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Raiders - Playoff Bound but Not Confident

With our week 17 victory over the Chiefs we finished the season with a mediocre 8-8 record. The same record as the reigning champs the Broncos, but due to our stronger divisional record (5-1 vs 4-2) and a better return from our split games we managed to steal the division title from their grasp at the last hurdle and head into the playoffs. Our divisional title grants us the #4 seed in the AFC bracket but our season record makes us the worst rated team in the race, with the 5th place browns sitting at 10-6 and the #6 seed fought out between teams with 9-7 records (Ravens and Bills). The next ranked team in the AFC is the Broncos at #8, whilst in the NFC the lowest record to get in was 10-6 from the Buccaneers #6 seed and Cowboys #4 seed, with 3 teams with 9-7 records not even getting a look in.

So with those numbers in mind we are not hopeful of our fortunes in 2022 of making a difference, although playoff teams we have faced already this season include in the AFC #1 Titans (lost by 3) and #5 Browns (lost by 3), and for the NFC the #2 Packers (lost by 15). Our highest rated victory for the year came against the #12 ranked Lions in week 12 that saw us break our 5 game losing streak, a game we contained the Lions to 13 points and kept Sutton to 57 yards, but with a team that only rates well in rush offense and defense, plus one of the worst rated pass defences in the league for yardage allowed we are facing a mountainous uphill battle to overcome the Browns straight up. We are not giving up and rolling over, but the odds are not in our favour as there are only 2 other teams in the history of the GZL to make the playoffs with a .500 record (Vikings in 2015 as the NFC #6 seed and Dolphins in 2016 as the AFC #4 seed). The Dolphins did manage to win their Wildcard game before falling in the divisional round, whilst the Vikings made it all the way to the conference championship before being ousted by the Seahawks. This does give us some hope, combined with our playoff experience, that we might not just be cannon fodder for the Browns (has that ever been said in the history of professional football? Laughing )

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Raiders - Week 17

The final week of the 2022 season had a lot at stake, but our fortunes did not rest in our own hands. For us to reach the playoffs we required the broncos to stumble in their final home game against the Bears, whilst we had to beat the Chiefs on their home turf. Fortunately the Broncos game was played before ours and we were buoyed when the Bears triumphed and left the gate open for us. With our hopes raised we entered our contest with the Chiefs possibly a bit distracted and came out rather flat as the first quarter had us relegated to 2 field goals whilst the Chiefs added 10 points. By this stage the Chiefs were freely moving the ball down field into the redzone and we were only halfway too matching them. The second quarter was a turnaround as our defense got stuck in to starving our opponents of opportunity and restricting the production of Kaepernick through the air. We also managed two major scores for the quarter and the halftime scoreboard of 20-13 had us back on track. The second half was a tail of two quarters as we added another touchdown in the third and shutout the Chiefs, but the fourth was a complete reversal where they scored and we didn't. In the end our 2nd quarter spurt was enough to give us the edge in a 27-20 victory.


Offense - RG3 was a continual threat all game both in the air and on the ground, passing for 2 touchdowns and running one in himself. His QB rating of 101.7 was one of his best for the year coming from 233 yards and a 51% completion rate. He was supported by napoleon Kerr with 113 yards abut he struggled to get constant positive yards and had to fight tooth and nail for his yards all day.

Defense - at the end of the day we kept the Chiefs to 9 total first downs and 2 from 12 third down conversions. We also managed to keep 2 of their 3 redzone trips to field goals only which kept us in the game early on. Two turnovers also added to the pressure with Jon Bostic collecting a pick early in the game whilst Chester Truman picked up a Flint Murphy forced fumble in the third quarter to keep the pressure on.


We did allow Josh Gordon to collect 149 receiving yards, including a 69 yard touchdown, so our pass defense still isn't at its best.

Next Week:

We sneak into the playoffs and square off against the Browns, a team we already faced in week 7 and narrowly lost to. We'll need our defense on song in this one if we hope to have any chance of being more than a number filling a spot in the playoffs.

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Raiders - Trade Deadline Moves

In an otherwise dead week, the Oakland Raiders made some last minute moves in an attempt to make something of their faltering season, whilst still maintaining an eye for the future. With no other trade discussions tabled, the Raiders made two separate moves to bring in new players to provide longevity at respective positions.

The first move saw the Packers 3rd round pick (acquired in the trade of Terrence Williams last offseason) traded to the Bengals for WR Christof Thompson. At 6'3" and 91 speed, Thompson is a challenging matchup in the passing game and in only his third year he provides a long term option behind the regressing Ryan Broyles. Drafted in the second round of the 2020 draft he failed to see significant time on the field for the Bengals with only 29 receptions and 1 score over 2 and half seasons. He is still a raw talent but we're looking forward to developing him into a versatile asset.

The second trade involved the Raiders 3rd round pick headed to Tampa Bay for RT Deon D'Angelo. We had made moves early last season to acquire D'Angelo but had been stymied by the Buccaneers high demand for the backup, however this year after they drafted another future star at the position he became affordable and acceptable to our offer. As a mobile offensive tackle he is a bit under strengthed to many, but considering our failings over the past couple of years to lock down the spot with a bigger body it's worth a shot.

A free agent was the final addition in week 13 as LE Cornelius Washington was signed to a 3 year deal. For anyone following the acquisitions of the Raiders since the offseason (or a quick glance at their roster) you'll realise that there are now 5 starting calibre defensive ends (rated 88 or higher, 4 of them 95 or higher) on the team. With at least 2 of them on short term contracts and playing out of position it looks like this was the year of experimenting in Oakland after almost a decade of stable growth under GM Pearce. Washington was a highly sought after free agent in 2020 and only recently cut by the Browns, but at age 31 and 7 years played can he really provide a spark for the struggling Raiders?

To make room for all the new additions, TE Tyler Eifert was placed on injured reserve whilst WR Claude Howell, RE Hugh Woods-Clark and LT Daniel Vinovich were all cut.

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Raiders - Defense Does the Job

Back-to-back divisional games are always tough, even more so at the start of the year. At least in this instance we were hosting both games after our first round loss. The Chiefs defense looked solid coming into this one and we knew we'd have trouble moving the ball against them. On the flip side we had faith we could do some containment on their ability to gain yardage and both cases proved true. It was slow going to begin the game with only a handful of field goals between the two teams before Russell Wilson's first pick of the day was returned for a score. Half time saw us up 16-6 and controlling the clock as we liked. The 3rd quarter was a shut out both ways before Wilson's second mistake of the day saw another pick 6 added to our score. Wilson left the game shortly after with a broken elbow and his replacement, Brandon Allen, managed a convincing 90+ yard drive into the 2 minute drill for the Chiefs only touchdown of the day. It was too little too late as we held on for a 13-23 victory.


Offense - Napoleon Kerr managed 93 hard fought yards without any success to keep us moving and help control the clock.

Defense - this is where the game was won, with Vernon Hargreaves giving us our first touchdown with his 57 yard pick 6 before Sylvester Spence added his own 53 yard effort in the fourth quarter. Both starting corners outscore the entire offense in this game and it's their efforts that secured the win. Also notable as a team effort was the run stopping on Todd Gurley, limiting the feature back to 25 yards from 13 carries. He had 13 yards from 12 carries before finding a bigger gain on the Chiefs biggest scoring drive late in the game.


Our passing game was a stinker this week as Mitch Trubisky struggled to get anything going, especially in the redzone. His two interceptions (one in the redzone) did the team no favors and he'll need to work on his game to effectively help out the beleaguered Kerr and the running game.

Next Week:

For our third home game in a row we face the re-vamped Vikings coming off an early bye week. We had success over them in the pre-season but with a full time starting outfit behind Cam Newton we'll need to make sure we can score and not have the defense do all the work or they'll be worn out too quickly.

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Raiders Offseason Trades

Raiders 2021 Offseason Trades

WR Terrance Williams + 7.30 to GB for 7.29 + GB Future 3rd - without the ability to exclusively resign Williams, if we allowed him to hit the match eligible market we knew he'd likely be poached beyond our ability to pay him. We'd shopped him as a tag'n'trade option to various teams but they mostly balked at his tag salary demands, citing their own pressing cap demands. In the end Green Bay decided they could do with his services and offered up a future 3rd for him which we thought was a decent return at this point. Whilst Williams was our best yardage receiver last year it is a tough call to lose him, but it means that Ryan Broyles can step back into the starting role alongside Amari Cooper. Our depth at the position suffers now as our pair of Howell's are far from GZL ready.

2.30 to DAL for LE Ya'rahAffini - after plugging our defensive end spots with older (and more expensive) players over the past few years we scouted out some younger options, finding Affini buried on the Dallas depth chart. When his availability was immediately indicated we went to work on a trade, only to see much too-ing and fro-ing done because of other trade talks. Eventually our original talks were settled and we welcome Ya'rah to Oakland were he'll get the chance to start.

Amnesty: RT Russell Okung to WAS for 7.05 - needing to free up cap room saw the veteran Okung face the amnesty market. In the last year of a 3 year contract, saving $3M in cap next year was important to us. Russell has since been traded on to Seattle who need to restock their own depleted offensive line.

QB Landry Jones + 4.30 to SEA for 3.29 - another cap casualty, Jones has provided some decent relief for injured RG3 over the years, but in recent times we have seen more vet minimum players fill this need. After failing to carry on with our good start in the AFC Championship game, it was time for Landry's expiring contract to be moved to free up valuable cap space.

CB Jake Meadows + 3.30 to NO for RE Flint Murphy + 5.13 + 6.09 - with our shots at match eligible free agency thwarted we finally had a little wiggle room in the cap this year and could see an option in Murphy that we could work with. It was the Saints own GM's media discussions that inspired us to make this move, which in reality could have seen us pick him up straight for our third. They were after Meadows at the same time so we combined the deals for us to afford Murphy's tag cost this year whilst forgoing what we see as Meadow's last viable year of play. After a good defensive year it will be a tough play to replace Meadows in the secondary, but we got some value in return for him along with cap room.

OAK 5th to MIN for LT Owen Hartley - with Okung moved on and no decisive player for right tackle, adding the raw Hartley for a 5th rounder gives us some capability and options for this year if we can't find a higher calibre player

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At A Glance

GM G_Pearce
Head Coach Tom Cable
Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski
Defensive Coordinator Dick Anderson
Special Teams Greg McMahon
Salary $166.96M
Cap Penalty $6.13M
Cap Room $910K

Raiders Chester Truman SS 97 Probable

AFC West
#4 Chargers z-Chargers 11-5-0 0.69 5-1
#21 Chiefs Chiefs 8-8-0 0.50 4-2
#23 Raiders Raiders 6-10-0 0.38 3-3
#30 Broncos Broncos 4-12-0 0.25 0-6

1 Sep 10 at Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 17-34
2 Sep 17 at Patriots Patriots #17
Lost 24-44
3 Sep 24 vs Bills Bills #15
Won 36-29
5 Oct 8 at Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Won 27-13
6 Oct 15 vs Saints Saints #18
Lost 23-33
7 Oct 22 vs Broncos Broncos #30
Won 27-0
8 Oct 29 vs Chargers Chargers #4
Lost 16-20
9 Nov 5 vs Titans Titans #9
Lost 19-37
10 Nov 12 at Bengals Bengals #20
Lost 17-21
11 Nov 19 at Chiefs Chiefs #21
Lost 35-38
12 Nov 26 vs Dolphins Dolphins #29
Won 15-13
13 Dec 3 at Broncos Broncos #30
Won 33-30
14 Dec 10 at Jets Jets #16
Lost 27-28
15 Dec 18 vs Chiefs Chiefs #21
Won 34-28
16 Dec 23 vs Panthers Panthers #24
Lost 14-19
17 Dec 31 at Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 24-34

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