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Panthers Pulse


The Panthers netted their 11th victory of the season in a defensive sluggfest against the Ravens. That was no beautiful football if you like an offensive shoot out ; but in you like a game decided by sacks and pick six, that was the one to watch.

The Panthers forced 5 Interceptions, of which 2 were returned for TDs. The offense managed 3 FGs and that was it.

More than that, the Panthers are now sure to to be the 5th seed as with one game left, the other pretending to a WC spot would end no better than 10-6.

After a season that saw their starting QB, their starting HB and their #1 WR go down to season ending injuries, the Panthers are feeling like back from the dead.

The goal set by GM Ratajczak is now reached; but look out, because those cats are hungry for more.
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After 8 games played and a bye week (so we're sitting in week 9 of this season), the Carolina Panthers are a 5-3 team.

They've been delt major blows as QB Matt Barkley,WR Mohamed Sanu and HB Johnathan Franklin are out for the season. That's three major starters out. Both Barkley and Franklin could have been back this season, but the management felt it was better to put them on IR to save cap space to ink in players.

Indeed, rookie QB Homer Davidson did a decent job, but when the defense has an off day, his rookie mistakes loose games. It was so decided to sign QB Matt Ryan from the UFA pool. His veteranship has since then helped the team in a good way.

As for Franklin, back-up Anthony Downs has not the same skillset and the GM felt an upgrade was needed. So to sign Montee Ball, Franklin had to be put on IR. Unfortunately, Montee Ball is now out for 4 weeks after the week 9 game. The injuty bug still affects Carollina this year.

WR Sanu was put on IR because his injury won't heal before the end of the season. The team had trade talk for another WR ; but looking back at the roster, decided to play WR Rashard Clarke who was left behind on the depth chart (shamely). Well, in the game against the Buccas in week 9, he had 4 balls caught for 140 yards and a TD. Quite a good way for a first career start as WR #1.

So here's the schedule so far :

1 vs Redskins : Won 31-27
2 at Cowboys : Won 24-22
4 vs Falcons : Won 26-14
5 vs Saints : Lost 17-31
6 at Lions Lions : Lost 13-14
7 vs Buccaneers : Lost 7-20
8 at Saints : Won 50-48
9 at Buccaneers : Won 45-38

As you can see, weeks 5 and 6 were winnable games, and rookie mistakes costed the victories. Matt Ryan cam for the Buccs game at Carolina, but was still too rusty. Weeks 8 and 9 showed that he's still a winner QB, with good revenge of home losses to the Saints and Buccs.

The rest of the schedule gives the team 3 hard games against the Rams, Browns and Bengals. A 10-6 team has the end is reachable. We hsold wait and see if that'd be ok for a playoffs spot.
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Hard for the new GM to analyse the what's what of the previous season. What looked obvious nonetheless is that the team was on the edge : games won could have been losses and vice versa. Scores for mot of the games were close ; so wether the offense or the defense couldn't put down the opponent. The talent was there , so it's obvious that the key should be game focus and conditionning.

Effectivness is also another key word : Matt Berkeley has to cut donw the TO's, and the ground game should be more featured to balance an attack at times soporific. The defense should pressure more and pick more : 19 Ints for the QB to 15 Ints picked by the secondary won't cut it.

The defense is poised to bemore aggessive : the GP's last season looked more read and react than really aggressive : the Panthers have the roster to set fire nad so it shall be next season.

All in all, things won't drastically be changed, but be sure to have the right mindset and to produce otherwise days may be numbered. The roster is as talented as any in the league, so a playoffs spot is no way a long shot.

The other key mindset for the GM was to infuse youth to the roster. Indeed, to him, the roster was aging and the risk was to one have to rebuild with a lot of talent with no experience. As so, he wanted to focus on the draft, resign who was clearly a must-not-go ; and cut the rest accordingly to effort and cap room.

This explains the moves made before and during the draft.


Pre-draft :

- SS McFarland was resigned for 5 years. Important move to consolidate the secondary.
- Coaches : all are reatained ; but next season will be a serious test for them.
- DE Vinny Curry was cut : disgruntled by his role playing and being in the dof house for vocifering his miscontent, he was shown the door.

Draft :

1.10 - LE Shaq Lawson - Clemson.
GM Ratajczak had clearly positions he wants to upgrade before the start of preseason. DE was one of those identified. Bolden was the target but with no time and no ammunition to trade up, Bolden was definately out of reach. But no problem, because Clemson Lawson was there for the picking.
Less polished than Bolden (80 AGI ; -6 to Bolden), he has nonetheless eveything you for a DE : size, speed, Strengh, a killing first step and good tackling skills for a rookie.
Odin Fuller will surely play the RE position where Vinny Curry's days are clearly numbered.

2.10 - CB Mackensie Alexander - Clemson
Well, not that it was on purpose, but the Panthers drafted another Clemson player in CB Alexander. Trufant is now tearing the years, and apart Nguyen, the depth was enough but in need of youth and talent. Alexander was a player GM Ratajczak had an eye on, to the point he thought about trading back to the 1st round. Well, alexander fell to 2.10 to the relief of the team. Great skills pre-skew, he may be a tad shor ; but his jumping will compensate. Good speed, good AGI and ACC ; decent AWR to start with, Alexander should be a great fi for years in Carolina's secondary

3.10 - QB Homer Davidson - Michigan
The Panthers came in the third round after the battler had been delt with. This said, the team is happy to draft a prospect with third round grade from their board. Not sure if he'll be the QB of the future, but Davidson has already good skills : his THA, ACC and AGI and SPD are good to excellent for the position. May lack size and THP to some ; but to helll with that may tell someone named Drew Brees !

3.25 - DT Josh Flowers - North Carolina
The home pick ! Flowers was also someone the team considered to pick in the third. He was there to another relief from GM Rtajczak. DT was no basically a need, but the talent was not to be passed by. Will need some conditionning as his 86 STR will limit him in GZL, his combination of SPD,ACC and AGI is elite. will surely give versatility as he is also a possibility as a 3-4 DE.

4.10 - TE Tyler Bush - Ohio St.
Bush doesn't have the modern elite speed of modern TE, but he's a monster of mismacth : at 6'6", 260 Lbs and 80 STR, he'll give his share of problems to safeties and Linebackers in the passing game. With already 63 PBK and 65 RBK, he's already a proven blocker that can easily get to the second level, and should be a force on the strong side.

5.10 - WR Seven Wong - Fresno St.
Wong has enough speed and CTH to be a factor in the WR rotation. He's also a crisp route runner with 95 AGI. Lacks ideal first step to burn out CB's, he would ideally succeed in sperating through route running ans chemes. Fine bet at this stage of the draft.

7.10 - Pick not signed so not reviewed.

Trades :

None : Talent was to be kept, and picks also. GM Ratajczak wanted to gain some more but his block had no taker.


With the rookie camp and the training camp, now the staff has a better look of the rookie, and their final ratings :

* 1.10 - LE Shaq Lawson : SPD 85 / STR 80 / AWR 65 / AGI 80 / ACC 85 / TKL 76
* 2.10 - CB Mackensie Alexander : SPD 95 / STR 54 / AWR 67 / AGI 94 / ACC 93 / CTH 59 / TKL 60 / JMP 92
* 3.10 - QB Homer Davidson : SPD 71 / STR 57 / AWR 70 / AGI 62 / ACC 68 / THP 90 / THA 86
* 3.25 - DT Josh Flowers : SPD 68 / STR 85 / AWR 62 / AGI 63 / ACC 75 / TKL 78
* 4.10 - TE Tyler Bush : SPD 72 / STR 80 / AWR 54 / AGI 71 / ACC 76 / CTH 76 / PBK 65 / RBK 65
* 5.10 - WR Steven Wong : SPD 94 / STR 48 / AWR 62 / AGI 83 / ACC 87 / CTH 80

Homer Davidson is looking like a steal as his attributes ; except size and THP (skill that can be worked), he looks no snout comapred to Carson Wentz (comparison).

CB Mackensie also looks another steal ; he didn't skewed down and with already 67 AWR has a shot at starting on the outside.

They all look promising in camp, TE Bush particuary showing good blocking skills and good hands. At 6'6" and 260 pounds he'll be atough matchup.


As to fulfill the measures taken for the comng season at conditionning, the OTC has been applied as followed :

Training :
- CB William Nguyen : + 1 SPD +1 AGI

Conditionning :
- MLB Trinidad Walker : +5 STA
- LE Odin Fuller : +5 INJ

The most important is Odin Fuller who will play as of now RE, and wanting to avoid any physical problem added to a new oposition to learn, it was important for the team to limit his ijury probability.
Nguyen still need to sharpen his route mirroring ; but with point at speed and AGI, he's on the right track.
Trinidad will now benefit of a better stamina, and will thus feel fresher for end of games.

As of drills, the two biggest we can talk are about quickness and conditionning.

Conditionning : Yoga fit

1) Lying Opposite Arm, Opposite Leg
This movement is amazing to warm up the hip socket, shoulder socket, and abs, as well as syncing the breath with the movement; critical for the quick, elusive moves you need on the field. Try it for two to four minutes.

2) Lunge Twist
This pose will increase strength in the legs while stretching the quadriceps and increase the rotation in the back. Just watch a receiver and you will know how important it is to be able to twist and torque to catch a less than perfect pass. Great execution of this pose will also help you better your balance, which also can come in handy when landing from a leaping grab or having to have the presence of mind to land with your feet inbounds.

3) Plank Pose, Elbow to Knee Variation
Performing a plank on its own will increase your abdominal and hip flexor strength, but adding the elbow to knee variation will deepen the ab crunch and strengthen the wrist joint (which needs to be strong in the event that you land on your wrist after a tackle or diving catch). Having the best abdominal strength will support your back in all compromising positions on the field.

4) Chest Down Shoulder Stretch
This yoga pose will give you a deep opening in the anterior deltoids (front of the shoulder), stretch the biceps muscles, neck and spine; all very important to run and turn on a dime to prevent or make a catch.

5) Frog
This pose is a long deep hold up to 20 minutes and will release the groin and inner thigh. To prevent injuries, inner thighs need to be open to make a sudden stop and change direction. Also this is another example of opening the hips in all directions to keep the knees safer and more exempt of stress and strain.

Quickness : dot drill

Football players need quick feet. This drill, is designed to help in that area.

The five dots will take the shape of the five dots on a set of dice. Each of the five dots should be one yard apart. The pattern can easily be painted in the grass with regular field paint to look like this:

Variation 1
The player will start with one foot on each of the No. 1 dots. At the sound of your whistle, the player is to jump and land with both feet on the No. 2 dot. Next, the player is to jump out to put each foot on one of the No. 3 dots. The player will then hop backwards to the No. 2 dot, and finally back to the starting position. This drill should last for 30 seconds, and the focus should be on quick feet and constant movement.

Variation 2
The player will start with one foot on one of the No. 1 dots and then proceed to hop in a figure 8 pattern. This should last for 15 seconds per leg. Try having the player face one direction throughout the entire figure 8, and then try the drill having the player face in the direction of their next hop.

Variation 3
The third variation of the Dot Drill is similar to drill 1, but after the player has landed on the No. 3 dots he will jump and twist 180 degrees and start forward in the other direction. This drill should last for 30 seconds.

In the end, the TC points allocation will be to reinforce AWR and speed to key players.


Positions battles :

CB Nguyen Vs CB Alexander - as of now, Nguyen has the upper hand having more AWR ; but Alexnder has more the mold and STR to play the bump on the outside. Both are taking rep at CB #2, and it will be interesting to see what will be decided come week 1.

DT Campbell Vs DT Flowers - Flowers lacks ideal STR but his skills are superior to Campbell, who has more than the size required. Something has to give for the DT #3 because it is clear that one will cut to make cap room.

Projected LU :

QB : Matt Barkley (back-up : Homer Davidson)
HB : Johnathan Franklin
FB : Travis Kelce
WR : Mohamed Sanu / WR Rashard Clarke
OL (left to right) : David Bakhtiari / Felix Trinity / Joe Madsen / Walter Edwards / Tyron Smith

DL (right tp left) : Odin Fuller / Trevor Harper / Ron Green / Shaq Lawson (*)
LBs (right to left) : Lavonte David / Trinidad Walker / Calvin Hamilton
CBs : Desmond Trufant / William Nguyen / Mackensie Alexander
FS : Kenny Vaccaro
SS : Kendall McFarland

Pilates and Osteopath :

On the way to change things and have a proper conditionning to footbal effort, a partnership has been reached with Pilates of Charlotte Sutdio to come and have session with the roster two times a week if possible ; one at least. Special session can be had for those who ask.

Moreover, the training will count now with a full set of 3 osteopath dedicaded to those who are recovering and don't need physical effort of at least 3 days, as a session forebids to do any physical movement and effort related to sport for 3 days.

REcord projection :

12-4 and division champ. Gm Ratajczak is looking forward to play against the division and to try to win it from highly regarded and GM legend Anthony Fernandez
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1.10 - LE Shaq Lawson - Clemson.

GM Ratajczak had clearly positions he wants to upgrade before the start of preseason. DE was one of those identified. Bolden was the target but with no time and no ammunition to trade up, Bolden was definately out of reach. But no problem, because Clemson Lawson was there for the picking.
Less polished than Bolden (80 AGI ; -6 to Bolden), he has nonetheless eveything you for a DE : size, speed, Strengh, a killing first step and good tackling skills for a rookie.
Odin Fuller will surely play the RE position where Vinny Curry's days are clearly numbered.

2.10 - CB Mackensie Alexander - Clemson

Well, not that it was on purpose, but the Panthers drafted another Clemson player in CB Alexander. Trufant is now tearing the years, and apart Nguyen, the depth was enough but in need of youth and talent. Alexander was a player GM Ratajczak had an eye on, to the point he thought about trading back to the 1st round. Well, alexander fell to 2.10 to the relief of the team. Great skills pre-skew, he may be a tad shor ; but his jumping will compensate. Good speed, good AGI and ACC ; decent AWR to start with, Alexander should be a great fi for years in Carolina's secondary

After that, GM Ratajczak got caught up admist the clamors and celebrations of the victory of France over Germany in Euro 2016 ; to the point that he did his third round drafting afther the roudn ended. He did draft nonetheless.

3.10 - QB Homer Davidson - Michigan

The Panthers came in the third round after the battler had been delt with. This said, the team is happy to draft a prospect with third round grade from their board. Not sure if he'll be the QB of the future, but Davidson has already good skills : his THA, ACC and AGI and SPD are good to excellent for the position. May lack size and THP to some ; but to helll with that may tell someone named Drew Brees !

3.25 -
DT Josh Flowers
- North Carolina

The home pick ! Flowers was also someone the team considered to pick in the third. He was there to another relief from GM Rtajczak. DT was no basically a need, but the talent was not to be passed by. Will need some conditionning as his 86 STR will limit him in GZL, his combination of SPD,ACC and AGI is elite. will surely give versatility as he is also a possibility as a 3-4 DE.

4.10 - TE Tyler Bush - Ohio St.

Bush doesn't have the modern elite speed of modern TE, but he's a monster of mismacth : at 6'6", 260 Lbs and 80 STR, he'll give his share of problems to safeties and Linebackers in the passing game. With already 63 PBK and 65 RBK, he's already a proven blocker that can easily get to the second level, and should be a force on the strong side.

5.10 - WR Seven Wong - Fresno St.

Wong has enough speed and CTH to be a factor in the WR rotation. He's also a crisp route runner with 95 AGI. Lacks ideal first step to burn out CB's, he would ideally succeed in sperating through route running ans chemes. Fine bet at this stage of the draft.

7.10 - Pick not signed so not reviewed.
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The Carolina Panthers have annouced that they Hired a new GM in Olivier RATAJCZAK. That is a relief for the team as the draft is looming.

Olivier RATAJCZAK is no stranger in GZL, as he had a previous stint in KC as GM of the Chiefs.

In his Press Conference, his basic points were those :

- Cap room : there will be actions about it as Carolina is on a short leash, and will need some to sign the rookies.

- Youth movement : Carolina is having an aging roster. GM RATAJCZAK wants to rejuvenate it ; and mostly through the draft. With a pick in the top 10 of each round of the next draft, the movement starts now.

- Disgrunted player will get their wish : wether by trade or cuts. As of now, DE Vinny Curry, LB Davonte David, WR Mohammed Sanu and OG Walter Edwards are on the block. More may come before or after the draft

- Long nights for draft : indeed, the GM annouced that he wants to revise the draft board in all

- SS McFarland was resigned for 5 years. important move to cnsolidate the secondary.

- Coaches : all are reatained ; but next season will be a serious test for them.

He does thank the owner for this challenging and motivating work ahead, and tha aim is to give Carolina back its winning ways. The roster is talented and he doesn't see why with some talented youth, the Panthers can't grab a playoffs spot.
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Carolina Panthers Offseason Recap

After a disappointing 5-11 season, Pete Carroll and the Panthers decided to mix things up. A Myriad of injuries led Carolina to change Medical Training staff. After defensive Coordinator Dale Lindsey retired, Pete Carroll & management decided to bring back former coach Ron Meeks. Ron was coaching when GM Gary Hickman took over and failed to make it the next season after the ruthless GM decided to clean house the offseason after he came to town.

First thing the head office staff decided to do was to trim the fat off the roster, and get of unnecessary players. Making their way out the door was WR Demarco Sampson, Defensive Ends David Murphy & Abner Jamison, Defensive Tackles Brian Price & Sammie Lee Hill, Quarterback Matt Leinart, Outside Linebacker DeAndre Levy, Corners Myron Lewis and Lawrence Barnes, offensive Tackle Rob Tracker and halfback Jesse Simpson. These players were cut as most of them failed at picking up the slack in light of all the injuries.

The Panthers weren’t done there by any means, as the moved their biggest bargain chip, the 6th overall pick in the draft. They saw an opportunity to bolster their secondary and made a move. Carolina sent the 6th pick and the Rams third round pick for Cornerback Desmond Trufant and 1.25. The panthers immediately move the first round they gained in the Trufant deal for some much needed strength up the middle in Huge Defensive Tackle Dontari Poe. In a risky move they also moved their 2018 first round pick for outside linebacker Calvin Hamilton. With the acquisition of Trufant, this made Davon House unneeded and saw Carolina move him to the Titans for Golden Tate & a 4th round pick. Tate comes in as a pure Kick return specialist. Not done there the Panthers also shipped DeMarco Murray, after being unhappy he spent the glut of last season on the IR to the Chiefs for a fourth round pick and in another deal sent their own third round pick to the Ravens for Speedster running back Bobby Rainey. After seeing promise in their own young kicker Hakim Smith, Carolina shipped Stephen Gostkowski back to the Patriots for a third round pick.

With a load of free cap space the Panthers were very active in Free Agency. Sending out a plethora of contracts they were able to come out with some quality young players. Helping to upgrade their offensive line the Panthers grabbed David Bakhtiari and Felix Trinity. Also coming in on the offensive side of the ball will be mammoth fullback Travis Kelce. Carolina also grabbed MLB Shayne Skov and Free Safety Tavon Wilson on the defensive side of the ball. Coming in was also kicker Shaun Suisham to help mentor and fill the gap while youngster Hakim Smith is ready. And in restricted free agency the Panthers were able to resign Defensive End Jerry Ellis and backup tight end Gavin Escobar. Gary Hickman was able to help the team comes to term with Ellis and have his contract extended past this upcoming season. With the acquisition of Shayne Skov, Pete Carroll felt comfortable giving the GM the go ahead to trade away stalwart inside linebacker Bruce Carter, to the Jaguars for their third round pick. As a part of that movement the Panthers sent out feelers to the Buffalo Bills and came away with backup linebacker Quan Sturdivant. With one year remaining on his contract the Panthers tried to test the market on Quarterback Matt Barkley but with an influx of talented guys on the market, GM Hickman decided it was best to lock him down for the rest of his career, to a 7 year 72.45 million dollar deal, with 28.98 million guaranteed.

Another draft sees an influx of young talent coming to Carolina. With the acquisition of Bakhtiari & Trinity the Panthers were able to move Tyrone O’Neal for a 2nd round pick. With that pick the Panthers grabbed Cornerback William Nguyen of Portland State. The young speedster came to camp a little out of shape so he will work on his conditioning before seeing any potential time at nickel corner. He will most likely be at the dime spot for most of the season. The rest of the picks will most likely just be backups or depth players. Filling out the draft were a couple of big strong defensive ends to play on either side. Of all the others, the most likely to see playing time will be guard Morris Lewis. The Panthers also grabbed LT Dan Meyer, TE Dion Demetri, Outside Linebacker Jon Sauber and cornerback George Anderson, who was cut before full training camp started.

After the draft he Panthers picked up free agent Defensive Tackle Jay Bromley & Offensive Tackle Matt Summers-Gavin. Also coming in before camp is quarterback Tim Tebow who the Panthers sent a fifth round pick to the Seahawks for. Carolina also made another trade with the Baltimore Ravens sending Defensive Tackle Lawrence Guy straight up for Outside Linebacker Sergio Kindle. Another round cut had Pete Carroll sending out Guards Lawrence Sanders & Steve Schilling and Tackle Shyrone Knight. These last move will basically have the team be set at all of its positions and should be no battles for playing time.
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Panthers Win 5th Straight

Pete Carroll has the Carolina Panthers playing back to basics football and it's put them in the front of the pack of the very competitive NFC south at 8-3, with their fifth win in a row. The last five games of the season will be a tough road for the Panthers as they play several top teams, including two divisional match-ups on the road, at Tampa Bay & Atlanta. Also left on the schedule are games at home to Seattle & St Louis, and a road game in Dallas. This last stretch of games will be a good test to see how the Panthers will fair in the play-offs if they are lucky enough to come out of the South, after these tough match-ups.

Highly touted rookie half back Gerald Campbell sees himself in second place on the league’s rushing list, 126 yards behind the leader, Trent Richardson. A very impressive feat considering Campbell had only 14 carries for 79 yards & a touchdown in his first 3 games of the season. He had 30 carries for 197 yards & 2 touchdown, all season highs, in the Panthers win 34-20 over the Buffalo Bills. He now sits at 1310 yards & 8 touchdowns on the year.

Matt Barkley is quietly having himself a solid year under centre. His 86.6 Quarterback rating is good for 7th in the league. He has thrown 15 touchdowns and 10 interceptions on the year, while not great numbers they could be a lot worse. His current 60.60 Completion percentage is good for second in the league only behind Seattle’s Cam Newton. They are the only 2 QBs in league who have thrown more than 154 passes and are throwing better than 57% of their passes. A large part of this is the solid play of the offensive line, allowing only 13 sacks on the year to date.

Newcomer Wide Receiver Kenny Britt immediately connected with his new team-mates bringing in 10 catches for 168 yards & a touchdown. The panthers will be hoping this trend continues during the home stretch as the Panthers push to make the play-off's.
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Panthers Offseason Update

The Panthers have cleaned out the old coaching staff after only 1 season above .500 in the last 5 was enough for GM Gary Hickman. Carolina was more than happy to hire the higly coveted Pete Carroll as their next head coach. Carroll brings with him as his offensive coordinator, Pat Shurmur and Dale Lindsey as his defensive coordinator. Shurmur comes after 2 less than stellar seasons in Miami but the panthers are hoping he can bring his 'A' game like he did in his first two seasons in south Florida. The GM is very ecstatic to grab Dale Lindsey from the Titans, who were consistently at the top of the league in defensive categories. Also hired by Carroll was his new special teams coordinator, Stan Kwan.

In offseason moves, the incumbent GM worked with the new head coach to shake up the young Panthers team. The first move was to acquire a top notch pass rusher, and that they did. This trade saw RE Chris Long & CB Myron Lewis join the Panthers for New Orleans 2nd & Fullback Tony Fiametta & Seattle 6th. The next big move saw the Panthers test the trade waters on JJ Watt as the GM figured there was no way they were going to come to terms with the standout DT on a contract. The Ravens stepped up big offering 1.9, OLB Dannell Ellerbe & WR Dwayne Baker for the big man. And another big move saw the Panthers shipp one of their offensive stars, in WR David Gettis. The Lions offered their 1st round pick & 4.32 pick this for Gettis and a fifth next year, which GM Hickman could not pass up.

Don't expect this to be it for the Panthers this offseason as GM Hickman is still looking to make some moves to turn those picks next year into some star players or 1st round picks to join the 2 that will be drafted at 1.9 & 1.10.
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Carolina Moves Long Time Fan Favourite

The Carolina Panthers have trade perennial stand out Outside Linebacker Jon Beason to the Green Bay Packers. The move comes on the heels of a tight cap situation and the need to sign several of their young stars. While Carolina would have loved to keep this fan favourite, the move enables the panthers to acquire some fair market value for Beason. Also it allows the linebacker to play for a team that is competing for a Super Bowl each year.

In return for Jon Beason, the Panthers have acquired two picks, Green Bay’s 2nd round pick, 27th in the round and the 30th pick in the third round. These picks give Carolina some middle round picks in the draft that they were so desperately lacking after moving their first for the rights to be able to draft Free Safety Kenny Vaccaro, and to acquire Cornerback Cary Williams while both regular starters, Chimdi Chekwa & Davon House were out with injuries.

To compensate for the loss of Beason, Carolina has acquired veteran Outside Linebacker Quentin Groves from the Oakland Raiders for a 6th round Pick. Groves was added to compete with and help the young Lavonte David learn the pro game, to see who will start across from the speedy Jonathon Casillas.

Beason was needed to be moved to clear space for a pair of Carolina’s young Stars, who each had expiring rookie contracts. Middle Linebacker Bruce Carter and Tight End Luke Stocker, are both expecting a huge bump up in pay, after playing above their respective previous contracts. Although the Panthers are only able to lock down one of the young studs for sure, the clearing of Beason’s contract off the books should give the Panthers plenty of room to be able to match any potential suitors in the upcoming Unrestricted Free agent Phase of this offseason. As to which of the players will be locked down first is, as of yet, still undecided by the management of the Carolina Panthers.
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Panthers Draft Recap
Here are the players selected by the Carolina Panthers in the 2014 NFL Draft:

1.6 - Defensive End - Bjoern Werner - Florida State

2.1 - Free Safety - Kenny Vaccaro - Texas

3.27 - Cornerback - Robert Blanton - Notre Dame

4.15 - Quarterback - Kirk Cousins - Michigan State

4.31 - Middle Linebacker - Kevin Reddick - North Carolina

The Panther are very happy with their draft, filling all of their needs with the type of players they wanted. Werner will start at Left End from Week 1. Vaccaro will likely start as Free Safety but will have to compete with the recently acquired Chip Vaughn for the depart Sherrod Martin's old spot. Robert Blanton will likely fill the nickel spot in the secondary for the Panthers. Cousins will start the year as the third stringer, barring a great traning camp he could move up to primary backup QB. And Kevin Reddick will be Bruce Carter's backup and play on special teams. He should see the field in any 3-4 packages the panthers use from their defensive playbook.
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Panthers Draft Werner 6th Overall

The Carolina Panthers made a flurry of moves which ended in send picks 1.10, 2.2, & 4.16 for picks 1.6 & 3.21. The Panthers moved up as they saw the player they wanted falling as picks were being made. Carolina is glad to grab their man after an anemic pass rush in 2013. The selection at 6th overall was Junior standout Defensive End out of Florida State Bjoern Werner.
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Panthers Training Camp 2013
Carolina started the off-season by replacing ex-Special teams Coach Jeff Rodgers with Steve Hoffman. The Panthers were hot after John Harbaugh for the job but could not come to terms as he wanted an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator position.

Shocking news came from the cut of long time Panther star WR Steve Smith. There was also a big shake up through a bevy of trades. The Panthers positioned themselves to take USC stand-out QB Matt Barkley at 1.2 after Tampa Bay moved up to grab CB Morris Claiborne first overall. The Panthers received 1.2, WR Tiquan Underwood & a 7th rounder from Jacksonville for WR Jeff Fuller, veteran ROLB Thomas Davis & the Panthers own 1.6 pick. Incumbent QB Michael Vick was traded to the Oakland Raiders for a third, after not performing up to expectations. The Panthers also grabbed young QB prospect Howard Christensen from the Indianapolis Colts for a 3rd rounder. Another long time veteran of the Panthers RT Jordan Gross was shipped out for a 3rd round pick & LG Thomas Austin. The Panthers then acquired young CB Davon House along with a 4th & 6th rounders for their second & fourth round picks.

Carolina resigned stand out Outside Linebacker Jon Beason to a new 5 year deal with a salary of $48.08m and a $13.75m bonus. Also signed were Defensive ends Lawrence Jackson, Charles Johnson & Everette Brown, Free Safety Sherrod Martin & Fullback Tony Fiammetta. The team also signed journeyman Quaterback Charlie Whitehurst to a 3 year deal worth 7.5 million and signed HB Shonn Greene to a 5 year 20 million deal with 8 million in guarantees.

The Panthers also made a few draft day trades as well. The New York Jets sent 4.19 & a 4th in 2014 for QB Matt Moore, 7.23 and a 7th in 2014. The Texans sent C Samson Satele over to the Panthers for selection 3.29. Although the big blockbuster deal for the Panthers was Carolina sending their 2014 1st round pick & C Ryan Kalil to the Philly Eagles for Halfback LeSean McCoy, 2.13, C Nick Cole & a 2014 Future 7th round pick. So the Carolina Panthers 2013 Draft played out like this:

1.2 QB Matt Barkley USC
2.13 WR Mohamed Sanu Rutgers
3.12 LOLB Lavonte David Nebraska
3.25 C James Farentz Iowa
4.19 LT Taylor Lewan Michigan
4.26 SS Victor Russell California
5.6 LT Cyril Richardson Baylor
6.1 DT Marcus Holyfield Oklahoma
6.6 CB Raul Pacquiao Miami
7.28 WR Nick Toon Wisconsin

QB Prospect Howard Christensen spent a little time at home refining his throwing strength, and seems to be looking good at mini-camp. Middle Linebacker Bruce Carter also worked on his core strength and should have no problem stopping the run now. Wide Receiver David Gettis spent some time this summer in the teams Hyperbaric Chamber in hopes of not being so injury prone. Offensive Guard Lawrence Sanders spent his off-season working on his conditioning increasing his stamina. Defensive Tackles JJ Watt & Lawrence Guy both packed on a bit of weight visiting Sizzlers everyday after their workouts.

As far as Training Camp is concerned, young Quarterback Matt Barkley will be looking to improve his deep ball throws. Carolina newcomer corner-back Davon House will be looking to at least add some top end speed to help secure a spot across from Chimdi Chekwa. Defensive Tackle Lawrence Guy will be looking to add some much need strength to help with the run better. And lastly last years starting guards will probably be looking to add some more strength to their frames, as well.

Some of the key positional battle this preseason will be fun to watch. The Panthers will be looking to start Barkley from day 1 but don't expect Howard Christensen to just hand him the job. Shonn Greene will be trying to make a case to use a split back system whereby him & McCoy could both see significant playing time. At Wide Receiver, Mohamed Sanu will be looking to start across from David Gettis but the recently acquired Tiquan Underwood will also be looking to prove himself to fill Jeff Fuller's position. The Offensive Line is pretty open right now, as the only confirmed players will be Sanders & Alvarez. Tyron Smith will be starting as well but will probably moved over to Right Tackle as he is the most athletic O-line man on the roster as of this moment. The defense will mostly stay the same as last year except for the void left by the trading of Thomas Davis. Look for rookie Lavonte David to step up to fill the spot, unless the Panthers find room in the budget for a more experienced player. Also Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron is high on newly acquired Davon House to be taking Ellis Hobbs Job.

While the Panthers aren't expected to be contending for the playoffs, GM Hickman is hoping the newly acquired talent increases the teams standing and gets them out of the bottom 6 teams in the league for the first time in his tenure.[/b][/color]
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Carolina Panthers Training Camp 2011

The Offseason started for Carolina when they cleaned the house of the old coaches. In are HC Bill Cowher, OC Scott Fairchild, & DC Dick Jauron. All are well experienced and will bring alot of knowledge to this young Panthers team.

The coaching staff started by clearing out the garbage they didn't want. Among the first cuts were: RE Tyler Brayton, DT Andre Neblett, CB Chevis Jackson, CB Captain Munnerlyn, MLBs Joey Porter & Nic Harris, LG Kurtis Gregory, OLB Jamar Williams. They also made some cuts after the draft which were TE Dante Rosario & SS Marcus Hudson.

The Panthers were able to resign DT Nick Hayden and picked up CB Tramon Williams as their lone UFA signing.

Numerous trades involving picks & players were done as well. CB Chris Gamble, K R Lloyd & a 7th were moved for CB Sheldon Brown a 1st & 2nd round picks. WR David Clowney was traded for a 3rd & WR Roberto Wallace. OT Jeff Otah was moved for a 2nd round pick & OT Alex Barron. A 5th & 6th round picks were moved for OLB Caleb Campbell & K Connor Barwin. CB Richard Marshall & a 2nd were moved for CB Brandon Underwood & a 1st. DE Osi Umenyiora & a 6th were brought in for a 3rd & 7th round picks. The Panthers then shipped their 2 firsts & a 3rd for a Top 5 1st round Pick. WR Roy Williams was shipped out for an early 3rd round pick.

Carolina also made a few Draft Day trades none bigger than 2 which involved trading QB Jimmy Clausen for 1.8 and then bringing in QB Michael Vick & a 5th for 2nd & 3rd round picks.

Here are the newly drafted Carolina Panthers:
1.05 - CB Chimdi Chekwa - Ohio State
1.08 - LE J.J. Watt - Wisconsin
2.11 - LOLB Bruce Carter - N. Carolina
2.29 - TE Luke Stocker - Tennessee
2.31 - WR Jeff Fuller - Texas A&M
3.02 - DT Lawrence Guy - Arizona St
4.05 - LG Shawn Alvarez - Harvard
4.19 - WR DeMarco Sampson - SD State
4.31 - SS Jack Gray - Kansas State

WR David Gettis came to camp a little faster and a little bit more agile. HB DeAngelo Williams went to physio therapy and should be able withstand the physical demands of a season and DE Charles Johnson appears he has more stamina this year. A few players of note that put on some much wanted bulk were LB Jon Beason, DT Nick Hayden & C Ryan Kalil.

This Training Camp the coaches will have WR David Gettis working on some much needed burst off the line. The coaches will definitely have CB Chekwa working on his strength & tackling to handle the bigger WR in the NFL. The coaches will also be making sure that OLB Carter will be adding some speed & strength before the season starts. They will also be making sure that TE Stocker studies the play book to be more aware on the field as he will be one of Vick's go to guys. DE JJ Watt will also be transitioned into a 4-3 DT and could be adding some more strength with fellow draftee DT Lawrence Guy.

Some of the positional battle the Panthers will be looking at this offseason include: HBs Jonathan Stewart & DeAngelo Williams vying for the number 1 role, although its likely the panthers may go with a 2 back system as employed by Cowher with Parker & Bettis in Pittsburgh. WRs Sampson & Fuller will be looking to make an impact this preseason in hopes to battle for the number 3/slot role in the offence as its likely Gettis & Smith will be the top 2 guys. LT Jordan Gross wll be moved over to the right side to look after Vick's blind side, while Barron & Schwartz will battle it out for the left tackle spot. Another battle on the line will be for the RG position between Boothe & recently drafted Alvarez. JJ Watt will a starting DT this year and it will be either Hayden or Guy lining up beside him on the interior D-Line. Umenyiora will be the only starter at DE for sure as the Panthers may be bringing another DE to start across from him, but until then look the battle between Brown & Johnson. There are no other battles among the D as the other position among the LB & DB are pretty much set for the upcoming season, unless some big performance come during Training Camp.

After last years lacklustre season, the hopes for this year are reasonable in that the coaches would love an 8-8 season in this tough competitive divison. Performances will be scrutinized heavily especially the veterans as another wave of cuts could come for some of the under-performers.
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Carolina Panthers Sign Fairchild & Jauron

Head Coach Bill Cowher has picked his Offensive Coordinator in Steve Fairchild. Steve brings his knowledge from previous OC positions held in St Louis & Buffalo. He has also worked as a QB & RB Coach in the NFL and has extensive college coaching experience. Also, Bill Cowher is expected to annouce his Defensive Coordinator within the next day.

And that announcement is that the Bill Cowher & the Carolina Panthers are proud to have Dick Jauron join the Panthers as their next Defensive Coordinator. He brings a wealth of experience as a head coach in Chicago, Detroit & in Buffalo, as well as a number of Defensive Coordinator jobs in Jacksonville, Cleveland, & Detroit.
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Carolina Panthers Get Their Man!

The Carolina Panthers are proud to announce the signing of Bill Cowher as their next Head Coach. Bill will bring his smash mouth style of Football to carolina and return the Panthers to their winning ways.
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Carolina Start Cleaning Up House

It's still early in the offseason but the new Panthers management has been busy. In the front office HC John Fox's contract wasn't renewed, and his Offensive & Defensive Coordinators were fired.

They have a number of trades already agreed to; HB DeAngelo Williams, who will be Franchise Tagged, is being shipped out for a 2nd round pick, CB Chris Gamble, along with K Rhys Lloyd & a 7th round pick for SF 1st, JAX 2nd & CB Sheldon Brown, and The Panthers are also acquiring OLB Caleb Campbell & K Connor Barth for their 5th & 6th rounder’s. All of these trades are being made with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rumor has it that CB Richard Marshall maybe moved out of town shortly as well.
Carolina has also notified a number of its other current roster players that they have been cut. These players include: MLB Joey Porter, LOLB Jamar Williams, CB Chevis Jackson, CB Captain Munnerlyn, MLB Nic Harris, DT Andre Neblett & LG Kurtis Gregory.

With these cuts & trades to be made, the Panthers will have easily over 30 million dollars in cap space to spend in UFA and to sign their draft picks. As of right now with trades, the Panthers have 1 first & 4 second round picks. So they are set to bring in an influx of young top end talent. And with all of this cap room the Panthers plan on being very aggressive in the Free Agent Marketplace, to pick up some experienced young players.
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Panthers End Season on a High Note

Although they are without a first round pick and ended up in the bottom of the league, GM Gary Hickman is happy with the Carolina Panthers last game of the season. In a blowout win over Division Rivals the Atlanta Falcons, in which the panthers won 27-8, several key members of the team made their presence known. Young QB Jimmy Clausen played a solid game throwing 13 for 21 for 100 yards and 1 passing touchdown, for a solid passer rating of 89.4, the key here being no turnovers form the rookie QB who relied heavily on the running game. One of the keys to Clausen’s success was the play of his Offensive line that was able to keep him upright allowing him to only get sacked 3 times, which is pretty good for a such an inexperienced QB. Also on offense, HB Jonathon Stewart had a great day rushing for 103 yards & 2 touchdowns, while on the other side of the ball, OLB Jon Beason had a monster day making 9 tackles, 3 for a loss & 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and picked off one interception and returned it for 23 yards.

Over the course of the offseason GM Hickman will be looking over the roster with a fine toothed comb and will be rebuilding this roster, mostly through the draft and Unrestricted Free Agency, for a turnaround to hopefully make a run to the playoffs, within a couple seasons. It will be a tough time in such a hard division but Gary Hickman brings a lot of experience to the table and knows how to build a competitive team and what kinds of players he needs to make this happen.
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After going on a 3 game win streak the Carolina Panthers put another one in the loss column. In a game against the Browns Jimmy Clausen had one of the rougher games of his rookie season. Throwing a season high 5 INT's to 5 different Browns defenders. DeAngelo Williams had a season high 155 rushing yards with a TD. Joey Porter continued to impress the Panthers and how that at age 33 he still has alot left in the tank and can still play football at a high intensity. The end of the season is looking god for the Panthers if they are going to end the season on a win streak. They are facing the 28th ranked Falcons two times, 29th ranked Seahawks 26th ranked Cardinals, and 20th ranked Steelers.
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The Preadator Report

After starting out the season in a very bad way the Carolina Panthers were looking like they were going to just roll over and let any team that they played beat them without giving up much of a fight. But ever since the New Orleans Saints came in and lost on a kickoff in the final 2 minutes of the game the Panthers have been on a hot streak going 3-0 and moving their record up to 4-6. Jimmy Clausen seems to be getting more comfortable as the starting QB role. WR Steve Smith also set a single game record with 278 yards week 10 against the Buccaneers. If the Panthers can keep this going they could have a .500 season this year which in terms for the Panthers would be just as great as going to the playoffs.
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Panthers Report
With a win last week the Panthers are now guaranteed not to go 0-16 this year (which for them is a big deal with the way the season was going). "Its great to finally get the monkey off our backs. We were not playing bad football but we just couldn't get the break we needed to finally get that elusive 1st win." GM Haag said. Overall the Panthers didn't play a bad game. DeAngelo Williamas had a good game with a 4.81 average and 125 rushing yards and a TD. Rookie QB Jimmy Clausen had an alright game with 179 passing yards and a 56% completion percentage but had an INT. WR Steve Smith had the best game of his season so far with 103 receiving yards. The key part of this win was the Panthers defense. It seemed every time they needed a boost they got a key turnover. 3 different times the Panthers picked off Bears QB Jay Cutler. Here are soem exerts from Cutlers Post Game Interview "They just had my number out there. It seemed like I had an open man but they just would bait me into throwing knowing they were going to jump it....Its really frustrating, we lost Forte for the year and we just haven't been the same since then. And how they knock out 2 more starters and we have another player who might not play. We started out 2-0 and have tanked since then." Cutler left out of frustration after that.
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Panthers Report
After making some moves in the offseason the Panthers have started out the young season with a dismal record of 0-4. They have lost to 2 of the top 6 teams in GZL (Bengals and Buccaneers) by a combined score of 52-33. They also have played teams ranked 13 and 16 (Giants and Saints) and lost by a combined score of 54-36. As of late they have showed up more in there games and as a whole they are playing good. Jimmy Clausen has turned around his bad start to the season and is now 13th in the league in passing yards and in the last 2 games has 4 TD's and 5 INT's with 469 passing yards. One of the bad things that are holding this team back is a lack of a running game. DeAngelo Williams has a 3.78 rushing average and Johnathan Stewart has a 2.98 average and their only 2 rushing TD's. Our defense has been alright this year. Have forced 6 Turnovers with 5 INT's by 5 different players and a fumble recovery. OLB Thomas Davis is currently leading the league with 3 forced fumbles but sadly they have only recovered 1 of them. The defense is 20th in the league with 27 points givin up a game. 17th in the league with 354 pass yards allowed and 18th in the league with 128 rush yards allowed. This all would get better of the offense could keep the ball on the field longer and put up more points on the scoreboard. Overall this team seems to be on alittle of an upswing and could very well get there first win this week against the Bears. If not there is a few games later in the year that seem very winnable.
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Panthers Week 2 Report

After a tight game in week 1 against the Giants the Panthers are looking foreword to their week 2 match up against the Buccaneers. In week one the defense came up big against the Giants and are in the top 10 in every category but rush defense. The offense was anything but exciting. They will really need to step it up in week 2 if they want any chance of staying in the game this week. Josh Freeman didn't looked bad in the first game against the Browns for the Buccaneers. Throwing 4 picks but had 2 touchdowns and 316 passing yards. They only totaled 69 total yards on the ground. Frank Gore had that in one run. Newly added WR Roy Williams will be making his Panthers debut. Last week with the Cowboys Williams had 53 yards on 3 catches with a touchdown.

I am predicting a Panthers victory tonight over the Buccaneers. DeAngelo Williams was knocked out early in the last game and can be a key game changer if he can stay healthy this game. QB Jimmy Clausen went until the last 2 minutes in the game to finally throw his first NFL INT. IF he can keep from turning over the ball I think the Panthers defense will hold strong and hopefully lead to the Panthers first victory.
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Panthers Week 1 Report

Week 1 marks the start of of the Jimmy Clausen era in Carolina. The start of the season is always so exciting. There is always so many questions to be had. How will my team end up doing this year? How good will my rookies play this year? Do I start rookies over veterans? There are many questions that will be answered over the course of a long season. One big thing over the course of the season is how will my team hold up to the long NFL season? One injury can really hurt a team over the long run. But that's about the NFL season, you never know whats going to happen.

For week one in the NFL season I am predicting a loss for the Panthers. I think the 2 headed monster the Giants have is a great combo and will be hard to stop for the Panthers.

Key Plays
First play from scrimmage, Manning is hurt on a 26 yard pass. Jacobs with 7:48 to go powers in for the 3 yard rush. Jimmy Clausen completes his first pass on his first attempt. DeAngelo Williams goes down with a minute left in the 1st quarter. 7-7 Johnathan Stewart scores on a 7 yard run. Clausen is 4-4 in 1st NFL possession. End of 1st
2nd Quarter Chris Gamble picks off Sage Rosenfelds for a Pick 6 with 7:36 to go in the 2nd. Giants 8 yard TD pass with 1:23 left 14-14 it the half. Jimmy Clausen throws his 1st NFL interception with 1:43 left to go near field goal range. Jacobs seals up a Giants with with a 5 yard run.
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The Predator Report
The Predator Report

Today the Carolina Panthers have announced a few roster moves that have been made today. It started off with the releasing of ROLB Jordan Senn. "We just had too many Line Backers for him to have a spot on the team." Gm Haag said about him. CB C.J. Wilison was the next to get to cut today. "He was a young talent, but he just wasn't fast enough to make the team this year. He could have been switched to Safety but when we approached him about it he said he'd rather test the Free Agent market." Haag said. Long time back-up Quarter Back Brian St. Pierre was told today that he would be released later today. "I was very disappointed to hear that I would be released today. You would think that they would want a veteran QB on their team with all those young guys. but it wasn't my call" St Pierre said. HB Tyrell Sutton was the last Panther to be told today that he was going to be cut. He declined an interview after he found out.

Two players were signed today by the Panthers. RG Kevin Boothe has been signed to be a backup to Mackenzy Bernadeau. "We are very excited to have Kevin with us. He will be our number two back-up for both RG and LG." Haag said. CB Chevis Jackson was signed to replace C.J. Jackson.

Two trades were also made today. Duke Robinson was traded today for a 3rd round draft pick to Oakland. "I am very happy to get Duke, he will be a very solid backup here in Oakland." Mr Harbinger said earlier today.

Maybe the most important news coming out of Carolina today was the acquisition of veteran LB Joey Porter from Arizona for a 3rd round draft pick. "I was very frustrated in here in Arizona. I am looking foreword to playing in Carolina with two of the best Linebackers in the NFL right now." Porter said. Jon Beason was told today that he would be moved to LOLB today and will start practicing tomorrow at practice. Joey Porter was told when the deal was struck that he would be moved to MLB to start over Dan Conner. Thomas Davis was the only Linebacker that will be staying in his same spot this year.

Today the Panthers have announced that they have reached a trade agreement with the Cowboys for WR Roy Williams."I was kind of shocked to hear that I was traded. I'm looking foreword to the opportunity to play side by side with Steve Smith this year" Williams said. Williams and Smith are going to be big parts in mentoring all the young talent the Panthers have at WR. QB Jimmy Clausens job is getting easier and easier. With another veteran WR Clausen is getting more weapons to go to if he needs to.
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Carolina Panthers Hire GM Erik Haag.


Today the Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced the hiring of new GM Erik Haag.

"I am very excited about the opportunity that I have been given in this Panthers organization. This is a great city and there is a great team in it ready to rip and claw our way to the top of the NFC South and the NFL. This is a proud and great franchise and I know we are capable of great things. I have great faith in John Fox and all the staff on this team." New GM Haag said. "

"I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life and it is nice to see new placed and get to meet new people. More importantly its nice to meet the players that will be playing for us." Haag also said.

One of his first moves as GM was naming Rookie QB Jimmy Clausen as the starting QB. "I have great faith in him. I know he is a rookie and will make mistakes, but its how you learn from them makes you a better QB." Haag said. The 2010 Carolina Panthers are a young team that has a lot to learn. It dosnt help that they are in one of the toughest divisions in football in the NFL South. I think there is a shot of the NFL South having three teams in the playoffs this year.

2010 is going to be a tough year for the Panthers. It is unlikely that they will make the playoffs this years with all the inexperience that the team has. But the fun thing about the NFL is that you never know what to expect. You could go 16-0 or you could go 0-16.
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At A Glance

GM O_Ratajczak
Head Coach Mike Shanahan
Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison
Defensive Coordinator John Marshall
Special Teams Steve Hoffman
Salary $168.92M
Cap Penalty $0K
Cap Room $5.08M

Panthers William Nguyen CB 91 Probable

NFC South
#6 Buccaneers y-Buccaneers 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#12 Falcons x-Falcons 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#18 Saints Saints 7-9-0 0.44 1-5
#24 Panthers Panthers 5-11-0 0.31 1-5

1 Sep 10 vs Broncos Broncos #30
Won 24-10
2 Sep 17 vs Saints Saints #18
Won 31-30
3 Sep 24 at Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 13-27
4 Oct 1 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 7-19
6 Oct 15 at Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 16-38
7 Oct 23 at Saints Saints #18
Lost 7-34
8 Oct 29 vs Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 21-23
9 Nov 5 vs Chiefs Chiefs #21
Won 36-0
10 Nov 12 vs Bears Bears #25
Lost 9-16
11 Nov 19 at Packers Packers #5
Lost 16-34
12 Nov 27 at Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 19-27
13 Dec 3 vs Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 29-31
14 Dec 11 vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 20-23
15 Dec 17 at 49ers 49ers #31
Won 16-3
16 Dec 23 at Raiders Raiders #23
Won 19-14
17 Dec 31 at Lions Lions #1
Lost 38-48

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