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New Orleans Saints | Starting Lineup Announced

New Orleans Saints | Starting Lineup Announced

New Orleans, Louisiana – The New Orleans Saints have announced what they say will be their starting lineup for the upcoming season. There could be changes and injuries between now and the first week of the regular season however this will apparently be the base for their roster for the upcoming season. The Saints will be sticking with the 4-3 that was run by previous general manager Adam Sloat in the past although that may change as further scouting is completed on the team.

RED denotes new players


Starter: Tyler Wilson [89]
Backup: Joey Ward [70]

This is Tyler Wilson’s offense and he should be given every opportunity to succeed in the upcoming season. The New Orleans Saints are trying to build a competent line to keep him on his feet and they have a veteran skilled receiving corps for him to throw the ball to. Joey Ward shouldn’t see many reps if everything goes to plan.

Starter: Jacquizz Rodgers [90]
Backup: LaRod Stephens [69]

Jacquizz Rodgers is the definition of an explosive player. His 98 speed, 70 strength and 81 break tackle are a very interesting combination that should lead to many big runs this season behind a very athletic offensive line. LaRod Stephens will likely lose his backup position by the start of the season.

Starter: Bubba Andrews [99]

Andrews is touted as possibly the top fullback in the entire league. He has great athleticism, great strength, great blocking skills, great size and an ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Andrews could see spot starting time at the number two tight end position as well.

Wide Receivers
Number One Receiver: Armand Robinson [87]
Number Two Receiver: Marlon Brown [79]
Slot Receiver: Quinton Patton [89]

New quarterback Tyler Wilson will have a plethora of weapons to pass to in the high powered offense. Armand Robinson is a constant deep threat with his speed. Marlon Brown brings a rare combination of size and speed and will be entering his second season after a stellar first year. Quinton Patton is a dependable receiver who will be relied upon to catch check down passes and make the odd big play.

Tight End
Starter: Joseph Fauria [96]
Backup: Asanti Bragg [79]

Joseph Fauria, whom the Saints used a first round pick to acquire through trade last season, will be the undisputed starter at this position. Surprise seventh round pick Asanti Bragg will replace Rock Muhammad as the second tight end and could be a good safety net and blocker on the offense.

Offensive Line
Left Tackle: Bonaventure Royer [81]
Left Guard: Mackenzy Bernadeau [86]
Center: Ryan Kalil [91]
Right Guard: Donald Thomas [85]
Right Tackle: Nate Solder [93]

This is an interesting group that was built almost exclusively this offseason. Left tackle Bonaventure Royer was the first offense lineman drafted at 4th overall this past draft. Bernadeau, Kalil and Donald Thomas were all recently signed through free agency to short term contracts. Nate is the only returning member of this line and has been with the team since 2011. This is a very athletic line that will look to hold back pass rushers and pave the way for Jacquizz Rodgers.


Defensive Line
Left Defensive End: Flint Murphy [86]
Left Defensive Tackle: Jesse Williams [93]
Right Defensive Tackle: Gerry Lipinski [79]
Right Defensive End: Chandler Jones [98]

There is no doubt that this is a potent pass rushing line. Chandler Jones has been a sack machine in his four years in the league. Flint Murphy had a disappointing first season but is likely sliding over to the left side of the defensive line to accommodate his finesse style. Defensive tackle Jesse Williams is a huge strong body up the middle who can contribute on the pass rush. Rookie Gerry Lipinski is a pass rushing under tackle who the Saints hope can have a big impact in the near future.

Left Outside Linebacker: Thaddeus Gibson [87]
Middle Linebacker: Ricky Austin [79]
Right Outside Linebacker: Brian Orakpo [96]

The linebacking corps is another part of the Saints defense that should be feared. On the outside Thaddeus Gibson and Brian Orakpo are a deadly combination of both pass rushing and run stopping. In the middle is second year player Ricky Austin who has the tools to be one of the best linebackers in the entire league. The Saints also have some great depth at linebacker.

Number One Cornerback: Patrick Robinson [88]
Number Two Cornerback: Hank Wooden [88]
Nickel Cornerback Jamell Flemming [87]

All three of these cornerbacks are almost equally talented and can be interchanged between the positions. All possess the speed required to keep up to most receivers in the league. All of them are also at least 5’11 which puts them in a good position to matchup against some of the larger receivers. Opposing quarterbacks should have some big issues passing against this group.

Free Safety
Starter: Chris Conte [83]
Backup: Malcolm Jenkins [92]

The free safety is a position of strength for the Saints. They have two capable starters here and either can step in and do an above average job at the position. Chris Conte is being developed to be a start for the future and will likely get the majority of the reps. Malcolm Jenkins could be dangled as trade bait or could settle into a backup role and could also be a player at strong safety.

Strong Safety
Starter: Tarek Norman [87]
Backup: Cody Prewitt [75]

Tarek Norman will be returning to the starting position at strong safety after losing his job to Malcolm Jenkins in 2017. He is a very solid, big bodied run stopping strong safety with a nose for the ball. Cody Prewitt is being groomed to be the strong safety of the future in NOLA and will likely wait a few years for his chance.

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New Orleans Saints | Jay CUTler

New Orleans Saints | Jay CUTler

New Orleans, Louisiana – Well the rumours have come true. Brought in to be the franchises top flight quarterback just one offseason ago, Jay Cutler has been cut from the team. With a seemingly insurmountable amount of holes on the roster and Jay Cutler taking up upwards of $14.5 million there had been rumblings that this move would be made for the entire offseason. The addition of quarterback Tyler Wilson only amped up the Cutler critics. Cutler is coming off of a VERY mediocre first season with the Saints that had him throw 20 touchdowns and a matching 20 interceptions. He also completed just over 50% of his passes.

”This was Tyler Wilson’s team from the second we traded for him. Ever since the rumours began flying about the possibility of Jay Cutler being released when I took over the team Jay has acted very unprofessionally on the matter. I am sure he will do just fine as another team’s starting quarterback but his time in New Orleans is over.” General manager Jeff Downey was quoted as saying.

With the upwards of $14 million in salary the Saints have freed up with this move they have gone out and made some big free agency acquisitions. With major holes on the offensive line they have gone and acquired centers Ryan Kalil and Ivory Wade, as well as guards Donald Thomas and Mackenzy Bernadeau. Kalil, Thomas and Bernadeau are all slotted to start on the interior of the line with draft pick Bonaventure Royer starting at left tackle and long-time Saints’ veteran Nate Solder on the right side of the line. It could be an interesting year for quarterback Tyler Wilson and running back Jacquizz Rodgers as they will be behind a line of which 80% of the players have never played in the system

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New Orleans Saints | Draft Recap

New Orleans Saints | Draft Recap

New Orleans, Louisiana – New general manager Jeff Downey came into the 2018 NFL Draft with high hopes and many picks. With many holes on the current New Orleans Saints’ roster but many picks to work with he had his work cut out for him. The first big move that the Saints made was acquiring third year quarterback Tyler Wilson from the Dallas Cowboys for a combination of picks. Tyler Wilson fills an enormous hole for the Saints at quarterback and could end up being the starter for the next 10+ years.

After the trade the Saints still had possession of five picks on the first day of the draft. The New Orleans Saints draft class of 2018 looks like this:

First Round – 4th Overall | LT Bonaventure Royer
Key Attributes | 68 SPD | 93 STR | 68 AWR | 64 AGI | 82 ACC | 84 PBK | 85 RBK

There was much debate in the mock drafts about who the New Orleans Saints would be taking with their top pick in the draft. Prior to the acquisition of Tyler Wilson it was almost unanimously believed that they would be going the quarterback route with the pick. Any other general manager that is familiar with Jeff Downey’s style of managing a team knows that he greatly values the offensive line and often tries to build them as a hyper athletic group. Bonaventure Royer fits the Saints’ mold perfectly. He was the fastest offensive lineman in the class and boasts great strength as well. He is extremely polished for a rookie and should slot in on the quarterbacks blind side immediately.

Second Round – 45th Overall | DT/DE Gerry Lipinski
Key Attributes | 70 SPD | 86 STR | 68 AWR | 71 AGI | 82 ACC

An interesting prospect at the defensive tackle position Gerry Lipinski brings a combination of size, speed and strength. He has the skillset to play the defensive tackle position in a 4-3 as well as the athleticism and strength to play defensive end in the 3-4. There are rumblings around the New Orleans Saints’ camp that the change to a 3-4 defense could be seen in the near future so we could potentially see Lipinski slide on over to an end position.

Second Round – 61st Overall | SS Cody Prewitt
Key Attributes | 90 SPD | 66 STR | 90 AGI | 88 ACC | 69 TAK

Although not a glaring need for the Saints, Cody Prewitt was high up on general manager Jeff Downey’s board and they decided to go with what may have been their best player available at this point. Prewitt brings a huge frame (6’2, 220 lbs) and great athleticism to the strong safety position and boasts great strength and decent tackling ability. Although he is lacking in the awareness portion of his game to start it is expected that he will play second string snaps for the first 1-2 season until he is developed into the full time starter.

Third Round – 86th Overall | WR Omar Williams
Key Attributes | 94 SPD | 62 STR | 94 AGI | 90 ACC

Omar Williams could develop into a solid deep threat option for quarterback Tyler Wilson in the near future if the New Orleans Saints are willing to put the time into him. He has a decent frame at 5’11, 179 lbs., and combines that with burner speed and good strength. He is a raw project but could be an impact player in the future.

4th Round - 114th Overall | P Reed Rohrer
Key Attributes | 93 KPW | 86 KAC

Reed Rohrer was the best punter in the draft and the Saints decided to take a chance with him for the future. He has excellent kick power and good kick accuracy for a rookie.

4th Round - 118th Overall | DT Bo Sutherland
Key Attributes | 63 SPD | 87 STR | 79 ACC | 78 TAK

Bo Sutherland is a big-bodied (6'6, 310 lbs.) defensive tackle with decent athleticism and strength. He figured to slot in as depth on the defensive line and with a good skew could potentially be a starter in the future.

5th Round - 141st Overall | OLB Marty Schribner
Key Attributes | 83 SPD | 72 STR | 62 AWR | 80 AGI | 76 ACC | 78 TAK

Another depth pick by the Saints, Schribner actually brings some great athleticism to the table for the linebacking corps. He lacks height at 5'11 but could be used as an edge rusher in the future.

6th Round - 182nd Overall | OLB Casper Thompson
Key Attributes | 80 SPD | 73 STR | 64 AWR | 77 ACC | 77 TAK

More linebacking depth for the Saints front seven. Thompson has decent athleticism and is very smart for a rookie. A good skew could really help Thompson become something of importance on the Saints' defense.

7th Round - 209th Overall | TE Asanti Bragg
Key Attributes | 70 SPD | 74 STR | 77 CTH | 56 PBK | 61 RBK

Asanti Bragg is actually expected to replace Rock Muhammad on the Saints tight end depth chart. Bragg isn't spectacular at anything but is pretty solid at nearly everything. He has good strength, decent hands and is a competent blocker. He will be very useful in blocking downs and should be able to catch some balls.

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New Orleans Saints | Quarterback Drama Over

New Orleans Saints | Quarterback Drama Over

New Orleans, Louisiana – Well it is official. The New Orleans Saints have landed their quarterback of the future and Cutlers days in NOLA are all but done. Former Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson has been acquired in a trade with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tyler Wilson was a record holding quarterback for the Arkansas Razorbacks

Tyler Wilson, a third round pick in the 2015 draft, was quietly groomed behind Cowboys’ starter Mark Sanchez for three full seasons before being dealt to the Saints. Wilson arrives in New Orleans with GZL ready talent. He has a powerful arm [94 THP], top end accuracy [90 THA], and is already a smarter quarterback than veteran Jay Cutler [88 AWR]. It is expected that Tyler Wilson will be the day one starter in New Orleans.

”I’m excited for the opportunity I am being given in New Orleans this coming season. I feel like I’ve put my time in at the practice field and in the gym to finally get my shot. I’ll always be thankful for the opportunities that the Dallas Cowboys’ organization gave me but I’m happy that I will get my shot to finally play. It just wasn’t going to happen in Arlington for me.” Wilson was quoted as saying when he was told about the trade.

The trade will see the New Orleans Saints shipping out picks 1.22, 2.22 and 3.3 and in return they receive picks 2.29, 7.11 and of course quarterback Tyler Wilson.

Wilson, a standout record holder at the University of Arkansas, was projected as the first overall pick by some football analysts before his senior season. Despite setting many school records his draft stock suffered in his final year and he fell to the third round where the Dallas Cowboys picked him up. Although his first three years in the league have been mediocre he definitely has the talent to be a top end starter in the GZL. So far in three partial seasons mostly as the Cowboys backup quarterback he has put up 2979 yards, 19 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. It is expected that the Saints will try to surround him with more offensive line help through the offseason as the combination of his receiving corps and Jacquizz Rodgers at half back should make for a deadly offense.

When asked about the trade general manager Jeff Downey had the following to say, ”I am really excited to bring in Tyler. Rather than drafting a raw quarterback and attempting to coddle them through 3-4 seasons before they are truly an elite pivot we have decided to make the move to pick up a player. Tyler is ready to be a great pivot from day one and should be elite here in New Orleans in no time.”

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New Orleans Saints | Cutlers Life Ain't Easy in the Big Easy

New Orleans Saints | Cutlers Life Ain’t Easy in the Big Easy

New Orleans, Louisiana – It has become all but official that Jay Cutler’s days in New Orleans are all but over. The polarizing quarterback has been quoted in the media slagging the new management team and it seems like management has had enough of his behaviour. There are rumblings around the GZL that the Saints have finalized a trade to bring in Cutler’s replacement.

This deal may come as a big surprise to many as almost all of the mock drafts released by GZL analysts had the Saints taking either Jameis Winston or Nick Foles at the fourth overall selection. This change in approach could allow the Saints to pick another position of importance at the fourth pick while moving the rebuild ahead a couple of seasons because they will not need to focus on progressing a young and raw quarterback.

The rumours that are currently circulating are mentioning that a large amount of cuts could be made by the Saints in the upcoming days. This could include Jay Cutler but his contract would cause an $11 million hit to the Saints 2019 salary cap. With Cutler scheduled to make upwards of $15 million next season this would not be the end of the world however the Saints could end up waiting until they have the funds for an amnesty buyout which would eliminate the vast majority of the future penalties. Other big names that have been mentioned as on the cutting block standout halfback Stafon Johnson, offensive lineman Aaron Sears, linebackers Brandon Spikes and Thaddeus Gibson, and cornerback Patrick Robinson.

With the draft quickly approaching the Saints’ scouting staff has gone into overdrive as they look to fill some big needs. The team still possesses six picks in the first four rounds so they could add some serious assets in the coming weeks.

More specifics on the trade will be released upon league approval of the deal.

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At A Glance

Head Coach Jim Schwartz
Offensive Coordinator C.Foerster
Defensive Coordinator C.Pendergast
Special Teams S.Jackson
Salary $162.93M
Cap Penalty $10.28M
Cap Room $790K


AFC North
#8 Ravens y-Ravens 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#14 Browns Browns 8-8-0 0.50 2-4
#27 Steelers Steelers 7-9-0 0.44 4-2
#20 Bengals Bengals 7-9-0 0.44 2-4

1 Sep 11 vs Bengals Bengals #20
Lost 29-37
2 Sep 17 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 28-26
3 Sep 24 at Patriots Patriots #17
Won 20-10
4 Oct 1 at Browns Browns #14
Lost 23-33
5 Oct 8 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 17-24
6 Oct 15 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 10-17
8 Oct 29 vs Browns Browns #14
Won 20-17
9 Nov 5 at Texans Texans #13
Lost 11-26
10 Nov 12 at Colts Colts #22
Won 14-9
11 Nov 19 at Bengals Bengals #20
Won 20-13
12 Nov 26 vs Chargers Chargers #4
Won 23-17
13 Dec 3 at Eagles Eagles #10
Won 15-10
14 Dec 10 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Won 30-20
15 Dec 16 vs Titans Titans #9
Lost 18-23
16 Dec 23 at Steelers Steelers #27
Won 24-7
17 Dec 31 at Giants Giants #19
Won 24-19

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