Falcons #14 TBD
7 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #2 1:00pm
8 Sun vs Bears Bears #28 1:00pm
9 Sun at Cowboys Cowboys #7 4:15pm
10 Mon vs Lions Lions #9 9:00pm
11 Sun vs Panthers Panthers #21 4:15pm
12 Sun vs Colts Colts #10 1:00pm
13 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #15 1:00pm
14 Sun vs Texans Texans #22 1:00pm
15 Sun vs Rams Rams #17 4:00pm
16 Sat at Lions Lions #9 1:00pm
17 Sun vs Saints Saints #19 1:00pm

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