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Rams #17 St. Louis Rams
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Rams Add Veterans Jamie Collins and Jorge Lloyd
The Rams announced earlier this week that they have added two new players with a lot of experience, and, hopefully, plenty left in the tank. MLB Jamie Collins was inked to a one year deal worth $6.29 million, while Jorge Lloyd agreed to terms on a contract that will see him make $14.13m over the next three seasons with $3m guaranteed, but only $3.79 million this year. The controversial swap of incumbent quarterback Jimmy Clausen for QB Christian Ponder opened the doors for these deals to be made.

Collins spent his first seven years with the Tennessee Titans before joining the Minnesota Vikings last year. He has posted at least 100 tackles and 14 tackles for loss in his previous three seasons. He was particularly strong in coverage for the Vikings last year, deflecting fifteen passes while only allowing seven catches. Some may wonder why the Rams invested over six million dollars in Collins considering they traded two first round picks for MLB Ricky Austin just an off-season ago. Collins will at the very least provide invaluable depth for the Rams, but also gives the team the flexibility to run a multiple defense and switch between the 4-3 and 3-4 as they please. Additionally the belief from more than one source is that Collins could make a late-career position change and replace either Nathan Bookman or Margus Hunt as a starter at either the strong or weak side position. Look for Collins to play his way onto the field in any one of these scenarios.

LLoyd is another talented player that at a minimum will provide excellent depth, but could also factor in in either gameplan-specific scenarios or simply earn his way into more playing time. Lloyd was a first round selection of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but posted less than 1,000 yards and only 6 touchdowns across three seasons for them. He was able to find success in Chicago with the Bears, recording three seasons over 900 yards receiving and two seasons with more than seven touchdowns. He's a classic burner who would beat everyone but Odell Beckham Jr. in a foot race, and should help the Rams stretch the field this season. Despite being 30 years of age he has only played seven seasons in the GZL and should have plenty left in the tank for the Rams who appear to be replacing departed superstar Donald Lake with a committee approach. Llloyd shouldn't put up huge numbers in St. Louis this season, but should be an excellent chess piece for them to deploy on any given week.
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GM T_Richardson
Head Coach Bill Belichick
Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy
Defensive Coordinator D.Robinson
Special Teams Dave Toub
Salary $171.07M
Cap Penalty $2.78M
Cap Room $150K

Rams Christian Ponder QB 95 Out for season

NFC West
#8 Cardinals Cardinals 4-1-0 0.80 3-1
#11 Seahawks Seahawks 3-2-0 0.60 1-1
#17 Rams Rams 2-3-0 0.40 1-1
#30 49ers 49ers 0-5-0 0.00 0-2

1 Sun at Cardinals Cardinals #8
Won 30-20
2 Sun vs Giants Giants #20
Won 29-14
3 Sun vs Cardinals Cardinals #8
Lost 24-30
4 Sun at Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 17-27
5 Sun vs Eagles Eagles #25
Lost 17-19
7 Sun at Jets Jets #12 1:00pm
8 Sun at Patriots Patriots #18 1:00pm
9 Sun vs 49ers 49ers #30 4:00pm
10 Sun vs Bills Bills #13 4:00pm
11 Sun vs Dolphins Dolphins #32 1:00pm
12 Sun at 49ers 49ers #30 4:05pm
13 Sun vs Saints Saints #19 4:15pm
14 Sun vs Seahawks Seahawks #11 1:00pm
15 Sun at Packers Packers #1 4:00pm
16 Sat at Seahawks Seahawks #11 4:15pm
17 Sun at Redskins Redskins #6 1:00pm

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